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'DON'T JUDGE...KYPH FF p33 (end)pg 31 (Page 30)

berkeleygirl818 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2007 at 11:55am | IP Logged
just caught up with ur FF, nd i LOVE it!!! its AWESUM!!! i hate the whole
Prithvi getting married to Kripa!!! sooooo annoying!!! i like AK together,
but bcoz of stupid Prithvi & Karthik they cant be together!!! nd why did
Angad have to the take blame on himself, stupid Prithvi deserves to be in
jail!!! ughhh, nd tht stupid Karthik ran off!!! i hope nothing happens to
Kripa or the kid!!! anywho, CANNOT wait to read the next prt, continue
soon!!! Tongue

angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2007 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
gr8 part.
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 5:03am | IP Logged
thanks everyone Smile

PART 32:

Prithvi was thrilled to hear what Mishti was telling him, "mujhey apney bhai log se pata chala ki Kartik aaj kal Maldives mein hai….aap ko police ko inform karna mangta…"

"Nahin Mishti Kartik ke police mein bhi bahut contacts hain….hamein hoshiyaari se kaam lena hoga…..achha aisa karo, tum mere saath kal wahan chalo…main tumharey khaaney peeney ka sab intezaam kar doonga…par kisi ko bataana nahin….theek hai"

Prithvi decided to handle the manhunt for Kartik himself, as he did not trust anyone else now. The police would give him false hopes and make him go in circles, as they had done over the past few months since Angad's arrest.

That night, he went to Dilip, "papa…main kal bahut zaroori kaam se bahar jaa raha hoon….aap please apna dhyan rakhiye ga.."

Dilip smiled and nodded, as he worked on the manuscript of his new book, "beta….Angad aur Kripa ke jaaney se yeh ghar kitna suna ho gaya hai….ab tu bhi jaa raha hai…"

"bas papa…yeh sochiye, main yeh ghar phir sey hara bhara karney ke liye hi jaa raha hoon…."

Dilip blessed him, "beta…..mujhey khushi hai ki tu itna responsible ho gaya hai….bas afsos ki itni der baad…..khair best of luck….I am proud of you son!"

Prithvi smiled and nodded. He tried to call Kripa to let her know that he was aware of Kartik's whereabouts, but as usual she ignored his calls. He thought, she must be quite advanced in her pregnancy by now, as it had been 6-7 months already since she left the house. May be he would give her the good news after coming back.

Prithvi and Mishti left the next morning and arrived at Maldives island.

Kartik was a shrewd and cunning man; he never left any trail behind him. After searching the whole island over the next week, they found out that Kartik had escaped to Bangkok.
From then on, a cat and mouse game started between Kartik and Prithvi, who was accompanied by Mishti. They traveled various countries in Asia and Europe. Dilip used all his savings to fund these trips, as there was no other real source of income for their family now.

Angad spent his time writing and painting in the jail, two talents he was unaware of he had. He had resigned to his fate of spending the next 9 years in jail, "mere safar ki shuruyaat hi jail se hui thi….aur yahin par aakar khatam bhi hogi…..pata nahin kabhi Kripa se mulaqat hogi ya nahin….kabhi apney bachchey ka mooh dekhoonga ya nahin?"

Dilip visited Angad every so often. He did not tell him about Prithvi's adventures, as Prithvi did not want to give him false hopes yet. Dilip and Suryabhan often met for coffee and went on long walks, but Kripa refused to communicate with the Bose's. She would try to overhear the elderly gentlemen's conversations to find out about Angad. She missed him a lot. She felt her bulging belly, and talked to her baby all the time, "beta…pata nahi aap apney papa se kabhi milogey ya nahin…par aapkey papa duniya ke sabsey achchey insaan hain…..kaash tum bhi badhe hokar unn jaise ban sako…..tumhari mama shayad itni achchi nahin hai…tabhi wo abhi tak tumharey papa ko maaf nahin kar saki…," her eyes would tear up, as she thought of Angad.

Kripa went into labor one day and Suryabhan rushed her to the hospital. She delivered a cute little boy.

"Papa…iska naam Prateek rakhna chahti hoon…aur papa issey yeh kapdey sabse pehley pehnaa deejiye," they were the clothes Angad had purchased in the US. Kripa had saved everything he had bought….after all he had purchased them for their baby! She wanted Prateek to feel a connection with his father, even if he was not there.

"jaanta hoon iska naam Prateek kyon hai?…..kyonki yeh tumharey aur Angad ke pyaar ka prateek hai….hai na?"

Kripa lowered her eyes and nodded

"beti….ab tho becharey ko maaf kar do….kam se kam jail mein usey yeh khush khabri tho mil jaaye ki wo ek pita ban gaya hai…..kyon naaraz ho abhi tak?"

Kripa's eyes became moist, but before she could say anything, she saw Dilip and Prithvi at the door.

"Beti….congratulations! Hum jaante hain tum hum sab se naaraz ho…par apney pothey ko dekhe bina raha nahin gaya….," Dilip came in and picked Prateek in his arms, "rang tho bilkul apni maa par gaya hai….par aankhein bilkul hamare Angad jaisi hain…kyon Prithvi?"

Prithvi smiled and came forward, "ale…ale….chacha ke paas nahin aayega?"

Kripa was stunned to hear that from Prithvi's mouth. She was beginning to realize that they were after all her baby's family now……her family, even if she did not see eye to eye with them anymore. How she wished Angad was there today. He would be so proud to hold his son in his arms. She would give up anything to see that sight.

"Prithvi…," she said in a husky voice, "Angad ko bataa diya?"

This was the first time in months that Kripa had spoken to Prithvi.

