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**Happy Birthday Reema (Reema_J)!!** (Page 8)

Reema_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
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Posted: 17 September 2007 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_kp

Welcome Friends!

This post is for Chicken my dearest sweetheart,
The one that stole this karela's hard-to-win heart!


She is the poetess that rocks Music Corner to her melodious tunes, 
She is the one that can shop till the whole world is out of shoes and perfumes....


She is Our Rockstar...Our Princess of India-forums,
Even Akki and Shah Rukh cannot deny that this girl RULES!


(^Sorry I am not good w/ poems like u :( ... )

If you haven't guessed it, she is our charming, our sophisticated, our witty, our funny, our poet, our Moderator, who celebrates her birthday today (15th Sept)!! She is the one and only.....

(^didn't I dress u up pweety pink?LOL)


Wish you a verrry HaPpY 22nD BiRtHdAy Reema!!!!Hug


I keep saying you are turning old, and only on this day and this day aloneTongue, I shall say you are NEVER going to turn old...with your spirit, your enthusiasm, your perspective on everything, your way of shopping and your way of being are one person that knows how to live it up!Wink Besides this oh-so-wild side of yours'LOL, you are one heck of a friend that I can always depend on to bring a HUGE smile on my face with your pollo (i got it right this timeLOL) dances, to your scary weird looking emoticons towards my random discussionsLOL, to your sad and angry faces, to your maturity towards your friends, to being a real friend when u helped me realise who I am your love, warmth, care and affection. I love so much more about you, that the list is pretty long for me to go on and on about here....and I don't want you to sleep like Ross did when Rachel rambled on about their "on a break" stuffLOL 

So, all I want to say can be summed up in three words....I LOVE YOU, and hope you get everything that you wish for this coming year and may it be filled with lots of laughter, lots of happiness, lots of success, and lots of love. Hug

Now here are my gifts for you:

22. Messages  from your Friends. Since everyone knows you love shopping, they have done a bit for you this time! Here is what they bought along w/ their messages for you:



I wish u a very happy 'birthday to my shopalcholic pal... also  happy ramadan  to

U... I ts been over a yr since I have known u.. since u join PZ mania n I srk n the strange thing is though we are orginators of thoseclubs we are not so active now...Yet prior to things getting hectic theclubs share alot..I remember the games n happenings... Well In that time  thru our talks on msn I have gotten to know that U n I share many things like music, shopping n liking srk n akki u know there acting..well .thats wat we say. ( in mast kalandar must say they looking smashing...hmmmm!!!) N since its urbday u may enjoy them...(see I know how to sacrifice) I guess that is my gift to U(see generous nah!!!) ..Well I want to wish u a very happy entertaining bday..hope u get many presents..listen to himesh songs..see heybabyy(ifseen see again)... esp mast kalandar..n i om shanti om out soon too(n srk  hes looking hmmm man he really work out!!!) Well  have a good time with ur special someone, as awell as pals, relatives, n ur luv ones...Also remember me on this occassion n save some special sweets n all!!!

Ur special gal pal,


Smarty aka Simply_Smart

First the Gift:

I would gift her a shoe rack. Believing that she has a lot of shoes, I am sure she will need some way of storing and organizing them. With this, she can just "grab 'em 'n go" if she is in a rush.

And then...the message:

Dearest Reema Di,

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to You!

Clap Hug Clap HugClap

Its been the longest time since I've spoken to have you been? The first time we spoke was around the time you were suppose to go Salsa Dancing. I have no idea why, but I very clearly remember that. I always imagined you to be wearing a red dress while you set the floor on fire so here is a necklace, thriving to be as beautiful as you, to match the dress.

Happy Birthday!

Hug Hug Hug

I hope you have a great day filled with lots of fun and an awesome year coming up!

Lots of Love,


P.S.: Don't forget to send some cake my way. Tongue

Sneha3105 aka Sneha

First, here are the presents:

If there is one thing Reema loves shopping for is shoes soinstad of gifting her one pair, i'll gift her a lifetime supply of shoes (though never possible cause she'll never be satisfied)

Shoes for every occasion:
Party wear:


And cinderella glass heels so that she can accidently leave them somewhere for her prince charming to find! LOLLOL

Second, here's the message:

Heylo Reema!!

Happy Birthday!! Hahaha your growing older, and hopefully wiser,LOLLOL though i doubt it.LOLLOL As years pass, i hope you grow out of your compulsive addiction to shopping and especially shoe shoppingLOLLOL. Prior to your bitthday you would have at least 50 pair of shoes? LOL. Anyway hope you have a great birthday with loads of cakes, presents and shoes! LOL And hope youryear is filled with loads more shopping trips!

