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Yes, I am in love! says Ragini

After months of hide and seek, Ragini Rajvansh aka Parul Chauhan has admitted to her relationship with STAR Plus' Perfect Bride contestant Yashdeep Nain. The two make a cute couple and are neck deep in love.


It was Ragini who confessed her feelings to Nain and the lad realised it later. But once they knew about their feelings for each other and became sure of their love, the two became inseparable. Recently, the duo visited the famous Lal Baugh's Ganpati together thereby putting all the speculations regarding their relationship status to rest. Ragini claims that the credit for her glowing skin and beauty that she has been receiving compliments for, recently, goes to Yashdeep. He takes care of her diet and exercise routine. Parul finally confesses it loud and clear. We can just hear Yash everywhere.

We caught up with a blushing Ragini and got her to spill the beans about her relationship. 

How did you guys first meet? How long have you guys been dating?
I met Yash at the inaugural episode of Perfect Bride, a reality show that he has participated in. The episode had the contestants being introduced to the viewers and I was performing in that episode. We met for the first time during this shoot and exchanged customary greetings. Months later, in December, I met him at Oberoi mall and that is when things actually kick started between us. We started calling each other and love blossomed eventually. It's been four months of courtship.

In a time when most actors try to keep their relationship under wraps, you have come out in the open and admitted to it. What made you take this step?
I have never believed in hiding my relationship status. If I am dating someone the world will come to know of that special someone. I was quiet till recently as we were just exploring our relationship and when we were sure of our feelings, we came out in the open. It wasn't a concious decision to announce it during our visit to ganpati at Lal Baugh, but it was destined to happen. I was asked to go for darshan by a channel and I thought of taking Yash along as I wanted Ganpati to bless both of us. Naveen bhaiyya and his wife along with Vivek bhaiyya and his wife too accompanied us. One has to be sure of his/her relationship before announcing it to the world. 

Did you watch Yashdeep in Perfect Bride? What did you think of him?
Oh! yes, I did follow the show. He came across as a very sorted and refined person to me. The best thing about him is that he is a mature guy and still harbours a kid inside him. But he knows how to react to a situation and circumstance. He is very caring and loving.

Who is the romantic between the two of you?
Both of us are equally romantic. We love going on long drives and dinners. He has to just hear my voice on phone to know what emotions I am going through. If I am tired or upset, he will come to meet me on the sets and take me on a long drive followed by a cozy dinner. I have started watching movies because of Yash. I was never a movie buff, but he used to take me to every movie because it would help me as an actor.

What's the best and most annoying quality in Yashdeep?
His only weakness is that he is short-tempered. He is a perfect boyfriend and a partner any girl can dream of. If he is upset he won't take my calls and then I will have to pamper and pacify him. Hi best quality is that he is very caring and loving.

Any memorable incident that you would like to share?
I would like to confess that I had initiated this relationship. I always used to tease him by saying 'I love you' which he would always ignore. Finally one day, on our way back home from dinner, he confessed his feelings and for the first time said those three magical words. Its been four months of our courtship and never for once he has addressed me by my real name. I have been rechristened by him as baby (laughs).

What does Yashdeep think of you as an actress?
He thinks I am perfect (laughs). Yash feels that I am a complete actress.

Do you give him any advice about acting as he too is venturing in to the same profession?
Ironically, he is better than me at this. He knows his shortcomings and strengths already as an actor. Infact, he advises me too. Yash easily points out the scenes where he thinks I have erred. And watching the scenes, I have no choice but to agree with him as he is right in what he says.

What according to you is the foundation of a strong relationship?
Trust, love and ability to nurture the relationship.

Will you become the perfect bride in real life anytime soon?
(laughs) That's a tricky question. Our respective families know about us but it's still time to solemnise the relationship. We haven't planned marriage as yet.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010


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Parul Chauhan and Yashdeep Nain
Parul-Yashdeep are a couple and we have Parul's permission to say so!

It's official. Parul Chauhan (Ragini of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai) is in a relationship with Yashdeep Nain (who was one of the suitors in Perfect Bride). Yesterday the couple made their first public appearance at a Ganpati pandal. An eyewitness says, "Both Parul and Yashdeep came to visit Lalbaugcha Raja and were very happy to get Bappa's darshan. Parul looked comfortable with Yashdeep. It seems the two have finally decided to come out in the open with their relationship. Parul could not stop grinning throughout their 15-minute visit. They came and left in the same car and were all smiles."

