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Rishta -Pt17on PG42 03/11 NEW!

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Special Thanks to Sanaya_86 for creating the Index for me. 



Armaan: 28 year old Doctor practising at Sanjeevani. A very good Heart Suregon.  Good sense of humor.  Very very charming. Very good looking...Basically everything you want in a guy.  Dating Anjali Khanna (neice of Dr. Sushank Gupta).  Realises that Anjali is way to modern to impress what little is left of his family - but he's hoping something will change. Scared of his Baba (parents are deceased and he has been raised by Retired sucessful Heart Surgeon Dr. Mahesh Malik).  His best friend is Dr. Riddhima Gupta. He trusts her on everything and has always found his Basket (pet name) in his corner. Which Riddhima proves again when Armaan asks her to do the unthinkable just to get out of making his Grandfather's dying wish come true..

Riddhima Gupta: 26 Year old pediatrican at Sanjeevani hospital. Only daughter of Dr. Sushank Gupta and cousin to Anjali Khanna.  Riddhima is the seedi saadi girl which every guy wants to make his wife. She is one of Armaan's best friends.  However she has reached a stage in her relationship with Armaan where she thinks it maybe more than friendship on her part. She desparetly wants Armaan to see her in "that" way and his so hurt that he has decided to date Anjali, a girl that Riddhima knows will hurt him. She is prepared to help Armaan in any way that she can, despite her friend Sapna's opinion. She shocks her friend Sapna when she agrees to Armaan's new plan just to save himself from his Grandfather wishes.

Anjali Khanna  28 Year old, Sanjeevani Hospital's Operations counsellor.  She is supposed to guide her clients in the decision making process with respect to risky surgery, pulling the plug, donor services...However she just doesn't care enough.  She wants the clients to do what she needs to have them do so that Sanjeevani makes money.  She wears short skirts, which have caught the eye of Armaan.  They have recently started dating.  Anjali wants Armaan to marry her so that they can become very successful and maybe own their own money making hospital. She will resort to dirty tricks to get what she wants, but at the same time doesn't want anyone thinking that she's a bad girl. Realizes she has to impress Dr. Mahesh Malik at all costs.  She is shocked when Armaan lies about their relationship to his Grandfather, she is even more shocked when Armaan uses his and Riddhima's  friendship to appease his Grandfather.She is getting desparate to make her dreams of being a really successful business woman in the medical industry come true...She needs her relationship with Armaan to work so that she can benefit financially from it...All that Dr. Gupta has is actually Riddhima's.  She wants to make it on her own, but not above using Armaan's wealth to get to her manzil.

Sapna Mohari:  Riddhima's best friend and she is also a cardiologist.  She knows that Riddhima's feeling for Armaan have gone beyond friendship. She thinks Armaan has began to take Riddhima for granted. She is shocked beyond belief at the new way Armaan decides to use Riddhima to get out of fulfilling the wishes of his Grandfather.

Dr. Sushank Gupta: Riddhima's father and Anjali's Maser.  Sushank's wife and sali are deceased, he was left to raise the two girls.  Riddhima is like her mother, sweet, gentle, caring. He realises he didn't have to work too hard to raise Riddhima.  However he also knows that Anjali is a little selfish and always thinks about what she can gain from an issue, deal, or relationship.  He doesn't know what to do about Anjali to help her change attitude. He knows that she can be good....but doesn't know that that may all be an act. He is shocked when what he thought was a frienship between Armaan and Riddhima turns out to be what he thought was between Armaan and Anjali.  As each day goes by he gets more and more confused - but in all this he decides to keep on trusting Riddhima since she has never disappointed him. About to embark on a Doctors without Borders Mission in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan.

Dr. Mahesh Malik: Retired successful heart surgeon at Malaika  Memorial Hosptial.  He watched his son become an alcoholic aneasologist.  His son crashed his car while drink driving and he killed himself and wife.  Senior Dr. Malik was at home with his grandson, they had come home early from the party that horrid night. Armaan was only 5. Dr. Malik wanted Armaan to join him at his hospital but Armaan wants to break away from the stigma of being an alcoholic's son.  His lies to his Grandson Armaan about dying so that Armaan will fulfill his only wish at this time, he doesn't realise what lengths Armaan will go to avoid fulfilling this wish and who he will use in the process -His favourite Pedeatrician Ridhu..He is on the board of directors at Malaika Memorial Hospital, and is busy opening up another location in Australia.

 This is story of Armaan Malik and Riddhima Gupta and how they found each other, lost each other and then found one another again on the rocky road of friendship, love, secrets and loyalty.

This is story I have been thinking of for ages, I hope you all enjoy.  Feel free to leave comments.


Part 1:

She opened the house door quietly whilst holding her sandals in her hand. The date had been okay. She had to pretend that she was having the time of her life. But she wasn't. This date was a means to an end. Money. With it she could accomplish her business goal. She needed this relationship to work even if it meant that she had to sacrifice her own heart in the process. Armaan just wasn't her type of guy, but his bank balance was.
She quietly made it up the stairs of her Mama's beautiful house and entered her bedroom.
This was only going to last for a while. Then she would get everything she wanted.

