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Namaste to all the Dulhans and Dulhas here!! Hug

This thread is full of ALL the archives, links, and anything you need. Please check this post regularly if you'd like old updates, discussions, videos, anything in this forum.

Written Updates

Video Updates

We'd appreciate it if before you ask for any updates to come here and see if you can find them first. This way, we can prevent a lot of posts asking for updates and videos.

Have fun!Big smile


Khushi, Yuvika, Nabihah, Ammu, Wafah

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To the Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Forum - Ek Sapno ki Sajili Duniya


Salaam Namaste to all the New and Old Dulhanns (Married & Single alike)

& the Dulhaas too (I know we have a few.)


This thread is to orient you to the Dulhann Forum, acquaint you with the story, and the characters, and hopefully answer any questions you have.



First of all meet the

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Development Team:














To get the tedious stuff out of the way first, here are a few guidelines:


1.     Please be respectful of all members in the forum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please do not make hurtful remarks or comments against the actors or the members.


2.   Please no spamming. No posting multiple topics on the same thing or situation over and over again.


3. If you have any questions or requests about written updates and video updates or any other issues relating to the show and forum, instead of making separate topics, please use the HELP DESK and post your queries there. The help desk is regularly checked by the Dev Team. Here is the link...


4.  Advertising other forums is against the rules..this includes posting videos from other forum sites. If any member is found doing this, there warning level will be increased instantly.



Just a few guidelines to follow that will help make this forum much more enjoyable. Please adhere to them, as failure to follow them will result in a raise in warning level. If violations continue, especially in regards to advertising other forums, you will be banned from the forum as per the moderators' discretion.


* A note to members writing fanfiction, make sure that yours is included in the archive for easy access to all members. Also if you no longer wish to continue your fanfiction please email one of the moderators to close the topic.


*Those who make Video mixes, a small request in addition to opening a new topic please also add your videos to the link below. In that way they will be archived properly to for future access.


Link to post Video Mixes:



Okay now moving on the fun part of Dulhann'


The Actors & Characters who make Dulhann worth watching (Compiled by Nabihah):



Vidya Pratap Singh (Divyanka Tripathi):The female protagonist of the story. She is simple minded, devoted, and illiterate girl from Benares. Her family consisted of her mother Kaushalya, and her aunt and Uncle who treated her poorly. She was chosen by the Singh family to be the bride of Saagar Pratap Singh.



Sagar Pratap Singh (Sharad Malhotra): The male protagonist, and the youngest son of the Singh family, he is the Son of Thakur Pratap Singh and his second Wife Uma Pratap Singh. He has studied abroad in America for his Masters in Business Admin. He is a perfectionist, and arrogant, but cares deeply for his sisters and his family. A terrible accident reverted his mentality to that of an 8-year old. He spent two years of his life as a child but is now cured, and heading the Singh Business. Music is his passion and his guitar gifted to him by his dad is one of his dearest possessions.



Sindoora Pratap Singh (Kamya Punjabi):The eldest daughter of the Singh household, she is the daughter of Thakur Pratap Singh and his first wife. She blames her father for her biological mother's madness and that is why holds a strong grudge against Saagar and her step mom. She has pretended to care for Saagar in front of him, but always plotted against him, and is also responsible for his accident. She hates Vidya because she feels threatened by Vidya's place in the house and her ownership of the Thakur Properties.



Aniket: Sindoora's husband, who is well aware of what his wife is capable of. He stays at the Singh household and took care of the family business while Saagar was mentally ill. He knows that Sindoora plotted against Saagar, and is the reason behind his accident. He has the best interests of the Singh household in his heart, and respects Vidya, and has helped her out in many situations.



Bharat:Ten year old son of Aniket and Sindoora. He is attached to his Uncle Saagar (who he fondly calls Mr. Ocean), more than his mom. He has always sided and helped Vidya against his mom's wishes.



Mahua (Himanshi Chaudhry):The second daughter of the household, she was married to Karthik before she found out that he cheated on her. She is also Saagar's step-sister, and has always been an ardent follower of her sister Sindoora's wishes, and disliked Vidya along with her sister. She likes fancy garments and jewelry, and is often given in silly fancies.



