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FF: ~Married to the MOB~ final Pg1 09/01

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Married to the MOB

Ok so where shall I begin… it all happened when I came to Mumbai to attend my cousins Ipshita wedding… Well Gauri Kaur from Jallandhar did really get out much whilst studying well you know 'what us Punjabi's say east or west Punjab is the best' … It all happened at the wedding I a simple girl dancing while the dholi was playing… well I can't help it dhoom lak lak and im off can't control myself.. kuri goes mad!

Next minute Kaaya Ipshita's sister starts asking Baba about me for her brother in law Shiv . In one jatka he went ladoo for me I did not know who he was? … we meet later that evening..

Must say no Bobby or Sunny Deol *sigh* but he look tek tak tip top…with a bit of Gauri Kaur's magic I'm sure I can make him a Punjabi boy to suit me…

Now we are married can u believe in one month from Miss Gauri Kaur im now Gauri Shiv Kapoor.

I'm sitting on a bed of red roses waiting for him… and im nervous as I have only spoken to him five times in person… yaar what to do? Ok quite he just walked into the room…..OMG!!! 'Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal… Vahiguru Bachaoo!'

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 12+)***

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Full story here! ...dedicated to all who have hounded me for an update... ConfusedLOLyou know who you are... sorry for delay... I do have a lot on at the moment...Cry

Part 1

Another boring party sharty? She thought looking at everyone drinking champagne and sighed heavily…..OMG every one is drinking, Kaya didi, mummyji and all the woman… I swear there high fly society people have no shame…one too many glassy? chak chak ....VaghGuru??

"Gauri?"  OMG Ipshita Didi I need to talk to you….thank god someone is here Kaya your sister is now my worst nightmare with the rest of the family….she though giving her a hug tightly…

"Hmmm you look great in a Sari!"  OMG You don't want to know how I made a complete mess with it and if it was not for Champa the housemaid …I would not have been here…. I cried all afternoon and everyone had left and I came here alone…he came with them??

"Where Shiv?" That it…. Her eyes watered and Ipshita noticed the pain in her eyes and placed her arm around her and lead her gently away from everyone…

"Ok What happened?"  she asked looking at Gauri sobbing in between breaths…

"Huh …huh…. Didi…Nothing happened?"  She opened her arms and took hold of Ipshita crying loudly…

"What are you talking about? …. Gauri…. Stop crying and tell me what happen??…."  

"Ok Didi…. I was waiting for him on my wedding night …. You know sitting on the bed full of rose petal… all nicely with my lengha spread out.. I swear that lengha was so bloody heavy I'm not wearing that again… I nearly fell when going around the fire you know…

"Gauri! … What happened?"

"Oh Yeah will Mummy ji and Bua ji walked in… So I got up touched there feet and all you know bahoo seva stuff… and that when they told me…"  Gauri started crying again in between breaths….

"Gauri told you what?"

"That for 5 months Shiv and I have to sleep separately and not see each other and I'm fasting and doing all these pooja… Kaya Didi is being very nasty and I want to go home to Jallandhar…"  Ipshita looked at her sobbing and placed her arm around again…

"5 months? Pooja? Fasting? What???"

"Guruji told them Shiv life is in danger and he has to stay away from me… I'm bad luck for him and …. I want to go home to baba and bebe…."

"Ok I will ask Kaya Didi what the matter is…. but Gauri remember he asked for your hand in marriage I'm sure he is feeling the same way as you…look be that brave Punjabi kuri I know…. When he told Anupam that he's fallen in love we were all surprised… but when we found out he meant you… I was so happy as I know he will make you very happy…."

"But Didi it's been 2 weeks and I have only seen him at the dinner table.. he does not talk to me or look at me… He can tell everyone that he loves me… but not me??.. I don't care I want to go home… Please didi I can do the fasting thing there and stuff… and come back… Plus no one talks to me it like they all go very quiet when I walk in the room…."  Ipshita looked at Gauri cryin her eyes out again…..

"Ipshita what's wrong?" Anupma stared at her as she was so quiet at the party and in the car driving back…

"I'm worried About Gauri…" Anupam chuckled…

"You're Punjabi sheerni… why? I remember how she gave Shiv a right telling off at the wedding and the way she fought with every guy who approached and asked for her mobile number… Seriously I swear at one point I though we were going to have a kabuddi match…" Ipshita smiled as she looked at him laughing remembering the bhangra dance off Shiv Vs Gauri…

"She can be hot tempered…but what they doing to her is wrong?"  Anupam looked at her as she looked very worried…..

"Not Even Ipshita Didi can help me…" She sobbed looking at herself in the mirror.

Ipshita told her to just be patient and wait this one out.. as Shiv has some kundali problem which Kaya had explained to her.. as she was about to turn the light off.. 'No Gauri this is your problem why dont you sort this out without anyones help… that it girl… man you have sort major problem in Jallandhar and can sort this mess out too… get up go see that husband of your and tell him tomorrow you going back home and to sort out the fare and to pick me up in five months time…'  she slammed the door on her way out….

She knocked on the guesthouse door loudly …as he was sleeping away from the family… 'bang bang'

"Ok do you know it's 1am in the morning!"  A loud voice came as the door opened.

"Yes it's 1am Saat shri kal…" OMG get a shirt on…

"Gauri? Saat Shri kal"  he looked at her in her revealing black nightie and she had not even wore her night gown to cover up….

"Right Mr Shiv Kapoor… I want you to sort out my flight back to the Punjab tomorrow…"  Stop rubbing your eyes and looking confused…Uff i just the poor sod you married.

"You're not supposed to be here!"  Hello am I speaking dutch here?

"Did you hear me?….I want to go Home?" OK now im crying and looking like a complete phenji?  Don't touch me!

Feeling his strong hold and his arms she sobbed….

"I can't …Gauri!" Why not ????

"If you don't sort out my flight I'm calling Baba to come and get me…" Why are you laughing Jerk…she pushed him away and looked at him as she wiped her tears…

"Ok Why did you marry me if you had a kundali problem… and …" he placed his finger on her lips…

 "Shhhh… don't you ever stop?" She looked into his eyes as he stepped closure to her….

"Would you like a drink?"

"NO!" All this people think about is pegs shegs?

"Well I'm going to make hot coco …" she watched him walk into another room and followed him… 'omg its like a house…your own kitchen, living room and ..'

"Bedroom is thought there and study is over there…" he pointed to the doors.

"I don't care?"  why you laughing? She though watching him open the fridge…

"Ok where did Champa put the pot?" OMG!! UFF!!

"Get out of the way?"  she walked round and found the pot in the cupboard and poured the milk in for boiling on the stove…suddenly she felt him behind her gentle placing his right hand on her waist and gentle moving her hair to one side.

"What are you doing?" Ok heavy breathing in my ear will make me demand first class ticket to Amritsar…

"Nothing… I'm watching you make coco!" Yeah and I was born yesterday…she turned around to face him as he gave her a cheekily smile and moved closure to her….she could feel the kitchen worktop behind her.

