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Happy Sweet 16! (Page 3)

desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2007 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Reema_J

Big smile SALAAM NAMASTE everyone! Big smile

Aaj ke din humari sirf aur sirf ek hi AARZOO hai... humara DIL CHAHTA HAI ke aap sab humare saath milkar humari pyaari si dost ka janam din manaayein, aakhir is forum mein hum sab ek family se ban chuke hain aur...


Ab is dost ke baare mein KYA KEHNA, na woh PARINEETA hai aur na hi woh bachi rahi hai lekin, woh hamesha EK HASINA THI aur HAMESHA ek hasina rahegi!

Choti choti baaton se darti hai, par baatein bohot pyaari karti hai, hum kehte hain usse ke DARNA MANA HAI lekin phir bhi woh darti rehti hai... kehti hai HUM TUM mein yehi farq hai! Hum kehte hain hum milkar uski SURAKSHAA karenge, yehi to humari dosti ki PARAMPARA hai!

Hum khelte hain kabhi, TU CHOR MAIN SIPAHI, lekin jeetne ki aadat se, woh hamesha kehti hai MAIN KHILADI TU ANARI... hum bhi uska dil kya dukhaayein, dosti nibhaate hain, kehte hain ab tum jeet jo gayi ho, isi bahaane se hume REHNA HAI TERE DIL MEIN!

Doston ke beech YEH PYAAR HI TO HAI!

YEH DILLAGI hai ya dosti ka IMTIHAAN, jo bhi naam de do isse, yehi hai hum doston ki PEHCHAAN! Humare rishton ke beech na koi KACHCHE DHAAGE hain na koi aage se honge... humare beech jo pyaar sa hai hum us LOVE KE LIYE KUCH BHI 'KARENGE!'

Ab aage padte raho, intezaar nahin karo, na jaane is duniya mein KAL HO NAA HO...

To nikaaliye apne party hats, hum gaate hain sang sang

Happy Birthday Pyaari Ritu

Dancing TARA RUM PUM-PUM! Dancing

Jee haan, maine Ritu kahaa...

Humari jo dost hai, woh hai pyaari si pari

 Ritu pukaarte hain sab, par naam hai uska





Yeh DIL TERA DEEWANA hai kitna

Par dost se hume utna hi pyaar hai

Sabko dosti ke rishte se hai jitna...Embarrassed

Hug We Love You Ritz! Hug

Enjoy your day to it's maximum... MUAH!

Oh haan... here's a sig we made especially for you!


Embarrassed Reema (TA), Isha (RA), Luvneet (RUM), & Ricky (PUM)! Embarrassed

PS - Hope you caught the drift of the message... they're all Saif's movie titles! WinkEmbarrassed

Enjoy everyone... and please leave your messages for our Sweet 16!


awww reeemzz omgg! ur such a sweetheart wut a beautiful postHugHugHugi looove the saif ali khan themeWink aye haayee and the moviesLOL the lines are soooo sweeet omg thankyouu soo muuchh reemz merii jaanEmbarrassedBig smileHugi love yuu & i love the sig as well its gorgeouss
thanks for making my birthday even moree special Big smile im soo lucky to hav a great friend like youuEmbarrassed even tho ur practically like a sister to me <3Heart thanks again *mwah*

desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Reema_J

AHEM... this is a special message from someone special, guess who?! Tongue

I don't have gifts today my dear…just a few words, which will always stay near. We have come so far no wonder, remember the first day we met? Don't say yes, because these are lost memories, and we forget. We might not remember when or where we met, but we still cherish the moments that changed our sadness into laughter, our coldness into hyperness, our bitterness into sweetness and our cuteness into craziness. Having forgotten the world, we'd act as crazy as possible, like a free bird that never cares how fast is the wind. Who can forget our crazy parties after exams? Haha. We might not remember what we said, but when we think of each other, we see ourselves smiling. Isn't it a gift of god to have each other as friends? Yes, we won't be the same tomorrow; we won't be able to give other as much time, we won't have time to party, we won't have time to be there for each other, we won't have time to appreciate each other's work, but will you not hear our laughter anymore? Will we ever sit down and try to recollect our memories? Maybe not….. because there's too much to collect! A smile says it all! Ritu, I will never forget you. You might not be the same as you were yesterday, but I will always remember that you were there make me smile, to make my life beautiful, to make this world seem worth living. "Many people walk in and out of our heart, but only few leave footprints", and, you are one of them.
May all those flowers keep blooming, so you can hand it to others, with a touch of your sweet smile. :) "When you see someone without a smile, give them yours"-- I love your thinking and in fact, this is what you have been doing all your life but you never realized it yourself. May a flower like you grow in every garden so this world would never be sad. Heartiest wishes on your birthday!