Karthik (Faisal Raza Khan): Mahua's husband who married her only for her money, and stayed in the Singh Household. He had a wandering eye, and cheated on Mahua constantly with other women. He often tried to placate Vidya also. He was caught by Mahua and the family, with Surili and was ousted of the house.



Chandramukhi (Aditi Shirwaykar):The youngest sister of the Singh family, she is known by most as Chandra. She is very superficial and money-minded. She loved Harsh and eloped with him against the family's wishes.  She is nice to Vidya when it suits her needs.



Harsh (Punit Vashisht): A thug from Benares, who has always nursed an "obsessive love" for Vidya. He wanted to marry Vidya, and followed her to Delhi after she was married in to the Singh Family. He married Chandra to get closer to Vidya, and to have a share in the Singh Property. He was recently ousted from the Singh household, when Sindoora framed him to make Vidya believe that he was against Saagar's health.



Sameer: An orphan brought in by Surili, as Saagar's illegimate child. Was mute due to psychological reasons, but can speak now with the help of Tusshar. Adopted by Vidya and Saagar as their son.



Thakur Pratap Singh (Rajendra Gupta):Father of Saagar, who wanted to see Saagar happily married before he died. He gets Vidya married to Saagar, because he believes that she can take care of him well, in his absence, and protect him from the evil eye of his three sisters. He dies after their marriage, due to a heart problem, but not before naming his entire property and house in Vidya's name.



Uma Pratap Singh : Second wife of Thakur Pratap Singh, and the mother of Saagar. She loves her son, but is very tradition minded. She sometimes doubts Vidya against her best judgment, and often has no say against Sindoora.



Chinu (Manish Nagdev): He is Umaji's nephew. He is a small part of the Singh family, and his loyal to Saagar (who he looks up to as an elder brother, calling him Dadda). He also supports Vidya in all her trials as a loyal brother-in-law. He was tricked in to marrying Shalu, Vidya's cousin, but cares for her.



Shalu (Snehal Sahai):Vidya's cousin who comes with her mom to Delhi to visit but stays on at the Singh house. She is not very bright and is often swayed in by her mother to partake in stupid schemes to earn money. She tricked Chinu on her mother's say into marrying him, but now cares for him. She is famous for her comic naagin dance.



Hema aka Chachi (Renuka Bondre): Shalu's mom, and Vidya's aunt, she has always mistreated Vidya despite Vidya's good intentions. She is always using her daughter in her schemes to get more money, and is highly melodramatic. She has only her own best interests at heart, and wishes to spend her life lathed in luxuries, and counting money. She nurses a silly crush on Tusshar.



Chachaji:Hema's husband, & Shalu's dad, he stays in Benares and is the caretaker of the Singh family's ancestral mansion. He too is money minded like his wife.



Kaushalya:Vidya's mom, a widow. She is Vidya's only family. She wants to always see her daughter happy and currently is in Benares.



Surili (Soni Singh): Sagar's fiance, but she left him when he was mentally ill. She is an actress by profession, and loved Saagar only for his money.



Tusshar (Indraneil Sengupta):Saagar's college friend, who helps Vidya against Surili. He has traveled around the world, and is quite adventurous, and is sort of a jack of all trades.



Shivani (Neeta Shetty):  An interning doctor, in a mental hospital where Saagar is admitted, She investigates Saagar's case and is instrumental in helping Saagar get cured. She also gives Vidya the clue that someone in the Singh family, is against Saagar's health.



Lallan (Pankaj Bhatia):Harsh's brother introduced into the family by Harsh to woo Mahua. He falls in love with Mahua, and instead tries to bring back Mahua together with her husband. Is almost married to Mahua but reveals the truth to the family about himself and Harsh.



D.J. (Atul Srivastava):A con-artist who helps Vidya and Saagar in travelling to Singapore then steals their money. He later develops a guilty conscience and helps Vidya escape from jail and get back to India.



Radha: Vidya's friend from Benaras. Radha has always helped Vidya in the time of need, and always saved her from Harsh and his stupid friends. She also stands up against Chachi for Vidya.



