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Adi/Mets UnExpected *Ch 13 Up!*

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Adi & Maithili FF – Unexpected

CH 1 – Exchange Favors

Vikram Aditiya Mehra aka Adi hurries through the hallways of his college.  He needs to get out of there right now before…

"Ditching class again?" says a nearby shadow.

A young womam appears out of the darkness as she steps into the afternoon sunlight. 

Great. This is not at all what I need right now.

"Is staying put in class too much for your teeny brain to handle Adi!"

Arrgghh. This woman.

"I thought you were going to try to avoid making my life hell, especially after all the help I gave you with your …."

Before she could finish, Adi rushes past her.

"Hey! Adi!" running after him.

She grabs a hold of his arm.

"What's wrong?" her voice full of genuine concern.

"Let go Maithili! Lecture me later. Right now I have to get home. Mama needs me."

Without throwing another glance her way, Adi walks off.  Maithili is left feeling like an idiot.  She and Adi had traveled a lot since their earlier days of complete and utter indifference for each other.  They had, dare she say, become close to being friends, but they still maintained the fun bickering that had existed in their past relationship.  Before when Maithili had stopped Adi thinking that he was cutting class again, she was doing just that.  She was being blunt with Adi and thus, fighting with him because that's what they did probably because both of them still irritated each other, affected each other, clashed with each other.  They never held anything back from each other.  When they get along, they really get along.  When they have fun hanging out, they really have fun.  And when they fight, they really fight. 

"Oh god.  He should have said something before I mouthed off," she whispers in the empty hallway and walks away.

*          *          *

"Uncle! Where's Ma?!" Adi storms into his mansion of a home.

Mr. Suresh Mehra comes downstairs and calmly points upstairs.  Adi rushes up the stairs and bursts open his mom's room door.


"Hi beta," weakly replies his mom with a smile.

"Oh my god, Ma.  You see me, you can talk to me. Oh my god," he hugs her tightly.

"All thanks to Ms. Janki."

All thanks to someone else too.

*          *          *

"Hey Adi!" Maithili comes out of the library doors and power walks towards Adi.

"Maithili," he says sternly.

"Look,  I'm  sorry about yesterday.  I didn't know.."

Puts out his right hand to signal her to stop, " Listen.  I owe you ok.  I owe you big.  My mom's all better now," the sparkle in his voice returns as he says that.

"What? Wow! I'm so happy for you Adi!"

"And since I don't want to have to owe you for life.  I will do something for you."

"Come on Adi.  You don't owe me.  I just convinced Ms. Janki Devi to help, that's all.  The person you really owe is her, not me."

"But I can't really show her how much her help meant other than just saying thank you over and over again. But with you, I can do better," he says while smirking.

"And what would this something be that you want to help me with," folds her arms in response to his smirk.

"Come on Mets," putting his arm around her shoulder, "use your own brain for once."

She elbows him in the chest.

"Ok. Ok," takes his hand off her.

"Adi, I am doing great. I don't need help with anything. Your undying gratitude will be payment enough," smiling sweetly at him.

"Hell no. I know you Ms. Maithili and you are no angel. More like an angel-looking devil who will pressure me to do something embarrassing as payback."

She laughs lightly.

"So before you do anything like that, I will help you with a certain crush you have. Can't say much for choice, but …"

Maithili shoots daggers at him with her eyes and stops his speech midway.

"To win Pranay, I don't need you."

"Oh yes you do. More than you know," turns around to see Pranay coming up the stairs. Adi sees Pranay look at them and so he decides to put his proposition into action right then.  Maithili follows Adi's glance and is about to say hi to Pranay when something strange happens.  Adi comes close to her and kisses her on the cheek.

"I'll call you tonight sweety!" Adi says loudly as he walks down the crowded hallway.

Still a little in shock, "Sweety! Vikram Aditiya Mehra come back here!" she runs after him not even realizing that she had left her "crush" alone without saying a word. 

CH 2 – Um…Help?





The volume inside Adi's car continues to escalate as the two people sitting inside it keep on arguing like an old married couple.

"Adi, no," Maithili says firmly.

"Come on Mets! The plan is already in motion. Did you see Pranay's face after I kissed you?" Adi starts laughing as he reminisces about the much-loved event.

I …didn't.  Why didn't I look at Pranay? I did not even acknowledge his presence. Oh god. Stupid Adi!  If he was not there to distract me, I would have been nicer to Pranay. Idiot, it's all his fault…

"Kahaan ho aap?" Adi waves his hand in front of Maithili's face.

Maithili, in reaction to her thoughts, slaps Adi's arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" tends to his bruised arm.

"For being….," she's lost for words.

"Haan … being what," pushing her forward.

"You.  For being you," exhales deeply.

Maithili, in frustration, gets out of the car and begins walking.  She stops after just getting a few yards away.

"Um…excuse me, miss?"

Adi sticks his head out of the driver's side window.

"Where do you think you are going to get at your speed?"

She doesn't even need to turn around to know that Adi's signature smirk is spread across his face.

Maybe I'll smash that prized face of his.  Well, after he drives me home. I certainly am not going to walk home.

Stomping her way back, Maithili sits back on the passenger seat.

