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Teri Baahon Mein---KYPH FF--Part 1-39 (Page 6)

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b>Chapter 34

A Dream came true
When I found you
A wish fulfilled
When You loved me
And I loved you!

The first day of the New Year dawned dreary and cloudy, threatening some impending storm! The dance contest organizers were worried and so was Simone's group that it would have to be cancelled, but thankfully the weather held till the evening.

Simone's group alongwith Angad-Kripa had stage rehearsals in the morning at Morisco's with sound, music, and light effects…..Simone showed them the positions and places for each dancer…..made them practice 2-3 times till she was satisfied with the final results! They got the afternoon off to rest in preparation for the evening's performance.

6 P.M.

Morisco's was packed that night….filled to maximum capacity of 150 people, seated at their tables waiting for the program to begin. Dinner was served early at 6:30 P.M. so it would be over by the time the contest began at 8 P.M.

Dilip-Naina were there to see their daughter perform alongwith the Mehras; also present were Mishti's parasailing friends, Anitah, Aaliyah with their boyfriends and the rest of the young group!

Exactly at eight, the stage manager went up (wearing a magenta suit this time) and announced the contest open in a grand manner. He called upon DJ Rocky to be the MC for the evening…..DJ Rocky took the stage and started his usual humorous banter, regaling and entertaining the audience before finally announcing the name of the first contestant: Ms Anamika from Mumbai:
A 13-14 year-old girl came onstage and perforned to the Dhoom 2 song: Crazy Kiya Rey….she had a flexible body and leaped and bent easily, doing her moves expertly like a gymnast, but she lacked grace and expression!

The Judges of the Contest were a prominent Business Magnate, Mr.Bajaj from Mumbai, a pop-star from Bangalore and a dancer/choreographer from Tamil movies…all guests at the Resort.

Next performer was a Michael Jackson look-alike who did Moonwalk quite perfectly with "Don't stop till u get enough" ….he was a big hit, he even dressed like Michael with the silver glove and socks and shoes!
After that two young men did break-dancing to "Who let the Dogs Out" ….they were really good and drew a lot of applause, doing amazing body twists and somersaults.

A young woman tried to belly-dance like Shakira to the song "Hips don't lie" but failed miserably; its not easy to be Shakira!
An older woman did a slow Kathak style dance to " Mohey Panghat pe nandlaal chhed gayo rey"…she drew sniggers as she was well past her prime but she did try her best!
Next it was Kripa's turn:

Meanwhile Backstage:

Kripa was nervous and excited as she had a hurried snack and went backstage to get ready for the contest….Mishti went with her to help her dress and put on make-up! There were butterflies in her stomach as she put on the Amrapali costume for her solo dance….the white and gold choli with a matching dance-style dhoti-sari wound tightly around her slender curves! Mishti made a little bun and left the rest of her hair open and decorated it with jewelled pins and flowers…..she wore white fake-flower bangles and golden jewelry on her neck, ears, tika and silver payals on her ankles! She looked a lot like Shakuntala of the legends with her white costume and jewelry and her innocent charm and grace!

Mishti looked at her completed make-up, pleased with the end result…..she pinched her cheek playfully and said: Ekdum Shakuntala jaisi lag rahi hai meri behen!
Kripa hugged her and said: Thanks, Dii, for ur help! Mishti: Anytime, Baby!
Just then there was a knock on the dressing-room door----Angad's deep voice said: Kripa, are you ready?
Mishti laughed: Lo, aa gaya tumhara Dushyant! She opened the door, greeted Angad cheerily and left the room!

Angad came in; Kripa held her breath, looking down and blushing as she felt Angad's reaction to her appearance……he drew in a sharp breath, came near her and raised her downcast chin. She closed her eyes, suddenly overcome with shyness!
Angad bent low near her neck, cupping her red cheeks and said in a low, husky voice: Humari shadi ke din bhi tum yehi dress pehenna…..bahut sundar lag rahi ho…..I swear, agar ab yeh program nahin hota toh abhi tumhey uthakar yahan se le jaata"
Kripa opened her eyes slowly and looked shyly into his heated, passionate gaze: Please, mujhey iss tarah se mat dekho….
Angad (arrogantly):   Kyun nahin? Tumhey dekhna mera haq hai….

Kripa: Haan, lekin abhi nahin please, ab main bahut nervous hoon….mere pet mein butterflies ud rahey hain..
Angad touched her sari-clad belly: Hmmmm, lagta toh nahin ke andar butterflies hain…
Kripa laughed and slapped his hand away: ANGADD, shaitaani mat karo……Ab kya karoon main, mujhey bahut darr lag raha hai…..she fretted nervously, forgetting her shyness and clutching his arm……….. "Main akeli kaisey stage per dance karoon itney logon ke saamney? Angad, please tum bhi mere saath chalo na….
Angad laughed heartily: I don't think those folks would like to see me in Shakuntala costume…..Kripa, tumhey yaad hai na Simone ne kya kaha tha? Don't look at the audience, buss apney liye dance karo, merey liye dance karo….think of us, think of our Love when you dance…..he suggested, hugging her nervous frame, comforting her, encouraging her!
And that is exactly what she did when her turn came!

DJ Rocky announced: And Now Ms. Kripa Sharma will delight you with her dance from Asoka!

Angad took her to the stage entrance and kissed her cheek quickly: Best of Luck, Baby! Go conquer them!
She squeezed his hand, getting strength from those big hands, took a deep breath and stepped on the stage as the music started to her song: (Asoka---Hema Sardesai) ( I hope u can open the vdo becuz I couldn't)

As Kripa started dancing, a hush fell over the audience, as they were mesmerized by the beautiful girl and her graceful movements! She followed Angad's advice, looked at her hands and fingers, anywhere but at the audience sitting in front in the dark. She immersed herself in the dance, swaying sensuously and imagining Angad as her sajan in the song! She had a sweet smile on her lips which made her dance even more attractive! She bent over backwards, twirled, spun, and did the rapid foot movements with the thak thak tha parts.She surprised even her own family, Naina-Dilip, Mishti-Kartik, all were enjoying her dance with pride and amazement! Angad watched her from the wings with a proud, loving smile, his eyes drinking in her beauty and grace!
Prithvi's eyes shone with an unhealthy glitter as he looked at the sensuous movements of her body!

(San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan) - 2
Mere jaisa dhoondke laa mera sajan
San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan
Aisa kahin koi nahin - 2
Aisa ho to shaayad main kar loon milan - 2
Jaa jaa, jaa re pawan, jaa re pawan
San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan
Aakaash hai koi prem kavi
Main uski likhi kavita
Oh, aakaash hai koi prem kavi
Main uski likhi kavita
Mere jaisa koi nahin aaya jag mein yug beeta
Chhoo na sake koi mujhe - 2
Chhoo le to haai lag jaaye aggan - 2
Jaa jaa re jaa, jaa re pawan, jaa re pawan
San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan
Yea yea yea yea, yea yea yea yea
Main aap hi apni premika
Main aap hi apni saheli
Haan, main aap hi apni premika
Main aap hi apni saheli
Aur nahin koi apne jaise, bas main ek akeli
Main aaoon to, main jaaoon to - 2
Mujhko dekhe jhuk ke gagan - 2
Jaa jaa, jaa re pawan, jaa re pawan
San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan
Mere jaisa dhoondke laa mera sajan
(San sanana nana, san sanana nan
Jaa jaa re jaa re jaa re, jaa re pawan) – 2

Loud applause followed her performance, she was flushed as she took a bow, smiling shyly and went backstage! Her family stood up and applauded her. For them, it was a small miracle that their shy little Kripa had stolen the show with her solo performance!

Kripa was breathless with excited pleasure at her success, she ran to Angad, hugged his waist and exclaimed: Oh Angad, I am so happy! They liked my dance" she was practically jumping up and down with joy!
Angad: Of course they will like ur dance! You were amazing! He kissed her forehead affectionately….Ab jaao aur change karo for our number, you have 20 minutes!

Kripa panicked at once, but Mishti had already arrived backstage to help her change so it didn't take her long to open her Shakuntala costume and put on her golden costume (imagine Kripa's gold dress in Rabba Rabba concert, only with skin-tight pants instead of a skirt)
She left her hair open, taking off the white flowers and pins and also took off most of her Indian jewelry, just wearing long golden hoop earrings.
Angad had changed into his black shirt and pants, looking amazingly handsome and dashing! This gorgeous Gold and Black pair went onstage after 3-4 more item numbers by others!


