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India Updates 12/20-23

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The spotlight is focused on Kareena but Prem  manages to convince the DJ to focus the light over Pammi.

Kareena asks Prem where he was all this while. He says he was trying to save her.

Pammi whispers something into Tushars ears. Tushar comes over to Kareena and Prem and tells Mr. Sood that he had hidden something from him.He says that he just got to know that Mrs. Sood was a great dancer and wanted his permission to dance with her. Prem agrees with a naughty smile. Pammi now wants her revenge. She wants to see how Kareena can dance with a saree on.

Initially Kareena trips but she and Tushar dance very well. Pammi is jealous .Prem is there to give her company. He is moving behind her telling her that they are dancing well .She gets angry ,asks him how much Kareena paid him to act like her husband and also offers to pay him double. Prem says that she could pay her later but first he wanted to hold her hand and then begins twirling her around and dances.

Ali chacha calls the hotel, his daughter- in- law  picks up and scolds him for not coming to the hotel to visit them .She also tells him that she is worried what people would think of her husband, that he was not looking after his father and so on[but it was the exact truth!] chacha wants to speak to his grand children.She says they are asleep[both were playing in the background].He looked so sad.

Pammi goes to the bar and orders a champaign.The bartender remarks that the couple were dancing very well [Tushar n kareena] Pammi gets angry and smashes the glass against the table. She goes and tells Tushar that she was hungry and wanted something to eat. Tushar goes to place some order. Pammi and Kareena as usual have a discussion[each filled with hatred for the other] Pammi tells Kareena that she could tell the truth about RJK but what would he think about Kareena who posed as Mrs. .Sood at Chamatkar. She also tells her that both were immersed head to foot in lies and asks Kareena to leave Tushar alone as he loved her. Kareena tells her that it is RJK that he loves and not Pammi. Infact he was embarrassed whenever he was with her because of her and her actions. Tushar comes back after placing the order. Both have a cold look on their faces. Pammi says that she has changed her mind and wanted to dance.

Kareena  goes and joins Prem .Prem gets a call from Ruhi and leaves Kareena to handle her' hero'.

Kareena is dancing near the Pammi Tushar jodi and Tushar dances with kareena leaving pammi.Prem suddenly comes ,drags Kareena aside and tells her that they had to  get out of there ASAP coz  he had a date with Ruhi at the same place and she would be there any moment, and would kill him if she somehow got to know he was with kareena.

In the car kareena is thinking that Pammi and Tushar may go on a long drive and is jealous.

Prem  is telling her if caught, Ruhi would prepare' burjis' out of him .Kareena says she disliked 'burjis'and asks him if she didn't know to cook anything else. He says of course she does : bheja fry!

They reach Kareenas place .Kareena asks him to drop her at some distance from the house coz if the landlady[don't know her name ,but is pammis mom]saw her in that get up she would prepare 'Rasam'out of her. Prem tells her he disliked rasam and asks her if she didn't know to cook anything else. Kareena smiles.

Tushar is driving Pammi to her place.Pammi  asks him how much he had to pay for the glasses she broke, and says she is going to repay it to him ,also asks if he was embarrassed of her presence and actions.He says no matter how she is or what she does, he loves her .she  looks satisfied.

Pammi doesn't want him to know where she was staying and gives him wrong directions, they go about the same place in circles. Finally she asks to stop in front of a place, he tells her that they had passed that place many times and if she had told him earlier, he would have stopped there itself. She says if she had done so, she could not have had such a long ride with him. He complements her for the idea.

The next morning Buji is asking Tushar how his date at the Disco was. Tushar  says that it was fine.Buji asks him why he looked so dull.Tushar tell that he was very confused that a person could be so different at two different places.That Kareena at the show sounded so mature and when they met personally she acted so immature and childish. Buji says that when she was working she was with her boss and when they were together things were different, as he was …'a special friend' to her.He add that  Neelu too acted childish and what not with him at home but on entering the office she was a changed person. Tushar agrees.

At the office Veronica is shouting at Kareena that there was some error in the letter typed by .Kareena is asking her to point out the mistake but Veronica is still scolding her.Tushar comes to the scene, tells Veron that mistakes do happen at times, takes the letter from her hand, corrects it and hands it over to her.Asks kareena to go back to her place.When she is about to leave, Tushar complements her about her dancing skills and tell her that he had never imagined she could dance so well. She says that often we think something about a person which is not the reality.Tushar agrees.He wants to tell her something but stops.She asks him to tell her what he wanted to tell. He says 'Kareena..' and again stops. She tells him that  he could share his feelings openly with her.Also tells him that he must have imagined RJK to be different from what she was .She adds that one had to love from within and not love the person[I am finding it difficult to translate]{she is telling indirectly :love RJK and not Pammi}

Kareena mom n sis arrive and is greeted by Pammi. They ask her about kareena.She says that Kareena had not eaten breakfast and didn't speak to her when she called Chamatkar.She also suggests that they leave at once to Chamatkar to meet Kareena in the same Rickshaw, gives them the address.They leave to meet Kareena at Chamatkar.

