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Gaurav Chopraa aka Rajkumar Fanclub# 3*

scorpiongal Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2007
Posts: 1247

Posted: 27 June 2007 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

The man women drool over

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

 The bad guy who makes every good girl go weak in the knees

The 'Sexy Sam' from Aisa Des Hai Mera, who turned strong critics into admirers and fans

Those eyes can burn you... even his tenderness can ignite fires  aur ek baar uski awaaz sun lo, bas phir toh ye aalam hai  ki woh bole, tum suno aur yug beet jaaye

We love both Samay and Gaurav and sometimes forget that they're two different entities, one fictional, one phenomenal.

Welcome to the world of Samay lovers, the world of Gaurav lovers.

Welcome to the Gaurav Chopra fan club.

If you see women around you fainting or going into raptures... join the queue Wink

So friends, if you wanna join this club, reply to this post and i will add your name to the members list...

Friends, let's share his pictures and whatever you know about this actor...

Gaurav's Birthday interview link:


Gaurav's Birthday Post:




fanclub # 2


Members as of now:

blind horizon
sonia khan
anna t

Hania baweja
scorpion gal
Mrs. Salman Khan
luv_Huda aka Natalie

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scorpiongal Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2007
Posts: 1247

Posted: 27 June 2007 at 10:57pm | IP Logged

 Party  Party  Party  Party  Party  Party  Party  Party
hey guys.. Smile

welcome all of u to this new fanclub.Smile

 let's start with a few words about Gaurav  from some very sweet members of this warm little house..  Smile

Here comes a very nice poem dedicated to Gaurav from an equally nice member. Smile

Barsoon  ke  baad dekha  ik shakhs dilruba sa ....Embarrassed

ab zehen mein nahiin hai ,par naam tha bhala sa.. Smile

Abroo khiche khiche se, aankein khili khili si,Embarrassed

baatein   ruki   ruki   si , lehja  thaka  thaka sa..Smile

Alfaaz thay ke jugnoo ,awaz ke safar mein....Smile

ban jaye jangaloon mein ,jaise keh raasta sa..Smile

Darhi barhi hoi si ,zulfein ghani ghani si....Wink

dharti pe aa gaya ho, jaisay keh devta sa..Smile  

Pehle  bhi  log  aye , kitne hi tv screen pe....Tongue 

wo har tarah se lekin, auroon se hai juda sa.. Clap


and a hot write up by one another cute member ...Smile

"Gaurav's eyes makes you go into a different world. His style of talking has the power of intoxicating anyone and evveryone. Gaurav is very Gauravlicious or I must say sexilicous.lol. He can make any girl go crazzyyyy with his muscles. You are still cute as you were in your baby picture. Oh Gaurav, Gaurav, Gaurav, what can I say about you. Anything that I say about you is not enough."EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

this is one more from a (gr8) member....Smile

this fan club is dedicated to the most handsome hunk of indian television.he is no one else then  Gaurav chopraa .his million dollar smile and wonderful acting has stolen the hearts of fans from all over the world .his brilliant acting attracts every 1 hard who watch him  he is currently working in left right left and playing the role of abhi rai chauhan. East or West  Gaurav chopraa  is best then the rest.Smile



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scorpiongal Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2007
Posts: 1247

Posted: 27 June 2007 at 11:03pm | IP Logged

Dear friends…Smile

We all know that it was samay & it was Adhm that brought us together…& since that time we hv been discussing gaurav …& his characterization in that show. For us…it was the beginning of our adherence & admirations for him….but for Gaurav,ADHM was not the beginning.  There has been a no. of shows at his disposal before adhm. Today he is an achiever but things were not always as they are today. It's been a long journey of persistent efforts & hard work..which turned him an achiever from a struggler.

so here comes a small effort to encapsulate some characters played by him during this journey...

Sandy in Lavanya. Smile

He was first seen in Lavanya  …  a guy with long hairs & beard face…….. wholly eccentric & bizarre looks  & equally weird character.  He played the role of a painter called SANDY.. who is completely engulfed by his inferiority complexes. He falls in a love with a girl but couldn't dare to face her parents & ask her hand cuz his complex of being an unsuccessful person in life keeps haunting him. He couldn't fight his complexes and lost his love. (his role was put to a break & was again introduced ..after sometime…but I hadn't seen that part ..). Sandy….. was somewhat a diffident fellow.. who often remains congested with his vagaries of thoughts of him living a bungled life. It was a very peculiar character.. a lost man..who don't know what to do & where to move (In my words..… PARESHAAN AATMA).