Angad and Kripa hypnotized the audience with their passionate, scintillating performance….Tango, salsa and swing mixed with a little mambo as well! They promenaded cheek to cheek in the beginning, did a little tango, then moving on to salsa steps side by side, then he swung her away from him, pulled her back into his arms and bent her over his arm, caressing her cheek! All the time, they looked unwaveringly into each other's eyes, yet their steps didn't falter; they never missed a step! They only looked away during the more dramatic poses of tango!

They were so immersed in each other that even their watchers felt the heat between them. Mishti's face became serious, suddenly wondering about Kripa as a lot of mysteries fell into place. The subtle change in her sister was very much obvious today! She decided to talk to Kripa about this at night. Dilip looked quite upset at the intimate way in which Kripa was dancing with Angad. Naina looked uncomfortable too. Kartik and Mishti exchanged glances. Prithvi looked venomously at the black and gold pair onstage, frowning with envy!

But the rest of the audience and the judges were enjoying the chemistry between the dancing duo. Both complimented each other so well and danced in tandem as if they had been born dancing that way! He was like a handsome matador and she was his Senorita! The gorgeous couple blew everybody away with their performance, especially at the end when Kripa came running and leaped into his arms and he caught her and held her aloft by her waist, with her feet pointing straight like in ballet! That made everybody applaud wildly, followed by ceetees and catcalls!

pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno
ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi
hoti kya hai jawaani suno
ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi
ek ladki thi woh bhi ek daur tha
waqt hi aur tha jab woh the
ajnabi dono tanaha se the
par woh kehte kise baat jo dil mein thi) – 2
pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi
hoti kya hai jawaani suno ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi
gumsum gumsum rehte the dono
phir bhi dil mein kehte the dono
koyi sapana hum bhi to paayein
ek din tute ghum ke woh ghere
jhilmil jhilmil aaye savere
mausam badala jaagi fizaayein
woh mil gaye, woh khil gaye aur pyaar ho hi gaya
jo maanga tha, woh paaya to hosh kho hi gaya

As soon as Angad-Kripa ended the dance, wild applause broke out, they got a standing ovation from the judges as well. It was clear they were the favorites in the paired dance!

Their performance was followed by two more paired dances : two girls who danced to Deedar De from Dus and a girl and a boy who danced to Nach Baliye! But these dancers failed to impress the judges or the audience.

Angad and Kripa stood in the wings, with their arms around each other, elated at the success of their joint item, watching the later performances, which included some of Simone's students performing movie mumbers as well as hip-hop and salsa!

To end the show, Simone's group danced " Funk Soul Brother" energetically and vigorously, pumping energy into every move and leap! They were amazing and Kripa was in the back row too, swinging and dancing to the funky beats!

That dance was the Grand Finale and the show ended after that, the judges going into consultation with each other to choose winners in the solo, paired and group dances!

And then the results were in: Mr. Bajaj got up on the stage and announced the winners on behalf of the all the judges:

I am pleased to say that tonight we have double winners for the solo dance:
The first prize goes to Ms. Kripa Sharma for her graceful dance from Asoka and the joint winner is none other than our home-grown Michael Jackson!

Kripa was stunned….she hadnt really expected to win first prize….she was overwhelmed. She almost cried in her happiness as she hugged Angad tightly and thanked him: Yeh sab tumhari wajeh se hua hai, Thank You, Darling! She jumped up and down and did a little jig in joy, then went onstage to receive her prize from the Judge with a sweet smile on her face!

Her parents, Mishti and Kartik and her friends were applauding crazily, Mishti kissed Kartik in her excitement, he looked very happy at this sudden bonus! Mishti jumped up and down and yelled : KRIPA…KRIPA…KRIPA….KRIPA (cupping her hands to her mouth) Her friends followed suit, shouting KRIPA….KRIPAA!
Kripa blushed as she took the golden award from Mr. Bajaj's hands, who laughed and said: Lagta hai aapkey bahut deewaney hain yahan per, I don't blame them….he looked admiringly at her!

Kripa thanked him shyly, then raised the award in the air and waved it for her family and friends and then turned to Angad in the wings and blew him a kiss! Dilip and Naina tried to see who she did that to but couldn't see Angad.
Mr Bajaj gave the award to the Michael lookalike as well, cracking jokes about the eccentric popstar!
Mishti ran backstage to congratulate and hug her sister and to join in the festivities!

Next the Judge announced the group winner which was of course Simone's group, as they were undoubtedly the best and the most professional performers! Simone took the award on behalf of all her dancers.

And to end the show, Mr. Bajaj announced the couple/duo award!
I am thrilled to give this couple award to the stunning pair of Ms. Kripa and Mr. Angad!
They went onstage hand in hand to receive their prize….Kripa was almost in tears now with happiness….she had never felt this happy in her whole life! She and Angad taking the prize together as a couple was a dream come true for her! Angad was equally excited and elated, grinning from ear to ear….he kissed her, then put his arm around her, escorting her onstage!

Mr. Bajaj said to Kripa: Ms Sharma, this is definitely YOUR night….three dances, three awards! You are amazing….how long have you been learning to dance?
Kripa laughed : Believe it or not, only for the last 10 days!
Bajaj was amazed….she added: Yeh sab Angad ki wajeh se hai, he convinced me to learn dance and participate in this contest!
Bajaj congratulated Angad: Well done, Young Man! You two were really amazing! And you have a star in the making here…he pointed to Kripa, Bajaj was quite impressed with her!
Angad put a possessive arm around Kripa and said: Yes, Sir, I know I have a real jewel here!
Angad let Kripa take the couple award and thank the audience for the honor….this was her night, she had found herself a place in the stars!

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------


Author's Note: Shakuntala was the daughter of an Apsara who was left in the forest and brought up in an ashram there! She grew up into a beautiful and charming young woman! One day a king named Dushyant came hunting in the forest and saw her and fell in love with her....he courted her till she fell for him too, they got married in secret and spent nights together! Duhsyant left promising to return for her and take her to his kingdom...he gave her his ring as a token of his love and faith!
Shakuntala was so deep in thoughts of her king that she didnt serve Sage Durvasa who got angry and cursed her that the person who she was remembering wont remember her. She is shocked and grieved and cries for mercy ...the angry sage relented and said okay he will remember u by some token!
Some months passed, Shakuntala was pregnant, a sage at the ashram decided to take her to her husband, the King...they set out on a journey to the kingdom...on the way Shakuntala lost the ring that Dushyant had given her while bathing in the river, it fell into the water....she was heartbroken....the sage's curse was at work!

The king forgot all abt his lovely Shakuntala....when she reached his kingdom, he rejected her, saying he didnt even know her :cry: She left the kingdom in tears.....a long time went by!..Then one day a fisherman caught a huge fish, when it was cut open, the royal ring came out of its belly, the fisherman took it to show to the King, he saw it and remembered everything! He went looking for Shakuntala but was told she had died or disappeared!
He was heartbroken and became busy in wars with the asurs, helping the Gods! One day he was in a sage's ashram where he saw a little boy hunting small animals...he felt attracted to the little boy for some reason, took him to the ashram and found out it was Shakuntala's son and his child!
Happy Reunion followed and Dushyant took his wife and child back to his kingdom!
The son's name was Bharat after whom India is called Bharat!

Doesnt this story sound a lot like KYPH too?     blink.gif :wub:


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Part 35

When wishes are fulfilled
Destiny awaits you
With an Iron Hand!

Angad and Kripa accepted their first prize for Best Dancing Couple and bowed to the cheering audience together, holding hands! Dilip frowned, Naina looked a little disturbed. Mishti was already backstage with her friends to greet them. As soon as Kripa came down, she hugged her….the two sisters did a little dance and squealed with joy! All the other friends congratulated both the winners.

Simone came up and hugged Kripa : "I knew you could do it….after all Angad had so much faith in you and I trust his choice" she winked at Kripa meaningfully. Kripa held Simone's hands and thanked her sincerely for her patience and belief in her.

Mishti congratulated Angad and then suddenly became serious: Tum dono Mama-Papa ko aaj raat hi bata do, she said.
Angad said: Yes, we will tell them after you all go back to your Suite….we will meet you there.
Kripa ran back to the greenroom and quickly changed her dance costume, wearing the black lace dress that Mishti had once bought for her.

As Kripa emerged out front , Naina and Dilip hugged and kissed their daughter with pride and joy!

Naina gushed ecstatically: Ohhh Kripa, we are so proud of you, Baby! You were absolutely gorgeous up there….she gushed happily!
Dilip: Kripa Betey, tumney aaj humey impress kar diya hai, tum itna achha naachti bhi ho yeh humney kabhi nahin socha tha……..then more seriously he said: Wo Angad kahan hai? Mujhey ussey kuchh baat karni hai…
Kripa looked nervously at her dad and said: Haan, wo abhi aata hi hoga….