"Listen.  Just so we're clear," turns her head to face Adi's grin.

"I could have taken a taxi home."

"Oh, yeah. Of course. Of course you could have," saying without meaning it.

"And I'm seriously.  I don't want your help," folds her arms and turns back to look at the road.

"Why's that," Adi starts the car and gets out of the college parking lot and onto the main road.

"Afraid that you will really fall for me?" looks briefly at Maithili and gives her a wink.

"Ha! Tumare sapno main!  You know what Adi, fine.  Help me."

"What was that?  Someone pleading for help.  Ok, I will help you Maithili with your monkey face of a friend as long as you stop begging, I will... Ouch!"

Maithili had driven her fist into his leg.

"Maithili! I'm driving!"

"Then you should keep your mouth shut, no?" smiling devilishly at him.

God, she was an exhausting creature.

*          *          *

"Hey Ma," Adi throws his keys on the table and goes to hug his mom on the couch.

"Hi beta. How was college?"

"Don't know, magar masti was there," smiling innocently.

"Can I meet her?"

"Huh?" Adi looks utterly confused.

"Your recent girlfriend.  I want to know what she is like.  Your cousin told me that you have finally found someone special," Adi's mom smiles.

Adi regains control of his dropped jaw.

"Sharvan? He told you," his hands turn into fists.

"Haan, just a few minutes ago."

I'll handle that punk later, but right now how am I going to deal with this. I can't disappoint Ma.  Who will I bring over? Who…

A light bulb goes off inside Adi's head.

"Ok Ma.  I'll bring that special someone.  You are going to love her," a naughty smirk appears on Adi's face.

*          *          *


" So sorry Mets.  Mama asked and I…"

"You said my name?!  Kyun?" she narrows her eyes at him. 

You have to ask.  It's payback for those pesky little slaps you keep giving me.

Coming out of his thoughts, "I don't know. Maybe because I had just been hanging out with you before Mama asked me," Adi pretends to be deep in thought.

"Bullshit.  Paagal ho kya.  You have thousands of girlfriends to choose from."

"Woh to hai," smiles and daydreams about his various girlfriends.

"Exactly.  You could have said so many other girl's names," rolls her eyes.

"But silly little me didn't say their names, I said your name," points at her.

Sighs slowly, "No," turns to walk away.

"Maithili please!" Adi falls down on his knees and puts his hands together for effect.

"Adi, I said," sees him on the floor and realizes that everyone in the hallway was looking at them.

"Adi!  Get up," rushes to him.

"First say yes," sniffs loudly.

"Arrggh…Yeh lalka. Fine, yes. Now get up!"

"Of course my princess," immediately stands up and grabs Maithili's hand.

"If you kiss my hand, I will slap you so badly that nani ki yaad …"

Adi automatically drops her hand.

"As you wish sweetheart.  I am your humble servant," gives her a bow.

Maithili walks away before Adi could continue to embarrass her in front of their peers.

"This is going to be fun," smiling to himself.

CH 3 – Getting Ready

Maithili stands looking at herself in the full length mirror that lies in her bedroom.  She is wearing a black long sleeve Indian suit that she believes is just the kind of conservative dressing needed when meeting your "boyfriend's" parents. 

As she spins around in front of the mirror to give herself one last look, an unseen figure smirks outside her window.

"Absolutely no!"

Maithili turns around to see Adi climbing through her window.  Complete shock spreads across her face and anger also manages to creep its way in.

"ADI!  Get out!  What if I had been changing?!"

"What if indeed," raises an eyebrow.

"You," narrows her eyes, "how did you get up here…," she walks up to him and looks out her window.

Turning back around to stare him dead in the face, "A ladder!"

"Shhhh….," he goes and locks her room, "do you want us to get caught?"

"Us?!  Arrgh… where did you get a ladder from? No, HOW did you get it here?" she puts her hands on her hips.

He's taken back by her attitude, "Uff …tumhara gussa.  You look so good in anger."

Adi pretends to grab his heart while Maithili rolls her eyes.

"Adi," she says with a snap in order to capture his attention.

He laughs lightly and answers, "I dragged it here," flexes his biceps.

"You live more than 5 miles away," folds her arms.

Putting his arm down, "Ok so I paid someone to carry it for me," jumps face down on her bed.

Maithili rushes to him and tries to pull him off her bed.

"Adi…get…off," she says in between breaths.

Shaking his head like a little kid, "Five more minutes mommy.  Do you know how tiring it is to pay someone to carry a ladder for you?"

Maithili finally gives up and Adi turns so that his back now faces the bed.

"You could have come through the front door."

"But where's the fun in that. Oh yeah and you are not wearing," points his finger at her clothes, "that."

Maithili looks down at the dress it had taken hours to decide upon.

"Kya!  This is perfect.  Classy, conservative, …."

He jumps off her bed and puts his hands up to motion her to stop, "Ok bahenji magar-."

"Bahenji?!" the color red flashes across her eyes.

"No, no, no," he runs around her room as she chases after him with a ruler she grabs off her desk.

"No, no, Mets listen," he steps onto her bed with his hands up like a guilty criminal.

Adi feels a sharp pain on his ankle.

