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Classic love stories gone wrong

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Amitabh Bachchan - Rekha

This Eternal Temptress Couldn't Save Her Love Story!

The sizzling affair between megastar Amitabh Bachchan and the Bollywood's eternal temptress Rekha remains unparalleled. The affair provided enough material for gossip tabloids to run their business for a few good years - that is not surprising given Rekha's penchant for loving her men with wild abandon.

Born Baby Bhanurekha, Rekha was on a constant look out for a father figure being south Indian superstar Gemini Ganesan's unwanted child. Nursing a broken heart over the likes of Kiran Kumar and Jeetendra, her liaison with Amitabh is something she cherished with a vengeance. She was slowly working her way up from being a fat, dark thing in Saawan Bhadon to the top ranking sultry seductress of Indian cinema.

Amitabh of course was not just her darling - he was the darling of the masses and had a basa-basaya ghar with doting wife Jaya, children and parents. He did not require any negative publicity to tarnish his squeaky-clean angry young man image.

The chemistry between the two was very evident on screen. Their love story began on the sets of Do Anjaane - the second film that they did together. The pair provided hit after hit together - Khoon Pasina, Ganga Ki Saugandh, Suhaag, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Ram Balram and Mr. Natwarlal amongst others. Yash Chopra's Silsila was their last film together and it captured the real life Rekha-Amit-Jaya infidelity triangle.

At the beginning of the affair, the couple apparently met regularly at a secluded bungalow that belonged to Rekha's friend. It became quite evident that the two were involved when a normally sombre Bachchan roughed up one fellow who heckled her while they were shooting for Ganga Ki Saugandh. People had begun noticing how the pair was spending more and more time together and were trying to shield their affair from the media glare.

Rekha knew she would get the raw deal if Jaya ever found about the affair. She would always be the other woman like her mother had been. There was a lot at stake; especially her fragile ego but she couldn't care less now that she was madly in love. And once she heard of the clandestine Hema-Dharmendra wedding, she hoped for marriage and threw caution to the wind.

Rekha made headlines when she turned up for Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh's wedding wearing sindoor, mangalsutra and two rings on her fingers gifted by her Amit. She hogged all the limelight that night - even more than the newly weds did.

Jaya Bachchan may have pursed her lips at such shameless show of bravado but she would not give in without a fight. She suffered in dignity, refusing to bawl her heart out in interviews and in public.

She invited Rekha home for dinner one day. To quote Rekha, 'Jayaji called me for dinner one evening and though we spoke about everything but 'him', before I left that day, she made sure to tell me: 'I will never leave Amit whatever happens!' Sure enough, Jaya kept her word.

Gossip magazines thrived on the affair. Juicy titbits such as the news of Jaya catching the couple at one of their early morning rendezvous and slapping the other woman appeared with amazing regularity in all leading tabloids. Though she refused to acknowledge the affair in public, Jaya said that if Amit were cheating on her, his conscience would eventually get the better of him and straighten him out.

Jaya's words rung true - Amitabh the star and the good husband had to buckle under severe media and family pressure. Around the time that Silsila captured this torrid love affair, the couple split. It was the end of one of the most passionate affairs both on and off screen. The glamour attached to the couple is such that even today when any of the trio is seen in one place, the camera crews never fail to capture their reactions towards one another.

While Mr and Mrs Bachchan now present the picture of a happy family nurturing their son Abhishek's career, Rekha does about a film a year guarding her private life with amazing severity.

Dev Anand - Suraiya

This Mumtaz Never Got Her Shahjahan

The Suraiya - Dev Anand love story has enough masala to make a successful film, only if it had a positive ending. In real life, one of Indian cinema's greatest off-screen romances was doomed from the beginning.

Suraiya was a star who made her mark on the movie scene with films like Mumtaz Mahal and Mirza Ghalib. Dev Anand was the Indian Gregory Peck - he curled his hair, dressed and walked like Peck did. It is rumoured that he did so because his love Suraiya absolutely adored Peck.

