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Episode guide

Episode 41 - Car Deaths - Aug 15, 2005
Manini Ruia, a thirty year old woman, is found dead in her car on a deserted spot on the highway. She has been shot at through the glass of the car shattering it in pieces and the gun has been left behind in the car. The details on her mobile phone found in the car help them realize she had last spoken to a woman called Kartika.

They call Kartika to the crime scene and her husband also comes there. Kartika accuses Manini's husband, Gaurav, of being a wife beater. She says that on the last call, Manini had said that she was leaving her husband. Aryan and gang rough Gaurav for an alibi and he confesses that he was with his mistress. They question the mistress, only to realise that he was not at her place at the exact time of death of Manini. Yet, the distance from her house to the crime scene is such that Gaurav's lack of alibi doesn't help them pin it on him.

A strange-looking drunkard tells Aryan that he had been almost run over by the same car the previous night and was also sure that there was another man in the car with Manini. Soon another body is discovered, some distance away from where the car was found. It is the corpse of a man in a car who has also been killed in a brutal manner. Is this the man who was with Manini in her car the previous night?

They discover that the prints on the gun belong to this man. They now realise that the firing had actually happened from inside the car. The man was sitting with Manini and he fired at some one outside the car shattering the glass. So what was Manini doing with a gun toting man? Why were there so many people dead? Aryan and gang are hard pressed to find answers to a case that offered very few leads.

Episode 40 - Ajay Framed - Aug 8, 2005
A man is found dead outside his house with his head having been beaten with a strange object. Special Squad is called in and they are in for a shock when the man's answering machine has quite a few nasty threats by Ajay, a member of Special Squad.

Further investigation reveal Ajay's fingerprints all over the house. Ajay says he had gone to meet the man but denies killing him. He also refuses to tell them why he had gone to meet the man. Yet Aryan believes Ajay is innocent. Will they find the true killer and save Ajay?

Episode 39 - Mercy Killing - Aug 1, 2005
An old infirm woman is found dead at her house. The body is discovered by her son who had just come from a tour. He finds it very strange to comprehend how his insane mother, who had still been in hospital with a few months to live when the son had gone on the tour, could be at his house- dead!

Special Squad finds out that the woman had herself taken discharge from the hospital. The Autopsy reports reveal that she was given a certain kind of injection which is very rare. Within a few days they discover the corpse of another terminally ill patient, this time male, again dead due to the same injection. The prime suspect becomes the doctor treating them, when the Special Squad discovers that the injection was the one used to give a terminally ill patient quiet deaths in countries where euthanasia is allowed. However, they have no proof against the doctor.

The case turns worse when the dead woman's son decides to take the law in his own hands and goes to kill the doctor. However, the doctor is discovered dead and the man claims he was dead even before he reached there. They find tapes of patients giving their last statements before consenting for mercy killing. One of them is the dead woman. They also realise that the doctor himself was suffering from a terminal disease and he had only ten months to live. So, who killed these terminally ill patients and the doctor?

Episode 38 - Family Matters - July 25, 2005
A deaf and mute boy is found dead- the result of an apparent hit and run. The driver of the car hadn't stopped to help the boy. Aryan is angry and wants to book the guy. However, the case gets complicated when it is discovered that the boy was an asthma patient and had died even before the car had hit him.

Special Squad has no clue why the boy was on that road. He was miles away from his school and had bunked school. A strange discovery further intrigues them. The boy was carrying a woman's purse and they find the ID of some woman. When they go to enquire at the woman's house the woman's distraught husband pulls a gun on them. Special Squad realizes that the man's wife had been kidnapped and there was a ransom call. They now have to save the woman as well as find out how the boy was connected to all this!

Episode 37 - Heroin Kills - July 18, 2005
A man is found dead, in a bus that had just docked into Mumbai from Pune. The reports claim that he had an overdose of heroin. Special Squad is called in and they are hard pressed to find any heroin on him. They are even more confused when the dead man's wife, a doctor working with drug addicts at the JJ hospital, vouches that she would have known if her husband was a drug addict.

Aryan goes to the bus station in the dead of the night and this time finds the corpse of a woman in the toilet and the symptoms are the same. They start investigating and find that there was no connection between the woman and the man. Yet they were both dead of a heroin overdose. So what's it all about?

