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sareeta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2006
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Posted: 06 October 2007 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *mad*

k next questions ppr

Describe meBig smile Ek word mein... Jus like your IF id...*mad* LOL and I love you for that!

Write a poem abt meROFL should b long and nice.... and nt in big hindi wrds k - Oh dear lord... you actually think, I can write a long one... man u sure have high expectations darlin!!! LOL

k so far..... hw many times hv u written poems in tissue pprs???LOL Cant really remember the exact numbers... but I jus random ... scribble when I havea  thought no matter where and when... restaurants... when with  friends... when lazing around... and sometimes... on bike... when I jus scribble on paper on hand... my poor friend has to bear the brunt !! LOL If my buddy has kept a count... according to him its almost everyday or everytime we meet!

did u read harry potter????? Yes I have! Wink
if u did..which character u liked and y Harry ! Coz , barring the fact that he is parent less.. I relate with his temperament and his take on things and his reckless and adventurous streak!

wht u plan to do when u r 60yrs old Live! What else?? I dont plan to die so soon dahlin or wait for it either! LOL
But on serious note... I always had this picture that when I'd grow old, I see myself... apart from doing the one thing that makes me happy... working with kids... and for them..., I see myself... relaxing on the porch , in my arm chair with my three dogs... ( golden retrievers..)

will u b in IF when u r 60??????? Agar IF tab tak raha , phir sochenge!LOL

how mant frnds do u have in IF??? exact no Oh several... but 2 very very dear friends!

u cn b anything in this wrld..wht do u pick..A vacilando!

wht do u love most abt your self - I am a free bird... nothing stops me from living my life the way I want to!

1 part in your body tht you love most and y My heart! Coz its pure!

one day u walk carelessly around the hse and fall down the stairs *touch wood* and u get amnesia. so how do u plan to contact us? Oh what do you expect me to do... run around liek Ekta heroines worrying abt my past.... I'd chill... and get on with my life! and if my memory comes back... well and good! LOL

u hv a bf...(do uLOLLOLLOL) wht u dnt like in him I dont have a boyfriend! 

Arrange marriage or love marriage? Marriage in sanctity..Wink

wht is your fav country other than indiaTongue and y u like that country New Zealand! Coz as a person, I discovered the vacilando in me and it is one country that Bhaggu Ji has chosen to paint with his fav palette  in leisure...

1 thing u will die for????? I believe nothing in this world is worth dying for ... this life is a gift from Bhaggu... why die and ruin it... enjoy it while one can... let Bhaggu do the worrying abt when we shud die!

sugesst a nice new book for me... better hv a happy endingWinkBig smile i of my frnds told me 'my sisters keeper' got a happy ending but it was sadAngry if you are looking for good coffee time reads... "When in Rome" and "Little White lies " are fun to read... light hearted... reads that jus bring a sweet smile! Smile

k im off.. will cm bck with more when i wake up

cool_pooja IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 October 2007 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Sareeta! Big smile Thank yew soo much for being our reader of fortnight. It was great knowing you and know your week is coming to an end. So any ending words for us please? Embarrassed

Book Talk. Dev Team
sareeta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2006
Posts: 11517

Posted: 07 October 2007 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by apapap here....sorry for being so so late....but i had my training exit tests lined up last week....all done...phew...topped...hehehe...  Chalo yaar , tu mera ye hot seat ka week khatam hone se pehle toh aayi!! LOLChal... Pooja ji se reminder aa gaya hai ki mera time khatam ho gaya... mujhe jaldi jaldi answers dene padenge!!! Wink

my questions...(k i havent seen doosre logon ke qs...could be repeated). this is the first time im doing this so if i end up askin lame questions u are to blame.. Oye.. koi gal nahin.... tere questions mere sar aankhon par!! LOL.

1.fav icecream ?  Vanilla! currently being read  The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemmingway!
3.fav children;s book - Patchy the Pumpkin! ( I still have the book with me! Wink)
4.fav dish  - Sweet - Rasogulla, Others - Aloo Parathe with dahi..
5.fav fictional character - Harry Potter...
6. fav movie (hindi/eng/telegu...thsi order) Mausam/The Lake House/Geetanjali
7.fav holly actor George Clooney
8.worst movie Jaani Dushman...( That movie plays so many times on Zee cinema... it could kill anyone... for one watch of it!)
9.worst book - One night at a call center...( Drove me nuts... Jus read thru it for the sake of a friend)
10.fav song ( and i want one ) - Never get tired of this one song , I would listen to it anytime , anywhere!....(Sajan Re jhoot mat bolo - Mukesh ji ka gaana picturized on Raj Kapoor)
11.fav ad  - An ad featuring Rahul Khanna and Meghana Reddy for  DTC.. Diamonds are Forver!
12.sugar/spice Spice
13.sports/movies Movies Shoes
15.popcorn-salted/caramel Salted
16.water/land ( i know i know)  Water thing you arent good at (ab socho do ghante ke liye)  Nahin, I didnt have to think so much, this is instant... I am hopless at expressing myself in person... likh doongi ... par bol nahin paati... I jus go tongue tied! My friends would vouch for that!! I always wanna say something but end up coming across as wanting to say something else!! So I jus stay quiet!LOL ? An absolutely wonderful person... with such a  pure heart and a smile that lets people smile through their pain! And meri fellow GClooney, Shabbir and Karan grover Pankhi!!! LOL

