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EXCELLENT EPISODE IN AGES.......................AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH DK/ASHISH NOW...................................MUST WATCH EPISODE!!!!!!!

The episode begins with Disha quietly following Suhas and is shocked to see her going to Mr. Mehta's home at night. Disha very discreetly goes and stands near the window and overhears the convesation between Suhas and Mr. Mehta. Suhas has got all the jewellery she had and request Mr. Mehta to keep it till she gets the next installment arranged for him. Mr. Mehta feels very bad for Suhas and says that he had great respect for Vijendra and that he would never have pushed the Bhosle's into a tight spot, if he himself did not need money on such an urgent basis. Suhas says that she understands his position and that she has no complaints, but she does feel very bad to let go of her family heirloom. Suhas then leaves, while Disha hides behind a bush or something. Disha then gets inside Mr. Mehta's house and asks him about the lady who just left. Mr. Mehta recognizes Disha as Vijendra's daughter and tells her that the Bhosale family has to repay him Rs. 50 crores within a specified time limit or else he will have to repossess their house. Disha is shattered to hear this and tells Mr. Mehta that she will try and give him the money in a few days, and requests him to keep the jewellery in safe custody till she arranges for the amount. Disha says that she will take the jewellery from him once she has arranged for the money and given it to him. Mr. Mehta says that if she is assuring him of repaying him the loan amount, then he will wait for a few days before he disposes of the jewellery. As Disha leaves Mr. Mehta's house, she decides that she will have to speak to DK on this and somehow convince him to pay off her Father's loan.

Meanwhile in the sweetest scene in ages on Tumhari Disha, DK is sitting alone in his house, in the living room and waiting for Disha to come back home. He keeps glancing at his watch and has a restless expression on his face! He then remembers Inder's warning to him just after DK and Disha's marriage that Disha will never be DK's because she has only loved Inder all her life. Then he remembers Inder and Disha in the lawns of his house, he then remembers Disha telling him that just because they are married, it does not mean that she is his wife. He tightens his fists and gets an insecure, jealous expression on his face, as if thinking "What does she see in Inder that I don't have?"

Just then the title song plays in the Male Voice "Man Se Man Ka Rishta Hai............." and suddenly DK imagines Disha coming towards him smiling sweetly (She is looking very pretty in a deep blue chiffon saree) and she turns and twirls around the room in a very Hindi Film style. DK has this sweetest, cutest, love struck expression on his face as he imagines Disha all around him. THEN IT HAPPENS. HE IMAGINES DISHA BENDING TOWARDS HIM AND KISSING HIM!!!!. Unfortunately, they showed Disha's back, hence the actual kiss wasn't shown, but whatever! I will describe the exact scene, DK is sitting on the couch and Disha comes near the couch and stands besides the arm-rest and bends herself towards him, and her hair covers DK's face as she kisses him. As Disha lifts herself and vanishes from DK's imaginations, he has an awesome expression on his face..............can't really describe in words...................he has the glow of love on his face, which gives him the most vulnerable and softest expression and his eyes are full of tenderness.

Just then Disha comes in and gives a cold stare at DK and ignores him and starts going upstairs to her room. This scene was so, so, so good...........I don't think I can describe it as well, but I will do all the same! Hope u like it!

DK : (Has an angry yet worried look on his face and his eyes are burning with intensity, speaks in a furious but controlled tone) Disha, tum kahan thi itni raat tak. Kisi ko bata ke jaane ki tumnain zaroorat nahin samjha.

Translation : Disha, where were you till this late. Didn't you feel the need to inform someone before going out.

Disha : (Gives a "I don't care a damn for you" type of a look & speaks in an equally furious but controlled tone) Bata ke jaane ki zaroorat ghar walon ko hoti hai.......aur hamare beech aisa koi rishta nahin hai, ke main tumhain kuch bata ke jaane ki zaoorat samjhoon. Aur waise bhi tum hote kaun ho mujhe yeh sawall poochne wale.

Translation : Information is given to your family members before going anywhere and we do not share anysuch relationship, that I should feel the need to tell you before going anywhere. And any way, who are you to ask me this question.