Said a cheery Parul, "Yes, I wanted to tell everyone about it but was waiting for the right time. We are in a relationship since April. We wanted to know each other well. I was very apprehensive to announce our relationship as my name was unnecessarily linked to so many people. Finally hume Bappa ka bulawa aaya and we decided to admit our feelings for each other. Our families know about this and they are happy. I met Yashdeep during Perfect Bride and later in one of the malls. We became friends and didn't realize when friendship turned into love. I think I must have done some good karma in my life that is why I met such a nice guy like him. He is very caring and now I do not feel I am living here in the city alone."

So is marriage on the cards? "Not yet. Both of us are busy with our work now. It is difficult to spend time together given our 12 hour shift. I am really happy to get blessings from Ganpati and I wish he continues to bless us like this."

Parul and Yashdeep were first spotted together at Rajan Shahi's party a few months back. There were also rumours of Yashdeep doing one of Rajan's shows soon. Well, we are certainly happy for the two!

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Sulagna Panigrahi

Sakshi aka Sulagna Panigrahi
There are many dreams that I wish to fulfill in the near future but I would prefer to work towards turning them into reality rather than speaking about them. However if I had to mention one it would just be to enjoy life.

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Parul Chauhan in a live-in-relationship

parul_chauhan_310Parul Chauhan, Ragini of Rajan Shahi's Bidaai, is living in with her boyfriend Yashdeep Nayan. Yashdeep is not yet established and he is a struggling actor who was seen in a reality show Perfect Bride.

Infact, though Parul maintained that they are just friends and recently they were spotted together seeking blessings from Lalbagcha Raja.

Parul, shouldnot be worried about it. She won't lose out on her fans. Parul, better be out with it.



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Parul Chauhan More Pics
There's buzz that Parul Chauhan, Ragini of Rajan Shahi's Bidaai, is now living in with her boyfriend Yashdeep Nayan.

Yashdeep, who's an aspiring actor, was seen in the reality show Perfect Bride. They have been dating for a while now, but preferred to keep it under wraps. In fact, Parul always maintained that they were just friends, but recently the two were spotted together seeking blessings from Lalbagcha Raja and now there's not much they can hide. There's actually no reason for Parul to hide her relationship considering even married actresses have never had a problem as far as their careers are concerned. Most telly girls have always spoken openly about their boyfriends and they surely haven't lost out on anything. So, if Parul is worried about losing her fan following she can be rest assured

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Kinshuk enters Chand Chhupa Badal Mein

kinshuk_429Kinshuk Mahajan aka Ranbir of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is preparing to mark entry in TV show Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein produced by Rajan Shahi. He is getting trained and groomed for the new character since last one week so that people don't keep in the mind the old character and see lot of sparkle in him. Kinshuk is one of those rare actor who is repeated by Shahi as the producer has made four shows till date but never repeated his lead actors.

It is said that Shahi too is not leaving no stone to present him again as he is glad that despite getting offers from other producers, Mahajan showed his loyality and conseted to be the part of the show.

Kinshuk told us, "After 'Bidaai', I already had few other shows in my hand. But I chose 'Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein' because Rajan Sir always saw a conviction in me so he approached me and he said that Kinshuk only you can do this role."

Currently, 'Chaand Chhupa..' track going on is that of a love triangle between the three leads, Abhishek Tiwari playing Siddarth, Neha Sargam playing Nivedita, and Rishma Rochlani playing Divya, which will change. Kinshuk will start shooting for the show within a week's time.


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Total recall

Bridging the divide: Mona Wasu, who plays the lead in Hum, with a village girl on the sets in Bihar

The concerns of rural India are suddenly all over the small screen

By Jisha Krishnan

It is a good thing that Ektaa Kapoor has set her eyes on the film industry; Indian television can finally free itself from the K-spell. The process, discerning viewers and actors believe, has already started.
Back to the beginning, when husbands didn't change wives more frequently than designer suits, protagonists didn't sign cheques for 250 crore and the dead did not resurface as abruptly as they had disappeared.

There has been a concerted effort to reclaim the good ol' Doordarshan days, when one identified with humble characters and their struggles. The remake of India's first TV soap, Hum Log—called Hum in its new avatar—is all set to hit the small screen soon. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan has been mulling over revisiting Abhimanyu Rai of Fauji. Wagle ki Duniya is also likely to get a makeover.