considering ive asked lame questions im askin more... Naah, they were good hun!

(these might be aur bhi lame...i dunno)... They wont be , dun worry!

19.singing/listenin(to music) Listening... to some one else and myself too! LOL Wink
20.fav place and pose to read - leaning against the window in my room.... sitting on my bed... one leg wrapped under the other... sipping hot tea...with the book in one hand ...!
21.fav book movie - Harry Potter Series and a more personal favorite.. Under the Tuscan Sun!
22.fav classic War and Peace
23.the most under rated book acc to you - I dont really care much abt what others think of books.. I read a book if it grabs my attention and so I wouldnt really know if any one the books I read have been underrated or so... guess I am pretty ignorant on the rating aspects...!
24.comedy/drama ? Comedy!
25.funniest book you've read I enjoyed this book called..."Three Men in a boat" by Jerome K Jerome! its my fav... I read .. whenever I wanna enjoy a good laugh!
26.mystery/romance/philosphy/..etc...fav genre in books ,No specific Genre.. but what I enjoy immensely now , is philosophy that is pragmatic as well in a sense and  travel related books , with a blend of fiction element to them!
27.the one book that made you feel 'i'll recommend this to everyone on the road' - The Rain Girl - By Herbert Jerkins! The book is simply  B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T! ( sorry for using caps!) Closest to what I have always wanted to express... and reading the book jus made me feel like someone was speaking my thoughts abt life aloud!

hmm...will think of more bordering on sensible Awwwww.!! Wink

28. One book you'd like to be made into a movie.. The Rain Girl!
29. what do you think is the best way to get a person to enter the world of books - I dont think anyone can be made to enter... its jus something that comes from within, that makes us take the step towards the book... A book is jus waiting to be read, by the reader chosen... A book choses its reader... or so I believe...
30.isolated on an island...what would u want with you ? Nothing.... my imagination would let me be...and god being kind has given me a imagination and voice to keep myself entertained!
31.why do you like rahul bose ? - Coz, apart from being a man who stands for a cause and for what he believes... he lets us forget that he is Rahul Bose , while you are watching a movie of his... which is not very easy to see off late in movies and actors!
32. which movie do you think would make a good book ? A movie I saw recently called 'Yatra' part about mr. and mrs. iyer ? I believed for days after watching the movie, that Raja Chaudary was out there somewhere wandering away... clicking pictures... and that he was real and that I jus might meet him, on of my trips... !! LOL No other character in a movie , any movie for that matter made me believe that the character was real!
34. bedroom attire ? Light brown Pajamas, White T Shirt
35. your fav concert (out of the ones u;ve seen) Never been to a concert! Hate crowds! I rather watch on TV.. lazing in my bean bag!
36. fav indian musician (not singer) Hari Prasad Chaurasia/ U.Srinivas
37. fav instrument Guitar!
38. what gets you angry...adn what calms u down ? Insensitivity towards others is what real angers me and the thought of flowers and long winding roads instantly calms me... instantly.. I think of them when I am angry and I calm down instantly like magic... my imagination therapy u c!! Wink
39. what puts you off in books ? a hazy ....drifting story line... that doesn't blend in at any later point...

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sareeta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2006
Posts: 11517

Posted: 07 October 2007 at 5:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by smartc

Aha.. Jaaan-e-Jaaaan..Dhoondhta phir raha.. Hoon tujhe raat din... Main yahaan se wahaan... Mujh ko awaaz du..chup gaye hu sanam...Tum kahaaaan.... Sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aap aaaakhir aaa hi gaye!!! Thank god!!! Shukr hai.. mujhe answer karne ke liye ek din toh mila... waise bhi , kal post hatne waali thi and I wanted to answer all your questions... kya time ki tension hai yaar!!! I have to rush thru the answers but I hope I do justice!!

