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Chaska Meter Chart #82 - Check Out!!!

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Rank Shows I-F Members Rating (0-4) Points from Hits (0-4) Points from comments (0-2) Total Rating (1-10) Last Week's Rating (1-10)
1 CID 4 4 2 10 10
    Murder on the Sets
1 Nach Baliye 3 4 4 2 10 9.5
    This time it was the "Judge Baliye" round with each judge mentoring 2 jodis... Some great performances by the couples and the concept of war between the judges made the show a great watch... The viewers also got to see David Dhawan shake a leg this week... Pooja Hanif get eliminated and Pooja's outlash against the judges scores creates another controversy... On the whole, a great week...
1 Chhoona Hai Aasman 4 4 2 10
    Veer, Samrat, Abhimaniyu, Sameera, Isha are on a mission. Abhi and Sameera pretend to be Mr and Mrs Mishra to get into the village. Abhi and Sameera, while on their mission as Mr and Mrs Sharma, have little fights as usual.
1 Ghar ki Laxmi Betiyaan 4 4 2 10 10
    Karan concucts a plan to trap Suryakant in theft, but seeing that Laxmi is going to foil his plans, he drops the idea but scares Laxmi out of her mind. Laxmi and Saraswati later decide that the only way to protect their father will be to get back all the Garodia property by to him. Kajri tricks Yuvraj into making him decide to open a personal a/c for her.
1 Khwaish 4 4 2 10
    Afreen lost the orphanage case, and when people come to tear it down, Azaan comes in the nick of time with a court order to stop it. He found out that the paperwork was all fake, and he couldn't stand the dishonesty involved. We also find out that the "boss" is Saniya, Azaan's ex-gf. She is very pissed, but is still intent on separating Afreen-Azaan. Afreen and Azaan are getting a bit closer, both have to now find a way to save their house!
1 Saregamapa little champs 4 4 2 10 10
    All the kids sang so well and even the judges encourage and give training to the contestants… There is lot of positive energy and along with music, there is also fun attached with the show…
2 Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki 4 4 2 10 9.5
    Rishika believes that Parvati is the other woman in Rishabh's life and becomes hysterical. Flashbacks are shown of how Om became Rishabh.  the Agarwal family all know that Rishabh is indeed OM. Chaya tries several ways for Rishabh to find out about his identity. Methali is jealous of the growing closeness of Adi and Garima.  Rishika discovers serval photos of Om and Parvati.
3 Dill Mill Gayye 4 3 2 9.5 9
    Armaan saves Shashank at the last minute at the nursing home.  Armaan keeps Karva Chauth fast for Rids.  Armaan-Rids share a dance at Sanjeevani orphanage. Anjali finds adoption papers, and assumes that she is the one adopted.
4 Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai 4 2.5 2 8.5 8.5
    Mamaji leaves for Banaras for the asthi-visarjan, and chacha, chachi and bua use his absence to persuade Sadhna to leave to Udaipur with them. Ragini's and Malti's attempts to stop Sadhna from leaving fails, because Naniji sweet-talks Sadhna into leaving. Mamaji arrives home and is devastatd when he learns that Sadhna's gone. He reaches the railway station just on time and saves Sadhna from her greedy relatives, when he learns of their true intentions.
5 Love Story 4 2.5 1.5 8 8.5
    Rohit takes Shruti's statement, Akash calls her, when Rohit asks about Akash whereabouts she denies it. Shruti goes to meet Akash with Tauji, Arjun & gang, Akash feels betrayed puts the gun on Shruti's head him & Bhatti run away from there. They take refuge in an ashram later escape as their pic is in newspaper, with the help from Ram a boy from the ashram, they hijack a bus but Ram gets shot later dies in hospital. Rohit gives TV interview that the Akash & Bhatti are innocent at the bullet Kunal was shot with wasn't from the gun Bhatti had, Akash, Bhatti at the hospital who see the interview are shocked so is Shruti as home.
5 Parivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha 4 2 2 8 8
    Meghna faints because she didn;t eat all day. Kids are happy about Radha-Addy marriage. The pundit gives then a really close date and Sangam agrees, assuring Radha's family. Radha and Addy go out to dinner, with addy still under the impression that she is Malishka. Sangam calls himback with some excuse. Meghna starts a drama that everyone should forgive her. Malishka puts doubts in Radha's mind so she sends Addy flowers, but Addy doesn;t see the letter form Radha. Addy has fallen for Radha. On the wedding day, aai accidentally drops Radha's choodiyan and they break.
6 Sangam 4 2 2 8 8
    It is Khurana's car thant Ganga faints on again. Ganga finds out that Savitri is dead. Khurana re-names Ganga Jhanvi and says he will help her get revenge. Kaveri takes care of Ganga, but Sagas doesn;t see her. Kaveri and Khurana make her a part of the family. Sagar loses the payal Kaveri gave him. For Sagar's own good, Shekhar insults him. Ganga tells Kaveri that she is already married.
6 Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 4 2 2 8 8
    Trupti has been exposed and Saahil slaps her. Lakshya informs Ganga about this and she says she will return home soon. Nakul-Sanchi unite again. Trupti-Rishab have taken over Shantiniketan.
6 Aik Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein 4 2 2 8
    Characters of Ram Leela are decided by a jar full of Chits. Each actor get their roles and start rehersing on their times. Hari is to play Lakshman, Jugle plays Hanuman and Mushtaq is to play Jayatu once again. Umri and Vaibhav reherse their lines, when Urmi asks Sandeep to say Ram's lines to her. Sandeep reluctantly agrees, then tells her to continue rehersing. Rehersal's are on full swing. Zoya brings juice for Vaibhav at rehersals. Vaibhav is lost in Zoya, that he falls and fractures his hand, hence cannot play the role of Ram. Sandeep is forcibly given Ram's role by the mohalla as there is very little time left. Ram Leela begins, with Sandeep and Umri being Lord Rama and Godess Sita respectively. Some funny moments with Hari, Mushtaq and Jugle occur on stage. The episode ends with the end of Ram Leela.
7 Kasauti Zindegi Ki 3 3 1.5 7.5 7
