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Dearest Diary, AK ch19 pg 20

kIrAn...E>GA<3 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 3:24pm | IP Logged

I'm starting a new FF, its AK. I'm not going to introduce the characters because I can't without giving away the storyline. At first, it sounds like a completely idiotic soap opera (like the BAD kind) but I ASSURE you. It WILL get better. First two parts. It's most likely going to be from Kripa's POV except for the very first part. The diary entry is Aaliya's POV. I'm posting it in hopes of SOMEONE reading and commenting. Please tell me if I suck. Confused Here goes nothing.


Dear Diary,


Today, when I went to confession I felt a strange stirring in me. As from across the screen the father said, "What is wrong, my child?" I had no response. My soul was so heavy. With other's secrets. Is it possible to die of an overweight heart? Maybe not, even if it is other people's secrets I hide. Since they are not mine, I cannot disclose them to anyone…not even at confession. So here it is, Confessions Of Aaliya Khanna.


Firstly, I know my best friend Kripa is cheating on my crush Prithvi with my brother (Angad, not Kartik…). I have seen them kiss too many times to remain oblivious to it.


Secondly, I recently found out my brother's best friend is madly in love with me. Yes, at first I thought it was a joke too. It's not.


Thirdly, I know that my cousin is starting to like my brother's best friend (who once again, is in love with me.)

Fourth of all, my parents hate each other. There's no way I can deny it any longer. They speak of divorce every day and here I am carrying on with my little gossip girl life.


And last (but unfortunately not least), my brother Angad Khanna is about to stage the most idiotic event of his ill-brained lifetime. He's going to steal the board exam papers…and post them on the bulletin board. With a message on it. What that message is, I'm still trying to figure out before he does anything dumb…which he most likely will.


The youngest one in our dysfunctional little family, you'd expect me to be the one with the least stress. And here I am, feeling as if my head shall explode. Or my brains will implode, or both…if that's even possible.


Well, like this one of a thousand more guilty Sundays pass by. Despite going to confession, I had a heavy heart. I still remember the look Maa gave me as she saw my expression while taking communion. In my head, as I sipped the wine I suddenly wished it was hemlock and I clenched my eyes shut as I gulped it. I had put the bread in my mouth as if it had a thousand iron weights pulling it down. I hadn't realized when Kripa had begun crying as she sat on her knees upon a pew. She felt it too. I glanced at Bhai, he sat expressionless. He wasn't a religious one anyways, I didn't expect much from him. As I prayed I felt my family's eyes on me. Was guilt so easily detected?


With a few guilty blameworthy steps and a splash of holy water and I rushed out of the church gates. Maa and Papa exchanged glances and shrugged it off. When we all got home, I struggled to take a nap. It was two and tired as my body was, sleep refused to grace me. Spare me! I shouted to my conscience, but I still laid there motionless, wide awake.


It's midnight, so I'll soon be beginning another day. A better one, I hope. I'll leave you with this utterly useless statement, I wish I could sleep. Wish me luck with my sheep counting.


Love always, Aaliya Khanna


Part 1- Anniversary


"Hey babe." Prithvi pulled on my waist. I let out a sheepish Hi and pecked him lightly on the lips, for normality's sake but while pulling away Prithvi pulled me back. He drew me into a long, deep kiss. My eyes opened momentarily to glance at Angad sitting, staring at his feet on the couch in plain view.


"Sorry I can't stay, I have to go," Prithvi said, holding his ears.I glanced to see Aaliya, staring at my boyfriend with the most dreamy look I've ever seen. Her eyes were glazed over and longing, I wish I could say 'Please have him! I certainly don't want him!' but alas, our third anniversary was approaching. Every iota of my being prayed to the God that existed that he would not propose as I would have to explain that I was already not only engaged, but married. To Angad.


"It's okay," I sighed. He kissed me quickly and left. I looked to Angad, my eyes pleading. He stared down at his shoes still.


"You're not going to say anything?" I asked sighing, dumping my weight onto his lap. 


"Nope." He replied plainly. He kissed the top of my head, sending shivers down my spine. Prithvi's kiss, long and deep failed to give me goosebumps. "I've learned to deal with it." He sighed. "Are you going to marry him?" he asked, pained. The dreadful question. Was I? I don't know. I should hope not. Illegal it was.


