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India Updates 12/13-16

anshu Newbie

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Posted: 16 December 2004 at 11:28am | IP Logged


Kareena tells Prem that Tushar was with a' Bandarni'and that the imposter was none other than her landlord's spoilt daughter. She says she wants to go back to Chandigarh. Prem tells asks her if she could bear to live with Littu .She says that he is a nice person. She stamps Prem out of frustration, he irritates her further by telling her not to spoil his shoes as he has to spend a lot to buy a new one and she kicks his car. She wants to leave and both sit inside the car. He tries to convince her to think again and not go back but she  is adamant. He starts the car ,releases the clutch[says so to Kareena], suddenly stops the car and tell her that she would come to know if she has lost or won only after the game is completed .She had come this far ,become a star .She had strenght and should not give up so soon ,also since she had mentioned to him before that she could not live without Tushar ,she had to stay back. He adds that there were many trains to Chandigarh.She says she will stay atleast to bid goodbye to Tushar .Prem asks her to go and do something .Kareena asks him to stay with her. He says he has an appointment with the sponsors of his show.She asks him the use of sponsors when there was no RJK show.He says that if she threatened him further there would be no Radio Curry.


Both are hiding behind a bush and looking at Pammi and Tushar.Kareena wants to listen to what they are speaking.Prem has an idea:to hire a Waiter.Kareena is looking strangely at him .He tells her he can't be one!!

and asls asks her not to threaten to leave RC.

Tushar tells pammi she looks different while eating[she replies back can't recall]She says that Dinosaurs are her favourites and if they were not extinct she would rear one and asks him if it wouldn't be sweet:her gifting him Chote Chote Dinosaurs!!He is thinking that though they don't have similar likings since she was RJK,the woman he loves,he doesn't mind it.She wants to tell him a joke;he thinks 'wasn't all this a joke?'

Meanwhile,a waiter comes to their table with a jug of water and takes Tushar's glass of water to fill it.[He is acting funny :' Jaasoos'waiter]But the glass is untouched, so he throws away the existing water and refills it.!!

Pammi orders for more food , asks Tushar to order too.He says his stomach is filled looking at all the food.She says that the space is a romantic place, she would like to be there but wouldn't go there as people in space had to survive on capsules.

Tushar tells Pammi that the waiter was behaving strangely.She tells him that people had the habit of staring at beautiful women!!

Tushar is feeling uncomfortable and wants to go to another place,pammi agrees.She wants to cancel her orders and is searching for the waiter[who is speaking to Kareena and Prem Since the waiter couldnot make head or tail of their dialogues and can't report to them]

Pammi sees them and thinks:Though it is late, Kareena got to know .She rushes back to Tushar,tells him they would stay as she saw a couple behing the bush eating pani puri and since it was available here itslef they would stay ,also she didnt cancel the order.

Pammi lovingly feeds him the panipuri and asks him to hold one, she too holds one and she wants to Cheer with the pani puri.Kareena who is watching all these is seething with anger.The panipuri in Tushars hand breaks due to Pammis 'Cheering 'impact and he is trying to find his kerchief in his pocket when pammi sees a box.She snatches it from his hands and thanks him for the gift.She is happy to see that it is a diamond ring anf tells him that only a special person could find something like this for her.He says that it was Mrs.Soods choice and her face falls.

He excuses himself to call Kareena and thanks her for the ring.She asks him to personally slide the ring onto pammis fingers.

Prem is confused,Kareena is happy and asks prem to wait and watch.

Tushar tries to slide the ring across Pammis finger but the ring is too small for her fingers.Kareena tells prem that it was specially bought for her [Kareenas]fingers!!!and that now she could sleep in peace.

At home Kareena and Pammi are having a heated discussion.Pammi tells her that Tushar would love her and Kareena could do nothing about it .She also tells her that if Kareena told what a liar Pammi was,she too would let Tushar know how truthful Kareena was .Kareena taunts that she could not make the ring hers and how does she expect to make Tushar hers..Pammi shows that she has worn it as a pendent. Pammi says since both the finger and the neck belong to her, it doesn't matter where she wears the ring, also says that Tushar would be hers and only hers.

Kareena is restless and prem is beside her.Prem tells her that she has already ordered for 17 cups of tea[

I am not sure if it was 17]and says that he knows she must have consumed 17 more at Ali Chacha's place.

She tell him to do her a favour:marry Pammi.He is shocked,falls at her feet and tells her that he had agreed to become her[Kareena's] husband, changed to Mr sood, changed from managing RJCurry to managing Buffallos for her sake, but marrying Pammi was impossible.He comforts her by telling her they would find solution to their problems.An idea flashes across kareenas's mind.she plans to tackle pammi through her show.