Its been a long time since we chatted but chatting with you if alot of fun. I'll remember out hyper and stupid convos always. And then u trying, and failing to teach me how to walk with stilettoes. Oh yes, make sure you teach me that. I still cant walk with heels! OuchEmbarrassed I nalways end up tripping or having to hold someone if the heels are bigger than abt 2 inches! OuchOuch And i also dont understand how you can love shopping! never explained to me how you never get bored? ConfusedLOLLOL Before, people start labling us as lunatics, i also remember the sane convos we had about universities and etc. Though rare, they existed! LOLLOL

Anyway, hope your having a hyper birthday! take care and hope we get to talk soon! Big smile



Reemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....A very very happy birthday to you....and a big huggggggggggggg on this special day....Hug many many happy returns of the day....may Almighty Allah give you long life, success, health, wealth, happiness and lots of love in your life....may you always shine on mc and in the whole as you are..cheerful and caring..enjoy your day!! here are your gifts:Big smile (including for the last 11 yearsWinkLOL)



Happy Birthday Reema *hug*Big smileI hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Don't party too hard Wink & remember to save some cake for all of us at Music Corner TongueBig smile For your bday I gift you a stereo player as I know you love your music jus as much as I do Embarrassed Have a fab day Reema!
Take care, Love Jem Big smile


Namaste Reema ji, 

happy birthday may u be blessed. I would like to gift u  these items:  new shoes, a skirt,  an a new gucci purse. Please use these on ur  a special nite out.. Again happy birthdaySmile
gudia(gudia8712). Ps I love to shop as well..


Happy birthday Reema hope you have a great one!

MNMS (Maryam)

Wishing you loads of celebrations, cool surprises and lots of happiness on this special day. Happy Birthday, Reema! I hope you get the best in life

  SpoILed BraT

hey reema!! a very happy birthday to you! i cant believe its been more than a
year since i got to know you... time flew by so fast ryt? i remember the first
time i posted in MC... it was in one of the games and i wasnt sure if i was
allowed to join since everyone playing there pretty much knew each other
but u made me feel so welcomed... and now i can definitely say you're one of
my closest friends on IF... im really really glad i got to know you and
although we have never met in person, i can say with no doubt that you are
a great friend... keep smiling! and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -lots of
love, rashmi


Thanks to Pari for helping collect messages and Thanks to Khushi for the pretty siggi!Hug

Hope you enjoy your day, and have the best birthday EVER! Have a second party and don't forget to invite me.Tongue


-All your friends at India-Forums-

@ Khair: Karelaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hug I Heart You! Embarrassed This is such a beautiful post and it's all for me! TongueEmbarrassed Thank you so, so, so much for all the beautiful words and who says you're not a "poetess!" I think you beat me anyday... my shairs are SO regular! Ouch I love how you included SRK and Akki's opinion about me... they always tell me that lekin I'm glad they finally admitted it to a friend also! EmbarrassedWinkLOL Oh... yes, I liked the way you dressed me up in pink and question: how'd you get to know about my perfume fetish as well?! ErmmEmbarrassed Your words have really touched my heart... especially when you admitted that I'm not old! LOL I had so been waiting to hear that from you... it was like music to my ears! LOLEmbarrassed Don't worry, I am not about to fall asleep on you like Ross did with Rachel's letters! ROFL No, but seriously, I don't know if I'm worthy of so many beautiful words but I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I am thankful to have found a friend like you... you're one sweet Karela! EmbarrassedHeart As for your gifts, they were absolutely amazing... loved everything, especially all the extra dance lessons (but.... does that mean you're gettin' tired or pollo? [;[]) and the most expensive shoes and the songs! Hehe.. Smack That Dancing and Ab To Forever Dancing!!! Well, what can I say... everything was fabulous... from the start of this chicken's post until the end of the messages, I can't thank you (and Pari for helping with all this) enough! Hug Love, tumhari chickeeennnn! *POLLO* (Only for you)! Embarrassed

@ Pari: Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes! Hug Ramadan Mubarak to you as well! Embarrassed Are you fasting this year? Hehe! And yes, I agree... Akki and SRK look absolutely gorgeous in Mast Kalandar and yes, SRK's body is wayyyy SEXY now! I've been catchin' the previews of OSO as often as I can! Embarrassed Thanks again for the wishes and for always being such a great friend... we do have a lot of common and it's always fun havin' lil' discussions with you, even though they're quite rare and short nowadays! EmbarrassedHug

