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BEDTIMEFF: ~Life Support ~ *completed*

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Hi All

I have been watching the show since it has aired on the Star one in the UK... but i catch up on Saturdays... what can i say the back to back epi are brill....EmbarrassedLOL

I mainly write on the KAA Forum...  They know me as a bedtime story teller.. hehe... dont asks me inherited the name....Embarrassed

but i got a concept for Armaan and will be penning... hope you all enjoy it...


~Life Support~ Teaser..

Dr Armaan Mallik is known at the hospital for being a playboy..infact there is no female who does not resist his charming... be it a female patient with a slight fever or a nurse handing him his charts for the day... No one is spared... but when Dr Riddima Gupta enters the hospital everything changed... as she is not impressed by him or his charms.....

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceeding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 18+)***

Love KatEmbarrassed

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u writin us bedtym storiez here as well
awesomeeeeeeeee Big smile Big smile Big smile

cnt wait Embarrassed Embarrassed

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~Part 1~

'Beep, Beep' he moaned as he heard the alarm clock go off.. and reached over to switch it off…as he turned over he felt a warm body next to his bare chest and opened his eyes…as he the female lying next to him he smiled.. as he remembered dumping into her at Atuls birthday party last night… 'wow what a night' he thought getting up.

"Hey baby….get up I have work this morning!" he said getting out of the bed…

This was Dr Armaan's life a new beautiful woman on his arm and every night they all knew he was not serious and knew where they stood as he stood in the shower he felt two arms take hold of him from behind he smiled…

"You know I have my patients to see this morning" he said looking at her curvy naked body in the shower as he looked into the bluest eyes he had ever seen and her light brown hair fell down to her shoulder… as he moved forward and kissed her……

As the cold spring air whipped through the open window of the black BMW he stopped the car in his packing spot and looked at the sigh "Reserved Dr Armaan Mallik" and smiled… All his life this what his wanted to do help people and he knew he was good at it… Now as a full pledges Surgeon he was working for a Sanjivanii
India finest Hosptial.. and living his dream……

"Morning Doctor…." He smiled as he stared at the nurses as he walked pasted them hearing them all giggling… but they all knew the playboy doctor never mix his out going social life with work.. How many of them would have loved to have been involved with him but Armaan never crossed the line.. Flirting with the female staff was harmless but to have a relationship with them on that level…. 'well let's not go there…' as his past experience with a so called doctor while studying his internship was a game he was not going to play ever again..

"Morning Maria!… Sweetheart how you doing today?" he smiled as he looked at the petite nurse looking at him as he walked into his office…her mouse brown short bob hair made her facial features look more elegant as her blue nurses uniform hugged her figure…

"Morning Dr Armaan!" she smiled as she looked at him.

"Maria I swear if you were not married I would have run away with you….How's my baby… you not told Aftab he's mine yet…" he teased looking at her bump.

"No but I'm going to have to explain my state to him some how…As my condition is not something I can hide any more…." she added giggling.

Armaan chuckled as he picked up his cup of coffee she has always got ready at 9am on the dot without fail. As he placed the cup to his lips he noticed the flowers on her desk and raised his eyebrows at her…..

"OK who is he? and does Aftab know?" he asked moved close the flowers as the fragrance took hold of him.

"A gift from a friend… on my birthday!" his eyes widened and he looked at her.

She moved closer and smiled at with him with his files in her hand…

"Thank you for the flowers Armaan!" thank god I booked them weeks ago when I was going though my dairy… it was circled with 'Fool don't forget' there and then he picked up the phone and order the flowers and card…as he knew he was going to forget them later on…. Smiling he winked at her and he walked into his office with the files in his hands…

All day doing his round it was now time to see Minnie in her room.. armed with his secret weapon he pushed open the door….

"So you got them!" she sounded so excited to see him…laying in the hospital bed… looking pale

"Shhh… Yes someone will hear you Minnie!" he whispered sitting on her bed looking around making out no one was watching getting into the act. He slow pulled out the bars of Cadburys milk bars and placed them in front of her… white chocolate was the 7 years olds favourite bar and everyday he would visit her after his rounds were completed never forgetting the bars… She was a sweet child and her mother was not around much as she just had a baby… It was Minnie's bad luck that her baby brother was not a match to treat her leukaemia… No one was a match and the attempts to get a match was looking very slim.. Yet everyone was hopeful for the child…

"Mummy not come today either!" she said looking at him.

"Well you know with the new baby she busy ….but I bet your dad will come to see you" Armaan looked at her as she look gloomy…

"Hey did I tell you it's Maria's Birthday today.."

"Did you forget?" she giggled…

"No I did not…"

" Remember yesterday you forgot Atul's birthday… and he was anger at you…it was so funny!" she giggled and Armaan chuckled looking at her with her hand covering her face laughing.

"I did that on purpose and I organised a party at the local bar down the road… everyone knew but him…"

Armaan looked at Minnie report and did not know what to do a donor was need fast he took the reports to Dr Shashank Gupta.

As he walked towards the office he stopped looked back and could not believe it was……his past....


He looked at her that same face and smile as she looked at Dr Shanshank Gupta… that same look in her eyes which he had never forgotten… as he was unable to move his heart raced.. 'Why did she always have this effect on me? Dame it!' he cursed as he turned around to go back into his office…..

With his eyes closed he recalled there time together three years ago at the Medical College in LA…

"Ridz…you serious marriage?" He looked at her surprised to why she had asked him as he read his notes.

"Well we are kind of living together Armaan…" she said surprised by his outburst.

"OK but that's hardly a reason to get married.. I'm mean we live in the same house with Anjali , Mac and Kaaya…. Are you going to ask Mac too..?" he chuckled as he looked at her.

"Don't be stupid… I'm not sleeping with him…idiot!" She rolled her eyes and stared at the ceiling as she pulled the blanket up. Armaan smiled and moved closer to her.

"Ok! What's up?" he placed his notes on the bedside cabinet and snuggled up next to her.

"Nothing It's just lately I have been thinking about us…and where this relationship was going?….that's all."  She sighed feeling the warmth from his body.

"hmmm… OK but I don't want to get married … you know this is our final year and then I will go back to India…" He kissed her cheek and smiled.

"Yeah I know you want to go to India and I'm staying here…"  Armaan smiled that was the beauty of the relationship as they both knew what they wanted and understood each other…

"Good night Armaan!" Riddima turned over and closed her eyes… 'Now what are you doing to do?…he does not want to marry you and you can't tell him you're pregnant as he would feel trapped and that's not what you want him to feel..' she thought…  As she turned around to see him he was fast asleep as she slowly placed her hand on her stomach she looked and back at him.

'Dear Armaan… Mamma called last night and I'm going back to Jersey… I will cherish our time together .  Good bey'

He stared at the note in his hand "Cherish our time together?" he got up and opened the cupboard and her clothes where gone….

"Anjali?" he shouted running out of the room.

Armaan remembered nothing but a unbearable pain in his chest…She had never behaviour in such a manner in the one year he had know her… calling on her mobile he was getting destination unreachable….at her mother's place was also no answer… Frustrated and angrily he gave up three months later… "Fine you left me and I'm not getting you back"! He shouted throw her reminder in a box….but one cold winters day he heard she had gotten married to a family friend… With his finals over and ticket to India book it was his final day to hit the bottle…and that he did.

Armaan looked at the picture of them which for some reason he could not throw away in his hand and opened the draw and threw it in…Grabbing his coat he walked out of his office….

All evening her image played his mind all "Why is she back?" ………

Riddima smiled as she looked out to see the buzzing city down below. Now she had final got her life back on track having Tia was hard work and now that she final got chance to finish off her medical degree and be a fully pledge Doctor things where now moving as she had planned. Her mother had bought her up on her own after the divorce and seeing papa again was great at the hospital… Now tomorrow her job as a pediatrician was all she wanted to do…  

"Mummy!" she turned and looked at Tia she looked so like Armaan with those same grey eyes and smile…a good thing really as she did not want to forget what he had given her… but knew he was never commitment to anything in his life his goals and ambition were all he was interested in… for three years she analysed her relationship with him and again she would have done the same…. Move away from his life completely.  "Why should he be tramped in a relationship which he could never commit to!"

"Welcome to Sanjeevanii"  Riddima smiled as she took hold of the flowers and looked at the Nurses welcoming her in the Staff area…

"Riddima Beta this is Atul, Kitz and" she turned to look at him…

"Armaan" he said extending him hand.

She stared at his cold grey eyes and could see the hatred and her hand quivered as she took hold of his hands… Her heart raced as she released her hand and turned around quickly to look at her father as she gestured for her to meet the senior doctors awaiting to meet her… never in a million year would she have though Armaan Mallki would be in the same hospital as her…

He looked at her talking to everyone in the Staff area not even giving him a glance or acknowledged his existence 'how can she forget me? Our love and time together?' he thought looking at her…

Her body ached as she stood in the room …being in the same room as him was killing her. Her fathers approaching and introducing her to everyone was getting to much and all she wanted to do was leave the room as soon as possible…She could feel his eyes on her.

As she walked down the corridor she felt a hand take hold of her and pull her into a room.
"Do you remember me?" feeling his angrily breathe on her face she closed her eyes.

"Dr Armaan Could you kindly let go of me!" She pushed him off her and looked at him and collected herself. Looking at his face she could tell he wanted answers but why should she as they had no relationship.

"How dare you?" she shouted looking at him.

"What? How dare I ?" he looked at her confused and remembered she was married and closed his eyes. 'what am I do?' he though looking at her in her white coat.

"I'm sorry Ridz… I uh.."

"Dame it Armaan! You scared the hell out of me and nearly gave me a heart attack .."

"Heart Attack… I feel like I'm looking at a ghost.. is this really you?"

"Shut up!" she walked towards the door and opened it.

"And yes I remember you Armaan….."  he looked at her walking away…..


~Part 3~

Tired and still shocked "how is she was going to cope with him there?" she looked over towards Tia as she lay a sleep… "Your papa looked anger today…I'm not going to let him into our lives…he deserves better…"

She stared at the picture of them on the basketball call in LA … he was so proud of her when she got the final basket in the remaining 19sec of the match.. during the annual hospital charity game for the children's ward. It was the best picture of them together as most of the time they just spent arguing about the little things and the Kodak moment was never there or just missed.

Maria had noticed Armaan was not behaving as his normal self for the past week not once did he flirt with anyone at the hospital and everyone was a little worried.  As she walked into the office she noticed him quickly placing a sliver fame in the draw and look up at her.

"Hmm… Maria thanks!"

"Armaan is anything wrong?" she studied he eyes which displayed so much hurt as he fake smiled reassuring her nothing was the matter.

"Huh.. Dr Riddhima was asking about Minnie yesterday when you were in surgery… she wanted the case notes…but I told her I would discuss the case with yourself first.." she watched how he buried his head in the file.

Armaan looked at Maria as and smirk…. " hmm interesting?" he whispered looking at the reports in front of him.

