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Update for Tumhari Disha - 21st Dec Episo

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Disha after realizing that Goody Two Shoes Inder has already repaid Mr. Mehta's loan amount, goes to meet Anupam and offers to return him the money. Anupam who is already quite pissed off with Disha insults her and tells her that what is she trying to prove by giving the money back to him. He says that Vijendra was like a brother to him and hence out of that gesture he returned the money to Mr. Mehta. Disha immediately apologizes and tells Anupam that she never meant to put things across like this. Then she says that she is very lucky to have being blessed with such wonderful relations. Anupam softens up a little and tells Disha that he too never meant to react in this way. Anupam then tells Disha that Inder is still very much in love with Disha and that it will take him a long time to accept Ranu as his wife. Anupam then tells Disha that she has to make sure that she never meet Inder again, for the sake of Ranu and Inder's happiness. Disha promises Anupam that she will never be in contact with Inder and that she will not do anything to cause harm to Ranu and Inder relationship.

Disha reaches home and returns the money to Gargi and thanks her for helping her out in time of Disha's need. Gargi then pretends to be all motherly and nice & tells Disha that even though DK does not consider her to be his mother, Gargi has always felt her duty as a Mother towards DK & since Disha is now his wife, she feels the same for her also. Disha (stupid girl) is all overwhelmed and grateful towards Gargi. Just then DK enters and sees Disha and Gargi together, he gets a "Oh, here goes again" type of a smirk on his face, when Gargi also sees him, she immediately changes tune and then manipulates Disha into speaking against DK. Disha who is completely unaware that DK is standing right behind her, falls into Gargi's trap and utters some nonsense against DK, who gets furious, but at the same time understands that it is Gargi who has instigated Disha. Just as Disha tells Gargi that DK is one heartless person who has never valued any relations, she notices DK who is giving a very intense look at both Gargi and Disha. Gargi smiles to herself as she realizes that what she wanted has happened and then excuses herself and slips out of the room. Disha who is taken aback at realizing that all the while DK was standing behind her while she was raving and ranting against him, calms herself and looks back at him defiantly.

The interaction between DK and Disha:

DK : Yeh joh tum apni so called "Chotti Ma" ke saat aaj kal dosti bada rahi ho naa, tumhe is rishtey se haar ke siva kuch nahin milega Disha. (In a angry yet concerned tone, as if trying to protect Disha from Gargi's clutches)

Disha : (Gives a nasty look at DK) Haar-Jeet, Haar-Jeet. Tum kya is shabd ke siwa kuch aur bhi jaante ho. Kya saare rishtey tumhare liye sirf haar aur jeet ke tarazu mein tole jaate hai. Aur waise bhi tum kaun hote ho mujhe yeh batane wale ki mujhe chhoti maa ke saat rishta badana chahiye ya nahin? Apne rishton ko toh tumne samjha nahin, joh tumhare apne hai unhe toh tumnain apne paas aane nahin diya, aur apne paas aane bhi diya toh kise…………Taj aur Sanya jaise logon ko?

DK : (Gets an irritated, exasperated expression on his face) Disha, tum had se zyada bad rahi ho. Maine tum hain kuch kehta nahin hoon, iska matlab yeh nahin hai, ke tum joh chaho, mujhe keh sakti ho. Apni maryada ke had main rehtna seekho.

Disha : (Now quite furious and gets a "Oh look who's talking" type of an expression) Tum maryada ki baat kar rahe ho, DK? Mujhe yeh toh pata tha ke tum apni kahi baat se mukar jaaoge, magar tum itne gir sakte ho, ke ab tumhari nazar mere baba ke ghar par hai. Tum kyon mere parivar ke peeche haat dho kar pade ho? Ab kaunsi dushmani nikalni hai tumhe?

DK : (Gets stunned for a moment and gets a confused look on his face) Ab tumhe kya problem hai Disha. Tumhare Baba ka sara karza toh chuk gaya hai, aur yeh tum kya baat kar rahi ho, ghar ki?

Disha : (Gets a "Don't act smart with me" type of a look) Karza toh chuk gaya hai, magar usse tumhe kya? Tum toh apni baat se mukar gaye the naa. Who toh chhoti maa thi jinhone meri madad ki.

DK : (Now thoroughly confused and clueless) Maine Taj ko rupeya diye the, Mehta ko dene ke liye. Taj ne who Mehta ko diye nahin?

Disha : (Gets quite heated up now) Apni galtiyon ka ilzaam aur logon par mat dalo DK. Waise bhi main is bare me tumse koi baat nahin karna chhati. Mera kaam ho chukka hai, tumhare naa chahane ke bawajoot bhi.

DK : (Is really angry now and quite upset) Tum pata nahin kya be sar pair ki baat kar rahi ho. Aur tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhse aise baat karni ke. Tum ho kya cheez joh DK Sehgal se itni batamizi se baat kar rahi ho. Yeh sirf meri wajah se hai ke aaj tumhare parivar ke sar par phir se chat hai.

Disha : (Completely loses her temper and apparently her tounge) : Tum mujhse pooch rahe ho ke main kaun hoon, tum kaun ho DK………………………..Ek Gandi Naali Ke Kide………………..aur kuch nahin.

DK is stunned and screams on Disha and raises his hand to slap her (he should have slapped her, according to me) and as a shocked Disha looks on, DK stops his hand mid-air and then closes his eyes tightly as if convincing himself to just let go. He walks off in frustration to his room, while Disha has a "Serves him Right" type of a smug expression.

