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Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic (Page 7)

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SO FAR: Karan goes to his mama Reema and says that he fought with one of his mates. Dhruv says to reema that he fought with prashant who is one of his friends once a time..

College:- Next day college begins as usual. Anita and Sanjana discuss their daily classes. The duo are very close to prof Sinha. Who is a hindi lecturer.
Avantika is discussing with Ritu about the college junior welcome function which they have to organize. Karan comes late and joins them. Karan tells them function will be organized but it will be a students only function except a few lecturer who will be invited and the pricipal
Avantika asks Karan whether he is happy organizing such function "kya tum khush ho..tum jante nahin..function ka organize karna matlab us..sanjana se haarna..". Karan says to her and says that why she brings sanjana in between.and says that sanjana is not the only junior. Mohit who has now no hard feelings for sanjana agrees with Karan and they all sit to organize the function. After decideing they go to the junior classes to invite them.
They come to sanjana's class. Sanjana and Anita are discussing some points. Avantika announces the function. Sanjana says to them they need not arrange a function just because she told that thing in front of the principal and she says that she said that just to save them that day.
Avantika is angry and says : ' dear sanjana..Ye hum tumhare liye nahi kara rahe he ok…Ye har senior apne junior ke liye karta hain..".

During the Lunch hour Avantika asks Karan to take revenge in this function.
: " bahut achha mauka he..kuch karo..". Karan smiles and says that she need not say that and he will definitely do something for her. Avantika is happy. Mohit is not convinced. They leave from there.

Mohit asks to karan whether he is going to do something dangerous.
Karan says to him: "ghabraho nahi mohit..main sirf sanjana se gana gavaoonga.." and says that that is enough as she was the only junior who wasn't ragged and making her sing means ragging her in a indirect way. Mohit is happy this time as he comes to know karan is not doing any dangerous thing.
"kahin tum sanjana ko pasand to karne lage "
Mohit asks him directly whether he has started liking her. He laughs.."main aur pyar..woh bhi us ladki se…I hate her mohit and I am sick of her.."
Prashant who overhears them is happy. He says to himself : "karan tum sirf gavaoge..lekhin main kuch aur hi karoonga.."
He discuss his own plans for Karan and all of them clap and he says : "Is bar karan tum to gaye.."

2 days later:-

The function begins with speech by the seniors. Principal welcomes his juniors and says that juniors are the future of the college. He gives a big lecture enough to make anybody sleep. He says that seniors should be respected by juniors and when they do respect nobody rags and ragging is a crime. When he says this karan is staring at sanjana and avantika on seeing this gets jealous that karan nowerdays always keeps eye on sanjana.

Many lecturers too give lecture and finally they give a way for Students at 11:00 AM and announce that today no classes will be conducted and whole day. All shout in a happy mood. Seniors announce all of them to leave for club room…

Entertainment function begins at the club room. First is the dance function when some dances are there. Karan himself performes some disco dance from one popular movie. Then there is mimicry jokes etc sardar drama ..
Finally comes a game specially organized by karan ,Throw ball where a person throws a ball from one member to another in a circle and the music plays. When the music stops the person who has the ball should do something after seeing a paper from a list in pot..(this is a well known game)

All of them start playing..
Anita gets the ball…she picks the paper from the pot and it read : " act like amitabh bachhan.."
Anita is a shy girl and refuses to do.. But all the young lecturere and Prof Sinha says that its just a game. But she still refuses. Sanjana does some sign to her to do..
Anita gains some confidence and does an act.. All of them clap..

All the juniors who are playing get various othet options like jumping as a frog, acting like a monkey. All of them do.
Now comes the turn of sanjana… Balll is in her hand…
She pikcs the paper from the pot held by karan…
Karan is smiling and staring her while holding the pot…She picks a paer and is schocked to read in it : " sing a song..".
Sanjana understands that it is the trick of Karan . he doubts turn true when Karan winks at her showing the othet pot. SAnajana slowly climbs the stairs of the stage ..

While climbing karan speaks to her silently : " har gayi na mere haatho…us din kya kaha that tume?? Tumhe gaana nahi aata…Ab dektha hoon…kaise nahi gaogi….us din sirf 5 log the…aaj audience jyaada hain…kareeb 300 log hain.."
Sanjana is almost in tears..but somehow goes to the stage…
Anita signs her to sing..Sanjana stays silent for 2 mins…..Prof sinha and other prof alos ask her to sing.." Karan also is shaking hands with avantika and ritu…that his plan is successful.

Sanjana sees all these and decides in her mind that she should never accept defeat…
Episode ends…
Coming UP:-
Will sanjana sing..? who wins karan or sanjana…
Stay tuned…

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wow karan.... Embarrassed

thanks Anju ..... you are doing a great job Clap

you are good
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continue fast
anju_bangalore Senior Member

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Karan and his friends organize junior welcome function. Avantika says to karan to take revenge on sanjana in this function. KAran says he has plans. Prashant is happy and says he too has his plans. In the function sanjana gets a chance to sing. Will she sing??

