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Hello everyone,

Yes, one more fanfic LOL (I am sorry, if you are tired of them)!!
I had already posted these scenes under the RK scenes thread as separate scenes but have now decided to convert that into a full-fledged fanfic.
So i apologize, you will have to read quite a bit at the first go itself.

This fanfic will run parallel to the current story line in the serial. It starts after RaK wedding is solemnised.

Please do read and comment... and I hope you all will like it!!!!

Assumptions :
There are 4 junior Sabharwals only - Alaana, Robbie, Shivani and Divya
And only 1 junior Singhania - Raunak


Parts 1 to 5 on Page 1
Parts 6 to 11 on Page 2
Part 12 on Page 3
Part 13 on Page 6
Parts 14 and 15 on Page 7
Part 16 on Page 9
Part 17 on Page 12
Part 18 on Page 13
Parts 19 and 20 on Page 16
Part 21 on Page 18
Part 22 on Page 20
Part 23 on Page 23(RK are married in this)
Part 24 on Page 26
Part 25 on Page 29
Part 26 on Page 32(honeymoon)
Part 27 on Page 36(ahem ahem)
Part 28 on Page 39
Part 29 on Page 42
Part 30 on Page 44
Part 31 on Page 46

PART - 1
Raunak and Kasturi have a talk on their wedding night and Raunak says he wants to give time to Kasturi to settle down and that he will sleep on the sofa.
Raunak is sound asleep on the sofa and Kasturi is lying on the bed, unable to sleep, very restless. She has changed from that heavy wedding dress to a simple churidar and has removed all the jewellery. She is going over in her mind all that happened that day when she hears a crash from the adjacent room, which is Robbie's. She sits up on her bed and looks at Raunak to see if he has heard it too. But Raunak kharaate maar raha hai. 
She thinks for a minute, gets worried for Robbie and decides to investigate. She peeps outside to see if anybody is up. Nobody is around and so she slowly approaches Robbie's room. She pushes the door to see if it is open and the door opens up!!
She walks in and sees Robbie sprawled on the bed in an odd manner. She quickly approaches him and calls out
K : Sir, Sir.
He does not get up. She shakes him and calls out for him repeatedly. He still does not get up and Kasturi starts imagining that he also consumed poison like her parents. She is worried sick, shakes him vigorously, asking him to get up all the time. Suddenly Robbie ko hosh aata hai and he sits up on his bed. Seeing Kasturi, he is shocked and he gets up from the bed asks her
R :Tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho?
K : Maine aapke kamare se koi aawaj suni, bas dekhne aai, kahin aap...
She looks around the room and sees an empty alcohol bottle smashed against the wall. She heaves a sigh of relief. Then she looks at Robbie and says
K : Sir aapne mujhe itnaa daraa diya. mein samjhi, mein samjhi......
and she cannot continue.
R (with a wry smile): kya samjha tumne, ke meine kudhkhushi kar lee? ki mein mar gayaa?
Kasturi looks at him with a lot of pain in her eyes. Robbie continues,
R: nahin Kasturi mein itni jaldi nahin maroonga. mein apne aapko itni aasaani se mukti nahin doonga. mujhe bahut praayashchit karna hai. maine tumhe aur tumhaare parivaar waalon ko jitna bhala-bura kaha, mujhe un sabka hisaab chukaana hai.tumhe aur raunak ko ek saath dekhkar, mujhe pal pal tadapnaa hai. Tab jaakar shaayad tum mujhe maaf karo.
(all this time tears keep flowing down his cheeks)
As soon as kasturi hears this, she is shocked and for a moment forgets everything and embraces Robbie. They hug each other tight crying all the time and Robbie kisses her cheek and Kasturi thinks in her mind, rishta toh bandh gayaa Raunak sir se, par mein woh rishtaa tabhi nibha paaungi, jab mein aapko bhula paaungi aur mein aapko tabhi bhula paaungi, jab meri saans ruk jaayegi while Robbie is imagining the time they spent together and then suddenly he remembers that Kasturi is now married, Robbie separates her and tells her,
R: ab tum jaao yahan se,
K: par sir aapki haalat??
R: main theek hun, tumhe yahaan koi is waqt dekhegaa toh, accha nahin sochega, jaao. Kasturi does not budge. Robbie turns away from her so his back is to her and says,
R:Kasturi, jaao, kahin mein………kahin mein apna sayyam na khodu aur woh na kardu, jiss se mein tumhaari nazaron mein aur bhi gir jaau!
And then he raises his voice and says
R: Please Jaao.
Kasturi slowly turns and leaves, crying all the while. Robbie turns back slowly and sees that she has left and stares emptily at the door.