"Take your shoes off!" Maithili aims for Adi's other ankle but he's too quick for her.

In what seems like less than a second, Adi gets off the bed, takes the ruler from Maithili and bends her arm behind her back.

"Look firecracker," he whispers into her ear.

Maithili tries to hit him with her other free arm but Adi drops the ruler from his hand and uses his newly free arm to stop her hand.

"Let go!  And stop talking into my ear!"

"Kyun?  Kuch kuch hota hai," deliberately speaks directly into her ear.

"Adi, my feet are still free," says calmly, "and if you want to protect the precious members of your body who are very delicate, I would suggest that you let me go."

In an instant, Maithili is free from Adi's grip and she turns to see that Adi had taken a book off her desk to use it as a shield around his delicates.  Seeing this she can't help but laugh.

"Paagal ho tum," he's still holding the book.

"So?" folds her arms.

"This paagal ki boyfriend kyon idiot hai?" looks knowingly at Adi.

"Fine," drops the book, "girlfriend ho so you have to make a good impression."

"And this dress will…"

"That dress will get you kicked out."

Maithili looks confused.

"Mama hates anti-modern girls," looks seriously at Maithili.

"But I'm not anti-modern," she protests as she throws her hands in the air.

"I know that. But that dress says something else," Adi begins walking in a close circle around Maithili.

Adi folds his arms and puts his right hand under his chin as he inspects Maithili.  This makes Maithili feel unnerved.

Stupid. It's his dilemma and I'm only helping him and he is being so mean and he doesn't even care that I put so much time into the dress selection and…why does he have to walk so closely by me!

"What does the dress say?" decides to ignore her growing uncomfortability.

Adi stops walking and faces her, "Promise me you won't hit me."

"Yeah, I promise."

"It says… bahenji," covers his head using his hands.

Maithili giggles and pinches his side.

"Alright, so what should I wear."

Adi walks over to her closet and smiles mischievously.

"Oh a nice mini-dress should be fine."

"What?!" walks up next to him.

"I don't owe a mini-dress."

"Kya?  No way," Adi jokes, "did they get stolen?"

"Do you want another hit with that ruler?"

Adi immediately closes his laughing mouth  and walks out her window and down the ladder.

"Adi I was kidding.  I'm not going to hit you, I promise.  Don't be scared."

Maithili is about to pop her head out the window when Adi's head pops back in and he gets in with a bag in his hand.

"Who were you talking to?  Is there another Adi here because the last thing I am is scared of teeny little you," he comes close to her face and her narrowing eyes.

"Shut up.  What were you doing down there?  You do know we have a bathroom up here right," smirking at him.

"Hehehe, very funny," puts the bag on her desk and starts circling her again.

"Now what," Maithili says in frustration as she pushes Adi aside, grabs a chair and sits down with her back looking at her desk.

"Stupid question but you do know how to dance right?" he walks towards her.

"Why?  It's just dinner.  Not like I'm going to a party, right?" leans back on the chair.

Adi's silence and grin speaks volumes to her.

"No!" she begins to get out of her chair but Adi blocks her path.

He pushes her chair back until its back hits the desk and it has two legs on the floor, two in the air.  His face occupies her entire vision as he continues to come close to her.

Wha…wha…wha…what the hell's going on?

"What are you doing?"

"Just testing," he grins on.


"You have to be this close to me when we dance and if we are to be boyfriend/girlfriend, this lack of space should not be uncomfortable, should it?" he winks at her.

Oh, but it is uncomfortable you moron. 

"No, it shouldn't," smiles sweetly, "but staring at your ugly face with an inch of space between us is excruciatingly painful."

Adi's grin turns flat as he watches Maithili's grin widen.  He gently moves away and Maithili is able to breathe normally.

What was that Maithili?  It's Adi, not Pranay.  Why is your heart racing like you just ran 10 miles.

"Take this," Adi pulls Maithili out of her dialogue with herself and hands her the bag he brought in.

"What is this?"

"Your perfect dress to make the perfect first impression on my mom," walks out her window and steps on the ladder.

"Ok, now I have to go sweetheart," blows a kiss her way to which Maithili makes an "eww" face.

As Adi's smirking face descends down the ladder, Maithili pulls out a black mini-dress from the bag and sets it in front of herself  while she looks at the mirror.

"ADI!" looks outside her window, "this thing is the size of a hand towel."

Adi stops, turns around, starts walking backwards and gazes up at Maithili from the ground.

"Oh honey, you will be the talk of the party and Mama will love it.  Now be a good girl and put it on."

It's too dark to see Adi's face clearly but Maithili knew he was laughing.

"I hate you Vikram Aditiya Mehra!" she shouts loudly.

"But I love you sweet crazy Maithili!" shouts back the grinning shadow.

CH 4 – Party Time

"Kamina.  What did you think you were doing?"

"Hey, I was just spreading what everyone in college is saying," proclaims a defensive Sharvan.

Adi looks baffled at his cousin's words.

"What are they saying?"

"That our player Adi has fallen for the feisty Maithili."

"So? Gossip should not be considered fact-"

"Wait, wait, wait, bhai-jaan," Sharvan interrupts Adi.

