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Teri Baahon Mein---KYPH FF--Part 1-39 (Page 4)

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Part 19

December 21…..11 a.m.

Heres my Heart
Keep it warm and safe
Against your Heart
And never let it wither or die!

Kripa overslept the next day after their late-night beach outing…..when she got up and saw the time, she gasped, showered quickly, put on a red T-shirt and black sweatpants and ran out to the studio without having anything for breakfast!
Angad and Simone were waiting for her at the studio, Angad greeted her with a peck on her cheek, Kripa shyly greeted Simone, still a little embarassed about her suspicions the other day.
It was time to learn Swing that day…….Angad took her hand and waist in the dance pose as waltz and they followed Simone's instructions: Woman : side step with right foot, then with left foot, right foot back, rock step and back again…..Man does the opposite side! After a few such repeats, Angad swung her under his arm in a right circle, twirling her around, they stretched their arms far from each other, then he swung her in a left circle, spinning her into his arms again! They did several such sequences with this music:

Listen to the number Happy Feet from this album...for swing dance!

Kripa learned the swing steps quickly, enjoying the light, springy movements of the dance! She was totally
comfortable with Angad now, swinging out and back into his arms fluidly and gracefully! Angad twirled
her and spun her around, enjoying her enthusiasm.

As Kripa learned this dance within half an hour, Simone started teaching her Fox trot, a faster version of waltz…it was just 2 steps forward instead of one step and then side and close. But in forward steps, Angad's foot came between her legs and then her forward steps went between his. Angad held her close again, his warm hand on her back, stepping forward twice with his leg between hers, then hers between his as they danced the Fox Trot. As their legs rubbed against each other's, Angad suddenly brought her closer, his leg brushing closer to hers. Kripa's face started getting hot and red, her breath quickened at his closeness and the feeling of his muscular thigh between hers.
Simone left the room with a smile…..Angad became bolder, stepping closer and closer, jerking her against him, until she was almost riding on his thigh…… she trembled as a sweet sensation flooded through her…….. he bent her backwards, looked into her eyes and said " Shall We Dance?" Kripa blushed at his suggestion! She closed her eyes, shivering as he bent her again and kissed her parted lips! A heavy pulse began inside her as she clung to his hand and shoulder with her hands….she felt slightly dizzy and as if she was falling! She suddenly clung to him with fright and hid her face in his broad chest! Angad felt the sudden change in her and asked : Kripa, are you alright??
Kripa: Pata nahin, thodey chakkar aa rahey hain
Angad: Aaj toh tumney Feni nahin pee…….
Kripa: Wo .. mainey subah nashta nahin kiya isliye shayad…..(she hadnt eaten anything since 8 pm the night before)
Angad swore under his breath, picked her up in his arms and carried her to a chair seating her down on it!
"Kripa, tum kyun aisa karti ho? Apna khayal kyun nahin rakhti? Thehro main abhi aata hoon"…..he went to the Gym and got a sports drink from somewhere and made her have it! When she felt better, he took her to the poolside place and got her a sandwich and orange juice.
As she ate it, he said: "Kripa kal se roz theek se nashtaa karkey aana, I don't want u fainting in my arms…..unless it is with pleasure!" Kripa slapped his hand angrily and he laughed!

That afternoon, Kartik invited Angad and Kripa to join him and Mishti for lunch outside the resort…..they took a ride into the city of Panaji and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant ( a change from usual Goan food and fish)
Kripa loved Chinese food ….she ate the noodles like a kid and Angad looked on affectionately at her cute eating style!
After lunch they went shopping in town, browsing the antique stores, jewelry stores, etc. Angad bought a beautiful heart-shaped gold pendant with chain for Kripa! He took Kripa to a corner of the big store, and stood behind her….,removing her long hair from her nape, he put on the chain and locket on her pretty neck! Then he kissed her neck gently! She became tearful at Angad's first gift of love……she said : Angad….itni keemti tohfa…..tum…
Angad put his fingers on her lips: Hamarey pyar se toh zyada keemti nahin…..
Kripa kissed his cheek and thanked him, fingering her precious gift with happy tears!

