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Pyar to hamesha rahega : PART 2 PG. 2 (Page 2)

sweetmittal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2007 at 4:28pm | IP Logged

     You see a beautiful house and say Sharma residence. As you go inside you there is one guy who is sitting on the dinning table and it is surya.

Surya: Gayatri where is prithvi and kripa. It's almost time to go work and tell kripa that she it's her last day still she will go let.

Gayatri: so what it's her last day it's her graduation. Let her enjoy her day. And prithvi…..(suddenly Prithvi comes over there) here he is now talk to him.

Prithvi: Good morning mom and dad.

Surya & Gayatri: good morning beta. Good you came on time your dad was asking about you.

Surya: but where is kripa. Go call her she will be late for her graduation today.

Prithvi: yes dad.

Upstairs you see beautiful room which is color by pink. In that room that have pictures in different kind of posses and its kripa.

Prithvi: good morning gudiya. Wake up rise and shine common u have ur last day in college. Aliya called already ten times. She is already in the college. We live as a neighbour but she is already in the college and u r still sleeping.

Suddenly the blanket moves from the face and u see the beautiful face of kripa.

Kripa: uff bhai u didn't wake me up on time. O ghosh and she just run in the bathroom leaving prithvi laughing behind.

After thirty minutes she came running in beautiful salwar kameez and goes to her mom and dad and hug them.

Kripa: good morning mom and dad. Sorry I am late but I gotta go.

Gayatri: are beta nasta toh karti ja. But she just runs out side in her car with her driver.

The next house you see next to kripa's is Khanna Residence. As you go in you a lady running around the house telling the servant what to do or not to do.

Naina: common everybody work it fast. Today angad is coming and every body is like just resting common work it fast. Suddenly dadi came and asked naina
Dadi; are naina kyun itni jaldi mein ho kya hua

Note: sorry I forgot to mention that dadi is angad dadi in the part.

Naina: dekhiye na mummiji aj sham ko angad ki ane ki khusi me party hai aur abhi tak koi tayaari hi nahi hai.
Suddenly dilip came

Dilip: are naina calm down sab theek hojayega per angad ko lene kaun gaya hai.

Naina: koi nahi angad ne kaha hai ki sirf gadi bhej de.

Now you see in the middle of the road there is one car which is not working its kripa's.

Kripa: driver aur kitni der I am getting late. Driver says that it's gonna take a while so kripa just says that she will go by walk.

Her college is like across the street she just tries to cross the road. She just run in the middle of the road suddenly when she is in the middle of the road one car comes and stops suddenly making her scared. She just closes her eyes with her hands. Yes you guessed right its angad. He came out from his in his style with his anger in his eyes.

Angad: what the hell can't you see and walk. What if u get in the accidents now can you just answer my question.
Suddenly you can see kripa is taking her hands away from her face and angad got lost on her beautiful face. Even kripa is lost on her handsome face. They both stare at eachother in the middle of the road lost in each other. Suddenly kripa come out of her trance and just run away quickly saying sorry aur angad he just keep staring at her until she disappeared.

He just sits in his car and just drove away thinking about her.

Kripa reached to the college and meet aliya. They both hug each other and congrats about the graduation. After they graduate they both leave the place to go home.

At sharma residence, gayatri, surya and prithvi congrats her and tell her to get ready in the evening for the party at khanna resisdence. Soon gayatrri and surya walk out as they have some work to do. Kripa start teasing prithvi.

Kripa: so bhai why are we going to naina aunty's house.

Prithvi: vo angad aya hai na London se isliye.

Kripa: are u sure but I thought u don't like to go to the parties.

Prithvi blush: I do like parties and I will meet my best friend after so many years, so its gonna bhi more fun.

Kripa: um I think u wanna go to the party because aliya bhabhi is going to be there.

Prithvi: its not like that…. Soon cuts by kripa

Kripa: its ok bhai u doesn't need to be shy. Actually I like ur choice its best congrats bhai. And they hug each other.

At khanaa residence, aliya comes home suddenly she sees angad and shouts bhai and they both hug each other.

Angad: how is my sis? Oh by the way congrats on the graduatin\on.

Aliya: thank you bhai. I am fine and how r u? u didn't come to my graduation.

Angad: oh I am sorry and make a cute puppy face.
Aliya: ok ok I forgive u this time but where is my gift. Oh bhai today we have party in our house and ya prithvi is coming too.
Says getting all excited.

