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Teri Baahon Mein---KYPH FF--Part 1-39 (Page 5)

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[COLOR=purple]Part 26

My Biggest Fear is losing you,
If only I could make you mine
Without the world around us!

December 25, 10 P.M.

In the aftermath of their passionate interlude, Angad lay in Kripa's arms, both breathing unsteadily, listening to each other's thundering heartbeats! His face nuzzled her neck, hidden in her silky hair, his arm around her bare stomach…. Kripa's eyes were closed in replete slumber! Suddenly she opened her eyes, which fell on the old wall-clock facing the bed…..
She pushed Angad away from her neck and sprang up, clutching the bedcover to her bareness! It was 10:15 P.M.
ANGADD, She yelled…..Dus baj gaye!! Hey Bhagwaan! Wo sab mujhey dhoond rahey hongey….ANGAD, Utho jaldi se!
Angad rolled over langurously: Kripa, itna tension mat lo, sab theek ho jayega…
Kripa: Kya theek hoga?? Ab main kaisey wahan wapas jaaoongi? Kya kahoongi? She wailed.

Angad crossed his hands behind his head, looking at her panic in amusement: Sweetheart, issey pehley kya tum kabhi pakdi gayi jo aaj pakdi jaaogi? Koi excuse bana dena…meri company mein rehkar kuchh toh seekha hoga tumney" he laughed!
Kripa: Haan haan, tumharey liye kehna aasan hai….Mr. Bluffmaster! Lekin meri toh jaan nikli jaa rahi hai. Kya boloongi unsey? Mishti ya Mama ko shaq hua toh?
Angad pulled her towards him: Toh bol dena ke Angad tumhey chand-taarey dikha raha tha…..he laughed wickedly

Kripa hit him hard and tried to get up from the bed…..he caught her arm and pulled her back on his chest….singing the old song: Abhi na jaao chhodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin….
Kripa giggled and pinched his cheeks: Tumhara dil kabhi bhara hai ya bharega? She asked naughtily and twisted out of his grip…..she got up gingerly, wrapping the bedcover around her….leaving Angad bare and cold!

Angad complained: Kripaaa, tum cover kyun le gayi?
Kripa looked at him and laughed: Ab toh tumhey bhi uthna padega, Mister, nahin toh kaun mujhey wapas le jaayega? Fort mein se Vasco-da-Gama ka bhoot?

Angad got up grumbling and put on his clothes. Kripa put on her blouse and petticoat….she picked up her sari from the living-room floor and started wailing again: Oh NOOO, ab main yeh sari kaisey pehnoon? Mujhey toh sari pehenna nahin aata…
Angad chuckled : Toh aaj kisney tumhey sari pehnaya?
Kripa : Mishti ne pehna dee….ab kya hoga? She desperately started wrapping the sari in the opposite direction around her waist!

Angad laughed indulgently, then came to her rescue: Thehro…. main pehna deta hoon!
Kripa looked at him with suspicion: Tumhey sari pehnana aata hai?
Angad: I am an expert in everything….yeh tumney aaj bhi nahin jaana?
Kripa: Nahin sach sach bataao, tumney sari put on karna kahan se seekha?
Angad (wickedly teasing) : Wo mere kuchh girlfriends the, unsey seekha….
Kripa's eyes got wet, she moved away from his hands and said: Rehney do, main khud manage kar loongi"

Angad laughed heartily: Pagli, main toh mazaak kar raha tha….sach boloon kisiko bataaogi toh nahin?
Kripa: God Promise!
Angad: Jab main 4th standard mein tha toh school ke play mein mujhey aurat ka role karna pada tha….tab Mom ne mujhey sikhaya tha kaisey sari pehentey hain….wo mujhey aaj tak yaad hai !

Now it was Kripa's turn to laugh….she laughed hysterically imagining Angad in a sari!
Angad looked angrily at her: Why are u laughing? I was only 9 years old….(proudly) and for your information, I looked good in that sari!
Kripa laughed even more, clutching her stomach: Oh Angad, tum mujhey maar dalogey hansa hansakey!
Angad hugged her waist, whispering into her ears: Jab Marna hi hai toh dono hanstey huey hi marengey, wot do u say?
Kripa blushed at his tone and sobered up: Chalo, late ho rahi hai, mujhey sari pehna do!

Angad wrapped the sari around her waist in the correct way, then stood behind her making the pleats with great concentration, occasionally kissing her neck and cheeks in the process.
Kripa enjoyed his nearness and the intimacy of being dressed by him! She rubbed her cheek against his affectionately as he pleated her sari….then he took her aanchal (pallu) and put it in place and pinned it with the pins as best as he could!
Kripa was thrilled….she reached up, kissed his cheek and said: Tum sachmuch genius ho….har kaam mein expert!
Angad chuckled: Sab aap ki hi kripa se!

They practically ran back to the Clubhouse ….Angad kissed her goodnight and Kripa casually sauntered in through the front door as if nothing had happened!
Mishti and Kartik were standing in the foyer, looking around worriedly, asking people if they had seen Kripa….Naina was talking to the Manager of the clubhouse in a worried tone…..Kripa's heart started beating fast in nervous tension!

As soon as she entered, all three sprang upon her….Kahan thi tum, Kripa? Hum kabsey tumhey dhoond rahey hain?
Kripa : Mama, Dii... I am sorry! Main pehley bathroom gayi thi….phir Hall ke andar ghutan si mehsoos ho rahi thi, isliye baahar thoda tehelney chali gayi.....
Naina (angrily): Itni raat ko tum baahar akeli tahal rahi thi?
Kripa: Mama, yeh resort ke andar hi toh hai, aur main wall ke paas hi thi, samundar dekh rahi thi, moonlight mein kitna achha lagta hai na…..

Naina didn't find that very odd….she knew that her baby girl was a nature-lover and would spend hours watching sunsets, sunrises and moonlight over water….she was artistic and contemplative by nature!
But Mishti wasn't convinced….she looked at Kripa suspiciously! Kripa saw that and started praying for deliverance from Mishti's future grilling-….she knew Dii wouldn't question her in front of Mama.

Back at the Suites, Mishti caught Kripa as she was trying to hurry into her bedroom: Kripa, idhar aa, sach sach bata kahan thi tu?
Kripa: Dii, mainey bataya toh main kahan thi….
Mishti: Meri taraf dekh ( she made her look up) and asked her directly: Kya tu Angad ke saath thi?
Kripa looked down….she couldn't lie to her Dii anymore: Haan (she said softly)
Mishti: Kahan they tum dono? (her tone serious)
Kripa: Wall ke paas…..baithey huey the…
Mishti's sharp eyes had noted Kripa's kiss-swollen lips, her dishevelled appearance and most suspicious of all, the way her sari was wound up, different from the way she had done it in the evening!
Mishti: Tum dono wahan kya kar rahey they? …
Kripa: Wo Dii,….she looked away, blushing…..wall ke paas hi to they…
Mishti thought what more could they do in the open air except kiss and cuddle a little….but the sari thing still bothered her….she shook her head and let Kripa go to bed : Goodnight Kripa, kal subah baat karengey.

Kripa ran into her bedroom in relief: Thank God! Mishti doesn't know about our little Love-nest….she would never suspect what she and Angad were really up to!

That night, Kripa dreamed that she was in a sailboat with Angad sailing away to the moon and stars! (Pakeezah--Muhammad Rafi, Lata)

Chalo dildaar chalo chaand ke paar chalo
Hum hain tayyar chalo
Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hain tayaar chalo
Aao kho jaaye sitaaron mein kahin - 2
Chhod de aaj yeh duniya yeh zameen
Duniya yeh zameen

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo
Hum nashe mein hai sambha lo hamein tum - 2
Neend aati hai jaga lo hamein tum
Jaga lo hamein tum

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo
Zindagi khatm bhi ho jaaye agar - 2
Na kabhi khatm ho ulfat ka safar
Ulfat ka safar

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------


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Part 27

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair
And let your Prince Charming come to your Lair
Your Maiden's tower awaits his True Love
Where Heavenly blessings shower both from above!

Kripa woke up early next morning, grabbed a cup of coffee, put on her jogging clothes and went out before Mishti could get up and question her even more about last night. She went jogging down the garden paths to the wall and started stretching, bending, doing little push-ups…..she felt exhilerated, energized this morning.

Suddenly a pair of muscular arms grabbed her from behind and lifted her up in the air…
ANGADD….. she squealed …..put me down!
Angad turned her around and kissed her : Good Morning, Baby!
Kripa laughed: Good Morning! Tum kya yahin rehtey ho? Raat ko ghar nahin gaye?

Angad snuggled his face in her neck: Mera bass chaley toh main tumhari balcony ke neechey ghar basa loon.
Kripa giggled : Toh roka kisney hai?
Angad whispered in her ear: Aaj raat ko tum Rapunzel ki tarah apney zulfon ko balcony se gira dena (he tugged her long, thick ponytail) …..main inhey chadhkar upar aa jaaoonga…
Kripa laughed: Meri zulfein itni lambi nahin….itni strong bhi nahin ke tumhara weight le sakey…
Angad: Toh bedsheet gira dena upar se…
Kripa gasped: Are you serious?
Angad: DEAD SERIOUS! Kripa's heart palpitated at the thought of Angad in her room!
She turned red with heat and whispered back: Agar Dii ko pata chal gaya toh?
Angad : Then make sure you don't make too much noise……he chuckled softly as she hid her face in his neck!
Angad set her down and slapped her behind: Chalo ab jogging kartey hain…..