Armaan: Tum bahut khubsoorat hoa. Maine kyun nahin tumhe pechana. Tum he to mera sabh kuch hoa….I'm sorry mujhe itne dher lagee.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrring! Brrrrrrrrrrrrring.

Armaan: dekhna nahin kaun hai? Uthua ose…..Eh Basket! Uthua….Basketji, thumare cell phone

Riddhima: Cell phone….
Armaan:     Uthua na….Uthua na, Uthua na….

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and looked at her alarm clock. It was 2am. Her cell phone was ringing. She looked at the display:

ARMAAN Calling.

Riddhima realized she had been dreaming. Again.   Why couldn't she either speak up or forget about her feelings.

Riddhima (in a really tired voice): Hello Armaan.
Armaan: Yo! Basket…Kaise hoa.
Riddhima: Tumne mujhe isley phone keeya thake thum mujhe puch sakho kai mein kaise hoon. Tumhein maloon hai subha kai dhoa vaje hai. Aur kaam par hum sabhkoa 6 vaje moajudh hona Dr. Keeri kai office mein.
Armaan: Basket tum mujhe kitne ache tharan se jannthe hoa. Mein Anjali ko abhi abhi ghar chod ke aya hoon. I think today was a better date. Lagta thoree dher mein hoa sakhta hai voh apna thor thareeka badal deh thake mein Baba koa bhatha sakoon Anjali ke bhare mein.

Riddhima sat up in her bed. Baba. Armaan Baba koa bathana chaatha he. Bhaath yahan thak ponch chukhee. Anjali always got what Riddhima wanted. Riddhima's father's love, opportunities at the Sanjeevani despite her atrocious bedside manner…and now Armaan.

Riddhima: Armaan, are you sure? Anjali vohi ladki hai jise thum Baba sai introduce karma chathe hoa.
Armaan: yes…sirf thodsa badal na use. You know get rid of the choti skirts and blouses. Mere liye tho ache hain, lekin Baba koa pasand nahin hoga. Mujhkoa kareeban, 4 / 5 maheena chaye. Then she'll the perfect girl. Tum kya apni behen koa thodsa sakha nahin sakhthe kya…Baba loves you…agar voh thodee thumare jaise bhanjay then everything would be perfect. Now that would be interesting. A hot looking Basket! I mean Basket nahi, Anjali..….forget it!

Riddhima: Bye Armaan. See you in a couple of hours.
Armaan:    Bye Basket.

Riddhima pulled the blankets up to her chin. She had no idea when she fell in love with Armaan. Maybe it was the first time on the basketball court, or maybe the first time she saw him save a life. All she knew was that her friendship with Armaan was getting more and more complicated. She had fallen in love with Armaan, while Armaan was dating her badi behen, Anjali and claiming he was in love with her, but he kept on insisting on her chaning her ways so that she might stand a chance of getting along with his only living relative, his Baba.

Baba was a great individual. She remembered the first meeting, she had met him the first time when he came to congratulate Armaan on his internship graduation. When Armaan had told her that Dr. Mahesh Malik was his Baba, Riddhima instinctively bent down to touch his feet and his gain his ashirwaad. Armaan had relunctantly introduced Anjali that day. Anjali was wearing a short red hot skirt with a spaghetti strap blouse. When Armaan introduced Anjali, she stuck out her hand to shake the hand of the great Dr. Mahen Malik. Dr. Malik had looked at Riddhima finding it hard to believe that they were sisters.

Dr. Malik: Tum dono sisters hoa?
Anjali: cousins actually Dr. Malik.
Riddhima: Jee Dr. Malik, Anjali meri bhua ke beti hain.
Dr. Malik: Kya tum Dr. Sushank Gupta kee betiayn hoa….
Anjali: that's it…voh mere Mama hain.
Riddhima: jee, voh mere Papa hain.
Dr. Malik: Acha toh Riddhima Sushank ke beti hai…that's wonderful…
Armaan: ummmmm aur Baba Anjali uske bhanji hai….

Dr. Mahesh Malik had given a smile of approval to Riddhima. He liked her a lot. It was that day that she became Ridhu for him.
Dr. Malik walked away from the crowd and asked Riddhima to come with him, much to Armaan and Anjali astonishment.

Riddhima: kya bhaat hai Dr. Malik…
Dr. Malik: Mein tumhein kehna chaatha hoon, kai tum mujhe Baba kai sakthi hoa…
Riddhima smiled
Riddhima: je baba
The two walked back to the circle of friends.

With that Dr. Malik hugged and said goodbye to Armaan, patted Riddhima on the head and gave her a light hug…
Dr. Malik: Sushank sai kehna…good job. Mein use jaldhi koi important bhaath karna chaata hoon.
Riddima: Jee Baba.

Armaan and Anjali looked at each other…Riddhima had called Dr. Mahesh Malik Baba.
Anjali was jealous since Dr. Mahesh Malik didn't say anything to her and had walked with a little "take care beta". She was angry at Riddhima. She would get Riddhima back for that one.
Armaan, on the other hand smiled. He knew that Riddhima would have that affect on his Baba. If only Anjali could be the same.

