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Okay so this is my first fanfic called…okay still gotta give it a name

 So this starts from the point that rhiddima is angry….and what not ….so next day at Sanjeevni…

 Sapna: Riddima, yeh Armaan kaha hain…usko data parega…Dr. Keerthi se

R: (Angry) Mujhe kya maloom…hoga kahibhi…mujhe kya.

Atul: Itne naraz kyun ho ridz…usse jagra hua kya?

R: Nahi! (Stomps and walks out…Sapna and Atul shrug)

 Meanwhile…Dr. Padma is in her room, all weary…when she sees Armaan standing outside

Dr. Padma: Dr. Armaan…tum yaha?

A: Nahi…mainey sochcha ki aap ko aaj dhekkar jaoyoo… aap ki thabeeyat kaisi hain?

P: Theek hoon…aur thum?

A: Main bhi teek hoon.

(Silence for a second or two)

P: Rhiddima aur Anjali kaisi hain?

A: Anji achchi hain.

P: Aur Rhiddima?

A: Naraaz hain woh…sabsey…khas karke mujhse

P: Main samaj sakhthi hu…aise baari bath…I didn't want to tell her..agar usse nahi maloom hothi, tho sab kuch-…kher, wo thumse kyun naraaz hain?

A: Mujhe pehle sain batha… aur maine usse nahi bathaya…(getting a tiny bit teary…padma has questions in her mind lyk how armaan knew, and why he is sooo sad out ridz…but she decides not to ask)

P: (holds his hand) Iss waqt narazgi ka samey nahi hain Dr. Armaan…thum log dost ho…aab usse dost ki zaroorat hain.

Armaan looks at her….

End of part 1 guys…cant think of anything else

my hindi is dont mind it

Tell me if you like it…if you don't I wont continueSmile

And if u do lyk me get a name for it

Okay so here goes Part 2:


Its getting dark and Ridz walks out of Sanjeevani…She looks around to see if Armaan to see if he's there. She's now worried for him, but she is still angry. When she sees he's not there, she sighs and starts walking.

From behind, Armaan calls out : Mujhe dhund rahi thi?

R ignores him and keeps walking, he holds her dupatta.

R: Armaan, haad ho tha hain badmaashi ki…mujhe ghar jaana hain…mere dupatta choro!

A: (Ignores what she says and gets close to her face) Basket…mere ek sawaal ki jaawab do…. Mere galathi kya hain? Ki main thumhe khush dekna chathi hu? Yeh mere galthi hain? (Gets even closer, and Riddima starts tearing) Hah…mainey thumse saach chupaya…par sirf isliye kyunki tumhare asoon mujhe bardaash nahi hota…(he wipes her tears, and walks away Rhiddima stands there alone)

Next day…at Sanjeevani…both Armaan and Rhiddima are in the locker…and a patient's report lies on the bench near Armaan.

R(with a "im sorry" face): Armaan, mujhe who report dona please?

A: Nahi

R: Kya? Kyun? Thumhare peeche hi tho hai!

A: Kyunki job hi main kartha hu, who thum galath saabith karthay ho…aur main isbar thumhe chance nahi denewala!

R: Par-(Armaan walks out before she can say anything else…few seconds later Atul comes in)

Atul: Yeh Armaan koh kya hua…bohot naraaz lagtha hain?

R: Hah…mere gaalthi hain…mujhe kuch karna paregi…(Then she takes the report and walks out)


This time guys if I don't get atleast 10 replies im not writing another part!

Okay…I'm not supposed to be doing this cuz u guys didn't reply…but here you go…Part 3

So it starts of with Armaan being near the front desk…just looking around him. A call comes and Nurse Lovely picks it up.

Lovely: Oh ji Dr. Armaan …aap ki girlfriend hain ji

A: Kya?! (he's thinking which one of his ex-s could have called…tina, mina, rina etc) Naam tho puchie, Nurse Lovely.

L: Hah! Muchthi hoon! (on the phone) Ji kaun bol rahi hain?....Oh! Maine pechani hi nahi!

A: Kaun hain?!

L: Minnie!

A: Kya? Phone do mujhe! (snatches the phone and talks) Hello? Minnie?

M: Hah…mujhe to thum bhool hi gaye boyfriend…ek bar phone hi nahi kiya

A: Nahi main-

M: Main sab samajthi hu...kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hain!...Vaise…Rhiddima kaisi hain?

A: Uske bare main tho pucho math…baath baath par gussa!

M: Who thumsey baath nahi kar rahi hain?

A: Nahi…main usse naaraz hu?

M: Kya… kyun? (Armaan tells her the story…and its muted and afte she listens she says:) Okay…tho mere baath suno (what she says after this is also muted) Teek hain?

A: Aur yeh plan kaam karegi?

M: Of course…Suno, mujhe aab jaana hain…thumsey baad main baath karoongi

A: Accha, tho main rakhtha hu…take care…aur jaldi teek ho jaana!


Later…both Armaan and Ridz are at the cancer ward. Then Armaan walks out and Ridz follows him.

R: Armaan…Lovely keh rahi thi ki Minnie nay phone kiya?

A: Hah (starts walking away)

R: Thumnay mujhe bulaya nahi?

A: Samay nahi mila. Aur kuch puchni hain?

R: Um…uh…Armaan, main kehna chathi hi ki…Im sorry

A: Ab main jaa saktha hu? (and before Ridz can say anything, he walks out)

R: (Standing alone) Main bhi dekthi hu…kithni der thum mere saath baath nahi karthe! (she smiles)

Part 4


Next morning…Sapna, Atul and Rhiddima in the locker room


S: Bechara Armaan…

R: Kyun?

S: Woh mujhe baatha raha tha…kal uske night duty tha…aur who sirf tho ghante soye!

