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Link to Part One of Bhalobasha/ Love:

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Thanks to all my regular readers who have encouraged me with their appreciation and analysis and questions!

Since my story crossed 150 pages, I am opening a new post for the remaining saga! Hope to see u all here!

Thanks sukhi, Bugsy, sana, sweetmittal, iqra, nameless, eijazhinna, crazycraze, pretuna, ridhijai, abhilasha, mad, Kaju and desiqt!





Early next morning, Dadi, Naina and Dilip went over next door and informed the Boses about Kartik's arrest and revealed his and Mishti's involvement in Kripa's accident! They wanted Kripa and her parents to hear it from them before they heard it from the police!

Kripa and her parents were shocked beyond belief! Shurjo had minor palpitations in his heart to learn that his nephew had tried to kill his daughter for the sake of property. His doctor was summoned and he was advised rest from further tensions!

Kripa listened with tears of shock in her eyes: Kartik Da itney gir saktey hain mainey kabhie nahin socha tha….bachpan mein mainey unhey Bhai-Phonta (Bhai-Dooj tilak) bhi diya tha….kya yehi hai uska inaam? Mujey jaan se maarney ki koshish kee?  Merey jeevan mein andhera bhar diya?

While her mother talked to Dadi and Naina, Kripa silently got up and left the room slowly….she went up to her room, pondering upon the hatred of her enemies, the extent to which humans can go in order to harm other human beings.

Insaan itna kathor kaisey ho sakta hai? Badley ke liye, paison ki khaatir, kaisey ek doosrey insaan ki jaan le sakta hai?

She felt devastated by the extent of hatred Mishti had towards her, by the depth of Kartik's greed that he was ready to kill for it!

Dadi approached softly from behind and put a comforting hand on her shoulder: Kripa, main samajh sakti hoon tere dil per kya beet rahi hogi. Tujhey bahut gehra sadma laga hai…lekin Bhagwaan per bharosa rakh, wo sab doshiyon ko sazaa dengey! Jinki vajeh se teri zindagi bikhar gayi, kanoon un sabko sazaa degi. Angad ne Mishti aur Kartik ke khilaaf saarey saboot dhoond liye hain, ab sirf mukaddama shuru honay ki der hai aur phir un logon ko sazaa zaroor mil jayegi"

Kripa was slightly cold and aloof towards Dida! She turned towards her and dryly said: Nahin Dida, Kanoon sabko sazaa nahin de sakti….jo log mujhey jaan se maarna chahtey the, unhey shayad sazaa milegi..... lekin jin logon ne merey bharosey ko maara hai, merey vishwaas ka gala ghont diya hai, unko kya sazaa milegi?

Main jaanti hoon tu Angad ki baat kar rahi hai….Beti, mera yakeen kar, Angad badal chuka hai, wo pashchatap ki aag mein jal raha hai, bahut mayoos hai wo! Usney tere gunehgaaron ko pakadney mein din-raat ek kar dee hai…aaj bhi Police station gaya hai aur baaki ke saboot lekar"

Dida, jabsey mainey Angad se shadi ka rishta tod diya…aap itney din mujhsey milney nahin aayi, aaj kyun Angad ki tarafdaari kar rahi hain? Main Angad ke baarey mein kuchh nahin sunna chahti…..main jaanti hoon wo kyun yeh sab kar raha hai aur uskey iraadey kya hain.