Angad was busy talking to several young people who were big fans of his singing….he glanced at Kripa as if aware of her thoughts and grinned at her!
The Mehras came up to Kripa and praised her performance and congratulated her too…..Prithvi was nowhere in sight…..Kripa was relieved that he was missing.

Other guests who knew Kripa from her Morisco dinners came up to her to wish her… she stood there talking to them, a waiter came up to her and handed her a little chit, she opened it…it said in bold letters:

Kripa was thrilled at this invite to meet secretly.... another of their secret encounters, she smiled…..she looked at Angad! He glanced at her from where he was standing, talking to his friends…..he smiled and raised the glass in his hand, and then winked at her. She blushed and nodded her head.

Five minutes later, Kripa excused herself from her band of admirers and sneaked out of the side exit….it was almost full moon but the clouds covered the moon almost completely. But Kripa could still see the garden paths in the soft glimmer of the night! Her heart pounded with excitement as she walked rapidly to the Gym which was about a hundred yards away. Inside it was dark, only the hallways were lighted! Kripa was a little scared as she made her way to the dance studio as that was their regular place to meet in the mornings.

She called softly : Angad, kya tum aa gaye ho? A nervous quaver in her voice. She went inside the semi-dark dance studio. There was nobody there…..she was a little frightened now…
Angad, kahan ho tum?….she called a little louder.

She heard a sound behind her, the studio door closed…..PRITHVI WAS STANDING THERE!
She spun around: TUM? TUM YAHAN KYA KAR RAHEY HO? She asked in shocked surprise!
Prithvi slowly walked upto her, looking at her with a leering smile: Kyun? Tum kisi aur ko expect kar rahi thi? He came closer to her and said : Kahin Angad ko toh nahin? Too BAD, wo abhi yahan nahin hai, yahan sirf main hoon aur tum ho" he sniggered nastily.

Kripa became pale as she realized that it wasn't Angad who had sent her the note but Prithvi!
She didn't want to show her fear, she said: Aapko dance program kaisa laga? Aap toh wahan se chaley gaye the.. Trying to sound normal and unaffected.

Prithvi came nearer, breathing into her ears: You were awesome, Baby! You looked so HOT up there….he blew air into her neck!
She shuddered with revulsion and moved away: Please don't call me Baby, only my family can call me that!
Prithvi grabbed her hand suddenly: Yes, your family and …Angad…isnt it? Tell me ( he brought his face near her ears again) Tell me, does he call you Baby when he and you……he laughed in an ugly way!
Kripa twisted her hand, trying to wrench it from his : LET ME GO! YOU CREEP! How dare you talk to me like that?

Prithvi yanked at her hand and pulled her so hard, she fell on his body…. he twisted her arm behind her back and bent her over his arm, bending over her: Why, Baby? Why cant I talk like that to you? Come on, be a sport, give me a kiss! He brought his mouth close to hers, his other hand grabbing her face.
She twisted wildly in his grasp, really afraid now, her heart pounding: LET ME GO! CHHOD DO MUJHEY!!

Prithvi rasped: Kyun? Uss Angad mein kya hai jo mujh mein nahin? Come on, we can have a good time! Give me some of that honey that you have been giving him! We can have some fun, I can make you happy too..…..he laughed nastily again….I saw you with him last night at the beach… were having some fun…. you Indian girls are more sexy and fast than I had thought!… He was breathing hard now, excited at her softness and beauty!

Kripa felt like gagging at the thought that he had seen her and Angad on the beach last night!

Prithvi was trying to kiss her all this time, his mouth falling on her neck, her cheeks as she frantically moved her head from side to side, gasping with fear and disgust! She bent backwards to avoid his lips, they unbalanced and fell on the hard wooden floor, her body crushed under his heavy, muscular frame!

She felt suffocated by his weight….he was laughing wildly now, she was helpless under him, pinned by his weight…he had her exactly where he wanted! She struggled madly, frantically, yelling at him to stop, his hands were everywhere, touching her, feeling her, while she sobbed with anger, fear and revulsion.

As he couldn't get her lips, he bit her soft cheeks cruelly and his hand tugged violently at her dress, tearing the delicate lace off her shoulders; his mouth fell on her soft, creamy skin, biting her shoulder……Kripa screamed loudly, struggling wildly, mindless with fear now! His hard body was pushing her into the ground…. she struggled in vain to push him away but he was much bigger and stronger than her!
Her breath came in sobbing gasps as she felt his hands roughly pushing up her dress and touching her legs….She screamed wildly again…..her mind was numbing with the shock and horror of what he was going to do to her!

Suddenly his heavy weight was pulled off her…..Angad yanked Prithvi off her struggling frame and gave him a violent punch, knocking him to the ground far away! He shouted furiously: YOU B*****D! TUMHARI HIMMAT KAISEY HUI KRIPA KO HAATH LAGANEY KI?

Prithvi got up from the floor, looking murderously at Angad: YOU! HOW DARE U HIT ME? YOU BEGGAR! TUM JAANTEY HO MAIN KAUN HOON…PRITHVI MEHRA!!….main tumhey jail bhej doonga iskey liye….his nose was dripping blood!

Angad picked up a weeping Kripa from the floor….she was trembling with shock, totally traumatized….he opened his jacket and wrapped it around her convulsing shoulders, covering her torn dress.

Then he moved her aside, and went up to Prithvi and said: Kya kaha tuney? Tu mujhey jail bhejega? Aur tuney jo Kripa ke saath karna chaha, jaanta hai uskey liye main tujhey kya karoonga? He punched Prithvi really hard again, Angad was trembling with rage now, seeing Kripa's condition had made him see red….he was totally out of control now….he hit Prithvi again and again, pounding him with his fists!

Prithvi fought him back, both pulling massive punches on each other…..both were strong, muscular men and they gave each other bloody noses and lips in no time! Kripa stood in a corner, sobbing and shivering!

Then suddenly, Prithvi sprang back, he pulled out a little Swiss-Army knife from his pocket, flicked it open and waved it at Angad: Go Ahead! Make my Day…he taunted wildly!
Angad was unarmed, Prithvi had a knife, the battle was uneven now! Kripa gasped with fear when she saw the knife in Prithvi's hand, she knew he was capable of murdering Angad!

Angad cautiously moved in a circle, looking warily at the knife, not pulling any more punches….Prithvi's eyes gleamed with unholy light: Kyun Darr gaye, Superman? What did u think? Tu akeley hi Kripa ko enjoy karega aur main baitha dekhta rahunga? Sucking my thumbs, Huh?

Angad growled with rage at his ugly comment and tried to hit him again….Prithvi lunged at him with the knife, slashing his chest! Kripa cried out, her eyes widening with horror as she saw a large stain of blood appear on Angad's white shirt…..Prithvi had stabbed him!

Kripa lunged at Prithvi to stop him, he knocked her down with one hand…that made Angad even more furious …he punched Prithvi again who slashed Angad's cheek this time!

Kripa got up, looked at Angad's bleeding cheek and chest….she looked around wildly : I have to save Angad, I must save him from Prithvi, he will kill him…..her frantic eyes fell on a long iron curtain rod on the floor near the wall, she ran to it, picked it up in her hand, ran back to the two men who were still fighting violently! As she ran up, she saw Prithvi slash Angad's wrist this time drawing blood! She raised the iron rod and brought it down with all her strength on Prithvi's head….there was a loud CRACK!
Prithvi swivelled around, looked at Kripa in shock, then slowly crumpled to the ground, clutching his head as the knife in his hand clattered to the ground!

The iron rod fell from Kripa's nerveless fingers, making a loud clanging sound! She watched with horror as a large pool of blood appeared under Prithvi's head, spreading on the dance floor!
She shook violently in reaction….Angad ran to her and caught her, holding her as she collapsed in his arms: I killed him…I killed him……Angad, mainey usey maar dala….she said, hysterically sobbing!

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------


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Thanks everybody for ur lovely comments!

Chapter 36

Dreams end
Nightmares begin
Will it ever end?

Angad cradled Kripa in his arms, rocking her slowly, comforting her as she shook with reaction and horror, wishing it was all a nightmare and she would wake up and everything would be gone, would be the same again! Their joyful night had turned into their worst nightmare!

Angad set her down on a chair, kneeling at her feet: Kripa, Please don't cry! Mat ro iss tarah! Sab theek ho jayega! Main tumhey kuchh nahin honey doonga, kuchh nahin hoga tumhey…..he repeated as if to a terrified child!

