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Update for Tumhari Disha - 22nd Dec Episo

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 1:28am | IP Logged

The episode begins with Hrishikesh and Sukanya putting pressure on Suhas to sell off all the family jewellery and also to sign on all the property documents so that it gets transferred from Vijendera's name to Hrishikesh's. Suhas refuses to budge and says that as long as she is alive, she will never sell off the family jewellery and Vijendera property from which he started his family business. Sukanya gets into her standard vile act and warns Suhas that if she does not abide by what both Hrishikesh and Sukanya say, then she will tell Azuba the truth about their family business and how deep they are in troubled waters. Suhas begs in front of Sukanya that if she tells Azuba about the truth, he will never be able to bear it, and he might have a heart-attack. Sukanya retorts back that she cares two hoots for Azuba and that if Suhas is so concerned about him, she should let go of her adamant stance and do as they are saying. Suhas still refuses to budge and as Sukanya moves out of the room to disclose everything to Azuba when Suhas holds her hand and Sukanya very roughly wrings her hand and pushes Suhas……..at the same time Disha is shown at her house where her hand hits something hard and she winces in pain. It was a symbolic scene which described that Suhas's pain is also Disha's pain and how she is bound by her foster family even though they have disowned her. Sukanya then receives a call on her cell phone and she speaks to someone, then she tell Suhas that this time she will let go of the issue and will not disclose anything to Azuba, but it is only for this time, if Suhas does not let go of her adamancy, she will tell everything to Azuba. As soon as Sukanya goes out of the room, Suhas breaks down crying and wonders to God about the state of her life without her husband.

In the next scene, Disha is standing in the lawns of her / DK's house and just thinking about what is going to happen in future when she sees a familiar Car entering her house. A guy steps out of it and as soon as Disha sees him, her face lights up and she goes rushing to meet him. Its our cutie-pie Gautam who has come to meet up with his sis, Disha is elated at seeing him and they both have a brother-sister hug. Gatuam tells her that they he misses her a lot and since both of them have not met each other since Ranu and Inder's wedding, he came to meet her. Disha is extremely emotional and says that she always remembers her days in the Bhosale house and how much fun they used to have along with Ranu and Inder. Suddenly Disha's expression changes and she gets very panicky and tells Gautam that they cannot talk here and he has to get out of this place as soon as possible. Gautam is taken aback and tells Disha that he has come to her house for the first time since marriage and instead of inviting him in, she is telling him to go back. Disha who is now completely hyper tells Gautam that she cannot explain anything to him right now and just tells him that if he wants her to be safe and sound, he has to leave this house right now. A baffled Gautam bids her goodbye and leaves in his Car, as DK's sleek Black Merc enters. As a stunned and frightened Disha looks at Gautam leaving (who has now rolled up the windows of his Car, so DK couldn't see who is driving) DK gives a shocked and angry look at the Car and then at Disha. Disha gives one look at DK and then turns and starts going inside the house, when a furious DK shouts on her and tells her to stop where she is. They have a brilliant fight, which I am giving in dialogue format:

DK : Toh ab baat yahan tak pahauch gayi hai, ke tumhara yaar tumhe mere ghar main milne ke liye aane laga hai. Tumhain sharam nahin aati Disha, apne hi pati ke ghar, uske peeth peeche, tum Inder se mil rahi ho. (Extremely angry and obviously jealous)

Disha : (Has a "What?????" type of a look on her face and turns to face DK with amazement and shock registered on her face) Tum soche, samjhe bina kya bol rahe ho. Woh mera bhai tha……Inder nahin.

DK : (Has a "Oh Sure, Sure" type of a look on his face and is getting more furious assuming that Disha is lying to him) Bhai…………jahan tak mujhe yaad padta hai, Late, Mr. Vijendera Bhosale ka toh koi beta nahin tha……..toh yeh bhai kahan se paida ho gaya. Tum itni maan maryada ki baate karti ho, aur itna bada jhoot bol rahi ho. Disha, sirf tumhare jaisi hypocraite ladki hi apne yaar ko apna bhai bata sakti hai, aur apne pati ke peeth peeche, usse chup ke mil sakti hai.