DK : (Loses his temper and comes near Disha who is standing as defiantly) How dare you speak to me like this? DK kisi se koi sawaal pooche, aur koi uska jawaab na de, aisa na kabhi pehle hua hai, aur naa kabhi hoga. Mujhe tumse tumhara jawab chahiye Disha, kahan thi tum?

Translation: How dare you speak to me like this. If DK asks a question to anyone, then he expects an answer for it, it never has happened that I ask someone a question and that person dare not answer me. I want you answer Disha, where were you?

Disha : (Equally angry) Shayad tum bhool gaye ho ki hamari contract ki sharton main yeh bhi likha tha ki hum dono ko ek doosre se koi bhi sawal ya jawab karne ko koi haq nahin hai. Yeh wahi contract hai, jo tumnai banaya tha. Bhool gaye ho use, toh jaa kar ek baar aur pad lo.

(Starts going upstairs when DK holds her hand forcefully and Disha looks at him with anger and hatred When DK catches hold of Disha's arms, she turns and gives him quite a stare, & he is so mesmerized by her, that his grip losens over her arm and it slides down to her palm. They keep looking at each other, Disha with anger and DK with a desperation, as if trying to convey something to her...................the Camera then focuses on their hands as he losens his grip on her palm and holds it so gently, if I were to describe it, I would say he holds her hand the way a man would hold his wife's during marriage, gentle yet firm........I was like awwwwwwwwwwwwww, come on Disha.................he is hopelessly in love with u!)

Translation: Maybe you have forgotten that in our contract, it was clearly mentioned that both of us have no obligations to inform any one of us about our whereabout. I think you were the one who drafted that contract, if you have forgotten its terms and conditions, then you should read it once more.

DK : (In a very "obviously" jealous tone and look) Zaroor apne yaar se milne gayi hogi. Inder ke paas thi naa tum?

Translation : I am sure you went to meet your boyfriend. You were with Inder, isn't it?

Disha : (Breaks out laughing loudly & speaks with sarcasm and confidence) Aaj tum bilkul theek bol rahe ho DK. Haan main Inder se milne gayi thi aur itni der tak usi ke saat thi. Kya karloge tum. Kuch nahin, main jis se marzi miloongi, jis se marzi baat karoongi, you have no business to ask me questions.

Translation : You are absolutely correct today, DK. Yes, I went to meet Inder and was with him till now. What can you do about it. Nothing, I will meet anyone I please, anytime I please, you have no business to ask me questions.

Disha then wrings her hand from his wrist with equal force as DK looks shocked at her answer. Disha then again tries to go upstairs when DK stops her way with his support stick, and Disha turns and gives him a "Don't mess around with me kind of a look.

DK : Tumhain ab kya problem hai Disha. Maine woh shoot cancel karvadiya, tumhara ghar tumhain wapas de diya. (In a frustrated tone and desperate look in his eyes)

Translation: What is your problem Disha. I cancelled the shoot, I gave your house back to your family.

Disha : (In a emotional, yet angry tone) Tumnain mujh par koi ehsaan nahin kiya hai Mr. DK Sehgal. Jis ghar ko wapas karne ki baat tum kar rahe ho, woh tumhi nain mere baba se cheena tha. Aur aaj agar mere sar par mere baba ka saaya nahin hai, toh woh bhi tumhari wajah se hai. Meri aai ki maang ujad gayi hai, toh uski wajah bhi sirf aur sirf tum ho..................tum mere baba ke kaatil ho.

Translation: You haven't exactly done a favour on me Mr. DK Sehgal. The house that you have returned back to me, was taken by you in the first place. If I do not have my father with me today, it is because of you. If my mother is a widow today, it is because of you. You have murdered my father.

DK : (Looks totally shocked and helpless and speaks in a desperate tone) Maine tumhare baba ka accident nahin karvaya tha Disha. Kya tum sach main yeh samajthi ho. Mera unke Accident se koi lena nahin tha, Disha, believe me.

Translation: I did not have anything to do with your father's accident, you really think that I had a hand in your father's death, belive me I had nothing to do with it.