Rajeev aka Harsh: Rajeev entered the Singh house to save himself from the police with Harsh's identity and fell in love with Mahua. Harsh stole from the company Rajeev worked for, and the blame went on Rajeev, Harsh whilst stealing, got shot and fell in the river, his body wasn't found but because he had Rajeev's identity card, the blame went on Rajeev and the police are after him. Rajeev's truth is out and Singh family have accepted him as he is a kind man and soon will marry Mahua.



Bua (Jaya Bhattacharya): Sagar's Bua. Entered the show as a messiah for Vidya and has helped Vidya fight her battle against Sindoora. Its all thanks to Bua that Vidya is educated. Bua has truly bought justice and helped Vidya in every possible way to win over Sindoora.



'.and now here's the story so far (Compiled by Ammu & Nabihah)'.


Banoo Main Teri Dulhann starts of in the holy city of Benares, with Vidya, who is strongly devoted to her god, and believes her happiness lies in the happiness of her mother. Simple-minded, devoted, patient and loving, Vidya's only curse is that she is illiterate. Her only family is her widowed mother Kaushalya, and her Chachi Hema, her Chacha and her cousin Shalu. Her Chachi and Chacha are money minded and treat Vidya and her mother like servants.


To add to her misery she is harassed by the town thug, Harsh.  Vidya's life changes when Thakur Pratap Singh comes to Benares, with his wife, looking for a bride for his son, Saagar. Vidya's Aunt tries to parade Shalu as the perfect girl, and asks Vidya to stay out of sight, but fate has something else in mind, and the Singh's meet Vidya  through Chinu, who helps her get away from Harsh. They find her the most suitable wife for Saagar. Vidya agrees to marry Saagar, upon urging from her best friend Radha, without knowing that the Saagar has the mentality of an eight year old.


The truth is revealed to her on the day of her marriage, she is devastated, but later on agrees to marry him. Their wedding is done against the wishes of the Thakur's elder daughters, Sindoora, Mahua, and Chandra. They refure to accept Vidya as a bride (Dulhann) of their house, and Sindoora fights to break the marriage. This results in an altercation between daughter and father, and the Thakur, who is ill, dies. Before his death he makes Vidya promise that she will always remain beside Sagar. Vidya promises but finds a strong adversary in Sindoora, and her two sisters, who leave her in Benaraes telling her that she isn't wanted.


Vidya follows her destiny to Delhi, at the Singh mansion, but is shunned. Sindoora drives Saagar against Vidya, by blaming her for their father's death. She plots against Vidya and gets her arrested, but Vidya is saved by Aniket, Sindoora's husband, the only person Sindoora fears, because he knows her secrets. With him is also his, son, Bharat who is attached to his uncle.


Even though met with resistance, Vidya slowly and steadily, much against Sindoora's liking makes a place in Saagar's heart, and they both fall in love with each other. The more time Vidya spends with the family the more she realizes about Saagar's past and that his current mental condition. She prays and works towards Saagar's recovery but is often deterred by Sindoora, who tries at all cost to make Saagar's health worse.


Viewing Vidya as a threat sindoora tries to discourage Vidya, and plot against her into getting removed from the house and the Singh family, but as of yet still remained unsuccessful. Vidya is always supported by Chinu and Bharat her loyal supporters who have full faith in her, and believe that her influence and devotion can help cure Saagar. In addition to Sindoora's constant schemes, Vidya faces tension through Harsh also, who to get close to her and looking to inherit some of the Singh Property elopes with Chandra.


Her Chachi pretending to be a well-wisher also moves in, hoping to take advantage of Vidya's marriage, and lap up the luxuries, by constantly trying to set her daughter, Shalu up with Sagar, or any available rich bachelor. Shalu ends up getting married to Chinu by tricking him into believing that she is pregnant. Chachi thinking that through Chinu she can hope to inherit some money, schemes up Shalu's pregnancy. After the marriage, she is devastated to know that Chinu has no part or share in the property.


Another person set against Vidya is Surili, an arrogant and temperamental actress, who identifies herself as Saagar's ex-girlfriend. She abandons Saagar due to his mental illness, but because of financial troubles schemes up an illegimate child of Saagar's and hers to inherit some money. She picks up a mute boy Sameer and plants him in the Singh family as Saagar's son. Saagar is miffed at the possibility of having a son, and doesn't accept Sameer, Vidya believing Sameer to be the heir to the Singh family convinces Saagar to be accept Sameer, but Surili takes all the credit for the patch in Saagar's and Sameer's relationship, with Sindoora's help. Sindoora uses Surili as an ally to get rid of Vidya, by trying to convince the family that Vidya is threatened by Sameer.


