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Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic (Page 12)

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Posted: 10 September 2005 at 7:22am | IP Logged

So Far: Karan says I Love you to sanjana is the air that forces her to slap. He holds her hand only to find out some one punching him. He falls and sanjana is shocked.


Karan is punched on his face. He falls and looks up. Its Lalit and 2 constables standing. Sanjana says : "bhaiyya ye mere dost hain…"

Lalit points her to sit down in his jeep and don't call him bhaiyya as he is now on duty and it is his duty to arrest a person who mis behaved with a women like that. Sanajana is saying repatedly that karan is her friend. Karan is shocked and happy too that sanjana called him her friend. Karan gets up but 2 constables hold him and put in jeep. Lalit ask even sanjana to sit down and help complain. Sanjana sits down beside him in front of the jeep but is repeatedly requesting lalit to leave karan and says he is her friend. Karan is happy everytimes he hears that.

Mohit and anita who come running are surprised to see both sanjana and are gayab with karan's car parked there. He calls karan but karan is not able to pick up. Anita is too surprised as to where did they go leaving their car in the road.

When lalit comes to police station he gets a call from commisioner that he is needed urgently somewhere. He goes but before leaving tells 2 other people to beat karan as he had misbehaved with a women on road. Sanjana says to lalit to allow her to speak but lalit disagree and he leaves and ask her to wait till he comes. After Lalit leaves 2 of them drag karan inside the cell and remove his shirt and beat him with a stick for misbeahving with a girl in public. Sanjana is worried and she comes inside and she stands in front of karan and doesn't allow them to beat. She shouts : "isne kuch nahi kiya…yeh mere dost hain.."

Karan who is actually hurt by the beatings is bleeding but happy to see sanajana calling him her friend and standing so close to him. He feels happy.

The 2 constables stop when sanjana doesn't allow them to beat and call Lalit. Lalit says he will come there as his small work is over. Karan is kept in the cell and he is looking at sanjana from inside who is sitting tensed. Lalit comes there. When he comes sanjana takes him outside the station and says why he did like that

" bhaiyya ye apne kya kiya..zor se chillati rahi ki unse kuch nahi kiya..phir bhi apne mere ek baat nahi sunee…aaap jante hain ki who kaun hain….Mashoor industrialst ka beta hain…agar usne yeh baat apne papa ko bataya to apki naukri ja sakti hain bhaiiyya.."

Lalit is worried but says didn't he really misbehaved with him. She says NO. he is his friend and since today she was angry on him he was trying to console her and that's it. She says Lie just not to trouble his brother.

Lalit comes inside and asks his colegues to leave karan and the girl didn't want to complain. Karan slowly comes ouside putting his shirt. He has beeldings on his face and body and is hurt. He sees lalit and says : "chodunga nahi main app ko…"

He sees to sanjana and smiles who doesn't even look into his eyes.

Lalit and sanjana wait for some time for lalits timing to get over and then go to the house. Sanjana tells lait not to tell about the whole incidennt in house to Bhabhi and Nitin.

Lait smiles and agrees.

Karan is walking on the raod in a painful manner. Mohit calls him and aks hi where did he go with sanjana. Karan explains to him the whole thing and mohit is surprised, he tells to karan that his car has been taken into custody my metrpolis peole for illegal parking. Karan is not worried at all. He is happy because sanjana called him friend.

Karan decides not to go to his own house as his dad would make a big issue of it and calls dhruv that he is coming. He goes to reema's house.

Reema and dhruv are waiting for karan as he had told that he will come. Karn comes by a uto and comes at the door. He is unable to stand. Reema and dhruv goes to the door and hold him and bring him inside. He is made to lay on bed. Reema tells dhruv to call a doctor. Dhruv goes to call doctor. Reema asks karan abou what happened. Karan doesn't say anything.

Dhruv comes and the doctors give him small plasters. He say : "yeh to booto ka laath lagta hain…Police station se aaye ho kya.."

Karan shouts at doctor : "aap apna kaam kijiyenaa….."

Reema pats along with dhruv to karan to shut up. Doctor say karan has developed mild fever due to pain. He prescribes some medicine and goes.

After he leaves dhruv akss karan and karan says the whole truth.

Dhruv shouts : "toh yeh use ladki ki wazah se he…aaj kal tum jis ke peeche bhag rahe ho.." Karan says : " nahi yaar..who ladki acchi..yeh uski bhai ne kiya hain..chodunga nahi saale ko.."

