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~* Get Ready to Cook..Ek Shining Murgi *~ (Page 5)

Gracella IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 December 2004
Posts: 26252

Posted: 05 November 2007 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kothra

Its my partner in Crime in HOT SEAT LOL LOL
Mazaa Aa Gaya Wink

Gracy ne pehli baar koi achcha kaam kiya hai LOL (Gracy dnt kill me nw Wink )

*Gracy takes her famous danda and hits on Huzi's head*

Ab Gracy ko bohat mazaa agaayaLOLLOL and don't say now..that u have copyright on mazaa agaaya

kothra IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 36473

Posted: 05 November 2007 at 8:41am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Gracella

Originally posted by kothra

Its my partner in Crime in HOT SEAT LOL LOL
Mazaa Aa Gaya Wink

Gracy ne pehli baar koi achcha kaam kiya hai LOL (Gracy dnt kill me nw Wink )

*Gracy takes her famous danda and hits on Huzi's head*

Ab Gracy ko bohat mazaa agaayaLOLLOL and don't say now..that u have copyright on mazaa agaaya


OMG GracyLOLLOL..Danda ke saath mujhe bilkul Mazaa Nahi AayaLOLLOL..

*Huzi ka dil garden garden hogaya*LOL

Khaya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 December 2006
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Posted: 05 November 2007 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Star_on_earth

hey's the remaining list of answers... thanx

Originally posted by rukhaya

37)What is your greatest achievement?

to be wat i m today....i m quite happy with myselfSmile

38)If you were a kangaroo what would you be thinking of right now?

that y m i a kangaroo....LOL lol

39)What is the most expensive or meaningful thing you own?

my family..

40)What was your most embarrassing moment?

any moment when somebody laughed at me.................was embarrasing for me...Confused awww

41)What's an odd food combination you love to eat?

how bout pizza with lassi?????WinkWink no i havent tasted it...but jus thought wudnt be bad...LOL wen u try it tell me how it was lol

42)How did you feel when you made your first post on IF?

great!! i have done a gud job!Wink

43)what was your first post on IF?

i think it was in the discussion section......somethin bout marr.Embarrassed

44)What is your typical day like?

its like trying to do alot of things at one time....LOL  multi tasking... gr8

45)What makes you very happy?

well....anybody praising me...or giving me compliments...always makes me happy.....WinkLOL ..............u get my point??Wink Hey Star! u're a gr8 friend Big smile

other than that...helpin someone else or  getting something i want...also makes me happy  Big smile

46)Have you ever had a dream which makes you blush when you remember it?


47)If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

only 1??? Ouch i dunno....i get bored i wudnt stick on jus one..

48)Your fav. forum? the only forum i know of..

49)MSN or IF?


50)Where is your dream vacation?

anywhere..where i m with my loved ones..Embarrassed

51)Fav place that you've visited so far?

dont really have any...

52)Shows you currently watch?

Ba bahu baby, prithviraj, sarabhai,  ek chaabi hai pados mein, dil mil gaye, choona hai asman, nach baliye, jhalak dikhlaja, n some soaps here n there.....LOL

53)Write the numbers from 1 to 50…1,2.3 etc

123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343 5363738394041424344454647484950

gosh rukhi......i thought u wud know that...ShockedWink neways...copy it'll help u in future...LOLLOLLOL lol... thanx for tht I guess next time u can tell me the numbers 50 to 100

54)Write ABC till z?

omg!! Shocked now this also  i have to teach u????WinkLOL ok....write it down...

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.................rukhi likha????WinkLOL lol yh thanx

55)Are you hungry now?


56)Are you thirsty now?


57)How many hours do you spend outside your house?

dunno....never counted thatEmbarrassed

58)How many hours on the computer?

i keep comin online throughout the day......its not fixed..LOL

59)How many hours watching TV?

from evening till night...Embarrassed

60)Do you like parties?

not much..

61)Favorite singer?

there r many gud singers.....n i like some of their songs....none is my fav.Embarrassed

62)Favorite band or music group?


63)Name one hobby that you like to do?

watchin tv.

