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VOLIII Bedtime FF: Rendezvous *Complete*

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Hi Kaa-ian FF readers!!.... deciated to all the reader of my bedtime FF!! Embarrassed....

This one for Himu, Sonali, Abhilasha and all those pming me for  another....bedtime Story...this time a holiday sizzling romance!!Embarrassed

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 18+)***



Hi Welcome to Ibiza Club 18-30 holiday in San Antonio Bay.  Im Shelly you're holiday rep and I hope you enjoy your stay here…. Remember our manta "nothing is sacred, if it's going to be a good laugh then we're in"… They all smiled as they looked at each other this was going to be there dream holiday and they were going to have fun… no parents, no rules and full adultury FUN no matter what the cost… Ipshita, Aasta, Shilpa, and Kaya were lookin forward to the fun and game but Gauri was feelin uneasy as she looked at the flesh at the beach…..She knew why they all talked her into coming as there boyfriends where tagging along….but she was going to spend the holiday stuck in a book….. Why can't I find a passionate man who will be romantic and keep me on cloud 9, serious when it matters and fun to be around…. On this club 18-30 holiday I was promised holiday romance and fun… it's been 3 days all the girls are hooked with there boyfriends and the untouchables elite of rejects…. Are All looking at me lustly……I want to throw up!!

Will Gauri have fun on this holiday or will she be booted out of the villa while her friends have the fun they planned with there fellers ………


Please comment will wrap up this creation sooon over the weekend!!...update on Friday!!




As she sat in the bar she looked over at them all in each other's arms and cozyin up with each other. What are you doing? She thought picking up the glass of cocktail and placing the sugar coated cocktail glass to her lips. Four days and they all driving me up the wall with their whispering and going off to leave me alone… Today they all said it was a girl's day and as soon as they got of their mobiles they were off! I need a new set of friends who are single.. she thought placing the glass on the bar.
I'm out of here… 9 cocktail drinks are enough for me she thought getting up from the stool and walking towards the exit.

It was a warm night and the music could he heard blaring from the bars as everyone sounded like there were having such a good time and every where she looked everyone was paired up even the rejects had someone except her…. As she walked think about why the hell she was on this holiday a car stopped behind her 'beep beep'

"WHAT!" she turned angrily and stared at the windscreen unable to see as the headlights beamed at her she looked to see a door open.

"I could have knocked you over!"

"WHAT!" Feeling light headed she looked at him as he moved closure to her.

"You OK!"


"Look I need to sit down!" Feeling giddy she felt his strong arms take hold of her and looked at him.

"Here sit here on the car!"

"I think I have had to much…I told them to stop but…" She looked at him and stopped noticing his arm around her holding her.

"Are you getting fresh?!" He looked at her surprised and released her.

"No! Sorry you …..don't look well!"

"I should be happy …I'm on holiday my mates are busy entertaining there boyfriends…everyone's at it and I'm …." She started sobbing . He looked at her uneasily and placed his arm around her.

"Now come on I'm sure it's not that bad?" she looked at him

"You have no idea? …..You know it been 7 months since I last kissed a guy ….. and no one wants to be with me…and my so called mates want to get rid of me ….for 4 days I have been holidaying on my own…and I'm rambling to a complete strange about my sex life?….how sad is that?" Wiping her tear she got up and moved forward and felt dizzy again she felt his arms around her.

"You know it been 2 months since I kissed anyone? …come  on I'll drop you of home!"

"I don't want to go to the Villa they all be together and stuff …"

"Ok let's go to my place!" she looked at him in fact he looked decent and honesty, I mean a good looking guy like him not kissed anyone for 2 months must be ok she thought as he lead her towards his car.

"It's 2am and …" He turned to look at her.

