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Haunted Hearse
 (before & after)

This abandoned hearse sat rotting behind a funeral home for 7 years.

The photo on the right displays a ghostly image as hearse is being towed

Pictures of Steve's abandoned hearse after being restored



Addition comments from Steve:
By the way, since I wrote you, another interesting thing has happened. You will notice I have a hand-blown glass Lilly flower vase on the dash. I had changed the flowers out and put some dried, scented flowers in the vase. The next time I went in the car, the flowers had been thrown on the seat. Jim, this is physically impossible due to the vase being mounted vertically on the dash! I guess some one didn't like the scent of the new flowers. No one in my family goes near, nor will they ride, in it.

Meet Steve - Owner and restorer of this amazing hearse
We here at Ghoststudy admire Steve for taking on such an exciting project. And the bonus was, the hearse is haunted!

Steve with his kitty cat... that's right, it's a black cat! :)

Tree growing through the hearse?
Steve writes, "I am attaching another pic with this email which I call the tree shot. This picture reveals the tree in the background that seems to be growing through the car! The closest tree on passenger side is some 30-35 feet away so it is not a reflection. After I saw this pic I tried to replicate it but it wouldn't work. It was pointed out to me that the face of an old black man can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the window as well. The hearse came from a black owned mortuary.

Note the position of the tree

Close-up of what looks like the tree is growing through the car!
Also note that the tree seems to have a face... probably just pixelization though

Our thanks to Steve for sharing his hearse experience. :)

Baby & his guiding Angel?
Elisabeth writes, "My daughter as a school project took this picture of my son from the front seat of my car into the back seat, which is a leather car seat.  You can clearly see a face over him.  Then she took a picture right after and It looks like it is either turning its head or  going away.  He is wearing a jacket, but the hood ends just under the chin.  Some say it is a nun and some people think it is Jesus?  Or maybe it is his guide?  I am looking for some answers as to what it is?  Should I go to the church or will they think I am crazy?"

It very well could be an optical illusion but who can say for sure.

The hazards of smoking!
Esther writes, "The photo I send you is obviously a fake; it was part of a campaign against smoking in the Netherlands. Well done though, I think!"

We're sure this campaign against smoking ad must have helped

Weeping lady tombstone!
Rachel writes, "This is a picture of the "Weeping Lady" tombstone in Parkersburg, WV. I liked the picture just because I thought it was a very sad and eerie tombstone as well as the legend that accompanies it. Legend has it that this "Weeping Lady" takes a stroll around DeSales Heights Academy (another hotbed of haunting which was demolished in 2002). As I was looking at the picture though...I see some figure to the top left hand corner of the tombstone, maybe just an illusion, but creepy none the less."

This stone is stained from what is believed to be from
the tears of the weeping stone lady, as the legend goes

Ghostly waterfall in Malaysia!
Samsuri writes, "Good day. I just received this pic from my friend. Lots of ghost activity in Southeast Asia especially Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Just see this picture."

Odd looking kid surrounded by ghostly mist as if in a water fall


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Heavenly Messenger from beyond!
Tabby writes, "A friend let me scan this picture that he purchased on eBay. We're not sure if it's the original or a copy. The seller said that it was a messenger from heaven caught on film."

What a brilliant sky scene for such a messenger to appear

Heart shaped contrail!
This heart shaped trail was submitted without comments but believed to be created from airplane exhaust. 

This pilot really knew his stuff to create such a design

Heavenly Angel appears in clouds!
Bob writes, "This is New Bedford Standard-times photographer Mike Valeri's photo in which some readers see a likeness of an angel. The paper was flooded with requests for copies of this heavenly photograph after it was reposted."

Angel image is circled in red 

Rider in the sky!
Rich writes, "I shot this not seeing the "horse and rider" until I uploaded them to my computer. Not a ghost but a cool pic I think. The face of the rider looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper."

Creepiness on the stairs!
Shley did not send her comments with this photo but we thought it was creepy enough to post even if it's just someone dressed up. Can you imagine opening your basement door and finding this guy?!