Riddhima smiled at the memory of her first meeting with Dr. Mahesh Malik, Baba...With that she closed her eyes and tried to get a couple of hours sleep before waking up to go to Sanjeevani for her next shift.

Part 2 coming up:
Preview: Dr. Sushank tells his girls he's leaving to go Afghanistan for Doctors without Borders and that he'll gone be for 6 months. Riddhima cries and Anjali is happy…no rules for 6 months

Part 2:

Riddhima arrived at the hospital before Anjali. As always. She made her way to her locker. The locker room was empty. That's strange.
Ridz: Yeh toh bahut ajeeb hai. Armaan aur Sapna ke shift meri shift se ek ghante pehli thee. Kahan hai voh.
Armaan: Basket…mein yahan hoon…par thum itnee jaldi kyun aa gaya. Abhi toh sirf she vaja hain.
Ridz: Silly meri shift toh she vajah he shuroo hoane valee thee. Aur tumari shift paanch vaje.
Armaan: oh crap….
Dr.Keerti: Dr. Armaan tum yahein kahein hoa…..?
Dr. Keerti peeped into the locker room
Keerti: Dr. Armaan mein aap koa khabse dhund rahein hoon. Aap koa maloom hai kai aapkoa mere daftar mein paanch vaje hona chaye tha…
Dr. Armaan looked a little scared. Dr. Keerti was the only female at Sanjeevani that he couldn't charm. It was like she put a barrier up everytime she came infront of him.

Armaan: Um Doctor Keerti bhaath kuch aise he hai..
Ridz: Sorry Dr. Keerti maine Dr. Armaan kai saath shift exchange ke thee. Armaan nein mujhe bathaya tha kai mein aapka dafthar mein paanch vaje poncho, lekin mein bhool gayein.
Keerti: Dr. Riddhima yeh math sochna kai agar chief of staff aapka ke pita hai kai aap jab jee ayein aur jab jee jayein. This is Hospital and we have rules. Understand.
Rdiz: Sorry Maam.
Keerti: teek hai….nau vaaje aap aur Dr. Armaan mere saath kitaab khol kai yeh maloom karne ke koshish Karengai, keh Mr. Joshi koa kya hoa hai. Teek hai.
Ridz and Armaan: Teek hai.
With that Dr. Keerti left.
Armaan looked at Riddhima and couldn't believe how great she was. She wasn't just nice, caring, loyal, friendly, responsible, she was a life saver. His life saver.

Riddhima looked at Armaan and couldn't believe for the umpteenth she had gotten him out of trouble with Dr. Keerti. She realized she would always do the same. Armaan was Armaan, and no matter what he was like, she liked him to much to see him suffer.
The two gathered their white coats, stethoscope and ventured out to begin another day at Sanjeevani Hospital.

Riddhima's beeper paged a message. She looked down and it read the message:

Dinner tonight at 7:30pm Important news Papa

Anjali was sitting with Armaan trying to be interested in what he had to say. He was talking about how great his Baba is. Quite frankly, Anjali was bored with the old man. She kept wondering why on earth the old man had such a hold on Armaan. Anjali's beeper paged a message, Dinner tonight at 7:30pm Important new Mama.

Anjali told Armaan that she couldn't see him tonight because her Mama wanted to have dinner with her. Secretly Anjali was relieved. All the pretending was tiring Anjali out.
Armaan: It's just as well, Baba wants to have dinner with me tonight too.
Anjali: Baba Baba Baba!
Armaan: what do you mean.
Anjali: Armaan tumhein nahin lagta ke Mr. Malik kuch zyada thumare zindagi mein dhakal andaazi kar rahein hai.
Armaan: Anjali tum kaise bhatein kartee hoa. Baba said he has some really important news for me.

Ridz entered the cafeteria looking for Anjali and sure enough she saw Anjali. Sitting in Armaan's lap. Riddhima couldn't figure why Armaan behaved this way with Anjali. It was completely against his character. She knew it was because Anjali. Anjali was way too modern for her own good. Anjali was way too stubborn for her own good. Anjali was way too goal oriented for her own good. Anjali was way too selfish for her own good.
Ridz (thinking to herself): stop it Riddhima…Anjali ke bhare aise soch kai Armaan aur thum ek nahin bhan jaogai.
Ridz: Hi Anjali, Hi Armaan.
Anjali: Ridz.
Armaan: Hi Basket.
Armaan smiled at Riddhima. She was so innocent looking that she made him want to smile each and every time he saw her.
Ridz: Anjali it's 6:30pm. Ghar chalein. Papa nein hum dono koa dinner pai bhulaya hai.
Anjali: haan chalo, Armaan ve busy hai aaj raath. Baba Malik nein use dinner pai bhulaya hai
Ridz smiled: Baba ghar aagay.
Armaan: Sirf ik raath ke leye. Kal subha voh Hyderbad jaa rahein hein. Some finance deal Hospital koa secure karne ke leye.
Ridz: oh too bad. Itne jaldee aay…or use ve jalde vapas ja rahein hai. Anyways, unko mera hello dhena.
Armaan smiled: zaroor. He'll be happy.
Anjali rolled her eyes.
Anjali: let's go Ridz.
Ridz: bye armaan.
Armaan: bye basket.
Armaan: Eh Anjali love you.
Anjali: yeh me too.
Ridz felt her heart break yet again.


