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Posted: 02 July 2007 at 8:20pm | IP Logged


All the Scenes of Saumya and Pari will be posted here by me and other
members. So rather than downloading the whole epi for sum who don't
want to they can get the scenes of S-p here, so u don't have to
download the whole epi

15th May Pari catches saumya cheating while playing carrom

11th May Pari tries to make saumya smile:

23rd May  The party
23th may the party

23th May S-P's first night:

23rd May Gud morning Saumya:

25th June
Saumya asking pari to give him a kiss after every i luv u she says:

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Posted: 04 July 2007 at 1:26am | IP Logged
hi friends..here s a video made by me...we all r missing sowmya-pari's scenes..so much..so just thought of giving this video where pari takes care of sowmya...
will make more...soon
pari taking care of sowmya when he gets chicken pox

http://www.zippyvideos.com/9603648396705616/pari_taking_care _of_sowmya/
http://www.zshare.net/video/pari-taking-care-of-sowmya-wmv.h tml

here s another one sweet moment of our sowmya-pari jodi...where sowmya catches pari's hands in fear of injection....



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Posted: 04 July 2007 at 11:28pm | IP Logged

hey sanju
i was just working on these scenes because i was tired of making those long mixes
but here i will help you
i have a lot more i will upload those later


alot of the credit goes to cute sehar, amitabh, ruby, abhay, payal, ali

  1. This is when Pari is in the hospital and Saumya takes care of her and when pari gets a shot she holds saumya's hand in pain



  1. This is when Pari gives Saumya a card in the hospital that Says I LoveYou



  1. This is when Saumya in anger show his care for Pari and Pari say that she loves Saumya a lot



  1. Pari is crying because her dadu had an paralytic attack and Samya and Pari both bend down to pick up the spoon that fell and finally saumya allows pari to go stay with her dadu for a few days



  1. This is when Saumya misses Pari for the first time, when She went to Her Dadu's house. He imagines Her



  1. This is When Pari and Saumya Spend Their First Night Together



  1. Pari is putting her Sindoor and Saumya wakes up and starts to stare at her



  1. Saumya  is disheartened but our Pari cheers him up by talking about cricket and then Saumya puts blanket on Pari



  1. FUNNY SCENE: Saumya forgets to take his clothes so he walk out in a towel and Pari sees him



  1. Saumya thinks how sweet Pari is


  1. Several incidences happen pari trips ove Saumya's shoes and the light bulb blasts and Saumya gets worried



  1. Saumya adores Pari while she is getting dressed up on their one month anniversary



  1. Pari gets hurt by a broken glass and Saumya gives first aid



  1. Pari gives Saumya a one month anniversary Card



  1. Pari remembers all the beautiful moments of her and Saumya



  1. Everyone celebrates Saumya and Pari's one month anniversary. They have a lot of Cute scenes together



  1. Saumya and Pari take Saath Phere around bonfire



  1. Saumya save Pari from the Fire



  1. Saumya applies first aid on Pari's burnt hand



  1. Pari remembers how Saumya saved her and fulfilled his saath phere vows



  1. Saumya misses Pari while he is at Sanjana's house



  1. Pari takes care of Saumya when he has chicken pox and Saumya tells her to stay away from him since it is contagious



  1. Saumya is about to throw up and Pari forwards her hand and she takes care of him



  1. Saumya is scared of shots and he holds Pari's hand 



  1. Sanjana tells Pari to leave and that she is going to stay with Saumya in the bedroom but Saumya refuses



  1. Sanjana reads to Saumya but he is not interested instead he watches pari and then saumya puts his hand on pari's lap



  1. Pari tell Saumya he is the most handsome man for her n she gives him a sponge bath n thanks him for giving the right of his wife



  1. Sanjana bring food for Saumya but Pari refuses and Saumya tells Pari to go eat



  1. Pari gives Saumya medication and he chokes on it and Pari starts to Pray for him


  1. VERY CUTE Saumya and Pari play carrom board



  1. Saumya puts the Khandaani necklace on Pari



  1. Saumya asks Pari why is she so caring and sweet when he ignored her



  1. Pari walk all the Mandir Stairs for Saumya's well being while Kamya hopes she dies, but Pari makes it



  1. Saumya puts bandage on Pari after she fell from the mandir stairs



  1. Saumya pretend to know which medicine to take, but Pari tells him



  1. Saumya fixes Pari's bandage and makes her eat and accidentally spills food on her



  1. Saumya walks Pari down to the hall and then they have a talk with the whole family 


  1. Saumya says a poem for Pari



  1. Pari looses the game so she has to Dance and so Saumya dances with Pari



  1. Saumya asks Pari to sleep with him on the bed



  1. Saumya and Pari sleep on one bed and Pari imagines the beautiful night and later she sees that Saumya wore Dani Maa's necklace



  1. Saumya wear what Pari picks out for him and then he tells her that he will come home early and then they think about each other