Well.. I wrote the above lines as I've been MIA for a few days.. I was waiting for the weekend to come so that I could post my questions and could grill ya to my heart's content.. But I shall be very generous considering the wait u had to endure for my questions Tongue ~ I am all geared up , but guess... aapki grill karne ki is forum pe last hai... coz.. aaj week ka last din hai!! *smiles wickedly*

So babez.. Here are my questions: Shoot !! *rolls up sleeves!*

1. Most of the times we see that the books turn out to be a lot better than their movie counterparts.. Many a times, u will hear.. Yeah, the book was a lot better than what was shown in the movie.. But if u may... Can you tell me one movie that has actually lived upto the hype of its book or at least, have come close to it compared to others? And I wanna know how so? Wink For obvious reasons Harry Potter Series... the movies made magic come alive , and the characters and my imagination came on reel and it jus made me so happy to see what I had imagined was exactly how it was shown... so I guess.. that would be one..

But on a more personal note, the book "Under the Tuscan Sun" was a book I loved totally and I was not aware there was a movie..made on it ... until much later... and watching the movie was a diff experience altoghter... in the sense .. of it made one walk through the lanes of Italy and breathe in the Italian air ... and feel Italy in your veins!

2. Your friends know what a book lover you're.. So if I were to ask you to pick one book or novel that depicts your life thus far in it...What would that book be? I'd like to answer that question slightly differently... I connect with the characters of diff books but not the story of their lives really... even in hte slightest bit... its more of their line of thought and take on things... I like the on the spur of moment ... decision making ... the instinctive reactions of Francesca  of Under the Tuscan Sun... and I relate very very very closely... to the character... of "Richard Beresford"... I find my thinking in sync with his... totally...the need to travel... the aspect of being a vagabond... and not really seeing a need to explain oneself to the world... but jus be... I think his character is the closest to the way I think...! Reading the book was a introspective and yet exhilarating experience for me!

3. You are getting some of your work published and Heartiest Congratz to ya for that.. Now my question is: How was your experience going through the publication process? What were some of your disappointments and some of the things that you least expected? Thank you for the wishes!!!  Thank you!! Am really humbled!!  For me this publication aspect was never even something that was givena thought... I jus wrote... when I felt like it.. without sharing it... and when a lady , who went to be a great support and friend, made me realize my talent and capabilities, it was she who suggested publishing...and I was taken by surprise... she introduced me to the world and I was very sceptical abt my own talent and she was kind enough to understand my apprehensions and help me get over them and discover diff facets of my own persona thru my writing... so that was a very new experience...

The best part was the amount of appreciation I received... it was mind boggling... actually euphoric... dizzying... it felt unreal....

No disappointments to be honest... coz , I had no expectations.. the fact that what I wrote was considered worth reading was the biggest blessing and surprise as well!!

But yeah I did realize why new writers are often disappointed is coz we have too many expectations from our own selves and so from the world itself... I fortunately didn't go through the phase... I wrote coz I enjoyed writing , without expecting to be appreciated or not.. for me I felt and what I felt I wrote.. and I still do the same... if it is worth reading and publishing... God bless..its a blessing from the lord!

4. Ab zara books se hat ker... What's your favorite song playing in your discman these days?? Embarrassed "Hare Raam Hare Krishna" from the movie ... Bhool Bhulaiya!!!

5. Any movie that you are eagerly waiting for to be released? Lemme know Tongue ~ Not much of a movie person.... not really waiting for any actually at the moment.. too involved with reading the books I have in hand!!
Alritey hun.. That was it for now.. Happy answering Big smile ~ It was a lot of fun and thoughtful too! THnks much Sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I hope I did justice to your answers... I kinda had to rush through, given my time constraints!

Love, Sana~
sareeta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 August 2006
Posts: 11517

Posted: 07 October 2007 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cool_pooja

Sareeta! Big smile Thank yew soo much for being our reader of fortnight.Thank you soooooooooo much pooja for choosing me to be the reader of the fortnight... it was a such a surprise and a pleasant one at that!! I had to re-read the post a couple of times, before I realized it was me, even though I had the PM as well! LOL It was great knowing you and know your week is coming to an end. It was wonderful interacting with everyone and I hope I did justice to the questions that were asked!! I hope I wasnt a big disappointment... So any ending words for us please? Embarrassed Ending words... hmm what do I say... except that I am really humbled ... and also that this section is my fav section on the forum and even if I dont post tooo much here... I read every post and if i can , even chip in my replies... books have been a passion bordering on obsession... and I jus love reading abt the books other book lovers read and know their take on them too!!
The book talk forum rawks and my request to Mods of this forum to keep it rawking this way...!! Smile

Many thanks , Sareeta

Book Talk. Dev Team

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