Dr. Gupta: That was a great dinner. I love this restaurant. Ridhhima mein aur aapke ma hamesha yahan pai athe the.
There are some great memories here.
Anjali: Mama dinner was great but I hardly think you got us two here so that you can relive your memories about maasi.
Ridz: Anjali why do you have to talk like that to Papa. Khabie tho izzat se bhaat kar loa.
Anjali: Whatever Ridz.
Dr. Gupta: Girls, please yahan pai math yeh sabh karo.
Ridz: Sorry papa.
Anjali: sorry mama.
Dr. Gupta: okay now is the time for my important news. Doctors without borders is giving me the honour to assist them in Afghanistan. I'll be helping those that can't travel, can't speak hindi or English. It's going to be an experience that really tests my medical ability.
Ridz: Papa I'm so happy for you. Mein aaj bahut kush hoon. Aap bahut dher se yeh karna chaathe thein. Your dream is coming true.
Anjali: why mama do you want to help really really poor people and risk your life.
Dr. Gupta decided to ignore Anjali's remarks. She rose up to the mark and yet again surprised him with her attitude.
Dr. Gupta: Girls the thing is I leave the day after tomorrow. Wednesday.
Ridz: Papa itne jaldi. Aap nein tho abhi abhi humein bhathaye hai. Itne jaldi kaise aap jasakthe hein. Aur agar aap ki zaroorath pare tho?
Dr. Gupta: Riddhima bache you're a fine doctor. Tumhare paas itne badhi support network hain..Dr. Keerti, Sapna, Anjali and Armaan.
It was too late Riddhima had started to cry.
A little smile came to Anjali lips. Mama out of the country meant she could make some quick moves on Armaan and seal a marriage deal. Best of all there would be no curfew, no rules and no Mama interfering in her day.
Riddhima felt as if one of her friends was leaving on a vacation for a long time.
Dr. Gupta: It's only for 6 months. Then I promise I won't do anything like this again.
Riddhima: Promise Papa.
Dr. Gupta: Promise beta.
Riddhima hugged her father tightly. Anjali not wanting to appear to want to stay out of this emotional thing hugged her mama as well. This shocked her Mama.
Dr. Gupta thinking: Anjali, jhutee hug tho sahee…khabie na khabie thumein ehsaas hoa ga that I love you like I love Riddhima.
The three finished their dessert and headed home. Ridhhima insisted on helping her father pack. Anjali said goodnight and claimed she needed to read up on a case, her head hit the pillow as soon as she entered her room.

Precap for Part 3:
Armaan leaves his Baba alone and can't believe what a mess he is in. He too wants what his Baba wants too, but he can't introduce him to Anjali yet.

Part 3

Across town, Armaan and his Baba were having dinner.
Armaan: this is great food Baba. You know I have always loved this place.
Dr. Malik: I know beta. By the way how is Ridhu.
Armaan: Ridhu …Basket, I mean Ridhhima is doing fine. She said to say hello to you.
Dr. Malik: very nice girl.
Armaan lied: Anjali said Hello too.
Dr. Malik: Beta I wanted to talk to you about something important. Mein ab bhudha hoa chukka hoon. Mein chaatha hoon ki tum puree tharan set hoa jao. Very good Doctor toh tum bhan he chukein. Acha ghar, car hai thumare paas. Sirf ik….sirf ik…um sirk ik
Armaan: go on Baba
Dr. Malik: Biwi ke zaroorath hai.
Armaan: choked up on his beer: biwi..what is this baba…yeh biwi ka nonsense kahan sai tapak gaya.
Armaan thought to himself, he was not ready to present Anjali too has baba. As things stood now between his Baba and Anjali, Baba would have preferred a kotewali. According to his Baba, atleast the kotewali is dedicated to her profession and shows some love to those that have raised her from a baby. Armaan believed he loves Anjali, he just wants Baba to like her too.
Armaan: I'm not ready to get married yet baba…
Dr. Malik: mein ve kahan ready tha jab maine thumare dhadee se shaadi ke the. We were best friends. Bas itna hamare liye kaafi tha.
Armaan: yes…50 years ago…
Dr Malik: pichaas sal hoa, yah ik saal hoa…mein abhve tumare dhadee se utna pyar karta hoon jitna mein pehle mulakath se karta tha. Anyways yeh shaadi ki bhaat meri history ke bhaath kaise bhang aya. Your good beta..par mein ve tumare baba hoon.
Armaan: Toh aap chatein hai kai mein shaadi kar loon. Well I'm not ready.
Dr. Malik: mujhe koi fark nahin partha. Thum 27 kai hoa chuke. Agar ab shaadi nahin karogai tho kya meri umar mein shaadi karo gai.
Armaan: dekho baba mein aap ki har bhaath maan loonga…just not shaadi right now. I can't.
Dr. Malik: Kyun.
Armaan: koi bhaat hai.
Dr. Malik: I don't care. Armaan agar thumnein kise koa pasand kar leye thoa bhathao.
Armaan : actually mein anj..
Dr. Malik: mein chaatein hoon thum aise ladki sai shaadi karo joa thumari maa aur dhadee ke tharan hoa. Saaf dil, jaan se pyari, bhado se pyar dene vale, aur bachon ki sath betane valee.
Armaan thought to himself: Anjali marjaye gee yeh sabh karne se pehle.
Armaan: Baba I can't do this right now. You can't do this to me right now.
Dr. Malik: teek hai, you have left me no choice, mera kehana mano…nahin too mein tumhein phuti koree ve nahin dhoonga.
Armaan: what! Aap nein kya koi bollywood movie dekhie hai abhi ahbi. Like I said before I can't do this right now. I have to go.
Armaan got up, put his jacket on and strode out of the restaurant leaving his baba alone and sad in the restaurant.
Baba: agar thum aise nahin manogai…toh math bhool na…mein ve tumhare baba hoon. I know a thing or two about how to persuade you.

