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Devkaajjal inspire - An eternal love story (Page 103)

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Part 94

 My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh.
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky.
My love is brighter than the brightest star 
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love


 He was back at his own apartment in Geneva...he had....spent the next few hours agonising.....the whole thing in his heart.....will she won't she.....why should she...Saby...indeed....what have you done but give her grief.....yes you saved her what....that was your duty.....he closed his eyes trying to shut the no no....go away....all you nasty thoughts go away....I want to hope....I want to have love is love is pure....but marriage....why should she marry a man, who has derided her, hurt her bad at times, ....why should she indeed Dr. Hussein....Saby got agitated as he paced his apartment,....despite Nikki's deeper implorations to stay....there was no need for him was safe to leave the palace now and he needed his space....he needed some time to brace himself for the rejection....but he couldn't bear to think of it now.......a message came to him by was hand delivered....he never had a chance to go after the delivery person due to the crutches he had been slow to get to the door..... he opened the envelope....there were just 2 lines.....

 Dr. Hussein

 I wish to speak to you in person before I can give my reply.....will you meet me at 7pm today, at my own apartment....I am home now....but I have been asked not to travel to remain free from the bacteria, even if I can walk a little.... i will very grateful if you came.....Carol....

 He sat down slowly his heart quite still as he read and read a few times....he blinked as if it were a mirage to disappear, but it was said not much....but his heart suddenly leaped out of the bondages of uncertainty and started to beat an uneven least he had not been shut out, at least there was a response.....maybe she wanted to say no....and be nice about it...sweat was trickling down his tense face, his pulse was beating hard....maybe Saby...maybe, have faith....he stared at the words.....a long time.....

 My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh.
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky.
My love is brighter than the brightest star 
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

He dressed slowly, in his dark grey suit.....since he left home he hadn't bought any suits....but this was new....he hadn't worn it.....he had kept it for any social occasions not that he socialised much, his fingers were as jittery as him, he had nicked himself twice as he shaved.....but at 6pm he was ready.....the taxi arrived promptly....he was able to slowly go downstairs and put himself in.....on the way he saw a florist asked the driver to stop....the lady came to the cab....and helped him look at the flowers....seeing the crutches....he chose 12 lovely pink roses....and a couple of red ones....hidden by the pinks....he was quite nervous and had to keep adjusting his soft grey tie....he looked very businesslike rather than someone going on an important date.....his mother was at their own house....with the family....he had yet to meet them all in days.....his mother knew about Carol's letter...but he declined her help to drive him this was his road now, his own two feet would take him was his battle.....his love.....

 Clutching the sweet smelling roses to his bosom....he rode up to Carols lovely apartment by the river.....bracing himself, he went to the door....luckily there were no stairs.....the door opened was her mother....he started to say something and fell silent....feeling a touch he had not expected to see the older lady who suddenly beamed at him mischievously....the greys twinkled softly," she is waiting son....go on....I have decided to go for a nice long walk meantime....come on inside.....dont be shy....," he sighed deeply feeling his wobbly heart and nodded.....she patted his arm fondly still smiling she left.....he took a deep breath only to find his chest was quite many ifs and buts....he had been thru....what would the verdict be.....her voice was soft.....he froze....he felt her soft tread,"...Dr. Hussein...shall I get you some tea....,"...he closed his eyes and braced himself.....keep your cool Saby....keep it calm...even if there is a refusal it isn't the end of this world....but for him it would be....she was his existence now....he couldn't live without her....and if she refused....the sweat formed again on his tense brow....but willing himself to turn.....

 Once I thought that love was meant for anyone else but me
Once I thought you'd never come my way
Now it only goes to show how wrong we all can be
For now I have to tell you everyday 

The softest of cream, the palest of pinks made her it draped around her lovingly, the full length just below her knees, was loose enough to allow the brace to was soft crepe and a few layers as it was so sheer....she had designed it a year ago....never wore it before....there was a pale rose at her neck...which was like a cloud....of gathers...the pearl necklace from her mother....was a gift on her 18th birthday.....the jewellery her own.....her mother had helped her brush her hair till it swung on her shoulders like a soft halo of spun gold....held to a side by a slim gold clasp....he sucked in his breath when he saw her../....time suspended....holding its breath as they gazed at each other.....he clutched the roses....hard...his heart was uneven as his breathing...his eyes drinking in her beauty...dazed.....she came to him slowly....and held out her hand for the crutches.....he hesitated....," are hurt....I can manage....," it was husky.....but she came closer and he breathed in sharply at the proximity, at her direct gaze...which was unflinchingly searching his....,"let me Dr. long as I don't use the other arm it should be doesn't hurt so much....and the brace helps....protect the skin.....please let me....," reluctantly he disengaged himself from the crutches....and she slowly gathered them....and took them with one hand to the couch....she gently took the flowers from his hands...and gestured," please take a seat Dr. Hussein....can I get you a drink....," his throat was parched....he could do with some water....husky....," no...I...its ok....I am fine for now....why don't you sit down...,".....he was nervous as hell....she chewed her inside lip and then she slowly went and sat opp....demurely still watching him....he was quite jittery...and kept shifting on his seat.....she could feel his turmoil..... as her own....for a few minutes they sat there in awkward silence.....feeling the ocean of emotions rise and fall yet unable to make that first move....finally bracing herself, as her chest heaved, she took a deep breath and said softly