They jogged side by side down the garden-paths towards the Clubhouse. Kripa couldn't keep up with his long strides; soon she was out of breath….she stopped and bent, clutching her belly…..ANGAD! STOP! She called him….mujhey cramps ho rahey hain!

Angad jogged backwards to her, picked her up in his arms and carried her to the Gym, which they had almost reached anyways. He set her down on a chair in the dance studio : Kripa, did you have breakfast?
Kripa: Nahin toh, sirf coffee pee hai…….
Angad: mainey kaha tha na, subah ko always kuchh kha liya karo….thehro, tum yahan baithi raho, main tumharey liye kuchh laata hoon…
He returned with two egg and cheese sandwiches and 2 bottles of orange juice….they sat cross-legged on the dance floor and shared their breakfast, talking about everything on earth…Kripa's college life in Mumbai, Angad's cousins, his aunt-uncle, his college life in Goa…..

At 10, Simone came in, looking upset, her eyes red and swollen….Angad jumped up and went to her…he put a comforting arm around her shoulder and asked: Simone, whats the matter? Is everything okay?
Simone started crying: No Angad, everything is messed up….Philipe didn't get the loan for the flat…now he wants to postpone the wedding and wants me to have an abortion ….
Kripa looked shocked and confused at them….Simone knew Kripa was a part of Angad's life now and she didn't mind sharing her secret with her: She confessed to Kripa : I am pregnant!

Kripa flushed : Ohhhh …..she and Angad looked at each other in a flash…..with the same thought running through their heads at the same time…..they hadnt been careful either…..What if Kripa also…..???
She blushed furiously, looking down….Angad's heart pounded with a strange pleasure at the thought of Kripa having his child!!
Kripa hesitantly congratulated Simone, not sure if it was good news or otherwise!

Simone laughed through her tears: Thanks! Now if only we could get that flat and get married sooner, I would be the happiest woman on earth!
Kripa bit her lips thoughtfully, a little plan forming in her head….I have to help Simone…..maybe Papa can help….he has so many contacts in all those Banks….I have to ask Papa, she thought.

Simone's other students had arrived….8 girls and 4 boys…..she started teaching them the dance moves.
Kripa asked Angad worriedly: Should she dance like that? She should be careful!!
Angad tapped her cheek lovingly: Its Okay…as long as she doesn't jump or fall badly,….Light dancing and exercise is fine….

Kripa whispered : How do u know so much? Oh main toh bhool hi gayi thi…you are Mr. Know it All…she laughed
Angad : Yes, Baby….(he caressed her belly) aur jab hamara hoga toh main sab kuchh khayal rakhoonga…
Kripa slapped his hand and said : Abhi nahin, shaadi ke baad….
Angad: Toh main kaun si jaldi mein hoon?
Kripa glared at him, reminding him of his carelessness….Angad grinned unashamedly!

Simone called to Kripa: Tum bhi yahan aa jaao…Today we are learning salsa…..u can learn with these girls too…
Kripa joined the dance group, following their steps….Angad stood behind and watched. Then it was time to dance the steps in pairs…the other girls paired up with the boys or with each other, Angad came forward and held Kripa's hand.

For such a large man, Angad was quite graceful and they fluidly shook their hips and stepped sideways and forwards in salsa steps with the music, holding hands, coming together, separating, again side by side!

But Angad being irrepressible, started teasing her again soon, he caressed her hands and waist as they danced….Kripa teased him back, tickling his palms with her fingers, rubbing her arm against his chest…..Angad grabbed her waist and pulled her hard against him!
Simone yelled from the front: Heyy u two back there, Stop Flirting!! Pay attention to ur steps.
Both blushed guiltily like 2 school-kids and broke apart …they behaved themselves the rest of the morning.

By the time the classes ended, both were very hungry….he asked her to go to lunch with him, Kripa declined : Mama ne kaha hai aaj hum Poolside mein eksaath lunch karengey…Tum bhi wahan aa jaao na..
Angad: Mujhey dekhkar tumharey Papa ko indigestion ho jaayega…..ab main apney future sasur ko stomach pain toh nahin de sakta…he laughed.

But when Kripa went to lunch later with her parents (Mishti and Kartik were out in the town) ….she saw Angad sitting at the Bar with his lunch , drink in hand…..looking at her. He raised his glass to her in salute…she smiled at him
Kripa betey….Dilip said at lunch…..tumhey Prithvi kaisa laga?
Kripa couldn't lie so she kept quiet.

Dilip: Sharmao mat, bolo tumhey achha laga na? Hes a brilliant boy, bahut bright future hai, graduate hotey hi apney Dad ka business join karega……….he kept on extolling Prithvi's virtues to a bored Kripa.

She looked around in desperation, caught Angad's eyes on her and grimaced, rolling her eyes…..Angad understood, he signalled her to hang in there, blinking his eyes, then he placed a finger on his lips, kissing it! Kripa blushed and put her finger on her lips too, looking sneakily at him and smiled in a saucy way at him…..his eyes glinted at her across the room, promising to take that gift from her later.

Naina intervened: Dilip, abhi toh wo sirf ek baar hi mili hai Prithvi se….thodi jaan-pehchaan aur badhney do, phir uski raai lena…..Baby, aaj sham ko tum sab Morisco jaa rahey ho na? Prithvi bhi tumharey saath jaayega, usey bula lena.

Of course Kripa conveniently forgot to invite Prithvi to Morisco and asked Mishti to cover for her later if their parents asked. That night she took special care to get dressed….in the black lace dress that Mishti had bought for her alongwith an onyx necklace and earrings! She looked like a madonna in the 3-quarter sleeve dress with a square neckline, her hair pinned up in a little twist.

Angad's eyes admired her from afar as he saw her from the stage, sitting there so demure and beautiful. He started singing for his little madonna: (Vaastav--Sonu, male version of the song only)

Meri duniya hai tujhmein kahin
Tere bin main kya kuchh bhi nahin
Meri jaan mein teri jaan hai
Oh saathi mere……..

Palkon mein tere roop ka sapna sajaa liya
Pehli nazar mein hi tujhey apna bana liya
Hai yehi aarzoo, har ghadi
Baithi raho mere saamney
Meri duniya hai tujhmein kahin
Tere bin main kya kuchh bhi nahin....

Aankhon ke raastey mere dil mein utar gayi
saanson mein tere jism ki khushboo bikhar gayi
Har jagaah Raat din
Pyar se main jaaneman tera naam loon

Meri duniya hai tujhmein kahin
Tere bin main kya kuchh bhi nahin
Meri jaan mein teri jaan hai
Oh saathi mere....

Kripa looked at him dreamily, losing herself in his song, in his eyes, in his love!

Angad continued his lyrical salute to his beloved with the following song: (Blackmail—Kishore )

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho
Jeevan Meethi Pyaas Yeh Kehti Ho
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Har Shaam Aankhon Par
Tera Aanchal Lehraye
Har Raat Yaadon Ki
Baarat Le Aaye
Maein Saans Leta Hoon
Teri Khushboo Aati Hai
Ek Mehka Mehka Sa
Paigham Laati Hai
Meri Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi
Tere Geet Gaati Hai
Pal Pal ...

Tum Sochogi Kyon Itna
Main Tumse Pyaar Karoon
Tum Samjhogi Deewana
Maein Bhi Iqraar Karoon
Dewaanon Ki Yeh Baatein
Deewane Jaante Hain
Jalne Mei Kya Mazaa Hai
Parwane Jaante Hain
Tum Yunhi Jalate Rehna
Aa Aakar Khwabon Mein
Pal Pal ...

After the program, Angad met her outside, he pulled her into the cloakroom and kissed her, taking her afternoon's promise and whispered: Balcony ki baat yaad hai na?
Kripa blushed and nodded, still trembling from his passionate kiss.
She waited for him on the terrace at midnight……he whistled softly upwards in the dark…..she tied one end of her bedsheet to the grill and flung the rest down…..he climbed the short distance up to the terrace!

Kripa's room was dark….when he came up, she asked him: Tumhey rassi chadhna bhi aata hai?
Angad : Mainey school mein army ki training lee thi kuchh mahiney, socha tha army join kar loon…..
Kripa laughed softly, wondering….is there anything he cant do?
Angad : Ab tumhara vaada poora karo….

Kripa backed into the dark room, looking seductively at him, he advanced like a predator, she backed till her legs touched the bed, she fell backwards on the bed….

he leaned on her and breathed her perfume: You look good enough to eat …..
Kripa: Tum cannibal bhi ho yeh pata nahin tha…..she giggled.
He opened her little bun, her hair fell in a cloud down her shoulders…..he pulled down her sleeves, revealing her creamy skin against the black lace….he started kissing her softness…..
She whispered anxiously : Angad….wo…tum aur main….Simone
Angad said: Don't worry, Baby, I will be careful ….….Now kiss me…
She looped her arms around his neck and met his lips eagerly, their tongues duelling in a sweet battle of love!
She opened his shirt buttons one by one, kissing his neck and chest as his impatient hands took off her lace dress, almost tearing off the delicate material!
As they lost themselves in a passionate embrace, Angad sealed their lips together to smother their sounds of pleasure!

Jal jalkey dhuaan ho rahey hum
Nas nas mein nasha bheega hai mann
Jismon ki dabi aarzoo hai
Mar jaayen teri baahon mein Hum….