"Well she is the new registrar in charge of the children's ward…Armaan!"

"Hmm Hey??… oh right Dr Riddhima…Ok will get her to speed with Minnie's case"… as he watched her leave the office he smiled…

"No! Tia!… Eat you're food and don't be naughty…..hmm….mommy will be home soon….love you too…"  Turning her chair she looked up to see Armaan standing by the door.

"Armaan!" shocked to see him she got up.

"Hmm actually Anita said it was ok to come in…I huh…" he walked into the room and looked at her little office like his but a little smaller…her desk had the funny pens with Mr Men shapes attached to them…which always amused him when she was writing…so childish but she refused to get rid of them as her patients where always children and she used them as puppet show to distract them… as he stepped closer to her desk he notice her wearing a sari which made her look so grown up..

"It's ok.. just a little domestic at home…"

"Domestic?" his heart sank as she referred to her home life.

"Actually Tia …" she stopped to look at him as he stepped closer filling up the entire office in his large masculine persona …that same musky cologne and those grey eyes looked at her as if they could see into her soul taking a deep breath..

"Dr Armaan can I help you?" her voice quivered as she collected herself and sat back down.  Noticing her nervousness he smiled sitting in front of her holding the file.

"Minnie Sharma!" he placed the file on the table.

"Oh.. Right!" he looked at her picking up the file and open it.

"It's a little complicated you see her blood group is very rare and we though another sibling could help matters but that was not a match either…so we.."

"Hmm I guess the donor scheme would be so beneficial for India looking at the population but not everyone's willing to give…" he looked at her as she pushed finger gentle threw her hair and closed her eyes.

"Busy day? That same headache??" she looked at him confused.

"You only made that face when you're very tired!"  she looked at him surprised as he got up and walked around towards her. As she turned to look at him he gentle placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Armaan please!" she said moving to get up but he over powered her and made her sit down. With her heart racing she closed her eyes as she felt his strong hands gentle working through her shoulders. Touching her delicate skin sent shiver down his spine how his body craved to touch her... Feeling his fingers digging into her shoulders her heart raced remembering those sweet moments of there past.... Armaan looked at her as she quietly just sat with her eyes closed. 'I know you inside out.. as you have been the longest relationship I ever had' he thought looking at her and then at her desk.  A large frame photo of her and a small child smiling… no sign of her husband?…no mangulstra or sindoor?

"Hmm feels better yes?…" he smiled taking in her sweet channel number five scent.

"Armaan please I need to…" dame it she cursed he always knew the right buttons to press. She placed her hands on his hands and gentle pushed them away.

"No picture of your husband?" she looked at him as he stared at the photo on her desk.

"Tia father a doctor too…he..uh away at the moment"  she looked at him as he grinned at her.

"Shall we?" he walked over towards the door.

"Shall we??…"

"See my girlfriend…Come on!"

Ridhima smiled at the way Armaan spoken so gentle with Minnie explaining he was handing over the case to her… Minnie looked at her and back at Armaan.

"You're going to leave me as well?"  feeling the lump in his throat he looked at her as she sat with her eyes watering.

"No Sweetheart!!.. Dr Armaan is not leaving you…he is still in charge of your case.. i'm just assisting him…OK" Armaan looked at her as she placed her hand  affectionately on her hair and turned to leave….

Minnie noticed him staring at the door as she left.

"I don't like her?" Armaan turned to see her pouting her lip at him.

"Well like she said she helping me with your care…and I'm in charge" he grinned getting up.

"Dr Armaan … Uh I have found a match for Minnie… But want to run a few test…Once I get them back we will be good to go…" He looked at her as she walked into his office.  She noticed the Charity basketball Shield hanging on the walk and walked over towards it remembering those days.

"You remember? The first time we meet on the basketball court"  He walked over towards her and looked at the sliver shield hanging …

"All I remember was you trying to get fresh with me to get me and the girls off the court…."

"Fresh? No! No! No...I was so charming you on the other hand was so rude…"

"Rude?? Armaan you asked for it when you said girls can't play…the look on your face when I dunked that basketball with my back turned…." Armaan looked at her laughing and smiled.

"Yeah well I did not know I was messing with a pro basketball star from Jersey…Riddhima seems like a lifetime ago.." she looked into his grey eyes and could see the hurt that she caused him.

"Minnie!" she whispered looking away.

"Hmm you have a donor?" He asked walking back towards his desk.

"Yeah we can give the family the good news…"

Armaan looked at lab reports and then back at Riddhima surprised.

"Ridz you serious?…" he looked at her concerned.

"Yeah well I have the same rare blood group and if it was my daughter I would have loved someone to step forward and donate.. plus I'm familiar with the procedure it will take 30 minutes..bone marrow"

"but I mean??"

"I don't think you will understand Armaan as your not a parent!… I would like you to keep this between us…Papa knows and I do not want the family knowing.." Armaan nodded and watched her leave the office.

As he studied the report…next of kin Mrs Padama Devi …Status Single??

Riddhima looked at her mother as she explained her actions.

"You're just like your father!" Riddhima smiled as she looked at her mother not happy with the decision.

"Right after surgery you coming home and resting for a week…I'll tell you're father.. I'm not having you working until you recover…" Riddhima smiled as she looked at her getting up from the sofa.

"Why is it I get a feeling you only want to talk to Papa to complain!" Riddhima teased as she placed her arm around her. She knew her father was seeing another woman who was pregnant with Anjali and mum could not understand and walked out of the marriage…later she discover she to was pregnant after the divorce but did not want anything to do with Shanshank as the pain was unbearable and she moved to New York.  Alone and single handle she brought up Ridhima and when Vidya died Papa came back into there lives with Anjali…but Momma refused as she could not stand another heartbreak…but agreed that Riddhima should have some relationship with Shanshank and Anjali…Now she knew her mother wished to be back with her father as she some how blamed herself for the way Ridhima was…If she had a good father figure in her life then she would not have got pregnant…

"Have you told Armaan?"  Padama stared at her as she looked away.

"Stupid girl!! I have been telling you to tell him for three years now…don't you feel you owe it to Tia? And him…poor guys does not have a clue.."

"Mommy please! I just…"

"Look I never gave you a family which you deserved … I don't want you living your life with the mistakes I made… Beta you have to tell him…he has a right to know…

Armaan stared at the ceiling 'single? Is she divorced.. I have to find out?' He pulled up the blanket in the cold bed.  Every since she left he hated being alone.. always need someone in his life to shake of the loneness. He had never gotten over her as her leaving him in such away disturbed him alot and then not have any contact with him or any of there close friends… Anjali had later told him she was getting married.  When he left LA he made a vow to never love anyone again as it hurt a lot and this pain was unbearable he was going to go back to his old ways…

~Part 4~

Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he placed the stethoscope on her chest. He could hear her heart beating slightly faster and looked at her….those same gorgeous emerald green eyes slightly looking down blushing and that same fragrance engulfing his sense.


"You could have got a nurse to do my pre-op…you did not have to…" she looked at him feeling the arm band tightening around her arm to get her blood pressure reading.

"As the senior resident surgeon I am capable to do the pre-op.." releasing the pump he looked at the pressure dropping to get the reading. Sensing the tone of his voice she left out a sigh and looked through the window dieing to get this over with as soon as possible.

"Well your blood pressure is slightly high but I think its nothing to worry about as we all get nervous about an operation…" he looked at her for a reaction to see non as she sat there silently not saying anything.

"Ok just a few questions and I will let you go…. Hmm do you take and medicines of any kind?"  She looked at him holding the sliver pen she gifted him on his birthday and stared at it surprise he still kept it.

"No! I have no problems healthy… no back problem, no allergies, all the 15 question your going to ask me on the form can be ticked as no… and have not had any surgery of any kind…now Dr Armaan can I leave…as I have patient to attend to…" He looked at her annoyed as she got of the bench and picked up her white coat.

"On the form it says marital status single?" he stared at her as she stopped and closed her eyes.

"Correct… as I'm not married!" he stepped in front of her blocking her way out.

"Where is your husband? You said your daughter father is a doctor…"

"What has this line of questioning got to do with my surgery?" she looked at him annoyed as she picked up her stethoscope and placed it in her pocket.

"Just getting your history …you can understand how any little detail can help…"

"Cut the crap Armaan" he smiled and looked at her as she reached the door when she felt his hand take hold of her arm…she turn to face him.

"Have dinner with me… this evening?" no she thought looking at him… how inside she was dieing to just feel his arms around holding but she couldn't.

"I made a decision long time ago to never date men at work… as you only get hurt…" he watched her leave the room feeling disappointed and picked up the charts.

As she lay in bed she remember how their relationship completely changed…ever since the hospital charity ball in LA.

"Oh Ridz you look so beautiful!" feeling his arms holding her as they danced slow as the orchestra played.. he looked so dashing in the black tuxedo he had rented for the night.. the ball was the highlight of the whole week as the number of charity events like basket ball where all going to help the hospital raise money for the children's ward at the hospital.

"You know Dr Carter is here tonight … Rid if I make a good impression I can get to be his intern for the next 6 months as his other intern was unable to take to stress" 

"Armaan I have heard stories about how he treats the interns…I mean!"

"Oh come on Ridz? He the best surgeon in LA man I would do anything to be his intern…"

"Anything Armman?" As he turned her and pulled her back into his arms he smiled scanned the room just to find Dr Jonathan Carter.

"There he is… why don't you go back to the table I will join you in a minute" he led her off the dance floor.

"Wish me luck basket!" he smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

"Good Luck honey!"  she watched him disappear and sat down at the table.

She looked at her watch it had been two hours as he had left her and he had not once returned… feeling sorry for her Mac and the other intern all danced with her as Armaan was busy trying make himself the intern for Dr Carter.

"Where is Armaan going?" she looked at Anjali as she sat down next to her.

"I just saw him in the car park getting into his car driving away… is everything ok?" Riddhima looking confused dialled the number to his mobile phone.

"Armaan where are you?" she asked clenching the phone looking at the other at the table.

"Ridz I can't talk but I with Dr Carter he got paged and I asked if I could assist…I be home late… bye!" the line went dead and she looked over at Anjali and Kaya.

"He going into surgery with Dr Carter…"

"OMG you know riddi if he past this test then he will work with Dr Carter.. oh man he so lucky…"  Riddhima smiled happily at Kaya and Anjali as they shared the news with the others…

Closing the door gentle to the bedroom he crept in and looked at her asleep smiling… getting into the sheets he took hold of her in his arms and kissed her bare shoulder and closed his eyes.  Feeling her head on his chest as he held her she opened her eyes surprised to see him as it was past 11pm when she dozed off waiting for him… feeling his warm strong arms around him he leaned forward and kissed her.

"Sorry baby!" he whispered kissing her back.

"I promise lunch tomorrow at our usual place"  feeling his hands pull her close to him she smiled as she wrapped her arms around him too.

"By the way you're kissing the new intern for Dr Carter" he grinned as he felt her arms around him.