Creeeeepy man on the stairs.

Giant corpse!
Freddie writes, "I Found this picture in my files....don't think it's real...but it sure looks good....what do you think?"

It's definitely fake but well done. :)

Awesome Devil's Tower pictures!
Marilyn writes, "We were visiting Devil's Tower in Wyoming on August 30. It was approx. 7:00 p.m., getting dark. The conditions were foggy - ONLY at the tower.  We tried to get some photos, and we could when we were down below, but as we got closer, it would be covered.  I, believing in ghosts, my husband not, think that the photos he took with a digital camera shows orbs.  The Devil's Tower is a very spiritual location - native American Indians will pray there, etc.  I know you don't do evaluations, but I thought this may interest you.  My husband was POSITIVE there were not drops on his lens, because other photos he took did not have the round lights on them.  I would appreciate any comments.  If they are not orbs, at least they are very beautiful photos."

Devil's Tower at a distance 

This is probably a moisture orb but it's a gorgeous pic

Railroad tracks & a Rod!

Kane writes, "Here is a picture a friend of mine took...something weird is in it that I blew up on my MS paint....looks like a Roswell Rod or something...what do you think?"

Appearance of a rod in the sky

Blow-up of what looks like a rod
How bizarre!
Debbie writes, "A friend sent me this photo, please tell me if it is real or not?"

No, we don't think it's real... but very well done.

Spooky face on the wall!
Kris writes, "This is a face on the wall (left bottom corner of the window) - I noticed this face after playing a game of darts (I had a dart board hung below the window - which isn't there in the picture). I scrubbed with a scrub brush with water, bleach, cleaner -- nothing altered the picture! I refused to go down in the basement after that! Let me know if this means anything!"

Stain on wall becomes bizarre face

Grand illusion of peering man!
Shawna writes, "I feel that I should tell you right off the bat that this photo is an illusion. I took a picture of a mirror and to the right of me looks like a man peeking around the window frame at me. We came to the conclusion that it is a candle holder that I have hanging on the wall. Still it's pretty creepy, huh?"

Complete with handlebar mustache 

Angel with baby!
Bill writes, I found this in a chest full of old photos in my parents attic."

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Easter Bunny Crisis!
Karl submitted these pics to us just for fun. It's one of those "what if" situations. This thing looks so real, I'm even hearing a roar as I watch it!  Karl's email address:

Easter Bunny is having a very bad day

Strange entity in the window!
Philip writes, "I discovered this apparition when I was talking pictures of my house due to the fact that I was selling it. Actually, one of the main reasons I was selling the house was because I thought it was haunted. This picture of me happened because I had taken all the pictures of the house I wanted and needed to use up the roll. Take a look at the top window."

The man has horns!
Laura writes, "The date and time are printed on the pic... Are horns normal in Louisiana?? there is a face that in my "windows pictures and fax viewer" magnifies really well.. I circled it in one of the pics along with pointed out the guys horns.. Also I have seen lots of activity in that area with the face, I was wondering if the circle thing on the ground (pot hole??) releases steam.. I don't actually expect to get an answer to that, but I thought I would throw it out there anyways."


Chupacabra or Goat Sucker!
Mr. X writes, "The attached picture is a photo that was taken of an alleged "CHUPACABRA" or "GOAT SUCKER", famous in Mexico and South America. I don't know if this is real or not. If it isn't its a pretty good fake. It kind of looks like someone could have altered some pictures of a baboon or something. But I checked it out in my photo software and it didn't look that fake. It extremely resembles descriptions and drawings of the the creature from witnesses."

Black spinning creature!

Animal creature on side of road

This creature has an abnormally long tail

Spirit shapes
Terri writes, "I took these photos at a party for departing Army National Guard troops held at an armory in January of 2003. I used 200 speed 35mm film and no flash. This gentleman is currently serving with my brother in Iraq. As I was scanning the pictures to send to my brother's fianc, I noticed what I thought was a stain on the arm of this guy's shirt. When I scanned another I noticed a "stain" on the other arm. Upon closer inspection I noticed the strange geometric shapes below the "stains". These are the only two pictures on the whole role where this phenomena occurs (and these are the only two pictures where his hands and arms are clearly shown). Not sure if this is a warning of impending injury to his hands or if it's an indication that he has some sort of sword wielding angel going with him to battle. P.S .to Ghoststudy - I will be glad to send the originals if requested."

