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Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic (Page 2)

anju_bangalore Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2005
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Posted: 16 August 2005 at 12:20am | IP Logged

Train stops at VT station…Sanjana is the first one to get up…gets up and gets down the train…Lalit too follows her…and sees Nitin waiting for them…at the railway station…

He calls bhaiyya and nitin approaches him.They hug in love.Sanjana smiles and kisses kids bhoomi and saurav..Hugs nitin…all of them move to catch a taxi at home….

While moving in the taxi at home…memory flashes in sanjana' eyes…the days she spent

When she was 10 with her parents and brothers….Bhoomi and saurav…all enjoy traveling….they are hardly taken out of their house…arundhati always likes them studying…Its sanjana who always takes them out whenver she visits mumbai…The kids are very happy that their sanju Bua will be staying with them forever..

karan and reema are waiting for dhruv…but karan is busy eating kheer from reema' s hands…..Reema always treats karan as her small kid…

Dhruv comes at 5:30 " ma…kheer khila rahi ho bachhe ko…"

Karan " main bachha nahi hoon haan…saale bday tera hain aur kheer main kha raho hoon…"

Dhruv sits with them and all of them enjoy kheer….reema hugs both of them….wiuth love….karan always consider reema his mama and always agrees to whatever she says….

Bell rings…arundhato opens the door to find sanjana and all at the door…

Sanjana takes bhabhi's ashirwad and bhabhi..just for name sake says " jeeti raho.."

All of them come ….and settle in the home…

Sanjana,lalit,nitin are hapy that their dream of staying together..came finally…

Arundhati is not happy at all….she gives a wicked smile…."haan finally yeh ho gi gaya"

Next day..Nitin takes carmel college to get admitted…..The principal of the college Mr varma is Happy that one of the good students from pune has come….and he says that he too is from pune….."sanjana beti..main bhi pune se hi hoo….kisse cheez ki zarorat ho to bhezhegack mang lo……"

Sanjana says " Nahi sir…yeh mere khush naseeb mujhe itni achhi college mein nadmission mil rahi hain.."

Nitin is very happy that sanjana is getting admiited….and says to her.."jitni mehanat ke saath tumne aaj tak padaye ki..usi tatah se padna..sanju".Sanjana says "

" theekh hain bhaiyya.."

They return home….

Lalit says that he has to join his mubai office from tommorow…Arundhati comes from inside and serves coffee to everyone..Bhoomi and saurav….are playing…

Sanjana joins with them…..

Brigbhushan returns from Delhi and asks to rammoo to bring him tea…ramoo serves him…But never asks abt karan….he talks to karan….only when karan comes to him to take money…

Brig had spent most of his life earning wealth and money and had always neglected his son and his wife…This was the main reason as to karan too doesn't like his dads company and is alone in his home…except for ramooo kaka..who calls him baba since childhood….

Karan whispers in dhruvs ears to go out for a drink…and to give him cpmany…

" chalna yaar bahar chalet hain.."

Dhruv" maan ko kyan bolu.."

Karan.." bolna yahi paas me jaa rahe hain.."

Although dhruv never tasted alchohol..he always gives company to karan whenevr he asks…But most of the time karan enjoys his BEER in the company of his friends..shabbir and others…But now since holidys are going on…Most of them are out of station…..

Few minutes later..karan takes dhruv…making some bahana…

Reema says " jaldi pahuch jaana dhruv beta.."

Karan says :" aap chinta mat karna mama..aap ke bete ko ghar tak chodddoonga.."

Tears almost roll down her eyes and she slaps him slightly " kyun karan…tum mere bete nahi ho.."

Karan.." nahi mama …mazak kar raha tha…."

Karan and dhruv leave house… a bar…

Karan gets call from shabbir

" saale kais he.."

shabbir :" aar raha hoon parso…." College shooru ho raha hain na.."

karan " ha yaar…is bar aur bhi maaza karenege.."


Sanjana is almost ready for collge with her books bag…dress..etc…she is nervous she has to study in one of the biggest college in mumbai.."