Vidya is helped by Tusshar, Saagar's college friend who sees through Surili. He along with Bharat and Chinu prove Vidya's innocence and Surili's plot. She is ousted from the family, and Saagar and Vidya adopt Sameer as their son. Tusshar also helps Sameer find his voice. Saagar seeing Tusshar ability as adult to be so helpful, and egged on by Harsh expresses the desire to be normal like everyone else.


During this time Sindoora and Aniket also go through a rough patch in their relationship as it is revealed that Sindoora is the one responsible for Saagar's accident. Sindoora tries to patch the relationship by pretending to turn over a new leaf, by showing care and concern for Saagar.


Saagar, on the other hand, expresses a strong desire to become normal. In his frustration at his condition he lashes out, and decides that because of his condition, he can't give Vidya the life he deserves, and pretends to be insane. He is admitted to the hospital where Sindoora gets the doctor to misdiagnose Saagar, and hinder his health.


During this period the family urges Vidya to get married to Tusshar, but she refuses. She is emotionally blackmailed into marrying him, and finally agrees. A messiah comes into the life of Saagar and Vidya, in the form of Shivani. An interning doctor, she examines Saagar's case and realized that that he is misdiagnosed and helps Saagar escape. Vidya attempts suicide as she is committed to Saagar and doesn't wish to marry Tusshar, as the family urges. The wedding doesn't take place and Vidya and Saagar are reunited in the hospital where Shivani tells a shocked Vidya that the person against Saagar is someone within the family. She also suggests an operation that can help in getting Saagar get cured in Singapore.


Saagar and Vidya with the help of Bharat plan a trip to Singapore, and meet many difficulties but are finally able to go with the help of D.J. a con artist. In Singapore he ditches them taking most of their money. With just enough money for Saagar's operation, his procedure is scheduled. Before his procedure Sindoora realizing the full gist of Vidya's and Saagar's plan, pays some thugs to kidnap Saagar to keep him from receiving his surgery. Saagar manages to escape, and undergoes the surgery.


Sindoora reaches Singapore alone, just after Saagar's surgery and manages to get him away while Vidya is visiting the temple, praying for Saagar's health. She also slips in drugs in Vidya's handbag.


Vidya follows them to the airport where a recovered Saagar gains consciousness, but is caught in the airport for trafficking drugs, and calls out to Saagar, hoping that he can clear the misunderstanding. Saagar now fully recovered, has no recollection of the past two years of his life, as a child, and fails to recognize Vidya, devastating her.


Sindoora brings Saagar back to India where he finds out about the two years of his life lost, and plans to start a life a new. Sindoora keeps Saagar from knowing about his marriage, and about Vidya, emotionally blackmailing the family, that any stress brought to Saagar could possibly reverse his mental health. She also lies to the family that Vidya had abandoned Saagar in Singapore and left with all the money. The family finds out that this is not true, through a news broadcast.


In Singapore, D.J. runs into Vidya in the jail, and seeing her condition develops a guilty conscience and vows to help her escape. He helps her escape, and returns her to India. When Vidya returns Saagar fails to recognize her, but Sindoora identifies Vidya as his attendant, who was in charge of taking care of him.


Vidya is crushed but agrees to live with the pretense hoping that she can make a place in Saagar's heart once again, and that he will soon remember her and their marriage.


While Vidya is staying on as his attendant, she faces many difficulties. Saagar treats her as a servant, and is confused by everyone treating Vidya as a family member. During this time Mahua expresses her wish to marry Lallan, Harsh's friend.


Vidya is also trying to find out based on a clues suplied to her by DJ that who is responsible for the attempt on Saagar's life in Singapore.

Sindoora frames Harsh, and with the help of Vidya, Harsh is thrown out of the house.


Saagar later on finds out that Vidya is actually his wife, and has to deal with the fact that Vidya is uneducated. He tries to work at forming a relationship with Vidya but finds it hard to do so.