    Prerna takes amnesiac Rishabh to romantic places once vistied by them hoping he remebers his past. Vardaan and Dhara's misunderstanding grows, resulting in him getting closer to Saniya and wanting to leave Dhara.  Rishabh misinterpretes Anuraug  thinking he has kidnapped Prerna and imprisons him.  Prerna unable to take lying to Rishabh anymore, blurts out his identity, leaving Rishabh shocked.
8 Kumkum 4 1 2 7 7
    Kumkum and family is able to defeat Brij and return to there house. After long everyone is happy in the family and Karvachauth is celebrated.
8 Virrudh 4 1 2 7 7
    Naina is saved at the right time and Sid is exposed on KarvaChauth. Shreya sees Sid-Naina pic in Vedika's cell and voes to take revenge and is sad that she misunderstood Vasu.
8 Left Right Left 4 1 2 7 7
    It is decided that KMA will shut down. Huda heavily flirts with Sameera and Yudi-Naina tease him. Gunny is trying best to expose all corrupt people but needs some time for it.
8 Saarthi 4 1 2 7  
    Rudr asks the administration to give the Goenkas Co. a fair chance since the tender had been leaked. They agree n allow the Co.'s to file the tender again. Mansen is touched n invites Rudr for dinner. Gunvanti threatens to leave the house with Aksh n Mohini if Mansen continues to side with Natasha further. Rama Ji is taken aback n thinks her plan will fail if Aksh n Mohini leave the house n so talks Gunvanti into staying. Natasha gives her resignation letter but Mansen doesnt accept. Bhoomi gives an idea of Natasha working frm home, Mansen is hesitant but agrees n asks Natasha to tear the letter and Aksh is given charge of office. Gunvanti is upset with Mansen but Mansen makes it clear that he does not trust Aksh n that his name, reputation is much more important then Aksh. Krishna, Natasha n Bhoomi try to teach Rama Ji a lesson. Rudr and Bhoomi cum face 2 face when Rudr attends the dinner party at Goenkas.
8 Mein Aisi Kyun Hoon 4 1 2 7 8
    Sanju writes a letter to Sid, or 'Agony Uncle' describing her situation and he tells her indirectly to forgrt him and move on, also, to find out circumstances. Anu invites sanju over for dinner after sharing her lovestory with her. Anu And Sid go over to Sanju's house and everyone is furious, while Sid seems familiar with the house.
8 Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin [Rertuns] 4 1 2 7 7.5
    Jassi is in Goa and Raj is there as well. He flirts with her a lot. Purab finds out and does anything to make sure Raj knows she isn't Jassi, but Jessica. Jassi is just about to leav for Paris when she finds out that Armaan is being sent to jail- as Armaan lied to save the Walia's. She is shocked and flies to Mumbai instead. She saves Armaan without him knowing. She goes home and finds out that Bebe is in the hospital from the heart attack. She pays for the bill and right after, Armaan also wants to pay the bill. The clerk says the bill has been paid. Armaan tries to stop Jassi and Jassi is shocked hearing his voice!
9 Kayamath 3.5 2 1 6.5 7.5
    Ayesha tries to prove that Ridwik is Prachi's son at Ridwik's Birthday Party, but Milind doesn't believe her. Sukriti-Saket go on their honeymoon. Milind wants to start a family with Prachi. Ayesha learns from Kamini that Ridwik's isn't her son and Kamini tells Prachi the info she had revealed to Ayesha. Prachi wants to erase all proofs that can lead to reveal Sukriti's secret.
9 Karam Apnaa Apnaa 4 1 1.5 6.5 6
    A Baba says that there is an aatma in the house, but upon Samar's request he says that now there is no aatma. Mamaji gets very tensed about Baba's behavior and calls his Tantrik. Vivan, his wife, and Maya's kids come back and her son, Druv, convinces Gauri to go to a party organized by Moksh. At the party, the Tantrik traps Shiv in a bottle and takes him away. Vivan reveals the truth about the Evil Four and that Ayush is also involved with them. Everyone is upset and the Evil Four make the whole family work for themselves.
9 Kasam Se 3 1.5 2 6.5 7
    The fake marriage of Daksh and Bani takes places, and Daksh gets his memory back and is mad at his parents for using Bani has the bait to help them. Jigs warns Bani that she has till Diwali to prove herself, or she will be kicked out of the Walia Mansion. The preparation for Karwachauth happens and the kids get kidnapped.
10 Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai 3 2 1 6 6
    Prathna and Akshay plan a karva chauth at the thakrals, to get Gyan-Siddhi back together. At the function, Siddhi uses the situation and puts Gyan on a spot by asking him to move in with her, and he is left with no other choice. Gyan gets good news at work, when he is given a promotion. But we learn that it was under Vishal's orders that Gyan was given the promotion, as a part of Vishal-Tarana's plan to destroy the Kapoors'. Vishal then orders the boss to take away Gyan's promotion, which is the next step in his vicious plan.
10 Rakhi 4 1 1 6 4
    Raja brings Nilima home and she is welcomed at his house. Aryan is angry that Raja took Nilima away from them. Raja decides that he and Nilima wont consummate their marraige until Nandini gets a groom (so that he fulfills his mother's promise), so Nilima is heartbroken, but wants to help Raja. When Nandini cries, thinking about her good times with Aryan, Prince tells her that Aryan isn't worth it.
11 Dharti ka veer yodha-Prithviraj Chauhan 0 2 3 5 9.5
    The jounrey of young Prithviraj's life has now started. The muslim invaders have entered and they have started looting the villages and in one such village a little girl is saved..while everyone related to her is killed. Prithvi vows to catch them and also finds out that the net village they are going to target is Savangad.
11 Meri Doli Tere Angana 2 1 2 5 7
    Simran-Ruhaan get to know that Inder is innocent. Arpita tries to kill herself but is saved. Simran is unable to save Inder form jail and Arpita is very unhappy. Simran-Ruhaan meet Tiwari and tell him to confess or they will expose him.
12 Amul Star Voice of India 0 3 0 3 7
    Atif Aslam and Shekhar Suman are the guests on Friday... Irfan gets eliminated from the show... Next they had Dia Mirza and Manoj Bajpai as guests... Some good performances by the contestant... On the whole a disappointing week with another talented contestant out...
12 Kaajjal 0.5 2 0.5 3 6.5
    Dev and Kaajjal has a misunderstanding and Kaajjal insults dev very badly in kamayani's party and takes ranbir and her father's side while dev is heartbroken. Dev tries to clear the misunderstanding but instead gets slapped by Kaajjal.