"I'm so happy for you Armaan you got what you wanted"

"Not quiet as I wanted much more tonight…"  feeling his lips on her neck she closed her eyes as she felt his hands lifting her nightie… and touching her soft delicate skin…they had made love so many times before but for some reason he felt so completely different… as he felt her naked body beneath him as her gentle fingers ran down his back as he gentle suckled on her upper lip tasting her… as he touched her breast so gentle she gasped as his lips explored her curves….kissing her all over ….wanting her….feeling completely aroused and the desire to make her completely his ….he kissed her again and again….she gasped as they became one… hearing her moan in pleasure as he made love to her through out the night….

As she woke up she found herself alone in the cold bed surprised as she discovered a note.

"Lunch 1pm.. our usual place. Sorry early start… Love you Armaan"  smiling she looked at the clock 7am and got ready.

As she stared into space remembering how they made love throughout the night she remember.. 'dame we were not careful… mental note get the morning after pill later today'  she thought as she grabbed her white jacket and equipment to do her rounds.

As she sat inside the Italian caf the waiter looked at her staring at her watch and looking eagerly out the window at the bustling busy high street.

"Look maybe he forgot… why don't you order!" looking at her watch it had been over 45 minutes and she only had 15mins to get back to the University and catch the lesson. Nodding she looked at him and smiled as she watched him disappear her heart sank as he had never forgotten or stood her up in the last 6 months.

As she dropped her books on the coffee table she collapsed on the couch feeling tired… after last nights events she was so tired and feeling drained she closed her eyes.

"Basket?" gentle opening her eyes she looked at him as he held her in his arms.

"Armaan?" feeling his kiss on her forehead she snuggled up against his shoulder closing her eyes.

Feeling his arms take hold of her in bed she smiled sleeping…..

"Morning!" she looked at him bring, breakfast into the bedroom smiling.

"About yesterday… I'm so sorry…one of the surgery's over ran and it totally slipped my mind…."

"It's Ok!" feeling his lips on her cheek he smiled looking at her.

"OMG Ridz I'm learning so much … The guys is a walking knowledge base and I swear if I can stick it out with him… I know one day I would be just as good as him…"  She smiled looking at him pull out a shirt from the wardrobe and putting it on.

"Armaan… where your breakfast?" she looked at him as he fastened his buttons and picked up the piece of toast covered in honey.

"I'm having breakfast with Dr Carter… this morning so baby I have to leave or I'm going to be late… I will see you at the coffee house after work Ok!" he kissed her forehead and before she could say anything he had left…


"Riddi what's the matter?" she looked up at Anjali as she wiped her tears.

"Let me guess Armaan?" Taking the tissue from Anjali's hand she wiped her tears and looked at her sister sitting next to her.

"We have all noticed it…"

"No Di don't get me wrong I want him to get everything he wants … but it's like I don't exist for him… 3 months now I just feel him next to me in bed I can't remember the last time we spoke to each other for more then 2 minutes…"  Anjali placed her arm around her and smiled to reassure her.

"He's going really well!  Dr Carter and the other seniors are very impressed with him… this is his dream remember!"

"Yeah I know…. May be I should just shut up hey and stop feeling sorry for myself…" they giggled as they hugged each other.

Riddhima stared at the clock as she looked at the door… Dinner was made and she had kind of informed the other housemates she wanted to have a special evening with him… as the door opened he looked at the candle and smiled.

"What's all this?" he walked up to her and hugged… she knew she had surprised him as he hugged her.

"Well I thought we could have dinner… and spend some together…" she wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at him as he leaned forward and kissed her.

"Baby you should have called me… as I just had dinner with Dr Carter and his family!" her heart sank as she looked at him look apologetically at her.

"Oh I?"  she released him and looked at him.

"To tell you the truth… his wife's a louse cook… and I'm famished!" she smiled looking at him as take a seat at the table. As she approached him she looked into his eyes and knew he was hiding something. All evening she watched him eat dinner and talked about what he learnt from Dr Carter.

"Ridz… I kind of promised Dr Carter daughter Michelle I would take her to the Annual doctors Ball in Santa Barbara… next week" he looked at her as she silently carried on eating.

"This evening we were discussing the ball and I kind of agreed…" Awaiting for an answer he placed his hand on her hand and looked at her.

"OK!" she looked at him smiling.

"That's why I Love you… as you know I'm doing all this just to further my career… you're the best!" she looked at him grinning as he picked up the glass of wine and place it on his lips…….


~Part 5 ~


She stared into the mirror as the tears ran down her face… he was so excited about how his career was progressing and now was getting ready for the ball…. As she opened the door she looked at him as he placed the tuxedo coat on and looked at himself in the mirror.


"Ridz I'm so excited … all the big surgeons from Seattle to New York are going to be there… can you believe I'm going to be in a room full of surgeons…" He lifted her in his arms and kissed her on the cheek.

"I have a special surprise for you…close your eyes!"  As she opened her eyes and looked at the tickets in her hand

"Two tickets to Hawaii… for one week just me and my girl!" he pulled her close to him and smiled.

"But Armaan I'm busy with…"

"All sorted and authorised… Starting from next Friday were official on hols…" Smiling she hugged him.

"Ok… now I'm going to be late for the ball …princess!"  she looked at him as the tears filled her eyes as he walked out of the room.

As she headed down stairs she heard the gang eating dinner and arguing as usual and slowly approached the kitchen.

"Armaan so sly… he's seeing Dr Carter's daughter to further his career and the young girl is complete crazy about him…." Kaya looked at Mac shocked.

"What about Ridz? I mean he loves her right?" Kaya asked looking at him.

"Only thing Armaan loves is to be the best surgeon so he can go back to India... Ridz knew that when she enter the relationship… he did tell her that he can not offer or promise her anything until his career gets sorted"

"Yeah but you can see how much they love each other?" Kaya watched Mac pick up the slice of pizza from the domino box.

"Love? Kaya is that what you call it?… I call it casual sex… they both liked each other but know they share a room and a physical relationship… both want the complete opposite in life…. Ridz wants to move to Jersey to be with her mother and practice and Armaan want to go back to India to fulfil is mother's dream…. Come the end of the semester they will go there separate ways… just watch!"  Mac ate the pizza and looked at Kaya looking surprised.

"Is he really seeing Dr Carter daughter?"

"I'm not sure…but you know Armaan always popular with the ladies!" Mac chuckled …. Tearful Riddhima enter her bedroom unheard by them crying. She picked up the phone and dialled his number… Holding the phone she wiped her tears uncontrollable full of rage.

"Hello Armman"  taking a deep breath she composed herself.

"Awee baby… I'm so missing you!" she could hear his the distress in his voice and the anger completely left her.

"Armaan what's the matter?"  she collapsed on the bed clutching the phone feeling numb and helpless.

"Dr Carter's daughter is a bit of a rebel… she sneaked off with her boyfriend and when he asked me where she is I'm making up excuses…" letting out a sigh of relief she shook her head smiling… why did she want to believe idol gossip? How could she not believe in them?

"So why don't you tell him she's not feeling well and your going to escort her back home…"

"Awee Ridz I love you… see you in an hour…" hear his kisses down the phone she blushed as the uncertainty left her body completely.

She looked at him as he sat next to her on the sofa staring at the television watching the football…

"I so missed this!" he placed his arm around her and smiled.

"Me too!" placing her head gentle on his shoulder smiling.

"I know I have not been giving you any time … I mean when I come home it's late and the only time I see you was asleep …or when we would catch each other at hospital or in between classes…or the morning… but you know how important it is for me to become a surgeon"

"Armaan I know … you want to make you mother proud"

"This is way I love you as no one but you understands me…Sometimes I think I'm not going to make it… you know then you come into my thoughts then I start believing in myself… I love you!" he leaned forward and kissed her.

"Armaan last couple of days I have been feeling stuff… like you don't want me and…"

"No Ridz that's not true.." he picked up her hand and kissed her palm.

"In this place you're the only thing keeping me going…" pushing back her hair behind her ear he smiled.

"I can't believe for three months I have not kissed you properly … Now Dr Riddhima I am completely your slave for the rest of this beautiful evening…."

"Hmm Slave I like the sound of that!" leaning forward she kissed him.


"Wow Armaan! Hawaii?" Armaan threw the ball at Mac smiling at the court yard.

"Yep!" he moved forward and tried to get the ball of him.

"How did you afford it?" Mac jumped up and the ball landed in the basket.

"Well were going to be staying in Dr Carter condo as he's given me the keys and the only thing I paid for are the tickets…" bouncing the ball he looked at Mac.

"Tell me honestly do you love Riddhima?"  Armaan threw the ball and scored.

"I love being with her… we connect in every level… mentally and physically…it's like I can look into her eyes and she's the woman I want children with later on when I'm able  …" Mac looked at him as he stared into space.

"You have it bad! Why the hell don't you marry her?"

"Marriage is way down the list and my only commitment is to be a surgeon… everything is so far down the list …she knows that… I'm not ready for that commitment in our relationship.. in fact I'm just enjoying it…not chasing a women, not dating and playing those mind game.. I'm telling you Mac living together is better then marriage…"  taking the ball of Mac he jumps and scores the basket.

"ARMAAN!" they turned to see Riddhima approach them.

"You ready for your trashing" She smiled looking at him as she bounced the ball.

"Ahem… Ridz as a gentleman I'm letting you win!" he chuckled stepping closer to her.

"Really… well show me your moves babe!" she threw the ball outside the circle and he turned to see the ball go in…shocked

"How did you? Do that?"

"See I was being lady like all this time and letting you think you could beat me …by winning by 2 points but today…you're getting whooped!"  as she took the ball out of his hands she turned and scored. 

He took hold of her in his arms and turned her around…

"I swear one day I'm going to beat you… then you will have to do anything I say!"

"Dream on babe …that is never going to happen!"

"Never say never …" he pulled her close to him.

"If it ever happens ….then I will do anything you say" she placed her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.


"Promise… but you know it's never going to happen…In this life time  hehe…." she pushed him and ran giggling

"Hey basket!" he chased her as she headed for the joggers park………..

She smiled as he pulled out the chair next to her in the canteen and placed his tray on the table.

"Ridz I'm so excited I have my first ever surgery heart bypass with Dr Carter…"

"Oh Mr Williamson the one with the pace maker issue…"

"Yeah he reminds me of my grandfather…" she smiled looking at as she placed her paper glass to her lips.

"OMG Armaan me and Kaya where doing our round and he pinched my …randy old man!"  Armaan chuckled as she blushed… looking away with her hand cupped beneath her chin…smiling shyly.

"Now why can't I make you blush like that ?" she looked at him and smiled feeling his arm around her waist pulling her close to him…she looked at him shocked.

"Armaan? What are you doing?" She looked around the canteen as it was completely full during the lunch time rush hour.

"What? I can't touch you like this?" he looked at her cheekily and grinned looking at her going completely red with embarrassment staring at him wide eyes…shaking her head at him.

