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Update for Tumhari Disha - 27th Dec Episo

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 2:25am | IP Logged

This episode rocked…………DK almost told Disha about his feeling & without his saying anything, Disha understood………………& felt very awkward at realizing that Hubby dearest is in love with her (at least she didn't make fun of his feelings, thank God!) And Ashish looked SMASHING in this episode dressed nattily in a formal white shirt with sleeves rolled up and black trousers, his tie was loosely knot………….gosh, Disha must be madly lusting after him…………………& trying to show that DK doesn't affect her at all!!!


Anyway the episode begins with Sanya calling up some 2-3 journalists at her home and bribing them. She tells them that they will have to print an article in their newspaper stating that the whole DK and Sanya episode was a frame-up, which was, masterminded by Disha who wants to humiliate her own husband. Sanya then tells the journalists that they will also have to give some cash to Disha in front of DK so that he will get to know that Disha had masterminded the whole thing and then she will further fall in DK's eyes. As the journalists leave, Sanya thinks to herself that yesterday was Disha's day, tomorrow will be Sanya's!


In the next scene, a very worried and pre-occupied looking DK is sitting in his Office trying to figure out something, when Disha enters his Office along with the President of the Woman's Protection Cell. DK is shocked at seeing Disha along with a strange lady and very rudely asks her what is she doing in his Office. Disha smiles sweetly at him and says that the President of the Woman's Protection Cell (I will call it WPC) wanted to have a word with him. DK looks at Disha in absolute anger and tells her that he does not meet anyone without a prior appointment and tells the lady that she will have to take an appointment from his secretary to speak to him. Just then Sanya enters and listens to the whole conversation and tells DK in her silly, syrupy voice that he shouldn't talk like this to his wife and that Disha has every right to come to his Office as and when she wants to, after all she is his wife. DK, who is now completely dumbfounded and cannot understand what the hell is going on in his Office shouts on Sanya and asks her what is she talking about and what is she doing in his Office. Disha gives a cold look at Sanya who looks back at Disha with a victorious look on her face. Just then the group of journalists enters DK's room (the same who were bribed by Sanya) and immediately shout on DK and tell him that he cannot buy the power of the press by his money and stature. DK who is completely clueless about what is going on loses his temper and asks them what on earth are they talking about and who are they. Sanya is also shocked and tries to whisper into one of the journalists ear that it is Disha whom they have to get implicated and not DK, but the journalists completely ignore Sanya and insult DK saying that he is very shallow man to get his wife's name slandered like this. DK is thunderstruck and furiously says that he has not done anything to get Disha's name implicated in any scandal and that he has no knowledge of what they are talking about. It suddenly dawns upon Sanya that the journalists are involved with Disha and they have double-crossed her, she is frightened and doesn't know what to say.


As an extremely worried and hassled looking DK tries to make sense of the situation, Disha gets up and tells everyone to just stop this bickering and go out of the room. As a surprised DK looks at Disha, she tells the journalists that they have no right to insult and question her husband and that whatever is going on between them is their own "Ghar Ka Mamla" and they will sort it out between themselves. She then tells the President of the WPC to leave also and says that there are absolutely no problems between DK and her & whatever misunderstanding they have will be sorted out between themselves. When everyone leaves, Disha turns and gives Sanya a cold, grim look. DK who has the most flabbergasted and "What is happening here" type of a look, questions Disha about what is going on and what is the meaning of all this tamasha that just happened. Disha who keeps looking at Sanya who is squirming under Disha's gaze tells DK that he should pose this question at Sanya and not her. Disha then looks at DK (who is looking incredibly sexy with his angry, angst look!) and says that she is the one who should be asking this question, since according to the journalists, he had bribed them to put down Disha. DK gives a frustrated nod of his head and says that he doesn't even know who these people are, and anyway why would he do such a thing to her.


To DK's complete amazement and surprise, Disha says that she is aware of the fact that DK had nothing to do with what just happened and that she knows who has done all this mischief. DK immediately understands that it is Sanya who must have bribed the journalist to implicate Disha and gives a menacing, cold look at Sanya who looks white with fear now. Disha then recounts the entire incident and tells DK that the one of the journalists who came was the husband of the President of WPC and that the lady had called up Disha and told her about Sanya's meeting with the journalists and how she had them bribed to implicate Disha in front of DK. Disha then says that the lady had told her that DK was unaware of all this and hence had nothing to do with it. As DK keeps looking at Disha with an expressionless face, she tells him that as long as he has friends like Sanya, he has no need of enemies. DK feels really embarrassed as he realizes that Disha has completely outclassed him. When Disha leaves the room, DK screams on Sanya and tells her what on earth made her do something so foolish, Sanya starts weeping and says that she just wanted to get even with Disha for what she had done to both DK and her yesterday. DK is really upset and tells her that due to her stupidity, he has been made to look like a complete idiot in front of Disha. Sanya tries to pacify DK but he is very angry with her and tells her to just get lost and not come in front of him for some time.