7 P.M.

That evening, Kripa dressed for dinner in a turquoise blue salwar suit, anxiously chewing her lips! She was worried about her parents' imminent meeting with Angad! She desperately wanted them to like Angad, to accept him as Mishti and Kartik had done! She wore the heart necklace gifted by Angad with golden earrings. When they arrived at Morisco with Kartik in a dark suit and Mishti in a red kurta set, Kripa was ready to collapse out of tension!
After dinner, Angad appeared on stage in his typical style, guitar in hand in a circle of light……Kripa noticed he had dressed with special care that night in a dark blue suit-jacket and white shirt….he looked very debonair and handsome! She couldn't help smiling at his dress-up and admired his smart looks!
Naina and Dilip sat up with interest to watch Angad…..Kripa started chewing on her lips again…..
Angad started singing: (Ganster)

tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya
tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa
o o o o ho ho o o o o

aankhon se padhke tujhe dil pe maine likha
tu ban gaya hai mere jeene ki ek wajah
ho aankhon se padhke tujhe dil pe maine likha
tu ban gaya hai mere jeene ki ek wajah
teri hasi teri adaa auron se hai bilkul judaa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o o

aankhen teri shabnami chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan
ho aankhen teri shabnami chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan
dil mein hai kya kuchh toh bata
kyon hai bhala khud se khafa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o o

tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya
tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa
o o o o ho ho

Everybody applauded loudly after the song was over, Naina seemed impressed with his voice and looks…
Naina: Mishti tumney theek hi kaha tha, yeh ladka bahut hi achha gaata hai and dikhney mein bhi smart hai"
Mishti and Kartik exchanged conspiratory glances with Kripa who relaxed a little bit! Naina, being a woman, instinctively appreciated Angad's charm and talent but Dilip was another matter! He looked a little cynical …he said: Yeh club mein gaata kyun hai….isey toh filmon mein hona chahiye ….he said a little sarcastically.
Mishti defended Angad: Kya pata koi producer kisi roz isey chance bhi de de….u never can tell!
Kripa looked down unhappily, realizing that Papa wasn't impressed with her Angad!

Angad sang two more songs :
Yeh shaam mastani madhosh kiye jaaye mujhey dorr koi kheechey
Teri or liye jaye……(Kati Patang----Kishore)

And also : Ae kaash ke hum hosh mein ab aaney na paye/Bus naghmein tere pyaar ke gaatey hi jaayen........

He also sang two Goan songs with his band-mates which drove the people wild again! Dilip made a caustic face and passed negative comments from time to time!
As soon as his program ended, Angad came down from the stage, approaching their table! Kripa was tense, he greeted Mishti and Kripa…..Mishti introduced Angad to Naina and Dilip!
Naina : Beta, tum bahut achha gaatey ho, kya tumney music ki training lee hai?
Angad: Haan Aunty, meri Mom piano aur voice-training teacher thi, unhi se seekha tha!
Naina: Tum yahin Goa ke rehney waaley ho?
Angad: Haan ,mera ghar hai yahan town mein….
Naina looked at the cross hanging on his chest and wanted to ask if he was Christian but then she didn't ask….
Dilip looked at Angad as if he was from another planet… an alien! He just shook the hand offered by Angad and didn't say a word to him! Kripa was dejected and crestfallen at his attitude towards Angad.
It was obvious Angad didn't meet his standards….that he only considered him a hotel-singer!

Angad saw her expression and smiled at her encouragingly, telling her with his eyes not to worry so much.
He saw the heart pendant at her neck and grinned at her again, pleased that she had worn his 1st gift! She fingered the pendant and smiled back shyly at him.

Angad exchanged a few more pleasantries with the Sharmas and left, saying goodnight and it was great to meet you……Kripa noticed that not once did Naina and Dilip ask him to sit down and talk to them!