@ Smarty: Awww... thank you for the shoe organizer and the necklace! I know, it really has been a long time since we've spoken... I've been doin' just fine, keepin' a lil' busy now actually but how about you?! Hope all is goin' well! And yeah, I actually remember that too, I was plannin' on goin' salsa dancing over the weekend around the time that I met you! Hehe... it's odd how these things stick to our minds, isn't it? Hehe! Embarrassed But yeah... we should catch up sometime soon, once again, thanks for the wonderful wishes! Hug

@ Sneha: Dang... I am happy just seein' all those shoes! Embarrassed Thanks SO much for them! Big smile A lot of them are totally my style and ones that I'd wear although, I'd keep the glass ones in some showcase somewhere, you know, since I already have my Prince Charming! Hehe! Embarrassed But yeah... I AM gettin' wiser (Angry) and yes, whether people believe it or not, we have had serious chats about school/uni's, no matter how short and rare they were, they happened! LOL And as for gettin' over my shoe fetish... NEVER! I don't think of it as a bad addiction, you shouldn't either... especially if you want to learn how to walk in those heels, you need to respect the shoes first! LOLWink Hehe... okie, I'll stop... thanks again for the gifts and wishes! Big smile

@ Samreen/Simmi: Thank you!!! Hug Thanks for ALL the sweet words, you really are one heck of a sweet and fun person, it's been fun gettin' to know you around MC and hopefully, we'll get to know each other even better! Thanks for all the gifts too! EmbarrassedHug

@ Jem: Thank you Jem! Hug Aww... I haven't talked to you in the longest time, how have you been?! Embarrassed Thanks for the stereo... am goin' to jam to HR's latest tracks and some others! Hope the HR club is goin' well btw.. haven't posted in there in the longest time but rest assured, am still a fan! EmbarrassedWink

@ Gudia: Thank you so much for the wishes and pretty much, a new outift! Hehe! Just need a top and I'm good to go! You love shoppin' as well, eh? Join the club... hmm, I should make a shop-a-holic club, if it doesn't already exist! Ermm Hehe... anyways, hope all is goin' well with you! Thanks once again for the wish! Embarrassed

@ Meetu: Thank you for the wishes! Embarrassed

@ Maryam: Thanks for the wishes! Embarrassed How have you been... haven't talked to you in a while either! Smile

@ Rashmi: Awww... Rashmi! Thanks so much for everything, the wishes, the other birthday post, the beautiful friendship that I so treasure now... jsut everything! What more can I say.. I posted a lot already in the other thread but just wanted to agree with you, you are also one of my closest friends here! Hug 

(Thanks Khair and Pari for this beautiful post.. I really do appreciate it... Heart)! Embarrassed

Reema_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
Posts: 17760

Posted: 17 September 2007 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Will reply to others soon... sorry am takin' so long, my schedule has just messed up but I'll try to be back soon!

Am sleepy now though! Embarrassed
Reema_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
Posts: 17760

Posted: 18 September 2007 at 5:30am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sneha3105

First to post!


i hope u have got over ur obsession of shoes!

how many pairs do u own anyway? LOL LOL



Thanks again Sneha! Big smile Uhhh... no, haven't gotten over my obsession and don't plan on it either! Embarrassed Hehe, I have about a lil' over 100 hundred pairs (nothing right?), not including those that I plan on buying with my gift cards! WinkLOL 

Originally posted by .::Kittu::.

Happy Birthday Reema ! Hope you have a BLAST ! Hug Dancing

Thank you SO MUCH! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Lil Ms.Sunshine

wow, so many bdays today!!

Happy Birthday Reema! I hope you have a good one! Hug

Thank you very much! Big smileEmbarrassed I had a fabulous one, thanks!

Originally posted by SpoILed BraT

happy happy happy birthday reemz!! Hug

Thank you... once again Rashmi! Hug 

Originally posted by momogrl21

Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy Reemaaaaa!!HugHugHug
Hope you have a fabulous birthday with tons of fun...and shoes!
Looks like you've got quite the amount for presents!!
Lucky gal! Anyways, I hope you get all the wishes and dreams you want! Hope you have a joyous and happy birthday that give you a huge smile for years to come! From what i know, you're definitely a most rocking person!! Send me some shoes too lol.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!HugHugHug

Love, Momo

Thank you Momo! Hug  Thanks for the wonderful wishes, I did have a fabulous birthday and though I didn't actually get any shoes yet, I will be using those gift cards from Aldo, Nine West, etc. from a few of my friends very soon! Embarrassed  And as for me being a rockin' person, yeah... I am! LOL Hehe, JK! You are! Wink What kind of shoes do you want, hmmm?! WinkEmbarrassed And... how have you been? I've been so out of touch with all of ya'll... I need to get myself back to that Viewbie section sometime and see what you guys have been up to there! Wink[

Originally posted by jenny1000

Happy Birthday Reema Hug

Hope u have a great day Tongue

Thank you Jenny! Hug 

Originally posted by Gracella

Happy Birthday Reema!! Many happy returns of the day!!
may all your dreams come true!