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PART - 2

Kasturi goes back into the room and gets into the bed. She thinks, how could I go to Robbie sir? How can I forget that now I am married to someone else? She decides not to commit that mistake again and closes her eyes. She does not know when she falls asleep, the next thing she knows is, she is hearing voices near her bed.

Raunak: sone do na maa, woh bahut thaki hui hai
Nandini : Beta, samajh sakti hun, lekin pandit ji ab kisibhi samay aajayange, puja ke liye der ho jaayegi.
Kasturi gets up feeling very guilty and says
K: sorry aunty ji, der ho gayee uthne mein
Nandini : koi baat nahin beta, ab uth gayee ho toh, jaldi tayaar ho jaao, puja ke liye deri ho rahi hai. Yelo, puja mein yeh saadi pehen lena (She gives a beautiful saree to K).
And then with a smile says to Kasturi
Nandini : mujhe aajse aunty ji nahin, maaji karke bulao.
Kasturi looks at her and Raunak and shakes her head in agreement.
Meanwhile, Robbie is already up and ready. He goes to his music room, closes the door and starts rehearsing. He has a concert in Kolkatta the next day and has a flight at 6 PM in the evening to Kolkatta.
Kasturi is ready and starts to go downstairs where everybody has assembled for the puja. She passes through Robbie's room and slows down. The door is closed. She wonders if Robbie Sir is OK. Then she remembers her decision and looks away from his room and goes downstairs.

The pujs starts and everyone prays. K keeps thinking about Robbie and keeps looking at his door, expecting him to step out, any moment. She worries, why has he not opened his door yet? I hope he is OK. Then she chides herself that she is thinking about Robbie again. Her mind is in turmoil with these 2 conflicting thoughts. Then the pandit ji asks Raunak and Kasturi to do the aarti together. When they are doing the aarti, Robbie comes there with a plan to attend the puja. When he sees Ra-K doing the aarti, he becomes pale with anger and goes back to his music room, slams the door and starts rehearsing with a vengeance. After the aarti, pandit ji asks Kasturi to pray to God and seek his blessings. Kasturi closes her eyes, but all the time she can only think about Robbie and hopes that he is doing OK. She prays to God

K:Bhagwan, Robbie Sir ko kuch nahi hone dena. meri yeh prarthana sweekaar keejiye.

After the puja, everybody sits for lunch, still no Robbie. She becomes really restless, but does not dare to ask anybody about him. She can hardly eat anything. After the lunch, the muh-dikhai ceremony is conducted. Everybody gives Kasturi beautiful gifts, make fun of Raunak, pull Kasturi's leg, have a lot of fun, but her heart is waiting only to catch a glimpse of Robbie.

Finally the muh-dikhai rasm is over and everybody disperses and Kasturi goes upstairs to her room. When she is passing Robbie's room, she goes very close to the door and puts her ear against it to see if she can hear any sound from inside, just then the door opens and Robbie steps out with his bag, ready for the flight and crashes into Kasturi!!

Kasturi grabs his arm to brace herself, while Robbie holds her shoulders to stop her from falling. He steadies her, they stare at each other for a moment. Kasturi's eyes are filled with an expression of relief. While Robbie's eyes are filled with an expression of worry, ki kahin Kasturi ko koi chot to nahin aayee. As soon as he sees that everything is fine with her,he says
R: Sorry
He grabs his bag, pulls his arm out of Kasturi's hand and walks away. Once he takes his arm out of Kasturi's hand, that's when she realizes that his arm was burning!! He was running a very high fever!!! She rushes after him, but by then he has already reached the bottom of the stairs. He takes the prasad that his mother gives him, takes her blessings and leaves without turning back and looking at Kasturi even for a second. Kasturi remains standing there, her eyes filling up with tears. She notices someone coming up the stairs and quickly goes to her room, closes the door and bursts out crying. After a while, she slowly comes back to her senses and goes to her suitcase (she just came yesterday, so she has not unpacked her suitcases yet) to change into something lighter. When she approaches the suitcase, she notices a piece of paper and a small box on the suitcase.
She picks the paper up and reads it. It will be from Robbie and he has written...
R: Sorry Kasturi, mein tumharee muh-dikhai rasm mein nahin aa sakaa. Mein tumhe kisi bhi uncomfortable situation mein nahin daalna chahta tha. Lekin is box mein mera gift hai, hopefully tumhe pasand aayega.

Kasturi quickly opens the box, stares inside and again bursts into crying.......... The box will contain the black thread that she had tied to his wrist in the temple!!