"Now what did you say to me at Aunpam's wedding… NRI  Non Standard Romeo wannabe in India"

"You deserved that! for asking for my mobile number" OMG what kind of look is that?… No stay back. She closed her eyes as he moved forward feeling his body on top of her with her heart racing…

Shiv smiled as he lean completely on top of her and opened the cabinet to get out the chocolate…

"I swear you girls have one track minds…seriously…" he chuckled as she opened her eyes to see him wave the coco jar in front of her.. 'uff I could'

"So my Soniya you want to go to Jallandhar City…why?" she looked at him on the sofa sitting next to her drinking coco.

"I'm not your Soniya!…I miss baba and the family" …she shivered feeling cold under the air con.

"I'm sorry you can't go until the pooja is complete…" WHAT? 4 more months of this….I'm Not going to cry…Dame I'm crying again.

He looked at her nervously and placed his arm around her as she buried her head in his neck sobbing.. Next minute she found her hands explore his naked back as he lay on top of her kissing her on the sofa…

"SHIT!" 'what? where? I smell nothing? Do you seriously need the toilet????? Must have been the hot chocolate!! OMG you just ruin my first ever kiss Yuck!!'… she looked at him jumping of her and looked at her… 'OK you must seriously need to go' she though looking at him as he looked constipated….

"Please leave!"  he commanded pointing at the door………..

"Hey you kissed me you bandar…All you men are the same… see a crying girl and you all over them like a rash… Hail Rabba… you take revenge from me when I used to tease baba…I know this is your sick way of making my life hell… I'm married to a fool who can't touch me or talk to me …hai Vaghguru!!!"  As she walked away in tears…she felt his hand on her arm….

"DON'T EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN!"………… feeling the cold air on her burning face she ran into the house sobbing…..



"Luucha! Kaminia!… Not remembered my birthday? He loves you Gauri!" She moaning with the rolling pin in her hand…taking out her frustration on the atta.

"It's 4pm the days ending and not anyone has remember my birthday!" she placed the roti on the thava.

"Gauri beta?" omg this saas is driving me crazy…all day do this do that… since when have I become the kaamwali bhai?…. Now if I was in Jallandhar I would have been having a mast party..  baba and bebe would have the dhool playing and… Oh vaghguru sent me home please

"Ji Mummy ji"  Yaar Acting 24/7 to the Churali! Gauri smiled staring at her walk into the kitchen.

"Take Shiv his dinner!" WHAT? NO WAY!! IM NOT GOING!!…why don't you sent your bahoo charali number 2 Kaaya.

"Gauri here take this ! …He loves the khere you make!" POISON where is it?  I must find it!!

"Ji Mummy ji!"  Taking the tray in her hand she walked toward the outhouse cursing.

"Ok I'm not going to cry.. he can't hurt me.. Sikhni hu!" taking a deep breath she knocked on the door.

"SAAT SRI KAAL Ji" she looked at him as he greeted her with his hands together.

"Hat picchee!…Kasum ma nu khaan… Chal.." why are you laughing? UFF

"Here your food!" Banging the tray on the table she turned to leave…when she felt his hand on her wrist pulling her back. As she turned to look at him she struggled to free her hand as he looked at her…pulling her close to him.

"Do you remember what day it is today?" Kya you remember my birthday?

"It's our anniversary we been married for a month now!" huh.. what marriage my foot? Feeling his hand now around her waist pulling her even closer she looked at him angrily.

"Anniversary my foot!" pushing him away she struggled.

"Now we can see each other?… Guru ji hold me today!" UFF I don't want to see you? Let me go you bandar?

"Shiv let me go!"


"What rubbish!" pushing him away she looked at him.

"Gauri about the other night….I'm sorry!" she looked at him.

"So we can see each other now…huh…. Well just watch me leave!"   uff now everything ok since we can see each other… you threw me out of this house remember…

"OYE!" Pulling her back he looked at her.

"I said sorry!" Yeah and so what?

"Yeah I heard you!…Let me go!"


"What No!…hat picchee!"

"Why are you so gussa?"  

"I blame you!" tearfully she looked at him as a lone tear left her eyes…feeling his lips on her eyes.

"Leave me Shiv!" she turned and ran to the house sobbing.

As she reached the house she wiped her tears and walked into the dark house.

"Surprised! Happy Birthday Gauri!"

As the tears ran down her face she ran upstairs to her room crying while everyone watched her.

"Gauri! Open the door!" Nikhila banged at the door and looked at everyone as they stood with her out side the bedroom.

"Gauri?" she looked up at the window to see Shiv pulling himself up from the balcony…while she sat on the floor crying…she buried her head in her lap she sobbed.

"GAURI JI!" she looked to see him stuggling..running she looked at him stuggling to get up as the laddar had fallen.

"Are Mental?" she asked pulling him up... Bandar!

"We have been knocking for ages so.. i was worried you might do something stupid?" WHAT

"ME STUPID! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" hai vaghguru what does one do with such a stupid husband? OK why are you laughing? all i see is teeth?

"Ok see i knew there was nothing wrong with you... drama queen!" KYA Drama... where a stick when you need one.. find something Gauri!!

Looking around the room she found nothing useful and watched him walk towards the cupboard and open them...

"Stop it! get out of there?"

"I'm finding you something to wear?... omg what is this?" that my red lacey nightie

"Oye shaam hai kya?" grabbing the lacey nightie any bloodly good that done for me.. What you looking at?

"Hmm... so tacky?" KYA?

"Keep dream as im not wearing anything like this for you ever!"

"Trust I would not want to see you in THAT? Yuck!"

"Get out of my wardrobe and my room!" She looked at him as he handed her a black sari.

"Get ready!"


"Gauri don't make me hit you?" OMG Abuse

"You just try!" dont you dare push me.

"Sweetheart... please get dressed we have guests downstairs waiting for the DRAMA QUEEN to cut the CAKE!" Oh dont use that tone of voice with me!

He stepped forward and took hold of her in his arms.. struggling to break free she look at him laughing as he held her.

"What am I going to do with you?" leaning forward he kissed her.... Feeling her arms around his neck she found herself kissing him back...as he released her he held her in his arm.

"hmm.. I guess this was a bad surprise party…I wanted to see you smile…happy Birthday.."  As he pulled her close to him she sobbed in his arms.

"I am sorry Shiv!… I don't blame you for hating me!" stroking her hair he smiled holding her in his arms.

"Ok stop crying!… lets get you ready for the party!"  No I can't face anyone? I'm so embarrassed.

As the party was now in full swing.. everyone blamed Shiv for upsetting Gauri which she loved as they all told him off... the cake was beautiful and he never left her side... but they never danced once since the wedding...everyonce kept draggin her away...

"Shiv I swear you make her cry again… I'm going to…" Gauri grinned as she looked at Ipshita telling Shiv off! Shiv looked at Gauri as they stood outside the house.

"Well I can't help it if she drives me crazy!" feeling him take hold of her hand she looked at him surprised as Ipshita and Anupam got into the car. As they watched them drive away.

"Now my gift is in the outhouse shall we?" Gift? OMG this better not be a trick? No No he wouldn't… As he lead her into the house he turned and locked the door and looked at her….GAURI AAJ TU GAYE!!

~Part 3~

"Why have you locked the door?" Tenu Main Jaan-diyaan, Khoob Pehchaan-diyaan! She stepped away towards the sofa and looked at him grinning at her happy with himself


"I don't want anyone to take YOU away!" Hmmm…. Gauri Alarms are going off and the bells are ring…WARNING!! DANGER!!