He stood up, took out his mobile and called the Resort Manager who was his old friend : Theres been an accident in the Gym, please send an ambulance here"
Next he tried to call Mishti but her mobile was in her purse and she was away from her table…..he called Simone and asked her to get Mishti….he told her that something bad has happened in the Gym and to get there as fast as possible!

Then he went to Prithvi, lying in the pool of blood and lightly touched his chest….he was still breathing….he took the iron rod and wiped it clean, then went back to Kripa again, taking her in his lap and consoling her!

Kripa felt the wetness of his blood on his shirt and hand….she said : Angad, tumhara itna kh…khooon beh rahaaa hai….she sobbed….she tried to tear a piece of her lace dress to wipe his blood and stop the flow..….he took out his handkerchief and handed it to her….she gently wiped the blood off his hand, cheeks and chest! Her forehead was covered with blood from his chest!

The Nightmare Continued:

Mishti arrived first with Kartik and Simone, they were horrified at the scene before them….Angad quietly told them what had happened…..Mishti ran to her sister, and took her in her arms, hugging her and consoling her! She saw the bruises on Kripa's face and shoulder and looked at the unconscious Prithvi with murder in her eyes! If she had a choice, she would have killed that monster and laughed about it!

She comforted Kripa: You didn't do anything wrong, you tried to save yourself and Angad, don't cry, everything will be alright!

Mishti had to call her parents and told them about an accident at the Gym, saying they would be back at the Suites later….Naina and Dilip of course came running at once! They were horrified to see Kripa's condition and when they heard about Prithvi's doings, they couldn't believe it!

The ambulance arrived and carried Prithvi out in a stretcher….the Resort Manager, Mr. Ahuja talked to Angad, asking him questions about what exactly had happened! Angad tried to avoid mentioning Kripa's part in the whole thing, saying merely that he and Prithvi had a fight, in which Prithvi got badly injured.

The Police came soon after….they took Angad 's testimony….he told them Kripa was in no condition to give her testimony at that point…..she was still in shock, so the Police asked both to report to the police station next morning.

The resident doctor arrived and took care of Angad's wounds, dressing them up and bandaging his chest and hand….he had a band-aid on his cheek. His cuts werent that deep, just flesh wounds so he was quite alright within an hour! Kripa refused to leave Angad so he went back with them to the Suites!

Back in their rooms, the Sharmas and Angad faced off each other finally! The two lovers confessed to their love and expressed their desire to get married.

And then started the accusations, the recriminations! Dilip and Naina were shocked and angered that Angad and Kripa had been seeing each other secretly for the last 15 days and they were completely unaware of this!
Dilip asked Mishti: Tumhey iss baarey mein pata tha?
Mishti looked guilty: Haan, mujhey pata tha, aur mainey in dono se kaha bhi tha ke aapko bata de!
Angad : Mr. Sharma, hum aaj raat hi aapko bataney waley the!

Dilip looked furiously at Angad: Tum chup raho! Meri bholi-bhali beti ko apney pyaar mein phansakar daulat haasil karna chahtey the…..main tum jaisey ladkon ko achhi tarah se pehchanta hoon!

Kripa shouted at her dad for the first time in her life: PAPAAA! Aap Angad ke baarey mein kuchh nahin jaantey, phir kaisey yeh sab keh saktey hain? Angad ek engineer hain, resort mein gaatey hain sirf shauk ke liye…..He is going to Dubai soon to get a job there…..hum dono shadi karkey wahan jaana chahtey hain"

Dilip scoffed incredulously: Shadi? Aur iss do kaudi ke ladkey ke saath? Kripa, tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya hai…..tum pyar mein pagal ho gayi ho!

Kripa was sobbing again, this was exactly what she had feared: Papa, hum ek doosrey se pyaar kartey hain, aap kyun nahin samajhtey….hamarey liye paisa itna important nahin hai"
Dilip: Kehna bahut aasaan hai…..jeena mushkil ho jaata hai paisey ke baghair! Aur phir iss aadmi ne Prithvi ko maarney ki koshish kee hai…..jail toh yeh zaroor jayega!

Kripa shouted again: NAHIN….Prithvi ko Angad ne nahin, MAINEY maara hai ….and I don't regret it….wo mere saath……….she closed her eyes and shivered in horror of those moments when she had thought she would be raped by him!

Mishti and Naina at once came to her and supported her! Mishti put her arm around Kripa and told Dilip: Mujhey Kripa aur Angad per poora bharosa hai….. Prithvi ne iskey saath zabardasti karney ki koshish kee aur main khush hoon ke usney Prithvi ko maara! Main uski jagah hoti toh wohi karti!

Dilip: Tum chup raho! Agar tum Baby ka theek tarah se khayal rakhti toh yeh din hi nahin aata! I am really disappointed in you, Mishti… didn't stop Kripa from seeing Angad!

Mishti: Khayal rakhna? Kripa koi doodh-peeti bachchi hai jo main har waqt uska khayal rakhoon? She is 20, for God's Sake! Uski umar mein mere 2-3 boyfriends ho gaye the….tab toh aapney kuchh nahin kaha tha?

Dilip: Tumhari baat alag thi….tum badey ho, samajhdaar ho, lekin Kripa nadaan hai, bholi hai, koi bhi uska fayda utha sakta hai, tumney hamesha hamari social status ka ladka chuna hai….per Kripa ko iss…iss singer ke saath jaaney diya? …..tumney apney behen ko protect nahin kiya!

Mishti: Haan, mainey nahin kiya, Angad ne usey protect kiya! Aap kyun maan nahin letey ke Angad ki wajeh se aaj aapki beti ki izzat bach gayi, kyun usey ek mauka nahin de rahey hain? Why arent you giving Angad a chance?

Naina agreed, finally opening her mouth: Haan, Mishti theek keh rahi hai….Angad ne aaj humari Kripa ko uss raakshas se bachaya hai, hum uskey aabhari hain, aap ek mauka toh deejiye usey apni baat kehney ka"
Dilip finally relented!

Angad formally asked him for Kripa's hand in marriage: Main nahin jaanta kal kya honey wala hai, buss yehi jaanta hoon ke main aapki beti se behadd pyar karta hoon aur us par koi aanch nahin aaney doonga! Aur yeh mamla khatam ho jaaney ke baad hum aapka aashirwaad leney ayengey!

Dilip said in his mind: Tab toh dekhna padega ke maamla khatam hi na ho! He knew his friend/business partner Mehra would never forgive Angad for trying to kill his son and he didn't want to lose a lucrative partnership for a nobody like Angad! He still didn't believe that Kripa had given Prithvi that fatal blow…..his kid daughter couldn't even kill a fly, how could she hit a guy like that? He scoffed at the very idea!

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Chapter 37

Prithvi didn't die! Kripa's blow had cracked his skull but the wound wasn't too deep…he was operated upon but went into a coma! Doctors couldn't say when he would regain consciousness. The Mehras were devastated at the condition of their only son….the Apple of their eye! Mr. Mehra vowed to send Angad to jail for life when he heard of their fight!

Angad and Kripa reported at the Panaji Main Police Station the next morning. Their reports and testimonies were recorded. Kripa told the police about Prithvi's attempt to molest her and his attacking Angad with the pocket-knife! That knife had been collected from the crime scene and was part of evidence now. Skin samples from Angad's wounds and Kripa's bruises were taken for forensic testing…..Kripa had to undergo a medical exam for the attempted rape! It was a horrible experience but Kripa tolerated it for the sake of Justice and Angad!

When Prithvi's initial forensic reports came in, it was found that he had been hit with an iron rod at the back of his head ….the iron rod was collected from the dance studio and tested for fingerprints! It had only Angad's fingerprints on it! Angad was taken into custody for murderous attempt on Prithvi's life. Kripa was devastated….she went on insisting that she had hit Prithvi with the rod but nobody would believe that a petite, harmless-looking girl like her would hit a guy like that!
Nobody believed Kripa except Mishti. She knew her sister was capable of doing anything for her love, even kill Prithvi! Everybody else thought Kripa was lying to save Angad from jail!

Kripa met Angad in jail and sobbed: Kyun tum sara jurm apney upar le rahey ho? Prithvi ko mainey maara tha, phir tum kyun keh rahey ho ke tumney usey maara….Please Angad, apna statement wapas le lo! Koi mujhpar yakeen nahin kar raha….please Angad….she cried, holding his hands and pleading through the prison bars!