64)List the languages you know how to speak

hindi and punjabi


n ya..english too...WinkLOL yh u knw the alphabet very well

65)Name the colors that make up the rainbow?

u think i wudnt know that???Tongue its Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow RedLOL very good!

66)What do you think of me?

now do i have to lie here???WinkLOL ok here are a nice girl...a sweet one too....cud be a gud friend...loving n caring....very active on IF...i have seen u in many sections...which shows how creative u are...n so big-big siggy of OSO...maybe a srk fan....n u think "star" is the sweetest girl on If.....WinkLOL..(btw...all this wasnt a lie..) awww thanx I'm not sure about the last bit about u... lol only joking... yh u r gr8! (and tht's not 'cos u said nice things about me... I mean it)

67)What time is it currently?


68) Do you have one skill that you take pride in?What is it?

oh man...there r so where do i start from???WinkLOL

69)Descibe one skill that you would like to have and why?

i wish i cud sing well.........nothing serious here..jus like that..LOLLOL

70)Ways of having fun?

loads.....but the main thing is u shud have guts to listen to your heart.....n do wat it says...Embarrassed

71)A book that you hate?

all the text bks i had in school n college

72)A book that you love?

entertainment n gossip magazines...WinkLOL

73)A poem that you love?

i dunno much poems..n i dont remember them..

74)Give a quote that you like

"Never Explain Yourself.....

Your Friends dont need it....

And your Enemies wont believe it"

75)A cool breeze is like?

a cool breeze............LOL

76) 1-4x 4+99-5x6=?


(wat was this for??? to know if i can use a calculator???WinkLOL oh yes..i can...LOL) lol

77)Something you like to eat for breakfast?

aloo ka paratha...LOL

78)A yummy lunch consists of?

anything with rice.....

79)A horrible dinner is?

something that doesnt taste gudConfused

80)Someone you love most in your family?

my mom n my dad n my sistersBig smile

81)Something I would find a lot in your room?


82)Silver or diamonds?


83)Table full of roses or diamonds around ur neck?

ofcourse diamonds....LOL

84)Favorite place to relax?

home sweet home..

85)How is the weather now?


86)Do you like Italian food?

not more than indian food


(wat is this rukhi............have u given me a never ending list of q's...its jus not gettin over...) j/k..i m really enjoying answering each one of them......its so much fun!! Dead lol I'm sure you are... it takes time for a proper, delicious murgi to be cooked

87)What instrument would you like to play?


88)Fav. clothing item?


89)Fav. current jodi?


90)Pen or pencil?

a gud pen!

91)Notebook or drawing pad?

for wat?? notebook....(if that makes u happy)LOL lol

92)Do you like carrots?

they r ok..

93)Do you like coke?

not much......its not gud for health..

94)Have you tried coke mixed with grape juice?

no.......btw how does it taste???LOL lol... I don't knw that's y I asked u

95)Something that frightens you?

nothing....i m a brave gal.....Tongue Go Girl!

96)Memorable moment on IF?

rite now!! i'll never forget this week......n sp. this moment of answering your qns.WinkLOL That was the idea!

97)What makes you think that your a great human being? jus comes naturally to meEmbarrassed.....i dont question the truth...LOLLOL

98)Are you daddy's girl or mommy's?

daddy's ..Wink

99)What is beauty to you? How would you define it!

someone who has a gud heart...n can accept mistakes in others n himself....Embarrassed


100)What are your views on the following:

Love naam to bahut suna hai....kisi din hum bhi karke aakhir ye hota kya hai WinkLOL

Marriage  the word itself is so scary.....i dont have any gud thoughts bout it..Ouch

Destiny can change a person's life...anytime, anywhere

Life goes...the way u want it to.........u shud have control on ur life...n not let the life control u...

Career very imp.................unless u r a millionaire WinkLOL

Family cant live without it..

Friendship helps u go thru the life.....

Freedom India got its freedom in 1947....jus remembered that...heheheWinkLOL but seriously...its imp. for all

God if u have faith in him.....u can get wat u want...

Education a must!