  1. Saumya saw his mother and sanjana hurting Pari's feeling and so he is sad but Pari cheers him up



  1. Saumya and Pari watch Cricket game and Saumya stares at her the whole time



  1. Saumya dreams that he lost Pari



  1. Saumya gives Divorce Paper to Pari, but she rips the paper and then they have an emotional talk



  1. Saumya want Pari to pick out his clothes so he waits for her and then he stares at her



  1. Saumya gives pari tea and then they go and he stares at her in the car, later pari writes a jingle



  1. Pari and Saumya have Ice Cream Together, How Cute



  1. Saumya take Pari to the Movies



  1. Saumya and Pari have dinner together



  1. Saumya and Pari Dream Dance Sequence



  1. Saumya praises Pari on the Jingle she wrote



  1. Saumya flirts with pari by stealing her Diary



  1. Saumya takes a very funny picture of Pari and they come really close to each other! Very Romantic Scene



  1. Saumya states how Pari is important for him and that he cannot live without her, How Sweet!


  1. Pari give Saumya a Head Massage



  1. Saumya and Pari locked in the Kitchen and Saumya makes coffee for Pari



  1.  Saumya gifts Pari Sari and Accessories and then he hides and takes a video camera and records Pari



  1. Saumya for the first time says tum to Pari and not Aap and then it gets emotional



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Posted: 06 July 2007 at 7:41am | IP Logged

somya thinks he goona have twins & pari teasing him

Fprum Link :- lovely  adorable somya.wmv - 6.55MB

 Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/3194347a3e86f6/

/ pari's goad bharaie  function

 Forum Link:- paris goadbharai.wmv - 22.23MB

Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/3194695a4f50a4/

/ ishanaa not latteing somya meet & talk wit  pari

 Forum Link :- somya tries to talk with pari.wmv - 9.92MB

 Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/3195861eb0e669/

/pari & chahiji playing prank on kamya

 Forum Link :-  pari  chahiji playing prank.wmv - 14.78MB

 Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/31651784efcc98/

/ its raksha bandhan & day pari & everyone gets the news of pari's pregnancy

 Forum Link :-  rakhi  paris conseveed news incident.wmv - 35.48MB

 Direct Link :-  http://www.zshare.net/video/3170393e5d3611/

/ during the begning of pari's pregnancy somya trying to gather more happy enviornment aroun pari

 Forum Link :-  s caring p.wmv - 8.59MB

 Direct Link :-    http://www.zshare.net/video/3131850bfa60fb/

/somya amazed to see sonography image of his child & pari thanking ramjee

 Forum Link :-  View" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">View' target=_blank mJIJY="0" PhXHa="0" http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=4ujnh2s"">View

 Direct Link :- shockwave-flash" src="</" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></' mJIJY="0" PhXHa="0"> http://video.tinypic.com/player.swf?file=4ujnh2s"></em bed>

/pari thanking somya 4 helping hemashjee & somya teasing her romantically

 Forum Link :-  somya teasing pari.wmv - 7.54MB

 Direct Link :-  http://www.zshare.net/video/30608272176423/

/somya realising how much he has hurt pari & by not talking with her & making it up to her by hugging her firecly

 Forum Link :-  patch up sceane.wmv - 7.27MB

 Direct Link :-  http://www.zshare.net/video/2978898f866722/

/when somya got angry on pari 4 giving their bed room to himashjeee & jitisha & slept on drawing room,pri making it upto somya by decorating the garden & bed with flowers all over to please somya

 Forum Link :-  happy couple.wmv - 23.40MB

 Direct Link :-  http://www.zshare.net/video/2773764685df37/

/ somya climbing window through ladder to meet his beloved wife pari as ishana becoming the villion & jailor 4 not letting somya meet pari or even let them talk,

 Forum Link :-  on punjabans rqst.wmv - 36.95MB

 Direct Link :-  http://www.zshare.net/video/2526225fc32510/

/when sameer tries ti insult pari,& somya in anger,pari's effort to bring smile on somya's face

 Forum Link :- romance.wmv - 18.56MB.

 Direct Lik :-   http://www.zshare.net/video/22395892344977/

/somya comes & see pari doing meditation,hides & calls her to call him to her & she never know,may be he will come in a ziffy

 Forum Link :- pari  somya doing romance.wmv - 13.50MB

 Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/3266059ef3e2b2/

/somya & pari doing romance vayyaa chits

 Direct link:- romance of chits.wmv - 18.78MB

 Forum Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/3603880ac7967e/

/while walking in the evening,ps fight sceane on road regarding their child & upbringing & future plan

 Forum Link :-ps fight.wmv - 10.52MB

 Direct Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/37128704495cd6/

 Download Link :- http://www.zshare.net/video/37128704495cd6/





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Posted: 13 July 2007 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
here re some videos i found
sorry if they were already posted

http://www.zippyvideos.com/6516102426661556/saumya_show_his_ childhood_pics_to_pari/
Saumya show his childhood pics to Pari

http://www.zippyvideos.com/1785752766661456/saumya_and_pari_ dance_to_hum_apnke_hai_kun/
Saumya and Pari dance to Hum Apnke Hai Kun




Joined: 24 February 2007

Posts: 2196

Posted: 13 July 2007 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
http://www.zippyvideos.com/5621941166661486/saumya_asked_par i_for_her_hand/
Saumya asked Pari for her hand

http://www.zippyvideos.com/1477214126652716/pari_taking_care _of_saumya_while_sanjana_sleeps/
Pari taking care of Saumya while Sanju sleeps

http://www.zippyvideos.com/1191077566524026/saumya_wanted_to _help_pari/
Saumya wanted to help Pari

http://www.zippyvideos.com/7901232996524006/saumya_stares_at _pari/
Saumya stares at Pari

http://www.zippyvideos.com/3071102706523926/pari_gives_saumy a_a_card/
Pari gives Saumya a card




Joined: 24 February 2007

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Posted: 13 July 2007 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
http://www.zippyvideos.com/5923108616523996/saumya_and_paris _title_song/
Saumya and Pari's title song

Pari's dream

http://www.zippyvideos.com/7179144756652876/even_though_you_ are_my_wife_you_cant_cheat/
playing carom

pari taking care of saumya

http://www.zippyvideos.com/1388163996661616/saumyas_sponge_b ath/
Saumya's sponge bath

karuna arora


karuna arora

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Posted: 24 August 2007 at 9:29am | IP Logged
wow yaar Smile

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