"I was there watching your Romeo act," Sharvan falls to his knees and puts his hands together in imitation of Adi.

"Saala," Adi is about to kick Sharvan.

Quickly getting up, "Hey Adi! You can't hit me at my own birthday party."

"You're lucky it's your birthday or you'd be pounded meat right now," he says seriously.

Sharvan lets out a laugh.

"Oh by the way, where's aunty? I haven-…."

Sharvan's mouth stops moving and he seems to be stunned by something.

"Yo!" Adi waves his hand in front of his cousin's face.

"Kya hua?  Seen a ghost?"

Sharvan just nods towards the doorway entrance.

As soon as Adi turns around, his heart skips a beat and everything goes blank expect for the figure standing not too far away from him.  Maithili has entered wearing the black mini-dress that Adi had mischievously given her.  She holds on tightly to the long trench coat she had been wearing a minute ago.  It was her ticket back inside her house.

Adi continues to stare at Maithili and remains in his dream world with his mouth slightly open. 

Oh God, she looks ………………

At his side, his cousin, looking back and forth from Maithili to Adi, feels like he's in DDLJ's sequel.  Noticing movement, Sharvan pushes Adi's jaw up.

"She's coming," whispers sideways.

"Huh?  Kya?" Adi finally comes out of his coma-like state.

"I think you should wipe the drool off your face.  Most girls don't like that," Sharvan states mockingly.

"Ssssshhhh!" Adi hisses at him.

Maithili walks towards them with a small smile on her face.  The kind of courteous smile one would have at a public gathering, a smile that doesn't have any real connection to the person's actual emotions.  As she walks, her dazzling beauty conveys itself in a clearer vision.  Adi realizes that her eyes keep diverting themselves to look at the floor.  He understands now why he is so mesmerized by Maithili in a mini-dress.  It's because she doesn't look like she's trying to show off her beauty like most other girls; she feels awkward and shy in the dress, but on top of that she probably doesn't even realize how stunning she really is.

Adi manages to tear his eyes off Maithili for a second just to realize that almost every other man's attention is on her as well.  Experiencing an unfamiliar feeling in his gut, Adi pushes his feet to move and meets Maithili halfway.

"Hi gorgeous," he gives her his trademark smile.

"I would say hi handsome, but I don't want to lie," she retorts back as her hand unconsciously tightens its grip on her coat.

"Ok, how about you call me handsome after you fall for me cause you know it's just a matter of time."

"I'll call you handsome the day I've gone blind."

"Aww, why do you hurt me so, Mets?" places his hand on his chest, "dukh hota hai yaar." (shout out to Amit PaulJ)

"Sukh milta hai yaar," mimics Adi's hand gesture.

Shifting his focus to Maithili's coat, "You can put that on Mets."

"Why? So you can get to tease me for eternity about what a chicken I was. No thanks," moves her head upward to show that she has dignity.

"Yaar, I won't. Kasam se," looks affectionately at her.

"I'm not a duffer Mr. Vikram Aditya Mehra."

"Why don't we discuss the accuracy of that statement later.  One thing at a time sweetheart," tries to take the coat out of Maithili's hand.

"I said no," tilts her head upward again.

"Mets, let me give you some advice about a lot of the guys at this party.  They are dogs, actually men in general are dogs."

"No argument here," faces Adi, "In fact, I'm looking at a dog right now."

"Yes, but I'm a good doggy," winks at her.

" 'Woof!' 'Woof!' " Adi tries his hardest to make Maithili laugh but she doesn't relent.

"Oh come one Mets. That deserved at least a small chuckle," looks gloomily at her.

Maithili remains quiet with her nose in the air.

"Wait a minute.  You aren't mad at me are you ?!" waiting in anticipation for her response.

"Call the press! Adi is not as dumb as he looks.  It's unbelievable," Maithili makes a fake shocked face.

"Mets I already said I'm sorry-"

"Um, when was that? In your dreams," puts her free hand on her hip.

Adi realizes his error in speaking and seeks to correct it.

"In my heart.  Didn't you hear?" looks at her lovingly.

"How can I hear your heart when you don't even have one?"

"Now that was not cool yaar.  Ok, I am really sorry, but I really didn't expect you to wear this," says innocently.

"Have we met?" throws her hand forward in a ready-for-handshake form, "Hi, I'm Maithili. The girl who does not back down from anyone."

Grabs hold of Maithili's offered hand, "And I'm Adi. Maithili's boyfriend."

"Yeah just for tonight," tries to get her hand free from Adi's grip.

"Boyfriend-ji, can you do me the honor of letting go of my hand?" she fakes a smile.

"Girlfriend-ji, but your hands are unnaturally soft. I like them," he brings her hand to his face and starts stroking it.

"Adi! Stop! Adi!"

Watching all this out of the corner of her eye, Adi's mom smiles adoringly.  She walks up to them and puts her hand on Maithili's shoulder.


A startled Maithili lets go of her grip on Adi's collar as Adi lets go of her hand.

"Mama, aap…"

"I'm fine Adi.  I was just on my way upstairs."

"Haan, you should take it easy and rest."

"Don't worry beta," she shifts her smiling face to look at Maithili.