In the next scene, DK, Taj and some of their colleagues are in a meeting where an apparently worried Taj tells DK that their client is getting very restless about the delay in launching their product. Taj asks DK when can they began shooting and wrap it up asap, since they have to then work on the Marketing Programme as well. DK carelessly replies back that if the client is in such a hurry, they can very well move on, he will do things in his own sweet time and that regarding the Marketing for the product, he has already thought about the whole concept. Taj is surprised and asks him what is planning to do………………DK then tells Taj that many years back he was traveling by train, when he saw a kid who was selling tea and was shouting out to everyone that his tea is the worst in the world and that no one should drink it. DK then says that to his surprise, the kid sold out his entire contents in a matter of minutes. This got DK thinking that in general people have a tendency of always being attracted to what is forbidden to them. Hence, he will use the same strategy for his new collection. Taj is not very sure and tells DK is he sure that this campaign idea will work…………….DK gives a nasty look at Taj and says that Taj can never think out of his own limitations and that is why Taj and DK are on opposite sides of a table, Taj gives a hateful look at DK and imagines that it won't be long before the tables are reversed.

In the next scene, which was a very emotional and sweet scene and I felt like hugging Ashish…….DK……..right there! DK is alone in his room and is completely sloshed out, and is drinking away like crazy. He has this deeply melancholic look in his eyes as if trying to fade out some distant memories. He remembers Disha's hurtful and cruel words and gets a very hurt look on his face. He then drinks more as if trying to forget all what Disha had said to him. Just then he notices that his bottle is empty. He then removes his wallet from his pockets and opens it and gets the softest and most emotional look on his face and a sad, quiet smile lights up his face. Flashback…………………..a huge bunglow, in which a young boy of some 10 years is furiously trying to destroy a plant in the lawns with a stick. Just then a woman comes out, middle aged, sweet looking and gets an angry, upset look on her face and says "Dushyant, tum aur bachho ke tarah bahar jaa ke kyon nahin khelte ho. Jab dekho akele rehte ho………………aur tumhara gussa……………main pareshaan ho gayi hoon tumhare is naaraz hone ki aadat se." The lady then gives a exasperated look to the kid and turns to go inside the house, when the kid (who was pretty cute & surprisingly looked like a younger version of DK) smiles shyly and takes out a rose from his pocket and gives it to the lady without saying anything. The lady breaks into a warm smile and hugs him affectionately.

Present……………..DK's eyes get moist as the Camera zooms on the wallet which has the picture of the same lady, who is DK's mom! {I had a lump in my throat in this scene, Ashish expressed his emotions so eloquently, without uttering a single word) Just then Dev comes and gets a pained expression in his eyes at seeing DK wallowing away like this and tells him that its very late at night and tries to convince him to go off to sleep. DK, who is barely able to say anything because he is so drunk asks Dev (kindly) that now even Dev has started sermonizing him. Dev tells DK that he should not drink so much, it will be harmful for his health. DK says that he hates Liquor and hence he drinks it……………then he gets a distant look in his eyes and says that he always keeps all those things and people near to him whom he hates. Dev thinks to himself that he knows whom DK is referring to when he says that he keeps those near his heart whom he hates. Then Dev thinks to himself that he is now very sure that DK is deeply in love with Disha and that he is getting drunk to get over Disha's rejection and hatred for him. Dev thinks to himself that he will have to get Disha and DK together somehow, as he is now sure that they are made for each other!

Meanwhile, silly girl that our Disha is calls up the Bhosale residence and Sukanya picks up the phone. Disha who is unaware of the fact that Suhas had not told anyone about the jewellery being held by Mr. Mehta very innocently tells Sukanya that now Suhas must be relieved that the problem has been solved. Sukanya is taken unaware and in her conniving manner takes out all the details out of Disha. Then Hrishikesh and Sukanya go to Suhas and tell her that they have come to know about Suhas mortgaging all her jewellery to Mr. Mehta, Suhas is further shocked when Sukanya says that Disha has told her all this. Hrishikesh who is now completely under the control of Sukanya fights with Suhas and pressurizes her to sell of all their property and jewellery so that he can expand their business for Gautam. Suhas refuses to do so and says that if she mortagaged the jewellery, then it was because she wanted to save the honor of the family, and that as long as she is alive she will never let Hrishkesh sell off the family jewellery or the family property. Sukanya then warns Suhas that if she does not give them the jewellery and the property papers, she will tell everyone including Azuba, Disha, Ranu, Inder and Anupam and the whole world about the state of their family business and how their in-laws bailed them out of bankruptcy. Suhas is stunned and begans to cry and wonder what will happen now and also as usual blames Disha for all the misfortune befalling on her.

Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 12:42am | IP Logged
thanks for the update!!!
saimaz Newbie

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 1:37am | IP Logged
Dear Disha! what would i do without you...tumhari disha is beggining to grow on me like a vine and ur my saviour in times when miss the show for days at length..thanks a lot !
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome update! i can not wait to see it! omg i feel like seein it so bad but I live in the us so i get to see this episode a cople weeks later!Cry
lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
wow wonderful update of a very explosive episode... well have to wait till i get to see it. thanks Disha..
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
very nice update disha. Infact I am feeling bad for DK now...how can disha not be able to recognize gargi or even to that matter sukanya...
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Posted: 22 December 2004 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
  Very nice Disha.
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