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PART - 3

It will be a week since RaK wedding. The Sabharwal and Singhania group of companies will be subjected to an income tax raid. Raunak will become very busy with his work and so he will cancel their honeymoon trip. Kasturi will be a little relieved as she is not at all ready for it. And Raunak will also not mind, because it was anyway going to be done for the family's sake. Robbie will be elated. He will still be giving Kasturi the silent treatment. Finally K will decide that enough is enough. Robbie needs to move on with his life and for this he needs to let her go. And unless he lets her go, she will never be able to fulfill her duties as a wife. So she will go to Robbie one evening.
K : Sir, mein aapse baat karnaa chahti hun
R : Sorry, mein abhi busy hun
K : I don't care, aapko mere se baat karni hi padegi
R turns around to look at her. She will have a very determined look on her face.She will be looking lovely in a beautiful green color saree. He cannot take his eyes off her. But he will turn away from her and say
R : Kaho, kya kehna hai.
K : Yahan nahin, mein aapko kahin le jaana chahti hun.
R is surprised
R : Kahan?
K : aap chaliye toh sahi, raaste mein bataati hun

They both leave in his car. Both of them will be remembering all the times that they travelled in the car.

R : ab toh batao, kahan jaa rahe hai hum?
K : DeviMaa ke mandir
R will understand that she wants to take some promise from him in the mandir, where he cannot lie and looks at her angrily and say
R : Mein koi mandir nahin jaana chahtaa hun. (And then he will say very sarcastically) Phir bhi mein tumhe mandir kyun le jaao? Tumhaare patidev kahan hai? Unke saath jaao.
And he will plan to turn his car back
K : Sir, please gaadi mat ghumaaiye. Aapko meri kasam!!!!
R will stop the turn and stop the car and look at her angrily
K : Sorry, meraa matlab hai, bas yeh aakri baar meri baat maaniye. Phir mein aapse kabhi kuch nahin maangungi.
Her eyes fill up with tears.
R will start the car again and then they will reach the temple.

It will be windy and cloudy, like it is going to rain.
They will walk up to the temple. And both of them will remember the Shiv mandir scenes. Robbie will constantly be looking at her and she will try her best not to look at him. Suddenly Robbie will come close to her, very close. Kasturi will be shocked and she will get tensed that he might lift her again. But Robbie will reach for her hair and remove a dried leaf that will be stuck in her hair due to the wind. And then he will turn and go into the temple. Kasturi will heave a sigh of relief.

