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MIXED DOUBLES KYPH ff-epiloguepg 113 (Page 3)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome Intro

-Ami- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 7:51pm | IP Logged

Omg wow! This fan fic sounds so interesting!!
Its so different!! This sounds so amazing!! can't wait for the first part!!

abhilashasharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
it sounds like Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors... Tongue when u get a chance dont miss it... Wink its a very funny drama/play whatever u refer to.
nice preview... i guess this is the first time u r giving preview for ur ff.... LOL LOL gud improvement.. Tongue
one thing i dint expect so soon.... Embarrassed
angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
gr8 intro.
cant wait 4 u 2 start the story.
Love''sAngel Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 12:01am | IP Logged
just read the preview... its gr8...
cant wait 4 u 2 continue...
continue soon
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys Smile Smile

Here is part 1



Professor Shivmani was busy doodling on the board and quizzing his students for the forthcoming finals. Most of the students were hurriedly taking notes or highlighting numbers and passages in their textbooks. Tanya was thoroughly bored and anxiously looking at her watch, "bas 10 minute mein 1 st one day shuru hone wala hai……yeh boring lecture kab khatam hoga?" She had her mobile on her lap, where her friends would text message her scores and ball by ball details. They were all at a nearby caf, watching the game live.

Her father had overheard Tanya's plans last night, when she was on the phone with Prithvi. He was very upset, "tho finals ki tayyari aise ho rahi hai? Make sure you attend all your classes tomorrow…..if I find out that you bunked your classes again, I will never forgive you…understand! Aur haan Kripa," he looked at his older daughter, who was quietly listening to her dad's angry words, "khabardaar yadi tum iski jagah class mein baithi tho… both of you go to bed, and work hard for your exams!"

"Pata nahin papa ko kaise pata chal jaata hai ki Kripa meri jagah classes attend karti hai? Aaj tho yahin poore din bore hona padhega," Tanya fretted and shuffled anxiously on her seat in the classroom.

Just then, her mobile started flashing "INDIA WON TOSS!"
Tanya almost jumped up from her seat. Some of her curious classmates looked at her; they knew Tanya would have the latest update for them. Tanya gestured with her fingers, "I-N-D-I-A   W-O-N   T-O-S-S!"

There was a sudden racket in the class, as everyone was excited with the news. Prof Shivmani turned around and frowned, "SILENCE!" The clatter died down, and everyone buried their heads in their books. Tanya's eyes were fixated on her lap, as she was anxiously awaiting the next update. Just then her mobile flashed, "INDIA TO BAT!" She could not control herself and shrieked with joy, "YAY!!!"

Everyone turned around at her with their eyes popping out of their heads.

Tanya pretended she was remorseful for her act, but was ecstatic on the inside, "sorry sir…..main….main," she hesitated


"Sir…please don't take my phone….my….my," she thought for a moment, "please sir….mere papa…papa," she started sobbing.

"Kya hua papa ko?" the professor got a little worried.

"He is in the hosp…hospital," she sobbed again, "he is having surgery……I just found out that he is not in danger any more….that is why I got a little carried away," she wiped her tears.

The other students stifled their giggles in their books; the professor looked at Tanya's crestfallen face and then at the other students, "hmm…..Tanya…..I know this is some new prank again……I want you to report to the principal, and then we will talk…..and I will keep this phone with me."

Tanya nodded her head and sniffed, "As you wish sir……but please can I send one message to my mother? She will get worried if I don't take her calls."

"OK…..make it quick… are holding up the whole class," the professor relented, and called the principal on the intercom in the meantime.

Tanya quickly punched in, "no more SMS… has phone…..say my dad is sick….in surgery."

Tanya gave back the phone and walked to the principal's office praying in her mind, "I hope he sends me back home!"


"Miss Tanya Sharma! Prof Shivmani just called me! I am sorry, I have no choice but to report your behavior to your parents….you have become more undisciplined lately……your parents were both distinguished alums from our college….even your sister is a model student……I would have suspended you and sent you home today, but I know that is what you want……so your punishment would be to sit in a corner in my office all day!" the principal yelled at Tanya.

Tanya broke out into tears, "Koi meri baat nahin suntaa," she sniffed loudly, "mere papa sach much bahut bimaar hain……aap chaahe tho phone kar lee jiye sir!"
"OK….let me call!" the principal gave her a suspicious look.

"Sir….no one is at home…..try this number," she scribbled Prithvi's mobile number quickly.

The principal dialed the number; Prithvi instantly recognized the college phone number. He had received Tanya's SMS, so he knew what he had to do. He stepped out from the noisy caf.

"Hello….I am Principal Garg calling from St John's college…is this Mr Suryabhan Sharma's mobile?"

