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Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic (Page 13)

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Episode 30 here------->

So Far: principal enquires to karan and prashant. Mohit speaks to avantika and tells her that prashant is responsible for everthing. Brig holds karan for playing with his pride and karan walks out of his house.
Lalit returns from the duty and finds sanjana in her room. He goes to sanjana who has tears in his eyes
"kya hua..sanju.."
sanjana suddenly doesn't realsie that Lait is there and says : "kuch nahi.." by wiping her tears.
Lalit says that sometimes life gives so many pain and gives time to heal too. Lalit although knowing the reason pretends as if he is not aware a he has promised to Karan.
He thinks how did he misunderstood karan that day when he is so nice to sanjana.
He says : "tumhara dost bahut achha hain…who karan.."
Sanjana smiles and says YES. She is surprised as to why bhaiyya is speaking like that. Lalit goes from there and ask sanjana to forget bad things and remember good things.
Karan is walking on the road alone. He first thinks of going to Reema and Dhruv but later remembers that he always have hurt them and given pain to them and cannot go there and be a burden on them. He is simply walking on the road. He is tired and also drunk a little.
Karan decides to go to Mohit but thinks he too is living alone in single room PG and is not appropriate to disturb him. Confused he is still walking when he sees car light flash.
Avantika gets down from the car and ask
"karan tum yaha kya kar rahe ho..". he is silent
She asks him to get in her car as it 9:00 Pm already and she will drop him and he goes.
She takes in her car to her house when he asks so. Avantika's dad is Brigbhushan's best friend and karan goes with her.
In her house avantika asks the reason to karan why he walking on the street like that alone.
Karan says the reason to avantika and her dad. Her dad say to karan
"chinta mat karo..main brig ko janta hoon…who ek din me theekh ho tak tum yaha raho hamre saath and ask avantika to take care of him.
Avantika is very happy as her dreams of karan coming to her are true but really feels bad that getting him out from his own house was not her intentions. However she feels things will change soon.
Karan is given guest room. He is standing in the balcony. Avantika approaches him and sees him in tears.
He says : "mere wazah se sanju ko kitni takleef hue hain.."
Avantika gets angry and says he is not responsible for that.
Karan says that since he tried to make sanjana his friend, Prashant is targeting her because of him. Avantika is squuzing her lips and says
" tum so jao.. ab". She is unable to face him somewhat guilty for making him out of his own house
Karan asks her to stay some time with him as he is feeling lonely.
Avantika sits down on bed and karan sleeps on beside her. She is waving hands on his hairs and says : "don't worry karan…sab kuch theekh ho jayega.."
He says that he is lucky to have friend like her , mohit, shabbir etc. Avantika is happy and say
" sanjana…ab karan sirf mera hai.."
Brigbhushan is in his room sitting and trying to concentrate on something. He remembers everything
Flashback in his eyes:
His wife (karan's mom ) and he falling in love in their college days. They are middle class. He is dreaming of earning money and fame. Suddenly one day his girlfriend becomes pregnant at which time he marries her. Even after marriage he gives more important to earning money and is willing to take risk. He neglects his wife in pace of earning money and fame
He remember the day when his wife use to wait for karva chaut and he is use to busy with his clients and party. He has tears in his eyes
She dies one day when karan is hardly 10 years. She takes promise from him that he will take care of karan throughout his life and give him enough love and not neglect him like her. She dies.
He remembers the day when karan's birthday is celebrated and only he use to be absent and karan not cutting cake and waiting for him. He use to be busy in his own world. Deals and money
Karan grews with his childhood friend, Dhruv and his Mother Reema and slowly moves away from his father, emotionally..
Brigbhushan has tears and feels like hugging his son but his ego never lets even to call him. Finally he asks rammoo kaka to call who confirms he is in Avantika's house. He feels that he has always done injustice to his wife and son.
Brig is happy and tells Ramoo not to tell that he asked.
He decided to call but later thinks he wont retun home now..after all his anger is mine ."woh mere beta hai..mere tarah ziddi hai.."
Karan has slept chatting with avantika who is sitting beside. She is feeling like kissing him and dreams of doing so and waves her hand on his hairs.
Mohit calls karan. Karan gets up suddenly hearing the ring. He says to him the whole story. Mohit feels bad and ask karan to come and stay with him and promise he will not have any problems. Karan promises to come tomorrow.
Avantika on hearing this is sad. She asks karan
"tum kal mohit ke ghar ja rahe ho.."
Karan says YES and says thanks to her for giving shelter to him one day. Avantika says not to say like that. She leaves from there.
Karan sleeps in his room allotted by sayinh her good night
Kapoor house: Sanjana is called by anita who says she is fine now and will come tomorrow to college as usual
Sanjana says to herself
" tumne mere saath jo kiya Mr Karan Malhotra..uski saza tumhe ek din Bhagwan denge…main nahi.."
she decided that she will be strong from now on and all these kind of incidents can never take her peace of mind. She smiles and sleeps.

(NEXT POSt 2moorow by 8:00 PM IST as i have Leave on Saturday and Sunday iin Office )
EndsComing UP:

College. Sanjana is surprised to find all walls cleaned. Prashant asks avantika to help him remove Karan from college cricket team as he has helped her till now.

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Episode 31-->

So Far:
Brigbhushan feels guilty for what he has done so far in his life but his ego never lets him to bring karan back home.

Karan in the avantika house promises Mohit that he will come and stay with him. He says thanks to avantika


Next day,Karan has come to the college along with avantika in her car. First thing he does after coming to the class is finding out whether Sanjana has come or not. HE goes to her class only to find out that he hasn't come yet and later realizes that he is too early today as he came with avantika. He smiles.
Sanjana is coming along with Anita to the college. Suprisngly she sees walls outside college premises clean. He checks othe walls too and all are in cleaned. She thinks that principal might have got it done just in1 day for her sake. Anita is happy for her and they leave for class when they see Karan coming out from their class.