A: Hah…maine dhekha tha usko…terrace par soh rahe the…

R: Tho usko ootaya kyun nahi?

A: Hitler ki paige aya…aur phir mujhe jaana para. Ab jaakar utayoo usko?

R: Nahi…main jaati hu.

On the terrace, Armaan is sleeping away on the floor…his head to the side. Rhiddima gets really close to him and breathes on him. He moves a little, and she pushes back. Then when she sees him still sleeping, she gets close and puts her hand on his cheek.

R: Armaan, Armaan…uto! (Armaan in his sleep pushes her hand away…Ridz looks sad. Then she puts her hand on his shoulder and shakes him)

R: Armaan! (Armaan wakes up and looks aat her and then at her hand which is on his shoulder. Ridz sees this, and takes her hand off)

A: Kya hua?

R: Thum sogaye they aur-

A: Oh (Stands up and looks at her) Thanks…mujhe jagane ki liye…(then he starts walking and Ridz hold his hand)

R: Mere baath bhi nahi suna! Ab bhi naraz ho? Maine sorry boli nah? Aur kya kar sakhthi hu?

A: (Comes really close to Rhiddima and puts his hand on her hand…the one she didn't stop him with. His face is like a centimeter away from hers) Jaanna chaathi ho? Tho phir teek hain…Suno…(he points straight to her heart) Aapne dil ko pucho ki saach kya hain…kit hum kaise mehsoos karthi ho jab mere paas hothe…  aur phir thumhare dil kuch bathathi hain, thab mere paas ana, taak hain? (he lets go of her hand and then tkes her hand off of hi other hand and walks away leaving Rhiddima confused)


Later, both of them are in the cancer ward and Rhiddima tells Armaan in sign language to meet her outside and then walks out. He sighs and then does go out and sees her standing there.

Rhiddima: Armaan, mere dil kehthe kit hum mere ek bohot aachche dost ho…aur mujko thumhare saath aisey bathe nahi karna chahiye thi… Aise waqt main thum mere saath main thi…sachmuch thum ek bohot achche dost ho.

Armaan: (Quietly) Sirf dost? Jhooti!

R: Kya kaha? (with a weird face…the one she always makes)

A: Uh…kuch nahi, chalo main sochunga.

R: Kis bare main?

A: Thumhe maaf karne ki! Actually…(buts his hand on his chin and thinks, then gives a goofy smile)aur 100 sorries bolo…kaan pakarke…phir maaf karunga

R: (looking really angry) Phir mujhe maafi ki koi zaroorat nahi! (is walking away but armaan runs and steps in front of her)

A: Ey basket!...joke tha…okay…maaf kya…friends

R: Sochne paregi. (She looks at him jokingly)

End of this part!...hoped you guys liked it!

Part 5 Guys!!!

Okay…we don't need a recap cuz part 4 is right above this…but this is a continuation of part 4…sort of…same scene as part 4 ended with

Armaan: Kya? (Gives Ridz a stern look) Phir se yeh saab?

R: Oh…tho thum joke kar sakthe…par main nahi

A: (Armaans eyes get big) Woh joke tha?

R Hah.

A: Okay…tho hum ab dost hain (forcefully takes Rid's hand and shakes it…AR music comes in because Ridz feels uncomfortable touching Armaans hands lyk that but he's enjoying it)

R: Armaan…mujhe ab jaana hain…Summit ki kuch tests karwane hain

A: (sighs and lets go) Okay…fine…jao (Ridz smiles a little and then walks away)


Later Atul is in the locker room and suddenly he sees Anjie…

Atul: Hi Anjali! (starts gawking at her)

Anjie: Hi

Atul: Thum kaise ho.

Anjie: Teek hoon..(she starts walking away and then stops and looks back at Atul)

Atul: (Surprised) Thum kuch kehna chaati ho mujhse?

Anjie.: Hah (Quiet for a sec) Listen Atul…thum jo chaate ho, nah? Who khabi nahi ho saktha. Kabhi thumney socha ki main kaisi hu aur thum kaise ho…so sapne dekhna chor do (and she walks away..Atul looks at her sadly, then he sits on the bench and looks down, Ridz comes in)

R: Achcha hua thum yaha ho…mujhe thumse puchney thi…Dhoni uska dawai le rahe hain nah? Agar nahi letha, tho mujhe bulana, main karoongi, okay? (atul doesn't respond) Atul? Kya hua? (She sees him on the bench at sits next to him) Atul? Saab kuch teek tho hain?

Atul: Mujhe kuch bataogi Ridz….Main kya ithna bura hu?

R: (confused) Nahi tho…yeh kya puch—

Atul: (interrupting Ridz) Tho phir woh yeh saab kyun kahi…

R: Kaun? Kya kahi?

Atul: Anjali ne kahi ki me uski thara nahi hu aur isliye sapne dekhna choordaine koh kahi.

R: Di ne aisa kahi? ( Atul nods and then stands up)

Atul: Uh…Ridz mujhe kuch kaam hain…tho main chalta hu (Before she can say something, he walks out really fast)

R: (to herself) Din e Atul ka dil isthara thori? Mujhe di se baath karni paregi. (she walks out of the room)


In the hallway while Ridz is walking, Armaan sees her and starts walking towards her and purposely pushes her a little with his shoulder.

A: Oh basket Im so sorry!

R: Its okay (she starts walking away, and Armaan sees her tensed look and thinks to himself what happened. Then he slowly starts following her)


Ridz keeps walking and sees Anjali coing out of the elevator. She walks up to her)

R: Di…apse kuch baath karni thi..

Anjie: Okay…bolo.