"Dr Armmaan?"  Letting go of her they both looked up to see the fair hair doctor looking at them surprised through his thick spectacles…

"Dr Carter?… Uh this is my uh housemate Dr Riddhima Gupta…"  She looked at him slightly taken back by his comment as he smiled… taking hold of her hand under the table.

"Oh right… well I will see you in my office in 30 minutes …I need to see Mr Williamson charts and lab results…"  He frowned at the pair of them and walked away.

"Housemate?" he looked at her confused.

"Yes …that is what you are?… come on we share a house and stuff?"  she stared at him as he had caught her off guard.

"Stuff?" her voice raised slightly as he looked at her.

"Look …Ridz what we share is personal and not really anyone's business" he sighed picking up his sandwich.

"You said you love me and…"

"I am not saying I don't but that's a personal matter …not to be share publicly… get a grip you making an issue out of the matter." He looked at her annoyed.

"You ashamed of me or our relationship?"

"Ridz where are you going with this?… from the start I told I can't give you anything… remember… then last night you asked about marriage …. Honestly put your hand on your heart and tell me if this is what you want?  As you know I can't commit to nothing except my goal and dreams now… what happens on the way is just life!  I don't expect you to give up your dreams and goals for me and I don't expect you to think I would do the same… you want to be a doctor and work with children …I want to be the best surgeon I can be…. So can we just drop this nuisance now!"

 She looked at him getting up from the table as her eyes filled up…she quickly placed her hand on his hand and he stopped to look at him…. Staring into his eyes she knew his ambition and goals where more important to him then her… why did she think she could change him?… when the truth and reality was that he was so honest from the beginning of their relationship…but her love was so completely blind everyone warned her not to get involved as there relationship was going to go no where…and then she just moved her stuff into his room… he never said anything but carried on as usual… why did she really think her love would change him and his goals?

"I'm…Sorry!"    I'm pregnant just would not leave her dry mouth… as she looked into his eyes.

"Riddhima! RIDDHIMA!!"  he stared at her on the hospital bed looking like a sleeping beauty who was awaiting her prince charming….as she opened her drowsy eyes and closed them again….Placing his hand on her feeling a sense of relief as the operation was successful…. Both Minnie and Riddhima were doing fine.

"Mummy!" he turned to see the small brown haired toddle by his side peering over the metal bar at the site of her mother…. There was something about the child as she pulled his white coat as the tears ran down her small face as he stared at her…


~Part 6~



He pushed open the door to see them asleep…and smiled as he walked over and picked up the chart at the end of the bed… Watching the little toddler cling on to her mother with her small little arms… a smile appeared on his face… for some reason he could not forget show he had spoken to her later that day… She was so curious about everything in the room…and smiled at him in Padama's arms are he answered… such a sweet child….

 "Armaan!" Looking up from the chart he looked over at her as she whispered stoking Tia's hair so gentle.

 "She should go home and let you rest!" she looked at him looking over at Tia.

 "I have spoken to Papa.. and he said I can leave in the morning…" he turned to look at her as her words were so harsh she had never spoken to him in such a manner before.

 "Papa is not your doctor… I am…" he looked into her eyes as he stepped closure to the bed and took hold of her wrist….she looked over at him as he took her pulse and made his necessary checks so silently it was driving her insane she just want him away from her as his presence was effecting her in so many way.

 "How's Minnie doing?" she looked over at him as he lifted his head from the charts.

 "So far so good …her body is not rejecting the bone marrow…and she improving little by little…you have a slight problem … and need to be kept in for another day…"  he looked over at her and she was not happy with what he had just said… but the truth was her body need time to recover…

 "Problem?" he looked at her looking at Tia.. worried.

 "Your white blood cell level is slightly low and your iron is low too… I recommend you stay another day … and we take fresh blood samples tomorrow and see if they have improved… it's common in these case as your body is trying to recover the loss.."  he gentle placed his hand her hers and looked at her.

 "Ok but Tia is staying here… she can't sleep without me and…"

 "No!" she removed her hand and looked at him.. how could he ever understand… he only cared about himself …

 "You need complete reset and your daughter need to understand that her mummy is not well and being look after… when you are better then you both can go back to your routine at Home…"  He was firm and looked at her as he was not going to change him mind on the matter.

 "But …she only a baby.." 

 "Ridz be practical… this is no place for a child… in fact being home with Auntie is a much better environment.." he was right and she knew it… but she had never been able to sleep without looking at Tia…

 "Mummy?" they turned to see her get up and hug Riddhima.

 "I dreamt daddy came … to see us!" he looked at them and smiled… but noticed a glint in Riddhima's eyes… it must be hard working looking after a child on your own… Riddhima looked at Armaan as he left the room… 'Honey your father was was no dream'……

 As he closed his eyes again trying to get some sleep… he could only see images of them as they kept playing on his mind and then the uncertainly kicked in… but he want Riddhima to answer all his questions and not just one… but how was he going to ask…. 'I hate you and what you have done to me' he curse pulling up the sheet to cover himself… feeling the cold and loneliness surround every part of him… For three years not he tried everything to get over the rejection and nothing worked…It had effected him so badly he just did not care for anyone …but himself.. as he was afraid of getting hurt and rejected again … but now she has walked back into his life opening up the wounds … they only way he was going to get any thing back was to get the answers……

 He pushed open the door to see her hear buried in her files and he frowned walking over and looked at her angrily.

 "What are you doing?" she looked at him as he grabbed the files of the bed frowning.

 "Armaan you don't expect me to…"

 "Shut up… you are a patient here not a doctor…"

 "Well you bed side manner stinks?" he looked at her folding her arms and looked the other way pouting her lips.

 "Really?… there used to be a time when you loved my bedside manner…" he walked over to her and took hold of her wrist.

 "Huh… I don't remember" feeling hurt he looked at her.

 "You have forgotten so much Riddhima… don't you remember anything?"  she closed her eyes… of course she did and it was killing her everyday …now even more since he was so close…with her throat dry she turned to look at him and took in a deep breath to compose herself.

 "I remember bits and piece Armaan… not much any way we never promised each other anything…" placing her arm gentle down he took out his stethoscope he sat down on the bed and gentle placed it on her chest…

 "Deep breath in… and Out" Every time he came near her it killed her as she sat there with her eyes closed …hanging off his every word.

 "Riddhima do you remember this?" feeling his warm breath on her face she opened her eyes to look at him as he slowly leaned forward… feeling his lips on her she melted in his warm embraces…How she had dreamt about feeling his lips and his strong arms around her… as he released her he knew she could have never have forgotten him and was lying.

 "You can never lie to me…I know you remember everything as I have never forgotten and neither have you …. You're a fake!" she looked into his eyes to see the hurt and anger as he got up onto his feet.

 "Your free to go!  And I have spoken to your father … you are on annual leave and are back to work in a weeks time…." She looked at him in tears as he walked over towards the door with her charts.

 "I will be around tomorrow night about 7pm… to pick you up for dinner…as I want answers to all my questions …." As the tears ran down her face she watched him leave the room without even glancing over to see her or acknowledge her acceptance………




Padama looked over at Riddhima as she hid her tears from her as she walked into the kitchen.

 "Riddhima?" she looked over at her child…three years of crying and yet she was unable to move on with her life… she had felt her pain in more ways then one… when a woman truly loves a man… it becomes part of her entire life… yet Armaan had never cheated her… and it was Riddhima's resentment which was killing her more then anything… did she finally feel remorse or was it much more then that?

 "He wants answers momma and…"  Placing her arm around her Padama lead her to the stool and sat her down.

 "Beta this was going to happen so or later… and you knew that…"  Placing a tissue in her hand she pushed back her hair to see her red eyes looking up at her.

 "He hates me so much and … I'm scared of what he might do… I don't want to loose Tia.. as she is all I have and…."

 "Slow down… look you just need to sit down and talk … maybe this will be a positive step in the right direction for both of you…and there is Tia to who needs both of you… Riddhima please don't make the same mistakes that I have made…" Riddhima looked at her mother and nodded…..

 He was there on time and she could hear his voice downstairs as she approached the stairs …taking a deep breath she composed herself and slow went down to see him looking at her with those same haunting grey eyes …but this time the pain was so visible as she stood next to him…. He looked at her in a sky blue sari and she looked amazing…taking his breathe away she was the only woman who effected him in that way… he smiled as he looked at her.

 "Mummy I want to go!" they looked up the stairs at Tia with her pink pyjamas and her white teddy bear in her hand slowly running down the stairs… Riddhima opened her arms and picked her up in her arm and smiled looking at Armaan.

 "Sorry you have school tomorrow and …" Riddhima looked at Tia as she stared at Armaan curiously…

 "Are you sick mummy?"  Armaan chuckled as he looked over at them and then at Padama… He took hold of Tia from Riddhima arms and held her looking at her.

 "Mummy is fine in fact I don't think I'm well… what you say?"  Riddhima looked at Tia in his arms and looked over at her mother.. feeling nervous…

 "Don't worry mummy's a very good doctor… she will make you feel better!" Armaan chuckled and looked at Riddhima who was laughing too.

 "Princess time for bed!"  Armaan looked at Padama as she took hold of Tia from his arms…

 "Why do you kids run along… while I read a bedtime story to this princess"….

 He looked at her she was so quite and only spoken formally through out the whole evening as the dinner arrive at the table he looked up

"Armaan?"  he stared and the model he had dated….and stood up.

 "UH … Priya how are you?"  Feeling her lips on his cheek he looked nervously over at Riddhima who looked at them as they embraced.

 "Last time I saw you was on the beach skinny deeping … Goa remember…"  Feeling slightly embarrassed he smiled and turned to Priya…

 "I will call you ok…babe"  Priya looked at Riddhima…and nodded walking away.

 Riddhima looked at him as he sat down looking nervous..

 "Here?" he looked at the napkin in her hand and looked at her confused.

 "You have lipstick all over your cheek…" she placed the napkin in his hand and carried on eating silently… as he wiped his cheek.

 "Thanks…" He picked up the glass of wine and placed it to him lips.

 "Why did you leave me?" he looked at her for a reaction and she very calmly placed her knife and fork on the table and looked at him.

 "It was going to end sooner or later… I left you a note.." She could see the questions in his eyes as he looked at her.

 "This note!" she watched him take out the note from his wallet and hand it over towards her… he had kept it why?

 "Oh this is funny Armaan… you kept my note… I would have thought you would have trashed it…" he looked at her giggling as she read the note.

 "I kept it as I knew one day you would meet and I would ask you to explain.. so I carry it in my wallet… just ready for such an occasion.."  Surprised she could see the damage she had caused and picked up the glass of wine and slowly placed it to her lips.

 "Armaan our relationship was going no where … so what was the point of bring up this topic… you said so yourself you would never give up your dreams and don't expect me to do the same so.. moved on… life goes on…that just the way it is…" feeling the rage building up inside of him he looked at her as she slowly sipped the glass of wine again.

