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Kuch Kuch... part 5-page 6 (Page 5)

ice _girl IF-Dazzler
ice _girl
ice _girl

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Posted: 10 November 2007 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
dat was a very good part n luv A-K's nok-jhok. plzzzzzzzzzz continue soon

Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2007 at 4:49am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ice _girl

dat was a very good part n luv A-K's nok-jhok. plzzzzzzzzzz continue soon

Thanks....I loved the way you put it "nok-jhok"LOLEmbarrassed


Next part's up.

Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2007 at 4:52am | IP Logged

I'd like to share with you all that on the 7th of November 2007, I became a sister to a brother. I only had sisters before that day, now my sisters and I have a brother! Smile
Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Kuch Kuch…

Part 4




She was sitting and listening to him. Although she was listening…she wasn't quite letting it enter her head, in short she wasn't concentrating. And that was what Angad noticed, and he didn't like ignorant people.



Angad-Kripa what do you say?



Kripa was wide awake now 'Huh? I mean yah, that's cool.' Then she muttered to herself in her head angrily 'S***! What did I say?' She got more furious at herself why did she have to say the word "cool" in front of a teacher. She was again angry at herself because of one mistake, that is she hadn't been concentrating on what he had been saying, she was making other mistakes over the previous ones.



Angad grinned to himself inside; he mentally told himself 'She's trapped.' He pretended that he had no idea to what question she was answering to 'Umm…Kripa, I was actually saying that which day you prefer to do the oral practice?'



'KRIPA!!!' Kripa screamed to herself in her head while she tried to maintain a smile, it was pretty much obvious what she was trying to do 'I meant, sir, that it's cool that you asked me.' Kripa was planning how to suicide while she took out her anger at herself in her head 'Kripa what the hell are you saying?' She added quickly to cover up 'I mean, it's cool that you asked me but I think it's better for you to decide…' she hoped it was smarter to add '…since you are the teacher here.' Angad could bet that he could receive an award for holding his laughter back.



The bell rang. Kripa frowned but before Angad could look at her she put on a smile again with questioning eyebrows in a warm way 'So do I come here during lunch as well?'



Angad knew what she was doing, that was something typical for a student like her to do 'Well yes, you're right.' Just to make her angrier he said 'I was thinking I'll do the rest myself but now since you've volunteered already, so why not I take some more help from you?'



Kripa tried her best to not let the smile on her face fade away, she was burning inside 'Kripa, you're such a…if you hadn't opened your mouth you wouldn't have to come here during lunch. And you know very well, lunch means lunch recess too. They come together in one pack.' But just to make sure she asked curiously 'So only lunch right?'



Confused, he asked 'What do you mean by "So only lunch, right?"?'



A little hesitatingly she said 'I mean to ask only lunch, right? I mean I don't have to stay here for lunch recess right?'



He realized what she was thinking so he smirked inside and told her in a light tone 'Well lunch and lunch recess come one after the other, so I think yah also lunch recess.' He smiled at her.



Angad just hoped that he could turn around, it was hard to compress his laughter when she had clenched her teeth and tried not to show it when he had said that she'll have to come during lunch recess as well.



She mustered enough calmness to say politely with a smile 'Okay sir. See you during lunch.'



Angad waved his hand saying 'Bye.'



Kripa tried her best to compose herself all the way till the lunch bell rang. She went straight to meet Kashish, who was just coming out of her classroom arguing with Sujal.



Kashish-Sujal you are wrong. Just admit that you can be wrong, okay?



Sujal-Kashish just shut your mouth, I was right. It was supposed to be 1.5 lambdas. And destructive interference occurs at half lambdas.



Kashish opened her mouth stunned 'What? Now you are saying that!! Inside you were saying…' she mimicked Sujal 'It's 1 point 5 Kashish and constructive interference occurs. You should take extra lessons for Physics.' She continued in her voice angrily 'Now what happened to the "constructive interference", huh?' She added with a sarcastic pitying smile while she patted his left cheek softly and blinked her eyes several times to give herself an innocent look 'Sujal darling, I think you should ask sir to teach you Physics after school. Or else I'll be hurt when I see that you get 'uncertified' instead of a grade for your Physics in the public exams.'



Sujal ignored her at first but then he decided to have a small fun moment. He took her hand which she was patting him with and held it on his left chest, heart, dramatically and said 'Oh honey, I didn't know you cared for me. Thanks so much. I'm flattered.'