In his attempt to send her away he emotionally connects with Vidya and consumates his marriage with Vidya. He feels guilty the morning after, and is unable to tell Vidya to leave.


Sindoora continues to plot to get Saagar & Vidya separated so that Vidya can not discover the truth about her.


Vidya finds out that Sindoora is the person behind the attacks behind Saagar, and is highly disturbed. She tries to gather proof but is outsmarted by Sindoora. Saagar gets mad when Vidya accuses Sindoora and refuses to listen.


In another attempt at Saagar's life, Aniket is injured, and Saagar blames Vidya. Aniket having found out the truth about Sindoora is unable to reveal anything as the accident leaves him paralysed.


Buaji of the Thakur household comes in, and is concerned about the happenings of the house. Sindoora tries to poison her against Vidya, by claiming that Vidya is only after Saagar's money.


Buaji is momentarily fooled, but realizes Vidya's goodness and soon joins forces with Vidya behind Sindoora's back.


Another character is introduced who claims to be Harsh, and claims to be Chandra's husband. Everyone is suspicious but Chandra confirms that it is Harsh, and he's got face surgery.


Buaji helps Saagar come close to Vidya, but Saagar has a problem with Vidya being uneducated. Behind his back Vidya takes lessons to improve her education.


Sindoora paints Vidya as having an affair, but her plan falls back on her as Saagar realizes that Vidya was only trying to educate herself. He starts falling for Vidya. He and Vidya grow closer to Sindoora's dismay.


The false Harsh also grows close to Mahua who is torn between the loyalty to her sister, and her own heart.


Sindoora tries another attempt at Saagar's life and he nearly dies. Vidya's prayers & the false Harsh's blood bring him back to life, and Vidya vows to go against Sindoora.


After Saagar recovers he's completely devoted to Vidya. The investigation to his accident continues, and Sindoora tries to frame the recovering Aniket.


During this period the truth is revealed on the truth of Harsh, and that he is actually Rajeev. He is in love with Mahua, and turns himself in to the police. He promises to come back to Mahua.


Buaji and Vidya plot to trap Sindoora, and to prevent Sindoora from transferring the property in her name invent that Vidya is pregnant. Vidya plays along hesitantly, while Saagar's happiness has no bounds.


Sindoora is successful in framing Aniket and everyone in the family is devastated. Aniket is arrested, and Sindoora next plots to take Buaji away.


She leads Buaji away in pretense of loosing her son, and has Buaji taken care of.


Chandra on the other hand unhappy with the turn out of Rajeev tries to sabotage Mahua. Rajeev comes back and declares his love for Mahua.


Vidya unaware of Buaji's fate tries to get Sindoora, but is unsucessful. Sindoora finds out that Vidya isn't pregnant, and uses it against her to break Saagar & Vidya apart.


Vidya tries to explain but a heartbroken Saagar is too numb to respond. Vidya is thrown out of the house by Sindoora, and Saagar and Vidya are both heartbroken.


In Benares Vidya runs into Harsh again who swears that he has changed and offers Vidya a home with his grandmother.


Saagar on the other hand sees Vidya everywhere, and decides to got to Benares to win his love back, much to Sindoora's dismay.


Saagar reaches Benares in the nick of time to save his wife from the goons that Harsh tries to sell Vidya to. He is also attacked by the goons sent by Sindoora  to kill him.


Saagar is injured again, and Vidya prays for his recovery. Saagar's injury brings back all his memories and he remembers that Sindoora is behind his accident.


He apologizes to Vidya, and together they plan to get take revenge against Sindoora and have her arrested for her crime.


Saagar pretends to become mad again, and says that he doesn't have any recollection of Vidya. On the side he plots to get a confession from Sindoora.


He also enlists Chinu's help, and along with DJ and another police officer they are able to get a confession from Sindoora.


Sindoora finds out the truth that Saagar isn't really mad and plots to kill both Saagar & Vidya before they can submit the proof.


Saagar and Vidya run away but are unable to get away. They hide the proof in a box near a Shiv statue.


Sindoora confronts them and kills them. With Sagar dying first followed by Vidya, the two vow to return to take their revenge.