Reema who comes from inside with water and cloth doesn't understand anything but she is more worried about karan's health this time and puts cloth dipped in water on his forehead. Dhruv says to mama to go and lseep as he will sit beside karan but reema says dhruv to sleep.

Reema sits beside karan. Karan looking at this feels that always he gives trouble to people who love him and is in tears. Reema asks karan to remove his clothes as he is having fever abd after some time he may sweat taking the medicine. Karan feels shy but later he reoves and wears a towel.

Reema says : "mama se bhi sharmata hain..bachha.."

Karan feels good sleep that night after taking the medicine. Both dhruv and Reema sit beside him in shifts. He gets up in the morning a little fresh when he sees dhruv has already left and Reema is preparing breakfast.

"kya kar rahi ho mama.."

Reema says she is preparing breaksfast. Karan says he wants to go to college (as he is very reluctant to meet sanjana) but reema says he cant go as he has just given his fever.

"please mama muje jaana hain.."

Reema says : "chup baito and lete raho…phir se kisse ladki ke wazah se mar khane hian kya…kab sudrega tu.."

Karan says : "kabhie nahi mama…"

Reema smiles and brings him breakfast.

Karan has not come to the college. His friends are missing him. All of them Mohit as to why he has not come. Mohit explains the whole story. Avantika gets angry on sanjana and says : "dekha us sanjana se pyar karne ka natiza.."

Mohit says that its because of sanjana he has not been beaten. But avantika is not satisfied and worried regarding karan. She calls him but it comes not reachable as his mobile is not charged.

Shabbir, Ritu and avantika go to sanjana 's class and say to sanjana that she is responsible for the whole thing. Mohit shouts at them for being so rude when sanjana rescued him.

next episode:Monday
COMING UP: Karan feels like that he is loving sanjana much more than before. Sanjana aks karan to keep the issue to himself and requests him not to take rvenge on his brother.

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Episode 26 here--->

So far: -
Karan is beaten and takes rest in reema house. All are waiting for karan in the college. When Mohit narrates the fact to Avantika, Shabbir and Ritu all of them held sanjana responsible for the whole episode and scold her by going to her class.

Ramoo kaka is worried about Karan not returning to house since 1 night and whole day and is tensed. While serving dinner to Brig he asks brig whether karan has informed him about where he is going
"ramoo…tumm chinta mat karo…who dood peeta bachha nahi hain….Gaya hoga…kisse girlfriend ke saath aur wohi hoga 2 din se…don't worry"
But Ramoo is worried as karan would have informed him evertime him atleast.
He decide to call to Mohit. Mohit explains him the whole story. Ramoo is shocked.
Brig asks him the reason and Ramoo tells the same.
Brig is angry : "karan aur jail…who bhi ladki ki wazah se…"
Brig is angry and decide to speak to karan when he returns.