In the temple, they will take aarti from the priest and then she will do pranaam to pandit ji and he will look at both of them and think Kitni sundar jodi hai and then he will say,
PJ : Sadaa suhaagan raho
Kind of indicating that he thinks Robbie is her husband.
Kasturi will be shocked and she will want to correct him, but by then he will turn and go inside.
Robbie will look at her with a smile and go outside and call someone on his cell phone. After finishing the call, he will come and sit on the steps. Kasturi will come slowly and sit besides him.
R : Bolo, kya kehna chahti ho?
K : Sir, woh..... woh aap kab tak yuh gusse mein rahenge? Jo hona tha woh ho gayaa hai. Ab hum kuch nahin kar sakte. Hamaara sath zindagi bhar ke liye nahin likha tha. Ab aapko yeh baat maanana hoga. Aur main yeh bhi.....
R : Kya abhi tak tumne yeh baat maana hai, ki hamara sath khatam ho gayaa hai??
Kasturi is shocked and looks at R confused and does not know what to say.
R : Kya tum abhi bhi mujhse pyaar nahin karti??
Kasturi does not answer.
R gets very intense and says
R : Tum jawaab nahin dena chahti, theek hai. Yaad hai ek baar tumne mera haath tham kar kahaa tha ki tum zindagi bhar isi haath ko thaam kar chalogi? Yaad hai tumhe??
K : Sir, mei hamesha se aapka hi haath thamnaa chahti thi, lekin aapne hi apnaa haath mere haath se alag kar diya.
R : Lekin mein lautke bhi aaya tha Kasturi.
K : Tab tak bahut der ho chuki thi, Sir
R : Der tumhaare liye hui hogi Kasturi, mere liye nahin. Mei zindagi bhar tumhaara intezaar karunga. Yeh meraa vaada hai tumse, Ek din tumhaare gale mein, mere naamka mangalsutra hoga, aur tum maang bharogi mere naam ke sindoor se.
Kasturi (gets agitated and thinks), Sir toh meri baat sun hi nahin rahe hai. Inhe kaise bhi aaj mujhe samjhana hoga, ki meri shaadi ho gayi hai.
K : Suniye Sir...
R cuts her off
R : Hum mandir mein baithe hai aur mein jhoot nahin bolunga aur mein chahta hun ki tum bhi jhoot mat bolo. Mere khuch sawaalon ke jawab dogi???
K (defensively): Mein bhi yahaan baithkar jhoot nahin bolungi Sir, poochiye
R : toh phir kaho, kabhi tumhe mujhse pyaar tha?
K (looks down) : han
R : Aur tum yeh maanti ho ki maine bhi tumse pyaar kiya?
K : han
R : yeh tumhe maalum hai na, ki mein abhi bhi tumse utnaa hi pyaar karta hun?
K : han
R : Mein jaanta hun, tum Raunak se pyaar nahin karti ho, right?
K (looks at him) : han, Sir....
R : Phir bhi tumne Raunak se shaadi ki?
K (gets restless) : han, lekin.....
R : Lekin tumhe lagtaa hai ki tumhe shaadi ka farz nibhana hai?
K (gets more restless) : han, lekin meri baat suniye
R : Aur tumhe lagtaa hai ki tumhaara, aur raunak ka, zindagi bhar ka saath hai?
K (gets tired) : han, aur....
R : Aur tumhaara parivaar is shadi se khush hai?
K (looks at him in a tired manner) : han, khush hai lekin......
R : Lekin ab bhi tum mujhse bahut pyaar karti ho?
K : han, bahut pyaar karti hun......
Kasturi stops! Robbie looks at her smilingly!! Kasturi is shocked, and fumbles
K : Mera matlab hai....mein, mein yeh kah rahi thi ki.
Robbie grabs her and brings her very close adn says looking into her eyes
R : I am sorry, tumhaare dil ki baat hothon tak laane ke liye, mujhe tumhe trick karna pada. Magar yeh acchi tarah se samajh lo, ki hum dono kab ke pati-patni ban chuke hai. bhale hi hamaari shaadi is duniyawaalon ki rakhi gayee rasmon se nahin hui ho, lekin sacche dil se di gayee kasmon se zaroor hui hai. Tum hamesha se meri thi aur meri hi rahogi.
Saying this, he scratches his thumb very roughly against the sharp edge of the pillar base and blood starts flowing from his thumb. Kasturi is shocked and stares at him, while he applies that blood on her maang and says
R (with determination): Ise mitaana kisike bas ki baat nahin.
And then he surrounds her face with his palms and looks so deeply into her eyes that K is completely lost. In the background we hear
Band aankhon se tumhe, aankh bhar ke dekh le,
Dil jo kehta hai chalo, aaj kar ke dekh le, katraa katraa apni khushboo, saanson mein ghul jaane de..........Jaaniye Ve.........
(Song from Dus)
And then he kisses her forehead and gets up and says
R : Meine tumhaare liye Taxi mangaayi hai, jo neeche khadhi hai. Usme tum ghar chali jaana.
and leaves with Kasturi staring at him completely dumbfounded.
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Thanx a lot Pragalbha... for creating a different thread.... Its superb!!! Thumbs Up

Its great... I'm loving it!!!

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wonderful as always, Embarrassed Clap
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Thank u P.... AAwwwww i can read all the scenes again now Wink ....

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PART - 4

K sits there dazed for a while and then slowly gets up and walks out of the temple to the taxi. Robbie is sitting in his car, a little behind, hidden by other cars. He is waiting for her to get into the taxi. The taxi starts and he follows her till they reach the house. Once he makes sure K is safely at home, he drives away to some pub to drown his sorrow in liquor.

For the next couple of days Kasturi goes around in a daze. She avoids Robbie completely as she is not sure of her feelings anymore and Robbie also keeps away from her as he cannot see her in such pain.

But they live in the same house and so invariably they do come across each other and everytime they do, R finds K filled with confusion and guilt and he is unable to see her go through this and so he gets his manager to book him a few concerts and leaves for a couple of weeks.

R misses K like hell throughout the concerts. It will be killing him to stay away from her, but he will still continue. K will be suffering herself. Every time her mind wanders towards Robbie and she thinks of what happened in the temple, she will chide herself and get back to reality. But again after a few minutes, she will start thinking about R again!!!

While this is going on, Raunak notices that Kasturi is looking very depressed and he thinks maybe he should take Kasturi out for a few days and she might feel better. And so he will talk to Kasturi
Ra : Kasturi, kyun na hum thode dinon ke liye baahar ghum ke aaye? I am sorry, aaj kal mai kaam mein itnaa vyasta rahaa, ke tumhaare baare mein bilkul nahin socha.
K gets tensed that maybe he is reviving honeymoon plans and feels she is not ready for it yet and says
K : Nahin Sir, mein bilkul teekh hun. Bas ghar mein baithe baithe bore ho rahi hun. Lagtaa hai mujhe kaam par jaane ki aadat ho gayi hai.
Ra : Arre, aisi baat hai, to pehle kyun nahin kahaa?? Kya tum phir se office join karnaa chahogi?
K looks away from Raunak and says
K : mein phir dobaara us office mein kaam nahin karnaa chahthi.
Raunak understands Kasturi's dilemma and says,
Ra : Samajhtaa hun, tum uss office mein nahin, hamare VayuVihar vaale branch mein kaam karo. Mein tumhe kal he wahan le jaaoonga and wahan ke Manager se tumhaara introduction karaa doonga. Woh zaroor kuch workout karenge.
K : Thank you very much! Lekin aapke maa aur bauji ko eitraaz toh nahin hoga???
Ra : Oh no, bilkul nahin. Don't worry main unko bataa dunga.
K (looks at him greatfully) : Thank you, Sir.