"Take me away! NO You will throw me out instead!" she sulked taking a seat in the armchair watching him come towards her as she crossed her arms looking away.

"I said sorry… hmm you're not going to forgive me!" she turned to look at him and shook her head.

"NO!" she pouted her lips looking tearful. She looked at him on his knees before her as he gentle pushed back her loose hair with a sad puppy look on his face holding his ears.

"Sorry Gauri …look im holding my ears…I will do anything you say!" She looked at him grinning evilly and looked at him.

"Anything I say?" she looked at her

"Anything…Promise!"  Gauri wish your wish…baadla

"OK First I want…"

"No going to the Punjab… I can't let you go and I'm not a genie so …"

"OMG I know your not a genie…" Bandar… I was not going to wish for Bobby Deol…Oh how I wish my rangha would take me away from this fool.

"OK since we can see each other… I'm moving into the out house and you can't throw me out!" Now my Pati dearest I will kick you out of here and see if you like it!  She thought looking at him surprised and grinning.

"But I sleep in the bedroom and you here on the sofa… and …" Feeling his arms around her she smiled …idiot the next days are going to be payback…for the 30days of hell you have given me… you and the idiot family.

"OK Done! ….Now I don't think I have an anniversary present which beats that but…" Taking hold of her hand he pulled her up…

"Close your eyes!" What…Ok what are you up too…hmmm!

"Close your eyes baby!" placing his hands delicately over her eyes …she felt his fingers gentle push a side her hair …a shiver ran down her spine as she felt his warm breath on her neck…as his hands gentle touched her neck placing her hair back and slowly turned her to face him…

"Open your eyes" he whispered as he leaned forward and kissed her cheek making her slight blush.

Placing her hand on the new mangalastra she looked up at him.

"I was kind of confused what to gift you on our Anniversary …so the jeweller said…" looking at him struggling…

"It's beautiful! Thank you…"  Looking at him grinning she turned towards the door to feel his arms around her pulling her close.

"The birthday gifts in the bedroom!" HUH OH NO!! NO NO!!

"You're Not leave tonight!" he whispered as his lips brushed her ear lobe What…huh!

"You know Shiv you could bring the present out here!" no way I'm I entering the bedroom with you…that is a No NO NO NO ENTRY .

"You don't trust me?" HELL NO! …While still feeling his arms wrapped around her she felt him pushing her towards the bedroom… as she pushed on the breaks to find him picking her up laughing as they barged into the bedroom and landed on the bed on top of her.

"Uh Shiv…" rolling her eyes she left out a sigh.

"Kanu kardi chalakiyan ni!" he smirked looking at her raising his eyebrow.

"Me Chalakiyan…You have got a nerve" she pushed him but he did not move but pressed down harder on top of her.

"Behave Ji or you're not going to get your birthday surprise!"  Move bandar I can't breath with all this weight…OMG I can't breath.

"Get of me… this is not Allowed remember! Guju ji's orders!!" so now move! Bandar…

"Remember we can see each other right so…" OMG what is that look? She struggled but it was no good as he over powered her laughing.

Feeling his hands slowly pulling her sari pulla to see her chest heaving she closed her eyes as she felt his finger tips on her face…slowly making her way down to her lips…feeling his gentle finger gentle outlining her lips…

"You were so tempting tonight at the party… I was dieing to take you away…." Feeling his cheek rubbing against her she gasped as his lips gentle brushed her.

"If I kiss you now I will not be able to stop myself…and it will totally drive me insane…tere pichey hoye as shudayi…" As he stared into her eyes breathing heavily

"You so want me!" What? She narrowed her eyes at him feeling her temperature rising.

"Excuse me… but you push me onto the bed and.." she pushed him but he stayed put on top of her.

"Come on! You have no self control!… are all women like you that keen!"

"How dare you!… Listen you brought me here and locked the door and…" YOU!

"Hmm you never complaint … when I said present! You woman are all the same.. mention the word gift and they dieing to get in bed with you!" he chuckled as she struggled to get free.

"You brought me here and…GET OFF ME!!"

"Kanu khedi di chalakiyan Gauri!…hmmm…I mean you want to stay here with me.. means what? … You girls have a one track mind and say it's us guys…and" he gentle release his grip slightly

"I knew it! I knew you would pull something like this …I can't believe I feel for it!.. typical man who word means nothing!…OMG my husband can't even keep a promise"  As she moved free from him she got up fro the bed.

"Don't you want your birthday present darling?" Kasam ma nu khaan …she turned smiling and batting her eyelashes at him as he stood up next to her.

"Ji you can shove that present up your…"  feeling his lips on her she stomped on his foot and pushed him.

"My God woman how you turn me on!" he grabbed hold of her and pushed her against the wall overpowering her again.

"Don't ever touch me and let me go you … you bandar!"

"Bandar?" she looked at him laughing struggling to break free from him.

"Now that's no way to address your husband Ji"  pressing hard against her making sure she did not move at all this time.

"What husband?"

"You know I could say the same… I mean not once have you been a wife!"

"What?… well if you lived in the house and not treated me like an infectious disease I would have behaved like one… It' not my fault! …." As the tears ran down her face.

"Cry all you want too as I'm not letting you go until you get your birthday gift!" She looked up at him and shook her head.

"Shove it up your nose!" making me cry any opportunity you get I swear you will cry the same tears when my day comes… and stop laughing I don't find anything amusing.

"Ok firstly I made my first ever promised to my darling wife …that she is going to live here… and that she can in fact I'm sure now you will run back to the house…and secondly… your birthday gift… You ready? Since you know are 21 years old your going to get 21 kisses from me…aren't you a lucky girl"

"Don't you dare Shiv!" She struggled as he pushed her against the wall harder.

"You now the more you fight me the more your….making me…" Feeling his lips on her cheek only half a centimetre away from her lips she froze. He kissed her eyes, chin, and her neck except her lips…taunting her…when he kissed her lips…gentle suckling on her upper lip he released her as her body melted in his hold… "Sweet dream and kiss me back in your dreams" he whispered.

She opened her eyes to see him leave and closing the door behind him chuckling.  Placing her hand on her neck where she felt some pain …she turned and looked in the mirror to find a love bite… a gentle smile formed on her lips as she touched it..

'Wake up Gauri! Now it's pay back time…tomorrow morning will the day Mr Bandar will regret messing with this KAUR…' 



"JI give me 10 minutes!" she shouted rinsing the shampoo out of her hair.

"Gauri you have been in there for over an hour.. I'm getting late for the office…"

"Late for the office?… Ji you're the boss you can go what ever time?" stupid what is the point of being CEO if you cannot be late?

"That's not the point I have to set an example… oh you would never understand.. just hurry up!"

"Keep your pants on .. if you stop disturbing me I will never finish!"   hearing him cursing she smiled as she opened to door to find him staring at her with his mouth open.

"Is that my shirt?" he pointed at her.

"Well all my clothes are in the house and…the lungee and shirt was the first thing I grabbed"

"That's my favourite shirt Gauri… you could have picked another shirt.. take it off!" he stared at her total shocked.

"Ok!" she looked at him as she unbuttoned the first button and then the second and when she reached the third… he closed his eyes and grabbed her hand.