"You should be asleep?" She looked at him and smiled.
"I can't sleep I think I drank to much and need to shake it off!"
"Funny if I have too much I sleep!"
"You're lucky!!…. Uh on Holiday on your own?"
"Kind off!" she walked over towards and shivered in the cold sea breeze.
"Kind off?"
"Yeah here on business and pleasure…" before he could finish of his sentence he found her lips on his.
"I'm sorry!" he looked at her curiously as she blushed and looked away.
"Your drunk!"
"No! I'm not I was light headed earlier but…not any more…I remember we both said….We had not kissed anyone in a while and…I don't know what came over me…I don't normally kiss strangers…I'm now nervous and rambling…and you now think I'm pathetic?" she turned to walk away when she felt his hand pull her back towards her. She looked at him as he pushed back her hair and kissed her… feeling his lips she took hold of him as he kissed her. He released her and looked at her.
"Now that was a kiss!" he whispered in her ear as she panted.
"Make love to me!" he looked at her surprised
"You know I have read stories of women…saying such things and shouting rape in the morning!" He looked at her as she let go of him and turned to walk away.
What are you saying…he a stranger…ok very good looking and your desperate?… fancy saying that to a man…make love to me are you crazy….but that kiss was so…"

"What do you say? To a beautiful woman who kisses you and asks you to make love to her" he mumbled as he looked at her walk away. "Are you crazy to pass up the opportunity?… No she's drunk and in the morning she will regret it and it will be awkward… You're here to find love and not a one night stand you have had plenty of the in the past…. But that kiss! He walked towards her.

"Gauri where have you been!" they looked at her as she walked into the Villa smiling.
"Oh on a rendezvous…." she walked past them and went into her room "I told you that she would be fine!" They turned to looked at Anupam as he walked into the room soaking wet from his dip from the pool. "Im worried it's 4pm and she walked in like…" Kaya looked over at them and shook her head. All of them walked into Gauri's room "I be ready…Yes!…No you such a tease…ok!" they looked over at her as she blushed. "No you put the phone down first!" Ipshita rolled her eyes at everyone and walked over to Gauri. "Ok I met you there! Bye!" she switched off the phone and looked over at them as they looked over at her curiously. "OK what his name? and when are we meeting him?" "I don't know his name? and I am meeting him tonight…." "WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW HIS NAME!" they shouted "Well I never asked?" "So Spill!" Gauri smiled and looked at them…right for four days they made me suffer and now you all are going to love this ……
***************************** Part 2


As she looked into the mirror she smiled as she combed her wet hair…remembering there night together in fact it was so sweet … as she was feeling light headed he carried her into the cabin of the large yacht and placed her on the bed. She stared into his hazel eyes as he moved forward taking hold of her shoulders and forcing her gentle on the bed…as her heart beating faster and faster he moved forwards and kissed her on the forehead.. "Go to sleep!" he whispered in her ear as she closed her eyes… When she woke up she found him on the deck of the yacht pouring tea… "Good afternoon!" "Afternoon?" "Yeah it's 1pm!" "Oh I must get going!" "Hey have something to eat " she looked at him as his voice was so commanding and sat down at the table opposite him…. "OK Spill!" She turned to find Ipshita looking at her oddly. "You don't know his name and you spend the night with him?" Gauri smiled and looked at her. "I trust him …he kind and very gentle!" "What?" Ipshita walked over towards her and looked at her. "You did you know?" "That is none of your business!" Gauri walked over towards the wardrobe. "Why don't we have girly day out!" "I have a date! …you guys can do whatever!" "Gauri don't be like that?" "Ipshita look were all here to have fun so…lets do that!" "Im going to start enjoying this holiday too…" Gauri walked into the bathroom with her closed. Ipshita looked worried as she walking into the living room to see the girls. She looked into his eyes as they danced on the deck of the Yacht under the stars swaying to the music in the warm sea breeze. "So Gauri!…how are your feeling today?" "Much better Shiv…thank you" "So where did we get to last night?" his eyes teased her as she leaned forward and kissed him…. He looked at her on the bed as he handed her the glass of champagne and smiled. "Now are you trying to get me drunk!?" she teased placing the glass to her lips. "If you get drunk then …" he moved forwards and kissed her "Then?" she whispered in his ear as he held her. "Then we will have to …" Feeling his passionate kisses she ran her fingers through his black hair and could feel his finger untie the straps of her dress. "Do you want me to stop?" He eyes where full of concern as she looked at him "No!" she kissed him….His gentle kiss were intoxication as his hands explored her body. She to was not able to control her feeling for him as he kisses intensified kiss by kiss..she could tell by the way he moved his hands on her body that he was a very experience lover and knew exactly how to hand her as he commanded her body beneath him. As they gentle moved to the rhythm of there passion he touched part of her no one every did and never would as she let out a moan in the height of ecstasy… He looked at her asleep on the bed and smiled as he never been with such as creature.. She was complete honest with him about her life and in away they were similar looking for adventure and looking for someone to share their lives with. "Hey is that Gauri?" Everyone turned to see Gauri on the back of the jet sky "Go Gauri!" Anupam and the boys laugh…. "That must be the guy?!" Kaya looked over at the girls as they all agreed. "Well Ipshita you can stop worrying about your cousin!" Anupam said taking hold of her in his arms on the beach. "Last two days you have done nothing but moan and go on about Gauri…now can we have some fun!" "Anupam stop it!" "Yaar look at her she having the time of her life!" Ipshita sighed knowing full well that Gauri was playing with fire. "Anupam's right!" they looked at Sam as he held Kaya in his arms. "Last two days you girls have been no fun at all! Look at Gauri she having a blast and not even bother about you guys!" everyone fell silent and looked over at Gauri. "Shiv look my friends!" Gauri waved at the beach. "Shall we go and say hello?" He turned the jet sky towards the beach "NO!" he turned to look at them. "You sure?" "Yes sure" she leaned forward and took hold of him" "We can see them at the Club!" "Ok!" The DC10 was rocking as the music took hold of everyone in the club and beam lights reflected the mood of the song as they hit the bodies on the dance floor everyone enjoying the beat as they danced all intoxicated by the music as they danced as basement Jaxx Romeo hit the dance floor the Gauri took hold of Shiv as she moved closer to him dancing …Shiv took hold of her and kissed her on the cheek before he pulled her away from him and spun her back so close to him…Feeling him so close to her as she danced she looked into his deep brown eyes..  "Now do you dance like this with all the boys?" "I only dance with Men… Boys just look!" she giggled as he pulled her close to him. "I love this song!…Romeo!" He smiled as he looked at her… "Shiv" they both turned laughing to see a woman looking at them "Maya?" Shiv let go of Gauri and hugged Maya as she looked over at Gauri suspiciously …..