 "Was there someone else?" she looked at him and smiled

 "No I never cheater …gosh I never dumped you for some guys if that was what you were thinking… We were in a relationship for a year living together… nave at the time.. we made no commitment to each other… and had fun… simple…"  He looked at her, as what she said was true as she had asked him to commit but he was not ready too.


 "Not yours breathe easy… I met Sunil in Jersey… big mistake hooking up with a married man…" there was something in her eyes as she said that but he could not put his finger on it…

 "That's not like you…"

 "For some reason I'm unlucky with the opposite sex.." she wished he had believed her as she span the lies… but she was not ready to tell him anyway… not now or never.

 "I thought it was only me…with that problem" he chuckled feeling better.

 "You…stop joking you have a playboy reputation not like anything in LA!" for some reason he did not like the ways she had say that and looked at her placing the fork of rice in her mouth.

 "There's a large Medical camp drive up in the far east region…"

 "Yeah Papa told me all about it and wants me to go …I have agreed"

 "Me too…." He smiled enjoying her company and not happy with what he had learnt……

~Part 7~

"So?" Riddhima looked at her mother as she slowly lifted her head away from the novel.

 "So what momma?" Padama looked at her as she looked away avoiding her eyes.

"You didn't tell him?" She turned to look at her mother disappointed face.. and shook her head negatively as she sunk back into the comfort of the sofa… closing her eyes.

" I just couldn't …." The look of relief in his eyes when she informed him that Tia was not his appeared before him and she opened her eyes feeling her mother's hand on her head…. Holding onto her mother she sobbed…

As he lay in bed a small smiled formed on his lips … and he gentle let of out a sigh of relief it was the most enjoyable dinner he had since he been in India… everything as to why he loved her came flooding back… he was so relaxed with her and she was feeling the same he could sense it .. but there was something slightly different in her eyes… he could not put his finger on it….as he closed his eyes in content … Riddhima stared at the ceiling as the tears ran down her face……


"Don't worry Tia will be fine!" she looked up to see Armaan in his causal jeans and white sports t- shirt and the leather black jacket he loved so much…placing his bag in the cabin above….That dimple smile spread across his face and his masculine body occupied the seat next to her… the sweet musky fragrance she loved so much reminder her of the past as she look at him sinking into the leather cushions with that loveable dimple smile.

"Thanks!" he looked at her as she placed the small headphones in her ears and opened the magazine… a broad smiled spread on his face… you can't avoid me honey he thought looking at her as she read the magazine….

Feeling her head on his shoulder he just looked at her hair covering her face and looked in awe … as he placed his hand gentle on her face and tucked back her hair… he stared at her those closed eyes which he had always dreamt about seeing that woman who would bear his children and those dreams of a life with no one but her… those beautiful green eyes were now lifeless like his own…but he wanted nothing but that dream to come true…Placing his hand on her shoulder he gentle pulled her close to him "I will make you mine again!" he whispered closing his eyes feeling her take hold of him and snuggling up into the warmth of his hold…. As she slowly opened her eyes smiling she looked up to see him fast asleep with a smile on his face…she could hear the gentle rhythm of his heart as her raced wrapped in his arms… how she hand longed to feel his embraces …..when suddenly the coach started to slowing down… and suddenly after a jerk it halted…. He looked down at her as she slowly closed her eyes and pulled herself away from him in a panic.

"I'm sorry i…" he looked at her as she stuttered…he gentle placed her hand on arm and looked at her smiling.

"You're welcome and the pleasure was all mine" listening to the tone of his voice she knew he was up to his old trick's and his smooth talking was something she needed to get away from….as this attitude was what she loathed and started to fall in love with.

"Dr Armaan?"  they looked to see Atul dress in a green peace t shirt and jeans looking at them looking concerned.

"We are four hours away and the radiator has a leak! Were stuck here but the driver says theirs a hotel about 5 Km away… so why don't you take everyone there and I'll stay behind and sort out the coach…"  Armaan stood up and looked at Atul.

"Atul why don't you take everyone there I will stay here there some vital surgical equipment that I need to check…" 

Riddhima looked at Armaan as he helped the staff with their bags and the way the new student nurses flutter around him like  flies buzzing around the honey pot she was not liking it at all… as he did nothing but make them blush and giggle… picking up her bag she headed towards Atul and the other senior doctors.

"Come one people we have 2 hours to get there before night fall!"  Everyone moaned as the headed towards Atul as he waved at them all…

Armaan watched them all slowly walk away and closed his eyes… "Just one glance….come on Ridz…I know you still feel it…."  She bite her lips and the erge to look back at him was strong… NO NO she convinced herself and carried on walking… disappointed he looked at them all disappear in the horizon. "I seem to be loosing my touch" he chuckled getting back on the coach.

As she stood at the window she looked at the rain falling heavy for an hour now…she gripped the mobile in her hand and looked at the number on the screen and her finger on the call button…taking deep breath she pushed the button… placing it to her ear.

"Armaan?"  hearing her voice he smiled as he slowly walked towards the hotel in the pouring rain.

"I had a feeling you would call… Miss me?" Hearing him chuckling she shook her head why did I call?

"Are you ok?" hear the concern in his voice he grit his teeth feeling the cold wind hitting his face as the rain drops ran down his face from his hair.

"Wet and cold!"

"Huh Armaan…I thought you were on the coach!"

"Well they towed it away to the garage … and I'm on my way to see you.."

"So why didn't they drop you off?" looking at the rain falling heavily she placed her hand on the window feeling the cold gust of wind hitting the window…making her feel cold as her eyes fixed on the road below… searching for a glimpse of him.

"Hmm the driver and the mechanic have gone to fetch parts and the hotel was 9 Km away so I though I should just walk…I had no idea it was going to rain… Do me a favour book me a room … I should reach there about 40mins…"  the line was dead and the thought of him in the rain walking in the dark to get there she ran out of the room… with her heart pounding uncontrollable.

"There he is?"  Atul glanced over at her worried face and slowly halted the car. He had spoken to her and she was so unresponsive during the whole drive her eyes where glued to the windscreen searching for Armaan… Knowing full well Armaan never mixed his playboy life style at work… he sensed there was much more then meets the eye between them…Opening the door he looked at Armaan soaked to the bone shivering "ARMAAN" …. Riddhima stare at him as he sat in the back soaking wet and gritting his teeth.

"You could have called Armaan … I would have got a car to pick you up?" Looking at Atul he smiled.

"I thought I would give you a head start with the new student nurses Atul!"  Riddhima stared out the windscreen as she heard them both laughing as Atul drove back.

"I thought you would have you're hands full and did not want to bother anyone…so I started walking!"  he looked at her and sensed she was angry and had not once looked back to see him.

"Thank You Atul"  Atul glanced in the mirror and smiled

"Actual its Dr Riddhima you have to thank…. She was extremely worried and I did not want her coming out alone to find you.."  He smiled and kind of knew by the tone of her voice she was stressed..

"Atchww!" She turned to look at him immediately as he sneezed again.

"Your soaking wet Armaan! Here …" he looked at her eyes as she handed him her shawl…. He started at her in her pink sari and held her shawl around him… the sweet smell of her fragrance engulfed him as he felt the warmth of her shawl.

"Thanks Basket!"  Atul looked in the mirror curiously… as he heard him mumble.

"Basket?" Riddhima looked at Atul and closed her eyes hearing the name he had given her long ago.

"Ok so tell me how do you two know each other?" Armaan looked at Atul's face in the mirror.

"She beat me at Basket ball!"

"You got to be serious?" Atul glanced over at Riddhima next to him and then looked at the road.

"Seriously she beat me fair and square…. We were interning in LA at the same hospital and we were living together…" Riddhima closed her eyes and collected herself.

"We just shared a house together!… and know one another… simple really!"  Armaan looked at her as she spoke so casually like it was nothing and he was upset by her remark.   

"Oh Ok right!" Atul looked at Armaan face and knew there was more to it as Armaan looked so hurt by her comment

"We shared Every thing together! Ridh …."

"I don't want to discuss this … If you don't mind! It happened a long time ago and to tell you the truth Atul… It was nothing  serious… we study and lived together!" Feel hurt and upset that the year they spent together meant nothing to her?

"We are here!"  Atul boomed and they looked at her get out of the car and walk through the hotel doors in a flash.



Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door … feeling slightly anger and all sorts of questions and emotions were running through his mind … he looked at the handle turning and saw her in her red night suit…looking at him slightly baffled.

"Armaan do you have any idea what time?" She looked at him as he walked into the room…in a change of clothes as she gentle closed the door and faced him…

"I wanted to give you this!"  She looked at him holding her shawl in his hand and took hold of it.

"You could have returned it in the morning!" He looked at her walk over towards the bed. He looked at her bag which lay empty on the floor and knew she would have unpacked her things… she was so into making sure everything went in its correct place and the Alien room had her name written all over it…. She looked at him looking at her things on the dresser and sighed knowing fully well what he was thinking.

"Good night Armaan!"  He turned to look at her.

"Do I mean anything to you Ridhima?"  Her heart ached as she looked into his tearful eyes as he stood before her in his black t shirt and jeans.

"You're a work colleague Armaan!" she looked away wishing the earth would swallow her up… the last thing she need was a Spanish inquisition.

He stepped closure to her and looked at her feeling very uncomfortable and a little upset.

"Why did you race to get me just now?"  She turned to look at him as his voice boomed in her ears.

"You were walking in the rain if it was anyone else I would have acted in the same manner … I'm a doctor…"

"STOP IT!" feeling him taking hold of her shoulders she looked at the look of confusion and anger on his face.

"Armaan?"  She could no longer look into those eyes as they were hurting her with the pain she could see and lowered her eyes….Feeling his lips on hers she melted in his arms as he held her… Realizing what he had just done she opened her eyes and pulled away from his lips.

"You still care about me!" she pushed him away but he was to strong and held onto her. As he grinned looking at her face as she fought to get away from him.

"No I don't care about you!" she screamed trying to free herself.

"You Still love me!" She could feel his arms pulling her closer to him and pulled back to her him chuckle.

"I don't Love you Armaan!"

"You love me admit it!" feeling his cheek against her she closed her eyes feeling his warm breath kissing her ear lobe.

"I love you Ridhima" her heart raced and she could feel his lips on her neck no matter how hard she tried she was unable to get out of his spell…her body was no longer listening to her commands but was reacting to his every kiss as she gasped… he knew exactly how to effect her and knew he was winning the battle … she can lie all she wanted to but he knew that she was losing.

"Armaan please!"  he gentle pulled the red nightie strap over her shoulder and placed his lips on her warm skin.

