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Kuch Kuch... part 5-page 6 (Page 6)

Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2007 at 4:11am | IP Logged

Originally posted by jiya imdad

hmm... when are u going to continue?
sorry just a little curious Embarrassed

Sorry for not continuing this...well.....this will have to wait a littleEmbarrassed....first I'll post a part for Ab Kya Kare? by Thursday for sure (maybe earlier)...and then I'll try to write a part for Not Decided or Kuch Kuch...

Plus as you may know that I'm planning to write a part in 3 or 4 days....that means in 3 to 4 days time I'll write one part.....that doesn't mean I'll write a part for each fanfic(coz that will mean 3 parts in total) means that I'll write a part for one of my fanfic in 3 to 4 days time......but there will be times when I update a little sooner than I have plannedSmile...hope I wan't confusing....

ice _girl IF-Dazzler
ice _girl
ice _girl

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plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon waiting for d next part
Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ice _girl

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon waiting for d next part

Next part's up in a few minutes...I can understand how desperate you areSmile....

Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Kuch Kuch…
Part 5

Angad and Miss Karen divided the class into two; Kripa wasn't included because she would always be with the English assistant teacher.

Angad and Kripa took the one half of the class to room 206 on the second floor. Kripa directed them because after Angad she was in charge of the class besides Angad didn't know the whole school that well yet.

All the students stood inside the class, Angad was telling everyone where to sit. He was making a seating plan of the class mentally. He told the class that he would change the seating plan later if this one didn't work.

There were a few students left standing then.

'…hhmm…and what's your name?' Angad asked a girl.

The girl replied cautiously 'Molly.'

'Hmm…Molly…nice name.' The girl blushed when Angad complimented her name.

'Okay you can sit behind Isha.'

Molly went and sat behind Isha.

'What's your name?' Angad asked a boy standing near Kripa.


'Okay, Darren you sit over there. One seat behind the seat in front of the teacher's desk.' Angad pointed to where he wanted Darren to sit.

Darren went and sat down in his seat.

'And KriPa…' Angad smirked when he glanced at her. 'Why did he have to say my name like "KriPa"? How annoying!' Kripa thought to herself. Angad continued '…you'll be sitting in front of me, that is that seat in front of the teacher's desk.' Angad pointed at the seat.

Kripa walked to her seat, while she passed Angad, Angad muttered loud enough for her to hear 'After all you are my assistant!' She didn't look at him. He grinned inwards to himself.

Darren looked happier when Angad had announced where Kripa would be sitting. Angad had noticed that. He sensed that there must be something between the two or perhaps from Darren's side only.

Everyone was seated. They were not seated in pairs; instead everyone sat alone unlike their sitting plan in their homeroom. (Example: person A is sitting behind person B and so on. So there's no one sitting exactly next to each other. Instead there's a space of one empty seat between students sitting next to each other….hope you get the idea…)

Kripa sulked.

'Okay so class, this is your seating plan in my lesson. Remember it. Kripa, make a table on a paper and write everyone's names in each box according to where they are sitting. I want a seating plan made by the end of this lesson.'

Kripa obeyed.

Kripa was busy making the seating plan while Angad told the class what he would be doing each day during English lesson. He noticed that Darren wasn't quite listening. He was grinning like crazy and looking mainly at Kripa who was busy making the seating plan. He ignored it thinking that if this happens frequently he'll change Darren's seat.

Kripa finished making the seating plan and handed it to Angad.

During the first period, Angad made sure everyone was aware of what they will be doing each day of the week. He also made everyone come out one by one and introduce themselves. Each student's speech had to be at least two minutes long. Angad sat at the far end of the class and listened to each one of them. He also mentally checked their grammar, their pronunciations, their use of vocabulary and such things but he didn't mark them down.

It was Molly's turn.