Kareena's topic for the day is people in love without having seen each other, their feelings for each other and so on.The first caller asks RJK if she was in such a situation. She says it is partly yes and partly no.She says that when people in love wer e far away from each other, there was a long to hear the others voice.Tushar who is listening understands that she wants him to call her and does the same.Kareena is happy to receive the call  but puts him on hold to speak to another caller.She also disconnects his call and refuses to answer his repeated calls. Prem tells Kareena that he is unable to understand the reason for her doing so.Tushar is feeling sad and confused.He wants to know the reason for her wanting to speak to him but not speaking to him .Pammi has a feeling that Kareena is doing it on purpose as whatever RJKareena does, Pammi has to answer to Tushar and is thinking of what explanation she can give.

Tushar  is in a dejected mood .

Pammi is thinking that as long as Kareena has access to the Radio Show, she[Kareena] can use it to her advantage, she is thinking of what to do.  Pammi calls Tushar and tells him that she had to disconnect his calls as her producer forbade her from speaking to the same caller repeatedly and so doesn't want him to call her at the show.Since  they already had each others phone numbers both could speak to each other whenever they wanted.

Tushar tells her in that case she could resign from the show but why was she still doing the show, was she bound by a contract or something?she says she has signed a contract of one year.

Tushat tells her that they met ,fell in love through the show and so he wants to continue speaking to her on the show and also asks her to openly confess her love towards him  in her next show. Now Pammi is in a fix.She agrees to it though.

She thinks of a plan .

Kareena's mom, sis and grandpa are having tea and discussing about Kareena. All are missing her.The telephone rings and they think it is Kareena calling them.But it is Pammi on the other end. She tells Kareena's mom that she was worried about Kareena as she was not eating or drinking anything properly, she didn't speak to anyone, kept aloof and was always worried about something.She requests her to come as soon as possible as she can't bear to see Kareena in such a state, also asks her not to mention her ]Pammi's ]name.Mom is worried about her daughter.Mom and Kareena's sis decide to leave Chandigarh at once.


{Missed Wednesday's episode due to power failure but here is the  recap version from today's episode 

Ali Chacha's son calls from the hotel and tells him that as his children were accustomed to living in Dubai ,they didn't like to come to his place or his shop and that they would stay at the hotel.

Kareena tells Tushar during her show that she loves dancing[which Pammi hates].So a date is fixed.}


At Chandigarh ,Kareena's sister and mom are packing Laddoos for her when we are shown Littu who is thinking Laddoos are Kareenas favourite and that' Kareena ke mooh mein laddu aur man mein Littu!!'

He tells them that he too would be coming with them but they somehow manage to convince him to stay back.

Ali Chacha tries to speak to his grandchildren ,but the call is picked up by his daughter-in-law and so he hangs up. Punditji advices him to go and personally meet his grandchildren as they too would be yearning to meet him.

At the discotheque Tushar introduces RJK to Kareena,Pammi asks how they looked as a couple.Kareena says that she had thought RJK would be beautiful but.. and Prem completes the sentence that they are a beautiful couple indeed. Tushar and says that Mrs.Sood too shares the same name 'Kareena'. Pammi remarks that Mrs Sood has probably changed hername after listening toher my show.Kareena replies that the name Kareena was so common these days that her landlords daughter who was called Pammi short form of Padma laxmi,was telling her that she wanted to change her name to Kareena but she [Kareena ]told her [standing a few inches away from Pammi's face]that she could never be Kareena ever and that she was,is and forever would remain pinku[I think that was what kareena called pammi am I right?]Pammi is fuming, Tushar is having a confused sort of look in his face.

 Tushar opens a bottle of champaign, but offers Kareena a glass of soft drink ,he fills the three other glasses with champaign.All four bring their glasses together to 'cheer' but Pammi as usual hits hard and ends up breaking her glass.Prem tells Kareena that his fingers were spared.!!

.Tushar offers Pammi his glass of drink,this time Prem comes forward with his glass and again Pammi's glass is broken[Kareena and Prem have a look of glee on their faces]This time Prem offers his glass and tells that there would be a contest b/w the 2 Kareena's and that the person whose glass would remain intact would be the winner.Tushar at first is alsrmed and syas that they could get injured, but finally agrees.

Again Pammi breaks the glass.Tushar and Prem go in search of the manager to pay the fine before he is worried![all the time when pammi was breaking glasses, Tushar has this it's ok ,it happens sort of look poor guy!]

Pammi tells Kareena that Tushar didn't mind her breaking the glasses and that he would be hers only. Pammi asks the manager to change the music.

Prem tells Kareena that the moti was chalaak and that Tushar was such a fool not able to see the truth .Kareena supports Tushar by saying that he thinks that she is RJK and so he is tolerating her.Prem drags Kareena and tells her that they would have some fun.