"Tell me you love me…"  Her bosom heaved and her limbs ached under the pressure and she knew he would not stop

"I don't love you!" she whispered feeling his hands running up her back … titivating every part of her body she could feel her feet leaving the floor as his kissed her lips… Not know when she gave into her desires as her hand ran though his hair as she kiss him back with the same passion as she lay benath him…feeling his hands touch her skin… he was so right she loved him and he was the only man she could ever love and make love to… As he looked down at her he saw that look on her face and in her eyes… she loved him and he knew it…. "I love you!" hearing his voice booming in her ears she pulled up his t shirt and touched his skin…a smiled formed on his lips as he felt her now in totally out of control of herself as she was no hunger for him as he was of her…. She gasped as he gentle removed her nightie and slowed her eyes knowing he was not looking at and touching her …exploring her every curve and kissing her in places with his lips…. A tear ran down her face as he looked at her and kissed her again…. "NO!" she woke up in a cold sweat panting alone in the room she pulled up the blanket… He had enter her dreams before but never like this as her body was craving his touch!… Switching on the light she reached over and picked up the glass of water and placed it to her lips.

"What the hell are you thinking?" she placed the glass on the side and tried to compose herself …when she heard a gentle knock on the door.  Shaking of her thoughts she approached the door and took a deep breath…. She looked at the young nurse looking at her worried.. her brown eyes where full of tears and she looked completely lost in the hotel white night gown.

"Its Dr Armaan …he's….."  Riddhima heart raced as she followed the young girl to Armaans room.

~Part 8~

She stared at him in the bed he looked so pale and shivered lying in a ball with the blankets covering him… the young nurse explained how she had heard him cry out delirious and open the door to find him… feverish and calling out her name… Riddhima just stared at him as he lay with his eyes closed holding the blanket close to him trying to feel some warmth.

"Go to my room and get my medical kit!" She sat on the bed next to him and placed her hand delicate on his forehead… his temperature was high. As he felt her hand he opened his eyes just to see her as she sat there before him in her red nightie.
"I always like you in red" she turned to see him take hold of her by her waist holding her as he lay his head in her lap and closed his eyes again.  Her heart raced looking him with his eyes closed as she gentle moved her hand towards his head…

"Madam!" She looked up to see the young nurse placing the bag on the bed next to her.  Placing her hands on his shoulders she gentle lay him on the pillow…. His fever was high and as she pulled down the blanket she stared at his bare chest and remember he would only sleep with his underwear…Gentle placing the stethoscope on his chest she listened to his heart and lungs… every thing was fine no normalities but his fever and cold sweat was making her kind of worried. She looked over at the young nurse biting her lip and looking worried.

"He's fine…don't worry …why don't you go and reset … I think I have an injection in my bag that will help bring his fever down"  she fumbled though her bag to get out the small bottle dose and syringe. As she turned to look at the young girl she smiled reassuringly at her as she nodded and let the room. …Gentle guiding the needle in his arm she pushed in the medicine into his bloodstream….As she put her things away in her bag she got up and turned to look at him as he took hold of her wrist firmly and pulled her into the bed and held her…feeling his head snuggled into her neck and the warmth of his deep breath on her chest …his armed were tightly wrapped arounnd her and his legs clashing against her bare skin.
"I love you Riddhima…promise me you would never leave me…" his arms pulled her close to him…feeling the tears running down her face she pulled him close to her…she watched him hold her and as his shivers slow stopped….She remember the night when she decided to leave him.......

"Dr Riddhima can I talk to you!" she looked at Dr Carter as he looked down at her through his glasses… She did not like him but she was making the effort because Armaan always spoken to about him highly…. As he took the seat next to her he looked at her making her a little nervous.

"It Armaan!"  she looked at him worried as he stared coldly at her.

"His work the past couple of days is slipping of days…he seems distracted!"  he looked at her in a headmaster way.

"You and him are an item yes!" completely baffled by what he had said she just looked at him.

"If you care about him…then I suggest you think about his dreams…."  Looking at the medical report in her hand … 'positive' she was pregnant and today she was going to tell Armaan and as she walked into the house she looked at him sitting at the dinning table with the candles lit up smiling at her as she walked him… Feeling his arms around her holding her she felt his lips on her forehead and helped her with her coat. "We have the place to ourselves and…."  Feeling his lips on her she knew this was the perfect time to tell him about the pregnancy, as she placed her arms around his neck feeling his deep intensive kiss as his lips nibbled on her upper lips as he gentle released her.

Everything was so prefect and what Dr Carter said was just not what she wanted to hear the though of telling him and the pervious conversation earlier played her mind again and again…. "Riddhima? You not hunger?"  she looked at the Chinese dinner he had ordered and looked at him smile as he the candle light in the room lit up the love she saw in his eyes and the room.

"I have something to tell you?" she looked at him as he grabbed hold of her hand. Looking serious and a little scared.

"I am going to have to cancel our trip next week Dr Carter wants me to attend a seminar with him in Boston…and I'm sorry!"  Now everything was clear the dinner and the pampering …why did I not see it? In public he denies our relationship, he so does not want to marry me and in the grand scheme of things I fit now where.  Armaan cared only for his dream and ambitions… I'm just time pass and have create misery for myself convincing my heart that he belong to me and loves me… His love for me is totally conditional and convenient for when it suits him…I will always play second fiddle and he will never be there for me and our baby… I'm such a fool did I really think my love could change him? … Feeling his hand squeeze hers and I looked at him smiling.

"It's Ok Armaan we can go on the trip anytime …and this is very important to you" picking up the glass of wine she placed it to her lips and stopped as the smell of alcohol was making her feel sick…that's was when she realized what she was doing?

"Excuse me!" he looked at her as she left the room… there was something different in her eyes and he followed her there.

As she pulled out the water bottle out of the fridge and closed the door he was there beside her.. and looked baffled.

"Are you ok you look pale?" taking her in her arms he looked worried.

"I have been feeling a little off since this morning…nothing to worry about!"  Feeling his warm arms around her she felt her heart break as she now knew what she had to do…..


Feeling his shivers stopping completely she turned to look at the clock and gentle eased her way out of his arms…the smile on his face as the dimples set in.. she heard him moan little…as she slide out of the bed when suddenly she felt his arms around her wasit pulling her back in…a he placed his head on her chest and feeling his body half on top of her she closed her eyes as the lone tear escaped and landed on the pillow she composed herself and placed her hands on his broad and muscle shoulders.

"Armaan! Let me go!"  Her voice quivered as she saw him slowly open his eyes and looked at her….Feeling him on top of her now kissing her passionately all over her face….Not matter how hard she tried to stop her body from reaction it was impossible nothing but his wet and deep kisses were penetrating her cold interior and everything was collapsing around her… "I love you….Marry me?"  he looked at her for a reaction and leaned forward to claim her now fully.

"Armaan please stop…you are delirious and are not in control of your senses!" her voice was firmed and her eye were cold.

"Don't you feel this?"  feeling his lips on her and his tongue moving deep inside her feeling her body melt under him and his passionate deep and long kiss.

"You're eyes and body is deceiving you…Riddhima…I know what you crave and you can't resist.." he whispered in her ear as he moved his lips onto her neck.

"Stop it Armaan!" he looked at her as she stared at him.

"Kindly get off me!" pushing himself hard on top of her he looked at her as she looked away and closed her eyes.

"Answer my question?"  feeling his warm breath on her face she turned to look at him angrily.

"I don't love you…or feel anything for you and will NOT marry you ever!"  she looked at the hurt in his eyes and the look off total confusion…. As he released her he watch her move off the bed and angrily grabbed her and pulled her back to face him.

"I love you Riddhima!….and you too love me… why are you denying it?"

"Who the hell do you think you are?" he stared at her as her angry voice hit his face as she removed his hand from her arm.

"Have you forgotten who I am?"  he raised voice matched hers as he grabbed hold of her again coming out of the bed with just his underwear on.

"Armaan you are sick and need reset there a tablet on the side there take it and get into the bed!"

"Stop making excuses!"  she closed her eyes and collected herself. He looked at her as she stood at the edge of the bed dressed in red as he kneeled on the bed close to her with his heart pounding in his chest… with mixed emotions. She loved him and he knew it as to why would she be here and dressed like this sharing his bed and….

"Armaan please your not well and still feverish… and not behaving as yourself…get into bed and…"  Taking hold of her face he kissed her again but this time hard as he pulled her close to him on the bed.

"You love me?" feeling his kisses again as his hand moved the fabric of her night up to feel her thigh…she gasped.

"Armaan please stop!" she whispered in between his kiss feeling him now on top of her again this time with there bare skin touching and making it so hard to resist him.

"You love me?" he asking again as he cupped her breast in his hand.

"Armaan please…. Ahhhh Stop!" she whispered this time now loosing the battle with her heart and head as she felt his lips on her neck now taking hold of her skin.. dame it he always knew which buttons to press… as her hands explored his bare naked as she felt his lips nibbling on her nipple.

"Do… you ….love me?"  know he could feel her kiss him with the same passion as she desired it too…. "Yes!" she whispered.  Feeling his grip loose on top of her as he moved over and lay next to her panting….he smiled and pulled her close to him and looked into her eyes.

"You can leave NOW!… I just wanted to know if I still loved me as I HATE YOU!"

~Part 9~

Feeling the hot water on her face as her tears rolled down she sobbed in the shower as she tried to wash him way… she could smell his cologne and tried to wash it way but it was no use… 'Why? Did I?' she thought feeling the water wash away the soap… It was no use she could still feel him in her mouth and feel his touch upon her… the truth was she would have at that moment surrendered herself to him willingly…closing her eyes "I am sorry Armaan" ….. as I never wanted to hurt you but I had to move on….she picked up the photo of him and looked at it…as she sat on the edge of the bed… "Why is it I some how believe that may be some day we could be together …when the truth is Armaan you have moved on with your life"… placing his photo down face down she looked hugged the pillow on the bed and sobbed… 'Why is it when ever I believed in something or someone I'm always let down… and it hurts everytime… some where deep in my heart I though we would find a place in this world.. but I know now that will never happen… and since you have moved on with your life.. so must I' getting up from the bed she wiped her tear.

"I have to be strong and move on… and discover the Riddhima who I lost on the way"…..

He woke up and recalled what had happened and let out a sigh… "Women!"… closing his eyes he could smell her fragrance surrounding him …angrily he pulled the covered and got up out of bed….  Showered and refreshed he picked up the hair brush and looked at himself in the mirror… 'no more crying over her' he thought brushing his hair.. while he stood in a towel.  "I'm not playing her games any more" he looked at himself in the mirror and stopped… 'I'm not getting back on that ride again…. I'm not give her the opportunity to hurt me again.. In fact .. everyone is going to see an New Armaan'  he picked up his blue jean shirt…  As he picked up his jeans his wallet fell out … It landed on the floor with her face smiling as he held her in his arms…he stared at it on the floor… "WHO ARE YOU KIDDING ARMAAN?"  he turned to look at the reflection in the mirror…..

"You still love her! And will always ways love her!"He clenched his fist and closed his eyes…

"You blamed her for everything… but deep down inside you know the truth… Look into you're heart as the answers are buried inside of you…"  he looked at the reflection laughing at him.

"SHUT UP!" he looked at the reflection disappear and turned around with his on his hips looking angrily… as he turned around he looked his wallet and picked it up.. and placed it in his pocket…

"I'm going to get back what I lost…I'm going to do this MY WAY…today is the day Armaan gets his life back on track" he closed the door on the way out.