R: Yaha nahi…aap mere saath terrace pe aye. (Anjie looks at her watch)

A: Teek hain…chalo.


They go to the terrace and then Riddima looks around to see if anyone is there and when no one is there, se starts talking)

R: Aapne Atul ko kya kahi thi di?

A: Saach

R: Kaise saach?

A: Ki who mere kabil nahi hain

R: Di, teek hain agar aap usse pyar nahi karthe. Magar, who tho achchi thara se bhi bol sakthi this aap.

A: (Now getting angry) Saach hamesha karvi hothi hain Ridzy!

R: Okay…tho saach karvi hothe. Par aap mujhe bathaye ki kyun who aapki kabil nahi hain?

A: Kabil nahi hain mathlab baas kabil nahi hain!

R: Hah magar uska vaja kya hain?

A: Thum uske side kyun leh rahi ho?

R: Main koi side nahi leh rahi hu!

A: Haan leh rahi ho…kyunki who bhi adopted hain aur thumb hi adopted ho!

(Ridz looks at Anjie with her eyes all wide, and tears in them…)

Part 6


So Ridz is all teary with Anjie just saying mean stuff to her…


Anjie: Ridzy…um…main thumhe…mathlab-

R: (She takes her hand and motions Anjie to stop) Bas di…Bas! (She runs out of the terrace. Right out the door she sees Armaan standing there…he looks at her a bit sadly. She stands there looks at him and then runs off)

A: Riddima…Suno tho! Ruko! Rhiddima! (he runs after her…she walks into the elevator and the elevator doors close before Armaan gets there and he stands there and talks to himself) Shit…Rhiddima, main thumhari fikar kartha hu isliye main thumhare saath rehna chatha hu…par thum ho ki…(he sees above the elevator and it is now at the basement…so Riddima must be there..he takes the stairs down and the basement door is closed)

A: Basket…darwaza kholo…thum-

R: (From inside) Mujhe humdardi ki zaroorat nahi hain!

A: Teek hain…magar ek dost ki zaroorat tho haina?

R: Chale jao Armaan!

A: Nahi…agar thum ziddi ho…tho main thumsey kuch kum nahi! (Ridz slowly stands up and opens the door)

R: Mujhe akele nahi chor sakthe thum? (She walks away and sits back down…and tears continue to roll out her cheeks…Armaan walks up to her, sits down and puts his hand on her chin and pulls her face up to his level)

A: Mujhe koi farak nahi partha kit hum kiski beti ho…No matter what, thum wohi Dr. Rhiddimaa rahogi…humesha. (He brings her face closer) Aur kisiko adopted kehna koi gali nahi hotha…yeh tho thumhare liye toh achchi baath hain…ki Dr. Shashank Gupta ney thumko adopt kiya.

R: (she stares at Armaan then she looks down…then back up) Thum sahi keh rahe ho Armaan. Main Dr. Shashank ki bati hu ab…and that's a fact.

A: (smiles and then kisses her cheek. R makes an awkward face. Then A kisses her other cheek) Mainey abbhi thumhare asooyo ko peegaya…ab thum aur ro nahi sakthi. (Ridz looks at him like he's crazy)

R: Armaan…thum jo abbhi kah nah? It makes no se— (Armaan puts his finger on her lip)

A: Kuch math kaho…sirf suno…

Okay guys…I know its not a lot…ill make part 7 long

Part 7


Okay so part 6 ended with Armaan telling Ridz to just listen to him while he shuts her up by putting his finger on her lips. So he then takes his finger off seeing how uncomfortable Ridz is and then starts talking.

A: Mujhe thumse bohot zaroori baath karna hain…hamare yeh rishtha…isko kya dosti keh sakthi thum?

R: Armaan…yeh saab ab mere liye bekar ki bathe hain. Mere thakleef thum samaj sakthe ho nah? Mere maan main abhi bohoth saare sawal hai …main kyun adopted hui, me sister padma ko kya pookaroongi…Armaan…ab yeh saare bathe choro

A: (now he's getting angry) Ab nahi tho kab Riddhima?! Iss problem ka baath aur ek problem…aur yeh cycle chaalthe rehega…kab thak? (he stands up…and seconds later so does Riddhima) Teek hain basket… whatever. (he starts walking away when once again the famous dupatta comes in and is stuck to his button…Armaan and Ridz remember the last time this happened…and when they stop dreaming Ridz gets closer to remove her dupatta)

R: Armaan…naraaz maath ho…I promise ki hum baath karenge…par ab nahi (she takes the dupatta out)

A: (sighs) Okay fine…Promise yaad rakhna. (Ridz smiles a little)


So later on, Atul is in the caf sitting all alone. Then Armaan comes and sits in front of him.

Armaan: Bohot bhook lage hain…main ek sandwich le atha hu…thum kuch loge Champ? (Atul doesn't reply) Champ? Hullo?! Thumhe kuch chaye?(he screams and Atul finally looks at him)

Atul: Nahi..

Ar: Mazaak kar rahe ho mere saath? Yeh kabhi hotha hain ki Atul kuch nahi le jab koi offer kartha hain? (Atul doesn't say anything so Armaan continues) Ey Champ…hotha hain…har lardki ko patina asaan nahi hain… (then he looks around and the starts talking) Main thumhe madaath kar sakthi hu…agar thum chaho (suddenly Atul is interested)

At: Woh kaise?

Ar: Hmm…okay…thum Anjie ko ignore karna! Simple trick! Usse baath math karna…phir dekho who kaise thumhare peeche parthe!

At: Are you sure?

Ar: 100%

At: Kya guarantee hain/

Ar: (A little annoyed) Okay…mujhe bathaa.,..mere kithne girlfriends the?