"I don't know." I said shaking.


"Well you can't marry twice," he examined the ring on my finger. He began to slide it off as I jerked my hand back.


"In this life, I shall marry once." I secured the ring back to its place.


"To whom?" He eyed me suspiciously.


"You." I planted a sloppy wet kiss on his full lips, and he pulled me farther into it. His hand ran up the crease of my spine. I shuddered, "Angad. I think we should tell everyone about us."


"I've said that. Everyone does know about us, partially. Who doesn't? It's not my fault they want to act ignorant."


"But Prithvi…"


"He knows. I know he knows. He's been….hanging around with Aaliya lately."


"So he's cheating on me?" I asked, slightly amused.


"You've been cheating on him for four years. Aren't you being a little…."


"No. I'm not. Technically, I've been cheating on you.  He can go become a drag for all I care. I love you." She smiled, he smirked back boastingly while replying, "I know."


"So Mr. Angad Khanna, what is it like to have a secret relationship with your sister's best friend?"


"Well Mrs. Khanna, its about the same feeling as being married to your best friend's brother and having an affair with her boyfriend on the side." He grinned widely.


"Since when is our life so complicated? I say it's all Prithvi's fault." I laid my head on his chest.


"I agree. You guys are broken up but his sorry a$$ in denial can't digest it."


"Your sister is in love with him." I stated as if he didn't already know.


"Yes, but Josh loves Aaliya." He replies with a matter-of-fact tone.


"Ah yes, but Anita loves Josh." I give him a decent counterexample.


"So let's get this straight. I love you. And Prithvi loves

you too. But Aaliya loves him. And Josh is in love with Aaliya not knowing that Anita is in love with him." He chuckled with a roar. I smiled.


"Our life sounds like an episode of Days of Our Lives."


"Hmm, it does. So wifey…"


"Yes…" I smiled innocently.


"Are you going to tell me where you hid that damn diamond?" He asked sternly. Once a cop, always a cop.


"I have no clue whatever you are referring to…" I lied innocently.


"Kripa. It would be a shame for me to have to arrest my own wife."


"You've done it before…" I mumbled. He lifted my chin and whispered to me softly, "I thought you were going to change." I looked into his eyes before replying, "I thought you weren't going to make me."


Okay, so my introduction. Kripa Sharma. Or Kripa Khanna. Depends on what or who you know. Our story is an odd one. His profession is that of a law enforcer and I break the law as a hobby. I've got immense skill, if I must say so myself. I have a degree in Computer Security and a few minor skills that go unsaid.


Growing up on the streets, I learned quickly that you either sell or you steal. And in my case, I stole. A little girl lost in the huge crowd in the bad side of town. I came across; drunkards, corrupt politicians, five-dollar whores. All with the same purpose; to survive. They were parasites. I came across each as a girl of eleven. Each of them tried their hand at trying to sell me into

prostitution. But another acquired skill, was living for one's self. Before leaving me, my best friend had given me a knife for protection. I didn't blame her for leaving me; she was like me and we had to protect ourselves, not each other.  I killed a few and I believe the chief minister of some place is living with a single ear if I remember correctly.


But I survived. I was a female pickpocket and as I blossomed into youth I realized I had a great strength. I had beauty. Not an enormous amount of it but enough to let me thrive off of. I masterfully got my share of what life owed me. Then I met Angad.


He was a stern officer; never defeated he faced his challenge. Me. For some oddly obvious reason; he figured a girl as beautiful as me could ever commit a robbery on my own. So he befriended me in attempts to find the mastermind. To his disappointment, that was me. But that epiphany graced him after we were head over heels in love. He gave that particular case up to someone else, who has yet to solve it, and we got married. He asked me to change, I said I might.


Aaliya was my friend who had given me the knife. It was funny since she was a thief too. And Angad's adoptive sister. We were all orphans. Angad is quick witted, and had an exceptional sense of reflexes. Once at dinner, I remember telling him that he would have made a great thief. He told me he had managed to steal my heart and that was enough. "Don't try and pull me to the dark side," He had joked.