Karan says to sanjana : "sanjana..tum mujhe galat samajh rahe ho.."

Sanjana says to her : "Look Mr Karan Malhotra…aaj ke baad agar tumne mujse baat karne ki koshsih ki to tumhara chha nahi hoga…main princi ko khabar kardoongi..

U better understand.."

Karan says to her that he need not give explaination to her that he is innocent. He does not do anything in disguise. He also says to her whenever he has do something he does it openly. He says that he will never talk to her unless she herself talks to him. He says

" Main tumse yahi kehne aaya tha….mere wazah se tumhe koi takleef nahi hogi. Bye ….".
Sanjana feels like laughing when he says like that

Sanjana says : "Thank god…Is besharam insaan se muje chhootkara dilwaya.."

Anita however understands him and says to herself : "tumne ek achha dost khoya hai..sanjana…"

Sanjana says : " anita..aaj ke baad me khul kar sas le sakte hoon.."

Sanjana is happy thinking that she will have no problems any more.

Karan tells the same to Mohit who feels sad for him but respects his decision. He hugs him and say : "I am proud of u..My dost.."

Avantika who comes to know about karan's decision is flying high in the air. Ritu feels sad for Karan but happy for avantika. Shabbir too is in a di lemma.

Karan and Mohit leave college early as Karan decides to go go early due to some urgent work Mohit has.
Avantika is alone and not attending afternoon classes. Prashant approaches her and says : "congrats avantika..aakir tak tum apni maksat me kamiyaab..ho hi gayi.."

Avantika ask him to shut up. She tells

"Thanks prashant..tumne mere Thodi sei madad ki…lekhin ab mujse madad ki koi ummeed mat rakna…aur ha…stay away from me and Karan.."

she leaves. Prashant stops and ask her to help him now as he helped her. She says NO and leaves.

Prashant says to himself : "tum mere madad karo ya nahi karo..lekhin main karan ko college cricket team se nikal kar hi rahoonga.."

He remembers the scene when he was removed by Karan by saying he didn't play well in the cricket.

AFTER 8 months:-
Days pass by with similar situation continuing.

1.Karan is staying away from dad. He decides to go only when his dad comes and calls him.
2. Meanwhile Brig is doing all things like adding karan's account but karan is not using that money anymore. He even finds karan staying with Mohit. He talks to mohit several times to help him. Mohit talks to karan to go back. But karan says unless his dad comes to take him he is not going to enter that house.
3. Mohit takes good care of Karan. Although Brigbhushan offers him help secretly he doesnt take any help just because he doesnt want th hurt Karan's sentiments.
4.Karan is same as before. Howewer his life style has changed since he is staying with Mohit now who is not so rich as him but mohit takes care of him and never makes karan feel that he is not at home.
5. Dhruv and Reema are not aware that Karan has left the house. Karan's keeps it a secret just because he doesnt want to trouble them He visist them once in week.
6. Avantika is happy to find karan.she is always with him although he has his eyes on sanjana. They come and go together.
7.Sanjana is studying well and is doing good and is not concentrating on anything. Al though she comes in face contact with karan she ignores him everytime.
8. Mohit comes closer to Anita and he asks her help to bring sanjana closer to karan.
9. Anita peruades sanjana several times to forgive karan and give his friendship is chance but sanjana doesnt even want to think about him.
10.Prashant is thinking what next to do.
11.Dhruv and sanjana keep meeting and Dhruv has developed Love for her. Although he never expresses that to sanjana he feels even she might be loving her by her beahviour towards him.
12.Reema also has started liking sanjana as Bahu after she comes to house many times. She keeps thinking that Girl like sanjana is the ideal for both of her sons, Dhruv and Karan although she thinks that their choices may be different.

NOW The story after 8 months:
There is an announcement in the college Notice Borad that Annual day is celebrated in the college as usual.Function, cricket, Dance and all that will be held.

There is also a bad news awaiting for Sanjana and Anita. Prof Sinha has been transferred to different city. But the college esp hindi students decide to bid farewell to him.

Finally there is cricket team selection. This time since college is also participating at the national level, college level game is postponed. It is decided that karan is the captian as usual and Mohit is the vice- captian.

The college management decides to get medical check up for students before sending the entire team to Delhi for finals of the game. After the finals the game will be played in college at the college leve.

The management calls and the coach sends all the students to the Neha hospital as per college agreement for medical check up.

Prashant thinks that this is the best time to take revenge on karan and plans something.

He goes to the hospital after the college members Medical examination and speaks to one of the attenders there. Attenders do their work.
Prashant gives a wicked smile..
coming UP: Karan is removed from the team....
karan goes to Reema to take her aashiwaad for the National level game..

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Episode 32 here----->

Karan is leaving for Delhi 2 days after. So he decides to meet reema to take ashirwaad from her as he is going to represent his college at the national level this time.
Reema is sitting in the lounge when karan comes. He bows and take her ashirwaad. He says that that is the thing he never misses. Eventhough god has taken everthing from him he has no regrets for he has mother-god that is REEMA.
Reema gives her ashirwaad and tell: "achhi tarah se khelna…aur haan…Jeet kar ana beta.."
Karan promises that he will come as a winner. Karan says that after 2 days he is leaving as Mediacl reports are yet to come.
Reema goes for coffee when dhruv ask him : "who ladki ka kya hua…??"
Karan says that he has lost his love. "pyar to door ki baat hai…who mujse dosti bhi nahi karma chahti…"
Dhruv says : "tumse dosti nahi karna chahti…Who ladki badnaseeb hai.."

