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Dearest Diary, AK ch19 pg 20 (Page 6)

damilola IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
great part Clap

oh no !!!

they are fighting

who is dat man ???

AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
fab part
gril u r full of surprises...
but is angad really mean or is it some cover up????
continue soon
abhilashasharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2007 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
ur style of writing is admirable..... i luve it....
but the A-K chemistry is confusing... *scratching my head* sorry cant help it.. but i enjoyed reading it...LOL
kIrAn...E>GA<3 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2007 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Chapter 5- Him

I turned on my heels slowly, not sure how to react. "Mr…Mr…Mr…" I started. Mister….Mr Vicky? What was his bloody name? We knew him as simply Vicky.

"Gujraal. Vikrant Gujraal. ACP Mumbai Police. Pleased to meet you." He held his hand out for a shake. His grip was firm and turned my blood to icicles stuck in my veins.

"We've met." I muttered.

"I'm sure we have." He said tauntingly. "How could I not know Mrs. Khanna? Everyone here knows you, Ms. Kripa Sharma. The infamous thief."

"I'm no longer Mrs. Khanna," I said, glaring to Angad. He looked down. I wondered how he even knew of my and Angad's marriage. Angad had said he had kept it from the entire department. Another page in Angad's book of lies. "Nor am I a thief."

"Well, Ms. Kripa. You look vaguely familiar. Do I know you?" No, but I certainly know you. I was astonished he remembered my face. One of a million, my face he remembered? Impossible, I thought. He would never guess. It had been too many years since I went from Kritika to Kripa. If anyone, he would remember Kritika.

"Not that I know of." I lied, keeping composure. I didn't know the ACP Of Mumbai Police. I knew a constable, a raggedy drunkard of a constable that "guarded" our street.

"Have you been to Baker Street lately?" I asked, slyly. Color fled his face when he glanced down.

"Baker Street. Why yes, I have. The place is full of whores, pimps, and robbers. Us police are always making our rounds around areas like that." He answered diplomatically; he wiped sweat off of his brow.

"That's wonderful. So how is the police force treating you, Sir?" His cheeks flushed a deep red upon remembrance of the word, Sir.

"Fine, fine. Your husband makes the job a lot easier. He's a gem of an officer." He said, eyes amused. He was mocking me. I could see it. He didn't remember me but he concluded I was not a friend.

"My husband? I'm unmarried." I stated simply. He raised an eyebrow.

"The man you've besotted, Angad Khanna. Are you two not married?" He asked, quizzically.

"Besotted?" I chuckled, "That was a tiny affair. All taken in good spirits." Angad glanced angrily at me, pained. If he could make me hurt, I could hurt him more.

"Ah. So it is nothing serious, I presume?" I shook my head in negativity.

"Well, maybe I could have the pleasure of taking you out to dinner tonight?" He asked, like a gentlemen. His act didn't fool me a bit. I knew better, once sick…always sick. He was disgusting. I glanced at Angad; well I had a new mission.

"I'd be delighted to." I replied, smiling innocently. I could give a man diabetes, that's how sweet I was.

"Well, then." He kissed my hand. The touch made me feel dirty, "I shall be the Khanna residence around 8. I understand you live there."

"Indeed I do. I reside with my close friend, Aaliya Khanna. I'm sure you know of her too."

"Ah, yes. Keeping track of beautiful women has always been a hobby of mine." I tried hard to smile at his sick comment but I couldn't. I couldn't help but respond, "Ah, yes I'm sure you've gotten a couple or more into their fair share of trouble." I smiled sarcastically. I could almost see it in his eyes; he was thinking what I could have told him. She knows too much.

Though I should fear his power, I'm oddly delighted at the challenge. He nodded, pretending to not listen. I had pretended to cool down as I left. In truth, a fury of rage, excitement, and anger roared through my veins.

"Aaliya!" I shouted, throwing my keys behind me after entering.

"Kripa, what the hell? You've been out for over an hour now. Where were you?"

"I went to the police station." Her eyes questioned me, almost amused I answered, "Voluntarily."

"So I guess, soon me and you won't be related anymore. Well that marriage was short lived." Aaliya said. She was joking, I think. With Aaliya, you can never tell.

"Yeah, yeah. Me and Angad are…" Over. The word needn't be said, they were understood. I didn't have to explain. Aaliya knew it all, she stared at my hand and I knew she noticed the missing wedding band. This time it was the one Angad did give me.

"But, from today on. We have a new mission."

"New case? Ooh, what is it? Museum again? Internet Bank Security hacking? Evidence for a friend? What?"

"Aaliya, we're not going to steal. This is more personal."

"I'm listening," She said, seated at our bar.

"We're going to destroy the man that forced me to be this." I stated, almost breathless.

"The man that…" She repeated before she nodded in epiphany. "Who is it? You found him?"

"ACP Commissioner of Mumbai Police." I said firmly.

"You mean that he's the…?" She started. I looked at her and said.

"Good ol' Vicky Sir is now it." I paused to ponder my own words. Mission. Destroy. Commissioner? It sounded like a movie. I thought up of more words, trying not to sound too dramatic. "We're up against the biggest thing ever." I said, "And if we don't win, we die." I saw fear for the first time on Aaliya's face. I hopefully added, "You don't have to join me. I can handle it myself."

"Kripa, you can't do this by yourself."

"Yes I can." I replied confident, looking her dead in the eye.

"Maybe, I don't want you to. Remember, Kripa? We're in this together." I remember my own words from what seemed like an eternity ago. As little girls, we endured everything together. We promised we'd never leave each other's side because that's what friends were for.