The couple met on the set of Vidya and cupid struck when in the chivalrous Dev saved her from drowning while shooting for a scene. Apparently, she thanked him, saying, 'If you hadn't saved me, my life would have ended.' In true filmi style he retorted, 'If your life had ended, so would mine.'

She was convinced that Dev was 'the one' but her orthodox and decision-making grandmother was dead against the match. The couple still had clandestine meetings with the help of friends like Durga Khote and Kamini Kaushal.

Finally, on the sets of Jeet, Dev presented his ladylove with a very expensive diamond ring (rumoured to be worth Rs. 3000 in those days). Suraiya's ever-furious grandmother tossed it heartlessly into the Arabian Sea. Granny dear was against the liaison because Dev was not a Muslim. The couple decided to elope and marry.

While shooting for the film, the director decided to shoot a marriage scene on location instead of erecting a set. As a part of the shooting plan, the director was to summon a real 'panditji' to get Dev and Suraiya married during the shot. They would then get into the car and drive away - all as part of the scene, but in reality escaping. Unfortunately, Suraiya's grandmother came to know of the plan and succeeded in impeding the whole drama.

Dev was deeply hurt and offended by Suraiya's lack of courage but she was too terrified of her grandmother to rebel. The couple parted on bitter terms. Dev eventually married his co-star Kalpana Kartik and Suraiya is still single. She lives all by herself in Mumbai.


Raj Kapoor - Nargis

The Story of Soul Mates Separated

They immortalised their love story with the enigmatic song 'Pyaar Hua Ekraar Hua' from the movie Shri 420. The Raj Kapoor - Nargis love story could not be immortalized because Raj was already married and the father of one child when the two fell in love.

Nargis was an established child star called Baby Rani. She grew up to become a successful lead actress. She was steadily climbing the popularity charts with movies like Taqdeer, Anokha Pyaar and Mela when she met Raj. Raj Kapoor made his debut as an actor in the movie Aag with Nargis as his love interest in the story. There was a special chemistry between the pair that eventually led to them doing 15 films together including the super hits Andaaz, Awaara and Shri 420. All these promptly put Nargis on the top.

Off-screen the couple was involved in the affairs of the heart - the already married Raj Kapoor matched her in soul and spirit. Knowing his obsession for white, she took to dressing in white and was known as his lady in white.
Nargis wanted everything a relationship could offer - family, children and a house but that was not possible as Raj was already married and had a child. Days of blatant disobedience to societal norms hadn't set in and the same man who made films on bold subjects later feared ostracism by his family, friends and the society in general.

Nargis tried everything - it is said the she even met the then Home Minister Morarji Desai to try and get him to sanction a marriage between her and Raj Kapoor but had to give up because of Kapoor's reluctance to make the relationship legitimate.

It was around this time that her mentor Mehboob Khan offered her Mother India. She left the R K camp forever and Raj Kapoor totally broken hearted. Mother India established her as the quintessential ethereal woman and she found herself a future husband. The person in question was Sunil Dutt who saved her from fire while shooting for the movie and they eventually got married.

Nargis died of cancer in 1981 while Raj Kapoor perished of a heart attack in 1988 while receiving the President's Award in Delhi.


Dilip Kumar - Madhubala

The Venus That Lost Her Star

She was called the Venus of Indian cinema. He was one of the trio (Raj-Dilip-Dev) that ruled Indian cinema for a couple of decades. Madhubala and Dilip Kumar's love story provides adequate background for a tragic love story.

Madhubala rose to fame dramatically with the movie Mahal. In a history that is a typical rags-to-riches tale, Mumtaz Autallah Khan was one of eleven children born to an impoverished Muslim couple living in Mumbai. She was pushed into films by her father to make ends meet. Her classic good looks, lop sided smile and hard work ensured that she roosted on the top of Bollywood's ladder.

Dilip Kumar was a hero of repute. Born Yusuf Khan, he made it big into the world of films embracing roles that depicted him as the good village romantic and the disillusioned city man.

Their much known romance began on the sets of Mughal-E-Azam, which took about 10 years to make. Many romantic encounters later, the couple realised that they were living in the world of fantasy as far as their romance was concerned.

