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TUMHARI AMAANAT (AK/MS)#2 epi pg 87,vmp89

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Thanks everyone for suggesting that i make a new post for the remaining story

Here is the link to part 1 of Tumhari Amaanat:

PAGES: for part 1

INTRO: PG 5    PART 4: PG 17 PART 8: PG 37 PART 12:PG52
PART 1: PG 6   PART 5: PG 25 PART 9: PG 40 PART13: PG55
PART 2: PG 9   PART 6: PG 27 PART 10: PG 44 PT14: PG58
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VM (rahe na rahe) PG 89

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PART 40:

Angad headed for Mishti's house after dropping Shabd at his college.

Mishti had just returned from a jog, "Angad? What a surprise! Kal raat ka nashaa utar gaya kya?" she asked sarcastically.

"Bahar se hi sunaati rahogi ya andar aane bhi dogi?" he sulked.

Mishti finally smiled, "come in and make yourself comfortable…..I will have a quick shower."

Angad thanked her and sank into the couch in the living room. He shut his eyes and leaned his head back. All he could think of, was his bitter conversation with Kripa that morning; he still could not fathom why she was so sour and harsh with him, "aakhir wo mujhse kyun naaraz hai? Maanta hoon maine uska dil dukhaya tha….par papa aur mama ki galti ke wajah se mujhey kyun sazaa de rahi hai?"

Angad sighed deeply as it was too painful for him to think of Kripa at this moment. He opened his eyes and walked towards the bookshelf in the living room. There were pictures of Mishti and her parents displayed everywhere. It was obvious that Mishti being the only child was the cynosure of their eyes. He felt a little emotional as he felt lonelier in this world than ever. He had no one he could call his own at that point.

He pulled out an old album and sat down on the couch again. He skimmed through the photographs, and was not surprised to see Mishti surrounded by several friends in most pictures. There was one person, a tall handsome guy who was present in a quite a few of the photographs, especially some from her pre-US days. Based on the photographs, it was obvious that Mishti was close to this guy.

"Kya dekh rahe ho?" Mishti came back from the shower.

"Yeh kaun hai?" he pointed to the tall handsome man.

Mishti's face fell and she looked away, "sach much jaan na chaahte ho?"

"Nahin aise hi time pass kar raha tha!" he said cynically, "of course I want to know."

Mishti sat down next to him and swallowed a lump in her throat, "yeh mera pehla pyaar hai Angad……lekin ab meri zindagi mein nahin hai…..sirf dil mein hai."

"Kya matlab? Kahan gaya yeh?" Angad was curious.

"Pataa nahin," she said curtly

"What do you mean Mishti? Did something happen to him?" he sounded concerned.

"No….I hope not…..I hope he is well and happy wherever he is….or whoever he is with," she said tearfully.

"Mishti? How come you never told me before?" he asked

"Tumhein apne aap se fursat milegi tabhie tho doosron ke ghum bhi dekhoge na," she wiped her tears.

"I am sorry Mishti…you are right….in fact you are right about everything…..I think I get so caught up with myself that I never notice what might be happening with someone else….I am sorry Mishti," he said guiltily.

"Koi baat nahin…how are you feeling today?" she changed the subject

"Kya naam hai iska?" he pointed at the picture again

Mishti sighed, "Josh….we were in college together…..we really loved each other…..but Josh was very different from me…..he was very quiet and reserved by nature…..but also very possessive about me…..bas ek din usey mujhpar shaq ho gaya….you know I have so many friends….. he never understood me and one day just walked away from my life……main usey aaj tak nahin bhool paayi…..iss liye US bhi gayi MBA karne….socha shayad usey bhool jaaoon….lekin jitna bhoolna chaahti hoon….wo utna hi yaad aata hai Angad."

Angad squeezed her hands, "Mishti…..main tumhara dard samajh sakta hoon… are right… is very hard to forget your first love…..jaanti ho aaj Kripa se mila tha."

"KAHAN?" Mishti was shocked, "I hope you didn't go to her house?"

"I did Mishti," he lowered his head, "she hates me Mishti," he started sobbing and covered his face with his palms, "ab main uske liye kuch bhi nahin….bas wo Shabd ki Mahi hai ab….Angad ki Kripa nahin…..meri bilkul kadar nahin usey…..ek zamaane mein main hi sab kuch tha uska…..aur aaj mujhse keh rahi thi ki order karna hai tho dhaabe mein aa jaana," his voice cracked.

"Angad…..she is right….aakhir uska pati hi ab uski zindagi hai….tum sirf ek bachpan ke dost ho Angad…..don't expect you can just walk back into her life and get what you want……after all one can't get everything in life….kabhie kisi ko mukkammal jahan nahin milta….kahin zameen tho kahin aasmaan nahin milta," she patted his shoulder and consoled him.