Disha : (Who is completely scandalized and cannot believe that DK is insulting her character, and speaks in a partly angry partly defensive tone) Sirf tumhari jaisi gandi aur ghatiya soch wala aadmi hi asis giri hui baat kar sakta hai DK. Jis aadmi ne saari zindagi rishtoh ka matlab hi nahin jaana, who kya samjhega bhai behen ke rishtey ko. Aur waise bhi tumhe mujhse yeh poochne ka koi haq nahin banta ki main kis se milti hoon, kahan milti hoon aur kyon milti hoon.

Disha and DK and standing opposite to each other facing one another and the Camera pans on their faces, both of them have a furious expression on their faces and are staring each other like two lions facing one another in a duel!

DK : (Who is now seething with anger and looks ready to kill Disha with his bare hands) Tum apni saari hadain paar kar chuki ho Disha. Main jitna tumhari taraf narmi se pesh aata hoon, tum utna hi us baat ka fayada uthati ho. Yeh mat bhoolo, ke who DK Sehgal hi tha jisne tumhare saare khandaan ko apne ghootnon par la giraya, jisne tumhe mere saamne jhookne par majboor kar diya………………..ek din main yeh tumhara gharoor, tumhara yeh ghamand zaroor tod doonga Disha, yaad rakhna meri baat ko. (Gives a "Stupid, arrogant girl" type of a look at Disha) Teekh hai, toh ab main tumhe batata hoon ki Breach of Contract Kya hota hai………………..you will live to regret this Disha, I promise you that.

Disha : (Who is now equally in rage and has a completely fearless expression on her face) Zaroor yaad rakhoongi DK……………………sab kuch yaad bhi hai mujhe. Magar ek baat main bhi tumhe kehna chahati hoon, agar tum mujhe barbad karne ka khawab rakhte ho, toh main bhi tumhari pooja nahin karti……………tumhari patni ban kar toh dikha hi diya hai maine, ab dekho main tumhe kaise tumhare ghootnon par laati hoon. Ghamand mujh main nahin, tum main hai, DK, aur who ek din sheeshe ki tarah tootega…………………..us ghamand ko main todoongi…………..yeh mera vaada hai tumse.

(Gives a challenging look at DK) Tum kya mujhe sabak seekhaoge DK, main tumhain ab bataoongi ke Breach of Contract Kya hota hai.

The Camera then zooms on both of them standing opposite to each other staring with naked hatred and anger and then both of them walk off in opposite directions. Disha goes to her room and sits on her bed with frustration and anger and thinks to herself that what has become of her, why has she let hatred and anger overcome her basic nature. She talks to her Father in her imagination and asks him for forgiveness. She says that she cannot go on like this fighting against DK everyday and that it has to end someday. She then decides that she has to get out of this house and away from DK and starts throwing her stuff in her suitcase, when her alter-ego comes and stands in front of her and tells her that if she leaves the house like this, then it would mean that she has let DK win hands down. The alter ego then tells Disha that she married DK only to take revenge from him for her Baba's death and now that she is in mid-way, why is she backing out. Disha then thinks to herself that she won't be bowed or cowed by what DK says to her and that she will teach him the lesson of his life very soon.

In the Bhosale house, Suhas asks Hrishikesh for her cheque which come from their Company every month, for which Sukanya replies that why does she need money separately now that both her girls are married and that too in such prosperous familes and her basic needs are taken care by them anyway. Hrishikesh then tells Suhas that they are putting Azuba in the Servants Quarter as some guest of his are coming to stay for a few days and since Azuba's room is the largest, he has to vacate it. Suhas is shocked at hearing this and protests angrily to Sukanya and Hrishkesh that what they are doing is very mean and insulting. Sukanya taunts Suhas that if she is so concerned, she can move out of her room to the servant quarter and give the room to Azuba. Suhas gets an exasperated expression on her face as she realizes that Sukanya & Hrishikesh have completely changed colours and have lost all humanity in them.

In the next scene, Inder comes to the Bhosale house and notices that the atmosphere is very somber and that Suhas is looking very depressed and seems to have been crying a lot. Sukanya & Hrishikesh appear to be all sugary and sweet towards him and make a lot of general talk with him. Inder says that his Car broke down nearby and he has sent it to the Garage to be repaired. He then asks Suhas if he can borrow her Car as he has to go for an urgent meeting. Suhas gets a very awkward expression on her face and makes an excuse that her Car has gone for servicing. Sukanya and Hrishikesh give her warning glances as if to indicate that she should not let Inder guess anything. Just then Inder receives a call on his cell phone from the Garage and Inder tells him to deliver his Car to the Bhosale house. The Mechanic says that he had recently bought a Car from them which came dirt cheap and says that it is a wonderful Car. Inder is shocked and then looks at Suhas who is feeling very awkward and he realizes that something is drastically wrong here.

