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**Cupid Just Struck**(SK & AK)part4/pg4 (07-09-08)

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hi guys
i m gonna start a new FF

Main Characters

Sujal Garewal: A handsome young boy.............really sweet..............lost his parents in a car crash at the age of 10.............from then on, he is living with Mr.Yash Tondon to who was like a father 4 Mr.Garewal...........Sujal don't wanna be a burden on as he reach to the age of 16.........he started taking intrest in the business which his father left 4 him................his only friend is whom he admire, like and somewhere love deep inside his heart............he is a Novel Writer and his insiration is Kashish.

Kashish Tondon: A sweet simple girl..............with strong aims............she is the grand-daughter of Yash...............her parents..........Aditiya and Pooja are doctors and mostly busy in there hospital..............Yash look after her and make sure that she didn't get suffer 4 anything as she is his only grand-daughter.............Kashish love to write poems and also love to read the storyline of the book written by Sujal...............her only friend and silent love.

Angad Khanna: He is a damn hot guy with intense eyes................his father died and now he live with his mother................Angad work with his best friend Nikhil on partnership..................and there company going well...........He love to lad a simple life and can't live without his two relations..........His mother and his friend

Kripa Kapoor: She just end up with her studies in journalism..........her parents died while she was lil and live with her brother and sister-in-law.............and a whom she love the most............she love going shopping and love do excitement stuff.............she is a very outgoing girl and can't see anyone's tears thats why always ready to help

Other Characters:

Yash Tondon: A famous writter of his times and is still writting books but now his grand-daughter to hell and can't see her in pain.........Love Sujal and like his attitude.................forbid him not to join business so early but now satisfied that he is handling his father business perfectly

Aditiya Tondon: A specialist surgen...................busy with his hospital and so don't have time to spend with his daughter...............don't like Sujal 4 a certain reason...........may be an ego problem.

Pooja Tondon: complete her Masters along with Aditiya and fell in love & end up on marriage...................but due to busy schedule of Aditiya.........she started suffering & to avoid Aditiya's ignorance, decided to start house-job her daughter & Sujal but don't have time to express that love.......

Rahul Kapoor: Kripa's his sister like hell and can't start his day withot hearing his sis voice...........a happy married man with a naughty boy

Amisha Kapoor: Rahul's wife and his home's life.................a house wife and a very dear a friend to Kripa and a great adviser........Kripa think that she will be messy without her and that she really is without her.

Varun Kapoor: A 7 year old lil boy but a hell naughty............all are feed up with him but at the same time love his acts.............Kripa always pamper him and make him escape from his parents anger...

Nikhil Arora: Best friend of Angad and his business partner................very jolly kind of person and enjoy life to his alone as his parents are settled in US
to the readers of TDPODF and PKPA...............Sorry guys..............i can't cont those ones..............and can't promise to that i will cont............

plz comments either u like this story intro or not

luv ya


Cupid Just Struck
Part 1

(The Characterz of this story live in UK)

Along with wind, her heart was also wishing to blow with it. Her stole was trying to touch her face every now n then. Her mind was in some world of happiness. She was smiling to herself while feeling wind waves on her face. She was sitting on a swing while trying to get to the highest point. But right then she hear a voice calling her

"Kripa"………her bhabhi Amisha went outside in loan to see her

"I was finding u inside………..what are u doing here" Amisha look at her with a warm smile

"Just trying to fly along with wind bhabs"……..still swinging, she shout with joy

"Oh my! When will u grow up dear?…….it's a child thinking"

"If it is………..then I m better to be a child"……Amisha left from there as she know, she will not stop swinging

Amisha cared for her, and want her to know her responsibilities as in future only then she will be able to manage, but at the same time wish that she always remain a child as she doesn't want Kripa to have any tensions or leave them after marriage.

Leaving this thought behind, Amisha went to kitchen and start making three hot cups of coffee when right then someone slip his hands in her waist

"hi wify"……..Rahul Kapoor……….a executive manager of one of the top industries in UK, was in some romantic mood

"hey hubby" Rahul kiss Amisha on her cheek and Amisha did the same.

"how was ur jog" Amisha was basically asking of how many girls you met today, but Rahul understand it

"Ah, that was great, I take 6 rounds" he means to say one round with a girl, but there was nothing like that. He love teasing Amisha and seeing her red tomato color face

Amisha smirk and get rid of his arms and start looking for coffee in a cabinet.

