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Kkoi Dil Main Hain
Kkoi Dil Main Hain


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The episode begins on arjun. Kajal is shocked to find arjun standing in front of her.

She walks towards arjun and looks at him with tears in her eyes. Arjun says to kajal

that she does not need to look at him in amazement as it her love that has brought

her arjun back. Kajal and arjun both look at each other and arjun has tears in his

eyes but a smile on his face as he has come back to kajal. All the sudden Samay

interrupts and tells arjun he is lying and that he is not arjun. Arjun is shocked and

says to Samay " aisa mat kahiyen, aapki aankhon mein yeh ajnabeepan mujhse

bardasshst nahin hoga…bhaiya (don't say this, I wont be able to take the

unfamiliarness in your eyes)" Samay gets angry and tells arjun not to call him bhaiya

as he is just a lookalike and nothing else. Then arjun appearing very upset says to

Samay "bhaiya what are you talking about, cant you recognise me, you are the one

who brought me and kajal together and today you are saying this". Arjun then goes

on to say that perhaps it was his fault as he kept away for so many days but it was

not because he wanted to but because we was helpless (majboor). Arjun says to

Samay that he has forgiven him so many times in the past so couldn't he forgive him

this one last time.



Then Manmeet asks Arjun who he is and what's his motive of coming there. Arjun

 says to Manmeet that he is his son and has come to his own home with so much

 difficulty and instead of welcoming him he is asked as to who he is. Arjun then turns

 towards his mother (Nitu). He tells Nitu to support him and believe his words. Nitu

starts crying and arjun wipes her tears and tells her that she does need to cry

anymore as her son has come back to her. Nitu tells him that he is not her arjun as

mother's eyes can never be mistaken and that she saw her own son arjun die before

her very eyes. Samay shouts at Arjun and tells him to leave the house. Arjun refuses to leave and says that it's his house as well and his family and that now no one can

separate him from it. Arjun gets frustrated and asks everyone what's happened to

them and why they wont believe him. Arjun then walks up to kajal and tells her to tell

everyone that he is her Arjun. Kajal looks down as she is confused and still in shock.

Arjun turns round to his parents. He starts crying. He says to nitu that with his hands

he made a diya for her. He then turns towards Manmeet and says that with these

hands I held your finger and learnt how to walk and today you have turned away from

me. Arjun then looks at kajal and says " kajal majboorhi mein hi sahi, par inhi

haathon se maine tumhari mang mein sindoor sajaye tha (even if I was helplessly

forced, with this hand I put sindoor on your head)".  As arjun walks towards kajal

Samay steps in between and stops him. He tells Arjun that he has gone too far and

that he may be very clever but he cant play with their emotions in this way. Then

Manmeet tells the pundit to start the wedding ceremony. Arjun says that the wedding

cant take place as he is alive. Arjun's lawyer also backs Arjun up and says that the

wedding cannot take place until the identity of Arjun Punj is proven and kajal is not allowed to marry anyone until that. The lawyer then tells arjun to come with him.

Arjun goes back to get his parents blessing. As arjun goes down to touch his parents

feet they move back. Arjun walks away feeling very emotionally hurt, he stops next to

kajal and tells her to take care of his Abhimanyu. Kajal looks at him shocked and

then starts crying and runs upstairs.



Next scene kajal is shown in her room crying. Someone holds her shoulder. Kajal

looks up to find arjun standing in front of her. He wipes her tears and says "Bas tum

abhi se hi har gayi, kajal agar tum haar jao gi toh humare abhimanyu ka kya

hoga…aur humare sapne sach kaise honge". Kajal then tells arjun that she hasn't

given up but she is tired as each step she takes forward in life brings more obstacles

and difficulties. Arjun tells her that she doesn't need to worry as he is here with her

now. Then kajal says to him that she knows he is always with her but she just gets

worried for no reason and as he is with her she can never fail. Kajal then puts her

head down and starts crying again. Arjun holds her chin and lifts her face up. When

kajal looks up she doesn't find arjun but Samay standing in front of her. Kajal moves

back (realising that she was imagining talking to arjun). Looking at Kajal's worried

face Samay tells kajal that if the person downstairs were really Arjun then he would

have been the happiest but life is like that and every time a dream is about to turn

into reality it changes colours. Samay tells kajal that even he at times feels that arjun

is there with him but then he realises he is only imagining it. Then Samay tells kajal

that for Arjun's sake they will need to fight the look-alike of arjun and that he knows

how hard it will be to fight with some one who has the same face as the person you

love and whose face your heart always desires to see.  Samay then starts crying.

Kajal wipes his tears and says that she knows it will be hard to fight this person but

they have the strength of Arjun's love by which they can never fail.



Next scene is outside the high court. Everyone arrives and walk towards the court.