"Leave the shirt on! PLEASE!" hearing the strain in his voice she smiled buttoning up the buttons as she watched him walk into the bathroom.

"GAURI? What is all this?" she turned and looked at him staring in horror at the bathroom.


"For an hour you been washing your clothes?" she looked at him pointing at the clothes piled in the bucket.

"Yeah! I got up early and washed the sari and some of your clothes this morning…why?" he let out a big sigh.

"We have a washing machine in the house…why can't you just…" he looked at her baffled and confused.

"Yeah well! Those saris are very expensive and I hand wash them many of them are hand wash only you know.. plus you have washing powered here…see" she pointed at the small box of surf.

"So give it to Champa to wash why are you??… Oh forget it!  Just wash things when I leave!"

"No I can't … after all that scrubbing I feel very dirty and need a shower…I mean back home I always wash my clothes and then have a shower do my prayers and make breakfast…"

"OK OK OK! Right now before I go complete paagal go make me some light  breakfast…toast and tea please."

"Ok Ji!"

As he turned off the shower with his eyes closed he reached out of the towel which was not there but on the floor grabbing the piece of fabric he cleaned his face ..

 "WHAT THE HELL!" it was her clean panty hanging to dry.

"What is this?" she turned to look at him in a towel holding up her panty.

"My knickers? Why?" She grabbed hold of then from his hand as he looked like he was going to explode… she burst out laughing..

"It's not funny… Gauri!" placing her hand on her mouth she looked at him.

"Ji I washed them and hanged them to dry in the bathroom!"

"Ok normal people hang out clothes on a washing line!"

"Well in Jallandhar we don't hang out our underwear on the washing line.."

"Fine I don't want it hanging in my bathroom… do you understand?" Ok you want you wife's underwear on display? I'm telling you these rich people are so fussy??

"Oh by the way as well as my shirt you not wearing my underwear?" OMG the tone of your voice… MY MY MY… talk about obsessive?

"No I AM NOT!…..actually I'm not wearing any underwear at all!" seeing him close his eye by what she just said he turned around and walked towards the door.

"You're going to send me to grave!" that is the whole idea.

He looked at her as she placed the breakfast on the table and sat down next to him…  on purposed she unbuttoned her top two buttons and smiled evil as he held up the paper in his hands reading.

"I have told Mom about our arrangement …so they will be bring over your clothes and a bed to put in the study… I can't sleep on the sofa… it's so uncomfortable." Rough night me too as all I though about was ways of destroying you! … and I know your weakness and will attack you day by day with them…until I am satisfied .

"Is that butter on my shirt?" he looked at her annoyed

"Oops a slight accident...sorry" she pulled down the shirt slightly and looked at him as he choked on his toast.

"Water? Ji what happened?" she handed him a glass quickly.

"Nothing I just caught an eye full of something?"  honey remember Guruji we can see each other.  Well you bandar that all you going to see she thought watching him drink the water in one go!

"Ok I'm going to the office…"

"Ain't you forgetting something?"  she watched him looked at her completely puzzled while he checked everything.

"No Gauri and stop making me late!" he said annoyed at her frowning.

"You sure?… I mean I don't want you say you missed something important today because of it!"  he looked at her curiously and walked towards her.

"Phone ji!" As he looked at her smiling he leaned forwards and kissed her on the cheek… she quickly hugged him as he looked at her puzzled.

"Hmm what are you up to?" he said holding her in his arms.

"Nothing you said I was not doing any wife duties …so" she kissed him on the cheek back.

"For a second there Mrs Kapoor I had a feeling you were up to something…" she released him and looked at him.

"Oh my god handing you you're phone is wrong… oh I get it you have some girls digits in there?"

"No! I do not… the only digits I wanted I married" he pulled her close to him and kissed her on the cheek again.

"You're going to be late remember?" feeling his arms around her she rolled her eyes and stared at the clock holding him back..

"I can stay here forever… and what is this?" he moved back her hair and looked at her neck.

"See a big mosquito enter the room and bite me…"  I'm going to get goodnight bug spray and kill him tonight…. She watched him affectionately look at his piece of work grinning.

"You know I think the big mosquito will be back tonight!"

"Really not to worry I will be completely ready for him" hockey stick will be ready! as I'm ready to CHAK DI for India!!…feeling his lip upon her she melted him is arms again….. as she opened her eyes to look at him.

"I better leave or my going to be showering with your underwear again" he chuckled  as he released her… Honey that's just the tip of the ice burg as I will be see you late on…

"Bye Gauri" he waved smiling leaving the room

"BYE "   YOU bandar….Rolling up her sleeves and smiled looking at the room….


Part 4


"I hate doing maths…. 234.78 x 23…equals?"

"5399.94 .. desi school…" He turned to look at her at the door and looked down at his calculator and pressed enter and looked at her surprised as she enter his office.

 "Saat shri Kal Ji" ok girl remember the game plan…. She looked at him leaning back in the leather seat.

 "There is no escaping you is there?"  seeing the naughtiness in his eyes again she placed the picnic hamper on the table…smiling at him as he rose from his chair to be near her.

 "You know you can always send me away…" Feeling his finger on her lips she blushed as he cornered her …feeling the edge of the table and looking for a way to escape there was no use… "You can never leave me… and I will not let you go no matter how hard you try"….Feeling his strong arms around her she held him tight to as she gentle ran her lips against his cheek as he released her.

 "Why are you here? I still can't get over you're commando events this morning!" see him chuckle as he stepped back as she smile… 'laugh all you want to as I will have the last laugh'….

 "Commando ji I was nothing of the sort… see!"  moving her blouse gentle over her shoulders she revealed the white lacy strap …  he look at her and closed his mouth…

 "Why did you just do that?" 

 "What? Ji?"

 "Show me that tacky nasty strap!"

 "I could tell you were curious … and wanted to know if I was STILL in commando mode…so I…you don't like Ji?" he looked at him

 "No I don't like?" he shook his head in disgust.

 "So what are we going to do about it?… I mean I can't stay commando for you all the time!" she opened the bag and took out the food… she could feel his uncomfortable ness as he stepped closure to her.

 "Plus Ji I don't know what you like and you don't know what I like and…." She turned to see him practical on top of her.

 "You smell wonderful and I like you in this sari…" she blushed and turned back to the table.

 "Can we eat?… I'm starving!" …you're going to need your strength until I'm finished with you….

 "Hmm… all my favourite and now for desert?" he looked at her as she got up and pulled her back towards him hard onto his lap.

 "Someone might walk in?" she moved as he pulled her back down.

 "No one can walk in…it's lunch time and I want my desert!"

 "Kheer is in the tiffin and…"

 "Not the desert I had in mind!"

 "No!… I have decided that you can not kiss me!"

 "Why not?" he pushed her hair back and placed his lips on her bare shoulder.

 "It's not allowed…" Hai rubba ….hmmmm…..arrrrrreee what are you doing? Feeling his lips on her neck slowly moving up she ran her fingers through his black think locks….

 "Please Ji!"…. dame it you Casanova why do you?

 "I want to ask you something Ji!" stop it…omg just carry on a little to the left… heaven… GAURI!!… Pulling his shoulders back with all her might and looked at him grinning at her.

 "I want to talk to you …please !"  feeling his hand around her she felt him pull her towards him.