She took her hand away angrily while he laughed; she stomped up to Kripa angrily. Kripa would have been laughing hard if it were some other time but she was in her own world with a frown on her face. Sujal noticed that. He walked up to her 'What happened Kripa? You okay?'



Kripa just took a deep breathe and said 'Let's go.'



They 3 walked along the corridor when Sujal asked 'What about Adi and KT?'



Kashish bent a little to see through the small transparent squares in the door after a while she stood up and announced 'They are still having geography.'



Kripa sighed 'Kashish can you tell KT that we are going.'



Kashish bent down again and tried to get Krishna Tulsi to look her way, when she did, Kashish mouthed 'We are going.' And also used sigh language to explain. Krishna Tulsi nodded. And the three of them went to the ground floor and outside the school. Kripa just bought a bun. She waited while Kashish bought her lunch and Sujal bought his. 'Guys can you hurry.' Kripa whined.



'Oh god Kripa. Can't you just wait?' Kashish said irritatingly while she chose what to buy.



'I hope I could.' Kripa muttered to herself while she thought angrily 'But I can't because of that stupid teacher!' She mentally told herself that she'll go to the staff room 15 minutes late and her excuse will be that she was eating her lunch.



Finally, after 3 more minutes Sujal and Kashish came out from the bakery. While they walked back to the school, Sujal observed Kripa's behavior. She was unusually dull. Sujal asked Kripa again when they were sitting down in the canteen 'Kripa, you seem to be acting different, what happened?' Kashish wanted to say something to prove that Sujal was wrong but she felt Kripa's odd behavior too, so she remained quiet or else she wouldn't have missed any chance to go against whatever Sujal said or whatever he would say.



Kripa angrily threw her small bag, which contained her bun, down onto the table but it had landed on the edge of the table so the bag fell onto the ground with the bun still inside the bag. She put her elbows on the table and both hands on either side of her head. She slowly ran her fingers through her hair while her elbows remained on the table. 'The stupid *******. He wants me to come every recess.' Sujal understood before Kashish did. He picked up Kripa's bag. Kripa took the bag and started eating her bun. Sujal asked 'He asked you to come during lunch recess too?' Kripa winced 'Lunch too.' Sujal laughed while Kashish glared at him, he said 'Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. But it's funny. It's only his first day and…well enjoy with the young-old-man.' Kripa just stared ahead and ate lunch while she sulked. Krishna Tulsi arrived with her lunch which she had brought from home. Sujal asked her 'Where's Adi?' while he stood up for her to sit, to which Kashish remarked sarcastically 'Very kind Sujal.' Krishna Tulsi replied 'He went out to buy lunch.'



Krishna Tulsi saw Kripa and gasped 'Oh my god. What's happened to you, Kripa? Are you feeling sick?'



Sujal was sitting down at another table behind the girls 'It's the new teacher.'



Krishna Tulsi was confused at first but when she understood she replied a soft 'Oh.'



Aditya came and he sat with Sujal at their table. 'Hi guys!'



Kashish was just looking around while she ate her lunch. She saw something and her eyes widen, she quickly returned to look at the girls 'Hey, look there. I haven't seen him before. Looks good, too.' The guys both turned to look where Kashish had been looking, a second later Krishna Tulsi also turned. Sujal commented 'Looks like a cool dude to me.'



Krishna Tulsi agreed with Kashish 'Hmm. Yah. Never seen him before.'



Kripa just stared ahead, she had a headache and she had lost interest in almost everything today so she didn't care to look around even, if it were any other day, she would have turned. Krishna Tulsi turned back around to see Kripa 'Kripa, come on. Just look once. Please.' Kripa sighed and bothered to turn around for Krishna Tulsi's sake, when she looked at the guy, she quickly turned back around and straightened herself before the guy could see her. Kripa looked very fresh then. The others also turned around and continued eating their lunch. Aditya suddenly announced in a confused tone 'Guys I think, the guy is coming here.' Kripa winced mentally and shut her eyes closed tightly for a second. Kripa waited uncomfortably wondering why the guy was walking towards them.



After a few seconds, Kripa noticed Kashish look up and smile to someone behind her. Krishna Tulsi did the same and they both said 'Hi.' one after the other.