12 midnight
The Balcony Scene

After returning to her room, Kripa was very much disturbed…..she paced to and fro in her room, restless and sleepless, still in her evening clothes! Finally she went out on the terrace, staring unseeingly at the moonlight-sparkling sea! She thought about Angad and spoke aloud softly: Oh Angad, kahan ho tum? Main tumsey baat karna chahti hoon!
She suddenly heard a low, deep voice from the ground below the balcony : Main yahan hoon, meri Juliet!
She leaned over the railing: Angad? Tum yahan kya kar rahey ho? She whispered back loudly.
Angad : Computer classes ke liye aaya hoon, aur kya? ,,,,,,,He laughed softly…..Neechey aa jaao meri Juliet!
Kripa (Juliet) : Are u crazy? Main kaisey neechey aa jaaoon? Tum oopar aa jao…
Angad : Wohi to main kabsey chahta hoon lekin tum maanti hi nahin….
Kripa (angrily) : Angaaaaddd!!
Angad : Sorry sorry…..achchha … tum neechey aa jaao, mujhey tumsey baat karni hai….
Kripa: per kaisey?
Angad: Kood jaaao, main tumhey pakad loonga
Kripa: Nahin nahin mujhey darr lagta hai, main gir jaaoongi…
Angad: Main tumhey girney nahin doonga
Kripa: Promise??
Angad (pinching his throat) : God Promise!
Kripa gingerly got up on the railing, almost closing her eyes in fear of falling……the terrace was on 1st floor and only about 12 feet above the ground but she was so afraid of heights!
She closed her eyes and jumped, putting all her faith in Angad to catch her….and so he did! He caught her neatly in his strong arms, cradling her like a baby.
He carried her through the moonlit walkways to the parapet and they sat down, Kripa in his arms!
Kripa: Angad, mujhey bahut darr lag raha hai,….
Angad: Kyun? Yahan koi bhoot whoot nahin hai, I am sure!
Kripa hit him: Angadd!! You know what I am talking about! Main apney parents ke baarey mein baat kar rahi hoon! Agar unhoney hamarey pyar ko naamanzoor kar diya tho? She asked worriedly.

Angad : Don't worry, we will cross that bridge when we come to it! Abhi unhey bataney ki koi zaroorat nahin…..tum sab Mumbai lautney se pehley... we will tell them about us…..aur hum agar yeh prove kar dein ke hum ek doosrey ko behad chahtey hain to wo kab tak inkaar karengey? He tried to reassure her..
She hugged him tightly and said : Main tumharey bagair nahin jee paoongi
Angad caressed her silky hair and said affectionately : Pagli, kyun itni pareshaan hoti hai baat baat per!
Kripa: Tumney dekha na Papa ne tumhey pasand nahin kiya….
Angad: Koi baat nahin, DDLJ mein Shahrukh ki tarah main unhey bhi manaa loonga…
Kripa: Tumhey toh har waqt mazaaq hi soojhta hai….idhar meri neend chali gayi hai….
She started chewing her lips again in agitation……
Angad gently touched her moist lips: In naazuk hothon ko kyun itna daba rahi ho……mere liye bhi kuchh baaki rakho …
He bent her head and kissed her hard, probing her soft lips with his tongue and biting them gently with his teeth! Kripa forgot everything and lost herself in his kiss as moonlight bathed the two lovers on the parapet!
Angad lifted his head and said : Tum aaj bahut achhi lag rahi ho….
Kripa teased him: Aur tumney bhi to khoob sajaa sanvaara hai….. saas sasur se milney ke liye (giggled)
Angad : Mujhey laga ke saas mujhey pasand karti hai….
Kripa: Haan… I also think Mama likes you, lekin Papa …..she trailed off worriedly!
Angad: Phir se worry?……Meri Juliet?!! pareshan mat ho, Sweetheart! Main hoon na….Angad Khanna can charm anyone…. fix anything!
Kripa: Ohhh toh Mr. Fix-it All!….ab bataao main apney kamrey mein wapas kaisey jaaoongi?
Angad thought for a while, then said : Simple thing, tumharey lobby mein Night watchman hai na? Unsey jaakar kaho ke tum ghalti se chabi kamrey ke andar chhod aayee thi….night walk karney gayee thi….wo duplicate key se khol dega!
Kripa was impressed: Tum sirf shaitaan baaton se hi nahin ho, dimaag bhi shaitaan ka hai….she hugged him lovingly!
Angad : Ab mera Goodnight Kiss?
Kripa looped her arms around his neck and kissed him loudly on his lips! Angad caught her head and prolonged the kiss at once, leaving her breathless once more!
They walked back to the building. Kripa got into her suite with the watchman's help and tiptoed to her room without disturbing Mishti, sleeping in the other room!

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Part 20

December 22, 10 A.M..