"I didn't done anything, the girls were behind me, and you know, I can't break any girl's heart so wasn't able to say "NO" to them" Rahul was hiding his smile and trying to clarify all things but instead of that messing them

"Kripa" After mixing coffee in the boiling water, Amisha went outside to call Kripa, but all her way she was smiling like hell because she know her husband and his behavior.

Kripa atlast fed up with swing and came inside on Amisha call and sit infront to TV.

A lil kid was wearing mask of a Dracula came from behind, bare foot, and touch Kripa shoulder and as Kripa turn, he started shouting and put off his mask and ran towards her mother

Amisha was shocked seeing varun like that and later hear Kripa's laughter from outside

"Why are you crying baby?" Amisha ask to varun who was damn frightened

"Mama, there is a real Dracula outside"


Amisha move towards the lounge and saw Kripa laughing like hell and saw a mask beside her

"What's that Kripa?" Amisha ask Kripa softly

"No, Nothing Bhabs, he came to make me frightened along with his mask and I make her frightened while wearing the other same mask" Kripa was laughing along with telling her

Amisha too got a huge smile on her face and pull Varun's ear

"You naughty boy, came to make her frightened, now did u get the lesson"

"Ah mom, it hurts" varun trying hard to make Amisha left her ear but she was tuff too

"Bhabs leave him, and varun, promise you will never try this idea again"

"okz Bua". Amisha left his ear and she run to Kripa

"Now don't try this idea again, its really old one, try something new" Kripa wink at Varun and start laughing with him and Amisha who was standing beside her too got a smile

"No one can change both of them" she thinks that and went to bring the coffee

At the same time, in another part of UK,

A girl got up from her sleep, and went to washroom to change. She knew that her grand pa would be waiting for her at the breakfast. She wears a white Shalwar Kameez, which she only wear on today's date. Wear matching earrings, bangles along with other stuff and went down to see an old man waiting for her

"KT, where are you dear, you know I can't do my breakfast without you, please come soon, I m about to die with hunger" As he said that he feel someone's arm around his neck and get that she is none other than Kashish Tondon (KT) who is behind her

She kiss on her grand pa's cheek and he take her hands which were circling her neck and kiss them

"Good Morning Grand Pa"

"Good Morning Sweet heart, are you ready for today"


"Ok then, finish you breakfast, then we will leave for there" Yash Tondon, who was strict to hell for his son, was same sweet to her grand daughter. There is nothing that was against her wish. The house, in which they are living, was bought 5 years ago, as she really liked it and the biggest room of this house was under her power. But still, she knows the rules, custom & traditions, which Yash Tondon gave her

"I m done" after eating about a half piece of loaf, she said

"No, finish this full loaf" He ordered her. She makes an angry face first then eat it as she knew her grand pa never gave up from his words

Yash Tondon got a smile seeing her lil child, eating with a not-so-good-face. But to cheer her up, he know what's the good thing

"You know, in today's paper, Sujal's poem got published"

"What?" She snatched the paper from her grand pa and start reading it, She read Sujal's name three time before admitting it. Ts not like his poems were never published before but each time, Kashish show the same reaction

"Grand Pa, 5 minutes, I will be back" Yash knows, this is coming so that's why didn't stop her

Kashish start running through the corridor and then came outside in the loan where a pot was stopping her way but she didn't care about that and jump up from that and reach to the outhouse. She open the door fully and then went to the room which was at front, opened that and drop herself at the bed, where a guy was sleeping

"Get up, Sujal, Get Up" She stroke him hard with which Sujal get up with a shock

"What? What happened? Are you ok" He cupped her face having care on his face

"I am OK, Stupid. Just came to make you see this newspaper. Your new poem got published"

Sujal face turn into anger on hearing that

"What? You nly make me get up for this. I was seeing such a sweet dream"

"Huh? I think normal pople got happy seeing there Name in newspaper"

"What do u mean by normal people? Am I not the one"

"No. Inspite of getting excite, you are showing me anger"

"Ohoo, first you make me get up from my sweet sleep and now want me to show you excitement"

"Forget it" Kashish said that and get up

"Between, Today you wear Shalwar Kameez inspite of those jeans and bright color tops, whats the matter"

"You forget, we have to go there today"