 "What is it? as my lunch is over in 30 minutes and I want to finish off pudding!" he grinned looking at her as her arms gentle relaxed around his neck…

 "I was wondering if we could go shopping?"  he looked at her smiling.

 "Hmmm I'm not into shopping much… go with Bhabhi Kaya or Palak!" she looked at him moving forward and pulled back.

 "Kaaya Di and Palak… are busy and Ipshita gone on her honeymoon…and I need to get some stuff…" he looked at her and frowned.. as she got out of his arms and stood up before him.

 "Hmm Gauri?" he reached forwards to grab her as she stepped back looking at him.

 "Shiv stop it I'm serious …"  OMG I seriously need to change his diet?  You must learn to play this game I need to be a little firmer…

 "Ok! OK! … take mum!" she looked at him as he picked up a glass of water.

 "Mum?…hmm you don't want me to be here?" pout lips look and door and start moving… Looking at her heading towards the door he took hold of her wrist…

 "Hai Hai… you're  sexy gussa!" she jerked her arm free to find him pull her back and take hold of her from behind.

 "Ok tell me why do you now so desperately want to go shopping…" smiling evilly she turned to look at him so seriously in his hold.

 "I want to show you something…" She whispered into his ear…gentle rubbing her lips against his ear… she pulled back to look at him with his eyes closed smiling.

 Taking his hand she placed it on her stomach pulling back the sari material …feeling his hand terrible she giggled looking at his face and then looked serious as he open his eyes to look at her total baffled.

 "Can you feel it?"  he looked at her as she gentle moved his hand gentle on her abdominal….as he looked at not knowing what to expect.

"Feel what?" as he tried to pull his hand away she pulled it back looking at him.

 "You can't feel it?"  seeing the frown on his face he looked at her.

 "Shiv? I can't believe you can't feel it?… Look I will show you!"  she looked at him getting very uncomfortable and looking very upset…placing her hand gentle on his face…

 "See coming to mumbai has made all my skin very dry…can you not feel it?… I have tried everything Kaaya and Palak have suggest … and I can't ask the salesman to … you feel it…and" Looking at him now looking a little relaxed he rolled his eyes.

 "For a minute there I that you were going to give me a heart attack announce that you were…"  she looked at him laughing…

 "I was what?" she narrowed her eyes at him as he closed him mouth chuckling as his whole body shook.

 "I thought you were pregnant!" he burst out laughing.

 "Don't you have any shame?"  he looked at her as she looked so anger… and stopped laughing as she walked out the door… leaving him totally shocked.

 WHAT THE HELL DOES HE THINK OF HIMSELF? She opened the passenger door to the car and slammed it shut… when it opened again and she looked at him grinning.

 "Driver leave us alone!"  his voice was so firm as he sat in the car next to her…as the driver left the car.

 "You have to admit that was funny?"  BANDAR!! She looked away not looking at him at the tinted windows

 "Gauri?" feeling his hand on her hand she jerked it free…. Kasam nu khaan!

 "Don't touch me! I know now what you think of me!" as her moved forward to open the car door he angrily jerked her back. 

 "Stop it!… think of you?"

 "You just called me cheap and insulted my character!"  She turned to look at him laughing loudly again… as her eyes watered.

 "Do you really think I would … be pregnant by some else… and I'm a SL*T?" he turned to look at her crying and stared at her with her face in her hands sobbing… Unsure of what to do he slowly placed his hand slowly on her hair and pushed it back.

 "Look at me Gauri!" he gentle lifted her face to see him and wiped her tears.

 "You're crazy if you think I would ever think of you as that!"  he moved forward and kissed her eyes and taking hold of her

 "If I ever saw you in another mans arms I would just …get a gun shoot you and then marry someone else!" he grinned as she pulled away.

 "Shot me and Marry someone else?" Feeling her temperature bolding again she narrowed her eyes at him wiping her tears… Jerk even my tears are wasted on him.

 "You want to see me happy right?… and if you were having an affair… I would kill you… server my sentence get out and re marry dolly!"  she looked as his eyes as he let out a deep passionate sigh…

 "DOLLY?… Will you should have married her and NOT ME!" 

 "You know you're right I did not know what came over me…. are you a witch or a churali of some kind with access to the black arts?" he started at her as she turned completely red

 "CHURALI?"  Teri Ma Nu 

 "How dare you call me a churali and …."  Feeling his hands take hold of her face he pulled her towards her…. Feeling his lips she opened her eyes and pulled herself back.

 "Why do you always make my feel so horny…" he moved forward as she placed her hands on his chest pushing him away with all her might it was no use as he pushed down hard.

 "Horny Bandar … go to you're Dolly!"  he pulled away and looked at her as she collected herself and looked at him….Dame there is nothing in the dame car to hit him with??

 "You're right!" she looked at him opening the car door and turn to look at him.

 "Don't wait up for me! I will be late!"  I don't care!!

 "SHIV! I'm not going to be home tonight either… I'm going out clubbing!"

 "Don't you dare!" he pointed his finger at her as he looked at her angrily.

 "You enjoy yourself with Dolly… while I see the Mumbai night life!…. DRIVER!"  She moved forward and slammed the car door shut nearly catching his fingers…

 "Right MR Shiv Kapoor I'm Painting this town RED!!!…and get me some hunk action…I'm going to be so cheap you just watch!!!"

~Part 5~

He signed this was the 3rd bar and disco he was walking out off… he was angrily and still shocked how she had disobeyed him…and gone to paint the town in disco Technicolor of Gauri Kaur…. Holding the steering wheel he pushed the button on the phone …hearing her phone ring on his blue tooth…..


"HI!" not recognising the voice as it was male.

"Who is this?" he asked shocked how some guys has picked up her cell phone.

"Who are you?"


"Buddy… this bottle is HOT!!… everyone at the Kings club wants to ….

Turning the car around…. He head into the back roads to find her…….

Shocked and horrified he stared at her looking at the man at the table in front of her…. Holding the shot glass in her hand.
"GAURI! …. GAURI!…. GAURI!" they all shouted as she threw her head back with the tequila glass in her hand…knocking it all back…..

The crowd around her cheered as she placed the glass down face down on the table….next to 9 empty shoot glasses……

He looked at her shocked as she was dressed in a short skirt and black tight boob top… She looked over at him as he moved forward from the crowd blaring with rage and she smiled as she turned and looked at the man infront of her holding up the next glass of tequila …. "MAC MAC …." As his hands trembled holding up the glass… he passed out…. The crowd lifted Gauri out of the chair onto the bar. As they scream GAURI, GAURI…"…. She looked at him as he stepped back into the crowd and looked as he disappeared… feeling a happy she came off the bar.

"GAURI!" shouted a voice ….. Shiv turned around to find her in some guy's arms as he hugged her affectionately…. The lights went off and a spot light fell on Gauri and the stranger… as they looked at each other on the dance floor …clenching his fist he turned cursing under his breath….and looked at the attractive girl near the bar he walked over as everyone cheers….. while Gauri giggled looking at the handsome stranger with her arms around his neck moving lightly…. As the slow music was in full swing…. Shiv approached the dance floor with the tall girl … 'dolly I bet' she mumbled and turned to see the stranger….

"My name is Moksh…. How about when we are done… you come to my place" Gauri looked at him and seeing Shiv now close by she giggled.