"We're in this together." I echoed lightly before worry took over my soul. I couldn't let Aaliya get hurt. If this was anyone else we were dealing with than maybe, but this time?
"I can't Aaliya. It's too damn dangerous."

"Dangerous Kripa? You've taken a bullet for me before, don't tell ME it's too dangerous." She argued. She always pulled the bullet argument on me. It was once. And it was only two bullets to the shoulder blade. Nothing terribly fatal; I wish she would let go of that.

"Aaliya. That was a long time ago. And I know you'd take a bullet for me any day too, but this is HIM we're talking about. We don't know of what he's capable of. He's sick Aaliya, remember? He's sick…." I said gently, hopefully not too offending.

"I remember he's sick. That's why I HAVE to be a part of this. He deserves to lose for once. And I'd love to win against him for once again." Hearing Aaliya's tone of voice, I knew this was beyond danger now. Now, this was about pride. This was about revenge.

"Okay. We'll do this together. What I don't understand is…Angad works for this bas***d? Despite knowing…?" I asked, she looked at me just as confused. We sat in silence until we heard keys click in the front door's lock. Angad walked into the house. It was only 2 o' clock. He had taken leave early.

"Kripa, I…"He was about to apologize again, but then his voice turned violent. "What were you talking about to the commissioner?"

"I wasn't talking to any commissioner." I replied sassily. "The commissioner was talking to Mrs. Khanna, I don't know anyone of that name."

"Enough Kripa! Everyone knows we're married. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"All I ever wanted was a husband that loved me, and a happy normal family." I said, getting emotional. I was far from crying though, I never cried. It was a weakness, I learned. The one time I ever cried was when we met Vicky Sir.

"And what do I have? I have a so-called husband that married me because it was part of his job. Well, we all appreciate your GREAT sacrifice. But, you can tell your pig of a boss for you to get another case, because I'm leaving you." I yelled in one breath.

"Kripa, it's true I married you for my job but I really do love you." Angad said, trying to get close to me.

"NO! Don't even! If you loved me, you would have never…you could have never loved me to begin with. Your life starts and ends at your job. Well let me tell you about your JOB." He looked at me, unbelieving. I was too gullible to fall for it again.

"All you care about is a decent paying job. That's it! If you really wanted to do right, you wouldn't be working for the sick jerk that bought us as kids!" Fury burned in my eyes. We had all been bought by the same man. Difference was, Angad and Aaliya were poor, average looking children that were cut out for begging. For me, it was my pride I had to lose. I had been set up again and again to pay for my beauty.

On Baker Street, I was set up to be one of those whores. And the so called ACP? He was a bloody pimp. Yeah, he protected us just fine. I chuckled sarcastically in my head.

"He once was something wrong but he did reform. Therefore, earning his spot as ACP." Angad defended. He looked down, I knew just as well that he wasn't the type for reform.

"Right. I didn't know a prerequisite for becoming a law enforcement officer was killing your own damn morals." I spat. His ethics and moral responsibility were something Angad was most proud of, I hurt his ego.

"He's my boss. You have any idea how much power he has? Don't you think I've tried to fight him before?" He said, pained. Guilt and tears settled into my soul that I was hurting him like this. I debated inwardly whether he deserved this or not.

"You've tried to fight him before?" I asked almost awestruck.

"Yeah. It's impossible to win against him alone." He stated calmly, it was unbelievable. He added, lowering his head. "I lost." Suddenly, treacherous Angad was instantly transformed to escapeless, bechara Angad. Was this rehearsed? Was I really falling for this again?

"Angad, I really wish I could believe you but I can't. Not after what you did." Disappointed speckled his face.

"We could do this together. We're against a common force." Angad muttered, playing with the wedding band I returned angrily to him hours ago.

"Common force? My left bloody foot! You WORK for him…" I spat bitterly.

"No, I work for the police. My job is to fight wrong." He sounded proud and like a superhero.

"And I work for myself. My job is to fight you." I sighed at his persuasion. "We're going our separate ways." I glanced to Aaliya.

"All of us are." I saw Aaliya's eyes plead and felt Angad's eyes feel shame. I continued, "End of conversation. Goodbye." I went into my room and packed. Hours later, I found Angad on the couch alone. He didn't bother glancing at me, I simply walked out of the door.

So much for goodbye.

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Ride_It Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2007 at 11:15am | IP Logged
awesome part

gr8 job kripa LOL LOL

waitng for her new mission to start Wink

MUNNIBABA2009 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2007 at 11:36am | IP Logged
okk here goes my comment...

awww kripa left... well it is also his fault... and not in a way... and i really hate angad for marrying her for his job... adn stupid vikrant gujraal... idiot... cant wait to see kripa do her mission... anywayss... i LOVE the strong adn brave kripa... yay! okk so i am confused... is kripa ad alliyah are gonna do this together...or did she leave alliyah tooo... uhh sorry... anywayss... continue soooon!
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 06 August 2007 at 11:43am | IP Logged
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! what a turn gurl!! angad is such a jerk!! ugh! stupid *******!!! gosh I hope Kripa succeeds and girl power wins Angry Tongue Then, I wanna see Angad's reaction! lol! Cont Soon!!

<3 Madiha
kIrAn...E>GA<3 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2007 at 11:57am | IP Logged
hey, u guys i really appreciate the comments! i hope i get more! but u ppl are seriously misunderstanding angad...ill clear things up soon.

and aaliya, angad, and kripa arnt really "seperating" they juss think they r...juss keep in mind. she left da house at two but Vikrant Gujraal is coming to pick her up at that house at 8...she's gotta come back somehow...

<3 kiran
E> GA <3

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