Angad teasigly: well he is my best friend why are u all excited.

Aliya blush: oh its nothing I was just excited because kripa is coming too.

Angad: oh my little sis u don't need to be shy I know everything about u too and I am so happy for u and then they both hug each other.

At night in the party, all sharma people come in the party. Kripa is wearing light pink salwar kameez and prithvi wore blue jeans and light blue t-shirt. Both of them look stunning.

On the other side aliya wore light blue salwar and angad wore black jeans and light pink shirt on the top looking stunning as always.

Angad and prithvi saw each other walk to ward each other. They both shake hands and hug each other.

Angad: hey prithvi how r u man. Looks great. How u doing.

Prithvi: hey I am fine how r u u change a lot after went to London. How many girlfriends did u make.

Angad laugh: well u know I don't stick with one and every girl die on me.

Ptithvi laugh: to bilkul sudhra nahin. Acha mein abhi aliya se milkar ata hu and he goes away.

Angad then turn around and goes to take a drink. As he turns around with the drink he crash into kripa and all his drink fall down.

He got attracted towards her by seeing her buty. But suddenly he gets mad and starts telling

Angad: hey can't u see anything. Whereever u go just get bumped in to me are u like blind.

Kripa: hey mister y can't u see that I was going that way. R u like blind. Can't u see and walk

Angad: u were the one who bumped in to me and blaming me for that.

Kripa: its ur fault u can;t see and walk stupid.

And she just walks away from there leaving amazed and frustrated angad behind.
Now on the dilip and surya sees this and smiled. They both got on the stage and dilip start talking.

Dilip: ladies and gentle men. As u guys no that I keep this party for my son angad who comes from London. But I would like to give u two more good news.

Dilip smiles as surya, gayatri, naina and dadi also smiles as they know what he is going to say.

Dilip: as u guys know that me and surya we are best friends so I want him to be my samdhi. And the good news is I would like announce prithvi as my son-in-law.

Every body claps and kripa hug aliya and prtivi and congrates them so does the angad. And both aliya and prithvi blush.

Dilip: I am going to announce that tomorrow will be two engagements and I would like invite all of them to the party. Now I know u guys might be wonder who is second couple to be engaged well they are none other than ANGAD KHANNA who is getting engaged to KRIPA SHARMA.

Both kripa and angad get shocked but every body get happy and hug each other after congrating them. Soon the party was over and every body went to their house.


PLEASE COMMENTS IF ITS GOOD OR BAD. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed





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pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 July 2007 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Wowww! Very good, sweetie! Clap Clap

Prithvi is Kripa's brother! LOL LOL I like that...and he got engaged to Aliyah.. Clap

Angad and Kripa keep on bumping into each other.. Wink LOL

So they will agree to arranged marriage and then fall in love? Tongue

sweetmittal Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2007 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
thank you so much di for lovely comments, here is the next part.


After going home kripa just ran to her room and start crying. She kept thinking that how will she get married to that person who she only know in the party, she doesn't even love him and she doesn't even know how is he and how he behaves with any body. But suddenly his brother comes in her mind. She thought that if she doesn't get married to him than they might break prithvi's and aliya's engagement. She can't break his heart and even her parents are so happy about this marriage, she cannot scarify their happiness for her. She decides to get married where her parents wants to.

On the other hand in khanna residence angad is trying to break the marriage but is not getting any success. He sees his family is so happy about this and he can't break their hearts. So he also decides to get married for his family sakes.

Over the next few days went by quickly as they all are preparing for the engagement. As punditji also says that after engagement in two days they have to get married as they don't have any muhurat until 2 years.

So it decided that all four couples would get married in 2 days.
(I would like to skip it directly to the marriage part)

After two days its time for their marriage. Soon kripa and aliya are brought downstairs and make them sit beside their grooms. Angad got stunned to see kripa in her beautiful red lehanga. He kept on thinking about how beautiful she looks. Soon both of the couples take seven pheras and soon the groom's ties mangalsutra around their bride's neck and fill out their maang with sindoor. Soon the marriage is over and aliya went to sharma residence and kripa went to khanna residence.

At khanna residence, all the ritual is over and they take kripa to angad's bedroom and make her sit on the bed. Soon angad came in the room, so kripa;s heart beat start beating high. She got more nervous and starts playing with her ring in her hand. Angad came near her and start talking

Angad: I know we didn't get any chance to talk but um I only got married for my family's sake.