At: Bohoth

Ar: Hah…tho main experienced hu…

At: Okay…ill try (Armaan gives a goofy smile)

 This isnt long like i promised...but...EmbarrassedBig smile

Alrighty…Part 8


The next day…everyone is with everyone is in Dr. Kirthi's office.

Dr. Kirthi: Yeh mehne bohot jaldi katham hone waale…aur isliye main aap logo ko yaad dilathi hu Intern of the Month ke bare main. (All the interns look happy) For now…sabse aage hain Dr. Anjali. Uski thore peeche hain Dr. Armaan. Dr Atul, Sapna and Rhiddima… ab theeno third place main hain abhi.

Armaan: (leans over and whispers to Anjali) Congrats Anji!

Dr Kirthi: (overhearing) Abhi bhi waqt hain, Dr. Armaan…Dr Anjali abhi IOTM nahi hui. Anyways….aaj Dr. Anjali aur Dr. Atul aap joh naya patient aya…Mr. Patel…usko dekhenge. Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddima app dono cancer ward par hain and Dr. Sapna aap aaj mujko assist karengi.

Later…Atul and Anjie are watching the new patient…who is currently at a stable position.

Anjali: (Stretches) Today was so long…(Atul doesn't respond so Anjali says) ATUL! Maine kaha aaj ki din bohot lambi thi

Atul: (humming)

Anjie: (rolling her eyes) Whatever…suno thum kya-

Atul: La…lalala…la…(then he walks away)

Anjie: Yeh Atul ko kya huya?

In the hall, Armaan is walking to the cancer ward while  Ridz is coming out…all the way behind her is Nurse Lovely…

Armaan: (smiles) Hello, beautiful!(talking to Nurse Lovely although Lovely doesn't notice and RIdz thinks he's talking to her)

R: (walks up to Armaan) Yeh kya keh rahe ho Armaan? Behave yourself!

A: (Purposely ignoring her and walking past her to Lovely) Oye…Beautiful…

L: Oh ji main?

A: Hah…aapke ilava yaha koi beautiful lardki hain kya (doing this for ridz to hear him…ridz looks at him angrily…Armaan looks back at Ridz) Hah Rhiddima…thum kuch keh rahi thi?

R: (angry) Nahi!

A: Okay. tho abhi yaha kyun ho?

R: Main abhi jaane waali thi. (she starts walking away)'

A: (Under his breath) Teek hain…tho fir baathahi detha hu…thum bhi bohot bohot beautiful ho.

R: (Looks back) Kuch kaha thumne?

A: Nahi tho.

R: Hmm…(walks away again and when shes gone, Armaan talks to himself)

A: Bye (waves)…Beautiful (smiles)


Okay so Sapna is in the elevator when Dr. Shubhankar comes in.

Sapna- Hi sir

Dr. Shubhankar: Hello Dr Sapna

Sapna: Aapni kemon achen (bangali)

Dr. Shubhankar: I would advice you, Dr Sapna…ki aap aapni kaam par dheyan de ab…instead of learning Bangali (Sapna looks sad and Shubhankar sees this) par agar aap saach much sikhne chaate…to go ahead…it's a beautiful language…

Sapna: Okay sir (still looks a bit unhappy)

Okay guys…hope you liked itTongue

Part 9


Okay…so Atul is walking down the corridor and he sees Lovely coming so he starts walking the opposite direction.

Lovely: Oh ji rukhiye tho sahi…Good news hay ji… (Atul stops and turns back)

Atul: Good news?

Lovely: Hah ji…(She starts blushing) Kya hain na…who Nurse Radhika hai nah? Woh mujhko do tickets diya…ek museum ki tickets. Jab do tickets hain…tho…main janna chaathi this…ki aap mere saath—

Atul. (Under his breath) Oye Nurse Radhika…kya kiya?! (to Lovely) Oh…kab hain?

Lovely: Aaj raath

Atul: Oh too bad. Woh Dr. Kirhi nay mujhe bathayi ki aaj mere night duty hoga…toh main nahi ja saktha

Lovely: (Looks down) Oh…teek hain..(She walks away)


Later Lovely is sitting in the front desk and Armaan comes.

Armaan: Hello sweetheart.

Lovely: Hello ji. Aap ko tickets chahiye?

Armaan: Tickets…kiski tickets?

Lovely: Museum ki…

Armaan: (laughs) Me aur museum…nahi mujhe nahi chahiye…Atul ko lekar jao!

Lovely: Woh nahi ja saktha ji…aur agar woh nahi jaatha tho main bhi nahi jaoongi.

Armaan: Aw too bad (starts whistling)

Lovely: Woh kya hai na… mujhe tho yaha par duty hain…tho aap yeh tickets leyjaye ji…aur sabko puchiye ki koi lena chathi he yah nahi.

Armaan: (a bit annoyed) Teek hain


So Armaan has the tickets and he's in the elevator whistling again. Then Rhiddima comes in and stands on the other corner. Armaan stares at her but she doesn't look. Armaan starts remembering the movie that they went to. Then he remembers when they were in the basketball court about to kiss. Then Rhiddima leaves and Armaan is there alone andten it strikes him!

Armaan: (to himself) Yeh chance hain...Third dates humesha best hothe…aur yeh (picks up the tickets) mere third date ki sapna pure karnge. (he smiles to himself)


Sapna and Rhiddima are at the caf when Armaan comes in.


Armaan: Hello Sapna..hi Basket.

R: Hi (in a strict tone…ever since the whole beautiful thing in Part 8)

S: Mujhe bohot bhukh lagi hai guys.

A: Teek hain main order kartha hu. Thum log kya khaoge?

S; Mere liye ek sandwich.

R: Coffe for me.

