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Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic (Page 4)

anju_bangalore Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2005 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Keep encouraging and criticizing too Wink

anju_bangalore Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2005
Posts: 658

Posted: 17 August 2005 at 12:22am | IP Logged
EPISODE-5 ----> very intresting epiosde...
In the college:-

Sanjana comes a little late to her college..class…first class is hindi…..
She takes excuse from prof sinha and enters..the room…
Prof sinha doenst say anything as he knew now sanjana a little…
Anita smiles at sanjana and both start listening at the lecture…

In the Lunch hour:
Karan and his friends come to class..but found sanjana not there…ask anita….
"JI..who canteen gayi hain…"
karan:"uska naam…."
Anita:" sanjana….sanjannaaa…kapoor.."she says in scared voice..

Karan shouts:" to sanjana kapoor…aaj dekhenge tumhe.."
They all leave..
Anita is scared…
Karan and his frinds are happy and all of them rush to the canteen…
"chalo to madam yahann…hain…" says avantika…siling wickedly…

They all find sanjana drinking manjo juice alone…and approach her
Karan : "TO MISS SANJANA MADAm… gana tayyar hain.."

Sanjana suddenly turns back and tries to go from her…but all the seniors surround her…
Sanjana says again: " mai gana nahi gaoongi…agar apne muje force ANTI_RAGGING committee ko compliant karoongi…"

All of them laugh…but sanjana goes..
Karan shouts" aaj gana gaye bager tum ghar nahi jaogi.."

Sanjana never speaks a word and simply moves….

A Man and his team are watching all these from certain distcance…

He is none other than prashant…
NEW CHARACTER PRASHANT:- he is senior in college and equally strong as family..and everthing…Once a friend of karan….
Prashant and karan had separated from frndship when karan had removed prashant from college cricket team…from that day prashant is separate and has his own team…
The 2 teams always are opposite ..but karan's team is stronger….even anti-ragging comitee member MOHIT is karan's best frnd…

Prashant watching all these from behind..says to his team.."
CHALO..mujhe ek ikka mil gaya.." refeering to puja…..
He says to himself:-
"AB dekte hain MR.karan Malhotra..tumhe mujhse kaun bachayega.."

Sanjana comes and sits…anita says to her everthing that happened…
Sanjana says to her abt the canteen…
Sanjana says:" aaj class khatam hot hi..mein ghar chali kjaoongi…dekhti hoon…yeh log kya karte hain.."


All the classes are over…sanjana and anita are going..home…they are in the college corridors…

Many seniors come and surround her….
They relave anita…
"tum jao.."they say…
Anita refuses and looks at sanjana who is not scared at all…

But walks slowly away looking at sanjana..
Sanajana is forced in a class room by avantika and ritu…
She is made to stand in front of the class…
All of them sit on desk…
Karan smoking a cigarette…smiles and says.."chalo..shooru ho jao.."

Sanjana stands silently doesn't even speak a word…

All of them talk among themselves…and karan approaches sanajan…throwing his butt..()cigar)

"bahut..himmat dikhati ho…janti nahin hum kya kar sakte hain.."
sanjana is still numb and doesn't even speak a word…

she feels insulted and tries to go…
avantika stops her..
sanjana feels insulted at the first time and can break down at any time…
she says to avantika " mera raasta chodiye..mujhe ghar jaana hain.."

all of the smile…

she leaves her raasta…and sanjana starts to go…
karan hold her hands from behind….

Sanjana asks him " mera haath chodiye..mujhe ghar jaana hain.."

Karan smiles looking at his ffrinds.."choddunga….lekhin..gana kaun gayeya.."
Sanjana refuses to sing.." main gana nahi gaongi.."

Karan.."phir to meain haath nahi chodunga.."

Sanjana has almost tears filled in her eyes…

She threatens..all of them." Main aap logon ke bare mein complain karoongi…pricipal aaur anti-ragging commmitee ke pass.."

All of them..laugh loudly…including karan….he says "mohit chalo..complain likho…"
He says this because mohit is a member of the AR committee..

Sanjana says again.." mera haath chodiye..ghar jaan hain.."