He says to karan not to loose hope and try till he succeeds. Karan says OK to him. He asks Dhruv why he is talking so romantic today??

Dhruv says in his ears : "mujhe bhi pyar hjo gaya hai …is leye…"

Karan shouts: "HE HE.."

Dhruv calms him down and say not to tell MAMA. Karan promises.

Karan insists Dhruv on meeting his BHABHI..

Dhruv says : "pehle tum kamiyaab ho jao…Phir ek din hum ek saath..milvange.. tum apni girlfiriend se aur me apni se"

Karan agrees. Reema comes from the kitchen. She asks the reason for shouting. Both of them laugh.

Reema serves tea and they dhare light moments.

Next day College: -
The cricket coach and the the Management call all 11 players and extra players to the meeting. The coach says to the team : "aaj se Mohit team ka captian hain…Aur Karan team se bahar hai.."

Karan is surprised because he has worked so hard ,did heavy work outs, built his body batting praticse etc.

Karan asks the coach : "kyun sir…maine kya kiya?"

Management say: "kya hua… Tumhare medical reports dekho.."

Karan sees the reports. He is surprised to see + ve results for Steriods. He says to them

"yeh jhhoti hai…"

Coach says : "tumhare body ko dekh kar koi bhi keha sakta hain… please get out.."

Karan tries to explain but not given chance. He moves out. Mohit feels bad for his friend who had worked so hard all throughout, build his body etc did such a nice practise.
After coming out karan thinks that that might be prashant's work. He decides in his mind : "is bar tum mujse nahi bachoge…."
The news of Karan dropped from the team is circulated in the college. Avantika comes to know from Shabbir. She understands that that is Prashants' plan and goes to meet him

Avantika : "maine tumse kaha tha na…karan aur mujse door raho.."

Prashant gives a wicked smile : "aab tum mujse door raho..kyunki agar karan ne tumhe mere saath dekh liya to….use pata chal…who sanjana –prof sinha ke peeche tum ho..main nahi….Samjhi….get lost.."

Avantika goes out from there.

Anita comes to know about the incident from Mohit who explains him. Anita feels bad for Karan. When she meets Sanjana she tells the same to sanjana.

Sanjana is happy

"dekha..Bhagwan ne khood use saza di…"

Anita is angry on her and says : "yeh tum kya keha rahi ho…"

Sanjana says : "usne mere aur prof sinha ke bare main…pataa nahi kya bkwas ki thi…He desrvers this…."

Anita feels bad and did not expect that from sanjana. Sanajan leaves from there and goes straight to the canteen

In the canteen she sees Karan, Avantika, Mohit and others consoling karan for not feeling bad as Mohit will also bring good name to our college.

Karan says : "muje team se nikala …muje is baat ka jyaada afsos nahi…kyunki main college team main zaroor kheloonga…."

He sees sanjana standing who approaches him and she stares him

" dekha Mr karan Malhota…aaj bhagwan ne khud tumhe saza di hain…Tum jaise geere hue log is se zyaada deserver karte ho…"

Avantika comes from behind and says : "shut up sanjana.."

Karan stops her. Sanjana gives a big lecture and leaves.

Karan keeps seeing. He is happy to see her atlest talking to him..

Mohit comes from behind. Karan starts leaving. He asks Mohit to come along with him.

Both of them leave
Prashant is happy today as his dreams have come true. He had asked Avantika's help for that for making the drama real by injecting steroids to karan in unconsiuus state but now he himself did that by faking the reports..

Pricipal Chamber:-
Principal calls the other members of the team and he explains that now the college pride is thier hands.

AGARWAL HOUSE: Karan comes from the college and explains what happened at the college to Reema.
Reema feels bad
"beta yeh main janti hoon ki tu sachha hai...par yahi baat ab tumhe saari duniya ke samne sabeet karni hogi.."
She tells Karan that he has to play at any cost and bring a Good Name to thier college.
She also tells that she just called Malhotra House and Ramoo kaka picked up.
Karan becomes shocked but later is happy to know its only Ramoo kaka as he has told him in advance not to tell Reema and Dhruv..
He alos feels bad that he is hiding such a big thing from them fro people who had shown so much Love for him...
reema aks: "kaha kho gaye ho?? beta.."
Karan gets up and says
"main National Level me zaroor kheloonga mama.."
and leaves.
Reema keeps seeing and is happy...
COming Up: Karan backfires. He tells the coach that Prashant was responsbile for changing his reports..
He is allowed to play...
Keep reading..

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Episode 33 here---->

So Far:
Karan is removed from the cricket team by the coach and Principal as he tests positive for steriods as per the mediacal reports.
Reema tells Karan not to accept defeat and play at any cost.