Dadi was apologetic:  Haan Beti, yeh sach hai itney din main tujhsey milney nahin aayi…..Lekin main kiss mooh se milney aati? Tab humney socha tha Angad ne tere saath dhokha kiya hai, lekin ab humein sach ka pata chal gaya…wo sab Mishti aur Simone ki saazish thi, tum dono ko alag karney ke liye! Vishwaas kar, Angad ne kabhie tere saath bewafaai nahin kee!
Dida! Yeh sab aap itni yakeen ke saath kaisey keh saktey hain?  Meri aankhon ne mujhey dhokha nahin diya tha….jo mainey dekha wo sab sach tha….aur Mishti ne Angad ko force nahin kiya tha ke wo …….Kripa swallowed back her tears of pain……. wo Simone ke saath waqt guzarey! Wo Angad ke khud ka faisla tha….usney mujhey chhodkar Simone ka saath chaha…..theek hai, Simone usey mubarak ho..….main hi nikal gayi uski zindagi se, ab wo poori tarah se azaad hai! Aap bhi please mujhey merey haal per chhod deejiye!

Kripa, tu Angad ko ek aur mauka de, apney pyar ko saabit karney ka…..wo sachmuch tujhey bahut chahta hai…..tujhsey bichhadkar bahut tadap raha hai….maan jaa Beti, usey maaf kar de !

Nahin Dida, ab bahut der ho chuki hai, main ab dubara uspar bharosa nahin kar sakti….
Toota hua dil aur vishwaas kabhi joda nahin jaa sakta!

Dida shed silent tears at Kripa's painful words. She gently stroked Kripa's arm and left the room, wiping her eyes in defeat. She had failed to convince Kripa of Angad's love for her!

Kripa cried silently, standing near the closed bedroom window, sadly brooding : Dida, aap nahin jaanti Angad ne kis berehmi se mera dil toda hai, ek baar nahin, baar-baar….mera khud per se hi vishwaas uth gaya tha, main kaisey uspar phir se bharosa karoon?

Dida didn't know about what had happened between Angad and Kripa before the accident! She didn't know of Angad trying to coerce her into a physical relationship, his fury and cruelty towards her when she refused his demands, his callous treatment and then ignoring her when Simone arrived on the scene. Kripa's faith in him had completely broken. Only a miracle could restore it now!



Meanwhile, Angad took the Security videotape from the Hospital to Nishant at Alipur Thana. An arrest warrant was issued for Gajendra, Mishti's driver, but when Nishant and his team went there, he had already absconded.
Kartik's arrest and Shyamal's questioning had spread the news of Kripa's attempted murder like wildfire in the Patrika Offices. Gajendra had heard it and escaped before police could come looking for him. Angad was very frustrated and disappointed to hear about Gaaji's disappearance. But Nishant assured him that an APB (All Points Bulletin) had been issued for Gaaji and he wouldn't be able to evade arrest for too long!

The Police let Shyamal Uncle go after questioning about signing the release of the killer Van that night! Manek had come to release his father from police custody. He was furious at Mishti and  promised to testify against her in the trial.

Shyamal Uncle was very upset and disturbed to learn that his action had almost taken Kripa's life. He had met Kripa many times at Khanna house parties and liked her quite well! Damini was shocked to know about Mishti's evil plans and cursed her for implicating her husband and involving her son in the deadly conspiracy.

Manek was regretting it even more as the Khannas now knew how he had helped Mishti create trouble between Angad and Kripa! Dilip had called up and blasted him, he wasn't welcome in his Mamar-badi anymore! And all because of that Mishti! He vowed he would get back at her somehow!

Angad returned home that evening, dejected and disappointed. The police still hadnt traced Gaaji but Nishant had sent his officers to Gaajis hometown in Bihar to look for him!

Angad joined his family at the dinner table! He met Dadi's eyes and raised his eyebrows in silent question. Did Kripa listen to Dadi? Was she willing to forgive him? A faint hope glimmered in his darkened heart!

Dadi unwillingly shook her head with a dejected face. Angad quietly got up and left the table, leaving his dinner untouched! He closed his door and sunk down in despair on the Lazyboy near the window. He gazed at Kripa's closed bedroom window…..flashes of Kripa standing there, smiling shyly up at him, singing sweet songs, playing hide and seek behind the curtains, the flying kisses at night…. ….all those tender, sweet memories bathed his aching heart, moistened his eyes.