* Our Chaska Meter list for this week only covers the top 12 shows. For other shows please check out the respective sections at India-Forums.

A lot of team work goes behind this chart. Thanks to Anu.Rad, Ananya_A, ammmu, srk_lover, *Kruthi*, Virgo_Stars, momgrl21, seeragurl07, trina1, Umi82990, remixrulz, x-MiNaLi-x, *Shruti*, Jaslove, *Piku*, smallwonder, *Sunita*, TiNa58, gk_09, modish, queenyuks, Simply_Smart, Mikey.S, pinkykhan, rajeev4aamna, Kimi_dost, Anastacia, cuteluv and Me_Anonymous

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only 9.5 points 2 dmg? anywayz congratz 2 gklb n others

thanks alot vijay

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Kumkum at #8??man it had better do some climbing!!& NB3 at #1???yikes...
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only 9.5 points 2 dmg? Confused Confused ...thats a little bit of a SHOCK? Ouch considering the way it growing and AR mania is everywhere? LOL LOL LOL

Kat Embarrassed
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Yay!! CID is on top, I hope it always stays on top. Ekta's should try making serials like CID or maybe her best created show ever "Hum Paanch" LOL
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NB3 @ 1...
well it is like one of the best reality shows in india....
it deseves itLOL
can't wait 4 tomorrow's epi...

thanx vijay Smile

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thnkuu vijay gr8 job Clap Clap

CHA totally rock Embarrassed Clap Clap

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