Karan decides that he should never accept defeat and play for his college when he worked so hard. He thinks to himself why he is so weak and cant fight against prashant. He decide to teach him a leasson this time.
He calls Mohit immediately and tells that he want to meet him and tells him to come a specific point near Neha hospital.
Karan and Mohit meet near Neha Hospital and they both go inside after discussing.

karan and Mohit come to the hospital and goes to meet the doctor. he tells the doctor the whole case and tells that his oroginal reports are missing. The doctors say that they cant help as once mdeical check up are done report dispatch is with the Lab People and also tells him not to waste his time in petty issues like this.
Karan shouts at him
"medical tests aap ke hospital me ho gaye the...aur aap yeh kehe rahe appko kuch pata nahi.."
Doctors warn him to stay in control else they have to complain to the police for misbehaving.
Karan warns him that if he wont help he may complain to the Police.
"yeh hospital band karva doonga..."
Doctors ask him to get out and say : "ye Dhamki kissi aur ko dena.."
After karan leaves one of the nurses tell doctor that he has seen that guy somwhere and later remembers that He is Karan Malhotra. Brigbhushan Malhotrs's Son..a prominent Industrialist..
EDoctor feels scrared and runs after
He calls karan who is walking and tells that he is ready to help them.
Karan is suprised. But agrees.The trio go the lab where Reports are finalised. the doctor on information by karan finds out his Duplicate Report and gives him.
Karan is Happy to find " Fit " certificate in it.
Karan thanks doctor and says that his duty is not end here and he has to find the culprit who changed his reports.
Doctor calls all the 2-3 attenders at the Lab and tells them the incident and warns them to come forward and tell who did that
Karan shouts
" dekho..aap logo mein se kisne yeh kaam kiya..hain..main janta hoon...agar woh khood mere pas a gaya to..i will not complain to the plice.."
he also shouts
"zaara apni baaki zindagi ke baare me socho...3 saal ki jail aur kaam bhi gaya.."
One of the attenders come silently and tells that he did the work but was paid heavily. Doctor slaps him.
Karan holds him and says that now he has to tell the truth to the whole college else he will complain and he is ent to jail.

Karan gets the attender along with him and thetratens him to take to police station if he doesn't say the name of the person who bribed him. He also black mails him that he will loose his job and land up in jail. The middle class attender gets scared and teels he doesn't know the name of the person. He says that person himself brought one fake report and he simply replaced that.
Karan takes him along with him. the trio leave and go the college.
Karan and Mohit takes the attender to the college and brings him in front of the Principal. The Lab attender say the truth but he does take prsahant name as he don't know.
The coach and the principal say Sorry to karan for misunderstanding him. But Karan is not satisfied. He tells principal that he knows the person who did this.
Principal asks : "kisne?"
Karan says PRASHANT. Principal says he cant take any persons name like that. Karan requests Principal to give him one chance. Principal agrees and tells peon to call prashant. Prashant comes and is scred to see Hospital attender. The attender shout upon seeing prashnat

" yahi hai..saab…jisne mujhe paise diye….3000 rupaiye.."

Prashant says : "Sir.. main janta nahi yeh kaun hai.."
Karan tells principal that he is going to take this case to the police and let them find the truth.
Attender shout again : "nahi saab..police nahi..isisne paise diye.."
Prashant looks down. principal comes to know that he is the culprit

Principal shouts at prahsnat for doing such a thing to one of the best players in the college. He slaps him and says

" aaj tumhara is college me aakri din hai.."

Prashant says : "par sir..maine kuch.."

Princiapl says him to SHUT UP and even his dad would not save him because his Dad has been transferred.

Prashant leaves from the Chamber.

Karan is happy and he Thanks principal who in turn says Sorry to him.

The news is again spread fast of karan representing the team His friends lift him together and are enjoying. He sees sanjana from far who is neither happy nor sad.
Avantika is happy. But she is scared as prashant may take her name and tell karan that she was responsible for sepating snjana from him.
Prashant is given a letter to get out of the college. Principal says that he does not want such a kind of student in the college.
Prashant asks for forgiveness and says that he will never do such a thing again and give him one chance.
Upon repated reest by prashant is given one final chance and warned that its last chance.
Prashant says : "Sorry sir..Thank you.."
He comes out of the principal chamber.
He says in his mind
" Karan....main tumhe ab kuch nahi karoona....Tum sanjana se dosti karo..pyar karo..phir main dekta.hoon...tumhe is tarah se chhot lagegi ki tumhara jeena mushkil ho jayega..."

Karan is in Delhi playing.
All his friends are there supporting him and the college.
Prashant is there too but waiting to see karan defeat..