"Dr. was a shock to receive your proposal....," her words made him to look up at her...the blues darker than usual, his jaw was slight taut with tension....she rbaced herself again and spoke...,"...maman told me the time....I did not know what to say...after the way, you thought of me....I thought you just disliked me so much....despite the fact you saved my life,....and with it the apology, it came as a huge shock at the time....and now was as if the earth was suddenly pulled off my feet,....took me a while to sink it did it your way as your heart desired....and I wanted to do it my way so I invited you here....Dr. Hussein....," still very soft, echoing her feelings in every whisper.....he looked at her oddly transfixed....his eyes still.....caught between fear and flight.....again time seemed to hold dear, quite like a statue.....betwenn 2 dimensions.....suddenly likea decision was made in one soft cusp,....she stood up and came to him slowly, each step was.....soft, sure and causing an impact in his poor heart, echoing in his soul.....he tried to stand but she please Dr. Hussein....please stay where you are.....she knelt at his feet still gazing at him same way, the blues searching his....filled with wionder and awe...of ths unreal situation....was it a mnirage or a dream...could it be true.....then very slowly as if each moment took an age, an eternity she took his hand and he froze.....she felt his heart stop as her own did.....then she smiled.....a soft unhesitant smile which came from her heart.....she slowly bent and kissed his hand and heard him inhale sharply....then in that same timeles motion....which seemed to stop for an age.....took his hand to her head and whispered against his warm skin,"....this is Iranian too....Tanisha told me, in your country.....when you respect someone deeply, and revere them in your heart, you always kiss their hand....despite your harsh words and misunderstandings, I have ....always reverd you....Dr. own own feelings which threatened to overwhelm me at each turn....yet one truth kept me going each time you derided me....that I... l...l...loved you....Dr. Hussein....even if I knew not why you derided me so much, why the insults, but I felt deep within there had to be a reason....why otherwise a man so gentle, with his sister, so tender with his friends should treat me with contempt, when he doesn't know me so well....there had to be a reason.....and after the way you saved my life, and told me the truth of your past....I finally made all the sense....and....I was decision was heart had been right, in loving you....even in shock of that accident I realised...the truth and depth of my feelings....but fear of rejection held me back...we were so different....even if there was the apology....i didnt know of your feelins then....but now as I look back......I must have loved me then....and unable to express your feelings, just as I was.....I realise, in every hesitation, every gesture from you was love.....a love that is as pure as its intention....,"....he wa so still....that he could be apainting in the wall.....the blues were arrested by depths o honesty that came from her soul....her voice hardly a whisper....,"....yes Dr. hussein....i accept your proposal...for it is not just a pleasure, but an honour, to be your wife.....a privilege bestowed upon me by the strange twist of fate....done some good in my be able to share the moments of my life with you Dr. Hussein - to me.,,,this is a dream beyond my wildest imagination, ....not far agoI had been led to despair at one point, but now as I kneel before you....all my heart feels is joy, love and so much it pours forth at your feet.....Dr. Hussein - I love you very much....and promise to keep true to every tradition, every faith, every feeling you hold true....I promise Dr. Hussein to love you till end of time, till eternity....with my soul with every breath I possess....,"....tears were falling down her eyes she held his hand to her forehead.....he frozen into immobility by her words...each word etched in his soul....spoken from the core of her being as true as time immemorial....deeply shaken inside as it echoed in his heart....yet mortal to the eternity of her words.....

 My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky
My love is brighter than the brightest star 
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

There was a long silence, even their breathing was silent.....with a swift  intake of breath he moved so that he could kneel with her....grimacing as he did not matter if it hurt....he clutched her hand as her eyes flew to his....tremulous....happy....filled with awe....still wonderstruck at iyt all....but his own were sombre as he looked at her searchingly,"....I love you too Carol...I...I...really do and have for a while..but like you said unable to say it....and I am also sorry for everything else....," her fingers stopped his lips from uttering more of that.....please say no more....they stared at each other.....his eyes were brilliant blue of a charged up sky....the baby blues were soft tender....moist...their hearts were uneven as their shallow breaths....time was holding its own heart as it watched...," Carol....," husky.....searching her face....her feel the truth of her words....he could feel her soft was true every wasn't a dream...his heart lurched again.....slowly he took her hand which was still at his lips....and kissed it softly...caressing her fingers one by one...felt her hold her breath which trembled he whispered,"....Carol I love you so much....that my heart cannot describe and finds no this moment is forever etched in my heart.....and I shall hold dear, each moment spent with you henceforth....oh my sweetest do not know what your acceptance means to me....the honour and pleasure is all have you as my my life my my country....a woman brings wealth, prosperity....sons.....she upholds traditions and looks after her man....she is the mother, she is the sister, a faithful friend and companion, a wise counsel....of the man she loves....and to me you will be lot my heart - a goddess to be be revered not just my heart I shall treasure you, protect you.....cherish, treasure every breath.....I promise you with my heart and time would be be never parted from you ever....,"....his voice was husky throbbing with emotions which came from deep within.....his eyes had been closed now he looked at her slowly....his eyes slightly moist with his feelings....they stared at each other......time was hesitant to stir....their hearts oddly still with the moment....reaching out to each other.....feeling its momentous decision....yet slowly moving closer and clsoer.....until their breaths touched....mingled....paused....their eyes seeking that question.....and then very softly their lips that sweet moment they had desired...but afraid to admit until this moment.....he was very gentle as careful.....not to touch her....any more than that......she did not care about her injuries as she held on to his arms....moving closer....seeking that deep fulfilment....of expressing her feelings.....her good hand crept around his neck slowly....her heart responding as deep.....drowning in that their hearts explored....

 But the sudden pain that shot up his leg made him shift and he had to break away with a gasp....closing his eyes, as the pain ran thru his leg..... he sat back sweat streaming down his face...she gasped....," Dr. Hussein....,"....worried he was hurt...he shifted his leg so that he could spread them out and sighed loudly, cursing under his breath....that his wretched leg had to spoil this magical moment...his heart was still racing....having never tasted something so sweet as this kiss which he would treasure for ever...her fingers were anxious....he opened his eyes slowly...they were wry as filled with wonder...gazing into her own....he grimaced, adisgusted grunt" I will survive....Carol...believe is a pain...," she stared at him....what....and he gave her a wry look.....suddenly they both saw the humour in it and laughed....spontaneously.....with soft oath....he moved close....hugged her carefully gathering her close....sighing with she nested her cheek on his strongly beating heart....for a long time they enjoye dthat moment...that warmth...that closeness....slowly he muttered, as his lips brushed her soft hair...."....a pair aren't we – to injure ourselves like this....we can't even enjoy a proper kiss.....doesnt do good to man's pride..."...she smiled and blushed same time....snuggling even more....and heard him sigh deeply.....she didnt care....about pride this moment...she was in bliss...heaven now....his musky scent was so every bit of this beautiful moment....enjoying his arms, his feel.....the soft brush of his lips on her hair.....savouring it for many more to come.....wanting to stretch eveyr moment of this magic.....
Elsewhere.....a public park....where sunset was upon the duo....were the 2 mothers....sitting amidst a  cluster of bright orange pink tulips....

Carols mother indeed had gone for a long walk but she had company.....Saby's mother looked at her.....contentedly as they sat on the park bench....eating roasted hazelnuts....Mrs. Hussein sighed deeply,"....Maria - you know something.....i miss this....this freedom to just sit down in a public place....and eat roasted hazelnuts....sometimes it is a real pain to be part of all that ....Isiiigghh.....always that wretched bodyguard following me everywhere./....god - I miss doing little things like this...roasted hazelnuts just when the spring is around the corner....listening to the birds....watching the children play.....siiiigghhhh.....god is kind to me today....Maria....," then she looked at Maria...who still had a dazed expression and she picked a few hazelnuts from the packet lying on the otehr lady's lap an dmunched them,"...mmmm....lovely....siiigghh....I cant believe it - my son is finally in love...and it happend just like a bolt of lightning...BOOM......isnt that wonderful is wonderful....I feel I am in love again....muahua...,"...she grinned and blew a kiss at the park attendant who chuckled and waved his cap........and Maria Anderson smiled shaking her head....still dazed at it all....," know about you Mrs. Hussein but I havent recviered....I am still reeling in the shock of knowing my boy is it real or a in tehatre will tehre be a scene change and back to back stage....god - I am going to need some strength here.....the repeat ceremony should convince me it is is likea waking up from a dream and wlaking into another....god - my children have grown up....and this poor lmum hasn't noticed....,"....she was crying as she kept swabbing at her tears.....Mrs Hussein sighed...and gave her arms a squeeze," dont worry i feel the same....come and join the club of shocked mum's....just imagine....My little baby - Tish is married, god i htought she was still quite young , studying....long way to go and all blind can one be.....but now she is married and someone needs tro pinch me too....same way....guess it is this like that don't you think so, Maria....we didnt do things like that...did you,"...Maria looked at her and shoo her head...then Mr.s Hussein smiled."..nevermind......mmm....pass me another hazelnut, it is gorgeous so tasty.....and now lets not worry about the ones who are married...for now.....let me enjoy this moment, these lovely hazelnuts.....and my little must we have a wedding to never know.....lest they elope first....would be less trouble if they did I guess.....mmmm....these hazelnuts are really good - lets buy another packet.......and what a lovely day it has been.....,"...they grinned away amidst tears.....