"You're place … what for?" Shiv turned the girl around and looked at him …. Seeing him pull her close to him and moving his hands lower…. He looked at Gauri pulled his hands up and blushed….. 'fine she want to play with this guy then OK!' he thought….turning the girl around.

"What is your wife playing at?" he looked at the girl as she spoken to him.

"This guys a major creep and he really…. Does not take rejection well!"…. Shiv looked over at her worried…as she slow danced with Moksh

"Follow my lead! Shilpa…." He looked at her as she nodded and smiled.

Shiv smiled as he moved on the dance floor with Shilpa and ended with a big finish….

"Dolly!" he shouted…. Gauri turned to look at him huggin her closely and "kasam ma nu khaana" she mumbled as the fast music started…..

soni de nakhre sone lagade o meinu, soni de nakhre sone lagade - 2
oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde
oh jannah jannah (4)
soni de nakhre soni lagde meinu…… (4)
oh keinde pump pump pump up (4)
oh jannah jannah
oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde (4)
oh jannah jannah oh keinde

Gauri stared at him as he moved forward challenging her with her partner… grabbing hold of Moksh hand she moved forward matching his pace…

mainu bhi nakhre sone lagade tere, mainu bhi nakhre sone lagade - 2
(o char din ki jawaani aah aah
o bitein tanaha na raani aah aah) - 2
woh pyaar tera main rakhwaanga aah aah
ho sar aankhon pe deewaani aah aah
soni de nakhre sone lagade o meinu, soni de nakhre sone lagade - 2
(oy kudi naal mere nachle aah aah
ho mainu baahawich kas le aah aah) – 2

Suddenly while dancing Shiv let go off Shilpa hand and grabbed Gauri….she looked at him as they started dancing together… Everyone stared at them as they had it out with each other on the dance floor matching each other in every way……

Aaaja ishq di kadi wich aah aah
ho thoda jile thoda marle aah aah
soni de nakhre sone lagade o mainu, soni de nakhre sone lagade - 2
soni de nakhire soni lagidae tainu (4)
oh keinde pump pump pump up (4)
oh jannah jannah
oh keindie pump up the jame oh keinde (4)
oh jannah jannah oh keinde

Gauri turned and was about to fall when she felt him take hold of her in his arms and he looked at her…

"Can we go now!" Shiv asked looking at her in her arms

"You Win! …. As you killed me a thousand times this evening… when I went home you were not there…. And I searched everywhere and you…" Gauri felt him hug her and tightly and hugged him back.

"I would die if I see you in another mans arms…." He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek… she blushed as she nodded..

"OYE!" They turned and POW….. Shiv held his right eye as he looked at Moksh staring at him angrily… As he turned to look at Gauri… She Kick Moksh in between his legs… as he fell on his knees howling holding his privates… she sucker punched him. Everything happened so quickly in a flash…

"TERE MA NU…. DASA TEN NU….TOUCH MY MAN AGAIN I KILL YOU!" Shiv horrified by what he saw looked at her as she turned to grab his hand and lead him out of the club….


"This is all your fault…you know that?" Shiv looked at her as she looked angrily at him as she gentle placed the cold pack on his eyes as he sat on the bed.

"I swear I could have killed the bhen da… Who does he think he is? … touching my man … and thinking I Gauri Kaur would watch and do nothing? … Baby does it hurt?" He looked at her and nodded his head.

"What does he think this Jallandhar Kuri … would act like she need saving…. I eaten men like him for breakfast… in my Mohall I have sorted out the big, bad and ugly… he was nothing!…. Honey shall I call a doctor?" he shook his head and looked at her as she looked at him.

"I will go and make you something to eat … baby ok!" she looked at him and started crying….

Taking hold of her in his arms as she sobbed… a smiled formed on his lips… she fought for him and that a man? Chuckling he kissed her on the cheek.

"If I was that guy I would have punched me too…" he chuckled

"No you would have as … your too nice!" she sobbed loudly…

"Not once did you get jealous and you were touching that girl… I would have knocked her out if you had hugged her again…" He chuckled

"Ouch!" she released him and looked at him

"Kasam ma nu khaana… mere sone bandar da ki haal kita?" she picked up cold pack and placed it on his black eye.

"Does not matter in the next fight I will show you how to handle you're self… OK!" feeling her blow his eye gently as she leaned forward and kissed it… she got up from the bed and stopped to look at him as he grasped her wrist…

"Promise me you will never go into an other mans…" he stopped as she placed her fingers on her mouth…tears escaped her eyes again.

"Promise!… I'm Sorry…….."

As she dipped the roti in the dhal she looked at him as he opened his mouth.

"How did you drink them shots and no be drunk? As you said you don't drink!" she smiled cheekily.

"Trade secret…. Vahi guru ji knows I don't drink… he was drinking while I was drinking juice…" Shiv chuckled as she giggled with him.

"The bar girl was nice Punjabi from jallendhar… near the bazzar about 20 mins away from my house.. You know she my masters ji massis daughter .. Poor girl working in the BAR? anyway… she was in on the plan… her boyfriend attended the phone… so we decided this trick would be fun…" he looked at her giggling.

"chalakiyan!" he looked at her as she held up the next piece of roti.

"Hmm… Dolly she was pretty!" she looked at him

*Sigh* "Hmm Dolly… she still loves me!" he looked at her getting red with anger and seeing her hand turn into a fist…

"But I told her… I love this crazy Punjabi kuri… who has stolen my heart, soul and now my right eye…"

"Shiv don't mess with us Kaurs… as you will only loose" placing the glass of water to his lips she looked at him as he drank the water from the glass she held.

"Hmm I have seen… there bite is much worse then there bark!… that poor guy!"

"Poor guy? … bhen da… I would have!" seeing her huff and puff and mumble under her breathe he knew how much she loved him… enough to fight for him at any length and now he was falling in love with his sherni more and more… never in his entire life had he met a woman like her… she was totally unique in every way…. And the separation was killing him… but he had no choice as guruji has told him that his first wife would die.. With in 6 months of his marriage… and Gauri kundali was not strong enough to prevent it from happening… the only way to prolong the event from happening was the fasting and pooja they both had to undertake…. It was having a toll on there relationship and making her cry was killing him slow…but he saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel… if they survived the tests and obstacles every thing will be fine….

"Have you eaten?" He looked at her as she held up another piece of roti to his mouth to see her shake her head negatively.

"Stupid Woman!" She watched him break the roti.. And dip it in the dhal as he smile gentle placed it in her mouth.

"If anything happened to you… who would fight for me.. I have to keep you strong and healthy" she watched him chuckle.

She placed the blanket over him and turn to leave as she stopped to see him get up.

"Gauri get into the BED!" Looking at the big smile on her face and her eyes glittering with tear she nodded and got into the bed.