Madhubala's father, a typical conservative Pathan who had pushed his daughter into films for the sake of money refused to let go of his golden goose. She was the breadwinner and her marriage would cut off all the privileges her family enjoyed due to her huge earnings.

Not being able to stand up to her father's strong opposition, Madhubala's love affair with Dilip Kumar ended as dramatically as it had started. To add to the misery, her father refused to let her go on an outdoor shoot for the film Naya Daur citing ill health in which she was paired with her real life love.

She lost an ugly court case and had to pay compensation to the producer of the movie. A very unhappy Dilip Kumar declared dramatically in a crowded courtroom at the end of the case, 'I shall love her until the day she dies.'

Madhubala eventually married her other co-star Kishore Kumar and died at the age of 36 of heart trouble. Dilip Kumar on the other hand went through a high profile nikah with his co-star Saira Banu who was a good twenty years his junior and is still happily married to her.


Guru Dutt - Waheeda Rehman

The Mentor Who Lost His Muse.

Waheeda Rehman is remembered for her onscreen simplicity and beautiful performances in classics like Teesri Kasam and Guide. Guru Dutt was the critically acclaimed filmmaker who immortalized classics such as Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and Mr And Mrs 55 with his filmmaking and acting and is one of the greatest directors Indian cinema has ever seen.

It was who Guru Dutt was responsible for introducing Waheeda to Hindi movies. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she was a fledging actress in Telugu movies when Guru Dutt noticed her. She did two of his films initially - in CID she played a negative role and established herself as an actress par excellence. In Pyaasa she played a streetwalker who falls in love with a simple hearted poet.

After Pyaasa, Waheeda became Guru Dutt's muse and the two were inseparable as she joined his creative team. Guru Dutt was smitten by her beautiful looks and talent and their romance blossomed. The couple did two more films together - the arty Kaagaz Ke Phool that flopped and Chaudhvi Ka Chaand that hit bulls' eye. Theirs was a low profile understated romance that we get to see in movies of that era.

But Guru Dutt's marriage to playback singer Geeta Dutt proved to be the hurdle in this love story. By the time he decided to make Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam, Geeta Dutt started reading into the reports of the duo's emotional involvement. In fact, Geeta sang just for Meena Kumari in the film Sabib, Biwi Aur Ghulam while Asha Bhosle rendered Waheeda's songs. Waheeda completed the movie under much strain.

Guru Dutt's marital status and her success in films outside his camp tore them apart personally and professionally. Waheeda started doing films with other directors and gave hits like Guide, Teesri Kasam and Dil Diya Dard Liya to grow out of Guru Dutt's shadow.

Even though Guru Dutt's tempestuous marriage with Geeta Dutt ended soon after that, he could not work out this relationship with Waheeda. Guru Dutt could never really get over his muse and committed suicide in 1964.

Waheeda Rehman married Kamaljeet - her co-star from the movie Shagun and is currently involved in a promoting a breakfast cereal. Incidentally, she recently made waves when she was invited to Tokyo for a festival commemorating her mentor and ex love interest Guru Dutt.


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lol! LOL
I dun care abt off screen business! Lekin onsreen U just cant get better than AB and Rekha!!! Embarrassed Clap Big smile

Amitabh of course was not just her darling - he was the darling of the masses and had a basa-basaya ghar with doting wife Jaya, children and parents. He did not require any negative publicity to tarnish his squeaky-clean angry young man image

Meraaaaa Darling...Big B!!!!!!Hug

'I will never leave Amit whatever happens!' Sure enough, Jaya kept her word

tRue True...She held her dignity..God thru such hurricanes in life thank god they didnt break apart!!! Coz I just love them!!1 They rock!!!Embarrassed


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wow...some of the stories can onyl be imgained as being in the soo romantic......i can;t say anything more than that......truly beautiful
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This was so interesting to read, there was more scandals and controversy in those days than there is now. Shocked Amitabh Bachchan is so fake, he always acts like his family has so many morals. Yeh Right Angry
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