"Yes….but he is in the recovery room….I am his nephew from Cherapunji……I came today only sir….for chachaji's surgery……..can I convey a message sir?" Prithvi spoke in his politest and heaviest accent.

The principal felt a little embarrassed, "Oh..Oh…I just wanted to wish him good luck….thanks….I will call later beta."

"No problem sir…..i will let chachaji know," Prithvi hung up and went back to watch the game.

Tanya looked at the principal with poignant eyes, "is papa alright sir? I have been so worried about him."

"Yeah…yeah…he is fine…..yadi tumhare papa ki aaj surgery thi tho aaj tum college kyon aayi?" the principal felt guilty.

"Sir…..our exams are around the corner….papa does not want us to miss college you see," Tanya said innocently.

The principal removed his glasses, as they were a little fogged from his misty eyes, "nahin nahin bte… ki padhai tho phir ho jaayegi…jao apne papa ke paas jao….I am sorry I got upset… will not be counted absent either….jao beti."

"Thanks sir," she wiped her tears and sniffed her nose, "main aapka yeh ehsaan kabhie nahin bhoolungi."

"Nahin beta……wapas aakar mann lagaakar padhai karna….ismein ehsaan ki koi baat nahin hai," he patted her shoulder.
Tanya walked out slowly and when she saw the coast was clear, collected her mobile from Prof Shivmani and bolted from the college to join her friends at the caf.

Listen to this song to describe our 'bad bad girl' Tanya from SRK's new movie, 'chak de India'- Bad bad girls track:

In the meantime, Kripa walked out of her class to go to the library. The principal came out of his office and crossed her path, "arre Kripa…..tum bhi college aayi ho aaj?"

"Jee sir," Kripa covered her head with her dupatta, "wo tho roz aati hoon," she lowered her eyes in respect.

"I am sorry Kripa…you can go to the hospital……aise mauke parr apne papa ke saath hi hona chaahiye," the principal said compassionately.

Kripa just looked at the principal quizzically; she had no idea what he was saying. Kripa had a tendency to remain silent if she did not understand, or was confused, or had no answer for something. She just lowered her head, trying to make sense of what the principal just said.

"Jao beti….aaj college attend karna zaroori nahin hai," he patted her shoulder and walked off.

Kripa just stared at him and bit her lip, "I bet Tanya is up to something…..koi nayi chaal hai uski….kahin papa ko sach much tho kahin? Oh God!" she thought and called home, "mama…main Kripa……papa kahan hai? Oh…roz ki tarah apne bridge group ke saath hain?….Kuch nahin mama……bas yun hi…..Ok baad mein baat karoongi….bye mama."

Kripa went back to her class, fuming at her sister for getting away with such a big lie, "aaj main Tanya ki asliyat mama papa ko zaroor bataaoongi! What does she think of herself? Liar! Apne parents ke bare mein itna badha jhooth!"

"Kis par itna naaraaz ho rahi hai?" Harshini, Kripa's best friend came and sat next to her in the class.

Kripa just bit her lip and frowned.

"OK..chal mat bataa…..jaanti hoon……tere dil ki baat bahar nikaalna bahut mushkil hai…..I have some good news for you," Harshini nudged her.

Kripa looked at her friend curiously, "good news?"

"Yes, good news! You know, my cousin Kartik works at Park Hotel? He told me that Zaib will be performing there tonight! Chal hum dono college ke baad wahan chalte hain!" Harshini said excitedly.

"Zaib?" Kripa's eyes lit up. Zaib Hasan was one of her favorite contemporary singers. There was something special about his voice which appealed to her- he stirred her heart with his deep and melodious numbers. She had seen some pictures of him on Harshini's CD collection, but now she had the chance of a life time to hear him face to face! Kripa went into a trance, as she imagined herself listening to Zaib live, a few feet away from her! She could picture him sitting on a stool with his guitar and singing one of her favorite romantic numbers.

"Tho chal rahi hai na mere saath?" Harshini elbowed Kripa.

Kripa came out of her dream like state, "Uh..Uh….shaam ko? Nahin Harshini…shaam ko kaise jaaoongi?"

"C'mon Kripa…..ask your sister to cover for you….after all you have saved her so many times….can't she help you out for a few hours?" Harshini argued.

Just then Kripa remembered how Tanya had fooled the college staff today; could Kripa fool her parents like that? Kripa had never lied to her parents about herself; she could never do that!

"Nahin Harshini….that would not be possible," Kripa said dejectedly.

"OK…then I will go alone…..Zaib ka autograph sirf mujhey hi milega phir!" Harshini teased.