Episode 36 - Bomber's LAST HAND - July 11, 2005
Aryan saves Deepika and also realizes that the bomber is very near and right within the Special Squad! Angry, he orders a manhunt for him.

The excitement builds up when a gang of school kids come to Special Squad and the teacher leading the excursion says that a man had fixed it for them. Aryan and Deepika are stunned as the man's description matches the bomber's!

With bot the students and the officers trapped at Special Squad, with bomps planted all over...the bomber has set quite a deadly trap! But, Aryan saves the lives of all stuck inside Special Squad in that two hours gap between life and death.

Episode 35 - Deepika Kidnapped!- July 4, 2005
Having thwarted the bomber's plans to take away the diamonds, Aryan feels relieved. But little does he realise, the rude shock that awaits him!

Within an hour of his Plan A failing, the bomber, sets his Plan B into action. Deepika is kidnapped from her house. This, now becomes a personal battle, between the bomber and Aryan!

The bomber keeps calling up Aryan, provoking him to return the diamonds. Aryan does not want to give into bomber's demands but still, wants Deepika safely out. The pressure starts mounting when even the Police High Command refuse to negotiate with the bomber. Though the entire Special Squad backs Aryan, time is running out at a serious pace!

Episode 34 - Shazia's Game - June 27, 2005
Aryan and gang finally find the mystery woman and save her just in time. They are to shoot the hired assassin when Aryan gets a call from the bomber saying that he would kill Shazia at any cost!

Aryan comes to know that Shazia had been bomber's mistress. She had defected, on falling in love with Manoj. She was the hand behind the destruction of the bomber's gang and had run away with his prized diamonds. Aryan wants to protect Devesh and Shazia. He feels morally responsible for the death of Manoj Sikka as he had unknowingly helped the bomber escape, thus unleashing this whole revenge saga.

He hides Devesh and Shazia in a safe house, and gets Ajay and Boxer to guard it. However, Aryan and Deepika suspect a mole in the organisation or Devesh as the mole, when Aryan gets a call from the bomber, telling him the exact address of the 'safe house'. Aryan rushes to the safe house, only to find Devesh killed. Shazia escapes, hiding behind a sofa and is brought back to the Special Squad.

Pressurised by the Commissioner and the press, Aryan and Gang now have to decide on their next move. Shazia had applied for amnesty in Switzerland and wants Aryan to let her go. But Aryan wants to use her as a bait to trap the bomber. Deepika's now shifts to Ajay and Boxer. Aryan manages to convince Shazia to stay in India for another night and makes and elaborate plan to hide with her in a safe house and make bomber come after them. The whole night they wait at the safe house.

Will bomber attack them there? Does Aryan manage to save Shazia from the wrath of bomber and will Aryan himself survive?

Episode 33 - Bomber Comes Back - June 20, 2005
Deepika rejoins the Special Squad, as the forensic head. Meanwhile, having caught a man trying to enter the country with suitcases full of American currency, the customs department summon Aryan as the man wants to meet him. Aryan is stunned seeing this notorious mercenary, known as 'bomber who was believed to have been killed in a mission in which Aryan had participated.

Aryan realizes that the offence the bomber had committed, will get him deported. So he decides to take him to Special Squad and get all his identification data stored. On the way bomber escapes as Aryan and the accompanying cops all fall unconscious to a smoker bomb. Aryan is in a soup as he realises that bomber had manipulated him to escape when he calls Aryan and says 'well! the game is afoot. I have come to take revenge against the people who destroyed me.'

Within hours they come to know that an ex army man Manoj Sikka has been killed. The escaped bomber has already exacted his revenge on Manoj Sikka the chief infiltrator in that mission, ten years back, that had infiltrated the bomber's gang.

Aryan comes to know that Manoj Sikka was very close to a woman. He fears that this woman would be his next target! Strangely, following the news of Manoj Sikka's death, the woman is nowhere to be seen.

The Special Squad has to now find her before the bomber gets her. Just then, Devesh Singh (another army man, also on the mission with Manoj Sikka) comes there. He is not able to recognize the mystery woman but, Aryan realizes that even Devesh could be a possible target of bomber. So he asks him to stay at the Special Squad office for the time being.

Does Aryan and gang save the mystery woman from being bomber's next victim?