Now next:

Sanjana is on stage. She closes her eyes. She remembers the song which she sings everytime she sings ever since her parents are no more
" zindagi pyar ka geet hain…use har dil ko gaana padega…" the padmini kolhapuri song from prem rog. She sings that such beautiful with just moderate background that she wins wide claps from EVERYyone. She touches many hearts with that song. Karan's heart too is touched and he feels sorry for what he has done to her by making her sing. He fails to understand that she is a good singer.

Sanjana sings and climbs down the stairs of the stage. She gives a not so angry look to Karan. Avantika who sees it again is jealous. After that function continue upto 4. Later they announce that there will be a dance and tea party after an hour where anyone can join.

Before leaving from the club hall, sanjana approaches karan and says
"Thanks Mr Karan Malhotra..Thank you very much.."
karan is stunned as to why she did thank him.
She continue : " Aap ne mujse gaana gavaya…Kuch aur karvaya hota to shayad main itni acchi tarah se kar nahi pati…" giving a winning look to him. Karan's heart is paining at this time

Mohit and others are watching this.
Sanjana continues : " aaj apne sabit kar diya ke aap kya ho…Theekh use tarah maine aapke bare mein socha tha.."
She leaves from there. Mohit comes from back and says : " chale.."
Karan and others leave.
Prashant who is there says.."tumhe jo karna tha tumne kiya..aab main jo karna chahta hoon main karoonga.." to himself

In the dance and coffee party..All are left free to dance. Music is there. The only difference is its not a pub with no drinks and its during day time at 5:00 PM. The hall is huge enough to accumulate many members.
Everybody are dancing single or couple. Sanjana asks anita whether they can leave its 4:45 and the function is almost over. Anita forces her to stay by saying :
" sanju main pub kabhie nahi gayi..par yaha to pub ka mahol hai…really the seniors have given a good welcome to us".sanjana laughs. They agree. Karan is standing in a corner with colddrink in his hand with avantika, mohit, shabbir, ritu. And few others. Quite often his eyes take a glance of sanjan who is at the opposite end. Mohit who sees this understands that Karan is getting attracted to her day by day.
He asks him.." yeh anko se kya khel ho raha hai.."
Karan pats him nd says that :"kuch nahi yaar.." main ladki ko dekh nahi sakta kya.."
Mohit : " main ladki ki baat nahi kar raha hoon..main baat kar raha hoon…US sanjana ki..jise tumhare ankein dekh rahi hai…"

Karan says to him he is false and he doenst like sanjana. He was just looking at some other lady in that direction.
They both laugh and enjoy. Mohit whispers to him.." shayyad BEER ya..whisky bhi hota.."
Karan says to him not tto take that name and says the whole story of him not drinking and finally says : "BEER chalega.."
They both laugh and enjoy..

Anita and Sanjana are sitting at one corner when cooldrink come to them…Anita picks 2 glasses of cooldrinks and they both start drinking. Within 5 minutes of drinking the cooldrink..sanjan feels drousy and feels sleepy and falls. .
Anita manages to pick up her with the help of other students and all of them take her to ladies rest room.
Karan who was seeing sanjana this much time fails to see her. HE had not seen the whole episode of she falling down..
Mohit sees karan's eyes desperately looking for someone and aks him..: "kise dhoond rahe ho karan..aab ye mat kehna tum sanjana ko nahi dhoond rahe.." he smiles and says NO. he was looking for him. Mohit laughs but doesn not say anything as he knew his friend very well and knew that he has started to like her. Avantika and ritu approach karan and say that they need to stop the party at 6:00 or 6:30 as 7:00m pm would be late for few. Karn and Mohit agree.
Sanjana gains consciousness after 15-20 mins and she sits up..Anita who was sitiing beside her asks :" tum theekh ho na…". Sanjana waving hands on her own hairs say yes. She gets up and starts walking in a hurried manner. Anita who goes to bring her water is worried and shouts : "kaha jaa arhe ho sanju…"

Sanjana doesn't listen to her and starts going hurriedly. She is in a angry mood too.
She does to dance club and searches for someone…She sees Karan standing at one corner with his back turned talking to someone. She walks to him. She looks tired and her face is just fresh from a small 15-20 min forced Nap due to coldrink.
She hold Karn's jacket from behind at his collar point and forces him to turn front. Karan doenst understand what is happening. Even avantika, ritu, mohit and shabbir are shocked to see the scene. She raises her hand and gives him a TIGHT SLAP for the second time.
Everyone is shocked. The music in the party is stopped after someone says to stop. Evrone eyes are on Sanjana and karan. Avantika is angry but she doesn't understand anything. Karan is very angry but controls his anger.