Thank you for the wishes Gracella! Big smile How have you been?! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Xx..uvt..xX

Reemaaaa! HugHugHug Happppppy Birthdayyy! Hap hap happpyy birthday! LOL
Aww wow 22 already..ur getting oldddd woman! not long before u turn 50! WinkLOL
hahaha jus kiddin ROFL i tried to post this EXACTLY at 12am for u... so hopefully
it worked! i think it did Ermm coz 3pm.. 12am.. hmm sounds right to me Big smile
Anyway Reemz..aww happy bday sweetie..honestly i'm so blessed to hav a friend like u!
I'm so glad i met u.. so glad we jus randomly started PMing each other..they jus got longer and longer LOL and now they've jus stopped LOLwell thats coz we dont need em no more, now that
we talk often enough Big smile but sachi..ur suchhh a sweetheart Hug hehe and i cant believe u think im adorable.. pfft puhlease! LOL but no one can deny, ur the HOT n happening one between us all Wink i mean cmon with that hectic shoe collection of urs Big smile i admire u for those lil fancies of urs hehe its cute! i would
say its really 'funky' but then i dont want u taking the wrong meaning outta it ROFL Alright so anyway, my point is, ur a gorrrgeous person, inside AND out! whether u
admit it or not, i truly believe ur gorgeous! and nothin u say can change that so shhh! We've had many many great times and convos together LOL we talk about well, just about
anything! I feel real open with u, and feel i can tell u anything without hesitation.. and i really appreciate that in u Embarrassed Thanku for always being good times and bad..i hope we always remain as close as we are now.. and never ever lose touch.
Happppy Birthday once again Reemz Hug
Have a wonderful day, save some cake for me.. and tell me allllll about itwhen we next talk! I wanna hear everything Wink Big smile xoxoxo Hug

~Luv, Luvneet~

Awwww... Luv! Hug What more can I say to you... I posted quite a bit in the thread that Rashmi made! I wanted to mention this time though, how I loved the way you called my shoe collection "hectic!" I thought it was funny! LOL Hehe! Girl, I'm tellin' you, it's not hectic enough for me... did you see that pic of Mariah Carey's shoe closet that Ritz posted for me? NOW.... that's what I'm talkin' about! CoolEmbarrassed Hehe... luv you luv! Hug

Originally posted by afucutie

Happy Bud-day Reema LOL Embarrassed hope u have a blast and hope all ur wishes and dreamz cum true
luv afu Embarrassed

Thank you for the wishes Afu! EmbarrassedBig smile

Originally posted by x-MiNaLi-x

Happy Birthday Big smile

Thank you Minali! Big smile

Originally posted by Lady In Pink

HugHaaaappppppyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyy Reema!Hug

Have a blast !! And a girl can never shop i hope you never get over the shopoholism Tongue

Thank you! Hug And I totally agree with you... I don't want to get over my obsession (won't call it an addiction)! Hehe! Thanks once again! Hug

Originally posted by ankuhujulover

Happy Bday Reema Big smile

wish u the best for life....

ps..khairu lovelyyy postt...loved d gifts fr reema Embarrassed

Thank you Anku! Big smileBig smileEmbarrassed And I agree.. Khair did a fabulous job! Embarrassed

Originally posted by farislove

WOWWWWWWWWWW Clap Big smile Embarrassed, a very very very very happy birthday Reemz Hug

And many many many many returns of the day....

Thank you so much for the wishes! Big smileEmbarrassed


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Reema_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 November 2005
Posts: 17760

Posted: 18 September 2007 at 6:30am | IP Logged
@ kothra: Thank you! Big smile

@ ~*Neha*~: Thank you! Big smile

@ Anu.Rad: Thank you for the wishes! Smile

@ Khushi: Thanks for the wishes... and I think we all know that you're the rockstar! Embarrassed Hug How did your birthday go? Smile

@ Sia: Thank you for the wishes sweetie! Hug

@ Leena: Thank you so much! Hug How have you been?! Big smile

@ Ashna: Thank you so much... for the wishes, the flowers and the cake! Embarrassed Big smile

@ sanober88: Thank you! Smile

Originally posted by bollycrazy

REEEMAAAAAAAAAAA!!! omgggg!! I didn't even know it was ur bday today! poo... but its k.. il rem from now on!

but... HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Hope u have a rockinggggggggg dayyyyy and get all the shoes u everrrrrrrrrrrr wanted!