Kripa: well um I also get married for my family sake.
Angad: so I guess we could be friend and get to know each other more than a husband and wife. So what say?

Kripa: ok

Angad: ok go get change and let's go to sleep as it's quite too late.

So kripa went in to the bathroom and came out wearing her night dress and sees angad sitting on the bed already change.

Angad: ok I will sleep on the sofa and u sleep on the bed. As he stands and turns around to go kripa hold his hand and stop him

Kripa: u said they we are friend then I can trust you so we could both go to sleep on the bed ok.

Angad just nodded and goes to sleep on the other side of the bed and kripa sleeps on the other side.

In the morning as we could see in there bedroom we see kripa and angad are sleeping with cuddling eachother. We see kripa's head on the angad's chest and angad's hand is tightly around her waist as she will run away if he let go of her.

As angad opened his eyes he see kripa sleeps on his chest with her head buried. He thought she looks like an angel. He kissed her on her forehead and watched her eyes opened. He suddenly closed his eyes and pretends to sleep. Kripa sees her sleeping position and gets shy. She removes his hand from her waist and goes to bathroom to take shower.

As kripa came out of the bathroom, she sees angad has already take shower and is ready to go downstairs.

They both go downstairs and take blessing from his parents. Both naina and dilip gives them blessing and surprise them by giving them two tickets for honeymoon to goa and tell them to pack their backs as the flight is for tonight.

Kripa went upstairs and pack their bags and angad think that he will love her in goa as he start to fall in love already with her. Soon its evening, they both take their parents blessing and left for the airport. They both were sitting in the plane and enjoying their company with each other. After couple of hours they land in goa and catch the taxi to the bunglow they already have in goa. They reach the bunglow and got ready to go sight seeing where angad has decided to admit his feelings for her. They went to see so many places and have lots of fun.

This is the fifth day of their honeymoon. As they were going to some place somebody covers kripa's eyes from the back. As kripa turn around to see who it is she got shocked. She quickly hugs him. As angad realized that kripa is not beside him he turned around and gets shocked seeing kripa hugs other guy. He feels his heart break and he feels jealous seeing kripa in somebody's arm. We see that guy is none other than kavya. As kripa takes him to angad, kavya puts his arm around her as walking with her. Angad sees this and gets more jealous and thought about breaking his hand which is touching his kripa, his wife. Soon kripa introduced him to angad saying he is her best friend. Both guys shake their hands, as kavya feels that angad is getting jealous seeing kripa with him. So he leaned toward kripa and kisses her on her cheeks. Seeing this angad's heart broke in to million pieces and his eyes feels with tears, so he turned around and wipes his eyes. Kavya sees this and feel bad for him. He invites both of them to his house for party and goes from there after giving them their address. As he leaves, angad turn around and tell kripa to lets go home. Kripa seems some disturbance in him but decides to keep quiet and follow him.

In the evening they both get ready to go to the kavya's house, as kripa insists him to go with her as he doesn't want to see kripa with kavya. But he gets ready for kripa's happiness. Kripa wore red saree with red bangels, matching earings with her mangelsutra in her neck and sindoor in her mang. Angad got ready in while suit with red tie matching with kripa's color.

As they both enter in the party, kavya comes their take kripa with him to introduce with somebody. Angad sees this and gets angry but remained calm. After some time kavya comes there behind angad and says:

Kavya: you love her too much

Angad: ya I do suddenly he realized that he is talking to kavya

Kavya laughs: then tell her before its too late. Saying this he takes angad to where kripa is standing and introduce one girl to angad as his wife anjali. Angad get embarrassed about his suspicions. Kavya send angad and kripa on the dance floor for dance and soon both of them were dancing.

Kripa puts her hands around his neck as angad hold her from her waist and pulled her closer. Kripa gets surprised by his act but also feeling happy. They deeply looked in each other's eyes and see nothing then lots of love for each other. Angad can't take it anymore and kissed kripa on her forehead, eyes, and both cheeks and slowly pressed his lips towards her and softly kissed her. Kripa gets surprised by his act but gives in and kiss him back. Soon that kiss turn in to passionate one as kripa ruffles his hair and his hands caressed her waist.

They both get apart breathing heavily. Angad sees that kripa is blushing and he says:

Angad: kripa I LOVE YOU.


Angad gets happy after listening to this and hugs her tightly; kripa also hugs him back happily.