Armaan got into his car and squealed out of the parking lot. I need to call Basket. She'll know what to do. She can handle baba's madness.
Armaan punched in Riddhima's cell number and then hung up.
Armaan: Riddhima toh kahe gee..baba nein kya galat kiya. Aur sach bhaath toh yeh hai, mein ve khudh shaadi karna chaath hoon…par maine anjali koa abhi badla nahin. She's to self centered to become the daughter in law of the Maliks. What am I going to do…?
Armaan pulled into his driveway. He opened the door of his house
Armaan (out loud): shit! What am I going to do now.

Precap for Part 4:
Armaan gets a phone call from his grandfather to come to his hotel room urgently and he is shocked himself at what he says. Riddhima bids her father a goodbye and promises not to get into any trouble while he is away – a promise that will be broken in a matter of days. And Anjali…well Anjali continues to be Anjali

Part 4:

Who does he think he is. And why does he think he can control this part of my life. Baba is so difficult. Armaan was having trouble in trying to figure out why his Baba was being so adamant that Armaan get married.
Armaan: Kehte hain mein bhuddha hoa gaya. Voh pichle mahine ve bhuddhe the…aaj rath kiya hoa gaya joh mujhe shaadi pe majboor kar rahein he. Riddhima koa phone karma chayeh. Shiyad voh kuch jaanthi hoa.
Armaan picked up his cell phone and dialed Riddhima's number.

Riddhima was lying in her bed crying. She didn't want her father to leave, she wished that she could say something to make him stay. She knew that if she once said that she needed him then he would cancel this project. But she knew how important the project was too him. She couldn't be that selfish. She needed her father so much, but she knew that he needed to work with Doctors without Borders. It was a project for him long in the making. Ever since her mother had died saving those gaon vale.

Brrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Riddhima looked at her phone. "ARMAAN CALLING"
Armaan. She needed Armaan right now. He would say something to make her laugh. He would say something to help her get through this.

Riddhima: Armaan…..Armaaan….
Riddhima broke down crying again. Armaan had called Riddhima with his own problem. But then he realised that Riddhima herself was going through something.
Armaan: Basket kiya hoa? Mein aaon kiya, kisene tumein kuch kaha…

Riddhima: Armaan, papa Afghanistan ja rahein hai. 6 months ke liye. Doctors without Borders ke liye. Voh Wednesday koa rama hoa jayengai. I don't want him to go. I want him to stay here and be my papa. Mein dhartee hoon agar unhe kuch vahan par hoagaya.

Armaan: Basket, aise kuch nahin hoga. Dr. Gupta ik bahut he nek insaan hai…he'll be careful. Agar thum chahoa mein tumare paas aajaon.
Riddhima smiled: nahin kal subha milenge. Good night.
Armaan: Goodnight Basket
Riddhima smiled to herself as she hung up the phone. Armaan smiled as he hung up the phone. He couldn't shock Riddhima with his problems right now. He needed to be there for Riddhima. He realised that he should call Anjali.
Brrrrrrrrrrrrring.   Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Anjali slowly opened her eyes and looked at her cell phone display "Armaan calling"
Anjali: What the hell….kiya use mallom nahin subha ked dhoh vaje hain.   
Anjali picked up the phone.
Anjali: It'd better be good Armaan.
Armaan: huh….kaise hoa anjali…do you need to talk.
Anjali: NO! I need to sleep…goodnight Armaan.
Armaan: Goodnight Anj….Click!
Armaan wondered why Anjali didn't feel the same way about Dr. Gupta leaving as Anjali did. They were different as night and day.
Armaan decided not to ponder on too much…those sisters really confused him a lot.