Part 3

"Gauri!" she turned to see the gang approached her and smiled. "Ok where is the mystery man?" Ipshita smiled as she let go of her. "Ipshita he had some business to take care of and will be back soon" Gauri looked worried it had been an hour since he disappeared with Maya his business associate. "OK what we all drinking!" Ram asked as he held Shilpa's hand "Hey Ram I will help you …" Jatin winked at Palak and headed towards the bar with Ram. "So two days and .." "Oh Ipshita …im sorry I lost track of time!" "Just time?" Gauri looked at Ipshita who looked upset. "Ipshita don't worry I'm a big girl!" "You may be 6 months older then me ..but a phone call or…" "Chill Ipshita!" They turned to look at Anupam how put his arm around Ipshita and smiled. "Anupam!… I'm worried about her!" Gauri hugged Ipshita again. "Sorry Ippy!" "Ok but call Massima …tomorrow she's called twice already!" Gauri nodded dame I should have called her. "Gauri!" they all turned to see Shiv as he put his arm around her. "I'm sorry but I have to leave!" he smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Shiv I want you to meet everyone!" "Wow Gauri he's really nice!" Ipshita nudged her and smiled. "I think I'm in love!" Ipshita looked at her worried… as she looked at Gauri look over at Shiv as he spoke to Sam and Anupam ……. Gauri woke up to see Shiv not in bed and looked about the wooden cabin and turned to look at the clock 2am… as she picked up the sheet she covered herself and left the cabin to find him on the deck staring at the night sky in his black shorts. "Shiv?" he turned to look at her and smiled. "Gauri!" he looked at her as she placed her head on his shoulder. "I have to go tomorrow!" She turned to look at him surprised. "But I thought you…" "It's very complicated and …" "Well it was going to end sooner or later!" He looked at her surprised as she stared at the horizon. "Yeah you right!" he felt hurt and moved back. Feeling his arms around her looked at him and kissed him. "Don't be sad!" she kissed his eyes gentle and then his lips… the days together flashed before his eyes there meeting they want they made love and enjoyed there time together… why was it when he found someone genuine they were always complication and this time it was so different as if he could spend the rest of his life with her… as she never judged him and took what he said in true value… feeling her passionately kiss he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the cabin. "make love to me Shiv" seeing the tears in her eyes he kissed her as he removed the sheet covering her to reveal her to him in the moonlight as he took hold of her to make love……
Do you ever question your life
Do you ever wonder why
Do you ever see in your dreams...
All the castles in the sky

Oh tell me why...
Do we build castles in the sky
Oh tell me why...
All the castles way up high.
Please tell me why...
Do we build castles in the sky
Oh tell me why...
All the castles way up high.