Disha : (Now looks very emotional but is still furious) Tumnain unka accident toh nahin karvaya tha, magar unko aise kagaar par lakar khada kar diya, ki woh maut ke mooh main chale gaye. Tumnain unko itna majboor kar diya, ke mere baba ko aakhri waqt tak dar dar ki thokar khani padi. Agar aaj mere ghar par moosibaton ka pahad toot pada hai, toh, un sabke peeche tumhara haat hai. Main tumhain zindagi bhar maaf nahin karrongi.

Translation : You did not kill him yourself, but it was because of you that he died. You pushed him to such a corner, that he was forced to go begging door to door for the money to be paid to you. If my family is under so much of financial trouble today, it is all because of you. I will never forgive you for all you did to me and my family.

(Then with a look of pure hatred, she pushes the support stick with complete force, with which DK had been blocking her way, DK who is now totally shaken up is caught unaware and he stumbles and falls down..............just then Disha catches his right arm and holds him from falling down and supports him to stand again and then they keep looking at each other, standing real close..............beautiful, symbolic scene...................as if Disha realized that howmuch ever she hates DK, she will never let him fall apart)

Disha : (Now she has left his arms and goes a little back and faces DK, and speaks in a very business like tone) Tum nain mujse kaha tha ki agar main tumhara modelling contract karoongi to tum mere baba ka sara karz chooka doge. Mere baba ne Mr. Mehta se Rs. 50 crores liye the, tum unhain yeh paisa wapas kardo aur mere parivar ka sara karz chuk jayega. (Disha is not able to look directly at DK while saying this and her voice is a little unsteady, as if trying to judge his reaction)

DK : (Looks totally zapped and shocked) Tum kya bol rahi ho Disha. Tumhare baba ka ghar mere paas tha, maine woh tumhain wapas kar diya. Mr. Mehta ka karz main kyon chookon. Yeh baat toh maine kabhi nahin ki thi.

Translation : What are you talking about Disha. I had acquired your Father's house and I returned it to you. When did I promise you that I will give back Mr. Mehta's money back.

Disha : (Has an obstinate look on her face) Agar tumnahin mere baba ka yeh karz nahin chukaya toh main yeh modelling assingment nahin karrongi. Tumnain mujhse wada kiya tha ki tum mere baba ka sara karza chuka doge. Tumhain Mr. Mehta ke paisa unhe wapas karne hi honge, agar tum chahte ho ki main bhi apna wada nibhaoo.

Translation : If you do not repay my father's loan amount, then I won't do the modelling assignment. You had promised to repay my fathers loan, you have to return Mr. Mehta his money, only then will I fulfill my part of the bargain.

DK : (Keeps staring at Disha with a zapped and unbeliveing expression and in a soft yet firm tone says) You are impossible Disha..................(And thinks in his mind............tumnain mujhe samjha hi nahin Disha, aur main tumhain shabdon main samjha bhi nahin sakta hoon) DK then looks so crest fallen and moves back with a "Nothing can go right with me" type of a look on his face.

Translation : You have not understood me Disha and my helplessness is that I can't explain my feelings in words to you. (DK says this to himself)

Disha : (Has a "I have to somehow convince him to pay Mr.Mehta" type of a desperate look on her face, she speaks very coldly to DK) Tum soch lo is baare main, tumnain sirf apne contract ka ek hissa nibhaya hai, abhi ek hissa aur hai...........jab tak tum mere baba ka sara karza nahin utar dete, main yeh modelling nahin karoongi................aur zidd ki main bhi bahut pakki hoon, yeh baat toh tum acchi tarah jaan chuke hoge, Mr. Dushyant Kumar Sehgal.

Translation : You think about it, you have just fulfilled one part of the contract by giving my family their house back, you have to fulfill the other part of the contract. Till you pay off my Father's loan, I will not fullfill my part of the bargain. Just remember that I am also as adamant as you are, you will have known this fact till now, Mr. Dushayant Kumar Sehgal.