Arjun calls kajal and walks upto her. He says to kajal that in order to prove his

existence and identity she is taking him to court. He also tells kajal that the court will

not just mock his identity but also rip matters of their personal life which will not be

good for them and neither will it be good for their Abhimanyu (is it me or is arjun

using Abhimanyu as an excuse far too many times). As kajal is about to say

something Manmeet (the stupid clown face) pulls Arjun's arm and tells him that he

better stop all this nonsense and whatever he has to say he can save it for the

courtroom. Arjun is shocked at his fathers actions and says that he is surprised that

even his dad doesn't recognise him and that kajal is his wife and is the expecting

mother of his baby (in other words he has the right to talk to her). As Arjun says this

Samay (silly fur ball) pulls him and grabs his collars. He warns him that if he says that

again he will not spare him (kill him). Then Arjun's lawyer arrives (Achint Kaur). She

reminds Samay of what the punishment of killing some one is (death sentence). She

mocks Samay on whether he is ready for the sentence. The lawyer then introduces

herself as the lawyer of Mr Arjun Punj, Gayatri Kaur (I think). Samay snaps at her

and says that she is not the lawyer of Arjun Punj but of his look-alike. Gayatri then

says to Samay that he need not worry as she will solve this case and put out the truth

in front of everyone so then no one can stop arjun from meeting his wife. The Punj

family's (Samay's) lawyer arrives and interrupts Gayatri talking. He says that this will

only be possible if this person's (arjun) own secrets (lies) don't start emerging. The

lawyer introduces himself as Eshaan Kapoor. Ehshaan says that he takes this as a

challenge to prove that this look-alike is a liar. Both the lawyers share a little

argument and then suggest that its better to save the arguments for the courtroom.

They shake hands to wish the best of luck to one another. Arjun appears extremely

upset (maybe because he does not feel its right to take his family to court but has no




In the courtroom the judge orders both lawyers to start the case arguments. Arjun is

in the witness box (ahhhh he looked so lonely and lost). Gayatri begins by saying that

her client Mr Arjun Punj is not fighting this case for property or any financial gain but

to prove his identity. Gayatri then goes on to tell Arjun's story. She says that Arjun's

tragedy started on the day of Kritika's birthday when he had to make a sudden visit to

Pune for a meeting. She then goes on to say that Arjun car broke down so he hired a

private taxi to take him home.



Arjun's Story: Next scene you see arjun in a white taxi on his way back to Mumbai.

Arjun is on the phone (to Kajal). He is explaining to kajal why he is late (car breaking

down) and says that he is just about to leave Pune and will reach Mumbai in about 2

hours. Kajal on the other side I think must be telling him to be quick as Arjun says to

her that he will be there and that she should meet him directly in the party. He then

says, "I love you to" and hangs up. A black car is about to drive into the taxi arjun is

in. In an attempt to not hit the car the taxi hits a tree. The driver and Arjun are both

injured and unconscious. Arjun is then shown to be taken into hospital where the

doctor checks him and advises the staff to contact his family as he is seriously




Back in the courtroom: Gayatri then goes on to say that the taxi driver did not survive

the accident and died whereas arjun survived the accident but was left with loss of

memory. Gayatri says that the main thing that Arjun remembered was a face and

nothing else and when arjun came to Mumbai for his treatment he saw that face,

which was Mrs Kajal Punj. Arjun thought that this face could help him recover his

memory so he followed kajal for a few days and at some points kajal even saw arjun

but arjun did not say anything to her because he didn't have the courage. Then

Gayatri goes on and tells the court that slowly Arjun started remembering things and

then when he finally regained his memory he went back home (with lots of

expectations), only to find the woman that helped regain his memory (his wife)

getting married to his brother. Gayatri tells the judge that it was not Arjun's fault so

why doesn't he deserve to get what is certainly his. The judge then asks Eshaan

whether he has anything to say to this. Ehshaan says to Gayatri that the story she

has told is very impressive and if court cases were won just based on stories than

she for sure would win, but however court cases are not won on stories but on hard-

hitting evidence and witnesses. Gayatri then tells the court that she does have a

witness. The Punj family is hocked at this news. Gayatri says her witness was with

Arjun at the time. Gayatri calls the witness and it turns out to be the doctor hat

treated arjun when he had an accident. The doctor tells the court that 3 months ago

(blimey he's been dead for 3 months) arjun was brought into his hospital seriously

injured and his injuries to the head gave him memory loss. The doctor says that the

only thing arjun dreamt about was a face (kajal) or a house and that they strongly

thought arjun could get his memory back which did happen when arjun returned to

Mumbai. The court is given a good witness that seems to indicate that the so-called

look-alike Arjun Punj is telling the truth. The witness is asked no further questions

and leaves.


The arguments proceed and Eshaan says that although Gayatri has used a doctor as

a witness to prove that this look-alike is arjun he also has a witness (a doctor) that

will prove that the real arjun died in Kritika's birthday party. The witness is called to

the witness box. The witness is asked how he is sure that the person that died in

Kritika's birthday party was the real arjun. The doctor says that when carrying out the

post-mortem, medical samples (e.g. blood type) of the body matched those of Arjun

Punj.  The court is now given a good reason to believe that the arjun that died in the

party was the real arjun. The hearings go on and Eshaan calls out another witness.

This time the inspector investigating Arjun's murder case is called out. The inspector

is asked about Arjun's murder. The inspector tells the court that Arjun Punj was

murdered and the prime suspect is his friend Kushal who was seen with a bloody

weapon in the party. The inspector tells the court that although Kushal is on the run

from the police they definitely know that Arjun's murder was pre-planned. The

inspector is then asked no further questions. Eshaan tells the court that the

inspector's evidence clearly states that arjun was murdered therefore he is dead so

this so called arjun cant possibly be the real arjun. Gayatri then excuses herself and

argues that she is not here to prove a dead persons identity but a living person's

identity. Gayatri says that if I cannot prove that my client is the real Arjun Punj then

he will lose his identity and will be as good as dead. As Gayatri says this Arjun

pleadingly asks the judge for permission to talk to kajal. Kajal appear surprised. The

episodes ends on Kajal's face.




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thank u so much for the update!!!!!!!!!!! so nice of u.
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thanks so much for posting...i am a newbie...this is the only indian show i like actually love kdmh rocks
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thanks for the update....now i really want to see the episode....i missed itCry
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