Abhay pratap singh in Saara Akaash .Smile

 An arrogant, brattish guy who had received the hunger for wealth, power & rule in inheritance. An orthodox & a merciless being devoted to self….couldn't stand defeats & love dominance……a complete villain.
Gaurav did his part well. It was a negative character...so it demanded ppl to hate him….& I hated him. (I think this is the supreme quality of any great actor that he infuses himself in to the character so deeply that ppl just see the character & forget the actor behind it.) I wanted to kill Abhay in certain scenes…...irrespective of the fact that ….i die for Gaurav.
I liked his portrayal of anger & arrogance, his furious accent and raging intensity of eyes and the perfect use of voice with purpose.

 Raghu from..Dil Kya Chahta Hai…Smile

 mmmmmm….A very sweet ..nice ..charming guy & a loyal husband. (sounds good ..na..). First show when I noticed, him liked him & admired him. Raghu was a struggler ..big fan of big B, who always imitates him.  (I remember the very first episode of DKCH when …he had got his first break to act with Amitabh Bachhan…though it was just a one scene sequence ..but still he was  truly excited to perform with his idol. He was practicing his dialogues exactly in AB's accent & body movements. The scene starts when BIG B delivers his dialogue & now it's raghu's turn to speak his part of dialogue…..but he doesn't speak them.. Instead he says very confidently….SIR AAP MUJHE COPY KAR RAHEN HEIN. ) I laughed soooo hard on this scene…& I m still laughing as I remember it.  I hv seen almost every episode of it..liked him very much. He is too good at playing humorous roles as well. ( it is often said in the acting world that a person who can do a comic role efficiently on the screen…..that  can do any role..) In Gaurav's case ..this is cent percent correct.

Nach BALIYE..Smile

 A reality dance show where 10 celebrity couples had to display their dancing skills. Gaurav coupled with his  partner Narayani Shashtri....rocked the stage with their very first performance of the show earning themselves a huge deal of appreciations. One jury member complimented them by saying " aap log itna achcha nachey ki Nach Baliye ko aapne pride de diya"….(  Wow…what a compliment…..that too by none other than ..the greatest choreographer of industry "Saroj khan" … I m sure they must be jumping inside).  But things didn't go very well for these great dancers. They got eliminated by fellow participants in the third round……..which gave birth to huge controversies & rage among public.  Everybody was convinced that the elimination was unfair…but still , Gaurav & Narayani followed the code of conduct  & left the stage in an utmost dignified & graceful manner.

 Then came the wildcard entry round…...which remained more controversial then the earlier phase. Forced editions in their performance on the night just before their final show down ..&  misconcepting a fiery & action packed performance by the jury as an aggressive & exasperated performance…sat them on the verge of  bidding final adieu to the show. Though they couldn't make it to re-enter the show…..yet they etched a big place in the hearts of millions of ppl across the globe by their undisputedly magnificent dancing & their grandeur poise, grace & dignity.

 SAMAY in ADHM Smile

The most discussed topic yet most engaging. The show which turned all of us crazy about  gaurav. He entered the show as a womanizer..…..  an extremely passionate & determined guy with an irresistible persona & killing looks…… knows what he wants & the ways to get that…….Difficult at expressing himself through words yet a master in emoting every single emotion through eyes. Falls in love with a highly principled girl…but couldn't tell her..even couldn't  comprehend his own feelings until it's too late.  Turns an extremist to get her..but fails to get her love. When discovers himself standing on the verge of death, give up his hopes & lends himself to destiny & destiny greets him with his love & acclaim him a winner of this battle of life.

Abhimanyu rai chauhan in Left Right LeftSmile

The Prince came with unconventional looks and deep enchanting voice forming a potent combination to steal the place in your heart. The entry was unreceptive and performance ready to be scrutinized to smallest details. Here is an army captain with not only a different hairstyle and attire but also bearing nonchalant attitude and the love for music. Why is it needed? We were left pondering. Well he is commanding, intense and matter of fact teacher. As time passed the deep baritone voice started to weave its magic. The 'disliked' style was cool now.  He attempts to bond with the cadets, probing into their psyche to know them and help them realize their self.