In the next scene, DK is seen in consultation with his Lawyers (the crappiest people I have come across in my Life…………they look like beggars more than Lawyers!) and tells them that he wants to get out of the Contract with Disha immediately and how can that be done. The lawyers say that the contract was formulated by DK himself and the terms and conditions he had put in them are so stringent that even air cannot pass through them and that since both DK and Disha have signed it, both of them are liable equally if either of them breaks it. DK shouts on them and says that the does not care for any rule or regulations and that he just wants this Contract to become null and void immediately and that he wants Disha out of life as soon as possible. One of the lawyer suggest that for this to happen, they will have to do bend some rules and try some underhand method which most definitely won't be lawful. DK thinks for a moment and dismisses them by saying that he will pay them whatever money they ask for, but they will have to find a way out for him. DK then gets into his serious, sexy thinking mode, which makes him look so awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!


In the next scene, Disha is shown to go inside her bedroom and as she puts on the light, she realizes that DK is in her room. She turns to look around and sees him sitting in a chair (drinking, what else???). This was the most amazing scene between DK and Disha since Tumhari Disha began…………..


Disha : (Surprised but calm, talks politely but firmly) Tum mere kamre mein kya kar rahe ho? Please yahan se jaao, bahut raat ho gayi hai.


Translation : What are you doing in my room? Its pretty late, please leave.


DK : (Expressionless face and tone) Main is Contract se nikalna chahata hoon Disha. Jitni jaldi ho sake, utni jaldi. Tum Contract pe sign kardo aur hamara divorce through ho jaayega.


Translation: I want to get out of this Contract Disha, as soon as possible. Just sign the contract termination papers and our divorce will get through.


Disha : (Now really surprised and speaks in a partly sarcastic, partly trying to be funny voice) Toh Mr. DK Sehgal ne aakhir kaar haar maan hi li mujhse. Magar ek baat toh tumhari maani hi hogi, haar maana bhi toh itne style se, jaise is Contract se nikalne par tum mujh par koi ehsaan kar rahe ho.


Translation : So, Mr. DK Sehgal, you have finally acknowledged defeat. But I have to admit one thing, you have admitted defeat too in such style as if by signing the termination papers, you will be doing a favour for me.


DK : (Loses his temper) Apni bakwaas bandh karo Disha. Agar tumhain is ghar main rehna hai, toh chup chhap raho aur mere raste main mat aao. Aur agar tumhain yahan rehne se koi problem hai, toh mujhe saaf, saaf batao, ki tum Contract ke termination papers par apne sign karogi yaa nahin?


Translation : Just stop sprouting your nonsense Disha. If you want to shack up with me, then just live her quietly and don't come in my way. And if you don't want to live in this house, then tell me clearly and we can be through with this relationship, right now.


Disha : (Serious and determinedly) Tum zameen aasmaan ek karlo, DK, main in termination papers par marte dam tak apne sign nahin karoongi. Mujhse chutkara pane ke liye, tumhe mujhe jaan se marna hogo, aur koi tareeka nahin hain tumhare paas. Main tumhe kabhi bhi divorce nahin doongi, mujhse tum kabhi nahin alag ho sakte.


Disha : (With a sarcastic voice and wondering look) Waise tumhe mujhse contract ke termination papers par sign karne ki ghuzarish karne ki kya zaroorate pad gayi DK. Yeh papers toh tum nain khud banaye the, tum jab chahe is contract se nikal sakte ho. Tumhain kisne roka hai?


Translation : You can move mountains if you want to DK, but I will never sign on the Contract termination papers as long as I live. You will have to kill me to get rid of me, that is the only way you have. I will never divorce you, you can never be separated from him, try as much as you want. But anyway why are you begging in front of me to sign the papers, you had drafted them and you can get out of the Contract as and when you wish to. What is stopping you from terminating the Contract?


DK : (DK face has this amazing passionate expression on it and his eyes have this serene, deep look in them and his voice echoes as he speaks) Tum nain Disha.


Translation : You are Disha.