Tuesday went by like that. Baba didn't call Armaan. Armaan didn't like this fact. Was Baba trying to give him the cold shoulder.   What game was he playing.
Dr. Gupta was packed and ready to leave and had just finished hugging Anjali.
Dr. Gupta: Please anjali take care of your little Sister. Voh thoree se emotional hain.
Anjali: thodee see…
Dr. Gupta: Anjali stop it bache.
Anjali: fine! Anyways take care of yourself …and see you soon…bye.
Anjali ran out the door to her waiting car. She didn't even wait around the house to say goodbye to her mama.
Ridz: Papa….mein aa rahein hoon.   
Dr. Gupta saw his daughter come out of the pooja room with a thali and Prasad in her hand.
Riddhima: Apna sar neeche karo….mein tilalk lagana chathein hoon.
Dr. Gupta smiled at Riddhima, she was becoming more and more like her mother. So pure and caring for others.
Riddhima: Papa aap apna khayal rakhna, aur jaldee vapas aana. Mein aapka intezar karoongee.
Riddhima started to cry.
Dr. Gupta hugged his daughter: Beta ik bhaar kaho, papa math jao…..
Riddhima: kal rath mein puree thayar the aap koa yeh kahene ke liye…aur mujhe maloom hai ki aap rukh jayengai….lekin yeh karne sai aap ki khawish udhuree reh jaiye gee. Mein yeh nahin karh sakthee hoon. Mein chathee hoon mere papa ki har khawish puree hoa.
Dr. Gupta: Sabse badhi khawish tho thum nain puree khar dhee…Doctor ban kai. Agar aaj thumaree maa yahan hothee..tho voh bahut kush hothee.
Riddhima: Agar maa hothee tho voh aap koa dhekh kar vee bahut khush hothee…
The father and daughter hugged each other tightly.

Armaan: Ummmm..can I interrupt for a second.
Ridz: Armaan thum yahan.
Armaan: maine soche kyun ki Dr Gupta aaj ja rahen hain..thumein thodee se supoort dhedhoon.
Armaan hugged a teary eyed Riddhima.
Armaan: Anjali kahan hai.
Dr. Gupta: voh toh kabse chale gaye.
Armaan: really…that's strange. Anyways, Dr. Gupta good luck and I wish you all the best.   Chalo mein aapko airport chod dhunga, mere he raste mein hein.
Riddhima hugged her father again: Thank you Armaan….I love you Papa.
Dr. Gupta: I love you Riddhima.
Armaan smiled and with that Dr. Gupta and Armaan left for the airport.

As Armaan said goodbye to Dr. Gupta at the gate,
Dr. Gupta: mein thumse ik favour puch saktha hoon.
Armaan: Anything Dr. Gupta.
Dr. Gupta: meri Riddhima aur Anjali ka khayal rakhna. Anjali thod khud apna khayal rakh sakhdhee hai…lekin Riddhima khabie khabie sabh kuch apne dil mein rakhthee hai.
Armaan: I promise.

The two said a final goodbye.

On his way home, Armaan cell phone rang.
Armaan: Hello……..
Dr. Malik: Hello…Armaan mein thumein foreign apne hotel mein dhekha chaatha hoon.
Armaan: teek hai Baba…mein abhi aaraha hoon.

Armaan made his way to the hotel and couldn't figure out why his Baba was so adamant about meeting him this instant.
Knock Knock.   A teary eyed Dr. Malik opened the door and hugged Armaan.
Dr. Malik: Thum aagai Beta
Armaan: Baba kya hoa aapkoa….kisine kuch kaha…
Dr. Malik: Beta…ik bhaath kheni hai thumsein….Mere liye thum abhi abhi shaadi kar loa..
Armaan: Baba don't start this again…please you know that I have reason what I can't do this…
Dr. Malik: Armaan…ik second ke liye chup hojao. Armaan beta mujhe heart problems hai. Tuesday mein saara din hospital mein tha…tests karva raha tha…aur doctor nein kaha hai kai mein bas thodai din ka mehmaan hoon.
Armaan felt the earth from under his feet give way. His Baba was sick and doctors had only given him a little while to live. Armaan tightly hugged his father and pleaded him to tell his this was lie. Dr. Malik hugged Armaan back and was secretly very happy as he thought this was the reaction that he would get from Armaan. His plan was working. He knew that hearing about his death Armaan would become emotional and not even question or even think for a second his Baba was lying.
Dr. Malik: patha nahin kai mein khab bhagwan koa pyara hoa jaon…mein apne bahu ka chera dekhna chatah hoon..isley beta shaadi kar loa.
Armaan felt the walls closing in on him. He wanted to marry Anjali, but telling his Baba this at this time would probably give him a heart attack intead he couldn't believe what he said next…

Armaan: mein shaadi nahin kar sakhta hoon..kyun ki mein already shaadi shuda hoon….!
Armaan couldn't believe his own ears. Dr. Mahesh Malik grabbed a chair nearby and quickly sat down…he thought he was really about to have a heart attack.
Dr. Mahesh Malik: already shaadi shudha…kab? Kissai?
Armaan: Ummmmmmmm voh…ummmm….

End of part 4

Precap 5:
Armaan relectunatly gives his Baba a name and can't believe his own words when he utters her name. Baba is angry but then overjoyed and says he couldn't have chosen a better wife for Armaan.


Dr. Malik:  Shaadi....shuda...toon kiya abhi mujhe marna chatein hoa...yeh kaise sabh hoa...