Vinu where did he come from??? Shockedafter life,god education...suddenly commenting on vinu was shockinLOLLOL............neways he's not bad...very funny n entertaining...LOL its fun when he's around....sometimes irritating...but i know he's good at heart...LOL

Gracella another wicked lady.....LOLLOL na..actually she's very sweet n helpful...quite friendly to all.....she's good wen she's with u...but wen she starts buggin.......beware! LOL very creative n entertaining...n straight forward......

Nug  he takes his dad status..very seriously...which is actually gud...coz normally u find guys flirting around..but he's actually become the dad for 16 gals...which is quite surprising....LOLbut overall he's a nice guy...very caring....n same goes with him...if he starts buggin...u better beware!! LOL

Me i said that earlierEmbarrassed.....neways..u r a sweet gal too.....i didnt know tht till today....its nice to c u more in cc...n u brng in so much fun..LOL

Usman never had much talks with him...seems to be dedicated to IF alot......LOLLOL i lke his posts.....n he's crazy wen it comes to love LOL

Thamizan i dont know much bout him....not a bad guy actually....but jus not active here

Kothra i dont know where he came from....n wat is he upto Confused but he's not bad either....maybe a gud guy...dont know much bout long as he's buggin someone else...its fun!! n it better stays that way...LOL

Miss Candy oh...a very michevious gal...i liked her was so much fun....sp. in buggin....LOLLOL i dunno...she always seemed cute to me...

Pinky another punjabi gal here....she's is a great friend...LOL very helpful n supportive in buggin....LOL its fun buggin her...

Kai dont know much bout her...but she's a sweet girl...n friendly too.

101)Arent you tired yet?  yes i am...Embarrassed

102)Do you like my questions?  yep...where did u copy these from???LOL lol from another MOTW section

103)Do you think I am annoying?  not much....but a bit.....LOLLOLj/k I hope tht was really a joke

104)Do you like being motw? yes..very much....DeadDead I'm sure u're loving it really

105)What is the one moment in your life you will never forget? the day i completed school........i was waiting for it from 12 years WinkLOLLOL

106)How are you feeling right now? tired...

107)Are you mad at me? u bet...WinkLOL I knw u're not really

108)If you had to change your username. What would you change it too?

The_great_human_being_ever WinkLOLLOL

phew..........i dont beleve this......i actually finished up ur list..........hurray!!!!!!!!!LOLLOL lol yh gr8 answers! Thanx

-Pinky- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 July 2006
Posts: 4078

Posted: 05 November 2007 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gracella

Originally posted by Star_on_earth

Originally posted by Gracella

Originally posted by Star_on_earth

thanks gracy for this post...but why "murgi"???? Confused wat made u think that??? LOLneways..i liked the way u made the post.... Clap <br><span>oh whenever i do something.. i do it perfectly jaani</span><br><span>accha u dont' like Murgi..should i edit and put Kabaab</span><span>no but i'm glad u liked the post and u deserved it to be one..coz u came back with a bang</span> really??? is that y u were banging ur head wen i came????LOL

<span>darling.. u are mistaken.. me and banging my head..</span>

<span>Btw Rukhi..tussi to chah gaye yaar..</span><br><span>kya list thai!!!Good luck answering Starry MurgiLOLLOLya..thanxLOve,Gracella</span>

<span>btw i like the name Surmeet! u have such a beautiful name and u use Star.. not fair yaar.. see i could call you Sur then</span>

i knowwwww it is soo cute..i lovee ur name star!
-Pinky- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 July 2006
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Posted: 05 November 2007 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
ok i m backk Wink