Molly went and stood in front of the class. She began her speech. She hesitated a few times. She was going redder as each word came out of her mouth. Kripa had been bored, she knew all of them and everything what they were saying. Nothing was new to her. But the fact that Molly was blushing caught Kripa's attention. Kripa observed Molly. She noticed that whenever Molly looked up from the floor and looked at Angad, since he was the teacher in the classroom, her face would go slightly red. Gradually her face had become a deep shade of pink. Sometimes, Kripa noticed, when Molly felt that Angad was looking at her while listening to her speech, she blushed at that time too.

Kripa sat straight and began to look at Molly's face which was glowing red. Time to time she would look at Angad when she'd notice Molly getting redder. Sometimes when Kripa looked at Angad, he was looking at Molly and sometimes at the class or the classroom.

Once Angad caught Kripa turning around. He had felt that she was looking at Molly and him time to time. Kripa was too absorbed in observing the connection between Angad's gaze, Molly's gaze, Molly's cheeks and Molly's blushing rate that she didn't notice at first that Angad was looking at her. Angad had noticed that Molly was blushing. He knew that she was blushing partly because he was looking at her. But he was looking at her just like he was looking at the others; he wasn't looking at her in a different way. When Kripa realized he was looking at her, his eyebrow raised questioningly. Kripa shook her head and mouthed "nothing". After that she stopped looking around.

After Molly had finished, the whole class clapped their hands while Angad nodded his head approvingly and told her 'That was nice and it was more than three minutes long. Good.'

Molly replied 'Thank you Angad.' She sounded a little shy according to Kripa. Kripa couldn't help but turn around in her seat to look at Angad's reaction to the tone Molly had used which was very soft and sweet. Angad had no expressions but he did look at Kripa and gave her a look. Kripa just turned her head around as if she didn't see the look he had given her. She had a frown on her face. He had given her the look because Molly had said "Angad", and not "sir", unlike Kripa.

Angad looked at Kripa for a brief second more and then turned to the other student who was waiting for Angad to tell him to start.

'Hello everyone. My name is Raj Raja. I'm not a Raja but I would like to be a Raja of a Raja company which is owned by my father Mr. Raja Kapoor and I want to raj (rule) the Raja company one day. I am a Raja of my parent's eyes. I like to raj (rule) at home. My friends call me Raj because my name is Raj. In my public exams this year, I want to aim very very very very very very very very very high. I like to sing songs, my favourite song is from the India's Indian old movie but I don't remember the name exactly. It is something like "Raja Hindustani"…' and he went on and on.

Kripa was giggling. Though he made many mistakes in his speech, it was funny. Kripa was only giggling but the whole glass was laughing hard.

Although Angad was smiling throughout Raj's speech, he was laughing a little inside. Despite the mistakes he was making, he sounded like a hard-working boy. Angad liked Raj's speech. And so when the speech finished, he clapped the loudest.

A few more students went out. Angad had noticed that when it was Darren's turn, Darren sometime looked around the class, sometimes at Angad because Angad was the teacher and sometimes at Kripa. When Darren looked at Kripa, he would lower his eyes or his smile would grow brighter or he would get very shy and start to look else where. Angad cheekily smiled to himself as he looked at Kripa. She wasn't enjoying Darren's expressions. At the beginning of the speech, she looked at Darren but later when he kept looking at her more frequently, Kripa started to just look down at her desk and play with her pen. She avoided looking Darren's way.

'There is definitely something fishy!' Angad thought to himself. Angad was thinking that anyone would go tired if Darren kept looking at them like he was looking at Kripa.

Kripa blew out a breathe when Darren walked past her and sat in his seat.

The bell rang. The first period was over.

Angad walked in front of the classroom and asked 'Who have not given their speech yet?' He looked around the classroom. Kripa slowly raised her hand.

Angad looked at her 'So it's you only. Okay then maybe you can give your speech during the next period.' Kripa just gave a smile and nodded as if agreeing. He was teacher after all.