Sanjana says : "Us din sirf 5 log the..Lekhin Aaj 100 se jyaada Log hain.."
Karan's eyes are red and his lips are shivering in the insult.

Sanjana walks from there str8 forward.
All are shocked.
Prashant who is standing at one corner says to himself : " aab maaza aaya.."


What does Karan do this time in answer to his second slap by Sanjana.
Prashant approaches Karan and says how shame it is 2 slaps one girl..


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its fabulas can u post me bhoomi pics
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Story so Far:
In the function sanjana sings a beautiful song. In the club and coffee party Karan is constantly seeing sanjana. Mohit sees this and understands that Karan is getting slowly attracted towards sanjana. Sanjana drinks coldrink at the party and gets unconscious. She thinks that Karan is responsible for this and slaps him in the party.

Now Next part: -
After slapping Karan for the second time, sanjana goes away from the party. Anita goes behind her. But she walks quickly without listening. She quickly follws sanjana and catches with her speed. She stops sanjana and asks her : "Tumne aisa kyun kiya sanju…Phir ek bar.."
Sanjana says how could she tell like that when she knows that karan was the person who mixed something in her cold drinks.
Anita asks her : "kya..tumhe poora yakeen sab usene kiya hain.."
Sanjana says "HAAn " and no other could do it except karan.
Anita consoles her. Sanjana doesn't even feel guilty this time as she thinks whatever she did this time was right. But Anita is not justified as she thinks sanjana might get into trouble again at a bigger rate.
Sanjana on the way back home meets Dhruv. Dhruv understands sanjana is little tensed and he says "HELLO..". Sanjana responds in a little hurt voice. She says that she has a head ache when dhruv asks her whether she is sad or something. Dhruv says that God has made them to meet thrice and that's why she should make him her friend. Sanjana smiles and they exchange friendship handshake. Dhruv also lets his mobile number to sanjana and says that whenever she needs him she can call him as now they are good friends.
After that they talk a lot although sanjana is little disrtubed.

At the kapoors:-After sanjana returns from college she doesn't talk too much to anyone. Even Bhoomi and saurav ask : "sanju bua kya hua..". sanjana feels so happy that kids care about her so much. Arundhati is busy in her own task. Even if not she wont take trouble even in asking sanjana about her well being or problems.
Sanjana sleeps early thinking of whatever happened at the party.

Reema is serving food to dhruv she asks him to call Karan.. Dhruv calls karan and asks him about him. Karan says he is fine and asks about mama too..In his voice dhruv recognizes karan is tensed and asks.."Kya hua..pareshan hai kya.."
Karan says no and says that he has a headache. He asks "Kal kahi gaya tha kya.."
Karan says No. Dhruv is relieved and says the same to reema. Reema smiles.
Dhruv smiles to himself about both sanjana and dhruv having headache that day..
"ajeeb ittafaq hain.."

AT THE MALHOTRA:-Brigbhushan had come from his Delhi meetings that day and is Drinking coffee in the Hall of his home. Karan comes in a angry mood to home. He never says Hai to his papa too. Brig asks " Hai My dear son..Kisi maidan se arahe ho kya?". Karan doesn't say anything and says that he is tired and need to sleep.
Karan is standing in his gallery of his room looking outside. His mind is still thinking of the incident. The slap sanjana gave him are still hearing in his Ears. Every time he hears he gets still angry and his eyes become red. His lips shiver. His hands muscle gets boiled on remembering the incident.
Mohit calls him.."Are tumhe bolna chahiye tha ki coldrink mein tumne kuch nahi milaya tha.." he says to karan the whole thing and why sanjana slaps him. Karan says he is not interested to listen and is sleepy. Mohit understands that he is too angry this time.
Karan keeps his phone in silent mode missing avantika and shabiir's calls. And is thinking about the incident.

NEXT DAY IN COLLEGE:-Karan has come to the college. While he is alone outside his class, Prashant approaches him and says: " karan..Woh ladki mein kitni himmat hain nahi…2 do bar chata mar gayi tumhe..Hero ko..i am sorry Is college ke hero ko….1 ladki 2 chata..". Karan acts as if he is not listening and says Prashant to get lost. Prashant moves from there. All the juniors who are in the college are seen whispering about karan.."yeh wohi senior hain na..jise ek junior ne chata mara..kya shot tha na.." Karan gets angry on listening these types of whispers from corners of the college many times. He sees sanjana coming along with Anita at a certain distance. He gives her a starry angry look. Mohit comes from behind and says: "chalo class chale..". Even sanjana is not relaxed this time. Anita too notices this.

Classes are going on and Karan is not listening as usual but this time not because of his nature of studying only during exam time but the scenes are flashing in his mind every time disturbing him. HE gets angry every time he remembers that.