Happy Birthday Ritu!!!

Whenever you feel sad,
Remember the beautiful times we've had,
I might not be there to make you smile,
Just think of us "drinking"
And laughing "ha..ha..ha".
You will discover that your tears aren't of sorrow
But of joy!

Love you!

-- Your smile!

awww ishu! who else could it be? haha i knew it was you because of the incredibly sweet words and how you always remember everything..especially whats on my msn nameLOLaawww thats soo sweeet ish! thankyouu Embarrassedthe words were o so touchingEmbarrassed and im happy that i hav a a frend like yu and all those great memories to loook back to and hopefully we'll hav even more memoriesBig smilelove you girl you rockHugthx againHugHugx100
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~punjabi4life~

Big smile Happy Birthday Ritu..... sweety...... Big smile

hai aint it a special day aye ;) sweet sixteen na kya baat hai hehe buhot sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet coz its urs sweet sixteen...:D:D:D lots of fun for u on this day i just know it hehe already ;) kya hai tumhara paji hoon na humesha ke liye anywayz hehe lol.... many many happy returns of the day wishing u the very best on the day an ur future and one day even if its one atleast spend it with ur bachara paji hehehe.... when i come down aye ;) then assi gappa maroonge u know me i always talk so much bakwas half of the stuff u can ignore na but the one thing never ignore is how much i truly love u i know its all this online stuff rishta but that don't matter coz their is a connection its called the heart if we both believe in it then no one can stop it na ......... ive known u what like 11 months an some weeks nearly a year now na kya baat hai this year must of have sooo fast spending parts of my life with such a darling person like u are one person that has stolen this heart an made it soooooooooooooo happy khushi se pagal hogeya hehehhehe..... u know we have had so much fun over this year an always will be theres what like 7 year gap between us na but we never really noticed that hehe coz age don't matter what matters is the love between my behna n her pajiiiiiii..... hehe chalo we have said so much stuff hugs i love u paji this n that hehe its all so cuteeeeeeeeee..... who would have known some little choti si kudi would make this paji so happy hehe day after day with more khushiyan never let each other get ghum always help with each others pain...... if this aint relationship then what is a true relationship i know n u know its true we believe in it so goli maar to the duniyaaa hehe......... hai rabba look at me carrying on with my love bashan hahhaha jokezzzzz hope u understand the messages i left their coz i mean it a lot.....sooo sweety which munda u after these dayz hehe im loosing count i heard u likeee saif ali khan coz of Tara Rum Pum hehe really soni film na hehe cute lol u reminded me of that little bachi hehehe lol i know it was u sooo shush hehe lol.......... an what about the other besharam dudes such as razzzzz hai rabba grr badmash :@ chalo i shouldn't get angry ahahaha lol ill be gud n happy today u know im always am tho lol hehehe........ i remember when i introduced u to luvneet some time ago mannnnnnnn u 2 hit the roof haha chat so much bakwas its unbelievable hehe lol crazy lol awww i love both of u guyz hehehe...... yeah man u was the one who introduced me to isha ages ago n we laughed an that so many times in convos haha u 2 used to chat at some damn speeeeeeeed there was me 10 years behind u to lol hahhaha damnnnnnnnn the old dayz so much fun hehe now ahead is work work work for u n me lol so kya kare hon wala hai :P but main thing enjoy the current an wait for the future n live in the memories of the past :D:D:D:D....... coz we had some wonderful ones...... and who can forget hehe u introduced me to mandy n Jessie omggggggggg u girls rock hahaha lol totally next level pagal pan haha lol rememeber when i heard ur voice for the first time how shy u was haha lol awwwwwww......... man jokes will never stop hehe awwwwwww hugggggg love u so much have a wonderful birthday ok from ur ricky paji the best one haha lol.............. :D:D:D

Embarrassed from ricky Embarrassed

    awwww ricky paji what a sweet mssgHugHugHugthank youuu so much for the warm wishesEmbarrassed and omg how can i forgot wen u introduced me to luv LOLBig smilei still love u for thatEmbarrassedan wen i introduced u to ishLOLBig smile awwww i knw we got an age gap but u cant even tellBig smilebecause wen i talk to you its like talkin to sumoneee who u can tell anything to ..uknwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedand omg we''ve gotten soo closeee these past few months and i can honestly say ur closer to me than my real brotherHuglove u xoxo
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by QT143


(Daughter Mode)

On this special day,

All I have to say,

Is that you deserve a million kisses,

And billions of good wishes.