Kripa, mainey apney haathon se hamarey rishtey ko khatam kar diya, tumharey pyar ka apmaan kiya….main jaanta hoon main maafi ke layak nahin……phir bhi main haar nahin manoonga….main tumhara intezaar karoonga. Tum mujhey maaf karo ya nahin, main apney pyar se tumhari raah roshan karta rahoonga, shayad uss raastey per tum kabhie chalkar merey paas phir se wapas aa jao, isi ummeed mein zindagi bita doonga"   (A-K video mix)

from pyar ishq mohabbat)

(Main bewafa, main bekadar, maine tera dil toda
Mera bhi dil toota magar, tujkho nahin iski khabar
Teri yaad mein dil thaamkar tadpoonga main saari umar) - 2

Duniya ke sab aashiqon ki todi hai sab maine rasme - 2
Beche hai sab apne vaade, bechi hai sab apni kasme
Bechi hai sab apni kasme
Main bewafa, main bekadar, maine tera dil toda
Mera bhi dil toota magar, tujkho nahin iski khabar
Teri yaad mein dil thaamkar tadpoonga main saari umar

Yeh pyaar ishq aur mohabbat kya hai yeh ab maine jaana - 2
Vaapas magar kaise aaye guzra hua voh zamaana
Guzra hua voh zamaana
Main bewafa, main bekadar, maine tera dil toda
Mera bhi dil toota magar, tujkho nahin iski khabar
Teri yaad mein dil thaamkar tadpoonga main saari umar

Angad slowly rocked in the chair with his eyes closed. listening to the soulful song echo the pain and torturous feelings in his heart.
There was a knock at the door, then Dadi came in with his untouched dinner plate in her hand.

Angad……she called him softly.
Angad turned towards her, he saw the hazy form of white-clad Dadi through eyes blurred with tears!

Dadi placed the dinner plate in front of him and sat down on a chair beside him. She put her hand on his head and stroked his hair gently soothing his hurt and pain:
Himmat mat haar, Beta…..mera dil kehta hai Kripa aaj bhi tujhsey bahut pyar karti hai. Main yeh toh nahin jaanti ke tum dono ke beech mein kya-kya hua tha, lekin main Kripa ko bahut saalon se jaanti hoon, uska dil bahut naazuk hai, uskey dil per jo chot pahunchi hai wo ghaav bharney mein waqt lagega….Tu usey zara waqt de, wo zaroor tujhey maaf kar degi.

Haan Dadi, aap theek kehti hain, Kripa ke maafi ke liye main intezaar karoonga….uska dil ek din zaroor mujhpar meherbaan hogi aur wo phir se mujhey apnaa legi…..I will wait for that day!

Le Beta, ab khaa le. Tujhey apney liye, Kripa ke liye mazboot rehna padega, tu iss tarah toot jayega toh koi fayda nahin hoga….Dadi picked up little bundles of food and fed her favorite grandchild with her own hand.


Kripa also left her food almost untouched that night. She had taught herself to eat with her own hands, her mother just had to guide her hands to the different bowls with different curries on her plate. That night, she just pushed away her plate after a few morsels and got up. Her father was under bed-rest, her mother was busy looking after him.

 Champa di protested:  Didimoni, aap khana khaye baghair kyun uthkar jaa rahi ho? Main Boudi ko bulati hoon, wo apney haathon se aapko khila degi"

Nahin, Champa Di, mujhey bhookh nahin hai…..main yeh sab nahin khaa sakti" Kripa smiled faintly towards Champa's voice and left the table, tapping her white cane.

A little later, Gayatri came to her room with a bowl of Rice and Fish curry! Champa di of course had reported to her.
Kripa, tuney aaj khana nahin khaya? Main table per nahin thi, isliye? Main toh tere Baba ko dinner de rahi thi!

Nahin Maa, aisi baat nahin, aaj mujhey bhookh nahin hai…..Kripa tried to smile at her mother.