Next day in College:
Karan has come to the college directly from Reema house. Although he has plasters and pain he has come just because of his love for sanjana. When is entering the campus in Auto all of them whisper among themselves about karan. But karan is not worried at all. Because for him nothing matters but his Love sanjana. He is searching for her.
Mohit comes and aks about him. Karan says he is fine now and nothing to worry and Thanks to sanju. Mohit pats him and ask him why did he do like that. Karan says that something happens to him when he is near sanjana
"pata nahin..who jab saath hoti to muje kya ho jata hain.."
But mohit looks worried. Karan asks him why he is worried and there is nothing now to worry and he has even asked His servants to get car back.
Mohit says that Ritu, Shabbir , avantika and deep held sanjana responsible for everthing and scolded her eventhough he resited. Karan is angry on all of them. He goes to them in canteen where all are gossiping and having tea.
When avantika sees Karan she is happy. He shouts at them
"kya zaroorat thi tum logo ko sanju se us tarah se baat karne ki.."
All are shocked. He says not to misbehave with sanjana anymore as she is her love and goes.
Shabbir stops him and says: "tumhe abh hamare fikar nahi hain….dosto ko bhool gaya ek ladki ki khatir…."
Karan shouts at him and says: "who ek ladki nahi hain…She is my love dam it.."
Avantika has almost tears in her eyes and ritu is noticing this and understands her.
Shabbir shouts: "haan yaar..manta hoon hamse galti hue hain…hom logo ko pata nahi that ki sanjana ne tumhe bachaya..Mohit ne baaad me bataya.. lekhin dosto se is trah se baat"
He says: "tu ek din college nahi aaya to khabar sun kar hamri jaan nikal gayi..lekhin tumhe hamari ko fikar nahi.."
He is angy on karan behaving like this to friends. Karan is standing there. Mohit also comes. Shabbir walks away in anger. Karan hold his hands and pulls and hugs him
" SORRY YAAR…gusse me pata nahin kya bol diya maine.."
Shabbir also pats him and says He too is sorry for misbehaving with sanjana.
Mohit shouts : "NOW TOPIC IS CLOSED>>". Ritu is smiling. Avantika is simply sitting. All of them hug and shabbir and Ritu tease karan : "sanju bhabhi se maar khkar aaya hian.."
Later Sanjana comes to karan and say that she wants to speak to him. Karan is happy. Both Sanjana and karan leave. Making avantika more jealous.
Sanjana says to karan that whatever happened that day was due to her. IF she had not raise hands. He wouldn't have caught it and misbehaved.
Karan thinks how innocent she is for taking blame on herself and says that he was responsible for the whole episode and he almost lost control that day and acted like foolish guy. She says in her mid : "jaise sach much foolish na ho.." he also says SORRY TO HER for friends misbeahing wit her
She continues and says ITS OK and says that now the matter is settled and he should not make big issue of it and take revenge on her again nor his brother
Karan : "tumse badla kyun loonga…tum mere ho na.. I love u.."
Sanajan gets angry again and says; "Dekho karan please mujhe apne haal par chod do.. pata nahi tum chahte kya ho….kis janam ka badla le rahe ho mujse…."
Karan says : "badla nahi sanju..tum mere 7 janam ka pyar ho.."
Sanjana goes from there thinking that its waste speaking again on that topic. Karan is looking at her and says to himself: "I LOVE YOU>>"

Avantika is thinking that she should now consider Prashant's offer and that would be the best because karan is now out of range and if she keeps quiet days are o far when she sees both of them walk like girlfriend and boy friend.she says to herself
" Nahi sanjana..main aisa hoone nahi doongiii….karan sirf mera hain…jab tak main zinda hoon who mere hain…"
She thinks that meeting prashant in the college would no longer be appropriate and calls him and aks him to come to her house today evening and they shall discuss their plans. Prashant is happy and says
"maine kaha tha na karan…ab tumhe mujse koi nahi bacha sakta….Integar karo apni barbadi ka.."

Karan comes home. Brig is sitting in the lounge. Karan comes and clims the stairs to his room. Brig shouts : "rooko.."
He aks where were he2 days.
Karan says tht he was in friends house.
Brig shouts not to lie and says to him "dekho karan..zindagi tumhari hain…jitni chaho masti karo moz karo….jitna chaho paise le lo..lekhin mere izzat mpar anch nahi ane chahiye…THIS IS THE LAST WARNIG ..pichli baar pyar se samjhaya tha.."
Kar says : "OK DAD.." and goes to his room.
He asks karan the name of the inspector responsible for that. Karan says inspector didn't do anything. He says mater is ove now.
Brig bhusan thinks;"achha hua….mamla chota tha…"
COMING UP: Avantika and prashant join hands.

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interesting anju!great wok!its nice reading ur fan fic!continue the story!its wonderful1

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Thank you Anju

Poor Karan, I feel sorry for him cause he got beaten soo bad Cry

ab toh lagta hein dheere dheere Sanjana ko pyar ho hi jayega Embarrassed

Keep going Anju
Great fan-fic


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So Far: Brig enquires karan and warns him to keep him out of everthing. In the college there are scens between shabbir and karan. Avabtika decided to talk to prashant an d calls him.
Prashant has come to avantika's house and is sitting in the hall. Her servants take him to one more room where avantika is there.
Avantika asks prashant to sit and orders her servants to bring tea and snacks.
Prashant: "aakhir tumne mere shart to maan liya.."
Avantika smiles and says : "Ek minute maine baat shooru nahi ki.."
Prashant is surprised. He says: "kya??'
Avantika says to him that he has to listen to her but she need not agree to his terms.
Prashant says; "kya matlab.."
Avantika says that she needs prashant's help to execute his plans for her in order to separate Karan and sanjana.
She says: "main karan ke dil main sanjana ke liye nafrat paida nahi kar sakti…Lekhin sanjana ke dil main karan ke liye nafrat paide karma chahti hoon.."
Prashant says its of no use as sanjana now doesn't like karan.
Avantika says its true at present but in future she will
" who karan hain….kisse ko bhi apna bana sakta hain…prashant nahi.."
She taunts him.
He is angry
"to tumne mujhe tariff sunnane ke liye..yahan bulaya tha.."
Avantika says she loves karan more than her life and can do anything and that's why he wants his help to get that plan executed.