As soon as DK says this, Disha has this "Gulp" expression on her face and suddenly feels very awkward and kind of shy and doesn't know what to reply back. DK realizes this fact but withholds from saying anything further in this regard. (What a gentleman!)


DK : (Gets into his DK mode once again) Mujhe pata hai ki tum is ghar main kisi makad se aayi ho Disha aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki who maksad kya hai. Yeh jaante hue bhi ki tum mujhse nafrat karti ho aur shayad mujhe barbad karna chahati ho, main tumhe phir bhi kuch nahin kehta. Tum jo itne dino se ye harkate kar rahi ho, tumhain kya lagta hai, mujhe is ke bare main kuch pata nahin hai. Meri khamoshi ko meri kamzori samajh nain ki bhool mat karo Disha.


Translation : I know that you have come to this house with a purpose, and I know the purpose also. Even after knowing that you hate me so much and are probably scheming to destroy me, I still don't utter a word against you. Don't misunderstand my silence to be my weakness.


Disha : (Who now feels much relaxed as DK is back in his element replies back stubbornly) Toh phir mere paas kyon aaye ho, tumhain jo karna hai karo, kyonki main ab rukne waali nahin hoon. Hamari barabar ki takkar hai, DK. Tumhain kisne roka hai, jo karna hai mere khilaaf tum karsakte ho.


Translation : Why have you come to me then. Do what you want to, I am not going to stop at anything now. We are now equal enemies, no one is stopping you from going ahead with whatever you want to do against me.


DK : (Gives a "This woman is hopeless" type of a look and speaks coldly yet with passion in his eyes) Tum acchi tarah jaanti ho main kyon tumhare khilaaf kuch nahin karta Disha. Tum agar is baat se anjaan hoti toh main tumhain zaroor batata ki DK Sehgal se takkar lene ka kya anjaam hota hai. (I think he meant to convey to Disha that he knows that she is aware of DK's feelings for her & hence why DK is not reacting to Disha's challenge to him)

Magar ab shaayad paani sar se upar jaa chukka hai, tumhain ab batana hi hoga, ki tumnain kis se dushmani mol li hai. Ek baat yaad rakhna Disha, tum mere ghar main, mere saat rah rahi ho, aur main jab chahoon, tumhain tumhari asli jaga dikha sakta hoon. I hope you understand what I mean to say (I think he is trying to tell her that he can physically dominate Disha if and when he feels like and that she should realize this fact asap)


Translation : You know very well that why I am not doing anything against you Disha. But if you are unaware of this fact, then I will tell you that whatever you are doing now will not result well for you. I think you have crossed all your limits, just remember one thing Disha, that this is my house you are staying in and I can do anything to you anytime I want to.


Disha : (Who understands very clearly what DK means to say but replies back fearlessly) Main ab tumsain darti nahin hoon DK…………….tumse kya, ab mujhe kissi se bhi dar nahin hai. Tum nain mujhe itne aasoon diye hai, ki ab agar mere aankh se ek bhi aasoon baha tumhari wajah se, toh who Sailaab ban kar uthega……………aur us Sailaab main hum main se ek na ek zaroor doobjayega. Tum ya Main.


Translation : I am not scared of you anymore DK or scared of any one else. You have given me so many tears that now if I shed one more tear because of you, it will rise like a tide and will devour at least one of us.


DK : (Who now has his back to Disha, but slightly turns his head and with a open challenge type of a look says in a deep, confident & controlled voice) Tum meri zindagi ka sabse bada challenge ho Disha…………..ab main tumhain batata hoon ki tumnain kis sher ko lalkara hai.

Ab dekhte hain, ki is Sailaab main kisi jaan jaati hai, Meri ya Tumhari.


Translation : You are the biggest challenge of my life Disha, now I will tell you whom you have challenged. Let us see which one of us dies in that tide, me or you.


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aparnag Newbie

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 2:47am | IP Logged
thanx for the wonderful updates
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 9:18am | IP Logged

thanks disha...great update.


rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks disha! awesome update!
Alka Newbie

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 3:17pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the updates.

I have never watched this show as I don't have this channel at my place in US, but I really like the story line and ur updates have made me kind of like DK. I think if i watch this show may be I'll fall in love with him.

Thanks Again. Great Work.


Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
thanks disha. Great update as alwaysClap
ides IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2004 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
excellent update Disha........another swoonworthy episode....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedcant wait to watch it.....
-Chandramukhi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2004 at 1:21pm | IP Logged

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