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Episode 34 here----->

So Far:
Karan is back in the team. The coach and the principal apologise to him for their behaviour. Prashant is almost removed from the college but given a last chance to stay by the principal.
Karan and his team are in delhi. They are here to play national Level cricket Tournament. All of his friends have come including Avantika. While avantika has come to see her Love winning at the National Level, Prashant is here just to see Karan losing as he thinks and hopes that their own college Loses.
The opponent team is from Kolkatta which is equally strong as karan's team. Game begins with Toss as usual. Opponent wins the toss and agrees to bat first. The game starts. All the players at the opponent team play well. They score 249 for 50 overs for 6 wickets loss..
Its Lunch and Karan is worried and tells all his team mate to play well. All of them get inspired and decide to play well. Karan closes his eyes and remembers all the incidents
1. Sanjana slapping him on the first day telling him that he is Brigbhushan's son and only Brigbhushan's son and he doesn't have identity on his own.
2. Brigbhushan Removing him from his home.
3. Reema and Dhruv who always are his well wishers.
He thinks to himslef that this is the best chance to come up against his father name and his identity. He also thinks that this is the best chance to see Prashant failing once again and this is the best chance to prove to himself that how much he Loves sanjana even after her so many rejections.
He opens his eyes after getting inspired and thinks that he should make his college and team win at any cost.
The game begins. Opening players who use to play well always play very badly thereby scoring only 40/2 with 10 overs getting over. Its now karan who comes and Mohit on the other side. They both hug each other and decide to play well.
They both hit shots and karan scores 78. There are so many misses and Mohit becomes out just after scoring one run after his half century. Karan continues to play well and scores 120. He is so tired and is fully exhausted. He then becomes out.
Now 4 wickets are lost but the team has somehow manged to get 175. All the players who come after Mohit and Karan are either ducks or score one or less runs.
Now 8 wickets are lost and score is 230/8. 20 more runs are required. 15 balls are remaing. And 2 wickets in hand.
Karan has almost lost hope when there is one more wicket loss and the score is 248/9.
Now 2 runs are required but only one ball is required. Match has become very intresting.
The opponent captian arranges his field properly. The last player of karan's team is very much nervous.
One ball is put and player fails to get one run. Karn has closed his eyes and opponents are enjoying when Umpire announces : "wide ball.."
One more ball is given >karan sighs his player to play. The player assures.
Balling is done. Player hits a shot and he has hit 6 or 4. The oppenet player cathces the ball and shout that they have won. But karan's player has taken 3 runs in succession.
The umpire announces NO BALL and say 4 runs. Oppeonets are shocked. But all the other players from karan team come running to the ground.
They have done it and they have won the match.
Avantika comes running and kisses karan on his cheeks for winning. Prashant is sad to see karn's team winning.
All the players congartultes themselves and opponets too.
Karan is declared man of the match. He is asked asked to say few words. He says that his real inspiration was his Mother and friends and a girl. Avantika thinks that she is the girl and never imagines that karan was thinking of sanjana.
Mohit is very happy for Karan and says that if he was not there Team would have been failed.
Brigbhusan is very happy that he has won a 50 crore contract at the Bid. The opponet of brigbhushan Mr Varma in buiness who is not a rival actually but brig's one time close friend is sad that he lost this time contract too.
He is leaving when Brigbhushan stops him : "dekha..yeh contact bhi mere haath.."
Varma says : "Bhale hi tumne ye contact hasil kiya hai…mere pass sab kuch hai…biwi..bachhe sab khush…mere paas kuch paise hai..jis se main khush hoon.."
Brigbhusan smiles.
Varma continues : "tumhare pass kuch nahi..tum ek haare hue insaan ho…na biwi or ek bete tha..who bhi tumhe chhod kar chala gaya.."
Brigbhusahn says : "Shut up.."
Varma continues : "chilanne se kya hoga…kitne badnaseeb ho tum…tumhara beta ko aaj sara mumbai dekh raha hai TV par..who national level cricket jeet gaya hai…aur tumhe ye pata bhi nahi .badnaseeb baap." He leaves from there
Brigbhusan keeps thinking and thinks of karan. He has tears in his eyes and feels lonely after hearing varma'' words. hE is proud of karan. He feels how bad is he and tells himself that eventhough he has found his mistake long back his Ego had never let to take his own son back to home. He has tears in his eyes
" who jeetega kyun nahi…aakhir who mere beta hai…"
he says : "aab mai mere bete ko ghar wapas le kar awoonga " he says that His own EGO too cant stop him now.
Reema and Dhruv has tears in their eyes seeing karan win. They both are happy.
Sanjana has not watched the match at all. His brother lalit gives her the news that her college has won. Sanjana is happy that her college has won but not happy for karan. She later thinks that she has no bisness with him and smiles.
Karan is enjoying with his team in a delhi pub.
The college is happy and principal decide to honour their team in a special way.
Meanwhile its also preparing by prof Sinha's farewell as he is getting transfeered. Sanajana and other his students are doing the preparations…

What will happen next??
Keep reading

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Episode 35---->

So Far:
Karan's Team wins at the national Level. reema and Dhruv are happy to see karan win. sanjana is happy just for thier college.
Brigbhushan realises his mistake and realises the damage his ego has done to him.

That day after thier team wins Karan and his Team stay in Delhi as some of his team mates has not visited Delhi. karan has always been to Delhi and Delhi has been his fav city after Mumbai and his dad's buiness has branches in delhi too.
That day he takes his friends to delhi visit indian Gate, Lotus temple and may other places. After visting may places all of them including avantika, ritu, shabbir, Mohit decide to go to one of the popular pubs in Delhi

karan is dancing. Today he is enjoying his life to full depth. he is happy that he has done some hardwork to make his college win at the national level. Ritu constantly force avantika gain to go and say that she loves him once again.
Avantika says that she need not say as karan' s life does not have sanjana anymore.
Karan is tired and sitting at one corner and sipping cocktail when he sees sanjana approaching him and saying : "I LOVE YOU>>Karan..Tumne aaj sabit kar diya ki tum karan ho sirf karan woh karan jo sirf jeet kar waps atta hai,,"
he suddenly realises that he was day dreaming about her and is missing her terribly. He doesnt understand why he loves her so much even though she hates him like hell. he thinks to himself atleast in Mumbai he is happy to see her lovely face daily even though she doesnt talk to her.
A girl approaches Karan. She says Hello to Karan. Karan turns back and sees one of his old GF in delhi. She is Sonia.
Sonia : "HI...Karan..Tum delhi main..aur muje phone bhi nahi kiya.."
When Karan was staying with Brigbhusan he use to travel to delhi with his dad sometimes for fun and sonia was one of his girlfriend during those days.
Karan says : "muje tumse ek baat karna hai
Sonia says : "kaho sweet boy.."
Karan says straight forward : "dekho soniya...main tumse pyar nahi karta.."
Sonia is stunned and says how could he say like that. She reminds him of the days and nights they spend together in Goa. She reminds him of the first one night stand that took place between her and him and also reminds him of his madness for her and how he travelled to delhi just for her.
Karan says : "..woh sab ek natak main nahi janta tha ki pyar kya hai.."
Sonia is stunned again. Karan continues
" maine hamesha ladkiyon se rishta rakha..apne matlab ke liye..." and says that he always had physical relationships so many times but he never Loved anyone so far.
Avantika shouts at karan : "karan aao na dance karenege.."
Karan gives her a signal of one minute
Sonia understands and says : "aab main samji..ek nayi ladki a gayi tumhari zindagi me.."
Karan says that Avantika is only his friend and thats it but he loves someone more than his life now and its a junior in thier college.
Karan explains the whole thing to sonia about his love to sanjana.
Sonia is sad but she says : "its Ok karan...agar tumne..apne zarrorat ke liye istamal main bhi kam nahi thi...main hamesha tumhari paise, haisiyat ..dekh kar..tumhare paas aakar apne aap ko..tumhari banati thi.."
Sonia says that but Now she is happy for him and says That sanjana is lucky now and says good Luck to him. She says
" sanajana tumhe zaroor milege..zindagi main pehli baar tumne sachha pyar jo kiya hai.."
Karan says sanjana is not Lucky but he is lucky if he finds her..
She hugs him for the final times and leaves. Karan says GOOD LUCK to her and says
" tumhe bhi ek achha boyfriend tumhe bahut pyar karega.."
She smiles and leaves.

