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Re-Union Pt22 Pg44 "Acceptance" (Page 4)

Zainoo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2007 at 11:44am | IP Logged
wicked fanfic

Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2007 at 6:37am | IP Logged
again thanks a lot for all the comments, too many to comment on so im just gunna say a big thank you!!!! I've almost finished writing up the second part so it will be posted shortly Tongue thanks once again
mumpet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2007 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Amazing fanfic. Clap
Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2007 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

Angad sits up in his double bed pushing the covers off him, he looks around his room, it was fairly big, and after all he lived in a bachelor pad. Since his dad lived in London and his mom passed away, he had gotten used to living alone and the small studio apartment was perfect for him. It consisted of a kitchen cum dining room with a dining table, dishwasher and a big enough fridge-freezer combination. The bathroom consisted of a shower cubicle and a toilet, which was only down the hall from his bedroom. His room was quite big, well big enough for him, there was a cupboard for his clothes, a study table with a computer, a book shelf which carried all his accountancy books, his double bed and a bedside table.

Angad gets out of bed and heads for the shower when he eyes up the invitation lying on the bedside table, he reaches out for it and opens it.


Mr Angad Khanna, you are invited to attend your high school re-union, taking place at the NIA on Monday 27th August at 7PM. We will look forward to seeing you there


Angad closes the card and puts it away and opens the door to the bathroom, he strips down to his boxer shorts and steps into the shower cubicle and lets the water run over him. He closes his eyes and goes back, back to the high school prom 7 years ago, where everything went so wrong. He can picture himself back in the large auditorium looking up at the "Senior Year Prom" banner with Kripa standing just next to him holding his arm. He could still hear her laughing while watching her friends try to blow up balloons, he could still see her smiling away as he lifts her in his arms and twirls her around, he could still hear her giggling as he chased her around the auditorium. The whole day is still clear in his mind like it only happened yesterday, how fast 7 years went without her he never realised and yesterday, seeing her after 7 years he felt like a part of his life returned, hopefully at the re-union maybe, just maybe he could try to make things right, that was if she let him, if she wanted to. 


Angad stepped out of the cubicle and wraps a towel around his waist, he stands in front of the sink checking his face out in the mirror, he looks so unclean since he hadn't shaved in over a week. Without hesitation, Angad picks up the shaving foam and begins to cover his chin and cheeks with it, then carefully shaving himself with his razor. He continues to feel his soft skin as he goes back into his room to put some clothes on, he picks out a navy blue shirt and black trousers and puts them on, he looks at the calendar, only 7 days left for the re-union party, he had already given his RSVP the day Mishty called him and told him she would see him there, but now he was having second thoughts thinking about not going after all. Mishty wouldn't be there, Prithvi wouldn't be there, but Kripa would, but Kripa hated him or at least didn't get along with him, he knew deep down in his heart that he still had some feelings for her, he always did, from the very first moment he saw her.....


The black BMW stopped at the gates of Angad's new high school St Mary's, Angad stepped out of the car and bid farewell to his father Dilip Khanna. He turned and admired the building, it was much different to his previous high school, he and his father moved after his mother's death and now Angad had to change high schools, he could feel various students staring at him as he walked towards the reception area, that's when it happened, a foot came out and tripped him over. Angad fell on his hands and knees and closed his eyes, he knew that once he got up he would face the most popular guys of the school, boy was he wrong, Angad gathered himself and stood up, opened his eyes and was mesmerised by the twinkling eyes of his culprit. He looked and noticed her laughing with her friends, he smiled briefly and she stopped laughing, they gazed for a nanosecond before Angad put his hand out "Hi, I'm Angad Khanna" She tilted her head and looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language, she shook her head and spoke "I tripped you up and you're giving your introduction? Boy you're weird" Angad grinned at her while she stood against the wall with her friends, he then turned and walked towards the reception again but all the while he would continue to look back at her laughing, most likely at him, but it was the most innocent laugh he had heard in a lifetime.