"Hi aunty. You look well. You probably don't remember me. I'm-"

"Maithili," she finishes the sentence, "Janki-ji told me."


"It was great meeting you Maithili. Night Adi."

"Goodnight Mama," says as she walks up the stairs.

"Ouch!" Adi grabs his knee as the pain on his foot grows from being stabbed with the heel of Maithili's shoe.

"What kind of an introduction was that?! She hates me! She must hate me!"

"Wait Mets, she doesn't," still wincing in pain.

Maithli walks off. 

A few minutes later, after Adi is no longer hurt, he spots Maithili trying to shoo off a guy.  The guy keeps on coming onto Mathili until she manages to walk away.  Adi stops himself from going over and beating the man to a pulp.  He is about to go check if the music is disturbing his mom when he notices that the guy who was bullying Maithili has slipped some pills into the juice she has ordered from the bartender.  Maithili unknowingly starts drinking it.  Adi runs over to her and knocks the almost empty glass out of her hands.

"Adi, what…"

Next, Adi walks up to the smiling guy and starts punching him uncontrollably. (Just pretend it's Pranay)  Sharvan breaks them apart.

"Adi, what are you doing?!"

"Get this slime out of here."



Adi turns around but he cant find Maithili anywhere.  He asks a bystander and the man states that she just walked out the door.  Adi runs outside his house and finds a drugged Maithili playing in the water fountain by the entrance gates.  As Maithili runs around in the fountain, she spots Adi coming up to her.

"ADI!" she jumps out of the fountain.

"Adi's here. Adi's here. Yippeee!" she drags him into the fountain and starts splashing water on him.

Adi just stands motionless and can't help but smile at her.

"Ok. Me tired now. Me go to sleep."

Maithili is about to fall backward into the water with her eyes closed when Adi catches her while shaking his head.  He leans over, grabs her coat which she had left hanging over the statue in the middle of the fountain, and wraps her in it.

"Now I guess I can test if my workouts are being helpful."

Adi pushes Maithili onto his back and starts heading back inside.

He exhales deeply, "I am definitely going to hit the gym tomorrow."

CH 5 – One Way to Start a Morning

Adi keeps shifting around on his couch in order to avoid the morning sunlight and turns around just in time to see Maithili start to move around a little on his bed.  He swiftly yet quietly gets up from the couch and slips in next to the half-awake beauty.

Waking up from a throbbing headache, Maithili clutches the back of her head tightly as she tries to open her squinted eyes.  She straightens her back against the headboard and forces her eyes to burst open.  As soon as her vision gets clearer, she sees that she is wearing a gigantic robe and also notices a figure lying next to her.  She moves her head so vigorously to her side that her neck comes severely close to breaking, but she has to know what horrid mistake she has made and with whom. 

Still pretending to be asleep, Adi tacitly shifts on the bed so that his face is in plain sight.  He continues to wait for the sound of Maithili's scream but it doesn't come.

With his eyes still closed, "Shouldn't you be freaking out by now?"

As an answer, a pillow hits him right across the face and a pair of small feet kicks him from under the covers until he is lying face down on the floor.

"You! Argh…Idiot!"

Maithili picks up another pillow and stands up on the bed in order to walk over to him, but Adi pulls himself off the floor and grabs the pillow out of her hands.

"Ms. WWE wrestler, take a chill pill ok?"

Adi stands on the floor of his bedroom while Maithili appears a few feet taller than him standing on top of his bed.

"Chill pill?  Oh, I'm going to take something alright – you onto the floor," puts her hands on her hips.

"Oooo- (like Atul) … dirty," he smirks back at her.

"Tum. Ahhh!" shouts in frustration.

"But really Mets, is this how you behave with someone who you've gotten so close with. Literally, of course," smiles innocently.

"Ha! As if!"

"Kya!" he asks with a tad bit of confusion.

"You think that I think that we …" chuckles a little.

"Paagal ho kya? As soon as I saw it was you who was next to me, I knew nothing happened.  And anyway, you think I didn't realize that there's a pillow and a blanket on the couch over there."

Adi looks at the couch and mentally hits himself on the head.

"You're loosing your touch Adi. But don't worry," places her hands on his shoulders from her spot on top of the bed, "we will find you a nice ladka I mean ladki.  It shouldn't be that hard because after all you are a man's man I mean ladies man."

Maithili grins down on Adi as he clutches onto the pillow that's still in his hand.

"Are you implying something Mets?" asks in anger.

"Nnnooo. No, no, yes I mean no," removes her hands from his shoulders.

Unable to take it any longer, Adi throws the pillow at Maithili's face.

"That was for hitting me earlier."

"Oh, you are going to be sorry, Vikram-ji."

"Ok, I hate that name so stop saying it," points his finger her way.

"That's exactly why I'm saying it Aditya-ji," giggles and runs towards the bathroom.

She grabs the hand-held shower head and points it towards Adi who had come running after her.

"Dare me?"

Adi turns the tap of the bathroom sink that's near him on and puts his hands under it to let the water store itself on his hands.

"Like that's going to do anything."

"Hey! I have great aim."

"Oh we'll see."

Without hesitation, she turns the shower head on and water willingly squirts out and strikes its main target.  Adi in return, begins to throw water from the sink and hits Maithili in the face.