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky
My love is brighter than the brightest star 
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love


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Part 95 - love is in the air tonight

The moment arrives

Every time we meet..
Everything is sweet
Ooo your so tender
I must surrender..
My love is your love,
now and forever..

The entire day before and Nikki's pre nuptial morning was spent in coordinating with Delta Task force, organising adequate security for Ruthwick and Rahul who was accompanying his brother for the trial of Ricardo which fortunately wasn't going to be open to public view, they had decided after the mayhem Ronaldo had caused. The 3 representatives of the G15 who were going to conduct the trial were also safely escorted to the fortressed Delta HQ, miles away from the main city. Danielle was in the hospital so it was down to Nikki to monitor it all. She did not even have the time to celebrate the fact that the King had approved. They had briefly met, before the King let her return to her duties. He informed her of the arrangements he would demand of such an occasion, but Nikki had very little time to dance or feel happy. And since then she had been holed in this security room, with dozens of monitors, gadgets for company. In her heart she prayed to meet Andrei soon, her heart longed to see just one glimpse of him. It was like a siege in her heart, so close yet so far – damn.

Andrei's entire morning was spent in making frustrating requests to see Nikki who was in her private chambers all the time. It approached dusk and he still couldn't get a glimpse of her. It had been more than 4 days now since they had all returned to the palace, he wanted to meet her, talk to her, spend some time with her, at least just see her once. Ever since the king had approved, and asked for a wedding to be replayed soon so that the King could also witness it, Andrei had immediately sought Nikki out but her orders were not to let anyone inside, without prior permission. As their relationship wasn't official yet Andrei was also part of that cordon. He also wasn't able to contact Nikki who had isolated all communication to her from outside, and it hurt his pride that he would have to revert to the king now to be able to meet his wife....damn......he was hopping he paced his room....why was it so hard to meet her? What was the problem, he paced like a cross hen. Why didn't she call him even once, was he not important at all? Was it all about duty and the state? Dammit Nicolette, don't you have any concerns for your husband? Knowing in his heart it was not true, it was unfortunately the way things had progressed that the burden had fallen on to her. He knew that and on another day wouldn't have minded her absence at all, he would have even made all efforts to support  her in whichever way he could, but this wasn't one of those moments. He was not willing to be reasonable, upset as he was. There was a firm knock on the door and he growled," who's that,"...the guard entered regally and Andrei bit back his ire and reverted to his polite stance," yes please," after all he was a guest in the King's own palace, he had to. The guard nodded," Sire – Her highness wishes to have your counsel, I shall be escorting you," Andrei almost jumped to the door, but he stopped himself and his lips tightened, the greys flared in uncharacteristic anger," really – now she does, well well good sir, please inform the princess, I am indisposed currently. Also give her my sincere apologies. As a guest I don't think it is breaking any rules is it," the guard looked surprised at the refusal. He hesitated, it wasn't an order so he couldn't force Andrei to come –  but he must return with the message. He nodded smartly," yes Sire – I will take the message," Andrei stood his ground by folding his arms, at his chest stiffly, he was smiling but his eyes weren't.

There was a struggle in his chest to just run after the departing guard – wait I am coming but he stood his ground. No Andrei no, she calls and you run, no. Let her fetch and fret now and you my friend will stay put. That gave his ire some satisfaction as he sat down and stayed put.


Finally she was able to tumble in bed after a gruelling few hours of coordinating a very delicate security operation. She had just managed to catch a few hours of sleep but soon as she woke up, she was feeling lot more refreshed.  She had isolated herself from outside communication and soon as she checked found out that Andrei had been asking for her past few days. She groaned aloud, oh god – Andrei. God – she had not seen him in days. How he must be feeling she couldn't tell, her heart clenched, he certainly must be upset now at having being thwarted by her guards. She felt quite guilty at that. But what could she do, apart from isolating herself till the job was done. She waited for Andrei in her chambers when the guard she had sent returned and told her Andrei's reply. Nikki groaned – Oh Andrei, please forgive me. I really had no choice at the time, the priorities were such. She bit her lip hard, her heart clenching and unclenching a few times. Then brushing the tears of helplessness away she stood up decisively – well she had upset him and it was now her call to mend. As she stepped out of her chambers, Aga came in tutting," now where is missus going to – aaaah, not to Mizter Andrei. No no no...," Nikki gasped softly as she was firmly marched back to her chambers and the door shut behind her. Aga could be very fierce when she wanted, her eyes sparkled with mirth but her lips were a firm line of authority," now listen to me girl – I know you are my mistress, but not when it comes to palace traditions. Today is the pre nuptials a very auspicious time for the bride and she must not let any evil eye, touch her shadow even. In my day and time, I would not be allowed out of my room for 3 days, so stay put here. I am ordering the guards not to let anybody wander in her, except for the ladies. " Nikki gaped at her – wha....the violets leaped, no way she couldn't her heart already tugging her to run to Andrei, but Aga's hands were firm on her shoulders, Aga's voice softened," Muy little Sunshine, I know Aga knows it all. But just one more night , my child and he will be all yours. Just tonight you must fulfil the tradition."

Nikki cried out, her eyes were stricken," Aga....he is so upset with me – earlier soon as my jobs were done I sent for him and he refused....and if I don't go to him now, he will be really upset. Do you think that is auspicious? Please Aga, you know I respect tradition too – b...but we haven't seen each other in days – don't be so hard, let me go to him, just a few minutes." She pleaded with the older lady, as she held her hands in imploration and Aga pursed her lips ," no your highness even the King would not allow, you know that. I wouldn't want any inauspicious start to your new life, no my child you stay here – and zthatz that," she nodded firmly and stepped back. Nikki chewed her lip worriedly," Oh Aga – that is a cruel and obsolete tradition, how will I survive, beg of you will I sleep tonight, will I not toss and turn, would my heart be in peace when my soul is so restless, oh pray Aga how will I stay within my chambers, when my feet long to run to him, how can I wait for dawn when my heart longs to be with him, besides we are married – Aga, tomorrow is just a formal ceremony. Don't you see Aga - we are married, then this makes it different, this tradition does not apply to us – please Aga don't be so stubborn let me got to him, please...." her voice dropped as she grew hopeful when Aga hesitated, yes they were married in a way but...after the brief pause she firmly shook her head," no your highness, a marriage not witnessed by the family, the state and especially His Highness cannot be befitting for the crown princess. And doesn't the young Sir have to be knighted first. I think the best is for you to stay here – I won't take any chances with your future for a moment's pleasure. I will come later with your dinner, and I am sending the maids to do your hair." She was harder than the winter, for heaven's sake.