Prithvi is someone that is not even important. I went out with him and then the psychopath began to believe I was his girlfriend. I told him I was married and he said it was a bad joke. Indeed, a bad joke.

Though this story sounds so oddly confusing, it is clear in my mind. Perhaps, its because I've been cursed with the memory of an elephant. I still remember the first time I stole. An act of desperation and curiosity it was. It wasn't really necessity that made me begin, but at the same time it did. I remember a tall dark woman, wearing a cotton Bengali sari. She had driven herself to buy some coconut water. Standing there, I remember thinking of what sitting in a car would be like. Aaliya had found a car once. She had gotten it to start to. Let's see, unscrew the dashboard like so and…Remembering the steps, I didn't realize when I had hotwired the car. I sneaked behind the woman and without her knowing, I had slipped the keys right from out of the waist of her sari. It was a thick gold, traditional key chain with a ton of keys on it. My conscience had gotten the better of me, until I had seen her kick the boot polish boy. I drove away. It was a marvel that no one had pulled over a 13 yr old driving.  

That was how the world worked, I guess. Don't ask, don't tell.

Today, is the 22nd anniversary of that realization. My day of adoption, my celebration of survival. Today is the anniversary. My birthday.

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Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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YAY!! I'm the first to comment. Ya know, this is a memorable event-- by writing this comment right now, I am participating in something big, a historical something. lolWinkLOL

I need to find my thesaurus. I keep saying "I love it" and it just doesnt hold it all in anymore. It was a superb start!! Amazing concept. I'm surprised that I still remember the whole "crushes chain" lol. It's cute!

Once a jerk, always a jerk. I knew Prithvi has issues. Is he like mental? He is in denial, purttyy badd!! Hopefully he'll accept it soon and live with it! lol!

LOL Kripa stole a diamondLOLLOL I loved her stealing teh car too!! Chorni and copp sweetttt!! Amazing concept ma'deahLOL I just might take back those words, "I'm dumpin ya"

lol kiran gets her hopes high! Whoops I took Mansi back before youLOLLOL Anyways. Cont Soon, I pity poor Aali, cant wait to see what Angad does!

<3 Madiha

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mansi1219 Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
WOW kiran its awesome!

i love the beginning..
woah she is married to him.. awesome! hmm now y are they not telling people..

confusing lives i wud say too..

hmm well i m ignoring madiha on yahoo to read this.. so let me get back.. she is buzzin her life away.. lolz

luv mansi
kIrAn...E>GA<3 Senior Member

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Originally posted by mansi1219

WOW kiran its awesome!

i love the beginning..
woah she is married to him.. awesome! hmm now y are they not telling people..

confusing lives i wud say too..

hmm well i m ignoring madiha on yahoo to read this.. so let me get back.. she is buzzin her life away.. lolz

luv mansi

wow, dat is quite the compliment. theyre not telling ppl for a couple different reasons, which ill clarify l8er on.

confusing, yes. interesting? i think so Confused?

she is quite the attention starved one, isnt she? madiha i mean. r u my soutan btw?

<3 kiran
E> GA <3

xoxsubhaxox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
heyy awesome start!! veryy different storyline..thats for sure!!! lol phsyco prithvi LOL LOL
and whoa angad and kripa are married!! and how kripa and angad love eachother, prithvi loves kripa, aaliya loves prithvi, josh loves aaliya, anita loves josh!!! LOL LOL does sound like Days of OUr Lives Wink
anyways!!! i love ur ff!!
plzz cont soon Big smile Big smile
bugs_bunny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 4:23pm | IP Logged

a new FF?? yay!! awesome startin!!ClapClapClap

angad and kripa are married and its so cute that one is a cop and the other a thief! why are they hiding it though?Confused 

And prithvi loves kripa??Dead that was one confusing love square!! nobody except AK love who they're supposed to!

Waiting to read more!Tongue

Edited by bugs_bunny - 31 July 2007 at 7:20am
cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
awesome part and really interesting would love to read further. seems like prithvi is a pshycho. aliya can't love prithvi i mean her choice can't be that bad LOL hmmm... the charaters r quite interesting


meme25 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2007 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
wow......this story is rly's great and it sure has me thinking.............i'd love to read more and hope ur gonna be updating soon..........this is awesome.........great job!!!!!!!

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