A: Teek hain…ill go order now. (he leaves and Sapna's pager ring) Oh god…abhi bhi paige ana tha kiya…Okay Ridz, I have to go. Have fun!

R: Okay bye. (A second or two later Armaan comes back)

A: Sapna?

R: She had to go…duty calls.

A: Oh (he thinks "perfect!") Woh Basket…I was thinking…thum mere saath museum jaogi?

R: (looks at him wierdly) Museum?!?

Okay guys end of this part…do reply…Tongue

Part 10

Okay so the end of part 9 was with Armaan asking Ridz if she wants to go to the museum.

R: Thum aur museum?

A: Yah…I love museums!

R: (surprised) Um…thum…of all people…aur- (she gets interrupted because both their pagers beep. R sighs) phir se cancer ward duty.

A: Hah…me too. Chalo ek saath chalete. (they both get up and walk out  and now they are in the halls.)

R: Tho thum mujhe bathao…kabse "the cool Dr. Armaan" ek museum lover bane?

A: Main jantha tha ki thum mujhe cool sochthe ho…aur kyun nahi? Cool hi tho hu.

R: Okay fine…thum cool ho…ab bathao…have you ever been to a museum?

A: Hmm…well..(trying really hard to remember)…actually…hmmm….HAH! Jab main saath saal kit hi na, mere Mummy ne mujhe museum lekar gaayi thi…

R: Oh soo sweet (Now they're in the elevator)

A: Thumhe kya hogayi Basket…Two compliments in one day? Pehle mujhe cool bulathe ho…aur fir sweet?!

R: Sweet thumhare mummy ko keh rah thi.

A: (Under his breath) Oh please! Jhoot bolna paap hain Basket.

R: Kuch kaha?

A: Hah…um…thum mere saath chalo ge na?

R: Kab?

A: Aaj raath.

R: (Thinks for a second or two) Hmmm…okay…

A: Okay great…thumhe pick up karoongi…8:00…okay? (Armaan nods and then they leave the elevator)


Okay so Sapna is working with Dr. Shubhankar.

Sapna: Sir patient zyada critical nai hain…I don't think koi surgery ki zaroorat hain.

Shubhankar: Dr Sapna…ek doctor ko  koi assumption nahi karni chahiye…Sab kuch facts par chalthe…Ek patient ki jaan ki baath ho rahi hain.

Sapna: (Puts her head down) Im sorry sir…it wont happen again.

Shubhankar: Sapna…thum mere baath ko lekar humesha ithne sad kyun ho jaathi ho?  Me aapko sirf advice de raha hu!

Sapna: Yes sir (She smiles a little but she still looks sad)


In front of the elevator we see Atul and Lovely.

Lovely: Aap kyun mujhe ithne ignore kathe.

Atul: Waise—(Lovely interrupts him)

Lovely; main sab janthi hu ji.

Atul; (suddenly curious) Kya jaanthi ho?

Lovely: Ki aap kya sochthe hain…

Atul: (a little irritated) Hah tho bolo na…kya sochtha hu?!?

Lovely: (blushes) App sharmathe hain nah? Lekin pyar sharam ki koi baath nahi hain.

Atul: Heh…(he looks scared of Lovely…he takes steps back and then runs.)

Lovely: (running after him) Oh ji….kya hua…


So its night and Armaan and Rhiddima have already met up and now Armaan's driving and they're in the car. Its really quiet. There's a lot of traffic so they are waiting when a man comes by and he's by Armaan's side of the car. He asks if they want to buy flowers.

A: Ful kharidna chaathi ho?

R: Yah…shayad yeh fulo ki khusbu thumhare gaari pe koi asar pare.

A; Kya kehna chaathe ho hmm?

R: Kehne chaathi hu…it stinks in here!

A: (Looks a bit irritated) Thum ladkio nah…

R: Kaunsi ful hain.

A: (Looks out) Bohot saare hain…

R: Main dekthi hu.(she leans over to see the flowers and her face is about a centimeter away from Armaan's and her waist is touching his fingers. AR music comes on. R is talking but its all muted because A is just staring at her. Its windy so her hair is flying back. He moves forward a little and his nose touches her cheek. She looks at him)

Okay…end of this part…will continue tomorrow!!

Part 11

So a brief recap…Ridz goes over to take a look at the flowers but she realizes Armaan's nose touch her cheek so she turns her head and looks at him. They just stare at each other for some seconds, then Rhiddima snaps out of it and she quickly sits back in her seat.

R: Um…uh….on second thought…ful ki koi zaroorat nahi hain…I

A: Teek hain…aur explanations ki zaroorat nahi hain. Ab chalo…iski pehle ki museum band ho jaye!

R: Okay (so they continue moving…and the two aren't talking…and then Armaan stop the car and Rhiddima looks at him) Hum rokh kyun gaya.

A: Oye…basket main thumhe long drive par nahi le aya. Hum rukh gaye kyunki museum humare saamne hai!

R: Oh…(she gets out of the car)

A: (Under his breath) main janta hu…ki thumhe zyada achchi lagthi agar hum gari main ruche…kyunki thumhe bhi mujse ithna pyaar hain ki mere khamoshi bhi thumhe achcha lagthe.(he smiles and gets out of the car and closes the door, then he talks to Ridz) Chale?

R: Hah…chalo.


Okay so now we see Atul and Sapna in the locker room. Atul is stretching. Sapna is on the bench.

Atul: Oh god..(Yawns) Mujhe already neend arrahi hain par mere night duty hain aaj.

Sapna: Hmm…

Atul: Aur woh Hitler…woh tho mere landlady se bhi crazy hain

Sapna: hmm…

Atul: Kya hmm hmm…Sapna thum sunrahi ho nah?