And I miss you
Like the Desert missed her Rain!

The Sharmas had hired a luxury van for a sightseeing trip the next day….Mishti, Kartik and Kripa went alongwith Dilip and Naina for a tour of the tourist spots nearby.
Kripa had to call Simone and cancel her dance class for that day….she called Angad too, he sounded disappointed but just said " Enjoy with ur family, Sweetheart!"

First they visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, built in 1605, and now declared a World Heritage Monument. The church houses the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of Goa, who died while on a sea voyage to China on December 2,1552. The following year, while transferring his remains to Goa, in accordance with his wishes, it was found that the saint's body was as fresh as the day it was buried. This miraculous phenomenon continues to attract the devout of all lands and an Exposition or public viewing of his body every ten years attracts lakhs of pilgrims!

Kripa was missing Angad terribly! How she wished that Angad could have been there with her….her eyes searched unconsciously for Angad everywhere!
As she stepped out into the bright sun from the cool, dark interiors of the church, she suddenly saw Angad on his motorbike parked on the opposite side of the road…..he was wearing the same black jacket and sunglasses as he wore on the village trip!
At first she thought she was hallucinating because of her yearning for him, but then he waved his hand and blew a kiss towards her…..Kripa ran across the street…..her family was still inside the church, listening to the guide detailing the Church's history in a droning voice!
Kripa got up on the bike behind him and said: Chalo jaldi se!… Angad roared off to a secluded corner of the street and parked the bike behind some bushes…
.He turned around and pulled Kripa on his lap….." Main tumhey bahut miss kar raha tha" ….……Kripa said : " Main bhi" ….they kissed breathlessly!
Angad: Raat ko Morisco mein milogi na?
Kripa: Pata nahin Mishti aur Kartik ka kya plan hai (she sounded sad)
She hid her face in his neck, inhaling his comforting scent! Angad simply caressed her hair, back and arms gently! After a while she said: Ab mujhey wapas le chalo, Mama will be looking for me"
Angad dropped her off a few yards away from the Church steps and roared off!
Naina was outside looking for Kripa: Kahan chali gayi thi, Baby? Main tumhey kabsey dhoond rahi hoon!!
Kripa lied: Wo….Mama….main kuchh khareedna chahti thi so I was looking for some stores! Dilip urged them : Chalo chalo… ab bahut si jageh dekhney baaki hain
They just touched on the various beaches of Goa without getting down…..Dilip and Naina didn't want their shoes to get dirty!

The Sharmas lunched at a French restaurant, shopped for souvenirs and returned in the evening, exhausted….they rested for a while and then went for a late dinner at the Seashell Restaurant!

Kripa was very disappointed …….she had barely seen Angad all day!
At night, she stood on the terrace, expecting Angad to appear again….but he didn't!
She tried calling Angad but his mobile was out of range!
She tossed and turned in bed all night, crying silent tears at times, missing him so badly, she ached for his presence!

December 23

Next morning, she couldn't wait to go to dance class……..BUT Angad wasn't there either!! Simone told her that Angad's grandmother had been taken ill suddenly so he had to go to Anjuna to visit her at the hospital there! Kripa felt lost and dejected without him! The Goa sun seemed to dim in his absence!

Simone taught her cha-cha that morning…." You don't really need a dance partner for this one, so its okay ….just follow my steps!"
Kripa learned half-heartedly…….when Simone saw Kripa's heart wasn't in dancing that morning, she let her off early.
Kripa went to the parapet wall and looked out sadly towards the sea, feeling like a sailor's wife waiting for her husband's return! Tears started falling from her eyes without her being aware of it!
It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon and she still sat there, depressed and lonely…

Suddenly a pair of hands covered her eyes ….startled, she almost fell off the parapet, but a strong arm went around her, clasping her….
ANGADDD! She exclaimed loudly with delight!! Turning, she flung herself into his arms, burrowing into his broad chest, sobbing with happiness at his return!
Angad engulfed her in his embrace, gently calming her back as she cried her heart out!
Finally he sat down with her in his arms, wiping her tears: Kripa, please mat ro….
He lifted her chin and looked into her tear-puffed eyes, his own were tearful too…" Mainey bhi tumhey bahut miss kiya" …he gently wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged her tightly!