All night she glanced over to see him fast asleep and closed her eyes….but she was unaware that Shiv was also doing the same…

~~Part 6~~~

Feeling his warm body next to hers she smiled but wished the whole six month was over as soon as possible… seeing him and then tempting him was fun but at times she just want to be herself with him… 'I should behave properly and not fight with him…my maahiya is sweet and I do love him dearly…at the wedding he won her heart as he pulled her into the dark room angrily and kissed her hard but intensely…he was the first ever man to have bet her and kiss her ….she turned to look at him asleep and found him snuggling closure into her… feeling his warm breath kissing her neck as he pulled her close to him… his hand gentle ran down her back and he gentle wanting to explore further stopped to feel her gasp and open her eye to see him….they both wanted it and the feeling were no longer suppressible…seeing him turn and move away and move away from her he…closed his eyes hearing her heavy sigh as she turned to look at the ceiling he knew what she was think but he just could not do it as he loved her to much….but remembered the bet with Aseem at the wedding which he lost and the forfeit was for him to not touch Gauri for six months…but this was the first part of the bet the reset was still to come… hearing her side he turned to look at her as she got out of bed and left the room… closing his eyes he relaxed…..

"Hi Di… am I disturbing you?" holding the phone she looked over at the bedroom door.

"This is not working Di ….I'm not good at this fighting stuff and you know … he really loves me loads……….hmmm…..OK!  Ipshita Di… He got hurt and has a black eyes….No I'm not crying…. *Sniff*  …OK bye…."   Placing the phone on the receiver the tears did not stop….  All her dreams of a loving husband where true but he would never touch her and claim her as his wife….not yet anyway…why was it so hard… Ipshita had advised her to be totally cunning and to make sure she got on over on him all the tie…but for how long.. she just wanted to feel those warm arms around  her and his sweet lips on her…

"Gauri?" she turned to look at him leaning against the doorway.

"Can't sleep?"  she nodded as he smiled walking over towards her.

"Hmm I have a cure for sleep!" she looked at him grabbing her hand and walking over towards the bedroom…she watched him pick up the remote in his hand and point it at the CD player… taking hold of her in his arms…he pulled her towards him hard…looking at her she look divine in black stain that was the only thing between them …as his hands moved her arms up to his neck…she held him gentle as he slowly moved to the rhythm holding her waist… he looked at her blush and look away…the feeling bottled inside him were now manifesting down below …closing his eyes he turned her and pushed her onto the bed ….she looked into his eyes as he stared at her on top of her… feeling her bosom heavy below him ….she could feel him pulling up her nightie…feeling his lips upon her…

"GAURI WAKE UP!" she opened her eyes to see him standing near the sofa…

"Did you go to sleep? Here last night?"  getting up she looked at him surprised as he stood in front of her in his pjs….

"Are you ok?  You looked like you where having the time of you life on the sofa!"

"Hmm….what?"  WHY THE HELL DID YOU WAKE ME??I was having such a nice dream 

"Let me guess hot dream of me!" she looked at him chuckle as he walked towards the kitchen…

"NO! I was dream I was at HOME in Jallandhar!"….

"YOU ARE HOME!!…. WHERE YOU'RE HUSBAND IS THAT IS YOU'RE HOME!! PAGLEE!!"  hearing him chuckle she smiled as she walked towards him opening the cupboard.

"How is you're eye?"  he turned to looked at her ….

"A little saw but I have to go to work today!"

"SHIV OMG!"  they turned to see Nikhila rush over to see his face.

"What happened?" she turned to look at Gauri angrily…

"Mom I am fine!…"

"FINE??  Every since you got married nothing has been fine… My youngest son is living in a guest house away from his family and business is going badly you have your case in court this morning and now this a black eye… this is what happens when you marry someone …who is not right for you!  But did you listen to any of US! NO you did as you wanted!"  he looked at Gauri as the tears ran down her face and then at his mother who to was sobbing….

"Mom the court case in court is a land dispute which I will get!  You're really making a big deal out of nothing!"  he looked up to see Gauri walk out of the room slowly. 

"NOT A BIG DEAL!!… Ever since you got married nothing in this house has been the same!… Shiv we told you… and Guruji did as well… the kundali are not matched and you will have a rough time for a year… I can't take this any more Shiv!"

"Mom stop it! You are talking about my better half.. and the woman I love…I don't want to discuss this!! … I'm getting late for the office… GAURI!"  he walked past his mother and looked into the living room.

"GAURI!"  he shouted to hear her come towards him.

"I'm hungry… something light while I shower…OK"  she looked at him walk into the bedroom as she turned to go into the kitchen … she felt his arms around her holding her tightly as he kissed her on the cheek…


"Gauri hurry up you're going to get me late AGAIN!!… first your snoring on the sofa wakes me up and then… sending me to the office hungry?…"  She looked at him smiling cheekily as she wiped her tears seeing him run into the bathroom.


Holding the phone close to his ear he frowned as it rang out yet again.

"Where is she?" he pushed the button on the mobile and looked at his father.

"You should be happy! You won an important case!"  he looked at his father…

"That does not matter to me dad!!… I'm worried about Gauri… It's not like her to pick up the phone…. I..umm…going home!"

"But Shiv the press conference and …"

"You handle it Dad… I need to see my wife!"  Mahen smiled as he looked at him run out of the court room.

"GAURI!"…. he looked at her on the sofa…still and approached her… as he looked at her all pale… his heart raced!…he moved forward and touched her as she collapsed onto the floor…seeing the pills on the floor he looked at her and grabbed her…

"Stupid!! YOU Should have stayed home with her!"  he shouted taking hold of her in his arms and raced to the car.

"What happen?"  he looked at Anupam and Ipshita as they arrived at the hospital

"She cant leave me… Daada!… " They looked at him sobbing

"OMG Shiv she was upset last night and called me …."

"I know I heard her last night!… I called Aseem and told him the bets off!"

Ipshita stared at Anupam and Shiv angrily…. "BET!"

"Babe please… see all us guys had placed a bet that Shiv will never get her mobile number…at the wedding."

"WHAT?" she glare at them both

"Then he didn't?… Aseem placed another bet that he would marry her and make her beg him for it!… Shiv was total smitten by her and they both enter the bet!… Shiv  won the 1st part and …Guruji was paid to say all those things and…

"JERKS! ARSE HOLES"  Anupam looked at her as she looked away angrily.

"Do you have any idea what the past 3 months have been for her?… Kaaya and the family never excepted her because of what Guruji said… even you refused her SHIV!"  she looked at him as the tears rolled down his eyes…

"Mom came over and we had a row and Gauri was the discussion…"

"IF anything happens to her Shiv I will never forgive you!!… Anupam we just got married and now I am think whether I made the right decision as you to where part of this bet and played with my cousins feeling as well!" They looked at her as the tears ran down her face.

"EXCUSED ME!" they turned to see the Doctor approach them.

"Hi Mr Kapoor my name is Dr Riddhima Gupta…. You're wife is fine but I would like to keep her in here for observation…" Shiv looked at Ipshita and Anupam.

"Can we see her?"   he asked

"Yes but please her mental state is a little unstable …so please watch what you say!"

"Ipshita please don't tell her anything… I will make everything OK!"

"Shiv I will remain quite only because if she finds out she played by you…it would kill her… and that is something I can not watch my cousin do!… I love her more then you even know and right now she is my priority!" Shiv and Anupam looked at her as she walked past them and enter the room.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU PLAYING AT!!"  he looked at his parents as he explained everything to them sobbing…

"Shiv I believed you over my cousin!"  Kaaya sobbed looking at him as she walked towards Samar…  Samar looked over at him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"OK what's happen has happen!! …now no one will tell Gauri anything!  You two will stay at the guesthouse together and work through it… WE WILL NOT GET INVOLVED!…." Samar looked at the family including Kaaya

"I Agree! She needs you... why did she do such a thing?"  Mahen stepped forward.