This commotion continues for some time until Maithili throws her hands up in defeat.

"I'm tired."

"No, you're the loser."

"I would pick this shower head again but it just occurred to me that you use it everyday and who knows what kind of germs are on it," she gives him a sweet smile.

"Well now that you've used it, it should be germ-free and just to make sure that none of my nasty germs have gotten on you, let me…"

Adi tosses another hand-full of water at Maithili which splashes itself against her face.

Wow! She looks so…beautiful. It's really unbelievable.

Just then, he himself gets hits in the face with water.

"I decided to give this thing one last good use before it's back in the hands of its filthy owner."

"Oh how sweet of you," he says sarcastically as he runs his hand through his wet hair.

Maithili looks at him silently.

Why am I staring at him? What's wrong with me? Why is he taking off his shirt? What?!

"Wh-wha-what are you doing?" she walks up to him.

Adi's head pops back into view as he finishes taking off his wet shirt.

"What, it's wet so logic suggests that I should take it off."

He notices her awkwardness and smiles mischievously.

"You know," throws his shirt over his shoulder, "you can take your wet clothes off too."

He starts to walk up to Maithili as she begins to walk backwards.

"Because like you said, I'm a man's man, right?"   

"That was a joke. I was kidding. Ha ha," she says nervously and turns to walk out of the bathroom.

She is almost out the door when her foot steps on a wet spot and she begins to slip backward but Adi puts his hands on her stomach and places her against him,

Still holding her tightly, "You know Big Feet, you really should watch where you are going," he says softly into her ear.

"And you really should watch where you put your hands. Now, let me go!"

"mmm… no. That's a stupid suggestion. Suggest something else," he begins to snuggle up to her in a feeling that's similar to that of a hug.

She struggles to try to remove his hands from her stomach but they remain stuck concretely.  So instead she does the only thing she can, she places her hands on her hips while Adi's hands still hold onto her stomach.

"Well, don't we look like a pair of newly weds," Adi says as he stares at mirror.

Maithili also looks at the mirror and gets scared to see just how physically close she and Adi are.

"Yeah right. Me and you married?  You and I are just friends and we will always be just friends, got it?"

Adi lets go of Maithili and turns her around to face him.

"Then why are you just in a robe Mets? Where are your clothes huh?"

Adi stares at her seriously while Maitili pulls the robe around her tighter.

"I mean did they just vanish into thin air or what?" his grin returns.

"You…you…" her face goes numb.

Adi winks at her and leaves the bathroom.

"A set of clothes is in the closet for you Mets. Change and come downstairs for breakfast ok, sweetheart?"

The sound of a door closing is heard as Adi leaves his bedroom.

Maithili frantically opens the closet and takes out black jogging pants and next to it a shirt that has "Boys Rule!" across the front.

She sighs deeply and opens her robe to see a familiar mini-dress still on her,

"That….," lost for words, Maithili just smiles in the now empty room.


comments appreciated :)


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tsamhita IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2007 at 7:21am | IP Logged
brilliant!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed LOL Big smile love the relation Adi adn mets share in your ff!!!!!! Embarrassed pls continue!!! Clap i'm full of praise Big smile LOL Embarrassed
aisha1 Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2007 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
i think its superb brillant , i love their discuss
i loooooooooove the dialogue
u should continue
do a drama lol
sov seriously i think ur a n amazing writter
PyaarSe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2007 at 1:09am | IP Logged
thanx guys Embarrassed

CH 6 – Maybe I Shouldn't Have Done That

Still inside Adi's room, Maithili opens the door and peeps outside to see if the coast is clear. There's no one in the hallway, so she quickly steps out the door and tip toes her way down the stairs. Thinking she has heard some noise, she hides behind a pillar that's at the end of the staircase. Maithili carefully tries to move her head in the direction of the dining room because that's where the noise had come from. Suddenly she feels the eerie sensation of being watched and then someone's breath on her neck.
Maithili shrieks loudly with her eyes closed. Standing behind her, Adi covers his ears and squints his eyes at the sound, but his lips pose themselves in a grin.
Maithili finally turns around and all sense of fear runs away from her face as anger clearly begins to display itself through her facial expressions.
Ok Adi. Now would be a good time to run.
"What are you doing?! "
"No, what are you doing walking around like a thief darling?" He says sweetly and tries to put his hands on her shoulders but she whacks them away.
"You think I want your mom to catch me at her house in the morning wearing her son's clothes?!" Her voice escalates with every word as she throws her face in front of Adi in an aggressive manner.
"She's not here sweetie pie, so no need to go all psycho on my, ok?" Adi pulls Maithili's right cheek and gets an elbow to his gut.
Maithili walks to the dining room table and sits down just as Sharvan comes out of the kitchen with a sandwich. Seeing her in the "Boys Rule" shirt, he lets out a chuckle. Maithili shoots a glare his way. He stops chuckling and pretends to cough. Then he sits opposite Maithili at the table.
"Good morning Maithili. Slept well with Adi," begins to lift his sandwich off the plate but the tablecloth pulls the plate and the sandwich in the opposite direction where it lands on the floor next to Maithili who holds the white tablecloth in her hands.
At that exact second, Adi enters the room.
Seeing the mess, he asks, "What did you say to her Sharvan?"
"Me? Bhai," he walks up to Adi and whispers to him, "She's crazy."
"Tell me something I don't know."
"What's with the gup-chup huh?" Maithili stands up and looks their way.
"Ok, I'm leaving," Sharvan claims with a bit of fright and before exiting, says softly to Adi, "What were you thinking?"
"Mini-Adi na kya bola?" she comes up to him.
"Fine. Idiot na."
"That's better," proclaims Adi.
"He was just saying how great you looked this morning," Adi lies with a hope-she-believes-me smile on his face.
"Ah-huh. Well, what would you like for breakfast?" she says sweetly.
"Um…," he is baffled by her sudden change in attitude.
"Well, I'll make it for you," she heads for the kitchen.
"Oh, okay."
Oh, okay? What the – Adi, you should have declined. You are going to be so sorry. Best get ready to eat poison.