Sapna: Atul, agar ek ladki ko pyar ho jaye magar jisko pyaar karthe who uski tharaf dekhtha bhi nahi, thab us ladki ko kya karne chahiye?

Atul:  Kaunse ladki?

Sapna: Jo bhi ho…bathao na usko kya karna chahiye!

Atul: Uh….(he's thinking for a while…then he remembers Armaan's advice from before) usko us ladka ko ignore karna chahiye.

Sapna: Kya?!?!

Atul: Hah! Usko bolo ignore karne ke liye.

Sapna: Woh possible nahi hain!

Atul: Kyun nahi?

Sapna: Kyunki jisko woh pyaar kathe na? Woh uski senior hain…almost ek boss ki tharah..

Atul: Oh….tho us lardki ko bolo ki koi aur ko dhunde…Uske senior se pyaar karna ek achche baath nahi hain!

Sapna: Okay…thanks Atul…main ab jaathi hu (She walks away looking really sad)


So now back to the mueum with Armaan and Ridz. So they're inside looking at a copy of the Mona Lisa. Ridz is standing near the painting and Armaan behind her.

R: Shes so beautiful nah?

A: Hmmm…teek hain…par uthne bhi khubsoorath nahi hain.

R: (A little irritated) Agara yeh painting khubsoorat nahi hoti tho log isko ithne pasand kyun karthe?

A: Kyunki DaVinci ne usko paint kiya.

R: Okay fine…(she walks off)

A: Kaha ja rahe ho?

R: I don't know.

A: Waise bhi, main ek ladki ko pechaanta hu…jo us Mona Lisa se bhi khubsoorath hain! (He gives off a slick smile. R understands he's taking about her so she feels nervous and starts walking away. He holds her arm and comes close)

A: Sunna nahi chathe?

R: Kya?

A: Us ladki ki naam?

R: Nahi.

A: (Comes so close, her hair is touching his lip) Kyun?

R: Armaan..koi dekhlega…Choro!

A: Dekhne do nah!

R: (annoyed) Armaan, please!

A: Pehle…mere sawal ki jawab do

R: (Knows the question but doesn't want to answer) Um…kaunse sawal?

A: Kyun nahi janna chaathi ho…us ladki ki naam?

R: (Still shy…blushing now…she pulls her hand off) Nahi janthi hu main (then she walks away fast)

A: Riddima! Baaaaasket! (he runs after her)


That's the end of this part…hope u guys liked it!

Part 12

Anjali is in the locker room getting ready to go home. Atul comes in whistling. Seeing her he stops whistling.

Anjali: Thumhare night duty hai aaj? (Atul doesn't respond, and Anjali continues) Humesha night duty meri hothi…(she laughs a little) Have fun! (then she leaves the locker room)

Atul: Hmm…Armaan ki plan tho kaam nahi kar rahi hain…Anjali par silent treatment koi asar hi nahi karrahi hain! (He scratches his head)

Okay, so now the anticipated scene…Armaan is running after Rhiddima and she keeps running and he stops for a second.

A: Bhago, bhago!…jithne chayye bhago…par main tumhe pakar kar hi choroongi (He smiles and continues looking for her. He sees a space on the side of the women's bathroom that's dark and he sees a small par of Riddima's dupatta on the side and he gives a slick smile. He sarts walking towards it. Now he can see some of Riddimas face, ut shes moving back. She keeps moving back unti she hits the wall and now Armaan stands only inches away from her.)

A:(softly) Riddima (takes her hands and squeezes them)

R: Armaan k-

A: Shhh….(lets go of her hand and puts his hands on the walls around her...this way his face is leaning even closer to hers) Bus…ab bohot ho chuke hain. Aur kithne der thak saach chupaogi Rhiddima? Apne feelings ko bathathi kyun nahi.

R: Armaan…please jaane do…

A; Nahi

R: Please…museum kuch der baath band ho jayega.

A: Tho?

R: Armaan-(she tries her best to push him off…and he doesn't budge. She gives up and just stands there looking down. He moves hi hand and makes a gesture for her to move…she is taken by surprise and she starts walking away)

A: Jaane se pehle ek baath sunke jao…(he makes a serious face, while rhiddima stops but doesn't look back)…Me thumse pyaar kartha hu (the words echo while Rhiddima's eyes grow big…she is REALLY surprised looking)


Okay…so Atul this times sees Anjali about to leave. Anjali and Sapna are getting out together.

Atul: (shouts out to Sapna) Sapna! (Sapna looks back)

Sapna: Kya hua? Jaldi karo…mujhe ghar jaani hain…mere taxi wala wait kar raha hain.

Atul:  Okay…um…kal mujhe ek naya patient ko dekhna hain….Dr. Kirthi ne kaha ki main choose kar saktha hu kaun mere saath is patient ko dekh rahe hain.

Anjali: Woh patient kithne serious hain? (shes thinking, this could get her more points for IOTM)

Atul: (Ignores her) Sapna, thum mujhe assist karogi?

Sapna: Um…sure…par ab mujhe jaana hain.

Atul: Okay take care! (He leaves)

Anjali: Yeh Atul ko kya hua…mujhe ignore kyun kar raha hain?

Sapna: Kyun? Thum tho uska saath baath bhi nahi karni chathi ho!

Anjali: Hmm….chalo.


Back in Dr. KIrthi's office/room, she's sitting with Dr. Shubhankar.

K: Kal Intern of the Month announce karni vali hu.

S: Hmm…yaad hain, jab hum interns the? Thum kithney royi jab IOTM nahi bani thi.

K; Thum bhi kuch kam nahi thi! Secretly points badaal ne ki koshish kaun karthe the?

S: Kabhi kamiab nahi hua! (both of them laugh)

K: Hah...internship ki woh samay kithna achcha the….(she sighs)

S: Who tho the…waise kaun hua hain IOTM?