 He cares a lot for his friend but express his love and affection in a subtle way. He silently examines his close friend's dilemma that leads to a debatable decision and the circumstances surrounding it thereby making his friend's protg look into a different perspective of things and guide her through so very effortlessly. Despite being an Army officer he believes in non-violence.  His angst is visible while introspecting his self confessed failure and craving for emotional support first time in this moment he is weak & helpless but yet so brave. Gaurav as Abhi is not forceful or imposing he is warm and friendly & apart from his acting, his voice does the trick every time even for the most ridiculous scenes.

Ok..lets see one fun filled description….Smile

...Mere paas aaoo mere doston ek kissa sunaoon…..bahut saal pehle ki ye baat hai... Ek Shh..phir koi hai ke episode mein...gavrau ji jab clean shaven, short haired neat se munde hote they,

Woh ek college student bane the.. who belongs to a family of werewolves...though he is unaware of the fact. When he turns 18....and poonam ki raat thi, unki body mein bhalu jaise baal ugne lage, dracula mafik daant badne lage aur unka make up ek so called WEREWOLF jaisa kar diya gaya aur wo nikal pade khoon pine!!

Hope u guys can understand kitna natural make-up tha!! Exactly like Our Tv standards that time!!But frankly, even then he was the lead of the episode and he did act very well...in fact that struck me to notice his caliber at emoting the transformation from human to animal …..yet with a human heart....

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scorpiongal Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2007
Posts: 1247

Posted: 27 June 2007 at 11:13pm | IP Logged

A word from me……Smile

I m really very thankful to all of my friends who gave me this great opportunity to start Fanclub # 3.Smile I welcome all of u & just want to say….Smile

 Let's move in the new era of effectiveness & accountability, intent on preserving dignity & responsibility.(which sometimes had been questioned )…& perfecting our participations & conversations by being more articulate, considerate & more deliberate. Gaurav has always insisted on quality to be sustained & standards to be maintained. Hope we all would be able to live up to his expectations..there by ..making it a reason for him to be proud of. Smile

So..let's start working towards exploring new destinations of our fervent devotedness towards Gaurav.  Smile

gulrani Goldie

Joined: 22 October 2006
Posts: 2072

Posted: 28 June 2007 at 1:01am | IP Logged
hey shweta dear..

thanks for our sweet new Fanclub 3, our new small and cosy  house .... good features you have introduced Smile . but tell me  Shweta , who has written this beautiful poem? Wink ...IT'S AMAZING Tongue .. . This summary of his characters is the unique idea ....good girl,   you have done a good job ,dearClapClap... and yes...we all would try to sustain our quality.... EmbarrassedSmile but where are others?? ConfusedBig smile ..... come  all and let s start writing and  filling the pages ......Our new fanclub is waiting... Big smile

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spian Senior Member

Joined: 28 May 2007
Posts: 738

Posted: 28 June 2007 at 2:27am | IP Logged

Great thread ShwetaClap the PrincessEmbarrassed You have done a wonderful job dear.

Now where are other members? Chuppe ho kaha!!!LOL

BTW there was Narayani's interview on Zee News. I will post whatever I remember. But importantly they showed her shopping and yes someone was with her in White coat and blue jeans-our very own Gaurav ChopraaTongue

This is for our NS fan: Narayani said she doesnt know cooking, hates pathetic scripts, doesnt mind age of charac, loves her family, loves long drives, .. thats all i can recollectOuch

scorpiongal Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2007
Posts: 1247

Posted: 28 June 2007 at 2:49am | IP Logged
thanks..shabnam & lirh. Smile
for how long i was waiting for these pyaare -pyaare comments. Wink Wink LOL

& thanks for interview bits. now n fans will be bit relaxed that atleast their relationship still have a flavour of friendship. Smile
vinnu-gaurav Senior Member

Joined: 07 June 2007
Posts: 333

Posted: 28 June 2007 at 3:26am | IP Logged



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