Do you ever question your life
Do you ever wonder why
Do you ever see in your dreams...
All the castles in the sky
(Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky *Tune*


Gauri sat in the villa unable to control her tears as Ipshita handed her a tissue and hugged her. "Why does it always happen to me?" "Gauri shh!" Ipshita comforted her as she sobbed in her arms…..as the words lingered in the air …….

Part 4

Not knowing how the last two days were spent without him all she did was hang out with the gang and the girls never left her alone ….Ipshita especially was there for her worrying… As they walked down the shopping centre hearing his voice.
"Angel! We're going to be late…" The word angel made her stop in her tracks …. He would on occasion mention the word in his sleep when he held her …..as she turned to see him smiling with his arms wide open in the car park. As she turned to look at him unsure if it was a dream ….her feet lead her towards him… as she was dieing for his touch and warm embrace… her sense were over come just by seeing him and her hungry for him had disappeared….. Walking towards him she stop to see him take hold her in his arms and kissing her…. As the tears ran down her face she turned around making sure they had not seen her…
"Gauri?" She closed her eyes as his husky voice sent a shiver down her spine… her whole body just want him to hold her in her arms and her lips quivered but his name rolled around on her tongue ….but she felt her hand on her shoulder and turned to see them.

"You Ok? Now?" he looked at her concerned and smiled as he took hold of her hand on the small restaurant table.

"I owe you an explanation?" Still surprised and shocked she looked at him.
"Angel! Come here!" She looked at them
"Angel this is Gauri…my very close friend!"
"Gauri this is Tia my daughter!" Her suspicion were now confirmed she was seeing a married man.
"Daddy can I get an ice cream?"
"Angel why don't you go and see Pedro …Ok!" She watched his eyes follow the child towards the counter and he waved at her as she spoke to the old man asking for Ice Cream…
"You're married and…"
"No divorced! Maya and I separated 3 years ago…"
"Maya?" she looked at her hand as he still held it and looked at her.
"You meet her at the D10 remember?"
"Yes!…So your divorced!" wanting to hear the confirmation again she looked at him as he smiled.
"I'm here to see Angel!…Maya would not let me see her and for 3 years I have been fighting in the courts for custody… see Maya discovered my criminal record here on the island which later I was proven innocent off but the courts still gave her full access and me none back in Mumbai…. Now Maya does not want Angel at all she wants to get married to someone she seeing ….. I think the custody battle was her way to get back at me and get more money out of me…which she knew I would pay for Angel…"
"You lied to me!" he looked at her.
"I know I have no excuse for what I did? …I'm sorry!" she felt him squeeze her as she looked at him.
"Daddy!" they turned to look at Angel with her mouth cover in strawberry ice cream as she raised her arms wanting her to be picked up. Gauri looked at the child as Shiv wiped the ice cream from her face and kissed her on the cheek as she giggled. They looked so in peace with each other and relaxed. She got up from her seat and left them together… Shiv looked to see her go and sighed….

"He's divorced and with child?" Aasta looked at the other shocked. Ipshita frowned at them as she held Gauri in her arms on the bed.

"Look Gauri ….it sounds complicated and he may not have been honesty but at least now you know the truth!" Shilpa nodded at Ipshita as she hinted for them to all leave them alone. Gauri looked over at Ipshita as she lifted her face from her knees to see her. "Gauri listen to me!… How do you feel about him?"
"I don't know!"
"Ok do you know how he feels about you?"
"Gauri as always is they anything you do know?"
"I know he makes me happy…I can say anything and he will never judge me…when I feel his arms around me it's as if nothing in this world can harm me… when he kisses me it as if …." She stopped as she recalled what she just said.
"You have It bad!… You're totally in love with this dark stranger" Gauri looked at Ipshita as the words linger in the air.
"Must have been some crazy rendezvous…huh!" Ipshita wiped the tears running down her face with her fingers.
"Ok now get showered and ready and go and get him!"
"I'm scared!" Ipshita looked at her shocked……

"Not everyman will be like that brute Shanshank" Gauri's eyes froze as she heard that name which scared her………

As she felt the warm water of the shower on her head as the gentle water took away her sorrow…. Shanshank was the man she was bound to from birth ….Everything came flooding back to what happened on her engagement day.