"Nahin bhabhi abhi nahi….tumhari permission ke bina nahin…"

Kripa smiled through her tears, she could not believe that Prithvi had just addressed her as "bhabhi"

"wo tho Angad ka haq hai….please usey ek photo de aana Prateek ki…."

"Tum nahin jaaogi kya bhabhi?"

Kripa just lowered her eyes and kept quiet.

Prithvi took Prateek's photo to Angad. That was Angad's happiest moment in a long time, "yeh bataa Prithvi…wo kiskey jaisa dikhta hai….I hope Kripa jaisa ho dekhney mein bhi aur zindagi mein bhi…..bilkul straightforward, clean hearted like her….kabhi apney mann ki baat kisi sey naa chupaay…aur pyaar bhi kare tho itni gehraayi sey ki doosra insaan khud hi usmey doob jaaye…aur kinarey par aaney ki koshish bhi na karey…," Angad said philosophically.

"Arre…yaar tu tho kavi ban gaya…yeh tho main karta tha…..mainey tho sab chhod di, but you are too good!" Prithvi marveled at Angad's poetic skills.

"Oh…wo…kya karoon khaali dimmag kuch tho karega hi…."

"Achcha kavi logon ka khaali dimaag hota hai?" Prithvi chided back

"maine aisa nahin kaha…." The brothers fought like young boys after a long time.

"yaar Angad….mujhey tujhsey ek shikayat hai….bachpan mein jab hum dono ko ek hi khilona pasand aata tha, tho tu jhooth bolkar ki tujhey pasand nahin hai…mujhey de deta tha…kyon karta tha aisa…..yadi tuney hamesha apni pasand ke liye mujhsey ladhai ki hoti, tho aaj hum iss mushkil mein nahin hotey….kyon nahin mujhsey cheena wo khilona jo tujhey pasand aata tha…kyon Angad?"

"Prithvi…..kabhi kabhi doosron ko khush karney mein hi zyaada khushi milti hai…."

"Oh God Angad! Kab sudhrega tu? …chal main chalta hoon, aur koshish karta hoon tujhey Prateek ki aur photos laaney ki…"

Kripa became more receptive to Dilip and Prithvi coming home and hanging out with Prateek. She would indirectly ask about Angad from Prithvi, "Prateek ki photos de di na?"

"kisko?" Prithvi would pretend ignorance

Kripa rolled her eyes, "Prithvi!"

"Haan…haan sab dikha di….ek baar please usey mila lao na…."

Kripa just turned around and left without answering that question.

When Prithvi was not visiting and playing with Prateek, he was usually out with Mishti, trying to figure out Kartik's whereabouts. They had managed to collect enough evidence against him by now. They finally took all the evidence to Shabbir, who managed to set an appointment with the chief of Police one day. The chief of police was an honest man, and was impressed with all the evidence. He was convinced that Kartik was the culprit and Angad was a victim of his conspiracy.

"Hum aaj hi Interpol ki help se Kartik ki search mein nikal jaayengey, but I assure you Angad would be a free man by next week"

Prithvi, Shabbir and Mishti celebrated that night, but kept it a secret from every one else, as they wanted to surprise them. Prithvi was specially looking forward to surprise Kripa, "Kripa….I hope I can redeem myself in your eyes…..main tumharey khoye huye pal tho nahin lauta sakoonga par umeed hai ki aaney wala har pal sunhera hoga….," he smiled to himself as he thought about it.


Kripa was playing with Prateek, who was about 6 months old now, when she heard the doorbell ring.

"Kaun hai is waqt?," it was still early in the morning.

"Hi bhabhi…." Prithvi stood at the door, " tum mere saath Prateek ko lekar chalo please…"

"abhi? Lekin abhi tho Prateek ka nahaaney ka time hai…phir mujhey boutique bhi jaana hai…"

"Please…chalo….tumhey Prateek ki kasam…."Prithvi pleaded

Suryabhan came out, "kahan jaana hai beta? Main chalta hoon…"

"Nahin uncle….aap teeno ko aana hoga…issi waqt….."

Kripa reluctantly agreed, "chaliye papa….ab Prateek ki kasam dilayee hai tho…."

Kripa, Suryabhan and Prateek went with Prithvi in his car.

Kripa recognized where they were, "Prithvi yahan kyon laaye ho hamein? Maine kaha tha tumhey main yahan wapas kabhi nahin aaoongi…." She sounded upset at being outside the Bose home.

Prithvi just got off and held the door open for Kripa and Prateek, "please andar chalo….tum chaaho tho 5 minute mein wapas ja sakti ho….par andar tho aao.."

Kripa walked in holding Prateek in her arms. She remembered the first day she had come to the threshold of this house as a new bride….and now she had a baby, but was no longer anyone's bride!

As soon as she entered, the house, she saw someone's back……she instantly recognized him…..she could probably recognize every part of him even if it was pitch dark.

Angad turned around and looked at her with moist eyes. He came forward and held out his arms for Prateek. Prateek was in general a friendly baby, but his eyes lit up at Angad's sight…there was an instant connection…..Prateek put his arms out and went into Angad's arms effortlessly.

Suryabhan, Dilip and Prithvi all left the three of them alone in the living room.

…….to be continued……

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angadkipari Senior Member

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 5:50am | IP Logged
omg angad wapas agaya Cry Cry Cry im soo happy plzz cont soon Tongue
abhilashasharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 6:54am | IP Logged
nice update.... Embarrassed Embarrassed
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 7:00am | IP Logged
amazing part
glad 2 c that pritvi has changed
-Ami- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 8:55am | IP Logged

awww angad's back!

A&K_4Evr-S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2007 at 9:17am | IP Logged
omg angad is bak
omg kripa plz apna ghusa choro and b wid him!!!
lol cnt soonnnn plzzzz

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