Angad's thoughts were disturbed as he heard a knock on the door, he buttons up his shirt as he walks towards the door, he smoothes his shirt a little before opening the door. He smiles seeing Prithvi, he moves to the side letting Prithvi in "what's up?" Angad asks. Prithvi sits on the leather sofa and looks up at Angad who was moving towards the chair opposite Prithvi to sit down. Once Angad is seated, Prithvi breathes slowly before speaking "I needed to get out of the house, I started walking and found myself here" Angad nods his head slightly, it was highly likely that Prithvi would show up on his doorstep one day or another, Prithvi was like a brother to him, it was in Prithvi that Angad found peace after his mother's death, he could confide in him and know Prithvi wouldn't judge, that's why he was so close to him and his family, so close that he would call Prithvi's mom, his mom sometimes, only sometimes, not all the time, no matter how loving the woman was, she was no match for his own mother Naina Khanna., who passed away when Angad was 15, almost 10 years ago.


"How's Aunty?" Angad asks, Prithvi smiles and nods his head lightly "she's fine, missing Mishty, but there's nothing new there" Angad smiles, Prithvi had cheered up a bit since the funeral yesterday, he needed to cry, Angad guessed, and that he did after lighting fire to Mishty's funeral pyre. Angad stands up "not meaning to sound harsh, but I need to go to work" Prithvi understands Angad's hint and stands up heading for the door. Angad stops him and gives him a brotherly hug "I'm here, always, don't forget that" Prithvi nods his head again before leaving. Angad goes back into his room and takes a black jacket out of his cupboard and slips it on, he sorts out his hair and puts his shoes on, he admires himself in the mirror remembering he wore something similar to this on the prom night, he also remembered Kripa had wore a silver backless dress, she had looked…..there wasn't a word to describe how she looked. Angad chuckles to himself, over the past few years it had occurred to him that no matter what he would be doing; somehow he would connect it to Kripa, it was funny how he would always think of her, regardless of the time of day, knowing that Kripa could be thinking of him, who was he kidding, why would Kripa think of him after what happened? Angad shook the thought off before locking his front door and heading down the front steps towards his car. He slid into the seat, turned the key in the ignition and started off towards his office, where no doubt, he would spend the next 10 hours working while thinking of Kripa. Damn the guy was madly in love with Kripa, if only he could just realise it himself and tell Kripa, things would be a lot easier





Kripa finishes her jog in the park and pants while opening the door to her apartment, she steps into the one bedroom flat and jogs up the stairs into the bathroom. She always had the habit of waking up early ever since she was born, Kripa never knew who her birth parents were because from as far back as she can remember she had always been in foster homes, carrying a small bag with clothes shifting from one house to another, but this never pulled Kripa down, it made her want to succeed in life and so she did and today she has her own place to stay and is working in a top law company, what more could she want? Kripa runs the tap in the sink and splashes water on her face before jumping to the shower. As soon as she's out she wraps herself in her robe and makes her way across the landing to her room, as she lives in a flat, her room is like a box but she adjusted, she has a single bed, a bedside table with a lamp, a chest of drawers and a petite cupboard for her clothes. She opens her cupboard and pulls out a white blouse and a knee length skirt and puts them on, then grabs a pair on tights from her drawer and pulls them on as well, she looks at herself in the tiny mirror on the wall and lightly brushes her hair before picking up her bag and heading out of the front door to go to work.


While in the car Kripa notices the re-union invitation lying on the dash board, she glances at it reminding herself to go out and buy a new outfit for it, she thinks back to Mishty's funeral the day before, her and Mishty weren't that close which was why Prithvi was kind of shocked to see her there, but when Kripa got the call from Mishty's mom, she didn't have the heart to refuse, and besides it wasn't like her and Mishty were hard core enemies, they just didn't share the same interests, except one, which was Angad, Kripa remembers how it had hurt Mishty a lot when she found out Kripa and Angad were together, she remembers seeing Mishty venting her anger out on Angad the day after Angad had told Kripa he liked her…..