Episode 32 - Goodbye Shaina - June 13, 2005
Shaina has just received an offer to teach at the Pune Forensic Institute. But then, she is seriously thinking on taking up the offer, as she is very distressed by her failure to spend quality time with her son. Just then, a case comes to Special Squad.

A cop has been found shot dead in his ex wife's house. The ex wife says that she thought him to be a thief when he had broken into her house and so she had come out with a gun. but had not fired realising it was her husband. It turns out that the two soon had got into an argument and the wife had hit him with a rod making him unconscious. Just then, her son had woken up and she had to go up to put him back to bed.
After some time, She heard a bullet shot, but was too scared to come out. In the morning, she had found her husband lying dead, with a bullet fired into his temple.

The Special Squad finds this story very corny but Shaina is sure that no woman will kill her child's father, however evil he is.
Aryan thinks that the wife had every reason to kill, condsidering the kind of womaniser and debauched man the husband was. Besides, there was a bitter custody battle on between them.
And then, a startling revelation comes up that convinces Aryan's doubts. But, Shaina still believes that the woman has not killed.

Was the woman guilty and will Shaina be proven wrong? Stay tuned. Episode 31 - Father Father - June 6, 2005
A sixty-year-old man's body is found washed ashore. Special Squad, which has just gotten its right to investigate new, cases reach there but are in a quandary. What if the man has been washed ashore from the sea then it is a case for the Coast Guard. It is not theirs. However, very quickly it is sorted out that there was no high tide in the past week so the man was killed near the beach or his corpse was left there. It is their case. Special Squad plunges in to investigate the case only to meet with many stumbling blocks. The man's identity is not easily established. When they finally think they have identified the man, the man's estranged wife says he is not the man. The young man who had filed the missing person's report which fitted the dead man to a tee claims to be his son but his DNA doesn't match. And there seems to be no justifiable motive for the killing of the man. He had no money worth killing for. Special Squad is hard pressed to make sense of the death of a man whom apparently no one wanted and no one was willing to claim. Yet, one thing was true. The man had been murdered by a blow to his head.

Episode 30 - Old Rape Case - May 30, 2005
Neha comes up with a file, which is an unsolved rape case, which had happened more than ten years ago. The rapist had kidnapped a twenty five year old woman who used to live alone and had kept her captive for three months frequently raping her during that time. Neha wants Shaina to take active interest in the case but Shaina seems very detached from the Special Squad. She does not like the fact that Aryan is spending more time with Deepika. Aryan who agrees to take up the cold case but the first stumbling block is the victim herself who has gone away. Aryan instructs Ajay and Boxer to send out a notice for any information about the rape. Neha fiercely protests and says no it will warn the rapist and he will try to protect himself. Shaina finds this behavior on the part of Neha strange and asks her what is bothering her. Neha confesses that she had intercepted a radio relay that some woman was undergoing the same kind of kidnap and rape routine right now. She had managed to make one call to her sister and the way she had described the place of captivity it was the same as the kidnap and rape case that had happened ten years ago. That is why she had brought out the case. Neha says we need to save the poor girl who is in captivity right now. Shaina who wants to prove a point to Deepika plunges head long into the case. Shaina and Neha conduct their separate investigation estranging them from the whole Special Squad. Will they manage to save the woman who was being held hostage by a serial rapist?

Episode 27 - The serial killer who escaped - May 9, 2005
The senior officers decide that it is high time the Special Squad gets a revamp. They assign the task to 30-year-old Deepika Ghosh, a brilliant forensic expert, to take over Special Squad even superseding Aryan. She wants the Special Squad to get back to sticking to procedure and filing reports. She faces tremendous resistance from the whole Squad who feel they are being cramped. And moreover, when they are asked to file reports of all the cases that they have solved till date they themselves realize the amount of backlog they have. Deepika Ghosh decides that the Squad should not take on any more new cases. But should solve the old, unsolved cases. The first case they take up is one of a serial killer who mysteriously stopped killing after three killings. The killer was still afoot and Aryan and the Special Squad takes it upon themselves to solve it. Yet the odds they face are humongous. Right from lack of witnesses to failing memories to misplaced evidence. Yet, undeterred, they slog on and wait for that one breakthrough that will get them somewhere. And that breakthrough comes from the most unexpected quarters - from Deepika.

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