K: Hmm….kal hi dekhlena!


Okay guys…lm SOOOOOOOOO sorry about the late updateEmbarrassed

Part 13

Okay so now back to Armu and Ridz…so he just told her he loves her. Its silent for a while. Then Ridz speaks up.

R: A-Armaan…bohot der ho chuke…main ab ghar jaathi hu.

A: Hmmm….chalo. (they walk all the way outside…and then both go into the car…when they are in the car the two of them are silent. Armaan puts on a song seeing its really uncomfortable…He also wants to express his feelings through the song he puts on)

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Kisi zaaba mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi
Ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon

R: (Now Ridz is feeling a little shy) Um Armaan…agar bura na mano, tho thum woh…uh…mere saar dar kar rahi hain…so…

A: (he understand) Hah…teek hain(puts off the song)Waise thumhare ghar achuke…(RIdz nods and gets out and so does Armaan.

R: Thank you…mujhe saath lejane ki liye…Bye (she starts walking away, when Armaan holds her hand)

A: Main jo kaha who bilkuul sach tha.

R: Ab uske baare main ba- (pretends like she heard something) Armaan! DI bulaarahi hain mujhe…Main chalthi(she runs away)

A: (to himself) Hmmm…basket…kabhi tho batani paregi…ki thum bhi mujse pyaar karhe ho…(he smiles and goes into his car. He sees ridz up in the balcony looking at him. He pretends not to see her and puts on the song again in his car)

Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin
Taareef yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

(Ridz blushes and goes back inside…Armaan smiles and leaves)

Okay so the next day, everyone is called in by Dr. Kirthi.

Dr. Kirthi: Aaj aap sab ki internship ki do mehne complete ho chuke. (all the interns clap and are happy) Aur iska mathlab hain…it is once again time for Intern of the Month. Is baar hum thore surprised hue the.

Anjali: (She's getting nervous) Woh kyun Dr. Kirthi?

Dr. Kirthi: (Angry) Aap ko agar takleef na ho tho main apne baath katham kar sakthi hu…without interruption? (Anjie nods) Pehle  se Dr. Anjali aur Dr. Armaan bohot close thei points main…jaha Dr. Anjali thori agey thi….lekin…(all the interns look at each other…Anjali looks especially nervous)…baad main ek doctor bohot agey nikla…points ke hisaab sey. Woh doctor hain…Dr. Armaan. Congratulations(She puts out her hand and Armaan moves forward to shake it. Anjali looks annoyed and a bit angry. )

Armaan: Thank you Dr. Kirthi.

Dr. Kirthi: You deserved it…(looks at her watch) mere ek operation ki waqt ho chuke. (she leaves)

Sapna: Congratz Armaan.

Atul: Yah Armaan…good job! (Goes and pats Armaan.)

Anjali: (forcefully) Congratulations Armaan. (But Armaan is looking at RIdz waiting for a response. She doesn't say anything, she just smiles and then looks down, Armaan walks out)

Sapna: Usko kya hua? Aaj tho uska special din hain…tho who kyun chaala gya. (Ridz shrugs)

R: Main dekthi hu. (Se goes out searching for Armaan….and wen she goes up to the terrace she finds him.)

R: Armaan, thum naraaz ho kya? Kya hua?

A: Sab mujhe congratulate kya…par jiske appreciation chaiya maine, woh hi mujhe kuch nahi kahi.

(RIdz looks down…and te puts her hand on his)


Okay end of Part 13…I know it was prett short…Im sorry guys!

 Part 14

Okay so Ridz puts her hands on Armaan's.

R: Congrats….congratz…congratz…congratz! Ab kush?(takes her hands off)

A: Nahi.

R: (looks a bit irritated) Kyun?

A: (looks like he's ready to tease her) Maine kaha tha ki jiski tareef ki intezaar tha, woh hi kuch nahi kahi. Maine nahi kaha tha ki woh thum ho.

R: (angry now) Oh really? Tho phir kaun hain?

A: Arrey…ithne serious kyun ho jathi ho basket….Chill…

R: Thum kabhi ahi sudroge! (walks away)

A: (all alone now) I know sweetheart…(then smiles)


So later in the day Sapna and Atul are in the cafeteria.

S: Atul…main soch rahi thi ki…

A: Kya? Kya soch rahi thi?

S: Main abhi bolne waali thi….thumhare interruption ki pehle!

A: Tho ab bathao nah!

S: Tho mainey sochi ki thora unfair hain ki jab Riddima IOTM bani tho hum usko surprise party diye…lekin Armaan ki liye….kuch nahi?....Thats not fair!

A: Hah thum saach keh rahi ho. Pary tho dena chahiye…Magar kab aur kaha? (Now RIdz comes in)

R: Hey guys…

A: Tho kya kare…..

R: Huh?

S: Nahi hum soch rahe the ki Armaan ke liye ek surprise party dena chahiye

R: Idea tho achcha hain…

A: Lekin kab aur kaha?

S: Mere ghar par tho nahi ho saktha…mere parents ko tho jante ho thum log…

A: Aur agar mere apartment par karthe tho mere land lady mere khoon pechayegi.

R: Tho phir hum koi restaurant par kathe.

S: Or…hum thumhare ghar pe kyun nahi karthe?

R: Lekin, papa aur nani aur di…sab ki permission ki zaroorat hain

A: Tho phir lelona!

(Anjali comes in)

Anjali: Kya leneka baath  chal raha hain?

Atul: (pretends like he doesn't care…cuz he's ignoring her) Permission lelona Ridz…Abhi!

R: Okay fine…di, hum Armaan keliye surprise party rakkhe…ghar par?