Avantika comes and asks : "kaun thi woh.."
Karan says she was one of his old GF in delhi winking at her..
Avantika:"tumhare har shehar main ek girlfriend hai kya.."in a jealous manner.
Karan says : "hai nahi tha...ab sirf ek hai..woh kaun hain..tum janti ho..." and leaves.
Avantika smiles and says after he leaves : 'woh main ho.."

The principal and the management decide to honour Karan and the entire team. The college coach is vey happy about college winning. He says that college has won just because of Karan. Principal agrees to him.
principal calls to Brigbhusan Malhotra and say that Karan has brought a big name to thier college. Brighbhusan says that he had got the news from his office people itself...
Brigbhushan is in home and says to himself
"delhi se aate hi..main tumhe khhod lene aoonga..."

sanjana and ANita are sad that prof sinha will be going after the current year. they along with the college seniors and others are working on special farewell function at the college.

Mohit calls Anita in her house and asks her about her well being. Anita says that She is fine and congratulates His team and him too. Mohit is happy and they chat for some time. karan sees Mohit chatting with ANita on phone and after he keeps the phone asks
" yeh chakkar kya hai yaar.." winking at him..
Mohit : "tu bhi na..aise hi phone kiya maine..."
Karan hugs him and says : "pyaare dost ko pyaar ho gaya.."
Mohit after repated saying No agrees and says HE LOVES ANITA and they both hug.
Mohit says : " agar sanjana tumhari gf ban kitna accha hai na...hum 2 woh dono.."
Karan smiles and says : "Its only a Dream...Tum jante ho.."
Mohit says not to feel bad and sanjana will definately come to him one day as he Loves her so much.
Karan smiles and hugs at him.
Dhruv comes to Malhota house thinking that Karan might have returned from delhi...and to take him home.
Brigbhushan is in the lounge sees Dhruv
"beta aao..."
Dhruv : "uncle...karan nahi lauta delhi se??"
Brigbhushan explains him that Karan had left the house long back and is staying with his friend Mohit.
Dhruv is shocked..
He sees ramoo kaka and understands that he has been Lying to him and may be Karan only said.
Dhruv is sad that Karan left home and didnt even say to him and Mama abou that..
He says BYE to Brigbhusan and leaves..
brigbhushan is shocked to see Dhruv not knowing karan not staying with him...

coming up:
Karan comes to Mumbai..special function for them in the college..
Dhruv and reema fire at Karan and say that he need not come to them again...Reema is hurt and isn tears ...
Brigbhusan requests karan to come back home...Karan says NO...

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Episode 36 here--->

So Far:
1. Karan meets his one time GF sonia in Delhi who wishes him all the Best in his Love Life.
2. Dhruv goes to meet Karan at his Home thinking that he might have returned from Delhi but is very much shocked to find out that

Dhruv is walking on the street and is very sad that karan hid such a thing from him and mama. he thinks that even though he and mama love him so much he doesnt care and doesnt think them ans his own people (apne log)

He returns to the house. reema finds him very upset and asks him the reason. Dhruv explains about karan not staying in his own house since many days. reems is in tears. Dhruv consoles her and says that he will not speak to Karan anymore. He didnt even think him as a friend and said about his problems.
reema says that from now on she too wont speak to karan as he hid the fact from him.
Karan returns from Delhi and comes with a trophy in his hand and comes and takes Reema's aashirwaad : "mama main Jeet gaya..aapk ki aashiwaad se.."
Both dhruv and reema are silent. Karan asks him several times why they are silent and staring him like that.
Reema is in tears and says : "beta aaj se mujhe mama kehna ki zaroorat nahi.."

Karan says: "kyun mama..kya kiya maine??"

Reema says: "tumne kuch nahi kiya..jab tum muje mama samajthe hi kehne se kya hoga??'

Karan is in tears and says : "kyun mama..maine hamesha aap ko ma mana hai.."

Reems stops him and says: "agar tumne mama mana hota to aaj tum yaha hote Mohit ke Ghar nahi.."

Karan is shocked and wonder how thye come to know about that.

Dhruv says : "karan aaj tumne sabit kar nahi main tumhara dost ho..ya mama tumhari mama.."

Karan says : "please yaar..aise mat kaho.."

Reema says : "please Karan ...dhruv theekh hai.."

Karan has tears in his eyes and says that he fought with his father and hide that he left his own house just because he didnt want to trouble them.

Reema is silent and dhruv too..

Reem says : 'main tumse ab koi baat nahi karna chathi ho.."

Dhruv also gives a similar message.

Karan says : 'theek hai mama...aaj ke baad yaha nahi aaonga...chalta hoon.."

wiping his tears.

Both Dhruv and reema are silent.

when his about to step outside and sees reema he sees pain in her eyes fro him and stops there itself.