When she had left, Nikki sat down frustrated she knew once Aga had made up her mind there would be no changing it come what may, a timid lady like her could quite fierce when she wanted – a brick wall which no cannon ball could breach. Nikki paced the room agitatedly – oh Andrei what shall I do, oh my love, my heart beats - how will you be consoled.  To go to the King and plead about such a trivia would be stupid, she would look undignified she sighed. She did not care about being dignified when it came to Andrei. For god's sake they were married, this was so silly. But silly or not everybody would obey Aga, she held the same command and respect Lady Victoria did and the King would respect her authority on this subject. Even in the ancient times, the princess aunt or nanny would hold equally authority even over the queen in these matters. These were the women in the palace who upheld the traditions just by observing them and not just on paper.  The king would always agree with them as they would with their ministers, counsellors and wise men.


He became unhappy as time went by, even if after tonight she would be his forever, yet that twinge of upset was there, he knew next morning would be the ceremony for his knighthood and the princess would be in veil watching from a heavily cordoned area. He wouldn't be able to see her until late afternoon at their nuptials. He sighed deeply as he walked to the tall beautiful windows, staring at the moon morosely, he had been informed earlier of the pre nuptials and the rules enforced upon young couples since ancient times – a message came from none other than Aga, soon after the guard had gone back with his message. He cursed his earlier ire and wished now he had gone to her. The official order not to meet princess now bypassed any other requests....he cursed his own folly and damned pride. ...but it was too late to feel sorry about his impulsiveness.....damn....

There was a soft knock on the door, he paused and wondered who it might be. He sighed again going to the door and opened it. The hallway was dimly lit and the guard who had come to him earlier said softly," Sire - I have a message from the princess. She has requested you to follow me and be very quiet about it. "Andrei was still, inhaling sharply at the request - reeling first with surprise and then realisation – she was defying the rules. Damn....this was his Nicolette alright – to hell with the rules. His heart suddenly broke free of its ire and soared in the free skies of sheer joy and happiness. His eyes sparkled as he rushed to say," yes sir – please take me to her, I beg of thee," the guard was very silent and cautioned him to be silent. Andrei was jubilant in his heart "oh Nicolette – I forgive you for all that frustrated wait you put me through, for this alone I forgive thee," he happily tagged along, his heart beating an uneven pace.


This room was in shadows now there was a fine curtain, drawn around the room and the curtain was made of solid oak. But one could speak without seeing each other. Best she could think of under the circumstances, the west wing of the palace had plenty of unused rooms like these a maze to find them, but she knew them all. She waited in anticipation her breathing was slightly uneven as her heartbeats.

When Andrei entered, her heart stopped fully and then started beating again, she let out her breath to let go of the tension inside her, and then chewed her lips with a smile. She could feel his excitement, his anticipation it echoed in her own heart. She felt him pause in puzzlement and then call out to her softly," psst....hey Nicolette where are you, here I am my love, god – how have I longed for just a glimpse of thee my dearest.  Where are you – pray tell me"? She could feel his feet move around trying to seek her, she felt his fingers feel the panel that separated them and replied softly," shhhh....not so loud Andrei....I am taking a huge risk. The guard I requested knows he is defying the orders, but he has helped me escape from the palace before. How have you been?," she could still feel him searching for her and when he did not reply she said softly," Andrei – we can't see each other, we are not even supposed to have this meeting but no one mentioned talk. So I am assuming talk is allowed. "

He cursed softly under his breath his agitation showing again, and he groaned softly," don't you start all over again about the ....damn traditions, what stupid tradition should stop a man from meeting his own wife...we are married for heaven's sake....," he growled softly and heard her sigh...she agreed but still bound by the ancient rules....encouraged by her own admissions he implored," listen Nicolette – I do not ask for much, let me just hold you in my arms just once, you know how it has been last few days, not seeing you, not even a glimpse god - I missed you so much....didn't you miss me, oh sweetest, my heart – don't trouble me so, just once let me embrace you, feel your heartbeats, taste your lips, just once...," his fingers tracing the holes in the curtain hoping to be able to link through her own fingers...on the other side of the curtain, her heart clenched, missed a few beats as she heard his husky voice and sighed deeply, her heart groaned and implored too – what's the harm, Nicolette – just once, who will know. Please Nikki, don't be so cruel on yourself and him? Don't you desire the same thing? It isn't wrong either.  After a long debate with her heart, she finally gave in to his implorations. Taking a deep breath she said," then let me retrace my steps – let me defy the rules, imposed upon me by my duty and tradition," Andrei inhaled deeply at her words, he waited on the other side.

Very slowly she retraced her steps, backwards with each step she took she spoke softly," These steps are forbidden to me, yet my feet can't stop, O dearest my heart yearns just for once glimpse of my beloved." And his reply was equally soft, as he clutched the wooden curtain," thy feet yearn to come to me, may thee stop not for fear nor retribution" she sighed as his words teased her soul and found a response, a soft tremor that went down her arms," and there he waits yonder, so patient so kind, how can I be so lucky, how could fate bestow upon me so much wonder" Andrei smiled as he whispered," forbidden are these moments given to me now, yet steal I must for sweetest will they be more than any moment I shall own tomorrow." She laughed softly causing the tremors to grow in their hearts, her steps slow as they traced backwards towards the curtain, slow very slow. " O ye my fair prince, tall and wonderfully brave, stolen this poor heart, from a gilded cage of gold, you showed me the simple treasure of love, which I cherish and hold true for all eternity I surrender," he sighed as he leaned on the wooden barrier and implored softly," speed your steps O fair princess, for my heart yearns to feel the softness of your lips, to rest my cheek against yours, to feel your heart next to mine, tease me not any further – I implore,"...she had reached the curtain barrier and with a deep sigh rested her back against it, he tried in vain to touch her but couldn't and sighed in frustration," why do you hold these barriers, my dearest when they are not needed anymore, why keep the farce when tomorrow is just a yarn. You belong to me yet why is this distance from my heart, tell me why," she rested her head back, her heart aching for his touch, her throat dry with tension, her chest tight with emotions, sweat lining her face as she whispered," I wish I could move these barriers, please my love – try and understand, my heart yearns and implore same as yours. Sweet would be that moment when the trumpets triumph, and morn sings a beautiful song. We shall be together soon, just a moment longer, just one more time....," she turned swiftly and kissed the curtain, letting her lips brush the spot where his face was...she heard a soft groan of protest and stepped back with a sigh, her own heart protested aloud but her lips were solemn, as her voice was soft" my dearest prince, my feet may not be strong but my will is. I came because I wanted to tell you – my heartbeats, that I do trust these traditions are good for us both.  And I do trust above all that our love is strong as it is pure – it will not test our will to wait a bit longer, now until the veil is removed – au revoir, love you very much, until tomorrow Bonne nuit."  She moved away swiftly moving with the shadows in the rooms. Big smileBig smile