(jal jal ke dhuan ho rahe ham
nas nas mein nasha bheega hain maann
jismo ki dabi aarzoo hain
mar jaaye teri baahon mein ham) - 2
ho ho ho baaho mein ham

(aaj raat ko hosh ki hain jaroorat kahan
aaj sharam se koi kehde na aaye yaha) - 2
chhune se tere o jaaneman
hota hain junoon deewanapan... nasha
jal jal ke dhuan ho rahe ham
nas nas mein nasha bheega hain maann
jismon ki dabi aarzoo hain
mar jaayen teri baahon mein ham

(yeh is kadar mil gaye hain hamare badan
yeh bhi nahin hain pata kaun tum kaun ham) - 2
ehsaas paseeney se hain nam
sholon se chhalakti hain shabnam zara
(jal jal ke dhuan ho rahe ham
nas nas mein nasha bheega hain maann
jismon ki dabi aarzoo hain
mar jaaye teri baahon mein ham) - 2
ho ho ho baaho mein ham


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Chapter 28

Doobtey huey suraj se aaj humney yeh vaada kiya
Doobney na dengey hum apney pyar ke suraj ko
Teri Baahon mein beetegi har raat is tarah
Judaa hokar bhi rahengey tere saath is tarah!

In the early hours before dawn, Angad sneaked out of the Suite, leaving a sleeping Kripa, tired from their passionate night! When she went to dance class that morning, Simone told her Angad had received a phone call from his Dubai agent and he had gone to meet him. Kripa felt happy and elated that it was a step further towards their wedding.

Simone hugged Kripa : I am glad that you are going to be my sister-in-law….I really hope Angad gets that job soon and u two can get married next year!
Kripa asked her about her bank loan for the flat….Simone told her they didn't get it yet….Kripa asked her for details about the bank that had refused the loan and other details! She told Simone that she would try to help in any way she could.

Angad returned after 2 P.M. He called Kripa and asked her to go on a trip to Dona Paula Beach with him….Kripa asked Mishti to tell her parents she had gone shopping with some resort friends!
Mishti told her to be careful and return by 6 in the evening.

Kripa leaned happily on Angad's broad back with a sighing smile as they roared off on his bike towards Dona Paula…….it was a glorious day and both hearts were singing with joy, hopeful about the future!

Dona Paula beach, associated with a romantic myth, is also known as a Lover's Paradise! There was a Rocky promontory with a cliff right on the sea….it was a breathtakingly scenic place….Kripa felt her heartbeat stop at the beauty of the place.
Angad and Kripa sat arm in arm on the rocks close to the cliff and he told her the legend of Dona Paula.

History goes that the beach is named after Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a viceroy (in colonial India), who threw herself off the cliff, when refused permission to marry a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias., whom she loved! The myth says that Dona Paula is entombed in the Cabo Chapel of the Raj Bhawan and is supposed to be seen emerging from the moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace.

Kripa's eyes became tearful when she heard the painful story of Dona's love…..she hid her face in Angad's arm …..he lifted up her chin and wiped her tears, smiling tenderly at his tender-hearted girl!

Kripa: Angad, mujhey bahut darr lag raha hai…..agar hamarey saath bhi aisa kuchh hua toh? she said tearfully…..agar Papa ne hamari shadi se inkaar kar diya toh? Main tumharey bina mar jaaoongi!

Ssshhhh….. Angad put a finger on her lips…..phir kabhi marney ki baat mar karna….pyar mein log martey nahin, pyar hamein jeeney ki wajeh deti hai….
Kripa, humara pyaar hamari taqat hai, kamzori nahin… kuchh bhi ho jaye, hamesha yaad rakhna ke main sirf tumhara hoon aur tum sirf meri…..humarey tann alag ho jayen, lekin hamari rooh, hamara wajood hamesha saath saath rahega!
Kripa hugged him tightly and stayed that way for a long time!

She asked him after a while: Angad, agar Papa ne inkaar kar diya toh kya hum bhaagkar shadi nahin kar saktey? Jaisey tumharey Dad ne apni family ko chhoda tha tumhari Mom ke liye, main bhi apney parivaar ko chhodney ke liye tayyar hoon….

Angad: Hum donon ka rishta itna mazboot hai ke uskey liye tumhey doosrey rishtey todney ki zaroorat nahin padegi….mere Dad ne apna family chhoda that yeh sach hai lekin kabhi kabhi main sochta hoon ke agar unka family unkey saath hotey, mere Mom ke jaaney ke baad unka dukh baantey, toh shayad wo iss tarah….….……
Mainey dekha tha wo kitney udaas rehtey the, kabhi kabhi apney parents aur bhai-behen ko yaad bhi kartey the….lekin pyaar kii wajeh se unhoney sab chhod diya! I don't want u to do that with your family! Parivaar logon ko sahara deti hai, unka taqat banti hai…..mujhey vishwaas hai ke hum tumharey Papa-Mama ko zaroor mana lengey…..unko humarey pyar per yakeen dila dengey…..

Kripa trusted her man implicitly so she brightened up a little bit!
They had ice-cream from a passing vendor and relaxed on the beach till it was evening and the sun was setting orange and red over the sea!

The last dying rays of the sun turned the sea a blood –red! Kripa suddenly felt a chill… if somebody was walking over her grave…..she shut her eyes and opened them and suddenly she saw HER!

A slender form emerged from the waves in the gathering darkness wearing a string of pearls, a diaphonous figure of light and shade with long wet hair……Kripa shuddered and closed her eyes again……Angad, she whispered…..Wo yahan hai……

Angad: Kaun? Kahan? He looked around…..nobody was there except for the 2 of them on the rocks and the waves crashing below!
Kripa clutched his arm tightly, refusing to open her eyes again…..Wo wo….wo Dona yahan hai….she shivered in fright!
Angad laughed: Kripa tum kya dekh rahi ho??….yahan per toh hamarey ilaawa koi nahin hai….

Kripa was shuddering and whispered: Mainey usey dekha, mainey usey dekha abhi….
He pulled her into his arms and said: Kya tumney sachmuch Donna ko dekha……kaisi dikhti hai wo?

Kripa was shivering too much to even talk…..Angad saw she was really scared….he kissed her lips and said: Heyy Baby….don't be scared…..Donna ko dekhna good Omen hai…..iska matlab wo hamarey pyar ko bless karney aayi thi…..waisey wo har kisi ko dikhayi nahin deti….jo sachchey premi hotey hain buss unko dikhayi deti hai….

Kripa forgot her fears, she raised her head and said: Sach?
Angad : God Promise!…..yahan per wo kabhi kabhie dikhti hai only to true lovers! Iska matlab humara pyaar jeet jayega!..... He kissed her forehead as she smiled finally getting over her fear!
Her heart cried out for Dona as she thanked the spirit for appearing to her to bless their love!

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------


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Thanks, desiqt, sahr, iamsmart and chocolateluver!   

Heres the next part:

Chapter 29

Rimjhim rimjhim
Rumjhum rumjhum
Bheegi bheegi rut mein
Tum hum hum tum
Jaltey hain, jaltey hain!

As the sun dipped low beneath the horizon, they still sat there arm in arm, her head on his shoulder, both just content to be there! Kripa felt a deeper peace than she had ever felt before! But Angad was quietly disturbed…..perhaps some of Kripa's fears and anxieties had rubbed off on him. Angad had had a few hard knocks in life but he still believed in making his own destiny….but now he wasn't that sure….did Kripa really see what she thought she did? Did this portend storms ahead or smooth sailing for their love?

With dusk it became cooler….Kripa shivered a little….she was only wearing a sleeveless salwar kurta and even Angad didn't have his jacket today. He said: Chalo Kripa, ab chaltey hain….

Kripa suddenly snapped out of her hypnotic trance : Ohhh Angad…bahut der ho gayi! 6 baj gaye hongey!
In winter the sun set at 5 P.M. so they still had plenty of time and Angad reassured her that they will reach the resort on time. But they had hardly driven ten minutes than dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky and it started raining heavily. It was a torrential downpour, as if the skies had opened up all of a sudden with thunder and lightning tearing the sky apart! It was a sample of winter monsoons in the Western Ghats this time of the year.

Angad's bike was no good….it was open and he couldn't see a thing on the road, within minutes they were drenched to the bone! There was no locality nearby ……he stopped at a small shack abandoned by its owners….probably a small roadside restaurant once. They ran in, Angad holding her close to him! Inside it was dark and damp, lit only by the sudden flashes of lightning! He took out a small pocket torch and looked around….there was a little covered verandah behind the shack, overlooking the Mandvi river! They went and stood outside in the verandah……at least there was light from the sky!

Kripa started to squeeze out water from her soaking wet hair and clothes, wringing it out as best as she could. Angad opened his wet shirt, wringing it out, then shaking it vigorously. He looked at her….in that dim light he could still see her…….. her wet clothes stuck to her body like second skin, she was hugging herself, shivering with cold.
He moved close to her and put his arms around her, enveloping her in a warm embrace! Kripa hugged him tightly, nuzzling her face in his bare chest, breathing in his musky scent! He felt the heat return to her chilled, wet body…..he raised her face to his and took her lips in a long, deep kiss. She raised up on her tiptoes and kissed him back, her arms around his neck! Soon they were both oblivious to the torrential rain outside…to the thunder, the lightning…..their thundering heartbeats drowned out the thunder!

She kissed his damp chest, caressing the hard muscles of his taut stomach….his hands fondled and caressed her wet curves, as his tongue probed her sweet mouth……..then he lifted her up in the air, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he walked carrying her into the dimly-lit shack!

Bheegi bheegi raaton mein (Remix of the song---Aaah I finally got to use this song on my FF   )

Kishore: Bheegi bheegi raaton mein, meeti meeti baaton mein
Aise barsaaton mein kaisa lagtaa hai?