Ten minutes later, Maithili appears out of the kitchen and sets a delicious looking sandwich on the table in front of Adi. Sharvan, who has just come back downstairs after changing, passes by the dining room and sees Adi with Maithili's sandwich. He mouths a slient "no" to Adi. Adi looks over Maithili's shoulder to see his cousin choking himself to indicate that soon he will be doing the same thing. Ignoring his cousin's advice, Adi takes a bite of the sandwich after a deep breath. He begins to chew the portion he had bit off and is surprised to find it tasty. Sharvan throws his hand on his forehead and shakes his head as Adi eats the sandwich.
"How is it?"
"Yummy," Adi mumbles with his full mouth.
"Oh that's great. You know I used a special ingredient."
"Really. What?" he takes another bite.
"My spit," she says as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Adi spews out the bite he took onto his plate.
"That's disgusting," Sharvan comes into the room but keeps his distance from Maithili as he walks up to Adi.
"Serves him right," Maithili folds her arms and tries to keep a straight face.
"Bhai, you okay?"
Adi continues to throw out the bites of sandwich that still linger in his mouth.
"Do you want me to call you a doctor?"
That did it for Maithili; she starts laughing uncontrollably.
"Duffer. I wouldn't waste any part of my being on you, not even my spit."
Adi gets up from his seat and goes to her.
"Haan, I made you a delicious sandwich and you threw it away. How does it feel huh? Poor Adi, lost something he loves, ha!" she shoots daggers at him through her eyes.
"So are we even now Mets?" Adi asks in anger.
"You wish," she walks closer to him.
"You try to humiliate me by making me wear this stupid shirt and try to make me believe that something inappropriate happened last night and scare the heck out of me when I come downstairs and then confuse me when you come near me and then …."
"Wait, wait, wait. I confuse you when I come near you," Adi smirks back at her as he steps closer to her.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. What are you doing? Maithili quit looking dumbfounded like a moron and say something quick. Speak! Come on, open that mouth and talk before Adi comes any closer.
"I…..," she tries to stall.
"I…..," she tries again.
"Woh…..," she trails on.
"Yes," Adi smile widens.
"Hey, who's Tanu?"
Sharvan stands at the doorway of the dining room holding a purse in one hand and a vibrating cell phone in the other.
Glad to be saved from the interrogation but fearing what's coming next, Maithili quickly jumps towards Sharvan and grabs her purse and cell phone out of his hands.
"Oh god, she's going to kill me. I have to go guys. I'll give these clothes back to you soon, Adi. Bye guys," she says fast and is out of the door in less than a minute.
With a disappointed look and a frown on his face, Adi goes to Sharvan and slaps the back of his head.
"Ouch! What did I do?" the unfortunate bystander grabs his head in pain.

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tsamhita IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 September 2007 at 1:41am | IP Logged
loved this part!!!!!!!!! Tongue Tongue oh!!!! maihtili's confused when adi is near her Embarrassed Big smile Tongue continue soon pls!!! Tongue
aisha1 Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2007 at 6:18am | IP Logged
haaaaaaaaaaaaa sharvan kabab main hadi
anyway love this part
Inshira Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2007 at 9:27am | IP Logged
It really gd read this in kggk n i love it Tongue
PyaarSe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2007 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
/\/\ - danke Embarrassed
CH 7 – No I Don't!