Angad remained in the classroom. He told Kripa to bring down the other half of the class. While the students were walking up the stairs, some girls told Kripa 'Hey Kripa, you're so lucky. You can stay with Angad for a longer time!' Kripa told them nonchalantly 'There's nothing lucky about it!' They laughed and told her 'You are saying that because you can stay with him. If you were in our place you might not think like that.' Kripa just smiled at them while she muttered under her breathe sarcastically 'Right!' She ran up the stairs to her classroom whereas her classmates were taking their time to walk up the stairs.

Miss Karen had lined up the other half of the class. So Kripa hadn't had to wait. She brought the students to room 206.

They all stood inside the classroom. Angad assigned them their seats. No one was sitting in pairs.

When Kripa was the only one standing, he told her 'Same place.'

Kripa sulked inside. She had thought maybe he'd change her seat for the second period. But he didn't.

Kripa went to her seat. Angad told her to make the seating plan for class B also. The first half of the class was called "Class A" and the second half of the class was called "Class B". The teachers had decided the names, Kripa was not aware of that but Angad cleared it for her.

Angad explained to class B just like he had to class A. He made sure each and every student knew about what they were going to do each day of the week. He was funny according to someone of the students.

Each student gave their two minutes speech, introducing themselves. The bell rang indicating the second period was over. Angad asked from the back of the class 'Everyone presented, right? Or is there anyone left?'

It was too much of a coincidence but Kripa was not sure if Angad did that intentionally or unintentionally. Kripa muttered under her breathe 'If he did this purposely, then I don't know what I'm going to do.' Without turning around she raised her hand and said 'I haven't.'

Angad walked to the front of the classroom. He told everyone that they can leave except Kripa. She had to stay behind to give her presentation. After everyone left the classroom, Kripa asked 'You already know me then why do I have to do this presentation?' Angad replied calmly 'You are no different, you belong to the same class. Don't think you are more superior and that you can be an exceptional case. If you think that then I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong and you should change yourself.' Kripa was about to say something but stopped. He was right. At least to a certain level he was right. She knew that. Everyone in her class had to give a presentation, so she should too. She agreed that he had a point, so that's why she got ready to give the presentation. Though she couldn't help but think that he had made sure that she couldn't present during lesson time.

He wanted her to present just because he thought that he shouldn't think of her as an exceptional case. Or else there will be some ego problems with her maybe later on.

He felt better that there was no one in the classroom besides him when she was presenting. He wanted to annoy her and that was the chance and he wasn't going to miss it.

Angad sat in the front of the classroom. Kripa stood in front of the classroom in the middle. She was a little angry at him because he was sitting in the front of the classroom instead of at the back of the classroom.

She had no choice but to look at Angad only since he was the teacher, she couldn't even wander her gaze around the classroom because no one else was there. She began her speech 'I'm Kripa, Kripa Sharma. I'm in grade 11. I like to…' she continued her speech whereas Angad listened to it only. Her grammar was good, her pronunciation, speed and everything was good too. So he didn't check her speech mentally instead he listened to it and observed her. He observed her, observed her not as in checking her out but just try to figure her out.

She was saying '…and in my public exams, I don't want to get satisfactory results only. I want excellent results, I want to get at least 95%. I'm confident to get 80% for sure…' when suddenly she noticed that Angad wasn't only listening to her, he was also looking at her. And he wasn't looking at her like he had been looking at the other students when they were presenting. She began to feel uneasy; it was obvious when her cheeks started to get a light shade of pink. She moved her gaze down to look at the floor instead. Her eyes wandered here and there on the floor, she started to breathe a little faster but speak slower. She tried to not make any mistakes or stammer after she had started to feel uneasy. He wasn't checking her out of course but he was looking at her, looking at her not like a teacher but someone else. He was looking at her too casually. And that fact made her uneasy besides they were the only people in the room. There wasn't anything seductive in the look but there was something else which wasn't related to what a teacher would do. Well he wasn't a teacher but an assistant teacher, maybe that's why. Kripa finished her speech and said 'Sir, I'm done.' softly.