Avantika is talking to Ritu and shabbir about what to do this time. Shabbir advises avantika not to do anything as it karan's matter and he may look into it.
Avantika gets angry on hearing this : "Tum karan ke dost ho aur is tarah se baat kar rahe ho…Lekhin..main usse pyar karti hoon….Us sanjana ko is bar main chhodunge nahi…mere karan par 2 bar chate mare us 2 phooti ki ladki ne..uski himmat ko dekho.."
Ritu consoles avantika and says that whatever happened had happened. Now its no point into lloking back. She tells that karan himself doesn't like his matter to be made public and we take action as he himself takes action everytime.
Shabbir too agrees with her and they both leave.
Avantika is not all happy and says to her that they may say like that and keep quiet but she will not.


Coming UP: Avantika approaches sanjana and warns.

Character sketch-->
Image gallery-->

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SO FAR:- Avantika is speaking to shabbir and ritu about what to do. Both say not tod anything and elave. Avantika is not happy and she decides to do something..

Avantika approaches sanjana and warns her that this time she will not leave her.
She says: "pichli baar main chup thi kyunki karean ne mujse kaha tha…lekhin uis bar tum mer4e haatho nahi bachogi.."
Sanjana keeps quiet.
She approaches karan too and says the same thing. Karan asks him to leave alone.

Avantika sees prashant laughing and guesses that this may be work of prashant. She approaches him after karan leaves and says : "yeh tumne achha nahi kiya….Aab tum aur woh sanjana ko main aisa sabak seekhaoongi ki tum dono ka jeena mushqil ho jayega.."

Prashant laughs and says : "kiska jeena mushqil to waqt hi bateyega.."
HE leaves leaving avantika tensed.

Prashant tells among his friends to keep alert as avantika has found him and keep a watch on that waitor too. His friends laugh saying that No waitor gave sanjana drinks and he himself dressed as waitor for 2 seconds. All o fthem laugh..
" are u natak mein kam karne laga..".

Principal calls karan and his team as sanjana has complained this time. Principal asks karan whether he did that. Karan doesn't say anything and after sometime he says No. But sanjana says to the principal that karan infact did it because he had played similar trick in that function by exchanging the paper pot and make her sing. Principal aks him again and he says YES. "haan woh maine hi kiya tha.."
All of his friends are stunned.
Principal tells him eventhough he knew him well he keeps quiet everytime just because his Dad Brig is his friend and one of the members of college committee.
He continues and says : "is bar main tumse nahin..tumhare dad se baat karoonga.."
And aks him to get out. He leaves. He has almost tears in his eyes and prashant sees this and is happy.
Sanjana smiles at him and says after they all are outside: " aiyenda mere saath aisa math karn theekh hain.."
He has anger in his eyes and doesn't even lift his face while she says that.

AT THE MALHOTRAS: Brigbhushan is waiting for Karan in his home. After karan comes he speaks to him..
"Look my son…zindagi maaze ke leye hoti hain…tum apni zindagi main zitna chahiye utna maaza karna…ladkiyon ke saath..dosto ke saath par ek baat yaad rakhna…mere izzat par koi anch na ane dena…" he speaks .
Karan says OK and leaves for his bed room.

This time he is till angry thinking of sanjana.
Mohit calls uip and says why did he keep quiet and accept both allegations. He says
"Is se kuch farakh nahi padta..ek ho ya do.."
AFTER 4 DAYS:-4 days pass away with similar situation continuing. Karan is not able to forget the whole incident. Sanjana has forgot it by now and is back to normal form. Anita is having some relative's function that day. So she takes day leave and goes from the college. Sanjana says to her that she is bore today alone. Anita asks her to take care and leaves.Its evening and classes are over. All of them disperse. Her class is on the third floor.She leaves from there when she leaves on the way she remembers that she has to take 2 books for her from the library. She searches for id card in her bag and find them missing. She suddenly remembers and thinks that it might be in her drower in the class and returns back. She goes to her class to find the id card. Nobody is seen in the veranda or the whole one part of the college building.
When she comes out from the class she sees Karan standing there looking at her with red eyes. He is shivering in anger. He stands on her way..
"Mera raasta choodo..".
Karan says daringly in his rough voice.."Nahi chhodunga kya karogi.." She says again.."maine kaha rassta chod do..mera..". Karan doesn't say anything and is standing on her way. She walks from the other end. Of the veranda.. suddenly karan holds her soft hands by his hard gym toned hands. She sees back and says "chodo"..Karan a look of saying No. She tries to remove her hand. HE gets angry and drags her easily with her hand for 2 mins…to to class room and closes the door with the other hand .She keeps on saying "chodd do..He doenst listen ...


Karan feels guilty on whatever he has done to sanjana.

Character sketch-->
Image gallery-->

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