Angad shushed her gently, wiping her eyes through the bars: Kripaaa….Kripaaaa….please ro mat, ek baar charon taraf dekho, tumhey kya lagta hai tum iss jagah reh sakti thi? Agar tum Prithvi ko maarney ka jurm apney sar leti toh aaj tum in salakhon ke peechhey hoti aur jaantey ho jail mein tumhara kya haal hota? Tum bahut bholi ho, bahut masoom ho, tumhey koi andaza nahin ke jail mein tum jaisi ladki ka kya haal ho sakta hai….maut se bhi badtar! Main yahan hoon, mujhey koi shauk nahin hai yahan aaney ki, lekin iskey ilava mere paas aur koi chaara nahin tha tumhey jail se bachaney ka!

Kripa cried helplessly : Yeh sab meri wajeh se hua hai! Agar main kal raat Gym mein nahin jaati….agar main Prithvi ko nahin maarti…toh aaj tum…..she started sobbing even more!

Angad: Zindagi mein bahut kuchh hota hai jo hamarey haath mein nahin hota…..shayad hamari taqdeer mein yehi likha tha…..Kripa, you have to be strong now, ab tootney se nahin chalega, tumhey mazboot banna padega, mere liye, hamarey pyar ke liye"…..he raised her chin and caressed her lips, wiping her streaming cheeks: Wada karo,… jo bhi ho jaye, tum himmat nahin harogi! You wont break down…Promise me, Baby!

Kripa hiccuped: Haan Angad, main waada karti hoon….she kissed his hands!
Some prisoners in the other cells of lock-up started hooting at Kripa and made vulgar, kissing noises…..Angad asked her to go from there as he was getting upset at the other prisoners ogling and harassing his lady love! She went away with a heavy heart full of dread for the future!

3 days later:
The attempted murder case of Prithvi Mehra was transferred to Mumbai High Court as the victim was a resident of Mumbai and Mr. Mehra had also pulled his strings to move the case there!
Angad was transferred to Mumbai Jail and held there till court hearings started! Prithvi still hadnt recovered consciousness…….he was transferred with great care from Panaji Hospital to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, still in a coma!
The Sharmas also went back to Mumbai…..Kripa was a main witness to the incident so she was summoned to appear at the Hearings! Although Dilip hated her involvement in the case, he couldn't ignore court summons and the whole family went to the hearings!
Mr. Mehra broke off all business relations with Dilip when they heard Kripa's accusations that Prithvi had tried to molest her….they didn't believe her at all….they thought their beloved son was a saint, a good guy who could never do a thing like that….like many deluded parents of criminally-minded young people, they were in denial of their son's real nature!

10th January

Court hearing started in the case of Prithvi Mehra's attempted murder by Angad Khanna!
Eyewitnesses were absent in this case….it was just a case of he said…she said. The victim was still in a coma and the only people present at crime scene were Angad and Kripa!
Kripa was called to witness box first….the Defense lawyer had been hired by the Court as Angad didn't have enough money to afford a big-shot lawyer and he wouldn't take help from Kripa!
But luckily the lawyer was good and had consulted with Kripa for several days before the trial began.

The defense lawyer asked Kripa to recount exactly what had happened that night…..she started from the note that she thought was from Angad to meet him at the Gym…..her voice was low and shaking as she recounted her horrifying experience with Prithvi ….Angad's eyes closed torturously, at her agony of having to describe her attempted rape in court. But she braved it out, unfaltering in her testimony of that night……..but it was when the Prosecution started cross-questioning her, that she almost lost her composure!

The other lawyer asked her probing questions about why she had gone to meet Angad in the gym and what relationship she had with Angad prior to that night! She admitted that she and Angad loved each other and were planning to get married soon!
The Prosecution asked her if she and Angad were lovers and if she met Angad on a regular basis in private like that!
Kripa looked helplessly at Angad, unwilling to reveal their private details to the court! The Prosecuation lawyer badgered her to answer his question: Kya Angad aur aap ke beech mein najaayaz rishta tha? Jawaab deejiye?

Kripa looked tearfully at the Defense Lawyer, Shabbir Ahluwalia…he jumped up and said: OBJECTION, My Lord! In dono ke rishtey ka iss case se koi taaluk nahin hai…yeh in dono ki nijee baat hai! Aur Ms. Kripa ek achhey khandaan ki sanskari ladki hai….unsey aisey behuda sawaal nahin karna chahiye!

Judge: Objection Sustained! Mr. Chawla….aap sirf case se sambandhit baatein poochhiye! Aur witness ko harass mat keejiye" Even the Judge felt sorry for the innocent-looking girl in the witness box!

Prosecution Mr. Chawla: Your Honor….iss baat ka iss case se taaluk hai, Milord! Mere paas bahut aisey gavaah hain jinhoney in dono ko resort mein khuley aam ishq farmatey huey dekha hai! Aur kyunki Mr Prithvi abhi behosh hain, hum in gavahon ke bayaan sunkar yeh taye kar saktey hain ke Ms. Kripa sach bol rahi hain ya nahin! Shayad Angad ne hi inko Gym mein bulaya tha aur Prithvi baad mein aaye the wahan….iss baat ki hum tehkikaat karna chahtey hain!

Judge: Mr. Chawla, agar aapkey paas aisey gavah hain, toh unhey pesh karney ki ijaazat dee jaati hai…..The Court is adjourned till tomorrow!

Next day: Several witnesses were brought in from the Resort, paid by the Mehras to travel there….they testified in court that they had seen Angad and Kripa romancing around the whole resort….at the beach, at the Poolside restaurant, at the Martini Bar, every public place that they had been! Some had even seen them escape from the Christmas Day and New Years Party together!
Kripa's face was red with humiliation at their private life being discussed in court ….This was all a part of her nightmare, she thought! Her glorious days and nights with Angad were being degraded as if they had sinned against society, against mankind! BUT SHE HAD NO REGRETS, she was proud of their love and their commitment to each other! Angad looked at her constantly from his accused's box, his eyes conveying his love and support for her, asking her to hang on and cope with all this! Kripa nodded at him and smiled bravely, holding up her head proudly!

She was called again to the witness box….the Prosecution Lawyer asked her if she and Angad had been lovers before that night! She replied: Main aur Angad ek doosrey se bahut pyar kartey hain, main bass itna hi kehna chahti hoon….ab aagey aap iska kya matlab nikaltey hain yeh aapki marzi!
She repeated : Aur main yeh gavahi de chuki hoon ke Prithvi ne mere upar hamla kiya tha….he tried to molest me….iska proof bhi hai Police ke paas, phir kyun aap saabit karna chahtey hain ke Prithvi baad mein aaya tha aur Angad wahan maujood tha? Phir mere upar wo bruises kaisey aaye?

Lawyer: Wo Bruises aapko Angad bhi toh de sakta tha….he insinuated!
Shabbir : OBJECTION! Police ke forensic reports se saabit ho chuka hai ke wo Prithvi ke naakhoon ke nishaan hain jo Ms. Kripa ke gardan, haath aur gaal per hain!   He brought up the forensic reports for the judge to peruse!
Judge: Objection sustained! Prithvi ne Ms.Kripa per hamla kiya tha, yeh saabit ho chuki hai…Mr. Chawla, please proceed with other aspects of the case!
Chawla didn't have anything more to say so he gave the stand to Shabbir!

Shabbir: Ms. Kripa…us raat ko Prithvi ke haath mein ek chaku tha aur Angad nihattha that right?

Kripa: Haan, uskey paas ek pocket knife tha jo wo ladai ke dauran nikaalkar Angad ko marney ki koshish kar raha tha! Usney Angad ke gaal, haath aur seeney per stab bhi kiya….aap uskey zakhm dekh saktey hain, Doctor ki reports bhi hain!
Shabbir gave the doctor reports on Angad's knife injuries to the Judge who looked at them!

He asked Angad to open his shirt and reveal the scars to the court…..Angad complied, taking off his shirt and showing the long scar that ran from his chest to his abs…it had healed but the scar was still fresh and red! Kripa closed her eyes in pain! He also showed the stab wound on his wrist and cheek!

Shabbir: Toh iska matlab hai Prithvi ne pehley chaku se Angad ko maarney ki koshish kee aur Angad ne apni suraksha ke liye wo hathiyaar (showing the iron rod on display at evidence table)-----utha liya aur Prithvi ke sar per vaar kiya!
MiLord, this is simply a case of self-defense! PRITHVI ne pehley Ms.Kripa ki izat per hamla kiya, aur jab Angad usey bachaney aaya toh usney usey apney chaku se vaar kiya….Angad nihattha tha….zaahir hai wo apni jaan bachaney ke liye kuchh bhi karega, its just self defense, usney lohey ke salakhey se Prithvi ko maara …..atma suraksha koi badi gunaah nahin hai, isliye main Court se darkhwast karoonga ke Angad ko bari kiya jaye ya halkey se halkey sazaa dee jaye…..kyunki wo khud ko aur Ms. Kripa ko….dono ko bacha raha tha!