He was amazed that she could speak like that. She felt too tired to argue with him.

Angad nodded 'Okay. That was almost just okay.'

'WHAT?' Kripa screamed in her head. She looked up at him surprised. The surprise was evident on her face. She knew it that she had made a big mistake by looking up at him too quick and that too with a surprised expression when she saw him start to smirk.

Clearly she hadn't been expecting that kind of comment from him. She knew that her presentation was good if not excellent and she also knew that it was the best one from the whole class. And all he said that it was "okay". 'Okay only?' Kripa thought to herself confused. Her classmates had received better comments despite giving presentations not better than hers. She knew she wasn't superior but '…come on, you have to face the truth. I'm the best in English in my class!' she talked to herself in her head as Angad observed her expressions.

Angad stood up and walked a few steps ahead so that he was standing right in front of Kripa. Kripa lowered her eyes. She didn't want to look at him.

'Why do you look so surprised, Miss Kripa?' he asked as he tilted his head sideway.

Kripa looked at him and answered after a second 'I'm not.'

He laughed 'Oh sure you are! Were you expecting a better comment?...' he shook his head.

He continued '…didn't I say that you shouldn't think that you are the best and always expect others to bow in front of you in one way or another!'

Kripa felt a sharp pain inside her. She was hurt. She never wanted others to ever bow in front of her in any way. She never wanted to treat others as though they were her slaves. She didn't want to act as though she were the smartest and everyone around her dim-witted. She took a deep breathe to prevent the pain from being visible on her face. She looked sideway. But she was slow.

Angad had gotten a glimpse. He was taken aback; he didn't realize that he had said something too harsh. He had thought that such things wouldn't affect her at all. But maybe he didn't know her too well yet that he could judge her now.

'Sir, may I leave now?' Kripa broke the silence.

'First tell me why you won't call me by my first name?' he asked her still looking at her.

She turned to look at him in his eyes 'Just the same reason why you wouldn't say that I was good or perhaps even say that my presentation was the best from the whole class.'

He looked back at her in her eyes amused 'Is that so?'

'No.' came the immediate reply from her mouth.

He smirked.

She cursed herself mentally, that was the answer repeating in her head the whole time but she never intended to say it out loud.

'Sir, may I leave?' she asked again tired by the whole episode.

'I told you, first tell me why you won't call me "Angad"? Why "sir"?' he answered while questioning again.

'I told you already, I don't call my teachers by their first names…it's too awkward…they are teachers…' she answered but got interrupted by him 'I told you that I'm not your teacher. I'm an assistant teacher. Different case! Then why do you still call me "sir"?'

'Okay, isn't this getting a little childish!' she thought to herself. What was the point arguing for no decent reason at all?

'Why do you want me to call you by your first name?' she asked curtly. It was getting annoying according to her.

'Because I want you to!' he replied. 'Ha! What a reason!' she marveled sarcastically in her head. She looked at the floor and shut her eyes tight and asked again 'Sir, I have to go now. May I leave?'

'I told you…' he began but stopped when he saw Kripa walk to her seat and get her bag and walk past him. 'Enough's enough!' she thought angrily. Just as she passed him, she was stopped by him. He held her arm 'Is that your way of showing respect to your teachers?' he asked tilting his head. She turned around and smiled sarcastically 'You said yourself that you aren't a teacher but an assistant teacher.' He gave out a laugh 'Catching up quickly, huh?' 'Sir?' she said nodding towards his hand which was holding her arm.

He let go. 'Just go now. Don't waste my time.' he said. She was surprised 'What an idiot? First he doesn't let me go and now what's he saying?' she was fuming inside. She walked out of the classroom. He smirked as he saw her go 'After all there's a tomorrow, sweety!' he said aloud to himself.

Preview: What's next?

nihita Goldie

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nice part....
cont soon....

superstar15 Senior Member

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pl cont this fic its past may
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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cooollll cant wait  for what happend next
stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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awesom FF
continue soon

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