"Oops, Sorry, I really did, but thank God,for only this one day, you atleast wear this, otherwise in routine and on weddings too, u wear jeans with those only named Kurta's"

"Now stop, and get ready, Grand Pa is ready" as she started moving towards door, Sujal call him from back

"KT"…Kashish stop there for a moment

"You are looking gorgeous" Kashish got a smile on hearing that but didn't turn and moved outside

Cupid Just Strike
Part 2

(P.S..Angad and Nikhil live in India)

Nothing can ever make him feel weak, at least in front of KT and Grandpa, because only these two are his weaknesses, but he knew, deep inside his heart, that this particular day, hurt him the most. He tried a lot not to show that hurt ness on his face but his heart knows how much he broken himself from inside.

Life was never fair to him. At the age of 10, he lost his parents at this day. After that he got the unconditional love of Yash Tondon, to whom he admire the most and got a best friend (& a lover) KT. But the mostly thing, he missed is Aditiya and Pooja's love. A father & mother love because it's the age of getting affection from parents and to learn the golden principles of life. But he never got that. But bless fully, Yash Tondon fulfill this responsibility to a great extent.

He tried a lot to forget this day and move on with life to his full and almost got succeeded but then KT came and makes him remind.

As the prayer in church come to an end, Sujal move towards father of the church and take his blessings. Sujal usually came to this church as his parents used to take him there with them and after that, Yash use to make him come there along with KT and they use to donate some stuff and money for the children living there.

Father holds Sujal by his shoulder

"I am glad young boy, you have collected yourself beautifully after that accident and who can say that this lovely, full of life boy has ever faced that cruel incident in his life"

Sujal smile a bit and said

"That's because of them" Sujal pointed towards KT who was playing with a children of the orphanage of the church and Yash, who was smiling looking at her grand daughter doing foolish stuff to make those children get a smile

"Father, I can't think that I deserve to be at this place without there support. My life, My business, all the things I got, love, affection, principles are given by them. They supported me, accepted me when no one, neither my own parents relaters accepted me"

"Yes my child, God always sends his angles in face of humans to help us. May you always live happy and got success" Father lay his hand on his head and left

Sujal, for 2 min, just stand there and started seeing Yash and KT and then move forward to them

"Are you done beta" Yash ask Sujal as he reach towards him

"Yes Grandpa" Then looks at KT for a minute and then back at Yash "Can we leave now?"

"Oh sure" Yash stand up from bench and call for KT and signal her to came back as its time to leave

KT kisses all children and gives them chocolate as she usually does whenever she came here and run towards Yash.

KT came and all went back to the car.

As they sit, Sujal, who was sitting at the front with driver look back at KT and Yash

"Grand pa, after leaving you guys at home, I have to go to receive my College Friend who is coming today"

"Ok beta" Yash agreed and they move towards the house

"Oh God! I m late, he is gonna kill me" Sujal run towards the airport as he get out from the car

We see a man full in black, having a bag in his hand and taking with a guy on mobile

"I reached here" The man confirm the news

"how was journey Nikhil, are you OK" a man on the other side of the phone seem tensed about him

"Angad, don't take tension dear. I am perfectly Ok. You Just take care of yourself and my India"

"Oh Your India, that only consist on Girls" angad clarify

"Oh you know me, Ok listen. Sujal and I might went to his new apartment he just buy and I don't think network will be available in that area, so can't call you from there"

"Ok, you just take care of yourself, bye" Angad got calm as he listened his best-friend reached fine to UK

"May this deal will take place" Angad only pray in his heart

On the other side

Nikhil went outside and saw Sujal standing there. He got a bright smile on his face and put his mobile in his pocket.

Sujal reach towards him and both friends hug each other.

"You are completely change man. Last time I saw you on the Convocation of our graduation here and you suddenly left next day"

"Ya, everything changed from then" Nikhil got a sad look. Sujal just get his bag from his hand and they move forward

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I told you about my best friend Angad. His father died on the night of our convocation so that's why. They are actually a family to me. His parents give me that love which my parents were not able to give me"

"Oh that's sad, but life has to move on"

"Ya that's true"

"OK lets leave now. I told you I just buy a new flat for someone"

"yup" They reach to the car and sujal put his bag in the back. "But why did you want me to go there. That your "Someone" has the right to see it first" Nikhil wink at Sujal on which he got blush

"Actually I want that, but then I thought that I shall firstly decorate that apartment and I thought you will help me with that"

"Sure Man, I will love to make that special apartment more special" Nikhil said that in full of joy mood which make sujal smile and blush to hell

Kripa was feeling quite boring today, as Varun was went outside with his Mom and Dad. They invited Kripa too, but she was not in mood.