Reema goes to him and says : "theekh hain aaj ke baad tum yaha nahi ana..par aaj ke baad yahi rahoge hamare saath.." by slapping slightly on his cheeeks.

Karan wipes his tears and agrees. he says that he will stay with them and goes ouut. Dhruv and reema are smiling.

Mohit's Room:-
When Karan comes back from Reema's house he finds His dad Brigbhushan in Mohit room and Mohit speaking to him. when Brig sees Karan he gets up and goes near karan and hus him and says " beta main tumhe ghar lene aaya hoon...ghar chalo.."

Karan says: "kya kaha apne..?? ghar kaunsa ghar dad??"

Brig says : "tumhara ghar..beta.."

Karan says: "mera ghar..ho ho yaad aaya..wahi ghar jis se apne muje bahar kiya tha.."

Brig says he had never asked him to go out of the house and he himself left.

Karan says: "apne roka bhi nahi tha na dad??'

Brig says: "beta..main yaha aaj apne sad guroor ko chhodkar..apne bete ke paas aaya hoon.."

Karan says that he never come to that hose and that house is not his..and asks his dad to leave him alone and goes to his room..

Mohit is watching and says that Karan is angry but he will speak to him

Mohit goes to room and asks karan to speak once to his dad and karan agrees.

Brig comes to room and mohit leaves.

Brig says: "main janta hoon..beta..maine baap hone ka koi farz nahi nibhaya..hamesha..paisa kamaya...par aaj muje pata chal gaya hai beta...zindagi mein khushi paise se nahi pyar se hoti hai.."

Karan says: 'Dad..." and says what he should do now??

Karan says that he wont return to that house and in tears and says how he spent his life in this house. he explains that he has always craved for his Love but he had no time for him

"aaj jab maine..thoda bahut naam aapko mujpe pyar agaya...Kal jab main gadbad aap ki status ko chhot pahuch jayegi.." stating that brig has retuned only because he earned good name..

Brig says: 'beta..please....aisa mat kaho..aaj ke bbaad main tumse kuch nahi kahoonga..."

Brig folds his hands in front of karan and says

" beta please ..maaf kardo muje.."
Karan doesnt feel nice by seeing his dad folds his hands..
Karan holds his dad's hands and hugs him and they both are in tears. Karan agrees to go back home

Brig asks him to come along with him but karan says he will return in the eveing as he has some work. Brig agrees and leaves and thanks Mohit too..

Karan thanks Mohit for alloing him for so many days to live in his house and treating him as a friend and guest at the same time.

Mohi hugs him and says: "Dosti mein Thanks nahi.."

Karan comes and says that His dad had come to call hm and he is returning to his house today. Reema and Dhruv are happy

they ask: "beta..aakhir aisa hua kya tha..jiski wazah se tumne ghar chhod diya tha.."

Karan says that its a long story and now he is going to return bach home as he has found his dad after 23 years in his life and wants his love.

Reema is happy for him and takes promise from Karan that he will never fight with his dad again and Leave him alone in his old days..

"tum unka sahara ho..gusse se 2 shabd kehe bhi narraz nahi hote.."

Karan agrees and leaves after hugging Reema and Dhruv. Karan leaves.

Coming UP:
1. Farewell at the college for Prof Sinha...

2. Karan delivers a speech that changes sanjana's impression on him...

Keep reading..

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Episode 37 here---->

So Far:
1. Brigbhusan takes back Karan Home.Karan agrees to go.
2. Dhruv and reema re happy and take promise from Karan as to not leave father in future due to small fights.

Malhotra House:-
Karan comes to Home. brigbhusan who was waiting for Karan is very happy and gives him a warm welcome by hugging him. ramoo kaka is filled with joy. Brig had told Ramoo Kaka for a special dinner that day to celebrate Karan's return to home. Both Brig and Karan share light moments. Brig thinks that from now on he will do anything to keep his son happy and karan is happy.

Next day in college:-
Karan has come to the college. This is the first day he is attending the college along with other people who had gone to delhi for Match and had a marvellous victory.
All of his friends who meet him that day hug him that day for bringing such a name to the college. The coach and the principal are alos very happy about that and they too congratulate him. Principal calls Karan to come his chamber and says that he has brought a Big name to the college and say that college has announced a special function to him and his team. Karan is happy and says that there was no need for such an function. The princi says it is neccessary as its the first time college has been taken to the national level and the credit goes to karan.

Anita and sanjana are going to thier class when duo meet Karan accidentally this time. She stops..
Anita says: "congrats karan..tumhare wazah se..hamare college national level pe famous ho gaya.."
Karan smiles and says thanks. sanjana is simply looking downward giving an impression to karan that she is not intrested to say anything. Karan keeps seeing to her while speaking to anita and later they both leave on thier way.
After he leaves anita says to sanjana
" tum Bhi Congrats keha sakti thi.."
Sanjana says that she does not want to speak to him but says she is definately happy for the college.

Its prof sinha's last class today in the hindi class. Prof sinha enters the class. He says that he has done his duty well to his satisfaction and its now the turn of the students to do thier duty by studying well and get good marks.
He says that he will be missing all the students after he is transfeered. sanjana and anita smile. they say that even they will be missing him and his good lecture.
Principal gives a message to all classes to assemble in the function hall at 11:00 AM
All of them leave after some time

In the function hall:
The college cricket team is given sanman for winning the national level match. karan is asked to say a few words
karan gets up . All of them scream when karan goes to the speak on the stage. His friends are cheering him from the audience. Sanjana who is sitting in the audiece is not intrested to listen.

