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Concept story

Dill Mill Gayye is a show aimed at the urban educated youth. Set in the backdrop of a hospital it deals with the pressures, the drama, the romance, the inter personal relationships and humour in the lives of young doctors. Keeping the environment of a hospital in mind, the characters of the show are real, their issues are believable and the approach is dramatic, but never unreal, albeit emotional and fun filled.

Hence, our protagonist Riddhima is a 21-year-old intern with dreams and aspirations of becoming a top class doctor. Like any other youngster of today, she has spunk and the spirit to have fun. What sets her apart is her ability to ride through the roughest storms relying on the honesty and integrity, which has been a part of her upbringing. Riddhimma has all the ingredients of being a competent yet compassionate doctor and her faith never falters when following the right path be it a complex medical case or a real life situation.

Also, alongside Riddhima we have some other young characters, representing the wide and varied lifestyles in India. The spitfire, focused and at times selfish Anjali, the rich, charming and laid-back lover boy Armaan, the anxious to please very Gujrati and a middle class girl Sapna and the always sweet appealing to all girls is Atul.

These 4 along with Riddhima will take us through the various ups- and downs of todays focused yet fun filled youth.


The Charecters

Dr Shashank GuptaDr Shashank Gupta
He is the head of Sanjivanii hospital and has spent his entire career as a doctor for this hospital and its patients. He is considered a 'God' in the world of surgery and all interns wait for an opportunity to assist him in the operation theater. Dr Shanshank is an idol not only for interns but also other resident doctors of Sanjivani. Dr Shashank's two daughters Riddhima and Anjali are world to him and all he wants is to see his daughters become competent doctors. Both Riddhima and Anjali come to Sanjivani to do their internship but get no special treatment for being the daughters of the head of the hospital.

Dr Riddima GuptaDr Riddima Gupta
Riddhima is a 21 year old, warm hearted, kind and good-natured girl. This single most important thing in her life along with being a good human being is her dream to make her father, Shashank Gupta proud off her achievements in the medical arena. She is intelligent and modern in her outlook to life, and yet respects and represents all the core Indian values. Quick to forgive and forget, at the same time she will not take blatant injustice lying down. Riddhima's weak spot is Anjali, as she allows Anjali to always get the better from her, but that again is not a sign of her weakness. She does so simply because her nature is amenable to everything. Yet, there is one person, an intern like her in Sanjeevani, who manages to get a rise out of the generally very easy going Riddhima. How much ever Riddhima tries to ignore Armnaan, she unexplainably cannot.

Dr Armaan MallikDr Armaan Mallik
22 year old Armaan represents the new age man; one who is self confident, efficient, cheeky and occasionally even smug. He is also extremely handsome and gives the impression of being a skirt chaser. He enjoys female company and makes no bones about the fact that he has a weakening knee effect on women. He is used to being the centre of female attention and also knows how to sustain that attention when he does receive it. Armaan comes from an affluent family and has never wanted for anything materialistic ever in his life. But beneath the suave and confident exterior lies a focussed doctor, whose sole aim is to outgrow the stigma of being the son of an alcoholic anaesthesiologist.

Dr Anjali GuptaDr Anjali Gupta
Anjali at 22, is Shashank's older daughter and is basically one who is used to having her way. Extremly beautiful, she is quiet conscious of her looks and not above using them .She is manipulative and conniving. In addition she is also academically intelligent, making her a god doctor in her own right, though she is never a favourite amongst the patience, owing to her to-the-point attitude. Her ultimate aim is to be the head of the organisation Sanjeevani, as it means that she will have power, respectability. And it will declare her as the fitting heir apparent to Shashank's legacy. She will employ all the methods of saam, daam, dand and bhed to get whatever she sets her eyes on. Anjali's manipulative ways are most obvious in the way she handles her sister Riddhima.

Dr Atul JoshiDr Atul Joshi
A lovable character, Atul is the best guy friend a girl can ever have, without ever making him a real boy friend. He is a good natured, easy going boy, who has become a doctor to fulfill the wish of his dead father, who is part of Sanjeevani alumni. His father worshiped Sanjeevani and Shashank Gupta and he has come to the place of his father's worship to pay his tribute t the man who adopted him. He is always treated like one of the girls when girlie talks are being discussed. When he realizes certain people cannot be changed, he takes mater into his own hands and empties trash, puts cups in trash and carries his own porcelain cup so that the use of Styrofoam cups in Sanjeevani can be reduced.

Dr Sapna ShahDr Sapna Shah
She is a simple girl from a simple, yet reasonably rich Gujrati household. She is the youngest of three daughters and her father always encouraged her to do what she wanted. Having seen her older sisters married off and straddled with bawling children early in their life, she escaped in the direction of a possible career, with the intention that it would be a legitimate excuse for the family to delay her marriage. Her mother is possessive and she is always trying to make excuses for her mothers over domineering and loving over indulgence. She gets a dabba full of Gujrathi food, large enough to feed all the interns. And she has to very often leave work early, or keep Friday evenings free to meet a potential match.

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   ~KaSu Loveology threads~  
(PREVIOUS Karan-Sukirti Appreciation threads



Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #10:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #11:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #12:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #13:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #14:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #15:
Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #16:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #17:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #18:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #19:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #20:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #21:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #22:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #23:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #24:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #25:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #26:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #27:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #28:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #29:

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #30:


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #31:


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #32:


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #33:


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #34

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #35


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #36


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #37

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #38


Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #39
Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #40

 Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #41

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #42
Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #43

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #44
Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #45

Sukirti/Riddhima & Karan/Armaan KaSu LOVEOLOGY #46



All the current loveologies thread numbers have gone up by 9. The reason for this is that b4 I started making these threads , there were previously 9 KaSu Appreciation threads.

Idea from Hobby10 (Hobs)

IF you do not like or have questions about this new plan then feel free to PM me (Knowalot2)Smile

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