Disha marches to her room leaving a shatted and broken DK, the Camera focuses on his lovely, honey coloured eyes which are moist now and he has a "Oh God What have I done" type of a helpless expression. He looks so vulnerable, so dispirted and completely shattered............................(felt like crying in the scene)

The rest of the episode was not much with Inder and Ranu getting to Inder's home and Anupam welcoming them. Inder as usual has the "Devdas" type of look and is completely lost. When both Ranu and Inder are in their bedroom (Ranu is wearing a Parrot Green Nighty ) both of them chat and then give a friendly hug to each other and Ranu lies down on the bed, while Inder goes out of the room. Ranu is quite taken aback and wonders where he has gone. Inder calls up Disha who is pretty upset with him on his calling her up on his wedding night and tells him that in no certain terms. Inder being Inder tells Disha that inspite of the fact that now both of them are married to different people, he still loves Disha and will love her all her life, it doesn't matter to him that Disha is someone else's wife or that he is someone else's husband. Disha is shocked and bangs the phone on him & prays to God that may he give some sense to Inder.

She then goes infront of the Ganapthy Idol and prays to him that let a miracle happen so that she can get the money to be repaid to Mr. Mehta somehow.

In another scene, the witch Gargi and the horrible Taj are seated together and are sharing a drink. Gargi tells Taj that this time she will get hold of DK's property and business somehow. She says that she had considered DK to be an ordinary boy, till his father, her late husband had left half the property in his name and the other half in hers. She says that DK ended up getting 50 crore worth of property which had all the profitable business of the late Mr. Sehgal, especially the jewellery business and as luck would have had it, DK in no time made the 50 crores into 500 crores and now she has to tolerate him because of it. Taj very sarcastically remarks that it was not just luck that helped DK succed, it was also his awesome brains and tremendous hardwork which has helped him gain all his current wealth and power. Taj then says that while DK has made his 50 crores into 500 crorers, Gargi now has a loan of Rs. 5 crore on her head. Gargi is very angry with Taj and tells him to shutup. Gargi then very shrewdly says this time she is very sure that she will get hold of DK's assets, Taj says that she has been trying to do this for the past so many years, but DK is too sharp to be duped in any which way. Gargi smiles to herself and tells Taj that the strongest point of DK had been his tremedous control over his emotions which had helped him focus only on his work, but now he has a weak link which will break him into pieces. Taj is stunned and asks her what is she talking about. Gargi then makes herself a drink and raises it to herself and says that she now as an ally who is the perfect answer to DK and then she says "Disha" and the room vibrates with her echo as she laughs evily!!!
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
The story is going to get really kewl now.....I think Disha will join hands with Gargi to plot against DK, as Gargi will promise to pay her the Rs. 50 crores she needs................

DK will in the meantime repay the loan to Mr. Mehta but Disha won't come to know of it. By the time Disha comes to know of the truth, it will be too late and Gargi will have acquired all of DK's property and assets and DK will be left penniless.

I don't know what will happen thereafter.............................I hope Disha realizes her mistake & double crosses Gargi in the end moment and thereby helps DK!!!

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lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 12:43am | IP Logged
thanks Disha.. Looks like yet another episode to look forward to..
alveera Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 5:33am | IP Logged
thanx alot
ides IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Excellent narration Disha.....u really have a knack of describing the scenes so that one actually feels he/she is watching it.....very insightful.....ClapClap...sometimes I find the actual episode somewhat insipid after reading ur updates.........
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 9:45am | IP Logged
     Beautiful update Disha. I read at least twice just for the heck of it.You are an awesome writer.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

Thanks Disha. Great update I have to say. I miss watchin Tumahri Disha many times, and I don't feel bad anymore because your updates are great and even has the dialogues delivered with how the look and lot more. I have no words to describe the intensity you get into to deliver this update. Really an owesome job.Clap.

I hope Disha does not fall into gargi's trap. If she herslef realizes that DK has paied the loan then it will be atleast some love or respect towards DK and it will be a begininng to their love story.

tvfreak Newbie

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
This is one of my fav episodes. Thanks for the update. too good. Miss watching it but your updates fills the gap. keep it up.
nish_k Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Wonderful job in posting updates Disha..your updates are so addictive nowadays..eventhou we are so behind in terms of episodes in US..but i just love to read your updates..keep it up yaar..Clap

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