But prashant says : "muhje bewakoof samaj ke rakha hain…main tumhara kaam karoo..aur tum mera kaam nahi…"
She laughs : "bewakoof samaj kar nahi..TUM bewakoof ho..itni acchi plan muje bataya.."
Prashant is angry and says she too has to help him to help him remove karan from college cricket team.
"usne muje bahar nikala tha…ab main use..bahar kar dena chahta hoon…"
Avantika shouts at him : "shut up…HE is the best player..samje..captian hain who…Main usse nuksan nahi pahoocha sakti.."
Prashant says then she should not expect his help too..
Avantika says even if he doesn't help the name will be yours only
"karan mujh par shaq nahi karega…use to pata bhi nahi ki..i love him…i am his friend .....har bar ki tarah .so naturally you are the culprit.."
Prasnanth says : "yeh achha nahi hain..avantika…"
Avantika says : "toh haath milalo…main karan ko bata doongi ki tumne bhi yeh kaaam nahi kiya…simple.."
Prashant is angry when she laughs and says that.
HE joins her hands and says to himself : "main tujhe nahi chhodunga avantika…"
He is about to leave when she says
: " dekho….mera tumhara saath tab tak hain jab tak sanjana karan se nafrat kar lethi…Agar tumne karan ko zaara si bhi takleef mujse boora koi nahi hoga.."
Prashant leaves from there.
Avantika says to herself : "bewakoof…mere karan ka barabari karta hain.."
She says : "I LoVE You Karan..Ab tumhe mere bahon me aane se koi nahi rok sakta..Who sanjana bhi nahi.."
Its Saturday and Anita and sanjana are outside shopping for anita. Sanjana sees Dhruv again and shouts : "Dhruv.."
Dhruv looks behind and smiles and is very happy to see her.
Dhruv says to her : "Now its their 4th or 5th meet. Anita is smiling and looking at them.
Sanjana says : "Soory zor se chillaya.."
Dhruv says its ok and invites both of them to his house .
Sanjana says: "nahi..phir kabhi.."
Dhruv doesn't agree and says House is near only 5 min walk and they cant avoid. Later Anita and sanjana decide to go.
Reema is in the hall watching TV. She is missing karan as he has not come due to his plasters and has gone to doctor.
She sees 3 of them at the door and is happy and welcomes anita and sanjana.
All the 4 sit and talk. Reema say today she was feeling bored because her son had not come but now since they have come she is happy.
Sanjana aks Dhruv whether he has one more brother.
Dhruv says YES. He is a friend but childhood friend and mother has ttetaed him as his son and me as younger brother. He has not come since one week.
Sanjana says : "oh.."
Later they some how turn topics and reema go to kitchen and prepares tea. Dhruv and sanjana chat all the topics. Some how the topic of karan is diverted. Suddenly Dhruv gets karan's call and he answers where karan tells he will come to the house tommmorow.
Dhruv says its Karan. Sanjana gets to know His brother like friend is karan but doesn't come to know it's the same karan. Dhruv describes karan as good, loving person. That's why she doesn't get the glue as she has a bad impression of karan and there may be so many karans's in thier college.

Prashant house:-Prashant is drinking and thinking about avantika's wicked plans. He tells
" tum mujse bhi giri hoovi ho…"
He vows that he will definitely take revenge on her when time comes and she has to pay he brunt for treating him like that and using him against him.
Coming up:-
Monday Avantika and Prashants plan (actually speaking now only avantika's )executed. Sanjana targeted and all are making fun. Karan sees sanjana cry and try to console her. But she backfires…
Keep reading…

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So far:
Sanjana and Anita meet Dhruv in the market from where he takes both of them to his house. Sanjana meets reema in her house and they share light moments. Avantika and prashant discuss their plans and avantika tells prashant that only he has to listen what she said and she need not listen.