They both walk out in each other's arms. Suddenly it started raining, they both ran to the car but both of them got wet as it started raining heavily. They drive home and ran in side the house holding their hands together. As they opened the house all the lights went off because of rain. Kripa gets scared hold tightly angad's hand. Angad noticed that she is scared so he put protective arm around her closing the door behind them. He led her to their bedroom and told her to stand there and he will look for light to light the candles. As angad turn around and turn the lighter on, he see kripa's beautiful face with water dripping from her hair on her cheeks and lips. He starts walking to her slowly. Kripa noticed this looks up to see him and sees lots of love and kept blushing. She just turned around not able to look his piercing gaze.

Soon angad stand beside her and hug her from back. Slowly he starts kissing her on her neck from back caressing her arm, every curve parts of her body. Kripa moaned softly but suddenly she turned around and starts walking backward as angad was walking in front of her taking his all clothes off. She hits the wall and angad comes near her and puts both of his arms on the wall each side, so she doesn't escaped from him. He looks deeply in her eyes making her go weak. He leaned forward and kisses her lightly on her lips. Kripa start responding him and in no time they both were kissing each other passionately. Angad's hand starts moving his hand on her waist caressing her each parts of the body. They both apart were breathing heavily, and angad start kissing her on her neck, throat, on her shoulder removing her sarre rivaling her soft skin on her body. Angad moved down kissing her collar bon, her chest, kissing her breasts, down to her navel and stomach.
Soon angad was sitting on his knee taking her saree totally off and throwing on the floor. He holds her from her hip and start kissing her stomach, nuzzling and biting some love bite. Kripa's hand caresses his hair and moaning softly. Angad start moving up kissing her navel, breasts, chest, collar bone, her shoulder, neck, throat moving towards her lips and kissed her passionately on her lips. Angad picked her up still not breaking the kiss and take her to their bed.

He gently lay her down on bed and lays on top her and starts kissing again on her lips. His hand moves toward the back of her blouse unhooking her blouse. Soon he takes her blouse off and throws it on the floor while his other went down towards her petticoat uniting it reviling her soft legs. Soon he start kissing her on the chest, her breasts nibbling her nipple and caressing it with his tongue, moving down towards her stomach nuzzling it and kissing non stop. Kripa moaned softly moving her head from side to side to soft groaning loudly. Angad moved up toward her neck and nuzzling her soft skin. Suddenly kripa feel piercing pain and but leaves quickly giving her pleasure of love and tears fell from her eyes. Angad lick all her tears and making her his with all his heart and kiss her lips. Soon both of them drift to the sleep after making love.

In the morning, we take to their bedroom where we see all clothes on the floor. Now it moves to the bed where two people are sleeping peacefully and cuddling each other under one white silk sheet. They are angad and kripa. We angad is sleeping almost on kripa with his hands tightly around her waist and his chest pressed to his breast with kripa hands around his back hugging him. Kripa opened her and sees angad is sleeping by tightly holding her. She remembers what happen at night and blushes hard by hiding her head on his chest. Angad hugs her back and mumble:

Angad: good morning my love

Kripa: good morning and blush hard.

Angad open his eyes and look into hers sees she is blushing. He teases her until she says

Kripa: ok now stop teasing me and let me go take shower.

Angad: ok let's go together as it is very late so we could save some time.

Kripa: ok suddenly she realized what he says and starts hitting him on his arm.
Angad grabs both her hands with his and pinned them by her head and kiss her on the lips so she stops struggling and give in. angad released her hand and puts his around her caressing her back softly. Kripa put hers around him and caress his hair. Angad lips drops to her lips and kiss her and move down. Kripa moaned softly again and again. Angad then picked her up and takes her to the bathroom and shuts the door. He makes her stand in the shower and run the water down to her body. Angad pinned her to the wall and start kissing her all over the body. He kisses her on her throat, neck, collar bone, chest, both of her breast nibbling on her nipple, going down toward her stomach non stop kissing her. Kripa's legs become weak and she slide down on the bathroom floor with angad on the top and keep making love until two hours.

Angad came out of bathroom wearing towel around her waist and kripa in her hands who is wearing her towel around her breast. Angad puts her on the bed and kiss her lips passionately and tell her to get ready to go out today and have some more fun.

that;s the 2nd part

please comments


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pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2007 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Oooohhh that was HOTT! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Loved the bedroom and bathroom scenes! Embarrassed

monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2007 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Embarrassed hot hot dear so sweet Clap

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