"You will both go to Shimla when she comes home and no office Until she is well............

~~~~~~~Final part ~~~~~~~

"GAURI!" he opened his eyes and looked at the empty bed sweating…his eyes searched for her as the bathroom door open. He stood there in front of him wear yet another shirt as he jumped out of bed and hugged her.

"Shiv what is the matter?" hearing her voice she held him as he sobbed.

"I had a nightmare …you?" huh what? why are you crying?

"I dreamt you tried to kill yourself….omg Gauri I can't live without you!"  Aweee shiv I would never leave you… kill myself? Why the hell?

She released him and looked at him as he looked at her holding her face and kissed her all over breathlessly on her face.

"Shiv why would I kill myself?" he looked at her and released her.

"Uh actually?… I had fight with mom over you and…" he looked at her giggling.

"Seriously Shiv you had a fight with mom and I tried suicide?" does he not know im the type of woman that would kill him
 first before killing herself.

"You laughing I had such a bad dream as everyone …blamed me!" he took hold of her again.

"Yeah but why?" he looked at her confused.

"Is that my shirt?"she looked at him and looked away quickly smiling shyly.

"I was going to wear that today!"…he looked at her as she walked over towards the bed so casual..

"So mom and you fought about what?" he looked away…dame the bet …control Shiv just 2 months to go!!

"You are changing the subject!" he took hold of her arm and pulled her close to him.

"NO! you are changing the subject! What did you fight mom over?" she placed her loose arm gentle over his shoulder and looked at him… her hair was went and she looked so beautiful in his white and blue pinstriped shirt.

"Over the black eye!"

"Oh right but that happened a week ago! So did you tell her how I knocked that guy out!" he looked at her as she looked at him smiling.

"NO! but I need that shirt!" he looked at her smiling.

"Yeah? how about you take it off!" she whispered in his ear to find him shiver as he took hold of her by the waist.

"What's the matter Shiv!" she grinned looking at him sweat and kissed him on the cheek…

"This is not a dream and I aint going to disappear!"  NO WAY JI!! WAHE GURU MY WITNESS I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE!!


"IF YOU WANT IT SHIV COME AND GET IT!"  he opened his eyes to see her at the other end of the room.

"Stop messing 1…." He moved around as she jumped on the bed and pulled her tongue at him.

"Gauri? 2" he jumped on the bed as she jumped off.

"Bring it on Shiv!" he looked at her waving her hands at him and looked at her angrily and ran towards her as he tried to take hold of her but he ripped the sleeve of the arm.  

"GAURI?!" he took hold of her and fell on the bed on top of her.

"You ripped my shirt!" he looked at her panting beneath him as she looked at him

"Shiv tell me where you are going to go on Sunday?" she looked at him as she placed her arms around his neck and looked at him raising her eyebrow.

"Uh… I was…"

"When are you going to stop playing games Shiv?" he looked at her as she pulled him close to her.

"Games? I don't know what you are talking about?" he looked at her as she pulled him down as he pulled away to look at her.

"I just want my shirt back?"  feeling her lips on his cheek he looked at her.

"What does a girl have to do to get her man?" feeling her kisses he took hold of her.

"I can't take it anymore!" she smiled as she took hold of him in her arms as he lay on top of her helplessly.

"You know don't you about everything!?!…" she looked at him and nodded.

"Ipshita and I figured it all out… and mummyji knows too…in fact this was her idea! To move you into the guesthouse… you where having a nightmare last night and mumbled everything …"

"You be playing me from the start!"

"Yes …see at first I was so mad at you and then Mummy ji and Ipshita came up with this plan of attack …so I could not help but to get my own back!" she felt his hand on her face moving her hair back.

"So tell me what happens now?" he looked at her as she stared back at him.

"Uh… well I have 4 months of payback!" he looked at her smiling evily.

"You are really going to hurt me! bad?"

"You… have NO Idea… Mr Shiv Kapoor!" feeling her kisses he knew he was in to deep trouble….

"Di  I cant thank you enough!" she held the phone as she and smiled as he looked at him asleep in the bed as she tip toed out of the room holding the white satin sheet around her.

"Let just say …I have an interesting way of getting the truth out of Anupam…" both of them giggled on the phone.

"I can imagine…but di if you had not told me and mummyji everything on my birthday I would never have found out Shiv had betted with his friends to stay celibate for 6 months and paid Guruji to lie about everything…"  she looked at him and shook her head.

"Yeah but these guys did not know they were messing with the wrong women!!"…they both giggled… "you know he's been having nightmares  since I moved in and last night was the worse…he was a wreck this morning!"

"Ok but don't be to so...hard on him…" Ipshita giggled.

"Don't worry Di …I can handle him from here!… we going on our official honeymoon tomorrow…mummyji and I have arranged everything…I tell him later tonight…"

"Evening? Gauri its only 11am?"

"Well I'm still teaching him a lesson or two by then…" they both giggled.

"Bye Di!"

"Bye Gauri …have fun!!"

"Di I intent to…" Gauri smiled putting down the phone and closed the bedroom door behind her and looked at him laying in bed cover in a single sheet by his waist.

Did you really think I you're wife would never find out about you're little bet with Aseem and the boys…Stay celibate for six months with me around… Honey you had no idea! We all played you as well as married to me you were also married to my MOB!! …and as for Aseem! Lets just say next time I see him he be wishing never to see me again.

"Gauri! How long are you going to be in the bathroom!" hear him banging on the door as she turned off shower and walked toward the door…and opened it!

"Never Ever come between a woman and her hot…shower!" closing his mouth she walked back into the shower….as she turned on the shower she felt his arms around her.

"I must have been crazy!" smiling she turned around to see him and nodded.

"Now be a good boy and soap my back!" he looked at the soap in his hand and looked at her looking at him.

"Oh boy you seriously going to make me pay?!"

"Oh yeah!" giggling she felt his arms pick her up under the shower and twirl her.

"Man I love you!"  

"I love you to Shiv now shut up!" kissing him she closed the shower curtain……

The end!!


Please comment....LOL



love Kat

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Howlarious IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Good starting LOL LOL I think I kno where this FF is heading to LOL

Edited by *VaVaVoom14* - 01 September 2007 at 3:25am
book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 2:50am | IP Logged
LOL awesome teaser!!!!pls continue soon
prab_rockinn Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 3:31am | IP Logged
wow Kat PUNJABI FF!!!!!

OMG i'm so lovin it!!!!!!
All kauri's are Mad!!!!! LOL LOL Wink And they do work their magic pretty well don't they????

huneymonsta Senior Member

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 5:12am | IP Logged
LOL LOL LOL Im loving it! punjabi FF thats great. i love the, "Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal… Vahiguru Bachaoo!" LOL LOL LOL Chak de... LOL LOL
are you punjabi??? *looks suspiciously*
nihita Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 6:59am | IP Logged
gr88888888888 teaser cont.soon
*mad* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2007 at 7:30am | IP Logged
"tip top" tht remind me of kaajjol in k3g LOL

Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal… Vahiguru Bachaoo!'

omg.. this is going to b fun

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