The person spoke 'Hi. And you are?' he asked both of them. Kashish replied 'I'm Kashish.' Krishna Tulsi replied 'I'm Krishna Tulsi, people call me KT. And…' she turned around pointing to Sujal '…he's Sujal and…' she pointed at Aditya '…he's Aditya.' The guys waved and said 'Hi.' Aditya added with a smile 'My name's Aditya but I'm known as Adi.' The person greeted the guys 'Hi.' Sujal asked 'So what's your name?'



The person standing behind Kripa answered, while Kripa mimicked him in her head at the same time



Kripa mentally mimicked the person while he said at the same time 'My name's Angad Khanna.'



The person continued in his manly voice while Kripa continued mentally as well 'I'm the new teacher here, an English assistant teacher actually.' When Sujal heard that he couldn't help but grin at Kripa who was still just staring ahead.



Kripa mentally ended while he was also talking at the same time 'But you can call me Angad only, no need for "sir" or anything formal.'



Kripa was sure he had ended it with a smile.



There was a second's silence, Kripa didn't know what was happening, she tried her best not to move a muscle. Angad then asked 'So what's your name?' Her friends turned to look at her expectantly; Krishna Tulsi put her hand on Kripa's thigh and shook her a little. Kripa smiled at them and slowly turned around awkwardly also looking up, she said pretending to be surprised 'Oh. Hi sir.' Angad also pretended that he had no idea that it was her who he had been standing behind, after all when he had been walking down the staircase he was looking around wondering who to ask about Kripa, he had seen her back, she was sitting with her friends in the canteen. So that's why he had gone to where they were all eating lunch and stood behind Kripa, he had been grinning inside when he noticed that she was the only one not greeting him; pretending to not notice his presence. He greeted Kripa in a surprised tone 'Oh hi Kripa. I was looking for you. Why you didn't come up?' Kripa smiled awkwardly hoping to maintain a steady smile 'Actually sir, I was thinking I'd eat my lunch fast and then come up to the staff room.'



Angad-That's okay Kripa, you can eat in my cabin. I was waiting for you to come so that we would start our lunch together.



Kripa didn't know what to say so she just said 'Oh.'



She could feel her friends looking at her and the teacher. Angad then motioned with his hands while he said 'Come now. Let's go up, we don't have enough time already.'



'Okay.' She replied while Angad said 'Bye.' to Kripa's friends and went away. Kripa stood up and put her left over bun in the bag as she noticed from the corner of her eye that many people in the canteen were looking Angad's way and some turned around to look at her before they went back to eating their lunch. Sujal commented on Angad with a smirk 'He's not so bad. He seems like a cool teacher to me.' Kripa just looked at him weirdly and said 'Kashish please kick him.' Kashish hesitated then said 'I would have but for the first time I think I agree with him.' Kripa turned to look at Kashish in disbelief. She told the 4 of them before leaving 'You all have gone insane!' Sujal and Aditya laughed hard.



Kripa reached Angad's cabin in 2 minutes. She knocked the door and opened it when she heard him say 'Come in.'



Kripa stood and slowly walked up to the chair and sat opposite him. She started with a smile 'Hi sir.'



Angad muttered to himself in his head 'This girl never listens. Didn't I just say something back in the canteen? Why always "sir"?'



Angad-Hi. So let's discuss and eat.



Kripa awkwardly replied 'Okay….so what are we supposed to do?'



Angad replied her while searching for a paper between files 'Well I've written out the English lesson timetable. Just check it out if you think something else should be added or not.'






Kripa ate her bun while she looked through the timetable Angad had given her. She wasn't really looking at the timetable, she was just staring at it and thinking what she should say when Angad asks her something about it.



Several minutes passed, Kripa still had the timetable in her hand while Angad waited for something to come out from her mouth.



After a while, Angad asked 'Kripa, how is it?'



Kripa had no idea what to say, so she said the first thing she thought sensible enough to say 'It's great.' She felt that sounded lame so she added 'Will we have games? I mean that will be kind of interactive and all, right?'



He answered, totally not impressed, 'Drama is interactive enough.'



Kripa-But still, games might make them more eager since they are still…I mean after all they are still students.



Angad thought about it a little and simply said 'Okay. We will have games but just once in a while. For example once a month or maybe three times in two months.'




Angad added after a pause in which he took a deep breath and according to Kripa he was just exaggerating his dissatisfaction 'Is that fine?'



Kripa smiled knowing that he was getting a little annoyed because she wasn't being of much help 'Yes, that's fine.'