He looked at her on the coach as he saw in the same seat waiting for her to join him but she looked past him and went to the back to take the vacant seat.

"Dr Riddhima… that's my seat.."  she looked up to see Nurse lovely smiling at her.

"You're seat is there next to Dr Armaan remember.." Nurse Lovely chuckled as she looked at Riddhima get up… Armaan smiling shyly knowing that she had no choice but to sit next to him for the next three hours.

"Thank you for last night!" she glanced over at him and then back at her magazine.

"By the way…your bed side manner is still the same as I remembered"  hearing her sigh and slam down the magazine on her lap she looked at him angrily.

"Dr Armaan…I seriously don't want to discuss this.."

"That's you're answer to everything hey basket!"  he looked at her she gave him a dirty look.

"My name is …."

"Dr Riddhima Padma Gutpa…. I have it was etched in my heart… which you broke in pieces"  

"You have no heart Armaan"  she could feel her eyes fill up as she looked away.

"Not anymore thanks to you!"  she could feel his rage while he sat next to her… as she turned to look at him he stared at her.

"Here have a tissue!" she looked at him place a tissue in her hand.

"I don't need this anymore…as my tears have all dried up and are not worthy of you"  as the lone tear escaped her eye she looked away.

Closing his eyes he cursed himself…but this was all part of his plan…..  he looked at her to see her asleep… he gentle kissed her forehead as she placed her head on his shoulder…unknowingly as she took hold of him.

"Excuse me!" she opened her eyes to see him looking at her.

"Everyone is unloading and madam here wants her beauty sleep…" She looked at the young nurse giggling as she let go of him.

"Thank you!"  he looked at her getting up…….


"Dr Atul we have an emergency!"  Atul looked at the tall police inspector.

"We need medical assistance on the mountain as we had an accident with a young group of children at the camp…"

"I will go!"  Atul and Armaan looked at Riddhima as she approached them.

"My work at the village with the children is finished …I will go with the inspector.."  Atul looked at Armaan and Sapna.

"Ok but as the senior Doctor I want Dr Armaan to accompany you… he has been to this medical camp before and know this area well…"

Armaan looked at Riddhima as she sat in the police jeep…. Now once the emergency was dealt with… it would be part of the next phase of his plan… as there was so much to do in the camp as they where a day off schedule… Now he was going to get that confession that she had not forgotten him  or what they shared…. ' No one messes with Armaan and gets away with… and what makes you special!'

As they arrived at the camp the children where all suffering from food poisoning … he looked at her as she informed the Police inspector was medicines where required from the medical camp… they both treated the 15 young children with what supplies they had.

"I'm worried about the little boy Harsh!"  she turned to look at him as he approached her.

"He has an allergy to the antibiotics.. we going to need to address his symptoms with something else.."

"Here Armaan … give him this!" he looked at her as she handed him the small bottle.

"I carry some with me for emergency…"  he looked at her impressed and took hold of the bottle.

"Thank you so much!" they looked at the black haired bobbed woman in front of them

"Please Zoya this is our job!" Riddhima looked at Armaan as he smiled his million dollar smile at the camp co-ordinator.

"It's going to be dark so why do you both stay at the guest cabin!"

"No we need to get back!"  Armaan looked at Riddhima as she stepped forward.

"Please Dr Riddhima please stay I want to thank you both… please with you both here… we would be reassured that nothing happens during the night…"

"That fine Zoya Ji we would love to stay"  Riddhima smiled at Zoya as she walked away.

"I'm tired so I get the bed!"  she looked over at him as he stared at the bed in the cabin… it was very basic a small table by the side of the window… one large bed.. She looked at him lying on the bed with his eyes closed and arm stretched out.

She looked at the small sofa near the roaring fire and took a seat… this was killing her being so close to him …everything inside of her was screaming at her …but now she was feeling tired and just wanted to close her eyes and not think about him..  He looked at her on the sofa with her eyes closed and smiled. This evening was going to be interesting… there were alone and he was loving every minute of it torturing her… Revenge is a best dish server cold… he smiled getting up and walked over towards the bathroom….. She opened her eyes to see hear him humming as he stood before her in a towel…. The water glittered on his muscularly body in fact last night as she touched his body she noticed he had worked out regularly and did not lets his body go in any way.  He turned and looked at her staring at her…and looked at her quickly look away in the other direction.

"Basket!"  she turned to look at him sitting on the coffee table in front of her…leaning forward.

"This is important I…"  she looked at him take hold of her hands she looked at him.

"Were you checking me out just then!"  she looked at him laughing and pulled her hands out of his… he pulled them back.

"Let me go!" he looked at her angrily glaze and looked at her.

"First admit you where.. checking me out!"  he stared back at her seriously.

"I was not checking you out… just looking at the clown in the towel"  She looked at him roll his head back laughing out loud….she pulled her hands out of his grip…she got up and walked over towards the bathroom.

"ARMAAAN!"  hearing her scream he ran it to the bathroom to find her take hold of him.

"What is it?"  he looked down at her as she buried her face in his bear chest.

"Cockroach!"  he looked at her arm pointing in the shower to find a large cockroach.

"Ridz this fear of your is going to give me a heart attack baby… for a second there I thought it was serious… he not as big and ugly as the one in LA remember.."  She hugged him tighter and moaned.

"Armaan don't remind me…please get rid of it!" smiling wickedly.

"Ok remember… our agreement! I remove it and you…"

"Oh my god Armaan… just get rid of it…"

"I will but the same rules apply here"

"NO!" she looked up at him and he looked at the cockroach and slowly moved her head towards the …she buried her head in his chest again…

"OK Armaan you win…please get rid of it!" smiling evilly he moved forward while she left the bathroom..


~Part 10~

"Ahhhh baby…I little lower…hmmmm" he smiled as he felt her soft hands on him.

"Oh Basket… be gentle!….Ahhh that better!" pushing down her fingers on his lower back she shock her head negatively … when ever there was a creepy crawly he would get her to do anything his heart desired… and tonight he made her feed him food and wanted a back message.

Armaan smiled and knew she was cursing under her breathe…but he knew how now he was getting under her skin…feeling her hands gentle pushing down and massage his back.

"Hmmmmm baby that feels so good…you know no one can give me a back rub like you baby…" pushing down hard on his back….he smiled as he lay on the bed.

"Give it to me baby!…you can't hurt me anymore!" Feeling her eyes water by his comment she stopped and got of the bed. He turned to look at her as she walked slow to the sofa and looked at the roaring fire…. As he got off the bed he looked at her …know he was effecting her and he knew it…as he smiled and picked up the t-shirt off the bed.

She stared at the fire why did he not understand she had to leave but know she was not going to explain that she left for him… she wanted him to get everything he ever desired and that was his dream of becoming the best he could be… If she had told him she was pregnant then he would have lost focus and she did not want him to be tired down to her…a specially when the were both so clear about their relationship how leaving him killed her every day and her love for him had never left her as it was growing inside her… at least she had that and was content with it but deep down in her heart she still dreamt that maybe some day they could… but the pain she had caused him was so obvious as she looked into his eyes the coldness was there and when he mentioned how she had broken him she knew how…. As the lone tear ran down her face she felt his arms around her and his head on her shoulder.

"I have been calling you for a minute" he could feel her body was cold and pulled her close to him….closing her eyes she felt his warm embrace and his warm breath kissing her ear.

"Are you ok?" feeling his voice boom in her ears she opened her eyes.

"What are you doing Dr Armaan?!" feeling her struggling to get out of his arms he grinned holding her tighter as she stopped. 'I'm never letting go again…so struggle as much as you want to as you will find you're self in my arms' he thought holding her.

"Easy tiger! I was asking whether you wanted to go out for a walk… I need to get some fresh air…" he released her and looked at her.

She looked at him looking up at the mountain as he walked by her side… she wanted to feel her hand in his but knew it would never happen that dream had faded now the man walking by her side was just a fellow doctor… she look away as he looked at her he knew what she was think… 'Did she really think I do not know what is happening…. You can fight your demons but I know where this night will end!' he thought taking hold of her hand. She turned to look at him as he looked straight ahead as they carried on walking…as her head screamed to pull away her heart just did not listen as she felt his warmth slow making its way up her arm towards her heart… seeing her closing her eyes he smile.

"It's beautiful!" she followed his gaze to see the lake and the clear star filled sky's reflection in the lake.

"It's breath taking…" he turned to look at her

"No there is still something more breath then this…" he looked at her as she blushed slightly and lowered her eyes…feeling his hand squeeze hers …he gentle placed her hand on his shoulder… she looked up at him as placed his hand on her face… why did he have this control over me? she cursed feeling helpless as it was no use he just kept touching that nerve and as she looked into those grey eyes it was no use in a skip of a heart beat he would always… as she leaned forward… Feeling her lips on his he knew she was loosing the battle inch by inch… how can she forget me and our love…as he kissed her back passionately… he released her he looked at her.

"Now if you want me…that was one way you can have me!" hearing him chuckle she let go of him and turned around…oh my what did I just do?…he smiled as he moved around in front of her to face her.

"You know I could have took pity on you just then but I don't think you're worth the heart ache" why does he always do this…these mixed signals are killing me…she watched him as he walked away back towards the camp.

"What the hell does she think of herself?…I would fall for such a cheap trick!" he was upset. All I want is a simple apology and a proper explanation… I'm not playing into her game then the next day she would treat me like I am nothing… the rejection the first time was hard enough but again and again…no Riddhima not again… I'm playing this thing my way… "You're not getting me back that easier!" he shouted in frustration.. as he turned back she was no where in sight!…closing him eyes he cursed himself for leaving her behind and walked back.

As the tears rolled down her eyes she sat on the water bank why did she let him hurt her again and again… he always did this break my heart. I have given myself to him always to get hurt…why did she have to love him so much that it always hurt and the pain was braking her every time… why did she always have to pay the price and why did his love just cause nothing but heart ache.

"I'm sorry!" she turned to look at him as he sat next to her…She found herself taking hold of him sobbing uncontrollable… He had never seen her like this as he held her cursing himself he just could not see her like this and this was not what he wanted at all. Lifting her face to see her he leaned forward and kissed her eyes.

"You hurt me so much Riddhima when you left me! I have never been able to get over you…when you walked back into my life …you just ignored me … that hurt even more!…the truth is I have never been able to get over you!" feeling his lip upon hers she felt his arms pull her close to him….as he laid onto the bed kissing her he just could not stop and feeling her kiss him back by the same passion… "Riddhima promise me you never leave me" he whispered feeling him nibbling her neck she pulled him close to her… "I promise!" as her hands explored his back fuelling his passion…she had known him so well and he knew every inch of her…as he pulled up her top … feeling his hands take hold of her breast she gasped… he was the first and only man she would allow to make love to her…

Feeling her hold him as she slept he kissed her forehead it would be morning in a few hours and they had made love all night… Now everything about them will change and she would be back in his life forever… this time! He closed his eyes as he pulled her close to him.