Lata: Aisa lagtaa hai tum banke baadal,
mere badan ko bhigoke mujhe chhed rahe ho ho o
chhed rahe ho (2)

Lat: Ambar Khele holi ui ma
Bheegi mori choli hamjoli hamjoli (2)
O paani ke is rele mein saavan ke is mele mein
chhat pe akele mein
kaisa lagtaa hai

Kishore: Aisa lagtaa hai tum banke ghata
Apne sajan ko bhigoke khel khel rahi ho o
Khel rahi ho

Lata : Aisa lagtaa hai
Tum banke baadal mere badan ko bhigoke mujeh chhed rahe ho chedd rahe ho

Kishore: Barakha se bachhalun tujeh
Seene se lagaa loon
Aa chhupaalun aa chhupaalun (2)
Dil ne pukara dekho rut ka ishaara dekho
Uf ye nazara dekho
Kaisa lagtaa hai, bolo?

Lata: Aisa lagtaa hai kuchh ho jayega
Mast pavan ke ye jhoke saiyaan dekh rahe ho o
Dekh rahe ho
Aisa lagtaa hai
Tum banke baadal mere badan ko bhigoke mujeh chhed rahe ho o
Chhed rahe ho o

An hour later the rains stopped and they emerged from the shack, still flushed from their wildest interlude ever!!
Kripa called Mishti on the mobile and told her that they had been stuck in the rains…..she lied to Mishti that she and Angad had found shelter in a restaurant…………well, partial lie at least!

Mishti said that Naina and Dilip were very worried about Kripa because of the bad weather and she had told them that Kripa was shopping with her friends Aaliyah and Anitah. Kripa thanked Mishti for covering up for her. She told her that they will be home in half an hour. There was still a light drizzle alongwith fog …… Angad had to drive his bike carefully and slowly so they reached the resort finally at 8 P.M.

Naina and Dilip were at the girls' suite waiting for Kripa to arrive safely…..they scolded her for being out in that rain as they saw she was totally wet! Kripa was already sneezing nineteen to the dozen….they gave her brandy-milk and hot soup for her cold and sent her to bed!

December 28

The next morning, kripa had a temperature….getting soaked in the rain plus the bike ride had given her a cold but it wasn't that severe! But still she had to cancel dance class!
Angad heard about her illness and came to see her at the Suites….Naina was there looking after Kripa and she wasn't very surprised to see Angad…..her mother's instincts had told her that Kripa and Angad liked each other a lot! But she wasn't ready to accept him with open arms!

Angad said : Hello Auntie…..Kripa ab kaisi hai?
Meanwhile, Kripa was already feeling better having heard his voice and footsteps! She sat up in bed, so demure and pretty in a pink nightgown!
Before Naina could stop Angad from coming in, she called out to him: Main yahan hoon, Angad!
He went in and saw his princess sitting in bed in a pink confectionary…….he laughed softly and quickly said in a low tone : Now you are really looking like a Baby! I will be jailed for cradle-snatching!
Kripa jumped up and hit him with a pillow! He said : Baad mein iska badla loonga!
When Naina came in they both resumed an innocent expression but their eyes talked to each other in their own secret codes!

By evening, Kripa was all hale and hearty again and insisted on going to Morisco to see Angad perform there. But this evening, she couldn't stop Prithvi from coming along too! Her parents had told him in advance……but Kripa decided to grin and bear it….at least Angad would be there to save her from that moron!

Angad saw Prithvi with Kripa, Mishti and Kartik…..he couldn't help feeling a little pang of anxiety….
His fears made him sing this song:

Haan judaai se darta hai dil (original KYPH song)
Haan judaai se darta hai dil
Haan judaai se darta hai dil
Maut se to main darta nahin
Aur darta to sun le sanam
Sun le sanam
Pyaar tujh se main karta nahin
Pyaar tujh se main karta nahin
Haan judaai se darta hai dil
Haan judaai se darta hai dil

Main akela na reh paoonga
Door tak raat hi raat hai
Zindagi ek alag cheez hai
Zinda rehna alag baat hai
Umr kaise guzar paayegi
Umr kaise guzar paayegi
Ek pal jab guzarta nahin
Aur darta to sun le sanam Sun le sanam
Pyaar tujh se main karta nahin
Pyaar tujh se main karta nahin
Haan judaai se darta hai dil
Haan judaai se darta hai dil

Immediately after his performance, the stage manager (in a green suit tonight) came huffing and puffing onstage and announced pompously:

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have ur attention please! To celebrate the first day of the New Year, we have organized a dance competiton open to all our guests, whether young or old, boy or girl….all are free to participate in and enjoy this great contest! For rules and regulations and for entering ur name in this contest, please see me or Mr. Ahuja after dinner! It will be held on January 1 of the new year and the venue will be this very place….Morisco's! Other diners and other gueste have all been informed…..please join in, one and all!

Angad went to the manager and whispered Kripa's name in his ears…..the manager beamed happily: Just now we got the name of our first participant, Ms. Kripa Sharma…..please put ur hands together for Kripa …..everybody clapped, a few young people eagerly went onstage to enter their names on the spot too!
Kripa was horrified….she said: Oh Noo Angad….yeh tumney kya kiya?

Prithvi looked calculatingly at her and at Angad and back again: Achha toh yeh baat hai, yeh ladki uss singer ke saath chakkar chala rahi hai aur mujhey cold shoulder de rahi hai……he smirked!

After the program, Kripa ran to meet Angad: Yeh tumney kya kiya, Angad? Mera naam kyun enter kiya….I am just a novice in dancing….main kaisey itney logon ke saamney naachungi? She started almost hyperventilating!
Angad had her cure…… he kissed her hard on her lips till she was calmer and more pliant…..then he said: RELAX KRIPA! JUST CHILL! Don't worry, main hoon, Simone hai, hum tumhey ekdum ready kar dengey….…..hamein tumhari kabiliyat per poora yakeen hai….we know you can do it, you have the talent, you just have to get over your fears of the public, that's all! Aur phir tum akeli kahan hogi, main rahoonga na…… tumhara one and only dance partner ( he said huskily)

Kripa felt a little reassured hearing that! Angad whispered: Tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai?
Kripa blushed and said: Main bilkul theek hoon…….raat ko tum aaogey na?
Angad: Koi shaq, Rapunzel?

That night as she lay in his arms, her hand on his chest., her eyes suddenly fell on her ring given by him! For some reason, she suddenly remembered the plump, bejewelled fingers of Mrs. Luthra….she felt like laughing at that woman! She said : Angad, ek baat kahoon….
Angad dreamily said: Haan, Baby, kaho…..
Kripa: Jab hamari shadi ho jaaye ….
Angad (happily) ---haan
Kripa: Aur shadi ke baad bahut saal guzar jaaye…
Angad: Sure thing…..
Kripa: Toh tum kabhie mere birthdays per mujhey BMW ya Mercedes nahin dena…
Angad thought for moment what she said, then he laughed huskily……he turned over, leaning totally on her :
Nahin, sweetheart, kabhie nahin doonga…..main vaada karta hoon, shadi ke bahut saal baad main tumharey birthdays per kabhie BMW ya Mercedes nahin doonga, sirf yeh doonga ( he kissed her lips) aur yeh doonga (he kissed her neck) aur yeh ( her bare shoulder) aur yeh ( he kissed her soft swells ) and his lips travelled lower and lower, showing her all the lovely gifts he would give to her on her future birthdays! Kripa moaned softly in pleasure enjoying all her future birthday gifts in advance!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------


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Chapter 30

Without you
I am lost like a child
In this wide wide world
Without you
I am Nothing!

December 29

Rehearsals started in full swing at Simone's Dance class the next morning! Several of her students had entered the contest plus Simone was supposed to do the Grand Finale with her dance group at the end of the show.

Angad wasn't there at the studio; Simone told Kripa he had gone to meet the Dubai agent for passport and visa details. Simone was pleased that Kripa was going to participate.

"I know you can do it, Kripa! You have grace in your body, you just have to get over ur fear of the stage and you will be fine but don't worry we will have stage rehearsals as well"

Kripa: But Simone, we only have 3 days on our hands.
Simone: 4 days actually if u also count January 1…..but we will have to work very hard… slacking off, no fooling around (Kripa blushed at that)…..and yes, from now on we will have dance practice even in the afternoons.

Simone told Kripa she will have to prepare three dance items!
Kripa almost passed out from shock: THREE! NO WAY! How can I learn 3 dances in 3 days?
Simone: Chill, Kripa! You will have only one solo, and one paired with Angad and you will also be backup dancer in our last finishing item.

Kripa wailed: Solooo? Please no solo….I cant be up there on the stage by myself……I will pass out!
Simone: KRIPAAA! You will be fine, trust me……just don't look at the audience and concentrate on ur dance and you wont feel nervous at all…..Come on, give it a try….zyada se zyada kya hoga….you wont win a prize ….at least you will have the satisfaction that you tried and conquered ur fears!
Kripa took a deep breath and agreed to do the solo.

Simone and her group started practicing the group dance…..Kripa joined them…..there was a lot of leaping and jumping and they twirled the girls and tossed them up in the air, then caught them in mid air by the waist…..Kripa got scared even to look at them doing that. She was missing Angad but she knew he had gone for their future happiness….

The whole morning went by practicing for the group dance.
Lunch time arrived, Simone asked Kripa to be back at the studio at 3 P.M. for her solo item practice.