Andrei called out," Nicolette wait – please, just one moment....listen," but her feet were slipping away and he sighed – O Nicolette, what will I do – 24 hours is too long for me. He groaned as he leaned against the curtain and then sighed. Well –there you are tin pot prince, time to wait.LOL

 Girl, tell me only this
That I'll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I'll always love you

And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care
I will always be thereEmbarrassed



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Sammy, no rushing through any of the reunions, please, after the rollercoaster twists and turns you subjected this poor soul, pleaaaseee Big smileWould've surely loved if Dr. Hussainhad been made to grovel some more Wink Now awaiting RR and RA scenes....
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Part 96

Andrei and Nikki get married

The day dawned as a magical wand sweeps across the cloudless, bluest of skies. It was a day of magic, of love a day which all lovers dreamt of.

There was a lone figure seated at a beautifully crafted mirror which was as big as a wall as tall, leaning against the creamy facade, before which sat the future queen of Austria. A stream of efficient hands had helped her bathe in the creamiest, misty bath strewn with perfumes, petals and conditioners to soften her skin. Her body felt not her own anymore, as they eased the tension away with light fingers.

She was pampered, preened and now placed before the ancient mirror which aptly should feature in fairy tales. But to Nikki it was an ordinary mirror. It held no mysteries except it belonged to many brides before her, who would sit solemnly to be prepared for the biggest day of their lives. This was the special bridal lair. It was secluded and even the oldest male guard was denied entry. They would guard the bridal chambers from outside. It was solely a woman's domain and Aga controlled it with a fierce eye. To Nikki, everything felt so unreal since the moment she had woken up the maids were waiting for her. They finally did her hair till it shone in its natural gold and red like flames, but softened to a glow, braided and woven traditionally as an Austrian bride of regal bearing would. Silks, gold, jewels bedecked it lovingly. They had the special dress made for her to wear at the knighthood ceremony later in the morning she would take a seat in an aisle veiled from the rest. She smelt so fragrant like a rose in full bloom, her skin as soft as a newborn baby, her eyes the bemused shade of mauve.  Her cheeks were pinker than an apple, her lips full.  There was a new awareness in her that her life would never be the same, no longer a girl, no longer the escaping princess but a woman she was to begin a new life, to rein over her kingdom the queen she would be in time.

Aga came in slowly to check on the progress and tutted a few times whipping a few instructions as she found faults with the handiwork of the girls. She made a few adjustments still she was satisfied. Nikki smiled into her eyes in the mirror and Aga smiled back," aaah....there muy going to be the most beautiful bride we have seen since....Ana...," there was a pause as the older lady looked blink her tears. Nikki took her hand and squeezed it, softly," hey Aga – my battleaxe cannot cry on this day, not after the way you held me to ransom. "Aga managed a wobbly smile but her eyes were darker than usual as she fitted the corsetry. The gown was a soft silk, draped attractively over Nikki's lovely form, every attention given to detail, royalty and her youth. The pale creamy lace in layers beneath the lovely sheath of mauve....then came her mother's pearls, jewellery which now would be her own. Aga was quite emotional by the time she had finished dressing Nikki. She held Nikki's solemn face in her palms and whispered," k...know, you her much like ," with a soft sob Aga broke down....and fled the room...not wanting to cry in front of Nikki. Nikki stood up aghast and almost went after her, but she had to stop herself....chewing her lip hard as tears fell down her own cheeks....she turned away but did not look at the mirror. The maids left the room quietly feeling her need to be alone.

Nikki slowly walked to a cupboard. She knew Aga had put it all here- her mother's belongings. Aga would spend a lot of time here, she knew. Aga missed her mother the most. Having being her chambermaid, almost like her friend. Aga would have suffered the loss the most. With a heavy heart, Nikki took out the jewelled box that held the precious few things, Aga had treasured with her life. Nikki opened the box, even as the tears fell she did not pay heed, a soft tremor in her fingers as she picked up the little glass figurine her mother had played with when she was a child. There were shells picked up on rare trips to the sea with His Highness, there were shiny pebbles, little paper boats, her little fingers would have made, then as youth approached – there was her first pen gifted by her father., her first letter to him. And her photograph, taken on her 18th birthday, how beautiful she looked how happy, how content, her violet eyes smiling shyly into the camera. She had just been married, but it would be her last photograph as the evil forces would take her away soon after. Nikki's fingers suddenly trembled on the glass as she felt the soft features. There was a shudder as waves of despair rose and flooded her shores she suddenly closed the box with a sob, as she put her head down and wept. Missing her mother, missing the loving warm arms that would have been for her today, especially on this day in such an important hour, Nikki felt her heart clench through the tightness sobbed till her soft body shuddered with them.  She wasn't aware that someone had come into the room quietly someone who had suffered like her, someone who always knew when she was hurt or upset - the arms of her foster mother came around her slowly.

Lady Victoria gathered her close, and rocked her gently as she had when she was younger. Nikki cried her heart out knowing her tears would reach her mother, they always did for it made her feel better later. Her foster mother consoled, her till she calmed down. As Nikki looked up at her slowly, thru puffy eyes Lady Victoria's featherlike touch brushed thru the dampness, - spoke in their usual silence," do not grieve for your mother my child not on this day not ever – The brave are never grieved, the strong are never pitied, she lives in your heart, she always has. And when you bear a child one day she will return. When you have a child and if she is a girl call her Anatasia. For I know in my heart if what I feel is true, she will return." Nikki was silent, quite solemn and stunned to hear these words spoken by a lady who for so long had suffered so much yet her soul had not been scarred or embittered by fate. She continued to forgive and give strength to Nikki who cupped her scarred face and whispered finally,"...y....yes...Mother I shall...I promise, I won't give in to tears....and if I am blessed with a child, and if she is a girl – her Anatasia....after my mother...I...I...will....I w...will," tears were still pouring down her eyes....

 Nikki and Lady Victoria were both escorted to the private aisle which would be veiled by lovely silks, until their shadows alone could be seen by the guests below. It was going to be a small congregation led by Sir James, his wife. Nikki's maternal grandfather the Duke was there, Lady Lawrence was there, the King his highness of course, Andrei's mother, sister, The Dhanrajgirs, the Singh's everybody except Danielle and Ralph who were still at the hospital.

The knighthood ceremony was brief without the usual pomp and grandeur. Andrei looked quite solemn and overwhelmed yet kept his cool, he looked magnificent in the crimson red coat with gold buttons, the feathered wings at his shoulder pads, the large pockets which had been hand stitched on the coat. The trousers were slim, silk like the coat in black. He looked very regal, his long hair brushed and tied into its ponytail, and a black silk ribbon. He wore white gloves as was the tradition just in one hand. He wore very high black boots that shone like mirrors. Sir James who was majestically presented as the presiding minister who would read the oath for knighthood was dressed in a crimson gown, with a cream jacket. He wore a large peaked cap, in gold and silk.