When Kripa was quiter, she asked him: Tumharey grandma kaisey hain ab?
Angad: Not too good! She has been paralyzed for last 5 years after a stroke…..kal phir se daura pada…… and there was a life-and death situation!
Kripa: Tumharey grandma ka naam kya hai?
Angad: Rosa …..My Aunt Marie ….Simone ki Mom…unkey paas granny rehti hai….mere Mom ke chaley jaaney ke baad se hi unki tabiyat din-ba-din bigadti gayi…..ab toh sirf saansein hi bachi hain!" he said sadly.
Kripa stroked his chest and hesitantly asked: Tumhari Mom?….
Angad: Haan, Angela….main jab dus saal ka tha, tab achanak ek din heart attack se unki……..she was only 38….she had a weak heart….kisiko pata nahin tha…..
As he spoke about his mother, Angad's eyes teared up, his voice got heavy….
Kripa softly said " I am sorry" and hugged him again!
They spent a few minutes in an emotional pause!

Then suddenly Angad said : Chalo. Lets go somewhere...
Kripa: Kahan?
Angad: Main tumhey Baga beach le jaaoonga….tumharey paas swimsuit hai?
Kripa : Haan hai
Angad : to jaao change kar lo, main tumhey aadhey ghantey mein pick up karta hoon….hum bahar lunch kar lengey!
Kripa jumped up, revived with new life …..she ran back to her room and changed into her one-piece red swimsuit….it was decently cut but it clung seductively to her curves……when she saw herself in the mirror, she blushed, imagining Angad's eyes on her…..she grabbed a small kimono style robe and stuffed it into a beach bag, also taking towels and sunblock! Mishti was out with Kartik as usual so she just ran out after putting on a loose T-shirt and capris on top of her swimsuit!

Angad rode off with her on his bike……they stopped for lunch at a small seafood joint and then went on ahead to Baga beach, which was slightly further north of Calangute….a perfect strip of white sand, comparatively secluded and quiet!

At the beach, Kripa went to the changing room and took off her outerwear, she self-consciously wrapped the silk kimono around her and went out……Angad who was waiting for her looked at her quizzically, his eyebrows lifting at her shyness!
Kripa slowly took off her kimono, looking down with a red face…..she could feel his eyes on her…..running over her curves, loving what he saw!
She looked up to see that he had also changed into a pair of boxer swimming trunks…..his muscular chest bare and gleaming in the sun! Her breath caught in her throat at his male splendour … a Greek God of paintings, she thought!
Angad saw her staring at his body and smiled knowingly…..he couldn't stop looking at her perfect little body….so petite and so well-formed with delicious curves….her legs were long and graceful…….his pulse quickened!

Kripa's hands itched to put on her kimono again, but before she could do so, Angad pulled it away from her hands and said: " Lets go catch some waves"
He pulled her down to the water and into the waves, holding her hands and they both caught the waves, laughing and screaming as some big ones almost swept them off their feet! ---
They splashed around like two kids, throwing water at each other….Angad tried to catch her and drown her ….she ran away in mock fright….. and so they played in the roaring waves for more than half an hour! Finally exhausted, they plopped down on two blankets that Angad had brought with him! Kripa opened her sunblock and applied it to her arms and legs….Angad watched her graceful movements with fascinated adoration!
When she couldn't reach her back, he offered to apply it for her……she turned her back, slightly shy, but removed her wet hair and gave him the lotion! He gently rubbed the lotion on her bare shoulders and back, revealed by the halter-neck of the swimsuit! The touch of his hands on her bare skin made her shiver slightly and she closed her eyes, biting down on her lips to stop any sounds of pleasure!
Then he asked her to apply it on his back… was his turn now to bite on his lips as her soft hands rubbed the lotion on his muscular back! She felt the muscles on his back with some fascination…..he was so well-built….he must go to the Gym often, she thought with a naughty smile!

Then they lay down on the blankets and closed their eyes! After a few moments, she felt a shadow on her face…..she opened her eyes, Angad's face blocked the sunlight as it came down on hers and he kissed her gently on her lips, she kissed him back, entwining her arms around his neck……their lips gently brushed, rubbed, nibbled each other for some timeless moments……

Suddenly, they heard some people approaching….both rolled over into their own blankets…..pretending to be asleep on their stomachs!
It was a group of teenagers which passed them…….one of the girls giggled and said: Oh Boy… look at that ….he has a cute Butt!
A boy quipped back admiringly: Look at hers, hers is cuter…..
They passed the two on the beach-blankets and walked on towards the other side of the beach…..