Jia [Kareena's sister] hopes that Kareena likes the surprise

Pammi claps and tells to herself 'Pam you are brilliant!'


Ali Chacha and Punditji come to know of the arrival of Kareena's mom n sis.They decide to call her and inform her.

At Chamatka rall are busy at a meeting. Tushar is presenting a new project which he tells should be ready by 1 month. Kareenas mobile rings loudly and disturbs everyone .she disconnects the call[it is from Ali chacha].Neelu is telling everyone that their product is not that popular in the South and hence they had to work on it.By then the meeting is disturbed by the ringing of kareena's mobile.[again the calls are disconnected.]Neelu is telling Kareena indirectly that  everyone had to leave back their mobiles at their desks before attending a meeting and that she would not tolerate any more calls during the meeting.Just then  a obile rings. This time it is Tushars[Pammi badly wants to know what is happening and so is calling Tushar]Neelu asks him to disconnect the call and hand over the mobile to P.K but Tushar keeps it with him.Tribhuvanji is busy scribbling something .It is a portrait of a female[looks like Veronica who is sitting infront of him]P.K seated beside him asks him if it was a portrait of their childhood neighbour .Tribhuvanji manages to tell P.K with facial expressions that it was Veronica .Both giggle. Neelu asks them what their discussion was about and also tells them to tell it openly .Tribhuvanji tells her that he was discussing with P.K about how to popularize their product in the South.

Neelu tells them that they would take a break for 15 min ., meet again at 12.15 pm and before attending the meeting all had  to call and speak to whomever they wanted but leave behind their mobiles.She gives Kareena a list of things to be done before attending the next session.Tribhuvanji shows pity on kareena and asks Neelu how Kareena could do so many things in 15 minutes.Neelu tells him that Kareena is 'Sundar, susheel……'and that she would somehow manage to complete the job.

Ali chacha and Punditji decide to call Prem and inform him about the problem.

Prem is speaking to Ruhi who is at the parlour.He promises her this time he would go out with her,he keeps her on hold ,attends Ali chachas call ,promises to go to Chamatkar  personally. Ruhi who isI listening is  angry at prem.

Ali Chacha and punditji decide to go to Chamatkar .they go to the Dhobi and Ali Chacha selects his 'Dadaji'outfit and punditji, a guards outfit.

Pammi is speaking to tushar.He apologizes  and tells her that he had to disconnect the call as he was at a meeting.She asks him how the 'mausam'at Chamatkar was.He is surprised at her interest in Chamatkar all of a sudden and asks her regarding the same .She tells him that she has an intuition that something is going to happen at Chamatkar. He promises to inform her if anything special comes up.

Pammi can't stand the suspense and decides to go to Chamatkar.To prevent herself from being identified, she decides to go on a disguise.She asks her mom to drape a saree around her.Her mom is surprised but obliges. She is shown wearing a cobalt blue saree with a red border, with a huge round bindi.Her mom is pleased to see her daughter wearing a saree.

Kareena's mom and sis are worried that they have not yet reached Chamatkar .Suddenly Jia sights a shooting set up and asks the driver to stop.Her mom tells her they had to get going as they were already late. Jia tells that this was Mumbai and the shooting may have Hritik Roshan as the star and if it was true then she wanted to see him, she promises to come back soon.

None of the actors /actresses have arrived.But they are expectingthe actressplaying  Roshans[the actor s name]sister any moment.Jia arrives and they mistake her for the actress and ask her to get ready soon.She is puzzled and asks him what her part was.He tell her that she was Roshan's sister.Jia is delighted and agrees to change.She is shocked when she is asked to wear a mini. She asks if it was necessary to wear the dress The person tell her that the director felt that acting would be easier with that dress.He explains to her that she would be rescued by her brother Roshan when the gangster tried to rape her .She disappears at once and is shown sitting inside the auto hastily and all shaken!She wants to leave the place immediately.

Chacha and Punditji arrive at the gates of Chamatkar.They don't see Prem and Chacha decides to go and meet Kareena.Punditji is keeping  watch as a guard at the gate.

Pammi reaches and is hiding behind  a bush watching everything.

Prem reaches the gate but is not seen by punditji.He too rushes to meet kareena thinking that Chacha and Punditji have not arrived.

Neelu, Tribhuvan ,Tushar and Kareena are about to leave for a meeting[Neelu has left P.K in charge of the office]when Kareena sees chacha and calls him'Dadaji. Just then Prem  comes hurriedly and calls Kareena.. Everyone has a confused look.