Everybody took their seats, Andrei had felt Nikki enter and take a seat behind her veiled curtains. He was still even as there had been no announcement of her arrival, feeling her heartbeats as his own.  He had been taken through a small rehearsal by the court minister, before this. AS an actor he did not find it hard at all but the reality was. His throat was dry, suddenly when it came to bow down before the King who sat there on his throne with all his authority and regal stature. This was the ruling monarch of Austria, a man both respected and feared a man of principle and bravery a man who was a legend.

Last night after Andrei had left Nikki, he was led by the Royal guard into the chapel at the palace, to begin the Knighthood Ceremony - The Ritual since ancient times to be revisited again. Andrei had played it in his mind with the script given to him but in reality it was so powerful. The chapel was quiet, very silent very meditative.

A sword and shield was placed on the altar

Andrei was asked to kneel at the Chapel altar, in silent prayer, for an hour

The Knighthood Ceremony itself was known as The Accolade

In the morning he was joined by others at the same chapel to hear Mass and a lengthy sermon on the duties of a knight. A sponsor took possession of the sword and shield which had been blessed by the priest. The sword and shield was passed to Sir James who was to conduct the knighthood ceremony. Andrei was presented by two sponsors at the ceremony. Now came the vows and swearing the alliance.

The Oath of Knighthood was an expression of such sincerity that it was backed up by the threat of divine retribution should the uttering prove false. Anyone who broke the Oath Knighthood would be seen as to have committed a crime against God which would lead to eternal damnation. The Knight swore an oath of allegiance to the lord and swore the following vows and oaths:

Andrei had read it and prayed on it the night before. Now he repeated with Sir James, as he knelt on one knee on the velvet pulpit before the altar of this very chapel where his Highness was coroneted as King.

Never traffic with traitors

Never give evil counsel to a lady, whether married or not; he must treat her with great respect and defend her against all

To observe fasts and abstinences, and every day hear Mass and make an offering in Church

After the oath Sir James presented the sword & shield and 'Dubbed' Andrei with the words, "I dub thee Sir Knight." 'Dubbing' was a blow struck with the flat of the hand or the side of the sword and was regarded as an essential act of the knighting ceremony. The sponsors then stepped forward as Andrei stood up and put spurs on his boots and his sword was girded on. The Shield and Spurs were symbols of Knighthood.

At the end of the Knighthood ceremony the King himself stepped down and came to him. He took his own sword out of its sheath and in a solemn fashion spoke," I now shall address thee as "Sir Andrei Honnzeiss Holfendarten, a man befitting to my estate and progeny. You will guard the Royal seal with all your heart. You will proclaim the queen to her duties when she has to and protect her as you have sworn to, your loyalty shall be undivided – you will belong to the crown first and then to any human relations. You shalt exalt and excel as a husband, father and brother. You will lead by example the moral principle and support your queen in every manner".

Andrei had his head bowed in solemn acceptance of each vow. Then the King stepped back and slowly sheathed his sword.

Everybody stood up and clapped slowly as the ceremony was over. Andrei brushed his gloved finger across his eyes he would never feel the same again. Slowly he turned to where the princess was felt her tears and smiled through his own.

There was lunch after that, but his heart was not in it. Everybody came and congratulated him. His mother was crying softly overwhelmed at it all. Carol was tearful. Andrei was also informed about her good news. He was very pleased to hear that Dr Hussein and Carol were getting married soon. Everything was finally falling in place his life was moving in the right direction. In his heart the knighthood was just to satisfy the King's wishes, it did not change anything for him. Andrei considered himself to be a simple person, for him to have Nikki as his wife was more than enough, he did not want anything else but same time knew the responsibility such an alliance would present as the ceremony today impressed upon him that at times, his life would be at the behest of the duties she was born into and he would fully support.


An odd mix of nervous tension excitement had gripped Andrei as the great moment drew near. He knew it was strictly forbidden for him even to think of meeting Nikki now. They were dressing her up now in her bridal costume, his heart was uneven as his breath. Rahul was his best man, dressed as regally but in a formal black suit. Ruthwick returned just at the time of the ceremony and silently joined the guests at the chapel. Ricardo's trial was smooth the death penalty was unanimously taken. Ruthwick did not feel a thing, one piece of his life could never be returned, his heart would never feel the same again but not today. He was here to rejoice in the happiness of a dear friend.  


4 pm- the nuptials


Andrei was dressed into a formal suit now, the soft cream with pale gold buttons and the four leaf clover medal on his lapel proudly marking his knighthood. There was a red tie with gold and blue stripes in it. He solemnly waited at the aisle, in front of the Altar kneeling in prayer as he waited the moment his heart and soul had yearned for. Everything was so surreal as the previous time when he had married Nikki without any preparation like now, even if this was a mere solemnisation of that event, the magic was no less. There was a soft tremor in him as he knelt and waited.


The ceremony began with the soulful notes of the organ to this ancient lore


"Like the waters at our feet, which never cease to flow,
Constant love I crave from thee thro' life, for weal or woe."


The chapel was suddenly cloaked in incredible silence as the Bride was led inside escorted by a small group of little girls all identically dressed in lovely mauve gowns, spread out like clouds. They strew around them the rose petals in white.  " 4 identically dressed Knights walked behind her in finest of silks in crimson and cream with gold, they held the swords higher than their arm close to their faces, in full respect to her stature, their majestic hats with its gold braids hid their eyes.  The march was solemn, as they stepped back slowly to let the King take her arm as he would give her away. The King was dressed in the finest of his silks, the dark red coat, the creamy white silk shirt and trousers so fine, he looked younger than his age but as solemn as he would ever be, a tight muscle beat at his jaw. People who knew him closely knew he was battling his tears. Nikki walked very slowly, her dress was  like a cloud of the purest white, satin, and layers of silk and lace covered her, her veil was long and trailed behind her, she had many bridesmaids all dressed in various shades of mauve which was the colour theme used for decorating the chapel.  


Sir James addressed the King for the all important ceremony of giving his granddaughter away in marriage

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever. Gird your sword upon your side, O mighty one; clothe yourself with splendour and majesty. In your majesty your throne, O God, will last forever and ever; a sceptre of justice will be the sceptre of your kingdom.

Then the King slowly stepped down behind Andrei who stood up slowly and turned as Sir James who presided over this ceremony as well read from the bible – his deep voice soft and as solemn as the day – he addressed to Andrei.


All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; from palaces adorned with ivory the music of the strings makes you glad. Daughters of kings are among your honored women; at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.

Then as the King stepped away, Andrei slowly turned to his bride, felt his heart go still. He could see the shadows of her face underneath the veil, her felt her shyness, he felt her heart. Nikki stepped forward slowly to join him at the pew.  Sir James now addressed the princess.

Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear: Forget your people and your father's house. He who stands by your side is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. The Daughter of Tyre will come with a gift men of wealth will seek your favor. All glorious is the princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold. In embroidered garments she is led to the king; her virgin companions follow her and are brought to you. They are led in with joy and gladness;

Then Sir James addressed to Nikki as the future Queen....

Ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness; let your right hand display awesome deeds. Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king's enemies; let the nations fall beneath your feet. Your throne, O Queen, will last forever and ever; a sceptre of justice will be the sceptre of your kingdom. You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.

Sir James stepped forward and touched each ear beneath the veil with a dab of the finest myrrh.

Then he brought out the verses pre-luding the main wedding vows. As he read from different psalms while the silently said amen to it all of the offerings they must make. As each psalm was read, different offerings were made at the Altar in a solemn fashion by specially assigned courtesans on behalf of the Princess. Grain, gold, silks, precious gifts, leather bound scriptures, swords.

And the finally the vows as he called upon the couple to kneel at the altar to hold their hands and join in verse with Sir James.


Today I cast aside my self

Take on a brand new life.

Place the past on memories shelf

And take to me a wife


I'll gladly give my heart and soul

For love both deep and true,

To look inside your eyes and see

There's no one like we two.


I've past some time on stormy seas

But you have calmed my soul.

Your tenderness, the way you think,

Have given me a goal.


Give to me your truest true

And I will give you mine,

Promising in all I do

My love for you will shine.


So, today I'll walk with you

To a place where we'll be one

And the promises that we make

Will never be undone.


Our love will see us through hard times.

Our truth will set us free

Our oneness keep us both in tune,

Our differences help us see.

together they said softly – repeating after Sir James as he read from the ancient scriptures.

All the things we feel today

Will grow in years ahead

And memories will strengthen will

To live by what we've said.

And as we grow in faith and love

The sacred truth we'll find

Pure love can answer every need

As you have answered mine.

  Everybody held their breaths, as Sir James bent and kissed their foreheads. Then he sprinled rose water on their heads and asked them to stand up. When he they did he said a prayer and took their hands in his. Then he beamed at them both and pronounced them man and wife for the second time but without fear or repose, just joy and tears in his eyes.

After the initial bated breath every body cheered aloud, clapped as the guns blazed in the palace and 21 trumpets blew same time within walls. it was time to celebrate to rejoice.




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Part 97  love spins its magic again

And I don't regret the rain
Or the nights I felt the pain
Or the tears I had to cry
Some of those times along the way.
Every road I had to take,
Every time my heart would break,
It was just something that I had to get through,
To get me to you.

Andrei Nikki

As the newlyweds stood up slowly, Sir James stepped back and smiled at Andrei," Sir ' you may now kiss your bride," there was a hushed silence. Everything was so quiet one could hear their soft breathing, go still. Andrei turned slowly as if in a daze, as if a part of him was still in disbelief of what had happened, so it was true but it hadn't sunk in fully. He stared at the layers of beautiful lace that covered her face. A soft tremor went through his chest as he took a deep breath, yes she is your wife ' Andrei don't hesitate and now it is fully official even by the state and his Highness. She is all yours. Yet he was hesitant. He chewed his lip for a moment, the greys slightly bemused as he slowly lifted his hand ' soon as his fingers brushed the veil he felt Nikki go still, inhaling sharply. His own chest was tight with emotions and he blinked the sudden tears that sprang to his eyes tears of awe, tears of joy, tears of happiness. Slowly his fingers managed to curl around the edges of the veil and lifted it slowly. There was more silence as it rustled and finally moved away to reveal her beautiful face. Her eyes lifted slowly to his, clear violet as he remembered the first time. He was lost in her eyes, lost in her beauty as he stared. She looked so incredible like the stars and the sun had come down to dress her up. Her face radiant as it was soft. Her eyes filled with same awe as his. He felt her own nervousness, her sudden shyness as the soft lashes dropped over her eyes.

He felt her nibble at her lower lip. And someone nudged him hissing softly in his ear," Kiss the bride buddy...what are you waiting for," he flushed slightly very slowly he bent his head, felt his own breath stop, her warm breath touch his before their lips met very slowly. He did not part her lips just content to feel them. He felt her sigh as she surrendered to that wonderful moment of their lives. And then very slowly he moved away, his eyes still filled with that awe and bemusement. She lifted her eyes, they had darkened. He smiled into them and said softly," Welcome home ' Mrs. Honnzeiss Holfendarten. What do you think?," her eyes dropped again and he felt her nibble her lip. He tucked her arm in his firmly and turned to the people who were beaming away with happiness. He nodded and said softly," thanks ' thank you everybody for being here, on this most wonderful moment of our lives. Thanks,"...there was sincerity in his voice.

After the initial pause there was a huge cheer, as few more guns blazed in the background. Hats, streamers, flowers were thrown up in the air. Nikki snuggled to him happily as the cameras went off, the palace reporters would be busy now. As the news spread on the grapevine thousands of people had already set off for the Palace to have a proper glimpse of their crown princess and her husband. The sheet of gloom from the past few days just lifted with ease, it was amazing how people could be swayed from a miserable moment with a moment of joy. The whole city would celebrate with this wonderful news.

Then the bridesmaids and flower girls and all the ladies hooted ' THROW THE BOUQUET PRINCESS...WE WANNNNTTT THE BOUQUET....a loud cheer went up and Nikki flushed as she realised she was holding on to the most awaited centrepiece.  Then laughing softly she looked at the expectant faces and suddenly saw the face she wanted to see and smiled broadly ' here we go, holding her lip between her teeth she threw it high up in the air but with a perfect aim. The ladies went for it in a scramble, laughing, tittering all making a grab for the white mauve rose bunch tied with the finest silks, gold threads and myrtle slid over their heads smoothly did a couple of loops but the person it was meant for watched it bemusedly come to her. Until someone pushed her slightly and she gasped stumbling slightly, opening her arms involuntarily ' the bouquet promptly landed in them. Her mouth was still open in surprise as she held on to the bouquet. A loud cheer went up again as the ladies groaned at having missed out but hooted at Rhea as she stared at the bouquet. She most certainly wasn't expecting this.

It was Anjali who had pushed her and laughed aloud at the look on her face. Nikki and Andrei came up to her, Nikki was grinning broadly enjoying the flush on Rhea's face, as Rhea bent and kissed her on both cheeks then she hugged the bride, hissed softly," hey that was quite cheeky ' Nikki." But she was smiling and Nikki hugged her back, and whispered," it is you turn now, Rhea. Don't delay anymore." As she stepped back, Rhea smiled and held up the bouquet ruefully to more titter's and cheers. Her eyes met Ruthwick's over the crowds and their smile softened, the topaz blazed softly, they were a caress sweeping over her face and she blushed looking away, chewing her own lip trying to control her racing heart.