Chawla : OBJECTION! Agar Angad atma-suraksha kar raha tha toh Prithvi ko peechhey se vaar kyun kiya…saamney se kyun nahin? Aur sar per vaar kyun kiya? Uskey haaath aur pairon per maarkar Prithvi ko rok sakta tha…..why did he hit Prithvi on the head from the back? Iska matlab Prithvi had his back turned to him and wasn't attacking Angad at that time! …..Chawla argued on a valid point!

Kripa couldn't stand it anymore: She shouted loudly: NAHIIIN, YEH SAB JHOOTH HAI…..…..Prithvi ke sar per mainey maara tha, Angad ne nahin…..wo mere Angad ko chaku se maar raha tha, main kaisey yeh seh paati…. isliye mainey uss lohey ke rod se uskey sar par mara….. peechhey se aakar! She was tearful in her witness stand!
The court started buzzing at Kripa's words!
Judge: ORDER! ORDER! Ms. Kripa…toh aapka kehna hai ke aapney Prithvi ko maara tha, Angad ne nahin!
Kripa: Haan Judge Saab, Main pehley din se hi keh rahi hoon ke mainey Prithvi ko maara tha lekin koi mera yakeen nahin kar raha hai!
Judge: Isska matlab aap keh rahi hain ke Angad jhooth bol raha hai ke usney Prithvi ko maara?
Kripa: Yes, Sir! Wo mujhey jail se bachaney ke liye aisa keh raha hai!
Angad shouted: NO MILORD! Kripa jhooth bol rahi hai…..wo mujhey bachaney ke liye aisa keh rahi hai! Prithvi ko MAINEY mara us lohey ke rod se….

The Judge was in a FIX now! He looked hopelessly from one lover to another and thought…..yeh dono Laila Majnu ek doosrey ko bachaney ki koshish kar rahey hain! They must love each other a lot! He felt sorry for their plight…caught in such a predicament! They are taking the blame for each other and there were no witnesses to the incident to prove either right or wrong!

The Judge sighed and made his decision: Kyunki iss wardaat ki koi chashmadeed gavah nahin (no eyewitnesses) aur Ms. Kripa aur Mr. Angad dono alag alag bayan de rahey hain …..isliye yeh adaalat tab tak multavi kee jaati hai jab tak Mr. Prithvi ko hosh nahin aa jaata aur wo khud apna bayaan nahin de detey ke usey kisney maara tha….kisney us par peechhey se vaar kiya tha!
He banged his gavel: The Court is adjourned till Mr. Prithvi Mehra recovers consciousness"

Angad and Kripa looked tearfully at each other as he was led away to jail in handcuffs! The next day it came out in the papers about how two young lovers were taking the blame for each other and both confessing to the same crime! Angad and Kripa became legendary lovers in the eyes of the public for a few days! Their opposing testimonies to save each other had created a sensation….many people found it very romantic but in the long run, they harmed themselves as now their Fate depended on Prithvi's testimony when he woke up!
Kripa was terrified for the day he would wake up and testify…..she knew he was a vicious man who would take revenge on her and Angad!

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Chapter 38

Kripa was sleeping…..she was dreaming….she and Angad sat on a sunny beach, she was in his arms, he was kissing her and she had her arms around his neck, kissing him back! Suddenly the sun dipped below the horizon, the sea turned blood red and she saw HER again….emerging from the waves, water dripping from her transparent body, her long hair wet and dripping….she raised her hand towards Kripa and pointed a finger straight at her……blood dripped from her fingers! Kripa moaned in her sleep…..the sea suddenly turned into a pool of blood and there was Prithvi's head dripping blood and suddenly his face was on hers, breathing heavily, with an evil smile….Want to have fun? We can have fun! And then Angad was there in the blood-red sea, floating in the pool of blood!

Kripa screamed as she woke up, sweating with fright! She was having these dreams lately. She was convinced now that Dona Paula had cursed them, cursed their love! That is why she had appeared to Kripa that evening…out of the waves in her ghostly apparition! Otherwise why would only Kripa see her? And all these misfortunes happen to her?

She cursed herself everyday for going to the Gym that night without talking to Angad first….why did she think he would call her instead of taking her there? She never suspected even once that it wasn't Angad who had sent her that note! She was too excited that night by her dance awards and wasn't in her senses and that one mistake had ruined their lives!

It had been a month since the incident and the dreams were getting more vivid each day…..she dreaded what they portended! She visited Angad in jail almost every day, bringing him home-cooked food which they allowed there for the time being! He was allowed to go to the Visitor's room for those meetings. Even the jailors knew about their love story and were sympathetic to them. She and Angad spent that short time everyday, relishing each other's company as she watched him eat her specially cooked food with great satisfaction….she had learned to cook his favorite dishes….Prawn Balchao and Lamb Vindaloo with Rice!

On his birthday on Feb. 10, she baked him a chocolate cake and took it to him! He was touched…..ever since his mother had died, nobody had baked a cake for him….he blew out the single candle and cut the cake and fed the 1st piece to her and licked off his fingers after that! She fed him a piece and he licked off her fingers as well, sucking each one as she blushed prettily!

He looked at her hotly and whispered: If only these jailors werent here, I would eat you as well" They had to satisfy themselves by licking off each other's fingers that day!

5 days after that, Prithvi regained consciousness! Shabbir called Kripa to inform her that Prithvi was in full senses now and had given his testimony to the police. Court date had been set for 2 days later to hear his statement and decide the case finally!
Kripa and her family went to High Court and sat in the stands……her heart was pounding with fear, dreading what Prithvi would say in his statement!

The Judge asked the bailiff to read out Prithvi Mehra's statement :

I, Prithvi Mehra, in my full senses, declare that on the night of January 1, I was attacked from the back with an iron rod by Mr. Angad Khanna! I had seen Ms. Kripa Sharma meet Angad secretly for some days and nights. On that night, I followed Kripa to the Gym and saw Angad doing something to her…..I went forward, thinking he was attacking her! He attacked me and started beating me up, while Kripa stood and watched without stopping him! I tried to defend myself with a pocket knife, but Kripa started hitting me from the back…..I turned and hit her arm and her cheek !He picked up an iron rod and hit me on the back of my head while my back was turned to him! I believe Angad intended to kill me because Kripa's father was trying to fix her match with me in marriage.

Kripa's face blanched of all color, as she felt faint…..her worst fears had come true! Prithvi had implicated both her and Angad in the case…..but her molestation charges were still valid from the torn dress and shoulder bruises! But Mr. Chawla argued that she had herself torn her dress in order to implicate Prithvi in rape charges and also that the shoulder bruise had been caused when Prithvi fought with her! There was no hope anymore…..she looked tearfully at Angad who was equally depressed but he looked at her lovingly, reminding her of her promise! She nodded and smiled through her tears!

Then suddenly she remembered something! THE NOTE…the waiter who had given her the chit….he might remember that it was Prithvi who had given him the chit to give it to her! He would definitely know it wasn't Angad as every waiter in Morisco's knew Angad!

She jumped up, leaned over to Shabbir sitting at the Defense table and told him about the waiter softly! Shabbir nodded and spoke aloud: MiLord, abhi abhi Ms. Kripa ko ek khaas gavah ke baarey mein yaad aa gayi hai…..main adalat se darkhwast karoonga ke humein 2 din ki mohlat dee jaye iss gavah ko pesh karney ke liye"
The Judge granted permission and court was adjourned for the day.

Kripa went out of the courtroom, her steps dragging, her mind numb… how could she save Angad? He was doomed…..Prithvi had doomed him with his destructive statement! He had taken his revenge on them!
Mishti supported her, tried to comfort her…..she cried on her Dii' s shoulders….unable to stop her tears, hopelessnes setting in at last!

Mishti said : Baby, be brave…..agar Angad ko sazaa ho bhi gayi toh zyada saalon ke liye nahin hogi…..Thank God ke Prithvi bach gaya nahin toh Angad per khoon ka ilzaam bhi lagta…..think of the positive side!