"Congratulations!" Gauri smiled as she took the flowers from Ipshita and hugged her.

"Hey next year I will be here with Anupam…" Ipshita smiled as she let go of her as she looked at Anupam congratulate Shanshank…. The evening was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves.

"Gauri can I have a word!" She looked at Shanshank and nodded as he lead her to the room and closed the door.

Suddenly he took hold of her and pushed her against the wall. "You're hurting me Shanshank!" she moaned as he crushed her bangle in her writs. "Shut up BI***" Shocked and horrified she looked at him and could smell the alcohol on his breathe…

 "I have to marry you….just because we are in debt … Now you're my property …" She pulled him away and he pulled her back to rip the arm of her blouse …

"Stop it!…Leave me alone!"

"Be grateful someone wants you!" As the tears ran down her face she looked at him as he stared at her with such a filthy expression.

"Please!"…. Suddenly the door opened and she closed her eyes thanking the lord as someone intervened.. "Oye you Bast**d" Gauri opened her eyes to see Ipshita quickly pull her close to her covering her up with her shawl and Anupam hold Shankshank against the wall…..

It took her a year to get over everything and then Nitesh enter her life…. He was like a breath of fresh air a complete opposite so fun loving but was never serious about her everything to him was just fun…when ever she got serious he would avoid her for days…Now she wanted a relationship on her terms and with Shiv it was but know she questioned herself why was she so nave? And foolish? was her loneless that unbearable that she just want to feel love or anything? Was is love or just lust? A thousand questions clouded her mind and nothing made sense…

"Maybe nothing never will…just face it! I will never get the love I dream about.. it will always be conditional!" ..she sighed to herself in the mirror……"I'm so confused!"


"Congratulations!" Gauri hugged Ipshita and Anupam.  Ipshita smiled in her gold lengha and Anupman in the cream shevani.  They are so perfect she though looking at them….  So in love both of them as they understood each other so well and Anupam would do anything for Ipshita and so would she.. There had this special bond with each other like they were so synced or intone with each other no matter where Ipshita was Anupman knew what her heart was saying and vice versa… she envied that so much how all of them shared such love with each other…. Soon Kaya and Samar would be married and then one by one she would be all alone again…

"Hi Gauri!" her heart raced as she heard that voice as she turned to look at him her eyes watered.  It looked like the last time she saw him was a life time ago.  He looked well and smiled as he came closer to her.  

"Daddy!"  they looked down to see Tia holding her arms up looking scared in the busy and noisy environment…Gauri looked at him as he picked her up as she grabbed his neck.

"She gets nervous when we attend functions….I think she feels uneasy in with the crowds…"  Gauri smiled as she looked at them.

"How are you?"  her voice quivered as she cursed herself to be strong.

"We fine!…. Angle say hello to Gauri!"

"Hi!" Gauri placed her hand on her curly mane and smiled.

"Daddy there Ipshita Aunty!…. Remember she gave me that Doll and chocolate."

"Angel why don't you go and say hello…OK!"  Tia kissed Shiv and hugged him.

Gauri looked at him as he watched Ipshita hug Tia and pick her up.  Gauri looked at Ipshita surprised and Anupman joined her as they both played with Tia.

"They get on great…Ipshita and Anupam really bonded with her… when they came to see us"  Gauri looked at Ipshita as she signalled at her to talk to him.

Shiv looked at Gauri as they stood outside away from everyone.
"I uh missed you this last two months.. our time together was special to me" he took hold of her hand and looked at her.

"Ipshita told me about …"

"She had no right to do that.." Gauri pulled her hand away and looked at him.

"I uh wanted to tell you something…before I leave…"  he looked at her uneasily.

"All my life I been searching for someone and I thought Maya was someone special but she hurt me …It was one sided love on my part and we stayed together for a year because of angel but she was not interested in either of us…me or angel… we parted our separate ways …but she made me suffer by taking Angel away and not letting me see her…." Gauri looked at him as he moved forward to take hold of her.

"I don't want to loose anyone again ever"  feeling his lips again she wrapped her arms around him and found herself kissing her back… Everything came flooding back there time together …they way there made love, and there passionatle moments together… everything was so unforgettable….for two months she longed for his touch his warm embrace and sensual kiss…  He looked at her as he released her…

"I'm scared!" he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"Me too!" he pulled her close to her and held her.