The show then takes a 20 years leap:

  • Chinu and Shalu are missing from a car accident, and leave behind a daughter named Kaamna.
  • Chandra has been changed-new actress playing the role of Chandra.
  • Priest predicts that Sindoora will enter politics, and also a boy will be born in the house and can prove to be a threat to Sindoora. Rajeev is the only one in the house who is aware of this and so when his son is born, he swaps the child with another child at the hospital.
  • Rajeev/Mahua's son is really Sagar aka Amar, but is being brought up in Benaras, and Samrat is the child Rajeev had swapped Amar with.
  • Samrat is a rich spoilt child, who is close to Sindoora and is always money minded, thanks to Sindoora.
  • Samrat's birthday, he invites his friend from London and introduces her to the family, and to everyone's surprise its Vidya's lookalike Divya.
  • Divya stays in the Singh household and finds some things strange in their house, and is always asking questions. Everyone in India happens to call her Vidya, so Divya is on a mission to find out who exactly Vidya is.
  • Chachi and Chacha want Kaamna to marry Samrat so are always instigating her to be around Samrat. Kaamna likes Samrat a lot, and he plans to take advantage of her simplicity many times, but fails as Rajeev always comes at the right time and ruins Samrat's plans.
  • Samrat wants to marry Divya as she is very rich, but Sindoora is against it and uses Kaamna as a way of keeping Samrat's mind off Divya.
  • Sagar and Vidya's barsi, and Sindoora sends Divya away to Agra... but Divya gets on the wrong train and ends up in Benaras.
  • Amar is a tourist guide in Benaras and is popular among everyone there. He lives with his mother, dad (a priest) and young brother, Chintu. Amar has a childhoos friend Bindya who loves him, but has never confessed her love to him.
  • Divya and Amar finally meet, and Divya misunderstands him to being a thief. They have fights and Divya sends him to jail as well but later realises her mistake and apologises. They becomes friends, and Amar shows Divya around Benaras.
  • Amar tells her he feels he has some past connection to the Singh Haweli in Benaras, and sees some flashbacks of SV. He then calls Divya Vidya, and is surprised and wonders who Vidya is, while Divya is shocked and feels she needs to find out why everyone calls her Vidya.
  • Meanwhile, back in Delhi, Sindoora is shocked to realise that Divya is in Benaras and fears she will eventually come to know about Sagar/Vidya.




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…And Now Moving on to the Dulhann Forum…

 ~Frequently Asked Questions & Important Links~


I'm a newbie. I'm new to this. What do I do?

First of all welcome to the Dulhann Forum. Introduce yourself at the BMTD slambook.


Where Do I look for Information?

Look no further. This is the Dulhann Mansion, the information hub on anything Dulhann related. If you have any queries about updates this is the first place to look for all your answers.


I am still lost. Can anyone help?

That's what the HELP DESK is for.

Just follow the link above.


Where can I find updates for the show?

Missed an episode, and need to catch up? Don't worry. Just visit our written and Video updates archive to get caught up.

Written Update:

Video Update:


Where can I find Dulhann Pictures?

Looking for Pictures of the cast and episodes? Look no further. In the Picture gallery you can find all sorts of pictures, here's the link:


Picture Gallery I:

Picture Gallery II:


Are you a siggy/avi maker? Or do you want to see the Dulhan creations, well look no further, here's the links:


Creations Gallery I:

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Creations Gallery III:

Creations Gallery IV:


Where can I find articles on Dulhann?

Looking for the latest Dulhann gossip? Want to know what the Dulhann future looks like?

Here is the link to the Article Archive:



Crazy about Vidya & Saagar?


Crazy about SV jodi? want to create some more sizzling scenes between them? or do you want to discuss their chemistry in general, well join in with the SV Craze...heres the links:

Romantic Scenes Share Your Craziness 1:

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Romantic Scenes Share Your Craziness 3:


Sagar-Vidya Scene Videos:

After recovery SV scene video and pictures:


Crazy about Sharad?Divyanka? Or SV? Want to join the Group of Besharam People?