Song in background: "kabhie kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta" from "ahista ahista"

Kabhi kisi ko Mukammal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen toh kahin aasmaan nahi milta

Jisay bhi dekhiye wo apne aap mein gumm hai
Zubaan mili hai magar hum-zubaan nahi milta
Zubaan mili hai magar hum-zubaan nahi milta
Kabhi kisi ko Mukammal jahan nahi milta

Bhuja saka hai bhala kaun, waqt ke sholay
Ye aisi aag hai jismay, dhuaan nahi milta
Ye aisi aag hai jismay, dhuaan nahi milta
Kabhi kisi ko Mukammal jahan nahi milta

Tere jahaan mein aisa nahi ke pyar na ho
Jahan umeed ho iski, wahan nahi milta

Kabhi kisi ko Mukammal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen toh kahin aasmaan nahi milta
Kabhi kisi ko Mukammal jahan nahi milta

Angad hugged Mishti and asked, "why are you so nice to me Mishti? Do I deserve a friend like you?"

Mishti pulled away and smiled, "tum dost kum bhai zyaada ho."

"Bhai?" he was surprised

"Hmm," she nodded, "I have been an only child but I always imagined that if ever had a brother, he would be just like you."

Angad raised his eyebrow, "like me?"

She nodded and chuckled, "hard on the outside, but a softie on the inside…..someone who needs lots of hugs all the time," she hugged him back and patted his back.

"Thanks Mishti….I would love to have a sister like you….someone who can scold me when she needs to and hug me when I need it," he smiled after a long time that day, "now that I feel less lonely on this ," he ….I should make a move….bye Mishti….see you later."

Mishti saw him off and just shook her head, "I feel sorry for both of them….kaash Angad ne itni der na ki hoti."


After a restless and sleepless night, Mahi went back to her dhaaba early. She wanted to immerse herself in work and try to forget her bitter encounters with Angad over the last 2 days.

Her employees were not used to seeing their Mahi didi in a foul mood, but today she was definitely in one. Her characteristic smile was gone; she had a frown on her face and anger in her eyes.

She tried to take her anger out on her pots & pans; cut her vegetables furiously, threw spices into the food violently.

"Aaj didi ko kya hua hai?"

"kahin Shabd bhaiyya se ladhai tho nahin huyi?"

"Wo badhi gaadhi waale sahib ke yahan dinner theek nahin gaya kya?" they all speculated.


"Didi…wo shayad Angad sahib ke yahan reh gayi," one of her boys said hesitantly.

Kripa paused and thought hard, "Angad ke yahan?" She took off her apron instinctively and picked her purse, "Kishen bhaiyya aap sambhaal lena kaam….main thodi der mein aati hoon."

Kripa did not know why, but she had the sudden urge to go to his place- the kadhai was just an excuse.

She was lucky to get a ride from someone from the garage.

'ANGAD KHANNA'- his name on the front door to his apartment said it all- arrogance, self-righteous, egoistic, selfish……but that name on the door still managed to stir her heart and make her all misty eyed.

"Madam aap?" Angad's servant, Ramsingh greeted her at the door.

"Wo haan Ramsingh…..mera kuch saamaan yahan reh gaya hai….wo lene aayi thi," she stepped in to the apartment cautiously. The memories from the other night were still fresh in her mind and made her heart beat race as she walked into the kitchen.

She glanced at the stove, 'kya banaa rahe ho Ramsingh?"

"Saheb ke liye chai banaa raha tha," he replied.

"Chai? Saheb yahin hain aaj? Kaam par nahi gaye?' she asked; her heart started beating faster at the thought of Angad being at home.

"Jee madam….wo bimaar hain," he explained

"Bimaar?" she was shocked, "kya hua unhey?"

"Wo party waali raat….bahar chutt par raat bhar baarish mein bheeg gaye the….shayad iss liye sardi lag gayi hai unhein," Ramsingh replied.

"Ramsingh….saheb chai nahin peete…..laao main kuch banaa deti hoon…..sardi ke liye mere paas ilaaj hai," she took over from Ramsingh.

"Jee madam….kuch chaahiye tho bataa dena….main chemist se saheb ki dawa le aata hoon….abhi doctor sahib aaye the…wo likh gaye hain," Ramsingh left Kripa alone in the kitchen.

This was not a new scenario for Kripa; she was used to taking care of Angad whenever he was sick- it was either her or Mouni who had always taken care of him whether he had a fever, the chickenpox or typhoid! She also knew that Angad was a real baby when it came to being ill. He always needed a lot of attention at that time; Mouni and Kripa had always filled that role for him as Durga never had time to indulge her sons when they were sick.