Armaan was routed to the spot and he couldn't believe what he had just blurted out. How on earth was he going to explain. He would tell Baba right now that he had just lied on impulse because he felt he was being pushed into a corner.

Dr. Malik: Kaun hai yeh ladki....voh hamare khandhan ke liyak hai ve...yah phir thumari anjali wanjali jaise ladki hai....jaldee bholo..mera patience ab kam parh raha hai.

Armaan:  Baba voh...ummmm voh..

Dr. Malik:  tum chatein hoa kai mein yeh believe karoon ki thum shaadi shuda hoa..teek tharan sai thum bhol ve nahin pa rahein hoa..bilkul apna pita pai gai hoa..

Armaan looked up at his Grandfather. It had been ages since he had mentioned Dr. Ranveer Malik.  His father.

Armaan: Baba yeh aap kaisien bathe karh rahe hoa...

Dr. Malik: toh phir mujhe teek teek bathao, kai yeh ladki kaun hai...yaan phir kuch aur hai...

Dr. Malik got really serious for a second...

Dr. Malik: Kahin thum ladkiyan koa nahin ladke koa pasandh karthe hoa...hai bhagwan...Ranveer, Shama, aap nein mujhe kyun nahin pehle bhulaye upar...yeh din zaroor dhikoana tha...I can't believe this.  Hamare khandhan ki aakhri nishani kaise kaam karh rahe hai...

Armaan:  Baba calm down..Yeh loa paani peo...aur mein sirf ladkiyan koa pasand kartha hoon. Only girls allowed.

Dr. Malik was satisfied with Armaan's answer.

Dr. Malik: toh phir thumari biwi ka naam kiya hai.

Armaan: Ummmm...Naam nahin mein use aapse milana chata hoon.

Dr. Malik: teek hai chalo...

Armaan: no.  Voh abh soa rahee hoa gee. Use mein disturb nahin kartha chaata. Kal dinner parh.

Dr. Malik:  teek hai, Saath vaje. Cafe Bedrock.

Armaan frowned...teek hai saath vaje cafe bedrock.

Armaan quitely grabbed his jacket and headed out the door he turned to see grandfather.  His grandfather seemed content for someone who only had a little while to live.  He decided he had to do something, he was not going to make his grandfather's last days on earth sad. He had to find his wife.

Armaan entered his house and shut the door behind him.  He slid to the floor and shouted out loud..."ab mein kya karoonga!"

The next day Sanjeevani was unusually busy.  Dr. Armaan had called in sick. Riddhima was a little worried. He seemed okay the day before.  What could have happened.

Ridz: Anjali kya thumein maloom hai kai Armaan koa kya hua.

Anjali: Kisse?  oh yeh, thumari saheli sapna ka phone aya tha.  Voh keh rahee thee ko voh vapas aa rahi hai..voh kahin gaye the..funny I didn't notice.

Riddhima made a face at Anjali, she was always so insensitive.   Sapna was only returning after a year of practicing medicine at a hospital in Delhi.  Sapna had been missing from their social group for over a year.

Lunch time came by and Riddhima tried calling Armaan.  She left him several messages and no returned call as yet. Why was Armaan doing this? What was going on.  She called Armaan again before deciding to give up.  She had patients to see. She would call Armaan later.

Early evening came by, Armaan received a call from his grandfather.

Dr. Malik: meri bahu thiyaar hai.

Armaan: haan....abhi bana rahan hoon use...i mean abhi voh thiyari karh rahee hai.

Dr. Malik: anyways change of plans mein thumare ghar parh aarahan hoon..vahnin pai apni Armaan ki gharwali koa dekh loonga.

Armaan: ghar pe....parh Baba..

Dr. Malik: chup...abh mein sirf Bahurani sai bath karna chata hoon.

Dr. Malik hung up the phone. He would be at Armaan's house within minutes with his favourite food.  Armaan didn't know what he was going to say.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Armaan looked down at his cell  "BASKET calling" .  The ringing stopped.

Only to start again...."BASKET calling". Armaan huffed...

ARmaan: yeh basket bhi na.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Basket CAlling...

Ding Dong...Ding Dong..

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

Ding Dong Ding Dong….

Armaan: Basket….Baba… Ik second, mein abhi aya…

Armaan rushed to the door to open it.  "baba aap?

Dr. Malik:  Aise kaise chok gai..tumein maloon tha kai mein aa raha hoon.

Armaan:  haan…..ummm betiyeh..

Dr. Malik:  Kahan hai meri bahu…

Armaan: Voh…um um….use bahar jana pare…koi kam parh gaya…

Dr. Malik: chalo..hum intezaar kar lete hain…

Armaan: teek hai.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring Armaan looked at his cell phone display.."Basket Calling."

Armaan got an idea.

Armaan: Hi Jaan.

Ridz: Armaan tum teek hoa.

Armaan: of course sweetie.

Ridz: kaise bhathein kar rahe hoa…..Mein Riddhima hoon

Armaan: Maloom hai….Mein bilkul teek hoon..