Kasturi is relieved that she will have something to do and that will keep her mind off Robbie. She looks forward to starting work and bringing a semblance of stability in her life.

Next day Raunak will take her to work and introduce her to Sharma ji. Sharma ji will welcome Kasturi, and he and Raunak will decide to assign Kasturi the responsibilities of payroll processing. Then Raunak will leave and Sharma ji will take her around the office and introduce her to the supervisor and others and explain the work to her.

Soon it will be a week since Kasturi starts work. She will pick up the work fast and will start enjoying it.

Meanwhile after one of the concerts is over and Robbie's team is packing up, one of his dancers, Neeraj comes to him and says
N : Sir, mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai
R : Kaho Neeraj, What's up?
N : Sir, sir woh.......woh
R : Kya baat hai, tum jhijhak kyun rahe ho?
N : Sir, chaar mahine se mujhe, sara, savitaa aur heera koh tankhwah nahi mil rahi hai.
R (is shocked) : What?????
N : Haan Sir, sabko mil rahi hai, sirfhum chaaron koh nahin. Un sab ne kahaa hai ke mein aapse baat karun. Jab meine Kapoor sir se baat ki......
R : Who is Kapoor?
N : Woh payroll supervisor hai Sir. Jab meine unse baat ki, toh unhone kahaa ki mein jhoot bol rahaa hun. unhone proof dikhaya ki hum sabne already salary advance le li. Lekin Sir, humne koi advance nahin li! kisine hamare signatures use kar ke, hamare paise le liye!
R (even more shocked) : Yeh kaise ho sakta hai!!!!
N : Hua hai Sir! Aap jaante hai, mein apni padhai issi job ke wajah se kar paa rahaa hun. Mujhe badi musibat hogi agar yeh issue resolve nahin hua toh!
R : Don't worry. Mein khudh is ki jaanch karunga. Delhi jaate hi tum mujhe iss baat ke baare mein remind karo.

Another week will pass. K will become very familiar and comfortable with her work and R & troupe come back to Delhi. As soon as he reaches home, he will be desperate to catch a glimpse of K. He will search all the possible places, but will not be able to find her. Very disappointed, he will go to his room and close the door. Just then he will get a call from Neeraj about his problem and Robbie will say

R : Don't worry Neeraj, hum aaj hi yeh problem resolve karenge. Tum mujhe Kapoor ke office mein 5:30 PM koh milo. Btw, yeh Kapoor kaun se office mein baithta hai?
N : VayuVihar branch, Sir.
R : OK, see you there.

Then R calles someone on the phone and talks to them for a few minutes.

At 5.30 PM, Neeraj will meet Robbie outside the VayuVihar branch. All the employees will be leaving after the day's work. Very few people will be left in the office. They both go inside and R asks N to wait outside, knocks on the manager Sharma's office and goes in.

Sharma : Robbie ji aap??? Arre aaj hamare bhaag khul gaye, joh aap yahaan padhaare hai!!! Aap toh yahaan kabhi nanin aate.
R : Ek problem hai joh mujhe yahan kheench laayi.
Sharma : Kya problem hai, Sir?
R calls Neeraj inside and explains the whole issue.
Sharma calls Kapoor on the intercom.
Kapoor comes to Sharma's office and as soon as he sees Neeraj, he goes a little pale but recovers and says
Kapoor : Aapne bulaaya Sir.
Sharma : Kapoor ji, yeh mai kya sun rahaa hun, ke Neeraj aur baaki logon ko 4 months se salary nahin mil rahi hai???
Kapoor : Jhoot hai, Sir!! Yeh sab log baraabar salary lete rahe hai. Iska proof hai mere paas.
R : Zara woh proof mujhe dikhayenge?
Kapoor gets flustered
Sharma : Haan Sir, zaroor.
And calls someone on the intercom.
Sharma : Suno, kya mujhe pichle 4 months ke Salary vouchers aur receipts ki file laake de sakti ho? Thank you!
They all sit staring at each other and somebody knocks on the door.
Sharma : Come in.
Kasturi walks in with the file and Sharma signals her to give to Robbie. As soon as she goes near Robbie, he looks up, and they are both shocked to see each other. The file slips from her hand and falls on the ground. Both Robbie and Kasturi try to reach for it at the same time and their hands touch and they both feel a shock. They look at each other and suddenly realize that there are other people in the room. Kasturi is very flustered, says sorry and leaves quickly.Robbie's heart wants to go after her, but he forces himself to sit there and opens the file. He has completely lost his bearings and his mind is in a turmoil at seeing Kasturi so unexpectedly. Just then he receives a call on his cell.
R : Yes, yahin par hun. Please aap andar aa jaiye.
R puts his cell away and looks up to Kapoor.
R : Abhi pataa chal jaayega, yahaan kya chal rahaa hai