Kripa just take out a lovely Love Story book from her bookshelf and went to the lounge. She sit on sofa and turn on some light music and started reading. After about a half an hour, the hot season change into cloudy and sweet winds started blowing. Kripa left the Novel in which she had not an inch of intrest as she already read that more than 5 times and run outside. She love rains and She knew nothing could be better than this that Amisha is not at home as she always stop her going outside in rains.

She just jump in joy and ran outside when lil rain drops touch her face and then it started rain really fast. Kripa just enjoyed the rain and sit on the swing and started taking swings.

Right then we saw a car stop in the opposite direction of Kripa house and two guys step out of it and ran inside the building.

"Oh Man, I never thought that Rain can be really fast here" Nikhil said as he tried to make his hair got dry and Sujal was opening the door of his apartment

"Many times such things happen, which you never imagine" Sujal step inside the apartment and call nikhil to come in

Nikhil really got happy seeing Sujal Choice and saw a picture of KT on the front wall of the entrance. That was the only thing which was already preasent there otherwise the apartment was blank

"Oh my, so that must be the special someone" Nikhil winced at sujal

"How did you get that?" Sujl got confused

"Because dear, in this entire apartment only this picture is present" Sujal just smile on his foolishness

"So what do u thinks about her?" Sujal ask Nikhil

"Hmm…Your Choice is…" Nikhil didn't complete his sentence and make a bad face to which Sujal think that Nikhil don't like KT

"What?" Sujal narrowed his eyes

Nikhil can't control himself more and started laughing " Really man, you got tensed really fast. She is really too beautiful"

"Nikhil" Sujal just wanted to hit him in lovely manner but before that Nikhil went out on the terrace and started enjoying the beautiful rain.

"Sujal, the view out from here is really beautiful" Sujal just got a smile and went to get some stuff to eat for him.

Nikhil comb his hair and feel the rain drops on this hand and splash that here ad there when suddenly he see a girl, taking swing in rain. And her passion towards rain was just awesome. Her lips were softly touching rain drops and her body was seem to be dancing

Nikhil just got mesmerized by her beauty and started seeing her. Her laugh, her dance. Everything makes him have a smile. She just was a beauty.

"Whats happening to me?" Nikhil just thought that and started seeing her.

so guys
2nd part ended here

I know i didn't make angad entry that much special but he is really especial in my FF.....

Cupid Just Struck

The night was full of stars, but both stupid guys, fully drunk were waiting for a tore star so that they can ask for their love.

Love. For Sujal it can be said but Nikhil….He just only saw the girl and mesmerized by her beauty. May be it can be only attraction… Don't call it love so fast… But Nikhil was sure that this is the girl made for him

"U know Nikhil"..Sujal in fully drunk voice laying on a sheet near the terrace window looking at the stars saying

"first time, when first time I realized that I love KT"

"When?" Nikhil who was sitting behid him take a sip from the campaign bottle

"haha……"a smile cross across his lips.. "I didn't even remember, from the time I got senses, I know KT is always there, as my best friend, as my supporter, and as my love"

"so sweet" Nikhil pat his hand

"all my words belong to her. My poems are for her because whenever I write a poem, I think about her and words seem to me my servants who are standing in front of me"

"lovely, OK let me try your style. I think of that girl and then will try to make a small poem"

"Ok" sujal sit down beside him and look at him

"badal ban ban baal uske chehre pe jab chahtay hain
kia bataoon yaar mujhe phir kitna woh tarpatay hain

Chanchal barish si ada uski, chehra ujla jaise dhoop
Door se mujhe tau laggi bilkul pariyon ka wo roop"

"how'z that?" Nikhil look at sujal who was blinking with open wide eyes

"superb yaar, now I am sure that girl is really special who make you a poet" Sujal put his hand on his shoulder and both keep saying about there beloved girls and went to sleep late at night

Next morning, Amisha keep calling Kripa to get up, but she didn't answer her once

After getting fed up Amisha went to Kripa room and pull of her blanket and hold her hand but I was very warm…Amisha instantly check her temperature with her hands and found high fever…She call doctor instantly as Rahul went to office and Varun went to school

"Nothing to worry about, keep changing the cold water strips and she will be ok & get these medicines" Doctor handover a paper to Amisha and left

Amisha called Rahul and ask her to bring the medicines for Kripa and pick up Varun from School

It was evening now…. Nikhil keep watching the front house all the day but not a single sight of the girl he saw the day before was there….In evening he saw a Man running into the house with a kid

"Is she married?" a question came into Nikhil mind

"What are you thinking my friend?" Sujal came from behind and ask him and look at the direction he was seeing

"Didn't you find her?"