Kripa had lunch with her parents and Mishti-Kartik that day. At lunch, Mishti told Naina about Kripa entering the dance competition. Naina was delighted that her shy little girl was going to dance on stage.

Naina: Yeh toh bahut achhi baat hai……tum competition mein hissa le rahi ho, we are proud of you, Baby! Tumhari dance teacher ne kitni jaldi tumhey prepare kar diya…
Kripa: Nahin Mama, abhi bahut rehearsals karney hain, subah, shaam har waqt practice karni hai….

Kripa knew this was the time the iron was hot and it was time to strike. She asked Dilip: Papa, main aapsey kuchh madat chahti hoon..
Dilip: Haan zaroor, bolo, Baby, kya baat hai…
Kripa: Wo meri jo dance teacher hai, Simone, uski shadi honey wali hai aur wo dono ek flat khareedna chahtey hain lekin usey Bank se loan nahin mil rahey hain, aapke toh kitney contacts hain uss bank mein isliye main soch rahi thi agar aap Bank walon se baat karein aur unkey flat ka loan sanction karva dein toh bahut achha hoga….
Dilip: Haan zaroor, I will be glad to help out ur dance teacher in getting her loan for her flat ..(Kripa rarely asked her parents for anything so Dilip was pleased that she had asked for his help in this)
Kripa beamed delightedly at her dad: Thanks, Papa.
Dilip: Anything for u, Baby!

Kripa gave details of the Bank and Simone-Philipe's loan to her dad and he promised to take care of the whole thing.

Kripa was glad that she could help out Simone and solve her problem….she thought now only if Papa accepted Angad and agreed to their wedding with the same ease, she would never ask anything from him her whole life, but she had to wait a few more days before she could reveal her love for Angad to her parents.

Dilip: Aaj raat ko hum Mehras ke saath dinner per jaa rahey hain, Italian restaurant mein…..tum bhi aa rahi ho hamarey saath…
Kripa's face fell, she thought : Oh NOOOO, phir se uss Prithvi ko tolerate karna padega aur Angad ka program bhi miss karoongi….
Mishti whispered to her later: Don't worry, hum Prithvi ko sambhal lengey….tum tension mat karo…

After Lunch, Kripa went back to her room, changed into her dance clothes again and went to the studio for her solo dance practice.
Angad was BACK! She ran to him and hugged him so tightly, he groaned……Mujhey itna miss kiya….he asked laughing.
Kripa raised tearful eyes and said: Har pal jab tum mere paas nahin hotey toh lagta hai ek saal guzar gaya…

Angad could tell she was upset: Kya baat hai, Baby? Yeh aansoo kyun?
She told him about dinner with Prithvi and she would be missing his performance again that night….
Angad wiped her tears gently: Don't cry, sweetheart, hum phir raat ko milengey…..Juliet bankar mera intezaar karna….
She smiled through her tears…..

Simone arrived soon and they started the practice…..Angad watched her from the back as she followed Simone's movements……it was a dance from a Hindi movie that she had seen so it was easy for her to pick up the graceful steps and sway easily to the melody and rhythm.

Angad admired her fluid body movements…..her body had become more pliant since she started dancing and also becoming a woman had changed her, made her more free! MY WOMAN, he thought proudly!

After practice, he took her to the beach again where they spent a relaxed evening, collecting shells and walking on the waves and sand, hand in hand…..they shared an ice-cream bar and a large water-filled coconut. They sat there till sunset, his arm around her as she snuggled into his arm…..

Kripa: Tumhara Dubai ke agent se baat ho gayi?
Angad: Haan, wo mere passport aur visa ka intezaam kar raha hai. Jaldi hi ho jayega. Kaam ka bhi bandobast kar diya hai usney.
Kripa: Tumhey Dubai kya jaana hi padega? Yahan koi naukri nahin mil sakti? She was scared about being separated from him….she knew he couldn't take her right away until he was settled in his job.

Angad: Mainey yahan bahut se jobs dekhey hain, lekin Dubai mein ab naye constructions ho rahey hain, buildings, shopping malls, roads….wahan mere jaisey Civil Engineers ke liye bahut opportunities hain…..aur wahan paisey bhi duss guna milengey, yahan aisi koi jobs hi nahin hain, warna main toh India mein hi rehna pasand karta…..tumharey paas (he kissed her forehead) ..….but don't worry, kaam mein settle hotey hee main laut aaoonga aur hum formally shadi karkey wahan chaley jayengey.
Kripa hugged his arm for comfort, her heart full of hopes and fears ….a mixed feeling for their future.

That night at dinner, Prithvi annoyed her to tears…..he was trying to touch her and bother her all the time.
As her hand lay on the table beside her plate, he touched her ring again and said: That ring looks nice, kitney ki lee hai, zyada mehengi nahin ho sakti, lagta hai paanch-chhai hazaar ki hogi"

Kripa hid her hand under the table again: Mujhey zyada keemti zevar achhey nahin lagtey..
Prithvi (insinuatingly) : Was that a gift? Or did u buy it urself?
Kripa: A friend gave it to me…..
Prithvi: Lagta hai bahut hi close friend hai … wear his ring all the time…
Kripa looked at him sharply with narrowed eyes….he had said HIS ring ….did that mean he knew about her and Angad?

Prithvi was sneering at her…..she gritted her teeth in annoyed anger and said: That is none of your business whose ring I wear and for how long.
Prithvi: Chillax Kripa, main toh mazaak kar raha tha…
Kripa: Aisey mazaak mujhey pasand nahin….now please excuse me…
She got up from the table and went to the restroom to cool down her anger …..

Mishti came after her: Kripa, tu theek toh hai na? Is he bothering you a lot?
Kripa hugged Mishti and started crying…
Mishti: Bahut pyaar karti hai na ussey? Miss kar rahi hai?
She nodded, silently crying…..

Mishti: Main us Prithvi ko sambhalti hoon…Chalo, now dry ur tears, u will see him tomorrow!
She made Kripa wash her face, fix her make-up, they came out of the washroom and Mishti sat down next to Kripa this time!

Prithvi still didn't give up: So Kripa, you entered the dance contest…..are you dancing solo or do you have a dance partner? He said mockingly.
Kripa looked at him angrily but didn't answer…..
Prithvi (loudly on purpose): Is your dance partner Angad by any chance?
Mihsti (loudly): Angad kitna achha gaata hai na? He can easily be a Rockstar….if he had the backing and money, I bet he could have his own album…..
Naina and the Mehras nodded in agreement! Dilip and Prithvi looked sarcastic….
Kartik took the hint and started talking to Prithvi about business …..stocks and investments, etc.
Kripa heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed, she squeezed Mishti's hand with gratitude!

That night, Kripa paced restlessly on the terrace, waiting for Angad…..
After midnight, there was a soft whistle from below, she looked down; Angad signalled her to jump down….she was in her nightgown….she asked him to wait, went in and changed hurriedly into her jogging clothes and then jumped right down into his waiting arms!

Angad kissed her lips and then carried her all the way to the guesthouse…..there was a bright moon in the night sky guiding their way….it was just 4 days before full-moon! Kripa clung to his neck, looking up at the face she so adored.

He opened the door and took her right into the bedroom, setting her down on the bed… soon as he lay down, Kripa hid her face in his neck and clung to him like a vine…
Angad (in a deep voice) : Kya hua, lagta hai aaj meri Juliet bahut pareshaan hai…..kya kuchh kaha uss Prithvi ne?
Kripa: Angad, mujhey lagta hai Prithvi ko hamarey baarey mein shaq ho gaya hai..

Angad: Toh achha hai na, wo tumhara peechha chhod dega, he will know u are already taken,….. unless you don't want him to know that….agar tum ussey actually shadi karna chahti ho tohhhh…..(he teased her)
Kripa gasped angrily…..ANGADD!

She jerked out of his arms and got up to go…..he laughed and tried to pull her back, she was still mad at him, she grabbed a pillow and started hitting him with that…..he sat up and took the 2nd pillow and fought her back…..they had a rip-roaring pillow-fight on the bed…..Kripa forgot all her troubles and started laughing and hitting Angad really hard with the pillow, he also retaliated…..

Suddenly they stopped hitting each other, looked heatedly into each other's eyes and he crouched as if to leap at her, she smiled and crawled backwards….he took a leap at her and pinned her to the bed with his superior weight and started kising her neck and face….soon they were a tangle of legs and arms as she kissed him back with equal passion! His hands tugged at her clothes and hers tugged at his……

After a long bout of wild passion, they lay in each other's arms…….bright moonlight from the big window lighted up the room, painting their bare skin a bright silver!
Angad: Prithvi ne exactly kya kya kaha?
Kripa told him how he had insinuated about her and Angad and almost revealed it to her parents.

Angad: Iss Prithvi ka kuchh karna padega….waisey tumharey parents ko toh batana hi hai kuchh dinon ke baad, lekin wo Prithvi se yeh baat suney yeh main nahin chahta…..kya pata tumharey parents kaisey react karengey…Tumharey Papa ko toh Prithvi jaisa ladka hi pasand hoga….rich, businesman ka beta…

Kripa: Ameer dil se hotey hain, paison se nahin…..agar Prithvi duniya ka sabsey ameer aadmi bhi ho jaye, phir bhi wo ek achha insaan nahin ho sakta…
Angad: Toh phir Prithvi se shadi cancel (he laughed)

Kripa: Angad, phir kabhi aisa mat kehna….tum toh jaantey ho na main saat janmon tak tumhari ban chuki hoon!
Angad: Aur aathvey janam mein?
Kripa (teasingly) : Aathevey janam mein? Hmmmm sochna padega…
Angad leaned over her, pinning her again and said: Aathvey janam mein bhi main tumhey manaa loonga, bilkul iss tarah…..he started kissing her all over again….
Kripa whispered: Iss tarah manaogey toh main kaisey manaa karoongi…..she wrapped her pliant limbs around him again as moonlight bathed the two entwined lovers!