Its Sunday and Karan has gone outside to the pub. To his surprise Karan also sees Prashant in the same pub. Karan and mohit are enjoying by themselves by discussing when Prashant approaches Karan and says

"Kya kar rahe ho karan…Plan kar rahe ho ki sanjana ko kaise impress kar ke girlfriuend bana sako…"

Karan doesn't say anything and Mohit keeps quiet. Later prashant keeps on talking and says something. He says : "aaj tak ladkiyan tum par marti thi…lekhin aaj..tumm ek ladki ke peeche bhagh rahe ho…YOU ARE THE LOOSER…who ladki tum hari dosti bhi nahi chati….girlfriend to door ki baat hai…You are lost…"

Karan in a fit of rage challenegs

"chalo to I will challenge you….Ek saal ke andar..agar sanjana mere friend se girlfriend nahi bani….To main college chhod doonga….OK>>"

Prashant accepts the challlenge and leave. Mohit pats him. Karan leaves from the spot along with Mohit. they stare and leave

After he leaves Prashant's friend approaches him and says that their plan is successful.

He shows to karan the MMS clip where prashant and Karan are challenging. Prashant says to himself " Aab dekta hoon karan….agar galti se bhi tumhari dost bangayi sanjana…to zyada dino ke liye nahi..". He vows in his mind that he has master plans for both Karan and avantika . "tum dono ko main nahi chhodunga.."


Sanjana and Anita are coming to the college as usual. She is so busy in gossiping that she doesn't notice anything around hers elf on the way to college. When she is in the campus she sees everyone looking at her in a straange look and whispering and saying
"Wahi ladki hai sanjana.."
Both sanjana and anita doesn't understand anything. They leave and come to the class. In the class too students stay away from her and look her in a different manner. She asks one of the class mates who tells her go and see the college walls and and vernanda halls and outside walls….Sanjana doesn't understand anything. Anita too is surprised why they ask like that. Anita and sanjana go out of the class and see one of the walls of the college where they find..

cartoon Images of prof sinha and sanjana drwan and a Love mark,…etc

Prof sinha + sanjana =Love..

Love in the air…

Campus Love..

Ek badi si love story…Ladki ne ko…….

And all the nonsense remarks…Sanjana keeps on seeing. She sees simliar such marks on other walls and all the college spots. She keeps on seeing. Many studenst join her and even anita is surprised. Things are written in a such manner even general public can see passing by.

Karan who comes to the college late comes to know about this from Mohit and feels bad. HE goes in search of sanjana who is found looking at one of the walls She is crying and anita is trying to console but she is crying.

Karan comes from behind and hold her back after much hesitation to console her and says : "don't worry sanju…."

Sanjana looks back with full tears in her eyes looking at which karan's heart is paining and feels like crying.. She removes karan hand and shouts

"tumhari himmat kaisse hui muje chhonne ki…Mr karan Malhota….aakhir tumne mujse badla le hi liya…."

Karan is stunned and says : "yeh tum kya keha rahi hi sanju.."

Sanjana says : "shut up…" and slaps him to surprise everyone. Karan hold his hand one his cheeks and face tuned. She says

"yeh tumne accha nahi kiya….muje pata tha..jab tum muse dosti karne ke liye aye…."

She shouts; "aakhir tum chahte kya ho…."

Principal and other lecture come to the spot along with Prof Sinha. Principal aks them to stop. Principal asks both of them to come to his chamber.

Sanjana says to principal that karan is responsible for this and says everthing how he came to her class along and sat and also says that he was arrested for misbehaving with her and saying nonsense against her and Prof sinha.

Principal aks Prof sinha who says that Karan was reswponsible for mixing whisky in his drinks on the context of his birthday eventhough that day was not is birthday.

Principal listen to both of them and aks karan

" kya tumne yeh kiya hain…."

Karan is silent. Mohit and shabbir urge him

"chup mat raho karan…kaho ki tumne kuch nahi kiya…ham jante hain…"

Karan breaks his silence and says

" main koi safai nahi dena chahta sir….safai..who log dete hain jo galti karte hain…"

But he agrees to mixing drinks and misbehaving with sanjana on the road and going to jail.

Principal is angry but doesn't say anything as he doesn't have proof against karan.

He says to All of them leave : "SAB LOG CHALE JAO.."

All of them leave From the principal chamber
Everyone scold karan for keeping silent but karan is silent.

Students talk a little different...and are confused.....

Sanjana is still crying and anita console her. She decide to leave house and ggo out. runs away...

Karan keeps seeing

Episode ends.
Coming up: Avantika is happy and celebrating alone. feels bad for karan but happy that he will be hers..