"I got a bound script—now that is a rarity! Plus we are shooting in real outdoor locations in Bihar. There are no sets, nothing artificial," says Mona Wasu, one of the lead actors of Hum. She has stayed away from the saas-bahu sagas, as "there's no fun in doing them".

If the dipping TRP ratings of soaps were any indication, the audience was not having much fun either. A change was long overdue. "We are going back to the era of meaningful entertainment," says Ashvini Yardi, programming head, Colors. "Soaps today are no longer about kitchen politics; they focus on real issues."

Rural India and social issues are becoming big on the small screen. "What we see on TV today is a lot closer to reality. The characters are people you can relate to," says Smita Bansal who acts in Balika Vadhu, the soap that is believed to have been the catalyst of this change. The story is the strong point in the new rural show; the casting, the sites, the make-up and even the language are based on the concept, says Ashvini. "It is no longer an era of make-believe palatial bungalows, unidentifiable characters and hedonistic opulence. Today's television is all about authenticity and meaningfulness," she says.

The setting may be rural, but the issues strike a chord with the urban crowd, too. Just like how the onscreen adaptation of R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Days, set in a small, fictional town, won the hearts of thousands.
Buniyaad, Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne, Nukkad, Circus, Hum Panchi Ek Dal Ke, Udaan... the stories and characters are still cherished. "I remember watching most of these serials on videotape, as we were based in Dubai then," says actor Roshni Chopra. She had been longing to do something as meaningful, when Desi Girl came along—a reality show, which had eight city girls rough it out in a village in Punjab.

"We got to see a different India, a new perspective on life," says Roshini, who emerged the winner of the show after seven weeks of picking cow dung, ramp-walking with buffaloes, cooking on traditional chulhas and the works!

The show is said to have garnered good TRP ratings, at a time when song- and dance-based reality shows have reached a plateau. "We identified a trend towards rural programming and thought of turning it into the backdrop for a reality show," says Nikhil Madhok, head (marketing and communications), Imagine.

However, there are also TV actors like Apoorva Agnihotri, who refuse to accept offers from serials that are made in "rural settings".
Perhaps, it is time to celebrate Indian television's journey back home. "Not yet," says veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal, still known for his Bharat Ek Khoj. He cited the example of a serial that claimed to be against child marriage but ended up encouraging it. It showed two children married to each other and later becoming perfect life partners. "The story is contradictory to what the message is supposed to be," rues Benegal. Someday perhaps the story will be in sync with the message. ?And the journey back home will be complete.

Telling vision
Of 134 million TV households in the country, 70 million are in rural areas and 64 million in urban areas. Hindi continues to be the language with the highest reach and audience, accounting for 43 per cent of the total broadcast universe.
The rural development ministry is set to launch a 24/7 channel aimed at rural India. It would be based on Doordarshan's Krishi Darshan, and cover subjects such as land, water and sanitation. The channel will also have dance and music reality shows, but with a rural feel!

Remembering Jimi
London's Handel House Museum is all set to honour Jimi Hendrix on his 40th death anniversary on September 18. The museum will hold an exhibition of the American guitarist, singer and songwriter's memorabilia and organise a tour of his former flat at 23 Brook Street. Among the items on display will be his handwritten lyrics and a jacket and hat worn by him in performance. A fitting tribute to the musician indeed.

Jacko's back

An album of previously unheard tracks by Michael Jackson is due out in November. Tracks will be chosen from among the numerous hard drives Jackson left of completed songs and recording collaborations.
Ten tracks will make up the new album. According to Jackson's former manager Frank DiLeo, the vaults contain more than 100 songs, including collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo.?The forthcoming album will be the first in a ten-album, seven-year deal inked by the Jackson Estate and Sony BMG following Jackson's death. The deal will also see the release of classic album ?re-issues and greatest hits collections.  

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Angad Hasija

The latest news is Angad Hasija has been offered Bigg Boss 4. As per our source, "Angad was approached recently to do Bigg Boss. But the actor hasn't given his final answer."

We spoke to Angad who confirmed, "Yes, I have been offered Bigg Boss but I am not very sure if I'd be doing it as I have Bidaai going on. If it had to be a 10-15 day thing I would have probably done it but it's a three-month stay. I am in a dilemma because I do not want to give up on a show like Bigg Boss because I like it. But, I have a lot of other work too. So, let's see."

Let's see if the actor makes it on the show. Should be interesting considering his co-star from the show, actress Sara Khan is already part of the house.

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