Kripa shut her eyes; it was too hard to resist Zaib's live performance, "theek hai…main chaloongi….Tanya ko mere liye ek jhooth bolna padhega….wo tho waise hi bahut jhoothi hai!"

"Great! I will tell Kartik bhaiyya then," she dialed his number and informed him that they would be there in the evening, "haan bhaiyya hum 7 baje pahunch jaayenge."

Kripa could not focus on her classes the rest of the day; she day dreamt about Zaib and his songs all day.

Later, she called Tanya, "Tanya! Kitna badha jhooth bola tuney aaj!"

"Uffo Kripa….chill……last 2 overs reh gaye hain…west Indies still have 2 wickets left….I can't talk right now!" Tanya protested.

"TANYA! Main aaj papa ko saaf saaf sab bataa doongi….are you listening?" Kripa yelled back.

"Chill Kripa! Itna gussa? I have never heard you raise your voice like that…..I will make it up to you I promise…..please don't tell papa anything……jo tum kahogi main karoongi….I promise…please…please," Tanya begged.

"Theek….phir mera ek kaam karna," Kripa said softly, feeling extremely guilty, but Zaib's voice kept resonating in her head, "aaj sham ko main ghar der se aaoongi…….mama papa ko sambhaal lena…Ok?"

"What? Kripa! I don't believe it! Kahan ja rahi ho? Batao…..I am curious now, " Tanya almost forgot the cricket match in her excitement.

"I will tell you later Tanya," Kripa said guiltily.

"OK…that's a deal sis! Tum chup raho aur main chup rahoon…..great!" Tanya blew big bubble from her gum and almost got it stuck on her mobile phone, "Ok sis…got to go now….last over!"

Kripa and Harshini reached Park Hotel by a cab that evening. Kripa was too embarrassed to be away from home at that hour, and that too for a concert!

The women walked to the lobby and met with Kartik, "bhaiyya…yeh Kripa hai…meri best friend."

Kartik, a tall dark and pleasant young man, greeted the women and showed them the way to the banquet hall, "actually it is a small private party….Zaib is performing for them as he knows them well…..tum dono wahan corner waali seat parr baith jaana…OK? Enjoy yourselves!"

Kripa was a little hesitant, "Harshini…..please wapas chalte hain….mujhey darr lag raha hai….kahin humein kisi ne pehchaan liya tho?"

"C'mon Kripa… one will recognize us here….just relax!"

The crowd started pouring in and took their seats around their tables.
Kripa sat down slowly, and covered her head and face with her black dupatta, just revealing a pair of big, attractive and fearful eyes. She was not used to so many strangers and certainly did not want to be spotted by anyone in the hotel.

She kept fidgeting on her chair and was almost about to leave, when there was welcome applause, "PLEASE WELCOME MR ZAIB HASAN!" someone announced.

Kripa froze in her position, her dupatta still covering her face. The dashing pop star was just a few feet away from her; he looked so handsome in his white shirt, black slacks, an unshaven look and a guitar in his hand- she was awestruck- she sat down on her seat as he started strumming his guitar, 'ladies and gentlemen….yeh pehla geet ek aisi ladki ke liye jo aaj tak sirf mere sapno mein aati hai……parr iss umeed se aaj yeh gaana aap logon ko suna raha hoon ki shayad aaj mere sapno ki ladki yahin kahin ho……so there you go!" He started crooning:

"Bholi si surat" from DTPH

Bholi Si Surat, Aankhon Mein Masti
Aye Hai, Are Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
Aye Hai, Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
Aye Hai
Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
Aye Hai, Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
Aye Hai

Ladki Nahin Hai, Woh Jaadu Hai, Aur Kaha Kya Jaye
Raat Ko Mere Khawaab Mein Aayee, Woh Zulfe Bikhrayee
Aankh Khuli To Dil Chaha Phir Neend Mujhe Aajaye
Bin Dekhe Yeh Haal Hua, Dekhu To Kya Ho Jaaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
Aye Hai
Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti
Aye Hai

Saawan Ka Pehla Baadal, Uska Kaajal Banjaaye
Mauj Uthe Saagar Mein Jaise Aise Kadam Uthaye
Rab Ne Jaane Kis Mitti Se Uske Ang Banaye
Chum Se Kaash Kahin Se Mere Saamne Wo Aajaaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye hai
Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye
Aye Hai
Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To Yaar Nazar Woh Aaye
Bholi Si Surat
Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaye
Aye Hai
Aye Hai

….to be contd….

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cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
woah! amazing part
hmmm so is zaib and kripa Wink lolz opposite attracts
cont soon.

A&K_4Evr-S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 August 2007 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
o so kripa wid zaib and tanya wid angad :( aww man i thought it wud b ak and tanya-zeb
gr8 FF

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