Its already 4:45..1/2 hour is over after college closes..
Karan really gets angry lloking at her behaiour…and turns her back and shouts.."
Tum janti nahi main kaun hoon..mera naam hain..KARAN MALHOTRS…main is shehar ke mashoor industrialitst BRIGBHUSHAN malhotra ka beta hoon…agar mein chahta to tumhara college aana band kar sakta hoon..samji….OK COOL COOL…chalao nakhere mat karo gaana gao.."

Sanjana trying to remove her hand from his hard hands fails..and feels very insulted…..
She finally gathers her strength to remove her hands from the clutches of his hard gym hands..AND GIVES HIM A TIGHT SLAPShe has almost tears in her eyes…shouts…
" Bas kijie… aap ke koi bhai behen nahi hai…ek ladki ke saath kaise pesh aate hain..yeh bhi nahi jaante aap…"

she continues.. " Aur kya bataya apne aapka naam..KARAN Malhotra…oh..i am sorry…mashoor industrialist brigbhushan malhotra ka beta karan malhotra…apne janam ise nam ke saath le hai…aur aap jab bhagwan ke pass jayenge to ise naam ke saath jayenge.."brigbhushan malhotra ka beta.." she repeats….Is se jyada..aap ki koi pehachan hain hi nahi…"
karan stares at her..

she points her fingers at his friends including avantika…
"aaur aap ke ye dost..aap ke saath sirf is liye hain..kyunki aap karan malhotra hain..sorry iam sorry again…MR.Brigbhushan malhotra ke bete karan malhotra …"
jaara aap apne aap ko is naam se alag karke dekhiye…aap is duniye mein akele hain…mr karan malhotra sorry…brigbhushan malhotra ke bete Mr.karab malhotra….

All are shocked….for the first time ever..a girl has spoken to karan in such a rough voice…so far girls have always seekd his companionship…and dreamed to be his GF….
Karan too in a state of shock…

Sanjana says:" chalti hoon….Mr.karan malhotra..sorry..yeh mujhe kya hoga he…brigbhushan malhotra ke bete mr karan malhotra…"

She leaves…
Avantika holds sanjana and says.." how dare u b***"

Karan says " use chodo…"
Avantika :" par karan…she is..usne tumhari insult ki hai..who bhi hamere samne….i wont leave her.."

Karan shouts " maine kaha na..use chhod do.."

Avantika leaves her…sanjana runs from her…..

Karan stands there for hardly 3 min..and leaves from there without speaking a word to everyone who are shocked…
Avantika stays there..and says " ms.sanjana..main tumhe nahi chodungi…mere karan ki insult..i wont leave u.."

All of them are shocked…there..after avantika leaves…

Karan drinks heavily at the bar…he cant bear the insult sanjana did to him ….he feels alone although mohit and shabbir call on his cell…
Avantika…too tries to contact him….

Stay here..

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Babli4ever Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2005 at 2:29am | IP Logged

hope that slap of sanjana does karan good, he deserved it

wow Clap good going Anju

can you share some oy your ideas to Ekta Wink

rajeev1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2005 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Clap Clap Clap . great going. chaa gayi sanjana to!!!!!! Embarrassed LOL
anju_bangalore Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2005 at 10:58pm | IP Logged


KAPOOR HOME:Sanjana runs away and goes in front of god and asks god to forgive her as whatever she did was not done by intentionally. She also says that she can never hurt anybody intentionally.This clearly shows sanjana's innocent nature and pure heart which cant even hurt others feelings.

IN The BAR:karan is drinking in the bar…All the words sanjana said are repaeating in his ears(kanon mein gunj rahin hai..)..Everytime he sips the word keep repeating…Hiis eyes are read…he is angry over whoam…?he says how dare a girl say such a thing to him..
The words repeat again…"brigbhushan malhotra ke bete.karan malhotra.."
He want to cry but doesn't…feels lonely….He also go to Dhruv's home and Reema…but feels since he is drunk cant go there too…. His mobile rings
Mohit is the person and he says to karan why he was silent and didn't respond…
Even shabbir gives a similar message…

Few minutes later even avantika calls him and aks why did he stop her from taking action.She also says to him that he mmight have asked her to stop today but he cant stop again and she will definitely not give sanjana to have peace in college.
Karan says to all of them to leave him alone…all of them understand that he has drunk…
Phone rings again…