As soon as they were out of range, Kripa and Angad both started laughing hysterically……they rolled around in laughter at the comments of the teenagers!
Kripa finally wiped off her laughter-streaming eyes and said: Lekin us ladki ne sach bola tha…u do have a cute butt!
Angad: Wo to hai (proudly) …..then he said wickedly…..but yours is definitely cuter! Dekhein to zara kiska zyada cute hai?
He pretended to look behind her and grab her…..she yelled, laughing, then sprang up and ran away…..he chased her to the water……she backed ….he advanced…….suddenly a huge wave came and pushed her right into his arms, she fell right on top of him and they both rolled together on the sand till the wave receded leaving them in each other's arms!

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Chapter 21

I wrote your name on the sand
The waves came and washed it away
I wrote your name on my heart
And there forever it will stay!

A giant wave pushed Kripa so hard she fell right on top of Angad, he rolled her over in the swirling water of the crashing swell, until they were left in each other's arms by the receding wave!
He stared into her eyes, deep brown and wide, startled by the wave…..she stared into his light brown ones, mesmerized, breathless……he stared at her lips, wet with salty water, their lips met and clung…tasting salty sea and each other! His fingers looped with hers, twining together as they kissed passionately! Their fingers made love to each other, twisting, touching, rubbing on the wet sand!

As they lay there entwined, this song plays in background: (Sagar--Kishore-Lata)

Saagar Kinare Dil Yeh Pukare
Tu Jo Nahin To Mera Koi Nahin Hai

Jaage Nazaare Jaagi Havaaein
Jab Pyar Jaaga Jaagi Fizaaein
Pal Bhar Ko Dil Ki Duniya Soyi Nahin Hai
Saagar Kinare Dil Yeh Pukare...

Lehron Pe Naache Kirnon Ki Pariyaan
Maein Khoi Jaise Saagar Mein Nadiya
Tu Hi Akeli To Khoi Nahin Hai
Saagar Kinare Dil yeh pukarey tu jo nahin to mera koi nahin hai...

Kripa looped her hands around his neck …..intoxicated by his kisses, deep and piercing….her legs instinctively tangled with his……he breathed unsteadily, his hands on her hips…… they moved restlessly against each other, feeling each other's desire, aching, wanting…..she felt a sweet pulsing inside her and wanted him with all her heart, body and soul! She wasn't afraid anymore…..

A loud horn and catcalls disturbed them out of their passionate embrace! It was some teenagers who had seen them in that state……they separated quickly, Kripa got up and ran back to the changing room, her face flushed, horribly embarassed……Angad followed her, calling out "Kripaaa"
But she ran in and closed the door…..she leaned with her head on the door, knees weak, panting, shivering, eyes closed!

Yeh mujhey kya ho raha hai…..kyun main apna hosh kho rahi hoon…..Main Angad se behad pyar karti hoon lekin yeh sab…..main apney parents ke bharosey ko iss tarah kaisey tod sakti hoon….lekin ….yeh bhi tho sach hai ke pyar mein koi gunaah nahin hota…..yeh bhi tho pyar ka izhaar hai….main Angad ki hona chahti hoon, tann-mann-dhan se….I want to belong to him completely! She trembled at the thought… belong to Angad … be a part of him, to be his woman …..left her breathless!

She showered quickly, washing the sand off her still tingling skin…..washed her sand-filled swimsuit and put on her dry clothes and emerged from the room…..she looked down, couldn't meet his eyes which were full of questions, which she couldn't answer right then!
They went back to the resort in silence…..when he bade her goodbye till the evening, he asked her : Kripa, Kal raat ko Resort Clubhouse mein Christmas Eve celebrations hain…..will you be my date?
Kripa looked up and smiled at him: This is the 1st time she would go as Angad's date…..she answered him shyly: Yes, Angad, I would love to……somehow she didn't care about her parents being there anymore!
Angad grinned in delight……so she wasn't as upset about their beach embrace as he had thought! He was really looking forward to the next evening!

