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hey.bhaggu IF-Sizzlerz

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To the voting of the AY Signature and Letter ContestEmbarrassed And before starting the contest... I want to thank each and every person who participated because we had a spectacular reponseEmbarrassedClapClap Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heartEmbarrassed

Lets go through the rulesEmbarrassed

All entries have been posted below and we request each one of you to choose your favorite entry and post its number.
Each has only THREE entries to vote for Siggies (in order) and ONE entry to vote for Letter
Participants are not allowed to vote for their entry and please do not create multiple id's to vote for your entry. If any such case comes in our notice than you will be disqualified.
 Voting ends on 10thAugust 2007

Now lets move on to the 1st voting... Siggie Contest

** Please let the siggies loadEmbarrassed it might take timeEmbarrassed

































Would love to thank all siggie makers for participating in this contestEmbarrassedBlushingHug

Now moving forward to the voting for Letter contestEmbarrassed 


Hey Whacko


Ummm so what's up??? I m sure u r having a gr8 time with ur 'DeaR' daddy over there… but u know I jus cudnt stop myself from telling u about things going on here..

First of all.. I wanna ask u 1 thing.. Y did u leave 4 London before meeting all of us?? Wer u afraid dat u wud cry in front of us.. or u wanted to ignore d fact dat sum people wer happy dat u wer going (including me at dat time).. Moreover I havnt been able to sleep properly for d last 3 days.. cuz I hav been getting nightmares.. And do u wanna know who I used 2 see… No not an elephant-sized rat… not even my dad.. It's u.. nd u know, in my dream, yesterday, we even tried to kill each other…verbally ofcourse..

Ok Now seriously ashi.. I think I m missing u.. Although I m not 100% sure.. but I guess I do miss u..Anyway cum back soon.. I want to perform again.. and..  meet u.. *sigh*

Luv n 'Regards'

Yuvraj Dev



Dear Wacko...Ashi...

How are ya? How many people have you tortured already in London yet?

How are you dealing with the Dino...your dad?? Jumbo's damn pissed off right now.

He's making people do sit ups...sit ups I ask you?! We had a party in the pub, all the nincompoops were parading around…I wish you were there to…You should have been there to shut those idiots up. Why are you always unavailable when you're really needed? And why are you there with your comments when not needed?

Anywayz, I'm trying out a new tune, and I tell you, it's gonna be the sufi-est ever! Can't wait to play it to you! If you behave yourself well enough, I might consider letting you hear about it, when you decide to make a come back, that is.

It's a real bore in ol' Maurya High without you. Everyone's being the same old crassed up crowd they always were…Pri's trying out weight lifting…Ok don't I can see you getting up already to put clothes into your bag…Sid's trying to avoid Latty, who's determined to clobber him up. She has gotten herself a pair of leather boxer gloves. I swear! I saw them! Ofcourse Sid's not too keen to see them, he's crouching under his bed, trembling…I hope that makes you go down till the airport and buy a ticket to India.

Oh btw, Na-kooool's coming to London. The idiot' got some cracked up plan to meet up with The Queen (he seems to think, he'll be introduced to the Queen's daughter or some other hot babe). If THAT doesn't spook ya enough to get on the plane and be done with it, then I dunno what will…

Come back soon.  

 Duncha be late  

Hope ya have a great flight.







Du-huh!!! Apun ne tumko kitni time bola ki woh jumbo ki baton ko seriously nahin lene ka….apun usko handle kar dega

Shocked na Ashi…ye sab tumhari hi sangat ka asar hain…..leo bilkul tumhaari tarah hi ban gaya hain….aur aaj uska yeh du-huh sunke…..mujhe tumhaari bahut yaad aa rahi thi…n hence the mail.

Maurya High is missing u….the skool just doesn't seen the same widout u…..whenever u r der everyone feels so protected……coz we know if any prob occurs we have our Ashi…who will always find some way to get us outta it….awww ur crazy wacked out ways rock.