In a short while Kasturi enters the room again saying
K : Sir, yeh aapka office dhundh rahe the
and again RK look at each other and she leaves.
R shakes hands with the newcomer and introduces him
R: Hello Mr.Tripathi, yeh hai Mr Sharma, Mr.Kapoor and Neeraj. Yeh hai, Mr. Tripathi, handwriting and forgery expert. Tripathi ji, yeh hai woh file. Can you please check this up?
Tripathi says this will take him about half an hour and he asks to provide the handwriting samples of all the employees. Sharma provides him that and he sits at the table and starts his work.
As the clock ticks, Kapoor's expression is of shock and disbelief. Sharma ji looks very tensed and Neeraj looks concerned and hopeful. Robbie can only think about K.
R excuses himself saying : mein abhi thodi der mein aata hun.
He walks out and goes looking for K. He hears her voice from a corner and walks there. She is on the phone turned away from him. He stands there looking at her with such warmth and love in his eyes. His eyes expressing all that he can not actually tell her.
K : Koi baat nahin Sir, mein taxi le loongi........... Not a problem. OK Sir, OK.
She ends the call and turns around and finds Robbie standing in front of her.

We hear the following song in the background

Saamne aate ho tum, to jaise ishq kaa deedar hota hai,
tum chali jaati ho toh, tumhaare aane kaa intezaar hota hai.
(Song from movie Dus)

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PART - 5

Kasturi looks at him and suddenly realizes how much she missed him. But she will be very worried that her eyes might tell the truth. So she looks away from him and starts arranging her bag and says
K : Aapka trip kaisa rahaa, Sir?
R : Accha tha. Aur tum, tum kaisi ho? Aur yahan kya kar rahi ho?
K : Mein acchi hun. Woh, ghar mein baithe baithe bore ho rahi thi toh, Raunak Sir ne mujhe office join karne ke liye kahaa.
R : Toh, kaise lag rahaa hai tumhe yahaan?
K : Accha hai Sir. Bas abhi.......
Suddenly they hear commotion in Sharma's room. Robbie rushes back and Kasturi follows him. They enter the room and see that Kapoor is shouting loudly.
R : Kya ho rahaa hai yahan?
N (pointing to Kapoor) : Sir, isi ne hamari signatures fraud karke, hamaare paise churaaye hai!!!!
Robbie looks at Mr.Tripathi
Mr.Tripathi (pointing to Kapoor) : Mr.Robbie, yeh inki kartoot hai. I was able to match his handwriting to the forged signatures. He has embezzled the money.
Mr Sharma (angrily) : Kapoor!!!! Mujhe tumse yeh umeed kabhi nahin thi!!! Tumhaare andar itnaa badaa chor chupa hai, yeh mai soch bhi nahin sakta!!!!!
Kapoor (looks at Sharma with anger) : Mujhe in paison ki sakht zarurat thi. Aur aapne meri loan application reject kar di thi, isi liye mujhe yeh kaam karna padaa!!!!
Sharma : Tum already ek loan default kar chuke the, that was worth Rs.100,000. How did you expect me to approve another loan??
R : Sharma ji, police ko phone lagaaiye.
Kapoor (looks at Robbie with hatred) : Aap raison koh hum middle class waalon ke dard ke baare mein kya maaloom hai???? Aapko toh paida hote hi sab mil jaati hai, kabhi paison ke liye tarasti zindagi guzaarne pade toh pataa chale!!!
R : Aur yeh kaaran mil gayaa aapko chori karne ke liye??? (pointing to Neeraj) Aapne kabhi socha ke aap jinkaa paisa chura rahe hai, woh bhi gareeb hi hai!!!
Bahut ho gayee baatien, Sharma ji police ko phone kee jiye!!!
Kapoor suddenly lunges towards Sharma ji's table, grabs a pair of scissors that are placed on the table along with other supplies such as stapler, cello tape etc and rushes towards Kasturi and grabs her!!!!!!