Chandni raatain, chandni raatain) -2

Sab jag soye hum jagein
taaron se karain batain
ho.. (chandi ratain, chandi raatain)-2

Takte takte tooti jaaye aas
piya na aaye re takte takte
Sham savere dard anokhe uthe
jiya ghabraaye re sham savere
(raaton ne meri neend loot lee) -2
din ke chain churaye re
dukhiya aakhen dhoond rahi hain
kahin pyaar ki baatain
(chandi raataein .. ho chandni raatein )-2

Pichhli raat main hum yeh soch ke
chupke chupke roye re pichhli raat main
Sukh ki neend main meet hamare
desh paraye soye re sukh ke neend main

(Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukare) -2
Aaja balam aayi baharain
Baith ke tanhai main karlain
sukh dukh ki do batain
(chandni raatain, chandi raatain) -2
Sab jag soye hum jagein
taaron se karain batain
(chandni raatain, chandi raatain) -2

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------


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Thanks Sarah, Tanya, Sheriff and Munni! :wub:

Chapter 31

Come and live with me
We'll have children of our own
I would love you more than life
If you'll come and be my wife
When we dance, angels will run and hide their wings
When we dance, angels will run and hide their wings
(Sting----When we dance)

December 30

Next morning, Mishti accompanied Kripa to the dance studio to watch the rehearsals….she was quite excited about her sister's upcoming performance! Group Dance practice took up the entire morning…. So many dancers doing their own moves, synchronizing their movements, correcting posture and positions is not an easy task for a choreographer! But Simone was a patient teacher….

The group dance was an energetic mixture of jazz, swing and hip-hop accompanying this song with fast beats..….

Funk Soul Brother by Fat Boy Slim…

Right about now
The funk soul brother, check it out now
The funk soul brother, right about now
The funk soul brother, check it out now
The funk soul brother, right about now
The funk soul brother, check it out now
The funk soul brother, right about now
The funk soul brother, check it out now
The funk soul brother, right about now
The funk soul brother, check it out now
The funk soul brother, right about now
The funk soul brother, right about now
bout now
bout now
bout now

(couldn't find the song so heres the music vdo) Videos_-_Fatboy_Slim_-_FUnk_Soul_Brother.shtml

When Kripa's turn came to dance solo, she was so exhausted after doing the group dance, that Simone gave her a respite……she told her to come back after lunch for rest of the practice…for the solo and the one with Angad. Just as she and Mishti were leaving the building, she saw Angad coming their way….Kripa felt newly energized again.

Angad caught her by the waist and swung her around: How is my little Dancer today?
Kripa blushed, a little shy at Angad's affection in front of her sister but Mishti didn't seem to mind at all…she was smiling indulgently at them.
Angad: Are u done with ur dance practice?
Kripa: Abhi rest karna hai….Lunch ke baad phir se shuru.

Angad suggested they go for lunch together….the three of them went to the Poolside restaurant!
Mishti asked them: Ab batao, tum dono Mama-Papa ko apney baarey mein kab bata rahey ho?

Angad: Kripa told me that u all are leaving for Mumbai on the 3rd…..isliye hum do tareekh ko tumharey parents ke paas jayengey…..Dance competition ke baad hi hum unko bata dengey ….

Mishti: Achhi baat hai ….toh phir naye saal mein hi bata dena…Tum dono shadi kab karna chahtey ho?
Angad (looking at Kripa longingly) : If we had our way we would get married right away…..lekin Dubai mein mujhey ek kaam milney wala hai….Kaam pakka hotey hi hum shadi kar lengey aur wahan chaley jayengey.

Mishti: Dubai? Tum Dubai jaa rahey ho?
Angad: Yes! Wahan ek badey Construction Company mein mujehy ek achhey job ka offer aaya hai.

Mishti was a little crestfallen that her little sister would be moving to Dubai, but then she herself was also getting married next year and as Kartik had hinted, they might settle down in the United States themselves!

Perhaps this is the fate of being sisters…..Matrimony separated them across continents….She thought philosophically.

Angad smiled: Toh saali Sahiba, aap batayiye….aapkey fiance sahab kahan hain?
Mishti laughed : Kartik sheher gaye hain… kuchh kaam tha….shaam ko laut ayengey.
She said : Tum dono baatein karo, main ab chalti hoon…..Angad, shaam ko Morisco mein milengey, Bye!

As soon as Mishti left, Angad leaned towards Kripa, put his arm around her and said: Chalo, Guesthouse chaltey hain!
Kripa: Nahin abhi nahin…..abhi dance practice per jaana hai, remember?….she slapped his wandering hands away, scolding him.

Angad: Bahut beraham ho!
Kripa: Aur tum bahut besharam ho…she slanted her gaze at him.
Angad made a cute face and she laughed and quickly kissed his nose……but before he could get her lips, she laughed and got up! Chalo abhi time ho gaya, Simone wait kar rahi hogi.

Simone was practicing with some of her other students who were doing solo dances…
Kripa waited for her turn while an impatient Angad whispered words in her ears that made her or hit him from time to time.

Finally Kripa's turn came and she danced her solo to the song from Asoka---San sanana nan san sanana nan
Jaa ja jarey jarey jarey …jarey pavan…mere jaisa dhoondkey laa mere sajan…..

She swayed gracefully to the song as Simone had taught her, doing the little steps in the rhythm parts….
Angad watched her with a bemused expression on his face…..Simone saw his besotted look and laughed to herself…..Angad is nuts over this girl, she thought! Good, she thought, it was high time he settled down to a life of stability and responsibility!

When the song was done, Simone applauded her, happy with her progress…..Very Good, Kripa….aisey hi practice karti raho and u will be ready in 2 days!
She called both of them now : Now u two, get ready to Tango.

Angad-Kripa's paired dance had some salsa and tango as well as swing mixed in….Kripa hadnt yet learned to Tango….so Simone taught her.

Soon Angad and Kripa were moving around the floor…….slow, slow, quick, quick, slow ….were the steps! He advanced….the aggressive male, she retreated….the passive female…..the man advanced forward thrice, then step to the side and close, the woman did the opposite, went backwards! They went in a promenade, cheek to cheek, walking one way together and then turned and again steps repeated and went around in circles!

It was a challenging dance, an exciting one, almost like a mating ritual!!
Their faces gradually became flushed as the intimate contact became too much to bear ….they were staring into each other's eyes, his intense eyes piercing her wide ones… they moved together around the floor to this music…


Both were rather breathless and red in the face as they tangoed around the floor…..they werent just dancing…it was something more!

Simone and the other students stopped whatever they were doing to watch the passionate pair on the dance floor, dancing the tango, quite oblivious of the watchers or their surroundings…..just immersed in each other's eyes and movements!

When the music ended, he bent her over his arm, staring into her eyes with that look she had come to understand very well…..she blushed and closed her eyes..
Simone and the other dancers clapped loudly as it ended, some of them whistling with appreciation of the attractive pair and their stunning performance!

Both of them snapped out of the hypnotic trance and quickly moved apart, looking slightly embarassed.

They both took a bow in Thanks and ran out of the studio to the back hall…..both were out of breath! As soon as they were out of sight of the others, Angad pulled her into his arms and started kissing her lips….she twined her arms around his neck and kissed him back…..his hands were on her hips lifting her up to him as his hard body pressed into hers…..they heard somebody coming down the hall…

Angad quickly opened the nearest door and carried her in…and shut the door.
It was a storage room with huge boxes, probably full of exercise equipment for the gym.

He grabbed her again and kissed her hard, they were both trembling from barely restrained passion….he carried her backwards to the boxes and laid her down on one……she wrapped her arms around him, welcoming him to her!

A long time later, he raised his flushed face from her neck and chuckled softly: MY GOD! That was WILD!
Kripa's eyes were closed as she still breathed unsteadily….she also laughed: Yes, it was!
Angad kissed her moist lips: I love u, Sweetheart!
Kripa: I love u too, Darling!
Angad: Kya kaha? Phir se kaho?
Kripa: Darling…..Angad!

Angad kissed her again and said in his deep voice: I want to tango with u every day of our life!
Kripa: And what about the rest of the dances? Mambo? Merengue?
Angad rubbed her nose with his: Tum bahut badmaash hoti jaa rahi ho!
Kripa wrinkled her nose at him: Sab tumsey hi seekha hai …
They got up, adjusted their dishevelled clothes and sneaked out of the storage room like 2 little kids, creeping out silently.

They went to the guesthouse and spent the rest of the afternoon in each other's arms!

Kripa tried her best to avoid bringing Prithvi to Morisco's that night but Dilip insisted that they take him along as he didn't know anybody else at the Resort!

Once again, Kripa had to tolerate his knowing looks and snide comments about her and Angad! But now she didn't really care anymore…..she knew that Prithvi knew and she wasn't afraid of him knowing anymore.

Angad saw Prithvi bothering Kripa again and he wanted to go and punch him in the face but he didn't want to create a scene there…..
He sang his hearts wishes out to Kripa: (Daag—Kishore Kumar)

Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai Tu Kahe To Maein Bataa Doon
Teri Zulf Phir Sawaaroon Teri Maang Phir Sajaa Doon

Mujhe Devtaa Banaakar Teri Chaahaton Ne Puja
Mera Pyar Keh Raha Hai, Maein Tujhe Khuda Bana Doon
Teri Zulf Phir...