"No, but right now a kid and a man run into the house. May be she is married" Nikhil said with a sad look

"Stupid, how can you say that. May be the guy was her relative, come to see her, or cousin…Don't get any false ideas"

"Ya, you are right"

"Ok, as u said that now just get ready. Grandpa called and ask for us to go home as soon as possible"

"me too?" he turn towards him

"yes, Grand pa said you can live with me in my out house" Nikhil move towards his bag to get some clothes

"but why so urgent"

"don't know. He said that mine stay at home is necessary"

"but I am feeling good here, you go, I will stay here" Nikhil said with a sad look thinking about the girl

"Oh my Romeo!" Sujal went to his and tuck his cheeks.. "Don't you worry, I will get information for you of the girl and then you can come back here"


"Promise!!" they shake hand and Nikhil take out his clothes

"Then let me get ready with special preparations, as its my 1st meeting to my to be bhabhi so have to leave an impression"

"Oh hoo…………….yes you can leave……but as a brother-in-law k"

"cool man……let me get ready"

Nikhil get ready and both went to Tondon house without knowing what was gonna happen there

"I always stopped you getting into the rain as always you get high fever….but u never listen me" Amisha was angry on Kripa like always

"Amisha! Cool down…see its her days to enjoy…let her enjoy" Rahul said while taking a side of Kripa

"Enjoy??? But in her enjoyment she take out my life" Amisha got tears and Kripa too got teary

"Sorry Bhabhi" Kripa hold her ears……on which Amisha run to her and hug her

"Now promise me you will never do that again"

"Promise well I can't do that, If I do, then when I will able to tease you"

"Stupid idiot" Amisha got a smile and hug Kripa again

"Here you are?" yash call Sujal as he entered into the house…….

Sujal came in and hug Grand pa and then Grand pa introduce him to his fellows

"Sujal, he is Adithiya's friend Ritesh and her wife, Poonam"……….Sujal say hi to them

"and Ritesh, he is Sujal, Kashish best friend and my buddy too" Ritesh and Poonam pass a smile to Sujal

"So you must know her the best……." Sujal nod is yes while being confused

"Ajay" Mr Ritesh call his son and introduce him to Sujal

"Ajay, he is best friend of Kashish, You can ask him so that it will help you take the decision"

"decision?" Sujal think with a confused look

Ajay take him to a side and give him a drink which he accepted

After some formal chat, ajay started asking him about Kashish

"So tell me something about Kashish"

"What do you want to know about her?" Sujal cocked at him

"I mean her likes, dislikes"

"Well she is a simple girl but like being funky at times, she love flowers and bangles, she like Italian food, and she hate the ones who do not care for others"

"that's so sweet" Ajay said with a smile

"but why are you asking me that?" Sujal was still confused and he look here and there in search of Kashish but didn't find her anywhere

"Actually Kashish dad's give us a proposal of her marriage to me, so we just come to see her and dad want me to see her too"

Sujal got shocked on hearing that and hear the voice of his broken heart, tears were about tocome in his eyes but right than Grand Pa's smiling face make Sual to control his emotions and excused himself.

so part end here
hope u like this

keep reading and keep commenting as ur comments only can inspired us to be better

luv ya


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just read the intro... sounds cool...
but what's the story line???
continue soon
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Nice one...........!!!

Continue soon!!
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awsome start AnaClap
do contii......................

will b w8ing for the nxt part
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*MS Princess*
*MS Princess*

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it's good
ami_princess IF-Dazzler

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hey great intro...contineu soon LOL LOL
HhAaNnAa IF-Rockerz

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wow ana jeeee mwaaaaaahhhhh awesome intro yaaaar tooooo tooooo goooooooood loved it continue sooooon Clap
cutie13 Senior Member

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gr8 intro
cont soon

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