She smiles and asys to herself " bhagvan mujhe shakti achi tarah se pad saku.."meri manjil tak pahooch jaoon…"


Coming up: SANJANaS's first day in college…..

Sanjana's first encounter with karan….

What will happen…?

Stay on…

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anju_bangalore Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2005
Posts: 658

Posted: 16 August 2005 at 12:21am | IP Logged

really wants me to continue...???

anju_bangalore Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2005
Posts: 658

Posted: 16 August 2005 at 6:48am | IP Logged
EPISODE STARTS with sanjana praying to god for giving her blessings as this is the first day in collge ..that too in mumbaui….

She sits for breakfast where aru taunts her " dekho..yahan ke ladke boori..hote hain..kisse se dosti mat karna…agar tum chup sab kuch theekh hain…"giving a false wicked smile…
Sanjana :" theekh hain bhabhi.."

She takes lalit and nitins ashirwad and lalit offerers her to drop…as that is the first day of his duty too…But sanjana refuses and says " Bhaiyya aap kyun takleef lete hoon…main chali jaoongi bus se..".Lalit doesn't say anthing as he knew sanjana doesn't depend on anybody….and says" theekh hain..jais tum theekh samjo….kissi cheez ki zaroorat ho to phone karna…."

Sanjana leaves the house for her first day….Arundhati as usual in a hurry says.'chalo nahi jaana hain kya…??aur nahi jaana.."

Nitin says to lait:" chalo..nahi to yahan par tandav shuru hoga.."they both smile….and lalit leaves the hose…."bhaiyya chalo..main bhi nikalta hoon…"

In the bus sanjana always dreams of how her college days will be….In the bus a lady offers her a seat.."appka naam?"
The lady says "anita…aur aapka.."
Sanjana:"sanjana ….sanjana kapoor…"
Anita: kaunsi college me padti ho aap??
Sanjana:"padti nahin…actually mera aaj pehla din hain hain mount carmel college mein..itne dinon tak pune mein padti thi…"

Anita: "achha to tumhara bhi pehla din hain.."

Sanjana:" to tum bhi nayi strudent…meian sochti thi koi to milta…finally tum mile…thank god…akelele akelele bor ho jata hain na…BA-II padti hoon.."

Anita :' main bhi.."
Both of them discuss a lot till bust stops in front of the college…

As sanjana enters the college gate..she remembers her dreams once again…dream of being independent..and..finding her identitiy…as fashion designer..for which first she had to complete her degree.."
Both anita and sanjana enter the college campus..>they find many students roaming here and there..some looking at notice borad…
They approach a nearest NB to find their class room…after finding their class room and time table…they enter the class room…

First day..first class in Mumbai
It is first class and sanjana's fav subject:-HINDI…Professor enters the class and students greet….
Professor says:" dear students maerea naam Prof sinha hain..aur main aap logo ko..hindi padata hoon.."
Prof sinha finds very less students and understands that since it's the first day very less number have come…He asks the students to intoduce ..all of them intoduce…and finally he says that.." he will continue from 2morrow.."
Sinha is a 30 year old lecturere who turned prof recently….
After he leaves…10-15 students in the class start gossping…anita and sanjana too are busy….

Suddenly..a team of 7 students 5 boys..and 2 girls..come…and stand in front of the class..
" aaj koi class-vass nahi…chalo sab log…college keinpeeche kein room mein assemble ho jao.."
anita and sanjana see each others face..and say" lagta hain..yeh log seniors hain.."
sanjana:"mujhe bhi lagta hain.."
All students leave…while leaving sanjana asks one of the girls..ritu…"kya koi function hain?

Riyu is one of friends of karan and is college senior..

Ritu:" haan..aaap logo ka swagat hain aaj..chalo.."
All of them leave…to backside of the college….

Sanjana.and anita find many students standing in que…and aks some one:" kya identity card issue ho raha hain..?"
The unknown students says in disturbed voice:" naaaa hii..raa ggingg ho raha hain.."