She opened her eyes as the sunlight seeped through the curtains…the room baked in the light… he was back into her life and he still loved her the same as ever. Now she was going to tell him everything including Tia it was the right time to tell him.

"Morning baby!" feeling his lips on her as he hugged her in the bed.

"I so missed you basket!" she smiled as he kissed her gentle on the forehead.

"We better get back Armaan!" feeling him pull her back into the bed she giggled.

"I'm serious!" he looked at her as she smiled back at him.

"I so missed that smile!" feeling his lips on her cheek.. he chuckled as she blushed.

"I missed you to Armaan…now we have to get back to the camp… we have loads to do!"

"Ok babe but when we get back home …I want you all to myself!" …….


As the coach arrived back into town they both looked at each other to say goodbye.

"I don't want to let you go!" he held her in her arm.

"I need to go Armaan…Tia and momma …"

"I never had to share you before…hmm that is going to get some getting used too" seeing her giggle he smiled as he released her.

She watched him walk up the stairs toward the hospital… "May be this time it will be for keeps!" as she opened the car door she drove home to give Tia the good news….

Leaning back in his leather chair he smiled as he held the phone in his hand.

"Yes all the roses in your store! I'm deadly serious… message 'I love you Basket!' …just charge my account….oh do you have a large teddy bear?….hmm send that to!" …as he placed the phone down he smiled. 'I'm going to have to make Tia like me and there Padma too… hmm this is going to be fun!' he thought taking hold of his files and leaving his office.

"DR ARMAAN TO ER!" hearing the call out he raced to the emergency.

"Doctor we have a hit and run! The small child is badly hurt and …we had to administer CPR…" as he pushed open the glass door he stared at the child covered with blood

"TIA!" he moved forward to see Riddhima covered in blood crying.

"Sister what are her stats…" he looked at the monitors.

"Doctor she is stable but … she has lost a lot of blood!" Armaan nodded and watched them clear up the blood.

"I want a MIR and ECG…also get her blood group!"

"Doctor she sinking…her blood pressure is dropping!" one by one the machines started beeping.

"ARMAAN you have to save OUR BABY!" he turned to stare at her as she took hold of him sobbing. Feeling the earth move from under his feet he looked at Riddhima and Tia… 'she is mine?' he thought pulling Riddhima away from her he looked at Tia.

"I WANT HER OUT OF THE ER!" he shouted Riddhima stared at him as he moved forward away from her pushing her away.

"Please Dr Riddhima…you have to leave!" she looked at the sister as she lead her out of the room.

As the nurse pulled the curtains of the glass window she sobbed…. Everything happened so fast as she was picking Tia up from school and they were walking towards the car the driver lost control and hit them both head on…

"Riddhima let dress your wounds!" she looked at Atul as he looked at her sobbing.

"You're daughter is going to need her mummy in the best of health…and that cut on your arm needs some attention!" she looked at Atul and back at the ER.

"I can't leave Tia!" he looked at her sobbing and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Dr Armaan is the best in the country …she in the best care!"

Armaan looked at the monitor she was now stable but he need to operate to stop the internal bleeding the blood loose was server… and he wanted answers!!!


~Final part Below~


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~Final Part~

"Sister leave us!" he looked at the nurse as she left the room…stepping forwards he stared at Tia as she lay still connected up to the machines… She looked so lost in the large bed cover by the white sheet…moving forward he perked himself on the bed and picked up the sponge as he removed the blood of her forehead cleaning her up to see her small face…. the tears ran down his eyes he took hold of her in his arm… "My baby!" his voice quivered as held her unresponsive body in his arms….How could she do this to me? Not even tell me about my own fresh and blood? "I will never forgive you for this Riddhima!" he placed her gentle on the bed and looked towards the door.

"Armaan!" he turned to see Atul approach him in the corridor.

"How she doing?" Seeing the tears in his eyes Atul knew that there was more to this incident and Riddhima was just so quiet not saying a word.

"She's stable but I need to get her into surgery to stop her internal bleeding her right lung has ruptured and I'm looking for Riddhima to sign the consent forms!" Atul looked at him as he held up the flip chart.

"She has a very deep cut on her left arm and is in the ER getting patched up…" before he could finish he looked over at Armaan as he marched off….

She stared at the forms in her hands and looked up at him as he stood there emotionless.

"I will go over the forms… Sanjeevni takes no responsibilities in this case where loss of life is possible… nor do we…"

"Armaan is she going to be ok!" he looked at her sitting on the bed as the nurse dressed her arm… Taking a deep breath he looked at the nurse and signalled for her to leave them alone.

"Sign the god dame forms Riddhima!" she looked up to see the anger in his eyes as he held out the pen.

"I would sign them myself but you have not given me that right too.." looking at her sobbing…he stared at her… 'you have no idea Riddhima the tears you have given me just now' he thought holding the pen. She looked up at him and taking hold of the pen in his hand she signed the forms.

"Promise me she be Ok Armaan!"

"It's a simple procedure and I'm optimistic she will recover…" she looked at him surprised he was going to operate on his daughter and was still in his doctor mode as he described what was required…. Hearing himself he kept tell himself reassuring himself it was a routine operation and he never lost any one through it …but to make such a promise …

"Promise me Armaan!" her eyes search into his grey eyes but they were cold and distant.

"You have not given me any right in your life and I can't make such a promise to you of any kind ever again!…" she watched him grab the clip board and leave the room as she sobbed.


"What's wrong?" he turned to see Atul standing behind him on the roof.

"I can't operate?" Atul looked at him staring at his hands as he had never seen him like this before in the three years he had know Armaan he was calm and collected...his voice had never quivered before...

"For the first time in my entire life I'm scared!" seeing the tears forming in his eyes he gentle placed his hand on his best friends shoulder.

"She's mine!…I'm scare that I will lose her?" Atul looked at him as the tears ran down his face.

"Is that why you page Dr Shashank?" he looked at him as he nodded his head.

"You're think like a father Armaan…when you should be thinking like a doctor…she your patient first and then you daughter…" Armaan stared at him and closed his eyes to collect himself but Atul was right.

"Armaan!" they turned to see Riddhima

"I will leave you two it… OR is ready that's why I came up here to inform you" Armaan nodded and turned to look at the blue sky wiping his tears.

"Please don't do this to me? Armaan!" he looked at her angrily as she stood by his side taking hold of his hand.

"You have broken me today is every single way…I don't…"feeling her head against his arm he heard her sobbing as he closed his eyes.

"I had always dreamt of us having children and being together…but you walked away Riddhima…so I thought may be you and I never really were on the same wave length or may be my love lack that something and that it could not keep you… Now when I had you back in my life I ignited those dreams again…to be slapped in the face as everything is over all lost and shattered once more again…" she looked up at him as the tears ran down his face. As he freed himself from her he stepped back as she looked at him leaving…

"Every time I asked about marriage you said No!… I so wanted to tell you about being pregnant …I thought I would surprise you on the trip to Hawaii but things always got rearranged. Everything always did… if it was one thing then another…through out the whole time we were together … everything was about YOU. I was you're girlfriend when it suited you other wise I was just a housemate… I gave you up to you're career and dreams… I was always second best or never in the equation! I decided me and Tia would only get in the ways of your dreams so I left…I sacrificed everything for you Armaan because I loved you…" he looked at her sobbing and closed his eyes…

'BEEP BEEP' she looked at him as he pulled out his pager.


"Riddhima she'll been fine!" Padma watch as she held her daughter …she just stared at the operation door …not moving. She looked over towards Shanshank as he sat by the other side of Riddhima.

"Armaan is one of the best doctors…in the city" he never seen Ridhima like this and it was scary to watch how a mother could be so helpless and lifeless at the same time… His bubbly child had been threw so much and he knew he had never been there for her and blame himself. If only things were different and he wished he could have been a different role model in her life.

'He can't let me down!' she thought over and over again. As the door opened she got up and looked over at him.

"Armaan!" looking at the tears running down his face she felt her heart stop as she turned to look at her parents standing by her side. Sobbing she moved forward and took hold of him.. feeling his arms around her she sobbed. "No My baby!" she screamed. Feeling her sobbing as the tears ran down his face …he felt her body go limp she was unconscious in his arms. "Riddhima!" lifting her up he took her to the small cubicle and placed her gentle on the bed. "Nurse!"

As she opened her eyes the day's events came flooding back …as the tears ran down her face she got up… "Hey!" she looked at him as he looked like he had been there all night. "Armaan! Tia?" feeling his hold she sobbed again.

"Shhh… you will wake her!" she looked up at him as he kissed her on the forehead…following his gaze he saw her asleep in the bed next to her.

"I just got her to sleep… she kept asking when you would wake up! i told her muny needed her rest,,," He looked at her tearfully in the last 48 hours he had gained and lost so much… the sight of them in the hospital beds scared him… Riddhima's blood pressure was so low that in the last 24 hours she was unconscious …the moment he saw her in her unconscious state, he felt his heart stop. He never realized that he was the one who drove her away and she without think of the consequence of raising a single child did it all on her own… just so that he could achieve his ambitions. 'I don't deserver you' and if she will have me back I would never leave her side ever again.

"Oh Armaan!" he smiled as she clinging to him.

"You scared me half to death Basket…I can't lose either of you!" seeing the tears running down his face she shook her head at him….feeling his arms around her as she held him on the small hospital bed …he was fast asleep she smiled as she looked at him snuggled up against her….the two most important people in her life were in this very room… Something that she thought was impossible but always dreamt off…as she never gave up that hope. As she looked over at Tia fast a sleep and out of danger and stable, she smiled.. As she had gain consciousness and was talking to everyone and asking about Riddhima…so he decided to shift Riddhima in the same room…so he could keep an eye on them. So much had changed and he cried uncontrollable in her arms… saying he could not live without them…as they both sobbed she told him she can stand being without him any more it was all to hard…. They were her life support which she could never live without…..

.•.•*) .•*)
(.• (.•' ** T * H * E *  *E * N *D*


I would like to thank everyone for commenting

and taking the time to read my ff....

I would also like to thank you all for embracing

me and my ff on the DMG forum

Love KatEmbarrassed


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hey kat ur amazing!!!!!!!!!
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hey..superb hun..Btw ur sigz are awesome...n welcum to the forum... Tongue
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Originally posted by Catwoman

Originally posted by Himu

u writin us bedtym storiez here as well
awesomeeeeeeeee Big smile Big smile Big smile

cnt wait Embarrassed Embarrassed

LMAO... ur quick.... what can i say "i need a DR!!...must be having a heart attack!!"WinkLOL.... yeah lets see if i can create my magic here with this pair!Embarrassed

mwah Kat!

im alwayz quick wen i c ur FFSLOL
magic!! catwoman iz gona hold captive of every1LOL
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EEEE Kat, I love your stories Embarrassed

I am sure this will be an awesome tale to read..

Do post the firstpart soon Embarrassed Clap Clap

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