Its Dhruv this time but karan shouts at him unknowingly asking him to leave alone.
In his tone dhruv too undesrstands that karan has drunk…Dhruv scolds him as to why he drink so much and karan says to him that he will explain to him.
Reema has heard all this from the other connection..and she too understand that karan has drunk..She feels like crying…dhruv keeps the phone down…as hehears tone in the phone…and understands that maama has pickd the other phone…

He goes to her room..and tells her..
She says "kuch mat kaho…ane do use…kaal..baat nahi badmassh see….itni zyaada pi li usne…aur pata nahi kya pilee hain…"(don't tell anthing..let him come tommorow…I will enquire..)
She says that karan has drunk and not beer doesn not cause so much…
reema cries almost…dhruv consoles her…
flashback memories in reema eyes:- Actually reema's husband dhruv's papa (dad) had died drinking…although good at heart…The day she had delivered..he was enjoying..with his friends on occasion of dhruv being born.."While returning to meet reema…he had met accident…enough to take his life away from reema and only son…dhruv.."

She says to dhruv all the things…and says to dhruv…
" badmash ke paas..use ghar pahoochana ya yaha lekar aana.."
mujhe bahut chinta..ho rahi hain…"(Bring him here or leave him home and come)
Dhruv calls karan and comes to know that he is at the vaishnavi BAR.
Dhruv hires a taxi and goes to bring karan..Karan unable to walk is seen going slowly towards his car.

Dhruv goes near him…holds him.. and slaps him …

Karan..unable to speak to…."kyun mara mujhe..saale..main kaun hoon…karan malhotra…sorry yaar..brigbhushan malhotra ke bete..yaar." (why did u slap me..i am karan malhota sorry brigbhushan malhota's son)

Dhruv understands something might have happened…as he had never seen his friend-brother drunk soo much..He hugs him..and holds him by his shoulder…and takes him near his taxi..he tells the gurad that he will be taking karan's car 2morrow..

Dhruv brings..karan his home…Reema sees all this..and tries to speak to karan…there are tears in her eyes Karan says " sorry mama.." he cant recite a word..

Dhruv takes him to his room…removes his shoes….shirt….and puts blanket on him…

Reema sits beside karan..and waves her hands on karan's hair..she has tears in her eyes..
Karan again says :" sorry mama..:"Reema doesn't say anything..but decides not to talk to him…

Dhruv and reema hug each other…
Dhruv feels that he is thankful to god for giftin him such a wonderful mother..who even treats his childhood friend as her son…

It's a Saturday and holiday for dhruv…Dhruv had got up…and is eating breakfast along with mama..Karan is on his bed…gets up…and finds himself very dusky..its 10:00 AM already…gets up slowly and tries to remember everthing…and feels bad that dhruv had removed his shoes and shirt..just like his own brother…he gets up slowly..and sees reema standing at his bedroom door..
Reema aks him what shall she give him now->lemon juice or any other drink ..
Karan smiles and says :" mama.."
Reema says:" mat kaho muje apni mama…sirf mama kehne se kuch nahi mama ko tumne kitna dard diya hai..aaj ke baad mujse baat karne ki zaroorat nahi hai…aur na yahan aane ki"
Reema has tears in her eyes wule saying this..

Karan says: Please mama..muje maaf kardo.."(please forgive me)

Reema:" maaf…maaf karne ke liye..main hoti kaun hoo karan.."

Karan:" please asia mat kaho..mama.."

karan:" please dhruv..i am sorry…maine janta hoon maine tumhe bahoot takleef di hain.."dhruv says:" aage bola tho keech ke maaroonga tuje.."

reema says not to speak to karan…karan has tears in his eyes..and folds his both hands and forgives in front of reema..Reema wants to hug him…but doesn't say anthing…Karan says to both of them..that he will never come to trouble them again..He says to reema :" maama main aaj se yaahan nahi aaonga..Lekhin please mama..mujhe aapko mama kehne ka haque mat cheeniye.."..and says..that..don't take his family from him…Reema slapping him...slightly in love says:" sirf ek shart par.."
Karan. " kya shart..main aap ki har shart..manloonga.."

Reema:" aaj see tum sharab to haath nahi lagaoge..and tum mere chotte bete ho and dhruv ki har baat manoge..ek bade bhaiya ki tarah."
Karan nods his head.."mama..aapne 1 shart kahan tha..mai..1 shart manta hoon…
Reema:" 11/2!!