Sanajan decides to leave from there and anita too..when seniors don't leave…them..
They decide to saty…
Suddenly one student calls anita :" ye..ladki aao idhar.."
Anita:" ji…"
Student:" tikh hain..tum ek shayari kaho.."
Anita repeats one shayari and she is relaved that her turn is over…

Ritu approaches sanjana "ye,,tum…aoo"

Sanjana never fears and goes…

Ritu.." chalo gana gao.."
Sanjana:" mujhe gaana nahi aata.."
Ritu:" kya… ayi ho kya?"
She calls all her friends..and all of them surround sanjana…
"dekho is ladki ko gana nahi aata..koi sekhayega.."
all of them laugh and clap each others hands…
shabbir says:" natak mat karo..chala shuru ho jao.."
sanjana.:" maine kaha na…gana nahi aata.."
shabbir:" lagta hain..tum nahi janti iska anjam kya hoga..senorrs se ulajneka.."

anita who is watchig all these is scared…because all the few students who had come to collge that day had finished their turn of raging…"

shabbir:" chalao..last warning.."gana gao.."
sanjna is angry :" kitni baar kahoon..mujhe gana nahi aata….agar aat aap logo ke same main kyun gaoon?"

shabbir is angry and says" lagta hain aab tumhara samna hamse nahi…hamari boss se hoga.."
all of the slowly releave….from front…."

KARAN is standing in front of a certain distcance…as usual in his denims…jeans…stubby look….goggals…tight shirt presenting his hard gym toned body..bulk body……broad shoulders looking as handsome and as sexy as ever…"

He stares at sanjana and slowly approaches her in style..and says..
"chalao..gana gao.."

Sanjana:" to aaap hain in logo ka boss"

Karan smiles sexily and grins.." haan… mein rehna hai ya nhi aap ko.misssss….."

Slowly karans friend avantika..comes from behind and holds his hand…he looks at her..too..and says.." gana sikhao ise.."

Avantika:" chalo…agar tum ne hamare baat nahi tumhara is college mein aneale din bahut mushkil hogi..samji.."

Sanjana:" main…gana..nahi gaoongi.."

All the seniors are angry over sanjana….

But karan points to her and says 2
" do dino ka time deta hoon main tumhe…gana sikho aur gao hamer samne.."
"naam kya hain tera.."
sanjana is num abd never speaks a word…
" chalo sab.."

all the seniors follow sanjana a angry look….

Anita who was watching all these from behind comes running…
" sanjana…kya zaroorat thi un logo se panga lene ki..ek 2 line ga leti.."

sanjana:" baat gane ki nahi hain anita…baat ragging ki hain…mai ragging ke khilaf hoon… agar ragging karana paap chupke se…ragging to sehna bhi ….paap hain…aur mein kabhie bhi rag nahi karvoongi un badmasho ke haath se…."

anita " lekhin sanjan.a…"
sanjana:" anita..tum chinta mat karo..main unhe sambha l loongi….mera bhagwan he mere saath…lekhin un logo ke samne..main gana kabhie nahi gaoongi…"

anita looks scared….
Sanjana:" aaj muje khushi is baat ki mujhe ek achha aur naya dost mila…"
Anita smiles and they bothe leave..
Episode ends….

Day 2 in college…Karan coming again to sanjana's classroom..and standing in front of her desk asking her to sing….

Edited by anju_bangalore - 16 August 2005 at 6:49am
anju_bangalore Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2005
Posts: 658

Posted: 16 August 2005 at 7:00am | IP Logged
any body want me to continue..??
pls encourage me dears
lucky_lakshmi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 February 2005
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Posted: 16 August 2005 at 7:32am | IP Logged
continue continue anju!we r loving ur work!excellent yaar!
plz go on!


lucky_lakshmi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 February 2005
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Posted: 16 August 2005 at 7:33am | IP Logged
sanjana........sing! LOL Wink

jalaram1 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2005 at 7:37am | IP Logged
good going anju v love it Clap Clap Clap
mehak.S IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2005 at 9:19am | IP Logged
yes anju we love the story please continue

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