Koi Dhoondne Bhi Aaye To Hamein Na Dhoondh Paaye
Tu Mujhe Kahin Chhupa De, Maein Tujhe Kahin Chhupa Doon
Teri Zulf Phir...

Mere Baazuon Mein Aakar Tera Dard Chain Paaye
Tere Gesuon Mein Chhipkar, Maein Jahaan Ke Gham Bhula Doon
Teri Zulf Phir...
And then he sang a lighter number:

dil ko churaya tumne sanam
paagal banaya tumne sanam
aawargai thi rehbar meri
jeena sikhaya tune sanam
o sanam o sanam
arey tere bina bhi kya jeena hai jeena sanam
dil ko churaya tumne sanam
paagal banaya tumne sanam
aawargai thi rehbar meri
jeena sikhaya tune sanam
o sanam o sanam
arey tere bina bhi kya jeena hai jeena sanam

lab thartharake chup hi rahe
khaamoshiyan bhi hasti rahi
dil ke tarane dil mein rahe
betaabiyaan bas machalti rahi
main ho gaya hoon tera deewana
mujhko deewana karke na jaana jaana
o sanam o sanam
arey tere bina bhi kya jeena hai jeena sanam
o o o
dil ko churaya tumne sanam
paagal banaya tumne sanam

aankhon ka teri ishaara mile
jeene ka kuchh toh sahara mile
betaab dil hai bechain dhadkan
mohabbat mein dil ko kinara mile
ek baar sun le mera fasana
karke bahana dil se na jaana jaana
o sanam o sanam
arey tere bina bhi kya jeena hai jeena sanam
dil ko churaya tumne sanam
paagal banaya tumne sanam
aawargai thi rehbar meri
jeena sikhaya tune sanam
o sanam o sanam
arey tere bina bhi kya jeena hai jeena sanam

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

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Chapter 32

Waiting for a New Dawn of Love
Will it bring us joy or sorrow
Only time can tell!

New Year's Eve dawned bright and sunny as the Resort prepared to celebrate it in style and splendour! A gala New Year's party had been planned at the Clubhouse with cocktails, dance, dinner and midnight revelries which could continue upto 4 A.M., depending on the stamina of the party-goers.

Kripa spent the whole morning at the dance studio practicing with the group dancers and then the entire afternoon doing her own solo practice. In the morning she practiced her dance with Angad as well, learning the salsa steps combined with swing and tango! At one point, she was supposed to jump in the air and Angad would catch her by the waist…….but she was too scared to jump! Angad reassured her that he would catch her and not let her fall. Finally she agreed to do it………she ran towards him, then took a leap into the air, he caught her slim waist, held her aloft for a few moments, then let her slide down his body.

Kripa's feat drew a round of applause from the other dancers…..she flushed with pleasure.

The final version of their dance was a fascinating mix of Latin passion and Indian grace! As they spun around and promenaded across the floor, it was obvious that they were totally in harmony with each other and had a fair chance of winning the contest! In Simone's class at least they were the hot favorites!

Simone had ordered costumes for the dance….when Kripa went to pay for it, she was told that Angad had already paid for her costumes. Kripa was pleased and touched. For her solo, Kripa got a traditional Indian costume, a little bit Amrapali style…suitable for her Asoka dance. When she tried on the white costume, she was floored….she looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't recognize the seductive temptress who stood there in the medieval Indian costume! It wasn't too revealing but it was sensuous and graceful…..a white and gold choli and dhoti-cut sari costume. She quickly took it off before Angad could see her in it…..she blushed to think what his reaction to that costume would be! For the group dance and pair dance, she had a gold satin pants and top jumper suit, which clung to her like second skin! Angad's dress was black pants and black shirt for that dance.

Evening came sooner than expected……Kripa dressed in a midnight blue satin halter-neck gown with light silver jewelry. She left her hair open…..Angad liked it that way!
Mishti wore her off-white satin gown with gold embroidery and gold jewelry. Kartik and Dilip were in dark suits and Naina in a white and silver sari with kundan set.

When they arrived at the Clubhouse, it was already quite crowded….large crowds of people were milling around with cockail glasses in hand and chatting in little groups. Kripa's eyes searched for Angad…..he wasn't there yet! Prithvi and the Mehras greeted them …..Kripa grimaced and tried to escape from Prithvi's leering eyes, which were roving over her delicate curves with too much interest.

She made an excuse and ran towards the employee entrance, looking for Angad…..and there he was, just entering the Clubhouse, looking breathtakingly handsome in a dark blue suit with a white shirt and midnight blue tie!!

She waited for him, her eyes adoring him as his adored her, each admiring the other's splendour. He came near her and held her in his arms: You look wonderful tonight" he whispered in her ears.

Kripa tiptoed up and lightly kissed his cheek…..then she rubbed off her lipstick mark, laughingly joked: Aaj toh Mrs.Luthra tumhey nahin chhodegi!
Angad: Mujhey Mrs. Khanna se pehley fursat toh miley….shes going to keep me busy tonight…..he laughed wickedly at her.
Kripa slapped his chest and took his arm, went into the Ballroom.

Angad got a vodka martini for himself, and a sangria (fruit pieces mixed in wine) for her! She was a little hesitant about having the wine but he asked her to sip it slowly: Dheerey dheerey peena, phir nasha nahin hoga"
It was quite delicious, she found, the fruit pieces made the wine sweet and tasty! He picked up a few pieces of fruit from her glass with a little toothpick and fed them to her: Adam ne Eve ko apple khilaya tha ya ulta? He asked her softly.

Kripa: Nahin, Eve ne khilaya tha Adam ko….she picked up a piece of apple and fed it to him. They smiled saucily at each other.

Meanwhile, Prithvi's snake-like eyes were observing them from across the room…..his eyes were unwaveringly on Kripa and Angad throughout the evening! Dinner wasn't seating style tonight….guests just took their plates and circulated! Angad and Kripa took their food and stood in a distant corner of the room where they wouldn't be visible to her family.

They didn't have to worry so much as after dinner, all the parents went upstairs to the card rooms and pool room to spend time till midnight brought in the New Year!

Dance music started soon after dinner and a dozen psychedelic lights started whirling on the floor from the ceiling above! Couples paired up and began dancing to slow Romantic jazz by Kenny G.
After the first two numbers, the DJ appeared and announced :
Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure and back by popular demand, we have our sweet-voiced Ms. Josephine again tonight. She will sing a few soft numbers and if you have any special requests she will try to oblige you! Please welcome Ms. Josephone Diaz….
.The young girl with the clear, sweet voice from Christmas Night came onstage….she started with this typical New Year's song from the old " Julie"

Yeh raatein nayi purani

Angad and Kripa started dancing, her arms went around his neck as she looked dreamily into his eyes….he looked down into hers with a bold passion that never failed to make her feel weak in her knees! The world was lost to them, only they existed, their love reigned over the stars and moon tonight!

Mishti and Kartik were also slow-dancing to this romantic song, so softly and melodiously sung by the girl on stage. Prithvi stood with a glass of single malt whisky in his hand, looking at the dancing couple in dark blue, his eyes furious and envious.


Yeh raatein nayi purani
Aatey aatey jaatey kehti hain koi kahani
Yeh raatein

Aa raha hai dekho koi
Jaa raha hai dekho koi
Sabkey dil hain jaagi jaagi
Sabki aankhein khoyi khoyi
Khamoshi karti hain baatein

Yeh raatein nayi purani
Aatey aatey jaatey kehti hain koi kahani
Yeh Raatein…

Kya samaa hai
Jaisey khushboo
Ud rahi ho kaliyon se
Guzri ho nindiya mein
Palkon ki galiyon se
Sundar sapnon ki baraatein..

Yeh raatein nayi purani
aatey aatey jaatey kehti hai
koi kahani, yeh raatein...

Kaun jaaney kab chalegi
Kis taraf se yah hawaayen
Saal bhar toh yaad rakhna
Aisa naa ho bhool jayen
Iss raat ki mulaqatein...

Yeh raatein nayi purani
Aatey aatey jaatey kehti hain
Koi kahani

Then she sang the J. Lo song: Waiting for Tonight as the people on the dance floor grooved to the beats:

(this is the vdo of the song if u want 2 watch J Lo)

Like a movie scene
In the sweetest dreams
Have pictured us together
Now to feel your lips
On my fingertips
I have to say is even better
Then I ever thought it could possibly be
It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free
From all of my sadness
The tears that I've cried
I have spent all of my life

Waiting for tonight, oh
When you would be here in my arms
Waiting for tonight, oh
I've dreamed of this love for so long
Waiting for tonight

Tender words you say
Take my breath away
Love me now, leave me never
Found a sacred place
Lost in your embrace
I want to stay in this forever
I think of the days when the sun used to set
On my empty heart, all alone in my bed
Tossing and turning
Emotions were strong
I knew I had to hold on


Gone are the days when the sun used to set
On my empty heart all alone in my bed
Tossing and turning
Emotions were strong
I knew I had to hold on

NEW YEARS EVE TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW….aaj ke liye bas itna hi!
Do watch the J. Lo vdo---the song is good!

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------


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Chapter 33

Pyar ka yeh naya saal hai
Pyar mein hua yeh haal hai
Tere saath beetey zindagi
Har waqt yehi khayal hai.