Neelu asks them what they were doing there.Dadaji replies that he tried to call kareena but it was disconnected .Neelu asks him how he could reach so soon from Chandigarh toMumbai .Prem says that chacha called from the railway station.They ask him when he arrived from Lonawala.He says he had just arrived. Neelu asks them to tell Kareena what they wanted to soon as they were getting late for the meeting .Prem is keeping his mouth shut fearing that chacha would simultaneously speak something else.Chacha is not speking for the same reason.Finally Kareena manages to utter'Keys'.Both smile and exclaim'Yes keys!' Neelu gives a questioning look.Kareena tells her that though Neelu suggests to keep Personal and professional life separate, sometimes she forgets to leave the keys behind and brings them to the office.Neelu asks Prem about the keys .He tells her that he had goen to Dehra Dun from Lonawala for an exhibition of  new buffaloes in order to purchase some and befor going there he had left the keys behind and seeing the house locked, he had come here .Dadaji tells her that he had come for 'Tillu'to Lonawala and finding the house locked he had come here .Neelu seems satisfied and asks kareena to hand them the keys so that they could leave at once for the meeting.She is searching for the keys in her purse. Tushar suggests that she search for the keys at leisure and that they would go to the meeting without her.They leave.

Pammi who is watching everything is disappointed.She is also awarded with ample bird poop on her blouse[back][remember she was hiding behind a bush.]

Prem and Chacha  drag kareena and tell her about the arrival of her mom and sis. She is angry at Pammi.She is worried as she has to change her clothes and the place where she usually does it is far off. Prem offers her his car.

Tushar calls Pammi to tell her nothing turned up at the office .She says she already knew it.

Mom n sis finally reach Chamatkar and ask the guard[punditji]if he knew Kareena sood.He says he knew her and goes away to bring a book. He is stalling them by asking them to fill in their names address phone nos. their favourite food, if they were vegetarians or non-vegetarians and so on.They are tired of his strange behavoiur and mom threatens to complain .He agrees to take them to Kareena , asks them to leave  their luggage there itself.

He takes them on a different path explaining to them that it was the nearest route to Kareenas place .They are walking for about half an hour,mom is tired and punditji is convincing her that it took hours to meet her but he was taking them faster.

They finally reach the place where they had kept their luggage.Mom has had enough of the guard and tells him she can walk no more.Sis asks him to inform  Kareena to meet them.He tells them that she was not available at present as she had already left. They tell him that they had not seen her leave .He says that he had seen her leave. Mom is really upset. Kareena greets her mom by closing her eyes from behind.

She also scolds punditji for having troubled them and asks him to leave.He happily thanks her and leaves, Kareena silently thanks Punditji for having helped her.

Pammi is greeted by a group of Hijras infront of her house.Theybegin singing and dancing around her.She is calling her mom.

Kareena reaches her place with her mom n sis.Pammi calls out for kareenas help.Kareena ignores her.Her cries are masked by the singing and she is covered by the dancers!

All three are welcomed by Pam's mom[she is telling to herself :as if one was not enough, she has brought her family along]She hears her daughters cries and asks Kareena if it was Pammi's voice.Kareena shuts the door and tells her that it was not Pammi and that she must be have gone out with some work.Kareena excuses herself , goes to her room and hides the cards ,gifts and sarees inside the cupboard.

Prem is following Ruhi out of the shop with both hands loaded with bags.She is speaking to someone on her mobile and is telling that her boyfriend was very understanding and carried the bags for her.He is cursing his fate.She asks him o open the door of the car for herhis hands are full and he asks her to do it for him.

She opens the door and is angry to find a mangalsutra[Kareena changed inside the car]and confronts him.He says that it was a surprise for her.She says for the timebeing he could keep it for himself and goes off on her own.Prem is cursing Kareena that she would never let him settle down .

Kareena and Pammi are speaking .Pammi tells Kareena never to do what she did that day again and sarcastically says that she was of great help to her.Kareena too thanks her sarcastically for having called her mom n sis.She also tells that both could not admit the truth and there was no end to their lieing. Pammi tells her that there was an ending: when Tushar would marry her[pam]Kareena says that though her dream was good , it would never be fulfilled.

Kareena's mom tells her that she has decorated her room nicely and that she would make a good homemaker.Kareena tells  to herself that she had already found the person and only had to intro him.

Kareena and her sis are sleeping on their moms lap. Kareena is thinking 'mom's lap –there is no better place in this world'.'

Thursday: Sorry, can't update this episode :had a power cut Angry

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thanx for the wonderful update
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Great Update. Hopefully someone else can update Thursday . Its getting really interesting
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AWESOME updates! thanksClap
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 THANKS A MILLION, anshu, i was dying to ge these updates, we are not getting zee anymore.
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Thak you soooo much for taking your time and writing this great update!!Thanks


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