She prepared 'besan ka seera' (roasted gram flour with hot milk and sugar) and poured it into a bowl. Ramsingh was not back yet; although she had half a mind to leave it on the counter and let Ramsingh give it to Angad, but she did not have the heart to do that. How could she leave Angad all alone when he was sick, even if she was upset with him?

She walked to his room and saw him lying in bed listless with his arm on his forehead.

All her anger and bitterness melted as soon as she saw him grunting and groaning from being sick.

Kripa sat down next to him and set the bowl of hot seera aside; she felt his arm and was shocked to feel him burning with fever.

Angad stirred a little after he felt someone touch his arm; he tried to open his eyes, but was too delirious to keep them open. He shut his eyes and moaned, "Kripa…..Kripa…"

Kripa was astounded; he was chanting her name even when semi-conscious. Her heart softened even more. She searched his drawers and closets to look for some aspirin or fever reliever. Finally, she found some in the bathroom cabinet. Angad had not changed- his clothes, socks and shoes were scattered all over his bathroom floor- this was a familiar scenario for her as in the past she had cleaned and organized his closets and drawers many a time.

Kripa helped him take the aspirins and sponged his forehead and chest with warm tepid water to bring the fever down.

After hour or so, his fever came down. Ramsingh had picked the other medicines by then.

"Madam…yeh dawa," Ramsingh set the medicines on the night stand.

"Aap jao Ramsingh…main sambhaal loongi," Kripa told him.

"Angad," she said softly, "yeh dawa le lo…..aur seera bhi khaa lo….tabiyat theek ho jaayegi phir."

Angad just moaned, "mujhey kuch nahin chaahiye."

"Angad…..bachhon ki tarah behave mat karo….chalo utho," she helped him sit up and placed a couple of pillows on his back to help him lean on them.

She gave him the pills which he swallowed reluctantly, his eyes still partially shut.

"Angad…ab yeh khaa lo," she brought the bowl of seera close to his face.

He whined, "nahin yeh nahin chaahiye mujhey," he made a disgusting face.

"Chup chap kha lo Angad," she came closer and forcefully fed him with a spoon. As had been the case several times in the past, Angad kept whining but finally took the whole bowl of seera from Kripa's hands.

She wiped his face with a towel and got up to leave. Suddenly, she saw his grip on her wrist, "Kripa," he said softly, "mat jaa meri jaan…..mujhey chhod kar mat jaa."

Kripa was stunned; he had never addressed her as 'meri jaan' before. She would have given her life in the past to just hear that from his lips. His voice trembled as he said, 'mujhey chhod kar mat jaa.'

She turned her head and looked into his pleading eyes. His eyes were filled with tears, she knew he was hurting and genuinely wanted her to stay as she could count on her fingers the number of times she had seen tears in his eyes.

"Theek hai….main yeh kitchen mein rakh kar aati hoon….thodi der ruk jaati hoon," she said softly and pulled her wrist away.

She came back and found him lying in bed and chanting her name again. Kripa sat on the bed and touched his head, "Angad…..main yahin hoon….thodi der so jao….aaraam karoge tho tabiyat theek ho jaayegi."

He rolled over and too her astonishment buried his head in her lap. He grabbed her thighs and waist with his strong arms and was soon fast asleep in the comfort of her lap.

……to be contd…

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congrats on completing 150 pgsLOL

so finally anagad decided to look at misty n understand her feelings also

tht mean we get to c josh soon Wink

now hw long are they going to fight? poor angad soo sick Cry

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Kaj! IF-Rockerz

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awww....kya haal bana diya hai ishq ne in dono ka...kambakht hum pyaar aur shaadi nahin karenge! LOL LOL
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by *mad*

congrats on completing 150 pgsLOLso finally anagad decided to look at misty n understand her feelings also

tht mean we get to c josh soon Wink

now hw long are they going to fight? poor angad soo sick Cry

Thanks Ash. Yes finally Angad saw the pain in Mishti's eyes too....will he bring Josh back into her life?

AK fight- their's is a bitter sweet u will see both fights and love at the same time Wink
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Kaj!

awww....kya haal bana diya hai ishq ne in dono ka...kambakht hum pyaar aur shaadi nahin karenge! LOL LOL

ishq ne humein nikkamma banaa diya, warna hum bhi the aadmi kaam keLOL
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awww i really liked the last part that was really sweet

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hi Clap Clap Clap fab part.. angad Clap ki to buri haalat hogayee hai.. hope everything goes ok now and they get together..

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