"You love Adi?!"
"Kya! I didn't say that!"
"Then what are you saying, Di."
Maithili's younger sister, Tanu asks in frustration as she stumbles forward and dives into her older sibling's bed. Maithili turns away from brushing her wet hair to see Tanu sprawled across her bed. A flashback of Adi doing the same thing enters her mind as she recalls when he had climbed into her room unwelcomed last night.
"Why do people love to jump onto my bed like they own it," she mumbles under her breath.
"Kya bola?"
"Oh, nothing."
She finishes brushing her hair and goes to sit next to a lazy Tanu, but first has to push her sister's feet away to make some room on the bed. She stops herself from completely pushing her off the bed because of what her sis had done for her the previous night.
"Hey thanks again, Tanu for covering last night. I was really scared that dad would be waiting for me this morning with a stick."
"Aw you're welcome Di. After all, what I said wasn't completely a lie because you were suppose to be at your friend, Lina's house all night. I just failed to tell dad that you changed your plans and were now going to a crazy and out of control party."
Maithili laughs a little at Tanu's interpretation of last night's events.
"Now all you have to do for me is…"
"Ah, here we go," Maithili rolls her eyes.
"Tell me exactly what happened with you and Adi," Tanu sits up.
"I told you nothing happened," Maithili rises her voice.
"I just got confused for a minute that is all, ok."
Tanu's tone clearly conveys the lack of conviction she had on her Di's words. She had been anxiously waiting all morning for Maithili to show up and tell her about her event-filled night. Maithili had told her everything in great detail but when it came to certain parts like Adi blocking her from getting out of her chair and preventing her from slipping in the bathroom, Tanu noticed a clear feeling of uncertainty over her Di's face. Or was it confusion? Love? Nah.
"Ok, so you don't love him," Tanu finally says in conclusion.
"Thank you. Yes, I don't," Maithili says with relief.
"You're just confused about your feelings for him," she says in the same matter of fact tone as her prior statement.
"Yes. No! What?!"
An outraged Maithili steps off her bed and looks angrily at her soon to be sorry sis.
*     *    *
haven't used these in awhile. Woohoo for location change.
*     *    *

Just as Tanu is questioning her sis, Sharvan is also poking around at his cousin brother's answers.
"I don't believe you."
"Well it's the truth."
"Still don't believe you."
Sharvan sits on the sofa while shaking his head and a cushion hits him right in the face.
"Still don't believe me?" Adi sits on the sofa right opposite Sharvan with a smiling face.
"What is with you hitting me? Today is just not my day. First I get glared at and my sandwich gets ruined by that monster…"
"Hey! Watch it," Adi threateningly points a finger at his cousin.
"Ok. Ok," he throws his hands up in a surrendering position.
"Ruined by your monster girlfriend."
Adi considers the change of description and declares, "I could get used to that one."
"It sure as heck fits her," Sharvan whispers to himself.
"Said something?"
"Oh, no. No. No," he reaches back and touches his still bruised head.
"So Adi, nothing happened at all last night."
"But she was wearing your clothes."
"Maybe she just liked my clothes."
"Right, Maithili wanted to wear the 'Boys Rule' shirt," Sharvan fold his arms in disbelief and sarcasm.
"Well, she was just too angry for nothing to have happened."
"You obviously don't know Mets that well?"
"Oh, but you most certainty do know her huh?" Sharvan leans back into the sofa.
"What is that suppose to mean?" Adi raises an eyebrow.
"What you think I didn't notice the way you were egging her on to admit something?"
"Weren't you busy fiddling with her purse?"
"Yeah, and it's not like I have ears right?"
"Well then didn't you see she was about to break and spill her guts out?" Adi asks with an abnormal amount of enthusiasm.
"Oh. God. No."
Sharvan looks like he has been hit in the face with something a lot heavier than a cushion, maybe a bus.
*     *    *

"Di, calm down ok. And sit down would you," Tanu tries to get Maithili to retire from her standing position.
"First of all, I am not confused by Adi. I know exactly how I feel about him. He's my friend and I also hate him at times."
"Yeah that's not confusing at all Di."
"Shut up. Then tell me, since you're so smart, what you think."
*     *    *

"Sharvan? Yo, Sharvan!"
Sharvan snaps out of his trance and looks sadly at Adi.
"Why in the world are you looking at me like I am about to die?" Adi wears a very puzzled expression on his face.
"you wanted her to say something because you want her to feel something for you, yaar."
"Have you gone mental? Why would I want that?"

From their respective locations, Tanu and Sharvan both say simultaneously, "You like him, Di/You like her, bro."
A moment of disbelief passes over Adi and Maithili before they both yell back at their respective relatives, "No I don't!"
*     *    *

"Fine Adi. If you don't like her, then why has it been weeks since the last time I remember seeing you go out on a date?"
"Oh that's easy. You're blind!" Adi shouts at him.
"And you're in denial. I always thought you loved fighting with Maithili way too much, but I didn't know your case was this serious."
Sharvan starts shaking his head again.
"You know what. I need a break from your foolishness."
Adi grabs his keys from the table that lies in between the two sofas and heads for the door.
"Going to see her aren't you, Mr. Romeo," Adi's cousin yells out loud.
"Sharvan, I think you should tell your dad that you're going to need new headlights!" Adi yells back.
"Woah! No Adi! No!" he runs after his bro.
*     *    *

"Di! Di! Please open the door now. I said I'm sorry!"
Tanu's voice smashes its way through the locked door of Maithili's closet and enters her di's room.
"Dad is spoiling her too much. She says whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She thinks I like him? Him? As if, now stay in that locked closet until you change your mind," Maithili talks to herself as she paces around in her room.
"Now what!"
Maithili peeps outside her window and sees an all too familiar car with an even familiar driver.
"I came to get my clothes back, sweetheart because I can't leave without my favorite shirt, but I forgot to bring a ladder this time," Adi stands firmly in her driveway next to his precious car.
Inside her room, Maithili sighs heavily as Tanu's voice climes in, "Ok I've changed my mind, Di. He likes you! He clearly likes you!"


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