You've been there with a watchful eye,

Making sure your daughter never cries.

Today this daughter says to you,

I love you. I love you. I love you.

As you were there for me, I will always be for you.

Love, Mekki
(Hey, I wrote it myself ok =P.)

(Best Friend Mode)

Ey Ritu,

This is for you -->

Hawt na?

Wish you many, many, many happy returns of the day, yaar!

You've always been a great friend.

You've been so understanding.

Sometimes I can tell you those things which I can't even tell my real life friends and you're always the one who understands me.

Thanks for always being there!

Love ya! Hug


***Will edit with another surprise***

Pehle batana chahiye na that you like Saif =P

***Edited with surprise***

Sorry if it's really bad lol I haven't made any sigs in a while.

Btw, Reemz, awesome post yaar! That's a reeeeeeli nice idea and you implemented it so well!




aawww mekki thats soo sweetEmbarrassed thanks so much the sig is gorgeous and omg saif is lookin extremely fineeeeeHugand omg the poem is soo sweeett wow a mekki original ..i always knew my beti had potentialWinkyum cokeeeBig smileWinkthanks so much hun love you &miss u Hug
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Xx..uvt..xX

Rituuuuuu! Hug Happpppppy Birthday hun HugHug hehe i dunno how many times
i've wished u today, but i just can't get enough enough enough (Raghav style Wink)
and to think ur bday just started for u.. and its almost over at my place! wow..
but u know what, despite all the differences between us, we're still soooo close.
Honestly ritu, ur such a sweetheart.. i know i've told u this again and again, but sachi
u are a total sweetie... anddd ur gorgeousss too Hug inside and out Big smile
ur someone i can proudly call a beautiful person Embarrassed

alright i promised myself i'd try n keep this short, coz i tend to go overboard with
my bday msgs, according to some ppl *cough* sukhi *cough* ROFL but no
matter how much i say for u, its not gonna be enough. I dunno if u realise
how special u r to me ritu.. u have a lil special spot in my heart, and uve grown to
become a lil sister for me.. one i can confide in, one i share all my
choti choti secrets with.. and jus do soooo much masti mazaak with.
Man we've had countless good times, and lets hope they keep rolling on Big smile
Every moment spent with u is cherishable, coz ur suchhhh a cutie!
and ajj te tu inkaar ni kar sakdi Wink ur my baby Hug

Acha i think i better stop here coz i can jus keep goin hehe and i dont wanna make u
all tired from having to read so much. So yeh, happy bday once again my lil gangsta!
we still need to make that group in the future Wink with u rapping, me singing,
and sukhi dancing? ROFL classic. K tc ritu, enjoyyy ur day, best wishes,
may God grant u all the happiness u truly deserve.
Luv u loadz and loadz.. xoxo mwah! ROFL
now i cant even say mwah without
thinking twice thanks to u ROFL u kno wat im talkin abt Ermm

Lots of Luv,


    awww luv i knw u told me i use that word to much but i cant help itLOLEmbarrassedur such a sweetheart thankyouu so muuchHugHugHugaawww i dont think u go overboard hun unlike sukhiLOLomg ur lil gangsta eh? haaha yes with our little ladoo shopBig smileaaww luv u knw i love how i can always tell u anythingg an i knw ur always ready to listenEmbarrassedBig smilethats wut i love abt u....ur sisterly nessConfused  ok i knw thats not a word but LOLEmbarrassedTonguestill
love youuHugHugHeart
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sammie12

@Reema..very creative post..Clap

@Ritu: A very very happy birthday to you Hug May the new year ahead bring you loads of goodluck, success, good health, wealth and happiness. Enjoy your day! Big smile

thanks soo muchBig smileEmbarrassedHug
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
Posts: 3225

Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SpoILed BraT

wow! great post reema!!

happy happy happy bday ritu! Big smile

thankyouuuuEmbarrassedBig smileHug
desi_chick05 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2005
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Posted: 19 July 2007 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mansi101590

happy birthday Party

thankss hunBig smileHug

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