He puts the scissors next to her throat and warns everyone
Kapoor : Mujhe jaane dee jiye, varna iss ladki koh yahin khatam kar doonga!!!!

Everyone is shocked and Robbie completely looses it. He tries to get near Kapoor, but Kapoor pushes the scissors closer to her throat and Kasturi screams in fear. That stops Robbie in his tracks. Kasturi looks at him helplessly. Sharma ji tries to distract Kapoor saying
Sharma : Theek hai, theek hai, mein police ko phone nahin karoonga! Lekin Kapoor, Kasturi ko chod doh. Uss ladki ko kuch ho gayaa toh, tum aur bhi badi museebat mein phas jaoge. Apne family ke baare mein socho...............

And while he is talking, Robbie signals with his eyes to Mr.Tripathi, who is behind Kapoor and Kasturi to attack Kapoor at the same time that he does. Kasturi keeps looking at Robbie and Robbie tells her through the expression in his eyes
"Mein tumhe kuch nahin hone doonga. Mujhpe bharosa rakho".

And the next second Robbie and Tripathi, both pounce on Kapoor from both directions. Tripathi tries to pull Kasturi away, while Robbie tries to take the scissors out of Kapoor's hand. Kapoor fights back hard and while grappling for the scissors Kapoor pushes those into the left side of Robbie's stomach!!!! Robbie winces with pain and blood starts flowing from the side of his stomach. Kasturi screams and tries to go between them, but Tripathi pulls her back and Neeraj and Sharma ji go to Robbie's help and manage to pull Kapoor back. They manage to subdue him and hold him down, while Tripathi makes a call to police and Kasturi rushes to get the first aid box that is kept in the office for emergencies.

Robbie's abdomen starts bleeding profusely and that part of his shirt is soaked in his blood. Kasturi tries to pull his shirt out which is tucked into his trousers. That action causes Robbie a lot of pain and he expresses it. So K stops and cuts his shirt up where the wound is. Then she cleans the wound with alcohol and attempts to bandage it, inorder to stop bleeding. Robbie's eyes are closed in pain and he involuntarily grabs her arm and holds it tight. Kasturi's hand is shaking with emotion but she manages to tie the bandage. Only they both know what is going on between them in their hearts, for the rest of the people looking at them, its just one person giving first aid to another injured person. Tripathi suggests that an ambulance be called.
R : nahin, nahin ambulance ki zaroorat nahin hai. Mein khud hospital jaane ki haalat mein hun.
K (says firmly) : nahin sir, aap iss haalat mein gaadi nahin chala sakte.
Neeraj : Maa'm agar aap chahe toh mein inhe hospital drive karke le jaa sakta hun.
K : Haan, yen theek hoga aur mein bhi aapke saath chalungi.

Meanwhile the police arrive, Kapoor is handed over to them and Sharma ji and Tripathi go with them to the police station to file a report.
Neeraj & K decide to take R to Medicity hospital. Neeraj drives R's car and R and K sit in the back seat. They sit at two opposite sides as much away from each other as possible.
K : Thank you sir, aapne meri jaan bachaayi.
R (looks at her and says) : meine tumhaari nahin, apni jaan bachaayi hai.