It's in the television set!
Nathalie writes, "Hello, I'm from the Netherlands and I want to know what's this is in the television?? We where in Disney land Paris, and we are taking this picture just before we are leaving the room to go out eating. My friends are standing here before the television, and I take this picture with my digital camera but I see a hand........and my friend also see a face in the left corner of the screen I'll like to know what it is... please sent me some answer. Thank you very much.

Jesus in the clouds
Submitter writes,
"I don't know if your looking for these kinds of pictures but thought maybe it would interest you. It was taken at my Grandmas in Davidson NC out in the front yard."

Alien abduction
Steve writes, "I like your fake photo archive. Here's one I did of my mother and brother experiencing the Zen of Joshua Tree National Park in California. One could also say they were a levitation mother and son team. But I think if you look hard you can see they aren't really floating. cheers."
(Added just for fun)

Three faces?
Sasha writes, "Here's a picture of my TWO boys sitting on the sofa. There also seems to be another boy poking his head out from behind the sofa... and he has a very cheeky grin!"

Woman with baby
Randy writes, "This picture was taken in 1976 in Maui. The date and place of eruption are unknown. Many people believe that this photo is Pele(pay-lay), the Hawaiian goddess of fire, in a red cape, black hair about her shoulders and a niho palaoa, a whale-bone pendant faintly about her neck. The white steam appears as a "baby" in her arms--either a Hawaiian Madona, or Pele with her younger sister Hi'iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele as a baby."

Tony submitted this photo

Tony submitted this photo

Tony submitted this photo

Tony submitted this photo

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1. "Orbs and da Streak" - [Yuriona]

1. "Chattooga River Troll" - [Skydancer]

2. "Coming Soon" - [Skydancer]

"Once I find the dad burned thing, I have a photograph, untouched of my ex mate being visited by a bird of pure fire when she was firedancing during on of our celebrations at the mountain community we used to live at." Edit: Opps.. 2000, near Cashiers, North Carolina in the mountains.

3. "Fairy Lights" - [nokaredes]

4. "Grrzz" - [Firedancer]

5. "The New Hong-Kong Express" - [thoughtfox]

(Hong Kong, December 2004) Hong-Kong is known for its state-of-the-a

rt technology, but who would have thought my parents and I would come across a teleporter?! (not a manip)

6. "Did someone call home?" - [iippo]

(Kotka, Finland, August 2005)
Driving home after seeing off the Schtandart Replica, a ship that was visiting the town, we got to see another ship take off.

7. 'Tommy BITES Tommy!' - [moira hawthorne]
not scifi... but weird urban goth... ok just weird
my brother about 10 years ago...
weird things happen with a cheep camera! NOT a photomanip!
I was the photograher for this... yet it was a happy chance accident that makes it such a cool photo.

8. "Swim AWAY from the light!" - [shotokan_gal]

The mysterious disappearance of the ducklings from the lake every year was suddenly explained...
(taken mid-June 2005)

9. "How many worlds are in this picture?" -[~Lady Morgana~]

Sometime ago I had this weird camera, wich mixed pictures while I took them ... I think there are about 3 to 4 in this one O_O
It looks funky :P

10. "What lives under my bed." [doom_doom_doom]

Funny thing is...this is a picture of me. I am really not that ugly. lol

11. [Paz]
Hee hee, who would know this is actually Orlando Florida at night XD. I was trying to take a picture from the car during mu vacation and lets just say some little ghosties decided to drop by for a visit :P They seem to be dancing to the music that I was playing in my car >3 Nope, I didn't use PS or anything to edit this photo...
(Clicky, clicky to make larger :P)

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