Links to the Besharam Group initiated by Neha & Shaili:

Besharam Group I:

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Besharam Group IV:




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Posted by Yuvika_15

* Member of the Week Archive*
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BMTD. 25th Member of the Week- Arooj_007
BMTD. 26th Member of the Week- pinkbubblez
BMTD. 27th Member of the Week- devashree_h
BMTD. 28th Member of the Week- devika
BMTD. 29th Member of the Week- pricey28
BMTD. 30th Member of the Week- radha07
BMTD. 31st Member of the Week- ritzy2ritz..
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.32- RmmayGrace
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.33- bubbles9654
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.34- Marvelous.malks
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.35- *~Anjali~*
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.36- sonia_778
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.37- iluvTD*
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.38- loverocks
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.39- armulover
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.40- ~mystery~
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.41- set_raj
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.42- ammmu (part 2)
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.43- nehlove
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.44- roshme
BMTD. Member of the Week - No.45- Little Foot

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Posted by Yuvika_15

*Fanfiction Archive*
BMTD Fan Fic
BMTD Fan Fic- She's Mine!!
BMTD Fan Fic- Phirse Hua Pyar- Sagar & Vidya
BMTD Fan Fic- Fall in love, all over again
BMTD Fan Fic- Two Breaths Apart....
BMTD Fan Fic - A Trapped Bird

BMTD Fan Fic - Kyun Nahin Hua Pyaar?
BMTD Fan Fic - Mohabbat Ke Rang
BMTD Fan Fic- Teri Yaad Saath Rahein
BMTD Fan Fic - Mat Jao
BMTD Fan Fic - Kya Woh Tumhi Ho?
BMTD Fan Fic - Tumhare Naam
BMTD Fan Fic - Koi Tumsa Nahin
BMTD Fan Fic - Kuch To Hua Hain
SS - Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

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*Discussion of the Week Archive*
*DOTW: Vidya = the "old" Saloni?*
DOTW: What If????
DOTW: How different a bahu is Vidya?
DOTW: Shalu and Chinu ideal couple?
DOTW: Sagar has a game plan?
~*~DOTW: Once the truth is out!~*~
~*~DOTW: New Entry: Indraneil~*~
***DOTW: Would you marry an insane man? ***
~*~DOTW: Vidya's character ~*~

~*~DOTW: Sagar's recovery?~*~

~*~DOTW: Do you believe in...~*~

~*~DOTW: Forgive and Forget.~*~
~*~DOTW: Sagar and Vidya's Love.~*~
~*~DOTW: SV no longer a couple~*~
~*~DOTW: Aniket: negative character?~*~
~*~DOTW: SindoorAniket relationship~*~
~DOTW: Will the operation be a success?~
~*~DOTW: Vidya's rape...~*~
~*~DOTW: Sindoora...positive for real?~*~
~*~DOTW: New Entry...Lallan~*~
~*~DOTW: Vidya and Tusshar as a couple??~*~
~*~DOTW: Sagar's Tusshar??~*~
~*~DOTW: Shivani- messiah for SV?~*~
~*~DOTW: Discuss Your Favourite Character...~*~
~*~DOTW: Recovery, New days, Sindoora...~*~
~*~DOTW: New Sagar..Your Thoughts...~*~
~*~Discussion of the Week~*~
~*~DOTW: SV big night??...~*~
~*~DOTW: What a joke??...~*~
~*~DOTW: Reason for Sindoora's Hatred...~*~
~*~DOTW: New Entry...~*~
~*~DOTW: SV and their future...~*~
~*~DOTW: Your fav SV scene...~*~
~*~DOTW: Sagar's faisla...~*
~*~DOTW: Style...~*
~*~DOTW: Sindoora's next step..~*
~*~DOTW: Daughter's after marriage..~*
~*~DOTW: Vidya's strong arms of support.~*~
~*~DOTW: Saagar's Death.~*~
~*~DOTW: Gearing up for Separation.~*~
~*~DOTW: Till Death do Us Part.~*~
~*~DOTW: A leap in time...New Look~*~
~*~DOTW: Rishtey ki Shuruaat~*~

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*Newsletter Archive*
By Nishtha- Thanks for your effort!
~BMTD--Newsletter 19-23rd February~
~BMTD--Newsletter 12th-16th March~
~BMTD--Newsletter 19th-23rd March~
By Ruchika (stargirl345) thanks for ur effort!
BMTD Newsletter 1
BMTD Newsletter 2
BMTD Newsletter 3
BMTD Newsletter 4
BMTD Newsletter 5
BMTD Newsletter 6

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