Anjali: Mujhe koi problem nahi hain…Infact, it's a good idea…Papa ko pucho….Abhi call karo

R: Par papa ka agar operation hain ab?

Anjali: Nahi. Dad ko mainey dekha tha do minute pehle. Woh ab rest kar rahe hain.

R: Usko bother karna teek hoga kya?

Anjali: Ridzy…abhi permission lelo…who humesha free nahi rehtha!

R: Okay…main Papa ko call karthe hu…uski office ki number par (ANjali nods…Riddima means to call Papa but mistakedly hits Armaans number. She doesn't know that though…so now one the phone:)

Armaan: Hey basket!

R: (surprised) Armaan! Thum Papa ki room par kya kar rahe ho?

Armaan: (Confused)Thumhare Papa ka room? Kya keh rahi ho?

R: Tho phir uska phone thumhare pas kaise?

A: Humesha sochtha tha ki thum pagaal ho…par aaj sure ho gaya.

R: What?!? Mujhe pagal kyu bula rahe ho?

A: Kyunki thum mere cell par phone kiya…thumhare Papa ko nahi! Aur tho aur, main ab duty par hu…agar Dr.Keerthi mujhe cellphone par baath karna suna na…thophir bohot problems hoga!
R: Oh…sorry Armaan.

A: Its okay (smiles a little) rakhtha hu.

R: Ok…bye. (hangs up ad now is talking to everybody on the table) Sorry guys…galath number press kya…phir se karthi hu. (this time she actually calls dad and while she talks to himthe conversation is muted. After that, she hangs up)

S: Kya kaha?

R: Hah kaha!

Atul: Yes!

R: Ab sirf nani ko puchna hain.

Anjali: Baad main…nani humesha hah kethi hain…no problem

R: Okay

S: Par kab hain?

R: Papa keh raha tha ki aaj hona chahiye..

S: Kya…tho phir humey jaldi sab kuch karne parega…Waqt bohot kum hain.

Anjali: Hah…lets get started then…..

Part 15


Ridz is standing with Sapna and Atul. In front of the locker room. Armaan is inside the locker room.


S: Jao…usko thumhare ghar thak laana hain…kuch bhi kehkar!

A: Hah Ridz jao!
R: Woh-main-…Guys, mujhse yeh nahi hogi!

S: Riddima! Thumhi tho kahi hi…ki thum usko le aogi!

R: Hah par…

A: Par war kuch nahi! Come on Rodz. Sab theyari ho chuke hain! Sirf Armaan ko lejana hain waha.

R: Okay fine…me jaathi hu.

A: Okay…main aur Sapna nikalthe hain…thumhare ghar jaake hum finishing touches karthe!
R: Hmm.

S: Okay bye Ridz.

(Ridz goes inside and Armaan is facing his locker and whistling lookin at a bunch of papers.)

R: Armaan.

A: (looks back a little then turns back to his locker) Kya?

R: Um uh….thum…woh..uh

A: Jaldi bathao…mere kam hain.

R: Hah…woh…thumhe mere saath mere ghar me jaana hain.

A: (surprised, but cheerful) Oh…kab…aajraath (gets close to her face and widens his face) Hum dono akele?

R: Your disgusting.

A: (smiles) I know.

R: (angry) AGhhhh!!!

A: Okay okay!....AB bathao kyun thumhare saath jaana hain.

R: Woh… Papa! Papa thumse bohot zaroori baath karna chathe…

A: Mujhse…who bhi thumhare ghar pey?!?!

R: Hah…shayad kuch personal hain.

A: Par mujhe hi kyun?

R: Chalo…phir usise hi pooch lena!

A: Okay!


(So Sapna and Atul are in a taxi going to Ridz's house. The wiond is blowing and Atul is tired. He yawns and then looks to his side and suddenly starts looking at Sapna)

S: (she sees him) Kya hua Atul.

A: Sapna thum ithne sad kyun ho.

S: Nahi tho.

A: Sapna, agar kuch bhi hain tho mujhe kaho! Me ho thumhare dost hu.

S: Main teek hu. But thank you…mere ithne kayal rakthe ho.

A: (Holds her hand) Agar kuch bhi ho nah tho mujhse bathana.

S: (Smiles and puts her hand over his) Bataongi baba!


So now Armaan and Riddima are in front of Ridz house.

R: Chale?

A: Hah. (They walk through the door and everyone screams)

Everyone: SURPRISSSE!!!

A: Waoh! Yeh kisliye?

Anjali: (Walks up to him) Ithne modest bhi nahi bano Mr. Intern of the Month!

A: Oh!!! Thank you guys.

Dr. Shashank: Well u deserved it!

A: Thank u sir…Well guys…sab khare kyun hain….PARTY!!!

(Everyone goes to dance and party and Armaan looks at Riddima at a distance)

A: (hes thinking this) Aache jhoot bolthe ho.

R: (thinking) Thumhi say tho seeki hain.

A: (smiles and talks to himself) I've taught her well!

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pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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grt ff n plz contd... but remeber to add loads of AR scenes Wink
plz contd.... Tongue
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very nice
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thanx guys...but onli two ppl wont make me continue Wink ...gotta get more replies Tongue
Helen24 Senior Member

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wow u did great job..u begin ur story line..frm dat truth fings...which i love can pop into ur one..if i don't feel like watching our origin one..if d story goes crap..n plz..don't stop others do..coz i begin to become their fan but they suddenly wrk..
Mosammad IF-Sizzlerz

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thank u...but thats till only 3 ppl... Cry
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write write write........................
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Tammy u rock!!! Bohat achha hai yaar! Tumhaari hindi toh bilkul theek hai. Anyway, jaldi se continue karna!!!!

love u


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