"Kripa? Kripa! Of all the girls in the school, she was the only one you found?" Angad stepped back as Mishty moved forward, he only told Kripa he liked her just the day before, wow how quickly news travels he thought as Mishty glared at him "what's wrong with Kripa?" Angad asked causing Mishty to step back in shock. Angad shifted around in his stance and shoved his hands in his pockets as Mishty threw her hands up in the air. "What's not wrong with her? She's an orphan for one thing, no one knows where she's come from or who her parents are, she's been raised in the system all of her life, and we all know what the system does to you" It was Angad's turn to glare now, he knew Kripa had been abandoned as a baby and was raised, as Mishty put it, "in the system" but that didn't mean she wasn't a nice person, she just rarely showed it, it wasn't Kripa's fault that her parents left her, in fact Angad was somewhat proud that Kripa managed to make it this far without either parents since Angad for one knew how hard it was without a mother. He shook his head at Mishty "it doesn't matter what you think Mishty, I like Kripa and that's not going to change"


Kripa admired Angad for saying that, it was one of the things she always liked him for, that and his killer looks, damn the guy has a body of a Greek God she thinks as she passes through a set of traffic lights, Angad had always had guts, she knew that from the first time she met him, he had showed an immense amount of courage facing her especially since it was his first day at the school, but Kripa was and still is thankful that Angad had come to the school and in to Kripa's life.


Kripa steps into her office, she sits in her chair and leans back, she closes her eyes for a brief second before looking at the file in front of her, she is fighting a case for a woman who accused her husband of infidelity, Kripa didn't mind fighting these minor cases but she knew she could do much better, if only her boss would allow her to fight bigger cases. But that is another day's story. Kripa closes the file and stands up, she walks over to the window and looks outside, she opens the window slightly letting the wind come into the room, she breathes deeply thinking about seeing Angad at the funeral the day before, she never knew what to expect when she saw him, 7 whole years it had been since they last saw each other and deep down she knew not a day went by when she hadn't thought of him, even though she knew she shouldn't, not after what happened, not after what he did.


Kripa's thoughts are interrupted with a phone call; she sits back in her chair and lifts the receiver and speaks into it, she's shocked when she hears the familiar voice of Angad on the other side "Angad? What do you want? How did you get this number?" Kripa sits up in her chair waiting for Angad's response knowing he would make up some lame excuse. "Hey Kripa, I was just….it doesn't matter, will you be at the re-union?" Kripa's eyes grew wider, why is he asking this she wonders not knowing what to say, she begins to think of a suitable reply before Angad coughs grabbing her attention, she closes her eyes "Yes, I'll be there, why?" She can tell he is grinning like a monkey, she hears him laugh "no reason, see you there" She hangs up and leans back in her chair confused as to what's going on in Angad's mind, he can be very strange sometimes. She shakes off the thought and goes back to work.


On the way back from work, Kripa stops off by the church, she goes inside and prays. She then leaves and goes to the mandir, then the gurdwara and finally the mosque. Growing up as an orphan meant Kripa never knew what religion her parents were so she saw herself as part of all religions, which is why she would visit each holy place at least once a week. Kripa shuts the door to her car and goes into her house, she takes off her jacket and hangs it up by the stairs, she hears the answering machine beeping so she goes to check her messages, the first few are from clients so she merely listens and deletes them, another is from a friend, she makes a mental note to call her back, she's shocked when the next voice she hears is Prithvi's, she rewinds the tape and plays the message again


"Kripa? This is Kripa Sharma's number right? Well it's what Angad gave me..." So he gives her number around as well, Kripa made another mental note to kill Angad before continuing to listen to the message "...Just wanted to thank you for coming to the funeral, I know you and Mishty never got on, so it meant a lot to see you put everything behind you. Sorry I never spoke to you at the funeral, you can imagine how I was feeling, and anyways we should see each other at the re-union, if I go that is, if not then I'll try swing by your house. Take care….no need to call me back, see you…its Prithvi by the way" Kripa laughed lightly, she always liked Prithvi even if she never liked Mishty. She sighs and goes into her bedroom reminding herself to go see Prithvi before the funeral.


cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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gr8 part
angad really loves kripa but it's been 7 yrs and he still have feelings for her that's sweet.

Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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amazing part!! hmm, i wonder what angad did! 7 years, dam*! Were Angad and mishty ever in a relationship? Or were they just close friends, like in a bro-sis way? lolz. I really like this ff, its different. I know I must say that every time, but this time, furreal, its not like all teh fun loving types, this one is different, and I like it a lottt!! Continue Soon!
bugs_bunny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2007 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
xoxsubhaxox IF-Dazzler

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amazing part!!! i wonder what happened between angad and kripa.. Confused Confused excited for the re-union Big smile Wink
plzz cont soon!! Big smile Big smile

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