In the next scene, Disha is shown standing in her room staring absently out of the window and thinking about something (maybe DK!) when the horrid looking Gargi comes in and in a honey coated voice tells Disha that why is she looking so lost and worried. Disha who now has a pained and hurt expression on her face tells Gargi that today her brother had come to meet her, DK saw both of them, but since he couldn't see her brother's face, he thought that she was meeting Inder. Gargi is surprised and asks Disha who Inder is. Disha gets a little embarrassed and tells Gargi that Inder is her family friend. Disha says that DK misunderstood her today and told her that she meets Inder secretly, though it is a complete lie. Disha says that she felt very bad about the fact that DK said such a thing to her. Gargi thinks to herself that she has to ferret some information about Inder as she can always make him a pawn in her future games which she is planning to play with DK and Disha. Gargi then very sweetly tells Disha that DK is anyway a very suspicious person and that she should not worry much about what he said to her. Disha is not very convinced and still has the worried expression on her face.

Gargi then calls up the Bhosale house and speaks to Sukanya on something. I missed this scene as my kid was bawling away and I had to take him to the Verandah to show him the Moon and Cheer him up!!!

In the next scene, which was amazing and showed DK and Disha's chemistry at its brilliant best, both of them are shown climbing down the stairs from opposite ends and keep looking at each other without flinching and a dialogue plays out in their minds and both of them reply to each other without saying a word. It was an awesome scene, Disha looked extremely pretty in a lovely lilac chiffon saree and DK looked totally hot in a Black Business Suit. Their interaction (which goes on in their minds but their eyes speak everything and both DK and Disha are able to understand what the other person is saying)

DK : (Totally expressionless except for his eyes which have a half furious, half amused look in them) Ghamandi ladki……………aisa sabak sikhaoonga, yeh joh tumhari aankhon main itna gooroor hain naa, sab yahin dhara ka dhara rah jaayega

Disha : (Who seems to understand DK's unspoken words) Tum mera ghamand todoge. Jis aadmi ko kisi ka aatma samaan uska ghamand nazar aata hai………who khud kitna ghamandi hai, use shayad nahin pata.

DK : Tum nain apni saare hadi paar kar di hain Disha. Tumnain mujhe Gandi Nali Ka keeda bola…………………tumhain main batata hoon, ke Gandi Naali ke keede kaise hote hain.

Disha : Dete raho Dhamki……………na main tumse kal dari thi, na aaj darti hoon aur na kabhi bhi daroogi. Tum sirf dhamki hi de sakte ho, miain tumhe aaj kuch kar ke dikhati hoon, aisa jo tumhare hosh udade ga, DK.

Disha then gets a sly smirk on her face as if she has planned what she is going to do to him, DK looks at her expression and understands that she is upto something.

DK : Mujhe pata hai ke tum apne faltu ke dimag main kuch khicdi paka rahi ho. Karo jo karna hai, tumhari har chaal ka tod hai DK ke paas, Disha.

Now both of them have climed down the stairs and face each other as if two warring knights face each other before a duel. Though they don't utter a single word, their eyes and face tell volumes about their feelings (at least at this point of time) to each other.
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lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 1:51am | IP Logged
thanks Disha, hm.. duel of words.. good.. let's see what is that Disha is planning to do ... wonderful update once again..
tisha_bhatia Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
thanks for the great update!!!!!!!!!
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
tahnsk for the wonderful update!
Sumita Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
Great updates. How do you mange to give such great updates with kids at home.
disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2004 at 9:34pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Sumita

Great updates. How do you mange to give such great updates with kids at home.

LOL For one, as of now I have just one kid...........but he is equivalent to 11! Fortunately for me, my kiddo goes off to sleep by 8 Pm or so, when Tumhari Disha is aired, hence most of the time I am able to view it in peace and  remember the scenes and dialouges, and sometimes the costumes and set designs also!!!

And the updates are posted when I reach Office, I take out some time and quickly post them!

Glad to hear that all of you enjoy reading them so much!



Sumita Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2004 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Wow, what a commitment. Thanks it does help us.

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