how was ur day?
how do u like being the motw so far?
grilled much? LOL
(if u said yes..well u deseve it!! Evil Smile LOL usually ur the one grilling everybody)
do u shop a lot?
ur fav mall?
when was the last time you went out?
what was the last thing u drank?
how would u like if i call u murgi frm now?wut u be mad?
where r u frm?
who came up with ur name?
who is ur fav celebrity?
how would u react if u meet him/her?
do u like ANY actor?LOL u don't like jonh..or shahid..then who do u like?tell me so i can bug u about him Wink
what kinda music do u listen to?
fav band?
last movie that u watched in a theater?
are you a morning person or a night person?
last time u got into a fight?
worst pick up line use don you?
worst pick up line u used on someone?
do u like valentines day or do u (like me) think its a waste of time? LOL
worst injury u have ever had?
what would ur reaction be if i-f shuts down tomorrow?what would u be devastated or not rly?
fav time pass?
what do u wanna be?like career wise
any major regrets?
in ur next janam..what would u wanna be?
how much money u have in pocket right now?
ur fav word?
fav emotion?
all time fav movie?
fav book n author?
drama or horror
romance or comedy
car or bus
school or college
chocolates or ice creams
pizza or pasta
rain or snow
Colgate or perpsodent?LOL
me or me LOL

haha ok i m done.. bas kafii hai ya u want more?

Edited by -Pinky- - 05 November 2007 at 5:56pm
Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
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Posted: 05 November 2007 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
thanks gracy n i still prefer "star" Wink LOL LOL

@huzi: i m not ur partner in crime....dont spread false information... LOL

omg!! wat long lists u ppl have put up  ....its gonna take me ages to answer them    LOL

Edited by Star_on_earth - 05 November 2007 at 11:43pm
Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
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Posted: 06 November 2007 at 1:27am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Gracella

Okay is my next set of questions for you!!Wink

- Are you addicted to music? what kind of music do you listen to? yes...i like fast beat numbers....sp. punjabi songs...Smile

- What is one thing a boy has ever given to you or did something for you that you found very sweet? none..that i remember

- What do you do when you are depressed? i dont talk much...i become very quite

- Is there someone with whom u share everything ... nothing hiding from that person? sisters..

- Are you good at keeping secrets? yes..very much......(u can tell me who u love....i wont tell anybodyWinkWink)

- Do u cry in front of people? never...i cry wen i m aloneEmbarrassed

-What do you do if you are mad at someone? i wont say a word to him/her... but my face expression is enough to let them know how mad i am at them..AngryEmbarrassed
- Do u prefer wearing dark colors or light... Why? i like bright colors..

- When did you have your last fight? With whom? with my sis...i have it 24 hrs.

- What is your favorite candy? none...

- What is the first thing you try to notice in someone you meet for the first time? their face expression......

- Besides the questions that have already been asked, what question were you expecting to be asked and what is the answer to that question? Wink frankly speaking...i wasnt expecting all these questions bout what i do n wat i likeEmbarrassed....n i am actually wondering if anybody even bothers to read all these nonsense that i write......LOL

Happy answeringLOL LOL oh yes..i was very happy answerin them......LOL


Edited by Star_on_earth - 06 November 2007 at 1:28am
Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
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Posted: 06 November 2007 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cool_pooja

Well den here are the qustions for u.. LOL

thanks....i'll try answering them LOL

Ur fav viewbie on IF i m not bad myself...Wink

One viewbie on IF you think shud be promoted 2 a mod, other den u..LOL dunno..

Ur fav GM on IF ,Ur CM on IF sry i dunno much GM's / CM's aroundConfused

Ur fav section on IF Chit-chat & jokes section

The hawtest guy (member) on IF according 2 u do we have any hot guys here???? LOLLOL

One GM you would love to work under... no idea...anybody will doEmbarrassed


If u were cindrella.. then i wud b a princess

If u were Sree di.. everybody wud call me di Wink

If u were Prince charming i wud marry a cindrella WinkLOL

If you were sleeping beauty.. i wud sleep alot LOL

If u were Nug Bhayya.. i wud get u married WinkLOL

If you were me (LOL).. i wud get nug bhayya married WinkWink


Salman or srk? bothEmbarrassed

Preity or Rani? Rani

Ash wid Hritikh or Abshiek? Hrithik n Abhishek without Ash LOL

Gracy wid Nug or Hritikh? LOLnow this is a tough one...Embarrassed gracy wid the one she loves (nug Wink)


Will be back wid more!LOL ur welcome....

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