Karan:" haa..mama..pehla shart manloonga…dhruv mera bada bhai hai,…
Magar doosra….haan…main sharab ko haath naho lag oonga…sivaye…
Beer ke…"to hui na 1 shart + shart..
All of tehm laugh..and reema says:" hey bhagwan yeh ladka kab sudhrega.."

Later all of them have light moments..and enjoy whole day..
In the evning karan starts to go.Dhruv insits him on staying back as Sunday is holiday for him. Dhruv also aks for aplogoy for his slap. Karn sys that he should never ask as dhruv I his Elder brother now(winks his eyes).
Reema and dhruv keep seing and smile…
Reema and dhruv both wonder what ight have happened karan yeserday …karan too never told anything…

Episode ends.

Karan thinks that he will never leave sanjana..and decide to make her friendship..
Avantika is discussing with ritu as to how to make sanjana life a hell…

Sanjana's first encounter with dhruv…



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shaifali Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2005 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Hi Amju How are you?my name is krunal and thi is my sister's ID.she allways talk about you lol that she s very thanksful to you becasue of posting the vidio now anju i am in acting career and i am looking for one chance to show my telent so if you know any directore or someone plese help me out
thnak you
anju_bangalore Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2005 at 11:42pm | IP Logged


AT the Malhotras house:-

Dhruv calls up karan and says thst he forgot to ask him what happened the previous day and also Mama was there.
Karan says to himself " achha hua tumne pucha nahi..zhoot main bata nahi sakta tha..ab main sach nahi bol sakta hoon.."(I couldn't have lied yesterday but I cant tell truth now)

And says to dhruv that he had minor might with prashant.
Dhruv is happy and says "itni chhoti si baat.."

AT The Kapoors:-
Its Sunday. All of them are having breakfast at the kapoor house. Sanjana is ready to go somewhere. On seeing this arundhati asks her where she is going (in a weird voice as usual). Sanjana says that she is going to Mandir as its Sunday. Bhoomi and saurav also ask their mom to let them go and aru allows. Sanjana Leaves.

In the temple:
Its Sunday and dhruv too has come to temple as he couldn't come to temple on his birthday.Sanjana is getting down from the steps of the temple when she Bhoomi rolls down the steps and falls down.Dhruv coming up the stairs picks up cring Bhoomi. Sanjan comes down running. Bhoomi is crying. She has minor wounds. Dhruv lifts bhoomi to a side.He has never seen sanjana. Bhoomi is still crying. Dhruv decides to take Bhoomi hospital and looks up to see sanjan's attractive face. He says not to worry and Bhoomi will be alright. There are no wounds and she just need a Aid.Hospital is near and Bhoomis woonds are plastered. Dhruv himself pays.
Sanjana in a thankful voice to dhruv says that if he was not there she wouldn t have managed thi alone along with saurav " bahut shukriya" she says.
"aaap nahi hote to.."
Dhruv says not to say thanks as he did his duty.
"Yeh mera farz tha.."
.Sanjana is impressed by dhruv..
Dhruv too is impressed by beautiful face of sanjana and her care towards kids.

In all these..Sanjana forgets to ask dhruv his name although dhruv himself guesses sanjana's name after hearing kids saying" sanju bua."

AT KAPOORS:- Aru on coming to know the hospital incident..taunts to sanjana that she doesn't know how to take care of kids..then why did she take them along?? Sanjana maintains silence…
Bhoomi shouts " mama..main bahut masti karti hoon na..isleyi gir gayi ". Sanjana feels like kissing bhhomi on hearing this as to how kids love her.

Dhruv is aksed by to why he is late..Dhruv explains everthing that happened in the Mandir.

AT THE Malhotra:-
Karan is taking his evening BATH. He is thinking of sanjana.How dare a girl slap him?? He is embarrassed and is not able to forget the whole incident.
He decides to take revenge on her. He thinks to himself that if he cant rag sanjana its ok but now he will be making her friendship just for fun. He decides to take revenge that sanjana is definitely going to sing..
EPIOSDE ends..


1.Karan gives yellow roses to sanjan and telles her that he is intd in frndship with her.
2. Prashant threatens karan that he has seen all the episode of ragging and is going to complain..and use sanjana as his weapon against him.
3.Avantika is surprised by Karan's behaviour..jealous too..

SO Stay tuned…


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anju_bangalore Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2005 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

i donno anyone in TV industry...

if i know i will let u know...


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