Enjoy this special day jaani!!! Love u lotsss!!! Glad i met u over our shared passion for shoes! luv yaaa!

now from me... ANYYYY pair of shoes u want! well... the foto at least

love u! enjoy ur day!!! xxx

Thank you Kansha! Hug Hug Awww... it's alright that you didn't know, I don't remember tellin' you! But... thanks for the wishes sweetie! And for the shoes (in advance)... or the "foto!" (That was cute)! LOL I shall choose a pair and let you know! LOL Hug

@ sateera_angad: Thank you for the wishes! Smile

@ Rachna: Thank you! Hug

@ pinkbubblez: Thank you for the lovely wishes! Smile

@ ammmu: Thank you for the wishes Ammu! Hug I know, it's been a while since we've talked/chatted, how have you been?! Oh... you liked my "how YOU doin'?" huh?! Me and my "Friends" attitude... am highly obsessed, probably more than Khair/Naina! Embarrassed LOL

@ preity*zinta: Thank you so much! Big smile

@ niya: Thank you Niya! Hug Awww... there wouldn't be a SRK FC without me? No, there wouldn't be one without all of you, I'm sorry I'm so inactive there when it comes to posting, but trust me, I always know what's goin' on! Speakin' of SRK... have you seen that body?! Day Dreaming

Originally posted by Virgo_Stars

Hii Reema!!!
Many many happy returns of the day, Reema. haha we are all growing older eh
Hope u have the most fantastic birthday and a superrrrr year ahead of u! With cars, presents, shopping, clothes, crushes, family, friends and so much more
Oo btw i have news. U know how i used to hate shopping? i started loving it i knoww its so goofy but yes Since the past 6-7 months, i am beginning to love shopping (blame the age?). but my parents aren't happy considering how it strains their credit cards Anyways that was totally random hehe....
U have a wonderfulll birthday!!! Here are ur gifts...
Have a rocking birthday, Reemaa!!
loads of love,

Nainaaaa! Thank you so much! Hug Well, you mentioned the growing older part lekin I'm glad you said "we!" Everyone else seems to think it's just me! LOL (Oh... that rhymed... Dancing)! LOL Okay... I am SO happy to hear how you converted and now love shopping (your parents on the other hand... yeah, not so sure)! Hehe! YAY... what have you been shoppin' for, hmmm?! Wink And you can blame the age but I blame the girl in you! Embarrassed LOL Thanks again for the wonderful wishes and gifts (am SO using that Akki sig, loved it... especially because it's so true... LOL)! Hug Like you said, here's to more shoppin', crushes, etc.! Embarrassed Big smile Wink

@ Saara COMB: Thank you for the wishes! Big smile

@ Sanjana: Thank you once again for the wishes and for all the shoes! Embarrassed Hug I posted a longer reply for you in the other thread! Big smile

@ Parth13: Thank you! Smile

@ fariha17: Thank you Fariha! Hug

@ amreen1409: Thank you so much Amreen! Big smile Yeah, that was a great contest, I participated a couple of times... do you still do that? Embarrassed I look forward to gettin' to know you better as well! Smile

@ Simmi: Thank you! Big smile Posted more for you in the other thread! Big smile

@ Sania: Thank you so muhc.... also posted more for you in the other thread! Smile

@ Ana: Thank you SO much for everything! Hug Where have you been... haven't seen you in a while! Embarrassed

@ Anju: Thank you so much for the wishes! Hug

@ Vandu4ever: Thank you! Big smile

@ Cuteboy123: Thank you so much! Big smile And... of course, we can be friends! I did reply to your PM, btw! Smile

@ Nusheen: Thank you! Smile

@ bollywoodcrazed: Thank you! Smile

@ LoVeLyJyOtI: Thank you so much for everything... especially the shoes! Big smile Would like to become friends as well! Smile

@ Shelly: Thank you! Hug OMG... haven't talked to you in the longest time... how are you?! Big smile Thanks again for the wishes! Embarrassed

@ devil8442002: Thank you for the wishes! Smile

@ kyph fan 4eva: Thank you! Smile

@ dramaholic: Thank you! Smile

@ gk_09: Thank you Gurprit! Hug How's it been gon'?! Embarrassed

@ umi82990: Thanks Umi! Big smile

@ Bilo~91: Thank you! Smile


Thanks once again to every one of you for the wonderful wishes! Smile

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