Sonia Aunty has been visiting Maurya High everyday….wait wait b4 u start fuming wid anger……lemme inform u…am using all the tricks in the world to keep her away from timboWinkLOL

But most importantly I am missing u…the daddy's boy turned lover boy is missing his red head devilEmbarrassed.....the crazy wise cracks, the duh-huh's n hey bhaggu's…the fake he-man cum yuckraj is missing his wackoEmbarrassed

But the only consolation is that b4 u left u have given me the most beautiful memory of our togetherness…..our 1st dance….wid the best piece of music n the best partner anyone could have asked forEmbarrassed…..I can still feel u right in my arms….n am so thankful to u for giving me that lovely memoryTongue…..something that will live on forever n ever

Oh btw to read further u gotta highlight the whole thing….coz its kinda pvt n personal talkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Listen wacko…zyaada channe ke ped par chadhne ki zaroorat nahin hain…..maine ye sab isliye likha kyunki sonia aunty ne kaha……..u know she was like cum on Yuvi….meri mumum ko kam se kam ek mail toh bhejo……so bak to earth sweetheart……all this is just a natak……samajh gayi….u crazy wacked out redhead

                                                                                              Yours n Only Yours,

                                                                                                           Yuvi Dev


Well it would have been better in Kalapani for Yuvi than being away from his lady love. Just two days, but still ages. Finally he came to know that net is way to functionable on his PC, " duh-uh…" he said, and remembered this one line told by Aashi, " Tumney kabhi Electronic Mail ke bare mein suna hai. " he grinned and started off with writing.
     "hey Bhaggu, I don't believe this, the dino affair mania is full onn man. Gosh,when will I go backkkkkkk….wats this??" she landed upon the mail sent by her Heman. [ double click]
        hey wacko,
                           I hope everything and everyone is fine in London, well its too filmy writing I am missing you chow much, its understood that I don't oh..I mean can't have anyone over here whom I can checkout without the fear of a black eye, neither anybody with whom I can fight for an ice-cream, nor anybody with whom I can discuss bout my dad. And nobody to hear my guitar tune and take out flaw in it. I'm sure you must have forgotten, we've completed a full year fighting lovely together. The memory is still fresh, the emotions that I had to gather to tell you my feelings, I felt your soul through your crystal eyes, which had become my strength at that very time, the warmth of your heart at our first hug, the happiness and satisfaction I felt at " duh-uh I love you". I know, you stubborn doll, you'll not accept this, but whenever we are far, we find one or the other way to be with each other, right now I have nothing but our pics and memories that I'm cherishing each minute. I'm waiting for all those moments to come back, I'm waiting for you to come back love. A party will be arranged for you, I promise, no candles, no stuff toys, but a true heart for you named Yuvraj Dev. I love you Aashi. Please take care of your surroundings.


Dearest ashi…

                             Now why did I call wacko that…I cant post d letter now….she would freak if she saw that endearment….and her gorgeous chocolate eyes will glow with anger…hehe….no wait…..i meant dirty brown eyes…..ill just tear out this part when I post the letter….

                    So neway wacko…hows London??neone freaked out yet by ur circus clown hair…..thoh it does look super sexy in the wind…..soft against your skin…..ur luvly creamy skin…dammit wats wrong with me…..get a grip yuvraj dev….

                  I remember going to London when I was  6…..i think that was when I first started hating my father….till that moment I thot all dads were sarcastic to all moms…and that all moms shut up when dad got a look in his eyes… was then I saw couples walk along the thames hand in hand….no sarcasm…no cutting looks…..just a feeling  in the air around them..i guess you wud call it love…I din know the word….i was 6….y m I writin all this in a letter to you neway?

                        Mayb its bcoz I feel comfortable wid u……mebbe coz I feel I can tell u nethin thoh all we do is fight…..mebbe coz even wen v fight Im closer 2 u than neone I hv evr met…..mebbe bcoz u nd I are not so different after all…mebbe coz I think I luv u..mebbe coz I always hv…..nd sumwere in my heart I always knew it…..

   Well I def cant post my letter after that!!

Lots of love



Hey WackoWacko,

Whats Up? I am hearing strange rumors that the plane which carried you suffered a lot of damage in terms of mental trauma inflicted by your obnoxious snores,  God Help Those Who Stand Near Thou!...Wink

Aha! Smirking hun? Wish I could see you. Your deformed, twisted face suddenly turns adorable when its fuming with anger.