Everybody in the chapel started wishing Andrei and Nikki even as they reached the small hall where the toast would be made to the newlyweds. AS everybody settled around the oval room, on chairs, at the tables set out ' the finely dressed foots men went around handing out wine drawn from the finest grapes, hand pressed at the palace vineyards. And there was a moment of silence as the King stood up and said a prayer thanking god for everything, for giving him this moment of joy and happiness that he could live to see his granddaughter married and to a wonderful man like Andrei. And he ended by saying softly.....

.....Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end. For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Then he raised his crystal glass and said amidst wiping off his tears,

There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

His voice was overwhelmed, soft and husky threatening to break with tears. At which Nikki began to cry, and Andrei drew her close, assuring her.

Lady Victoria wanted to toast, and Aga said it aloud for her sheer delight in her moist gaze as she raised the wine glass with her mistress and said -

To the man who has conquered the bride's heart, and her mother's. I am forever grateful for this wonderful miracle before my eyes.

As everybody clapped and Nikki stopped crying and smiled tremulously now it was the turn of Rhea who smiled amidst her tears as she raised her toast to Andrei softly. She went and kissed them both on the cheeks.

Here's to the groom with bride so fair, and here's to the bride with groom so rare!

It was Carol's turn and she went up to the couple and raised her toast with a smile, she kissed both Andrei and Nikki on the cheek still trying to wipe her own tears as she toasted to them

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. My brother has now deserted me, but well ' Nikki is my good friend so she won't mind if I stole him back a few times.

Everybody laughed at Carol's toast and Carol hugged Nikki carefully," Nikki ' let me know if he gives you grief I know how to sort him out," there was laughter in the blues as Nikki blushed.

Finally it was Andrei's mother's turn, she hugged her daughter in law ' and whispered in her ears

My dearest child - Seek a happy marriage with wholeness of heart, but do not expect to reach the Promised Land without going through some wilderness together. Look after my boy as I have looked after him - give him the patience of a mother, the solace of a friend and the warmth of a loving heart is all I seek. He is all I have he is now yours and shall be forever.

Nikki was crying now, unable to stop those tears even as Andrei's mother stepped away. Many more people came and wished her, toasted for her health. Finally Ruthwick who was standing at a side a mere spectator stepped into the circle and came up to the couple, to here was a moment's silence as he gazed at them both intently then held their hands and said quietly,"My dearest friends -Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. In marriage, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, an enabler rather than a reformer. I pray that you are there for each other all the times, in good and bad, in all ups and downs never forget the vows you have taken is forever."
Then he bent slowly and kissed Nikki on her cheek. There were fresh tears in her eyes that quivered and he hugged Andrei whispering in his ears," take good care of her mate ' she is the only friend I have ever had. She has always been there for me, promise me you will take good care," it was husky with emotions which were flowing freely now since the ceremony as he sat there silently absorbing it all gradually letting go of his painful past. Andrei hugged him back silently.

For the wedding dance they had to take Nikki away and get rid of the outer layer of the twin veils which trailed the floor. The ancient wedding dress would be cumbersome, whilst a beautiful dress awaited her. The maids parted her once again from Andrei who sighed as he let her go. Their eyes met ' we will be together soon.

And while the rest of the world heckled him and teased Andrei who good naturedly, gave in to the demand of playing some music took the violin. Rhea joined him by taking the grande piano, in the ball room. They looked at each other with a wry smile. Ruth slowly joined Rhea at her arm and she smiled at him, as they recalled all those years ago, the moment by the piano. Their smile grew as they lost the world by drowning in each other's gaze. Andrei started with a peppy Irish song that was met with loud cheers and clapping as everybody including the king tapped their feet, then a soft hush went around as the bride returned minus her veils and heavy gown. Andrei paused and turned his heart stopping, sucking in his breath sharply.

Gone was the miles and miles of lace, stiff corsets, that would hold the breath of the gown. Now it was sheer, mauve and creamy silk, lacy at her chest with a beautiful pattern of roses all hand sown by the finest of seamstress in the last 3 days. Her face was flushed with pink as she met his gaze that softly blazed with desire afresh. She chewed her lower lip, as she came up to him floating in that sheath of fabric which caressed her lovely frame down to her ankles. There was a veil but it was from the middle of her head, there was her crown from the coronation 5 years ago, in silver and precious gems lined finely along its simple criss cross pattern. Her hair stunned him ' first time he had seen its true colour. Burnished copper and gold like flames now neatly woven into a soft cloud around her lovely head. Her long lashes hid her eyes which were darker than usual, each moment leading them closer to the moment they had longed for, but this was another moment stolen in time as Andrei stared at his bride. Her gloves were of the finest lace and silk upto her arms, she placed them in his motionless hands tiptoed and whispered in his ear,"....I have a request too ' will you play me my song...," he took another deep breath, his gaze darkened but he did not sing. He looked at her intently, then very slowly he led her to the centre of the ball room...there was a hush as people waited for the couple to lead the first dance....and the Kings own group of musicians took over the couple took their first steps....Andrei slowly slipped his hand around her waist, and drew her close- he felt her heart go still as he bent his head until their foreheads touched and whispered," better still ' let us both sing...,"...then she she rested her cheek against his, her feet swaying to his as they moved to the notes of this song.....

I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes.
Well love is all around me, and so the feeling grows.
It's written on the wind, its everywhere I go.
So if you really love me, come on and let it show.

You know I love you, I always will.
My mind's made up by the way that I feel,
there's no beginning, there'll be no end
cause on my love you can depend.

I see your face before me as I lay on my bed
I kinda get to thinking, of all the things you said.
You gave your promise to me, and I gave mine to you.
I need someone beside me in everything I do

Rhea Ruthwick

Everybody slowly followed suit and joined the newlyweds on the dance floor. Rhea let go of the Piano to watch Andrei and Nikki she went to stand by a magnificent pillar in the room and was smiling at their happiness. Ruth came to stand at her side, slowly he bent and whispered at her ear," What say Senorita ' shall we, take the floor too." She went still and turned to look into his eyes, which were blazing softly. For a moment her chest absolutely still, his eyes flickered over her face," what say Senorita ' shall we," Slowly she lifted her hand and put it in his. A fee heads turned as they took their place on the dance floor, Ruthwick used his good arm to gather her close, bending so that their cheeks touched, he felt her pulse leap a few times and gathered her closer, his lips slowly grazing her temples. Her fingers were clutching his sleeve as they moved effortlessly as one, the years dropping away, the past fading away at least in this moment of togetherness.


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namelesssr Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Beautiful, Sammy! Even though the end of this one is near, I keep looking forward for the next one for the sheer beauty of your writing.
Thank you!
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Sammy dear, it's nearing 2 months since you left this "majhdhaar". Hope all is well with you. Need to get RR, AR, and the their trials and tribulations out of my system...

Happy holidays, and a very Happy New Year!
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Sammy, when is my wait going to end Cry

You've take a verrryyy long unannounced sabbatical Unhappy.. show some mercy please.

Hope all is well at your end.

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