Tushar and Pammi are speaking to each other when Prem and Kareena interrupt them.Prem asks her what made her come all the way from Chandigarh.She replies that an acquaintance called Jagannath[I think it is the Pundit]helped her come to this place and introduced her to the family in which she was staying as a tenent and that she was given their daughters room.Kareena is shocked that Pammi can tell her story as Pammi's own. Prem innocently tells Pammi that he heard her show regularly[Tushar comments that she had some addition to her fan list] but he wonders why her voice sounds markedly different over the radio.Tushar says that he too had the same doubt but Pammi had  told him that voice sounded different over the radio. Now Kareena  asks about her work, how the radio station was, how was the set up, how was the ecording done and so on.Now Pammi is stammering and stuttering.she says that she has a room , then says she has a recording studio,which has a mike and she receives lots of phone calls.Kareena asks her that since she had many callers,there must be many phones in the room,Pammi says that there was only one phone with many lines and that she had a helper to connect calls.Tushar interrupts and says he has has enough of interview.Pammi says that Mr &MrsSood are probably jealous about them just as married couple are when they see a beautiful unmarried couple together. Prem sarcastically says that they[Pammi n Tushar]are a beautiful couple. Kareena suddenly decides that they should dance.Tushar takes the hesitant pammi to the floor.Pammi dances horribly, we are shown her tripping, stamping Tushar. Finally he decides he is too injured to dance further.She is prevented from following him by Prem who forcibly dances with Pammi.One of the girls dancing nearby happens to recognize Prem and introduces herself. Prem excuses himself .

Punditji calls Kareena ,tells her about Ali Chacha, Kareena also tells Chacha that he should personally meet his grandchildren and that she was sure they would be eager to meet him.

Pammi asks Kareena if she knew a girl called 'Rui'she is unsure of what to say ,Pammi asks her if she was Prem's ex-girlfriend as prem was with her.Kareena tells that she was his distant cousin. Tushar warns that Prem was a cool dude and that any girl would fall for him , so Kareena needed to be careful. Pammi  is shouting demanding to know about the VJ .The VJ  receives a call and his face lights up at once .He makes an announcement that RJKareena  of Radio Curry was with them at the moment and the spotlight focuses onto Kareena .Pammi does  not know how to react, has a 'I am in trouble'sort of smile on her face .Kareena has an awkward look on her face.

Hope the last bit was not a dream.

Don't you think  the serial is getting better each day? If anyone doesn't think so, then it is probably due to my narration .So please watch the episodes to really enjoy as I can't exactly describe what I have seen.

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cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2004 at 11:53am | IP Logged
I really enjoyed todys episode. Hope tushar gets to know that mrs sood is Kareena. Cant see that motiAngry with tushar.
mango Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2004 at 4:49pm | IP Logged

i dont think that he's going to find out the truth until like april next year i mean if he finds out thats the end

anshu Newbie

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Posted: 16 December 2004 at 6:59pm | IP Logged

That is a possibility 1234!but I think she is going to take some time to realise that it is Prem that she lovesWink

Or else the future episodes may show the way  Kareena and Tushar madly in love and Neelu getting wild that Mrs.Sood is flirting with her son!

Or Tushar is mad at Kareena for having told lies:about being Mrs.Sood and so on.

Hope on monday Pammi's identity is revealed to Tushar!

cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 6:40am | IP Logged

I think Abishek was shown in Thursdays episode.

When Kareena says that rui is Prems distant cousin Pammi sks cousin means Sister right...... Kareena says yes by nodding her head. That time they show Abhishek telling that " Kareena tumne phir jhooth kaha, very bad girl"

Hope what i saw was right bcoz i didnt see it properly.

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 11:58am | IP Logged

thanks anshu for the updates and cute for the today's tit bits...

This love story is getting really interesting and intense for me...I really can't wait for tushar to know that Kareena is not Mrs Sood but Ms Sood...


anshu Newbie

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 7:27pm | IP Logged

Yes Cutereems, Abhishek was shown thrice: once in the serial and twice just  before the ads begin[the preview of what we see next] telling the same thing.The first time he was shown telling the same things that cutereems mentioned  thenwhen Kareena nods to what pammi says about rui ,Abhishek is again shown telling the same dialogue with an addition:'naughty.'

Sorry readers, I missed such an important information.

Thanks cutereems for reminding me .

mango Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2004 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1234

thanks for ur narration....trust me it's very lively...it's like i'm actually watching the show..lol..hehe..thanks

i think once tusshar finds out...kareena will not want to be with him and she will realize that she is madlyin love w/ prem...isn't this how it usually goes...? Confused

that might happen u neva noe

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