Ridz: acha..good hum sirf yehi puchna chaatein the…okay bye…

Ridz hung up the phone...Armaan looked at his Baba. Armaan pretended he was still on the phone.

Armaaan: koi bhaath nahin…Baba  undertand kar lainge…Kaam is Kaam. Itna acha kaam kar lethi hoon..toh demand tho parhai gee. Tum fikar math karo…hum sab soon milengai….I love you too.

Armaan smiled to himself, He had bought himself some time with his Baba.   He would tell Anjali and then by maybe some miracle of God she could change a little so that Baba would accept her…then would go from there then to make all the lies truthful.

Armaan:  Baba aap ki ko bahu ko bahut kaam parh gaya hai.  Voh aaj rath bahut dher sai aiy gee.   Islai…It's just you and me for dinner. Teek hai.

Dr. Malik smiled: Teek hai Beta…itna intezaar kar liye, ik aur rath kya hai….

Armaan smiled to himself..he had won a little…somehow he would change everything to favour him.

Armaan: Mein Dinner laga tha hoon..kiya lekar aye hain aap?

Dr. Malik: Your favourite beta...Butter Chicken voh dukaan sai…kya hai uska naam…midas flavour.

Armaan: great! I'm so hungry Baba.

Dr. Malik: toh teek hai…jao plates lekar aao.

Dr. Malik watched Armaan go to the kitchen. Then he looked at Armaan's cell phone.  He thought to himself Armaan had just talked to his wife on the phone.  She had dialed him.  He couldn't wait to find out who she was….He picked up Armaan's cell phone and went through the menu…he looked for the received calls…and saw the last number.

He dialed it…..

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring…She looked at her cell phone display

ARMAAN Calling.

"Hi Armaan….teek hai sabh kuch………………jaldi karo ik bachai ke maa baap mera intezaar kar rahein hai…operation kai details dhene hai…"

Dr. Malik was surprised….he listened again…

"Armaan…………..thumein kuch kehna hai……."

Dr. Malik spoke:  Riddhu…..yeh thum hoa.

Ridz: Oh I'm sorry Baba mujhe lag raha tha kai Armaan nein phone kiya hai…

Dr. Malik: nay beta, mera gallat phone lag gaya parh Armaan ki phone sai phone kar rahein hoon. Tum nai abhi abhi Armaan sai bhaath ke the na?

Ridz: Jee Baba….parh mein aap koa baadh mein phone kar sakhtee hoon…patients mera intezar kar rahein hai..

Dr. Malik: No problem beta..jeethi raho......

Riddhima smiled and hung up the phone

Dr. Malik: Sadha suhagan raho.

Armaan came back to the kitchen with the plates and he saw his Baba with his cell phone in his hands.  Oh God…Baba ab kya karh rahein hai.

Dr. Malik: Thum aur Riddhu kab kaise…

Armaan confused: Riddhu…..

Dr. Malik: Pehle mein thumse bahut gusai tha kit tum nein bhina bhatiy shaadi kar lai….lekin yeh jaan karh Riddhu thumari biwi hai mujhe bahut khushi hai.  Maine abhi use bath ke….thumare cell phone kai last number ko dial kiya maine…Agar mein chaatha ve tho Riddu sai achi biwi thumare leye nahin dhond saktha hai…mein aaj bahut khush hoon….

Armaan looked at his Baba…he was so happy…"Riddhu…Biwi……"

Dr. Malik hugged Armaan…he had made his wish come true….Dr. Malik loved Riddhu a lot and he was so thrilled that Armaan had found a great, caring, beautiful and pyari si Jeevan Saathi in Riddhu.

Armaan guilty told his Baba: Hum dono bahut sorry hai..sabh kuch itni jalde hoa kai hum dono kuch soch na paye achi tharan sai….Dr. Riddhima Gupta Malik bhi khush ho ge yeh jaankar kai maine aap koa sabh sach sach bhatha diya….

Armaan shut his eyes while hugging his Baba…Basket was going to kill him.

Precap for Part 6:

Armaan gives Riddhima shocking news…..Riddhima reacts badly and can't believe Armaan has played with feelings, his Baba's and Riddhima's.  Armaan goes back to his Baba to tell him the truth fearing that he could end up killing him with the truth.


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10 views...and no took forever to pen my thoughts about how the story will the forum members want me to continue.
???? :)
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great intro

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WOW!!! Clap Clap Clap sounds really interesting hun Tongue fact i am already hooked just reading ur intro Embarrassed Embarrassed ....n also i must add u rite pretty well Clap Clap Clap was so easy to get a mental image of each of the character Smile ....once again tht was aweosme.... Tongue

can't wait to find out wat armaan's plan is actually...n what he is upto Wink ...lyk i said....very ineresting... Tongue

well all i can say is i m very excited...continue soon!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

later! Wink
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yah pls continue .....I loved it Embarrassed ... umm...what is Anjali's age?? LOL
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Wow plz continue! its sounds greatt!
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yeh ur intro is soo good i could picture them standing there, and thats wat every writer tries to do u did a gr8 job plz post the 1st part soon am waiting
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wow sounds fantastic!!!!! please do continue!

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