On a serious note, don't let your Dino Dad dampen your spirits. I know you left unwillingly, but Ashi look at the positive side. You are a free soul, for one whole week, far away from this Nazi Camp. Don't waste away this chance  and have as much fun as you can. I know you are capable of stamping dino's foot in his mouth and cutting his long nose short if he intrudes too much.

Just blissfully ignore him and pay attention instead to the beauties of London. You never know Wacko, London might as well make you fall in love… in Real Love that is..Wink

Everything is same old boring on my end. Maurya is so not cool. How can a guy romance in here? Trust me your pranks were the only surviving stick. At least they were a laugh {only when the victims weren't Yuvi Dev , which is so rareD'oh }

Anyways come back soon. Really missing you and your scenes with Dad. They are such a treat man. You can actually reduce him to a gaping guinea pig. He is never been dumb struck by a woman, maybe that's why he is so vivdly dreaming of you as his daughter in law.Day Dreaming HAHA…what if I tell him its al fake? Umm I guess he would slaughter all my real girl friends then.

So you better come back soon. Life's boring without you.

And yaa. I completely forgot. How stupid of me, infact this was the reason why I wrote the letter in the first place. Listen there is an exhibition going on there and it has self autographed portraits of Dulce Maria. You have to, have to get it for me Anvesha. I would pay you an extra 1000 pounds if you manage to pick a real sexy oneWink. Shes the subject of my recent dreams. Don't know why but these days am quite fascinated with red headsWink.

Signing Off {obviously in styleCool}

Love {you wishEvil Smile}


Ps…I know you have fallen hard for this writing and rest assured you are not the only one baby. After all its from the pen of a professional love letter writerCool 

If any of you entry is missing...please PM me immediatly!!!

Thanks once againHugEmbarrassed and gud luck to all the participantsEmbarrassed

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animateash IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 12:10am | IP Logged

yipee first oen again 2 post lol was w8in fro dis 2222 since a long time nitzzzyy hats off 2 u for making such an ososm post

and i m actually so ahppy 2 see such a big resposne for siggies mannn its liek a record 30 ooommgggggg ossssom ossosoom truely every1 desrevs a big round of appaluse


srsly even d letters seems 2 b gud

neways gtg reserving d place will read d letetrs and go trhu siggeis and vote


my vote


letter: 2.....
luv ash

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FateBeChanged IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 12:45am | IP Logged
too tough 2 choose..most siggies deserve 2 win..lets see..i really liked 31, 26, 21, 19, 10, 9 & 6..though i am confused abt no. 27 Confused looks 2 be inspired by d master card ad..but d priceless caption doesn't cum only..still i liked d idea Embarrassed

anyways here is my vote:

siggy no. 26, 27 & 31 Embarrassed

in d love letter..i only read no. 2..i really liked d unsureness reflected in it Tongue ...

so me vote for no. 2
srishti bhutani Goldie
srishti bhutani
srishti bhutani

Joined: 14 April 2006
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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 2:12am | IP Logged
for siggies
siggy no. 6,9 and 31 Clap

for love letters
love letter no.3 Clap

vaise i loved all the entries esp it was tought time choosing b/w siggies
all entries r just best of the best of the best
keep it up guyz Clap
shriyaroxxx IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 2:44am | IP Logged
ok, for d siggies, i vote for 12, 20 & 28 Embarrassed
& d love letter... hmmm.. i liked both 2 & 6 a lot... but i vote for 2 Big smile
lil_aashi Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 2:50am | IP Logged
hey for siggies..I'll vote for 21, 26 and 31.....theya re simply ossuummm man !!! Clap Clap Clap
and for the letter, I vote for letter No.6.. hey bhagguu...way too cooll yarrr!!!! Clap Clap Clap
aparna_1988 Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 2:55am | IP Logged

i vote for siggie 14...  found it vey appealing and i loved the colours used ..

 ohgod !!!!even 27 is  good

Edited by aparna_1988 - 27 July 2007 at 3:00am
tukz_REmix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 3:07am | IP Logged
siggy #1
letter #2

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