Kal na jaaney kya ho
Jee lengey hum yeh chaar pal
Jaisey koi kal na ho……

Just as Josephine ended her song, Kripa went up to the stage and said something to the singer…..she smiled and nodded….
Honoring Kripa's request she said: This next song is dedicated to a special person in Ms. Kripa's life whom she wants to thank for making her life complete:
Josephine talked to her musicians and then sang this Celine Dion song:

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
Ill be forever thankful baby
Youre the one who held me up
Never let me fall
Youre the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldnt speak
You were my eyes when I couldnt see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldnt reach
You gave me faith coz you believed
Im everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
Im grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I dont know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldnt speak
You were my eyes when I couldnt see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldnt reach
You gave me faith coz you believed
Im everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
Youve been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldnt speak
You were my eyes when I couldnt see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldnt reach
You gave me faith coz you believed
Im everything I am
Because you loved me

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldnt speak
You were my eyes when I couldnt see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldnt reach
You gave me faith coz you believed
Im everything I am
Because you loved me

Im everything I am
Because you loved me

Angad and Kripa danced to this song as others did too….he looked lovingly at her, blown away by the song she had dedicated for him! Both were feeling very emotional and vulnerable right then…..Angad, slightly tearful, as he said in her ears: Thank You for a beautiful song! Apna pyaar dekar tumney mujhey sab kuchh de diya hai!
They looked into each other's eyes as the world around them dissolved once more, leaving just the two of them on the floor, gazing at each other for all eternity!

This song was followed by a few more soft numbers by Josephine:
Dil ko hazaar baar roka roka roka (Murder)

Aagey bhi jaaney na tu, peechhey bhi jaaney na tu jo bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai (Waqt)

Then the DJ took the stage again, playing some soft numbers at first:
Speak softly love and hold me warm against ur heart… (The Godfather theme)

I cant help falling in Love with you ( UB40)

Blue Eyes (Elton John)
Can you feel the Love Tonight (Elton John)


He pumped up the volume and the whole room throbbed with the beats of vigorous dance music:

It's the Time to Disco (Kal Ho na Ho)
Nach Baliye (Bunty aur Bubli)
Crazy Kiya Rey (Dhoom2)
U Cant touch This ( MC Hammer)
Sean Paul ..We'll Be Burning
Dancing Queen (Abba)
Feeling Hot Hot Hot (Bend It like Beckham)
Hot In Here (Nelly)
Is This Love That I am Feeling
Nach All Night/Wheres the Party Tonite (KANK)
Baandh mere pairon mein Payaliya
Say Shava Shava….(K3G)
Deedar de deedar de….(Dus)
Koi kahey kehta rahey kitna bhi humko deewana (Dil Chahta Hai)
Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani (Jawani Diwani)
Hips Don't Lie (Shakira)
Conga (Gloria Estefan)

All the guests danced vigorously, enjoying themselves, getting into the mood to welcome the New Year with a BLAST!! Angad and Kripa, Mishti-Kartik were also grooving madly, laughing, enjoying themselves….Kripa matched dance steps with Angad effortlessly, dancing alongwith him!

Ek Main aur Ek Tu hai… (Bluffmaster)
Staying Alive (Saturday Night Fever)
Toxic (Britney Spears)
Me Against the Music (Rishi Rich Project)
Chhaiyan Chhaiyan Remix
Bhangra mix

As the Bhangra medley continued, the DJ suddenly announced : GUYSSS AND GIRLSSS, UNCLES AND AUNTIES, NANA-NANIS, DADA-DADIS, THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS NOW……20, 19, 18…..
Everybody stopped dancing and started counting down the minutes to the New Year!!

There was a loud explosion, Huge Silver and Gold Balloons hanging from the ceiling burst releasing confetti and tinsel on the heads of the party-goers, people started blowing horns loudly and whistled, yelled, shouted, danced and kissed each other, wishing each other HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Mishti and Kartik came up to Angad-Kripa, hugged them and wished Happy New Year!

Angad slipped away with Kripa, out of the Ballroom, as the others continued to shout, dance and greet each other….. he pulled her into a little ante-room and kissed her lips:……HAPPY NEW YEAR, SWEETHEART!
She kissed him back : HAPPY NEW YEAR, DARLING! Pyaar ka Naya saal Mubarak ho…
Angad : tumhey bhi pyar ka pehla saal mubarak ho, Baby……..

They sneaked down the back hallway and out of the doors to the moonlit garden and ran hand in hand to the parapet wall. Angad sat straddling the wall, with Kripa between his legs.

Far away on the horizon, they could see fireworks in the sky near the main city of Panaji…..a Navy ship somewhere in the ocean was firing cannons, signalling the birth of the New Year…..the gentle waves of the sea sparkled silver in the moonlight… was just 2 days short of the full moon.

A gentle breeze blew Kripa's silky hair in his face, he took a handful of her hair and cupped her head, bringing her face up to his as he kissed her deeply----You taste so sweet… intoxicate me!

Kripa's arms went around his neck, caressing the short hairs at his nape as she tasted the martini in his lips: You are tangy, she said….she sighed in contentment, snuggling up to him, as he rained soft, gentle kisses on her upturned face, lips, cheeks and chin.

Angad,….she said dreamily…… lagta hai yeh sirf naya saal hi nahin, mera naya janam hua hai, main nayi hoon, tumney mujhey ek nayi zindagi dee hai…..

Angad kissed her: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY! She hugged him tightly, as if she wanted to absorb him and keep him with her forever!

Angad gently removed some tinsel and confetti clinging to her hair.....
He said: Chalo, paani mein midnight swim ke liye jaatey hain….
Kripa: Iss dress mein? Angad, tum pagal ho….she laughed…
Angad: Iss dress mein kyun? Birthday suit mein jayengey…
Kripa: Birthday suit? Wo kahan per milega? (Kripa the Innocent Miss didn't know what a birthday suit was)

Angad looked at her with astonishment at first, then amusement, his eyes glinting with mischief: Beachhouse mein hai, chalo wahan chaltey hain… He pulled her hand and took her down the steps to the changing room/cabana on the beach below.

A Pair of eyes watched them from the parapet above….

They went inside the cabana, Angad started taking off his clothes…..Kripa looked around in astonishment: Per yahan toh koi bathing suit nahin hai…..hum kya pehenkar …….

Her words were left hanging in the air as she saw Angad almost completely stripped……she turned a bright red as it finally dawned on her what a birthday suit was!
She gasped : ANGADDD! Tum yeh kya kar rahey ho? You…you……she spluttered with indignation.
Angad: Birthday suit pehen raha hoon……he laughed, wickedly teasing.

As he advanced towards her to make her strip too, she squealed with laughter and ran out of the changing-room. He chased her as she ran over the wet sand, with peals and squeals of laughter….his deep voice followed her : Kripa.. wait, apna birthday suit leti jaao….
The beach was completely deserted as everybody was at the Party or somewhere else celebrating New Year!

She ran and ran, swiftly on the receding waves and sliding sand……then suddenly she stopped a little distance away from him…..he stopped too, she turned, looked seductively at him, then with a saucy smile, her arms rose to her neck and she unhooked the halter neck, then slowly slid the dress off, while still looking into his awestruck eyes as she did a little striptease on the beach…

He shouted with delight, ecstatic at her compliance with his wishes…..she undressed with a slow, sinuous grace and then ran off into the waves….he chased her and caught her inside the water…..they fell in a tangled heap,still laughing loudly and started kissing each other….. their limbs tangled, breaths mingled…..the moonlit waves gently washed over the daring lovers on the deserted beach. (Jism---Shreya Ghoshal)

Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Hum Un Fizao Mein
Jahan Meetha Nasha Hai Taaron Ke Chaaon Mein
Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Hum Un Fizao Mein
Jahan Meetha Nasha Hai Taaron Ke Chaaon Mein
Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Hum Un Fizao Mein

Deti Sarsarati In Hawaon Ke Sang Aao Paas Mere Aana
Sapno Ka Safar Hai Mere Dil Ka Yeh Bhawar Hai Is Mein Doob Jana
Zarasa Tanha Chupata Ab Mil Gaya
Jahan Meetha Nasha Hai Taaron Ke Chaaon Mein
Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Hum Un Fizao Mein

Madham Roshni Hai Aur Chanchal Chandni Hai Chale Aaona
Shabnam Si Chuban Hai Aur Mehka Sa Milan Hai Door Jao Na
Sahana Sahana Tumhara Sach Ho Gaya
Jahan Meetha Nasha Hai Taaron Ke Chaaon Mein
Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Hum Un Fizao Mein
Jahan Meetha Nasha Hai Taaron Ke Chaaon Mein

Some time later, Angad got up and picked up a drowsy Kripa from the wet sand…..both were completely covered with sand and salt from the waves….she clung to his neck, too tired after their passionate tryst in the sea.
He carried her to the shower stall in the changing room, washed the sand and salt from her limp form! The wet spray of water woke her up…..she shivered suddenly but Angad was there to warm her up completely. As the sharp jet of water fell on their bodies, they got lost in an embrace again, kissing, touching, loving each other!

When they returned to the party after two hours, the party was still in full swing….Mishti was looking for her sister to go back to their rooms… soon as Kripa reached, she said: Chalo Baby, bahut raat ho gayi, ab wapas chaltey hain….Mama Papa already chaley gaye..
Mishti gave Kartik a fond goodnight kiss while Kripa secretly blew a kiss to Angad who caught it expertly in his fist…..and rubbed it on his own lips.


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