They look at each other for a second and Robbie turns his head away.
While driving, Neeraj does not notice a pothole and drives over it. This causes the car to shake quite a bit and Robbie expresses pain. Kasturi feels his pain too but she will dig her finger nails deep into her hand and turn away and look outside the window with tears in her eyes.
They reach the hospital. Neeraj and K take Robbie inside, show him to a doctor. The doctor says timely help has saved a lot of blood loss and compliments Kasturi. Then he gets a nurse to do the bandaging in a more professional manner and gives a prescription for a couple of pain-killers and says within a few days Robbie will become OK and leaves.
N : Sir, mein jaake yeh medicines leke aata hun.
R : Arre nahin Neeraj, kyon takleef karte ho? mujhe dedo, main baad mein mangaa loonga.
N : Iss me takleef kaisi Sir, Aapne joh aaj mere like kiyaa, woh mai kabhi bhool nahin saktaa.(His eyes fill up with tears). Thank you so much Sir!!!!
R : Please Neeraj, don't even mention it. lekin tum pehle kyun nahin aaye mere paas , chaar mahinen kyun wait kiyaa?
N (feels uncomfortable) : buraa mat maaniye Sir, lekin aaj ke Robbie Sir mein aur puraane Robbie Sir mein bahut farak aa gayaa hai. Sorry Sir, lekin pehle aap bilkul approachable nahin the. mujhe nahin maaloom yeh badlaav aapme kaise aaya, lekin aaj aap meraa dard samajh sake!! I hope you don't mind Sir, ke maine ye sab kahaa!!
Robbie smiles and shakes his head implying he did not mind and Neeraj leaves to get the medicines.
Slowly Robbie turns and looks at K. She will be staring at him with varied emotions on her face and in her eyes.
R : yeh badlaav tumhaari wajah se aaya Kasturi. Agar tum meri zindagi mein nahin aati, toh mein kabhi nahin sudhartaa. Aur jab mein sudhar gayaa hun, tum chalee gayee ho.
He walks towards her. Kasturi wants to move away but she stands rooted to the ground. He comes very close to her and pulls her to him and says
R : Please baby, ab mujhe maaf kardo. Yeh sazaa ab aur bardaasht nahin hoti. jab bhi Raunak koh tumhaare paas dehkta hun, tumhe choote dekhta hun, toh har baar ek nai maut martaa hun.
Suddenly Kasturi's phone rings. She snaps out of her daze and sees that Raunak is calling her.
Kasturi looks at Robbie as if seeking his permission to answer the call. Robbie looks away exasperated and Kasturi answers the call.
K : Hello
Raunak : Kasturi, kahaan ho tum. Aath baj gaye aur tum abhi tak ghar nahin pahunchi?
K : Sir, woh mein hospital mein hun........
Raunak : Kya, OMG, Kya hua tumhe????
K : Sir, mujhe kuch nahin hua. Woh Robbie Sir koh chot lagee....
And she tells everything to Raunak.
Raunak : Robbie hai tumhaare paas? Usse phone doh!
K tries to give the phone to R but he refuses to talk to him.
K : Actually Sir, woh abhi abhi restroom gaye hain. Waise chinta ki koi baat nahin, woh ab bilkul theek hai. Aur hum thode hi der mein ghar aa jaayenge.
Raunak : mein tum logon koh lene aa rahaa hun.Kaun saa hospital bataaya tumne?
K worries there might be another showdown between RR again and so quickly says
K : Nahin Sir, hum aa jaayenge. Aap takleef mat keejiye.
Raunak : Isme koi takleef nahin hai. mein ek aur driver ko bhi saath laaunga, joh Robbie ki gaadi drive karke wapas laayega. Kaun saa hospital kahaa tumne?

K : Medicity. Raunak: Mein 20 minutes mein pahunchtaa hun, tum log gaadi ke pass aakar khade rehnaa.
And he ends the call.
K looks at Robbie and says
K : Aap kyun apne dost se baat nahin karnaa chahte?
R : Naam mat lo uska mere saamne, woh meraa dost nahin rahaa.
K : Kyun na loon sir?? Woh jinhe aap dost nahin maante, unhone aaj tak mujhpar apne pati hone ka hak nahin jataaya.
Woh jinhe aap dost nahin maante, unhone aaj tak mujhe chua nahin,
Woh jinhe aap dost nahin maante.............
Suddenly Neeraj arrives and K immediately stops talking.
N : yeh lee jiye, maam, davaiyaan. kya mein aap logon ko ghar tak chod dun?
K : Nahin Neeraj, Raunak Sir hamein lene aa rahe hai. Tum ab ghar chale jaao. Thanks for the help.
N : Good night Maam, Good night Sir.
And he leaves.
Kasturi turns to look at Robbie. Robbie looks shocked, surprised, confused, elated!!!!
R : Katuri, yeh kya keh rahi ho?
Kasturi does not answer and turns and walks towards the parking lot where the car is parked. Robbie follows her calling out her name. Finally they reach the car, and Robbie grabs Kasturi's arm and pulls her around and says
R : Kya yeh sach hai???
K : Haan Sir, yeh bilkul sach hai. Aur aapko kya lagaa, ke dosti sirf aapne nibhayi hai, Raunak sir ne nahin? ke sirf aapne pyaar kiya hai, meine nahin? ke shaadi hote hi mein aapko bhul gayee aur kisi aur ke saath gruhasti basaane chali? Tears are flowing down Kasturi's eyes.
Robbie looked totally crazed out with happiness at the thought that Kasturi also did not accept this marriage and that she still loved him so much!!!! He completely looses control and pulls her to him and kisses her on the lips!!!! Thousands of emotions explode in both of them and unkowingly Kasturi also responds. But within a few seconds she will come to her senses and she will pull away from Robbie. They will look at each other for a couple of minutes. Robbie cannot take it anymore and pulls her again close to him and hugs her so tight that it will seem like they are not 2 different people but 1. Then slowly they break the embrace and look at each other. Suddenly Kasturi feels conscious of somebody looking at her and so she turns to see and is completely shocked. Robbie follows Kasturi's gaze and turns to see Nandini standing there looking at them equally shocked!!!

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