Karans speech: Karan in his speech says that he was able to do that only due to hardwork and consistent efforts. he says that without his friends support he couldnt have achived that. he thanks all the team members and His best friend Mohit for being so suportive to him. he says that although he doesnt have a mother,his freinds Mother is his real inspiration to him and says that he wants to achieve many things life now and the inspiration for that he also his mother and many other incidents which have made him stong.
Avantika who is lisening to the speech is happy. Anita understands that the karan is referring to incident as sanajna. Mohit waves his hands.
Later Principal also gives some speech again his boring speech make many sleep. Later many others speak. Finally there is an announcement that Prof SInha one of the best Hindi lecturer is getting transferred to other place and special farewell function is there in the afternoon at 2:00 PM. all of them leave for lunch..

Lunch hour:
Its lunch time and sanjana and ANita are enjoying in the canteen when karan and his friends also come and sit there. Karan orders special items to everyone and avantika is always by his side.
Karan on seeing anita calls her and asks her to join. Anita says No.later Mohit calls her and anita says that she will come.
karan whispers in Mohits ears
" maine bulaya..nahi.. ayi...tumne bulaya..maan gayi.."
mohit says : 'chup baitna sale.."
Karan whispers in Mohit's ears to call sanjana too.. Mohit calls sanajan too. sanjana says No and leaves from the canteen.She tells anita that she will join her in the function hall..
Anita joins them. Avantika is very happy to see sanjana going. Karan keeps seeing while she leaves and feels bad.

Prof sinha's farewell:[/b
]Its prof sinha farewell function in the afternoon. Principal gives a big lecture again that makes prof sinha himself sleep. Later Prof sinha gives a speech.
Prof sinha says that college has given him a nice expreience. This college has both sweet and bitter memories to him. When he says that sanjana remembers the incident when she and Prof sinha was linked and insulted and held Karan responsbile for that.
Karan is also there in the function along with Avantika, Mohit. Prashant is also there in the function just for name sake.
AFter the speech is over..students are allowed to speak if they are intrested.
Many other Lecturer speak about prof Sinha..
sanjana wants to speak but remebering the incident doesnt speak anything but asks Anita to speak.
ANita says she is nervous..
Many speak after that and finally before closing the function announcement is done whether anybody really want to speak.
Karan shouts from the back: "mai baat karna chahta hoon.."
sanjana looks back and is stunned..
All are stunned. avantika is stunned as to what karan has to stay with a subject not related to him. Prahant is speechless. Mohit alos is quite suprised as to what karan has to say..
Karan comes on the stage...
Sanjana says to anita: "koi nayi tamsha..khada karna chahta hoga.."
prof sinha thinks that karan doesnt even spare him on his last few days..

Karan's speech:
Karan says that he was not a regular student to prof sinha's hindi classes since he is not regular to the college.Karan says that he is neither a fan of prof sinha nor an ideal student. he says that he is on stage not to prove anything.
Prof sinha said that he had some bitter expreince too in college and Karan says that he does not want Prof sinha to carry Bitter experience from our college. he says that prof Sinha may be angry on him as he may be thinking he was responsible for one of the the Bitter incidents. Karan says that he does not want to give anybody bitter expreicene
Karan says that he was not responsible for whatever incident that happened few months back regarding sanjana and Prof sinha..I dont have a proof that i dont do but surely some one else did that as that person had always tried to harm him and bring him bad name.
Karan says that many of the people just belive what they see what they hear and the rumours..
Karan says that a Good relationship was given a bad name by someone who wanted to spoil his name and thats why he used his name in that.
"prof sinha ek achhe insaan hai.. aur ek lecture Bhi hai."
all are stunned..
he says:" prof sinha aur ek student sanjana ek bare main...anaab shanab likha gaya college ke diwaro pe..."
he sees prashant while saying this.
"par aaj main aap logo sinha aur sanjana ke rishte ke baare main..batana chahta hoon.."
"Prof sinha aur sanjana ke beech ek rishat hain.."
All are shocked. sanjana is shocked and angry..avantika is happy. principal cannot get as to what karan is aying.
karan continues: "woh rishta...hain....bhai aur behan ka..."
sanjana is stunned.
Karan continues: "is rishte ke baare me..kisse ko pata nahi siway mere.."
karan says that he happen to vist his friends home in the apartment and in the same apartment prof sinha lives. he says how he saw..sanjana was teing rakhi to prof sinha on the raksha bandan day and prof sinha saying that although God had killed his own younger sister he had gifted him one more in the form of sanjana..
Sanjana is shocked to hear as to how karan came to know abou that..
karan says:
Principal is happy to see karan giving such a nice lecture on Prof sinha..and very well imagines that prashant is behind that..
Karan says: "thank you...i wish Prof sinha..all the best.."
WHile he gets down from the stage he wins a wide appluase from all people. sanjana is stunned as to how she misunderstood karan for all these days and is happy that prof sinha is going ou of the college taking only good memories.. anita is happy. She keeps seeing Karan who is hugged by all his friends and Prof sinha too...

AFTER THE FUNCTION: Karan meets Prof Sinha says to prof sinha : "aab aap hamare college se sirf ek achhe yaad lekar jayenge.."
prof sinha says to karan that he always misunderstood him and always thought he is playing pranks on everyone and fails to understand that Karan has good soft heart too...
Sanjana who sees Prof sinha and karan talking feels like speaking to karan and thanking to him but he goes before she could approach him..

Avantika is shocked to see all her previous atempt of making sanjana hate karan gone waste
"yeh tumne kya kiya karan.??" she says to herself..

Comig UP:
sanjana speaks to karan that she is sory for misunderstanding him and says thanks for whatevr he did to her..
Mohit and anita are happy..

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