"I'm scared of failing you"  she sobbed in his arms as he pulled her close to him.

"You can never fail me Gauri… we have to trust our love and each other…"

"What if?"

"No Whats? Ifs? And Buts?…Promise me" he looked at her as he wiped her tears.

"We will take this one day at a time and let our fate decide the outcome…"  as they walked inside they saw Tia cryin in Ipshita arms.

Gauri looked at Shiv who looked so worried and concern for Tia as he held her in his arms.

"Angel What's wrong?"

"You're going to leave me?…like Mummy!"  Shiv eyes filled up as he looked at her little face and looked at Gauri.

"Never will I leave you Angel!….Why are you saying such a thing?"

"Because you kissed Gauri…Mummy kissed Michael and left too…"  Shiv eyes displayed so much hurt for Tia and Gauri knew the past couple of days must have been hard for him reassuring the five year old that he was there for good.

"Tia!" Shiv and Tia looked at Gauri.  She pulled her towards her in her arms wiping her tears she held her

"Can I join you and your father?" Shiv looked at her as a tear ran down his face. Ipshita took hold of Anupams hand and they left them alone…..

"Gauri come quickly!" Gauri ran to them with her heart racing.

"Come on…. Slowly…that it!"  Shiv smiled as he held his arms out.

"Oh Shiv!! I cant believe it….he took his first steps!!"  Gauri hugged them both on the beach.

Shiv kissed Prem in his arms and looked at Gauri…

"Thank you! For coming into my life!" he kissed her on the cheek as they both looked at Prem smiling at them.

"Mummy! Daddy!" they turned to see Tia on the deck of the boat waving at them.

"Come on back on our Rendezvous!"  Gauri smiled as she looked at the large yacht he gifted her on her birthday called 'Rendezvous'…. All there summers were now spent on the boat sailing in the Indian Ocean… which they all enjoyed… The past two year she could not have wanted anything more the unconditional love she dream of and much more …the love from a man who adored her more they anything and the children who marvelled in there love ……..

The End.....

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of course she is going to have fun... hello... paging Shiv dear... come to rescue...quick.. cuz we are waiting to read how Kat is going to weave this story ...and get us all blushing as we read...hehe EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL continue...soon...soon...soon...Kat we are waiting (for an escape ourselves...Wink)... Big smile

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Originally posted by Saregama_fan

of course she is going to have fun... hello... paging Shiv dear... come to rescue...quick.. cuz we are waiting to read how Kat is going to weave this story ...and get us all blushing as we read...hehe EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL continue...soon...soon...soon...Kat we are waiting (for an escape ourselves...Wink)... Big smile

Chandini get on with some work in the office LOLEmbarrassed...tomorrow morning your time u will have you're romantic sex Shiv... oh btw... he will belong to the others as your have your royal highness in desire!!...WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

hey blushing is good... your talking about the directors cut!

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woohooo ur writin ma bedtime story Embarrassed Big smile Big smile
ibiza!! reminds me of a song by vengaboys "we're going to ibiza" LOL
she duzn reckon her holiday romance gona b da most fascinating 1 as kat planned it all Embarrassed   LOL LOL LOL
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Originally posted by Catwoman

Originally posted by Saregama_fan

of course she is going to have fun... hello... paging Shiv dear... come to rescue...quick.. cuz we are waiting to read how Kat is going to weave this story ...and get us all blushing as we read...hehe EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL continue...soon...soon...soon...Kat we are waiting (for an escape ourselves...Wink)... Big smile

Chandini get on with some work in the office LOLEmbarrassed...tomorrow morning your time u will have you're romantic sex Shiv... oh btw... he will belong to the others as your have your royal highness in desire!!...WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

hey blushing is good... your talking about the directors cut!

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Tongue anather bedtime story Tongue kat when r u updating me as a good baccha ready for bedtime story Tongue ......no pent house Embarrassed

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Of course she is...!!!

Gauri dont worry..

There is someone who is die hard romantic...and will deffo keep you on cloud 9 foreverrr...!!!

And hes coming to get you verryyy soon....LOLTongue

Greatt start to your ff Kat...

Keep it up..

Oh and thanks for the bedtime story..

Im tired now...Sleepy


Sweet dreams everyone...!!!

Big smile


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