Bhookh nahin hai yeh sab nahin sunna chahti main, tujhey khana padega, waisey bhi terey Baba beemar hain, ab tu bhi mujhey tang mat kar…..chal, mooh khol, khaa le"

Kripa was forced to open her mouth and take the morsels of food that her mother gave her. She was reminded of her childhood when she would fuss about eating and her mother would force-feed her that way. Tears came to her eyes…..mere itney achhey Maa-Baba ko mainey kitna dukh diya….mere Baba beemar ho gaye….Angad ki vajeh se mainey inko dhokha diya, inkey vishwas ko toda, shayad usi ki sazaa mili hai mujhey. Bhagwaan sab dekhtey hain, isliye meri aankhen chali gayi.

Gayatri saw her tears and hugged Kripa tightly, caressing her back : Tu ro kyun rahi hai? Kya hua Kripa? Dil chhota mat kar….main jaanti hoon tujhey bahut sadma laga…..Kartik ne jo kiya…..she couldn't finish the sentence and started crying too.

 It had been such a horrible revelation to them that somebody close to them had tried to kill Kripa! How could Kartik be so evil?

Kripa thought: Nahin Maa, main Kartik ke kiye per nahin ro rahi , mujhey dukh hai toh apney pyaar ke maut ka, wo pyaar jo pehley merey jeevan ki khushi thi….aaj usko mainey dafan kar diya!



They got even more disheartening news the next day! Mishti had received news of her impending arrest and flown the coop from Mauritius! Instead of returning home to Kolkata she had taken a flight to Chicago, where her brother lived and worked. She had a long-term tourist visa and had used it to run away to the United States.

Her crimes hadnt been proved or substantiated in a court of law so there was no means to extradite her or bring her back for the trial!

Angad had never felt so helpless, so frustrated, so defeated in his life! He badly wanted to  punish Mishti for what she had done to Kripa….she was the mastermind behind the whole evil plan but he couldn't bring her to justice!

After Nishant gave him the bad news about Mishti's flight, Angad sat in his office with his head in his hands, dejected, hopeless, angry, frustrated!

Suddenly his phone rang, it was Manek. He was going to slam down the phone, but Manek pleaded urgently: Angad, please, meri baat sun, I can help you get Mishti…..mere paas ek raasta hai"

Angad drew in a deep breath: Okay, tell me!
Manek was excited: I know how to nail that B****! Meet me at the Club for lunch. I will take you to meet someone! Mishti ki gunaahon ke saarey saboot bhi saath letey aana!
Angad agreed to meet Manek at Tolly Club that afternoon.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------


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Posted: 04 September 2007 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Great and sad part.
liked it....but it is very emotinal Cry
Knew it Kripa will not listen to Dadi...but atlest dadi try...and now Bose family know about the truth
awwww...poor Angad can't see like that....what thing again fell into dark not for to long....Mishti escape Angry Angry .....hope Manek is not playing any games this time....and will help Angad
plz cont. soon




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nice update... pallavi.... kripa is right... i dont know what miracle will bring them both together... Confused

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hey di that was great and sad part. i can understand that angad always tried to take her in that relationship in which she didn't want to go that's why he deserve that. but still i feel sorry for angad and kripa i can't tell that what she is going through.

i actually cried while reading ur story. u r going to good di ur ff were really awesome. i really loved it. but i can't bare there separation i hope that there milan comes soon.

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue soon

love ya di





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t4s....nice part...




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interesting part. so kripa didnt even listen to dida either Ouch


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hey pallavi.....congrats for completing 150 pages of ur fan-fic!!!!!i've become addicted to ur fan-fics now..... Clap Clap Clap

its sad that kripa has not forgiven angad still... Cry Cry Cry

hope misty gets punished soon....and thanx sooo much for the long part u wrote.....!!!! Smile Smile Smile




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amazing part really exciting well i dont blame kripa she will forgive him gradually loved everything i hope mishti gets the worst punishent ever

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