Angad was sure she was happy, as in really happy and not trying to be happy. And that wasn't because of the "game" he agreed to have during lessons. They continued discussing and planning out Angad's first lesson.



Lunch period finished. Lunch recess finished. After like about a decade according to Kripa, Kripa walked out from Angad's cabin. She was feeling sleepy.



Kripa and the other students waited impatiently for their new teacher.



A girl sitting beside Kripa asked Kripa 'Kripa, you have seen the new teacher, right?'



Kripa was bored and so replied nonchalantly 'Yah.'



The girl asked 'Is the teacher a boy or a girl?'



Kripa replied 'Hmm….boy.'



The girl asked a little desperately 'Is he young or old? Married or single?'



Kripa thought about that for a while 'Hmm…he's not exactly old. Maybe you can say he's middle-aged.'



The girl was disappointed a little 'Oh.'



Kripa-I don't know about his marital status.



Kripa looked up and saw their English teacher entering their classroom.



The whole class stood up 'Good afternoon Miss Karen.'



Miss Karen replied 'Good afternoon class. Sit down.'



After the whole class sat down, Miss Karen spoke 'Now class, you all must have heard that you are going to have an English assistant teacher today. So I'd like you all to be polite and well-behaved. Okay?'



Some of them giggled but all said in unison 'Okay, Miss.'



Miss Karen smiled 'Okay now I'm going to call him in. Stay quiet. I won't tolerate any kind of misbehavior.'



Miss Karen went out the door and came back in a few seconds later and stood next to the teacher's desk with a smile.



After a few seconds, the English assistant teacher entered the classroom welcomed by a few gasps.



Kripa wanted to bury her head some where, she asked herself angrily in her head 'What is there to gasp now? These girls na!'



Angad grinned inside, he grinned wider when he saw Kripa sulking because of what had happened when he entered.



The whole class stood up.



Angad stood in the middle of the classroom, unfortunately for Kripa, he was standing in front of her slightly to the left. Kripa felt he glanced at her before he said 'Good afternoon class. My name's Angad Khanna. No need to call me "Mr. Khanna" or "Sir", you all can call me Angad.' Kripa sighed angrily thinking he ended that with a smile just like before, she never once looked his way after that one time when she saw him entering her classroom.



The whole class greeted him 'Good afternoon Angad.'



Angad-And I'd like everyone to look at me when they greet me or talk to me.



Kripa tightened her fists. She was sure that he had said that deliberately because she wasn't looking his way.



The girl, Leela, who had asked Kripa so much about their new teacher, leaned down slightly only to whisper in Kripa's ear and then giggle 'I'm ready to look at him for the rest of the year.' That instant something stirred inside Kripa and the only thought came to mind was that she was about to vomit. But her stomach settled soon. She looked up at Angad. He gave the class a smile and nodded 'Okay now all of you may sit down.' Kripa wondered in her head with furrowed eyebrows 'Was he serious about looking at him? Was everyone really looking at him except me?' She regretted saying the next word out loud, she hadn't meant it to be said out loud when she said it but she had said it unconsciously without even thinking that she way saying it at all. Angad looked at her amused then smirked. Kripa looked up secretly to see if he had heard it, apparently she couldn't hope for something good to happen to her or for her when he smirked. 'Great!' she told herself sarcastically 'Now he's gonna use that to embarrass me or insult me! Just why on earth I had to say "Ew!" out loud? Kripa, I'm going to kill you tonight!!'





Preview: Angad's first lesson



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ice _girl IF-Dazzler
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ice _girl

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hey congratulations n it was a good part poor K being annoyed by A god its like she will kill him anytime soon
jiya imdad Goldie
jiya imdad
jiya imdad

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hey Congratulations!!

awesome part!! angad sure is having fun in irritating kripa! can't wait for the next part!! angad's first lesson now that should be fun!! Wink
Shazia_haya IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ice _girl

hey congratulations n it was a good part poor K being annoyed by A god its like she will kill him anytime soon

Thanks.....and thx knows if that's what K does.....Wink

Originally posted by jiya imdad

hey Congratulations!!

awesome part!! angad sure is having fun in irritating kripa! can't wait for the next part!! angad's first lesson now that should be fun!! Wink's first Don't forget Kripa's there too.....WinkLOL.........

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jiya imdad Goldie
jiya imdad
jiya imdad

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hmm... when are u going to continue?
sorry just a little curious Embarrassed

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