Kripa nodded, then suddenly she thought of something! Dii, kal please aap mere saath Nanavati Hospital chalengey"
Mishti: Kyun? Prithvi ka kaam tamaam karna hai ? No worries, I will help you this time"
Kripa couldn't help laughing at that…..then she said seriously: Nahin, mujhey Prithvi se kuchh kehna hai"
Mishti: Kahin tu uskey saamney gid-gidayegi toh nahin? I don't want you to lower yourself in front of that monster!
Kripa looked at Mishti tearfully: Main Angad ke liye kuchh bhi karney ko tayyar hoon"
Mishti looked at her and didn't say anything more ….she knew she would do the same for Kartik if needed!

Next morning, Kripa and Mishti went to Nanavati Hospital and went to Prithvi's room…..he was in ICU ward and had his own room!
Kripa asked her Dii to wait outside for her and went in……Prithvi was sitting up on bed, with his laptop, typing something!
He looked up when he saw Kripa but didn't look too surprised to see her there….as if he was expecting her.

Prithvi looked at his laptop again, ignoring her for a while….Kripa went up to his bed and said: Mujhey tumsey kuchh baat kehni hai"
Prithvi looked up: Oh Hello, Kripa! Kaisey aana hua? Aaj tum apna wo iron rod nahin layi?
Kripa flushed angrily, then took a deep breath and said: Main chahti hoon ke tum apna statement wapas le lo…..main request kar rahi hoon (she had to swallow twice to say that, her throat dry)

Prithvi (mockingly nasty) : OH REALLY!! And why would I do that?
Kripa closed her eyes, shaking with the effort it was costing her to say this: Agar tumney case wapas le liya toh main tumsey shadi karney ke liye tayyar hoon"
Prithvi laughed loudly for some time, then sneered at her: Sorry Honey, I don't buy SECOND-HAND GOODS!

Kripa looked at him with murder in her eyes…if she had the rod or some other weapon in her hand now, she would have really killed him! Prithvi sniggered at her helpless rage and said: Payback is a B****, isnt it, Baby?

Mishti who was standing outside heard his last 2 comments and came rushing in, she put an arm around a shaking Kripa and led her out, pointing her finger at Prithvi she said: YOU!! I am sure you will get ur just dues some day…..I don't know if we will ever forgive you, but I know that God will never forgive you for what you did!
Prithvi laughed nastily behind them, confident that he had destroyed Angad and Kripa forever!

Shabbir had left for Goa right from the Court, he located that waiter and returned with him to Mumbai!
The next day, the Court heard the waiter's testimony! He said he knew Angad Saab very welll and it wasn't Angad who had given him the note to give to Kripa Madam. Shabbir showed him a photo of Prithvi and asked him if it was that guy who had given him the note…..he identified Prithvi at once: Haan haan yehi hain wo saab jisney mujhey wo note diya tha us madam ko deney ke liye ( he pointed to a hopeful Kripa sitting in front row)

The Courtroom buzzed again! The Judge called the courtroom to order!
So finally the waiter's testimony proved that Prithvi HAD indeed lured Kripa to the Gym using Angad's name and tried to molest her and Angad had tried to save her!
But the rod hitting Prithvi on the back of his head was a point against Angad's innocence and he was accused of unnecessary force causing near fatal injuries!

The Verdict was read out the next day! Before the verdict, Kripa met Angad in jail again with that day's tiffin-carrier! She tried to smile but cried instead! Angad wiped her tears and took a quick kiss when the guards had their backs turned. He asked Kripa to feed him with her own hands…..she fed him weepily smiling….he tried to bite her hand, she smiled again, he licked her fingers again: Your fingers taste better than the food!

Kripa: Toh kya iska matlab hai ke mera khana tasty nahin hai?
Angad looked hotly at her: Tumhara khana delicious hai lekin ab main kha nahin sakta (looking at the guard)
Kripa blushed and said: Mujhey toh pehley se hi pata hai tum ek cannibal ho….they laughed remembering their sweet nights and days in Goa….they laughed and cried together …..they had their little paradise for a half an hour before Doomsday arrived!

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Part 39

If you leave me, I shall not die
Nor utter grief to shatter the sky
I will walk ahead straight
One foot forward, one behind
I will eat, sleep, wake up
And live life in the daily grind!
I will not die
But I will be DEAD!

In the afternoon, the Judge read out the verdict:

Tamaam gavahon aur sabooton ko maddey nazar rakhtey huey yeh adalat iss nateejey per pahunchi hai ke Mujrim Angad Khanna ne Prithvi Mehra per jaan-levaa hamla kiya tha! Isskey liye unko Chhai saal ki sazaa mukarrar kiya jaata hai…..Lekin kyunki unhoney khud ko aur Ms. Kripa ko bachaney ke liye yeh kadam uthaya, isliye unki sazaa kam karkey chaar saal ki sunayi jaati hai! This Court sentences Mr. Angad Khanna to 4 years Jail sentence, effective immediately!

Kripa gasped with shock! FOUR YEARS! FOUR YEARS she would have to live without Angad!
Jiskey bagahair chaar pal bhi nahin kattey the, uskey bina chaar saal kaisey kaatoongi? She felt faint as if her whole world was crashing around her and everything was getting dark! Mishti and Naina, who were sitting on either side of her, hugged her and tried to console her as she shook with silent tears!

Dilip who was also there secretly heaved a sigh of relief…Achha hua yeh ladka chaar saal ke liye jail jaa raha hai…ab dheerey dheerey Kripa ke dimaag se bhi yeh nikal jaayega aur hum uski shadi kahin aur kar dengey….ek baar iss mamley ko thanda pad janey do….main uski shadi videsh mein kahin kar doonga! …..He thought scratching his beard as Angad was led out to the Black Jail Van to take him to Mumbai Central Jail.

Outside, it was a dark and gloomy afternoon as Angad climbed into the big black Van…..he looked back at Kripa before he got up…..she was standing far behind him with tears streaming down her eyes….he touched his lips with his fingers……she brought up her shaking finger to her lips, their eyes locked in an eternity of promise!
Then she couldn't stop herself……she ran upto him and flung herself, hugging him…..some reporters standing there took their photo before Dilip could come and stop them. Angad's hands were cuffed, he just bent his head and kissed her head and said: Kripa, mere liye intezaar karna….main wapas aaoonga!
Kripa hugged him tightly, sobbing loudly : Main martey dum tak tumhara intezaar karoongi!
Angad shushed her: Phir marney ki baat kee? Main tumhey zinda aur khushhaal dekhna chahta hoon jab main wapas aaoon….wadaa karo apna khayal rakhogi"
Kripa looked up at him tearfully: Tumhari Kripa tumharey liye zinda rahegi!
Angad: Phir milengey, Sweetheart…..he kissed her head again and got up in the van….the cops looking on sympathetically at the two lovers.

Dilip, Mishti and Naina came and took the weeping Kripa home…..she almost collapsed in their arms as they drove back home.

A week later, with Shabbir's help, she got permission to visit Angad in jail…..he was delighted to see her but worried when he saw how weak she looked! He held her face through the bars and chided her : Tum apna khayal nahin rakhti ho….kitni kamzor ho gayi ho"
Kripa said sadly: Mera khayal rakhney wala jo mere paas nahin hai!
Angad caressed her cheeks : I will be back, Sweetheart, I promise you, bass tumhey dheeraj rakhna padega!
Kripa: Mujhey bahut darr lagta hai, Angad, kahin main tumhey poori tarah se kho na doon….she cried…..jaantey ho roz mere sapney mein WO aati hai aur mujhey darati hai!
Angad: Kaun? Dona Paula? Wo kabhi hamara nuksaan nahin karegi…..insaan- insaan ka nuksaan karta hai, koi aatma nahin!
Kripa: Nahin, phir bhi mujhey kyun lagta hai jaisey hamarey pyar ko kisiki nazar lag gayi ho, isliye yeh sab hua hai!
Angad: Hamari Kismat mein yeh Judaaii thi, lekin hamara milan bhi dekhney layak hoga…..have Patience, Baby, everything will be alright, bass chaar saal ki toh baat hai, dekhtey dekhtey beet jayegi!

He reassured Kripa, kissing her hands through the bars; but his heart was crying for her as it was sheer torture for him not to see her beloved face everyday, not to hear her sweet voice!
All his dreams of going to Dubai, marrying her and having their own little paradise had been postponed by the cruel hand of Fate!
But he still believed in making his own Destiny……he would be back after 4 years and get everything back and make Kripa his wife!

Kripa walked out of the Jail crying profusely, she looked up at the glaring sun blazing down on her cruelly…..she suddenly felt as if the whole world was fading, all the sounds around her faded and then BLACKNESS draped her eyes as she slid to the ground in a dead faint!