Karan is drinking

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great job
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episode 29 here--->
So Far: Sanjana is targeted in the college. She slaps karan. Principal asks karan about the incident. He remains numb
Sanjana is returning home in a taxi. She is thinking of the whole episode that happened between her and karan in the college. She is thinking why karan does to her like that even though she has asked for aplogy a number of times.
After returning home early, her Bhabhi questions her the reason. She is silent and says she was not feeling well.
Arundhati says to herself: "kuch to gadbad hai.." as usual squeezing her lips
Karan is silent and Mohit shouts at him and ask why did he remain silent in the principal room and never exposed prashant. Karan asks him to leave alone. When Mohit asks repeatedly he says
"mujhe sanju ki phikar hain aur kisse ki nahi…"
when he sees prashant in the campus, Karan runs and hold Prashant at his collars and beat him on his face and punches him.
"sale…mere dushamni…mere sanju par nikalta hain.."
Both of them fight in the campus rendering glass brokes and other loss.
Many stop them. mohit stops karan
Principal asks both of them to come to his cabin when he gets the newsafter ther fight is over and aks karan and Prashant
"kya samjaj rahe ho apne aap ko tum log….…."
He shouts at karan and says that he is in the college due to his dad and should thank him. He says the same to prashant. Karan is standing. The principal is scolding him and says to leave home immediately and remaining talks he will talk to his father.
Mohit enters the principal chamber and says that Prashant is responsible for the whole episode an says that that prashant always tried to create misunderstanding between them. He even has proof in form of recorded cassette.
Principal warns prashant to keep his personal fight personal and not use a third person like that. He also warns booth of them and ask to leave home immediately. Avantika is happy and says to herself
"sorry karan mere paas aur koi rasta nahi tha…mai tumhe khona nahi chahti.."
The whole college is disturbed due to the incident.
Karan is traveling in the car and he is thinking of sanjana. He vows that he will not leave prashant at any cost for making tears to come in sanju's eyes.
Mohit meets Anita and asks her about sanjana. Anita too is vey much disturbed. She says that sanjana has gone home. Mohit says that Prashant is responsible for everthing and not karan.
Anita says that she always knew about that from beginning.
BAR: -
Karan is drinking alone in the Bar. It is his usual habit. Whenever he is in trouble he doesn't say anything to anyone. He doesn't want to disturb dhruv and reema too as he thinks they have their own probs.
He has tears in his eyes thinking of sanjana.
Avantika calls him but he asks her to leave him alone

Avantika is celebrating alone. But she is not to happy because she has hurt her own love karan in this process but very happy that sanjana wont love karan again.

After drinking karan calls his few friends and Mohit and decide to go to college in night time. He hires some men to get the college walls cleaned by one night.
Lalit who is passing by the college sees karan getting college walls cleaned from outside but fails to read the message. He halts and aks karan
"yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?? Raat ko.."
karan says to him the whole thing that happened that day in college and says how sanjana was insulted in the college due to it.
Lalit pats him and says Thank you to karan. He doesn't know that sanjana hates karan as sanjana has said karan is her friend that day in the plice station. He too waits after some time. Karan leaves thereafter and ask promise from lalit as to not say the whole episode to sanjana as she may think differently. He incidentally doesn't know that sanajana has lied about him to lalit.

Malhotra house: -
Karan returns home. Brig asks him; "kaha the."
Karan says the whole thing.
Brig gets angry and and comes near slaps him.
" Tumne aaj mere sar jhuka diya hai….sare commite members muje ungli dikha rahe the….sab tumhare wazah se..sharam aati hain…muje tumhe apna bete kehate hue.
Get out from here….g et lost

Karan hold his hands on his cheeks and breaks
"Thanks Dad…thank you very much.."
Brig is stunned
Karan continues: "kam se kaam apne mujpar aaj ek baap hone ka haq to jataya.."
He says that these years he has always waited for his love but he had no time for him and had time only for money
"thanks dad…apne muje beta kaha kab dad…. sharam ane ke liye.."
he says : "aaj ke baad main yaha nahi rahoonga..kyunki into din mai yahan sirf isleye rehat tha kyunki shayd aap ko mere zarrorat pad sake..lekhin aap ko paiso ke alawa kisse cheez ki zarrorat..nahi nahi ki….bete ki…ya phir apne patni ki"
brig is dumb.
Karan walks out of the house.
Brig is hurt and feels sorry for him but his ego never lets him to stop. Ramoo kaka stops karan. Brig feels like hugging karan..
" tarah se naraaz nahi hote.."
Karan takes hi aashirwad and says : "chalta hoon kaka.."
He walks out from the house.
Episode Ends
Coming UP:
Karan is walking on the road. Avantika picks him up and takes him to her house.

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