When she awoke, she was on a hospital bed and Mishti and Naina were sitting beside her…..both looked very serious and concerned! She tried to get up, but fell weakly on the bed again as she was horribly dizzy!
Mama….Dii, main kahan hoon? Mujhey kya hua hai?
Mishti announced bluntly: You are pregnant!
Kripa gasped, looked at her belly…then at them…..Mishti said rather angrily: Doctor ne abhi abhi hamein bataya ke tum 2 months se pregnant ho…….Really Kripa, I didn't expect this from you, I am also very disappointed in Angad! Tum logon ka dimaag kharab ho gaya tha kya?

Kripa felt a cocoon of joy enveloping her as the news sank in…..SHE WAS PREGNANT….SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE ANGAD'S BABY!
She hardly registered her sister's accusations!
She smiled and touched her still-flat stomach, feeling Angad's essence inside her……She said to herself: Tum judaa hokar bhi mujh mein bass gaye, Angad…I love you so much….Thank you for your gift! Tears of joy were in her eyes.
Mishti : Tum sun rahey ho main kya keh rahi hoon? Ab kya hoga tumney socha hai….Angad jail mein aur tum maa banney wali ho….kya hoga iss bachchey ka?
Naina was angry too: Kripa, tumsey humein yeh ummeed nahin thi…..shadi se pehley….kuchh to socha hota….isliye hum kehtey hain ke tum bahut nasamajh ho, nadaan ho…aur wo Angad bhi ….kya usko bhi khayal nahin aaya iss baarey mein? Ab hum kaisey mooh dikhayengey? Tumney humey kahin ka nahin chhoda….ek toh iss case ki wajeh se itni badnaami aur us par yeh bachcha …..she was in tears thinking of what her society friends would say when she returned to her regular life.

Kripa: Aap sab fikr mat keejiye…..main yahan se chali jaaoongi Dadi ke paas taaki aapko kisikey sawalon ka jawaab na dena padey….
Their Dadi lived in Rishikesh in an ashram….she had taken Deeksha from a GuruMa there and lived a devotee's life there, amidst prayers and worship and satsangs/bhajans/keertans!
Mishti of course protested to that, but Naina remained quiet!…..

But when Dilip heard about Kripa's condition next day, there was Mahabharat at their house!
He shouted: Iss ladki ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai….abhi iska abortion karva do---he yelled furiously at Naina….Tumney aur Mishti ne issko bigaad diya hai apney laad-pyar se…..yeh ladki humein poori tarah se barbaad karkey rahegi! Abhi isey Hospital le jaao aur iskey abortion ka bandobast karo!

Kripa got up from her bed, went down the stairs carefully to the Hall where her father was yelling:
She said in a firm voice: Koi mere bachchey ko haath nahin lagayega…..yeh Angad aur mere pyaar ki nishani hai….main isey janam zaroor doongi aur aap sabko iska mooh bhi nahin dekhna padega…main yahan se jaa rahi hoon…..she walked out of the house!
Mishti wasn't home at that time, otherwise she would have followed her and brought her back!

Kripa walked some distance …..she didn't know where to go…..Dilip's threat of abortion had shocked and grieved her so much that she just walked out without anything!
She went to a little Children's park and sat there, watching the small kids on the swings and slides……she cried tears of joy and touched her belly again: Main tujhey kuchh nahin honey doongi….tu meri ummeed hai, meri asha hai, merey aur Angad ke pyaar ka sapna hai….main iss sapney ko kabhie tootney nahin doongi"
She cried, thinking about Angad, missing him terribly….if only he was here to share this joy with her….she must tell him about their child before she went to Dadi.
She sat on the bench for a long time, the children had gone home, a light drizzle fell on her head…it had started raining….she sat there, getting wet without even feeling it….. (Ganster...James)

bheegi bheegi si hai raaten
bheegi bheegi yaaden
bheegi bheegi baaten
bheegi bheegi aankhon mein kaisi nami hai
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha
sapnon ka saya palkon pe aya
pal mein hasaya pal mein rulaya
phir bhi yeh kaisi kami hai
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha
na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
kahaani adhuri kahaani
na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
kahaani adhuri kahaani

aadhi aadhi jaagi aadhi aadhi soyi
aankhen yeh teri toh lagta hai royi
lekar ke naam hamara
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha
rutha rutha rab chhuta chhuta sab
toota toota dil tere bina ab
kaise ho jeena ganwara
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha aa ha
aa ha ha ha
na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
kahaani adhuri kahaani
na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani
kahaani adhuri kahani....

Dusk fell over the city. It was almost dark….the park chowkidaar came on his rounds and saw a girl sitting on the bench, with bent head: Eyy ladki, yahan kya kar rahi hai? Jaaa ghar jaa, park band ho raha hai….yahan kiskey liye baithi hai?
She looked up hazily at him through her tears…..he saw her tragedy-struck face and his tone changed:
Beti, yahan baithna theek nahin hai….tumhara ghar kahan hai? Andhera ho raha hai…..jaao apney ghar jaao…..

She got up slowly as if in a daze and started walking down the road…..a little later a car screeched to a halt beside her and Mishti jumped out….she shook Kripa by her shoulders and yelled: Kahan chali gayi thi tu? Jaanti hai, we were going out of our minds worrying about what had happened to you….kyun kiya aisa tuney? Hum tere kuchh bhi nahin hain kya? Angad hi sab kuchh hai tere liye?
She hugged Kripa and started crying, just relieved that they had found her safe and sound! Naina also got out of the car and hugged Kripa and cried…Kripa cried with them, totally drenched from the rain!

They took her home, made her take a hot bath…. Naina made hot soup for Kripa, Mishti fed her the soup….Kripa looked dead-tired and listless!
.Mishti talked to her gently: Tujhey apni nahin toh bachchey ka khayal toh karna chahiye tha…..agar tujhey kuchh ho jaata toh? Dekh…tuney jab decide kar hi liya hai ke tu iss bachchey ko janam degi toh aisa rehney se nahin chalega…issey bachchey ko khatra ho sakta hai….get a hold of yourself and be strong! You are not alone now, you have Angad's child with you"

Kripa finally responded, she hugged Mishti and started crying: Ohh Dii, I miss him so much….kaisey jeeungi main uskey baghair"
Mishti touched her stomach: Isey dekhkar jeeyegi aur Angad ka intezaar karegi….yehi ab teri zindagi hai"

Naina came and sat beside her : Dekho Baby, tumharey Papa burey nahin hain, unhey tumhari bahut fikr hai, isliye itna gussa ho rahen hain! Har maa-baap apney bachchon ke liye behtar zindagi chahtey hain, humsey kaisey yeh bardasht hoga ke tum itna tadap rahi ho…. aur phir yeh bachcha aayega toh uska kya future hoga tumney socha hai?

Kripa: Mama, main jaanti hoon mainey aap sabko bahut dukh pahunchaya hai...…..lekin mere paas aur koi chaara nahin hai. Main aur Angad ek pavitra bandhan mein bandh chukey hain. Bhaley hi samaaj ke saamney hamari shadi na hui ho, lekin usney mujhey patni maan liya hai. Main uski hoon aur rahoongi! Aur yeh bachcha mere liye ek tohfa bankar aaya hai …iskey saharey main yeh chaar saal jee loongi Angad ke intezaar mein!
Mishti said that she had already called Dadi and asked her to come to Mumbai to take Kripa to her ashram: Wahan ki sundar waadiyon mein tumhara jee bhi lag jayega aur tumharey sehat ke liye bhi achha hoga"

2 days later, Kripa's Dadi, Damayanti Sharma arrived….she was a serene-looking lady in her 70s who had chosen a life of prayer and devotion over the high society life of Mumbai that her son and bahu lived!
She preferred to live in the SantMaharaj Ashram in Rishikesh! After her arrival, she listened to all that had happened to Kripa and accepted it as if it was the most common thing in the world! That was Dadi….totally unfazed….she had been widowed early in life and brought up her only child Dilip after a lot of struggle so nothing really shocked her anymore!

Before leaving for Rishikesh, Kripa tried to visit Angad in jail once more to tell him about their child and her journey…..but she was even more heartbroken to hear that he had been transferred to a High Security Prison in Cochin, where visitors were rarely allowed!
She left Mumbai with a heavy heart: Angad, main tumhari amaanat apney saath lekar jaa rahi hoon…..Apna khayal rakhna aur chaar saal baad mere paas laut aana" she bid a tearful goodbye as she boarded the plane for Dehradun!



------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------


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fab ff Clap Clap Clap

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Originally posted by madz786

fab ff Clap Clap Clap

Thanks, Dear! Im glad u liked it! Big smile

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