That night at the Morisco, Angad sang 2 songs for his girl: (Abhijeet…..Gangster)

lamha lamha doori yun pighalti hai
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai
ho lamha lamha doori yun pighalti hai
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai
khwaahishon ki shaam dhalti hain – 2
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai la la la

... teri aankhen dikhati hai
hamein sapanen sitaaron ke ho ho ho
tere hothon pe likha hai
jo tum bole ishaaron mein ho ho ho
khwaabon ke karwaan mein raat chalti hai
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hain la la la...

behakti shaam aayi hai
tujhe lekar ke baahon mein
tujhe chhu loon ke rakhu main
chhupakar ke nigaahon mein
sharmati ithlaati hai machalti hai
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hain
ho lamha lamha doori yun pighalti hai jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai khwaahishon ki shaam dhalti hain - 2 jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai la la la ...

Then he sang a John Denver classic… a soothing romantic melody strumming his guitar, sitting on the stage:

You fill up my senses

Like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again

Let me give my life to you
Come let me love you
Come love me again

You fill up my senses
Like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

They looked at each other throughout the songs and it seemed as if nobody else existed! Only their hearts sang in harmony with each other!

As the night ended, he rocked the audience with an energetic rendition of this popular song from Baazigar: (Baazigar...Kumar Sanu)

Ye kaali kaali aankhen
ye gore gore gaal
ye teekhi teekhi nazren
ye hirni jaisi chaal

dekha jo tujhe jaanam
hua hai bura haal

Nain mila, tu mili
hai too mili, nain mila
nain mila, too mili
too mili, nain mila
duniya jale to jale
pyaar karenge tujh pe marenge
dhak dhak dil yeh kare

Uf teri dillagi dil ko jalaane lagi
Bewafaa tu mujhey nakhrey dikhaney lagi
gairon ki baahon main ithlaake jaane lagi
Ye teri dillagi mujh ko satane lagi
Chhodo ji chhodo sanam
zid apni todo sanam
nazuk yeh dil hai mera
dil ko na todo sanam ...

ye lambi lambi ratain
aa kar le mulaquaten
jaane kyon dil yeh mera
tera hi hona chahe
gussey mein laal na kar
yeh gore gore gaal

Na too kar hat pat
Kar pyar jhat pat
Meri aa ja too nikat
Katey pyar ka tiket
Na too zhulfein jhatak
Na too pair patak
Are aise na matak
dil gaya hai bhatak

Chehre pe tere sanam
Laila ki hai shokhiyaan
Heer se bhadke hai
aakhon ki yeh mastiyaan
Juliet ki tarah honton pe
hain surkhiyaan
Dekh le khudh ko too
nazar se meri jaane jaan

Dekhi jo teri ada
main fida ho gaya
seene se lag ja mere
jeene ka aaye mazaa

Ye bikhree bikhree zulphen
ye jhuki jhuki palken
ye gori gori bahain
hum kyon na tumhe chahen
aisa to humne pahle
dekha nahi kamaal.

yeh kaali kaali ... Angad brought the house down with this song!

As Kripa came out of the dining-hall, she saw Mrs. Luthra again talking to Angad in the hallway…..she was grabbing his hand insistently and he looked rather disgusted and distressed! She ran to rescue her man from THAT woman.
She went up to them and yelled excitedly: ANGADDD, Tum yahan ho?!! Main kabsey tumhey dhoond rahi hoon! Darling, chalo na mere saath!! ….She pushed away THAT woman and flung herself in Angad's arms, hugging his neck tightly and whispered in his ears: Chalo bhago mere saath"

Angad chuckled at his maiden in shining armor.,,,, he waved at Mrs. Luthra: " Byeeee" and ran with Kripa outside the doors! As before, they ran on the semi-dark paths laughing madly, then stopped out of breath ……. they turned to each other and kissed passionately, still laughing breathlessly!
Angad kissed her and said " Thank You, My Superwoman!!"
Kripa (angrily): How dare that woman touch you, I will kill her next time!
Angad: Baap rey…. Mujhey pata nahin tha ke tum itni khatarnaak bhi ho sakti ho" he laughed and pecked her cheek affectionately! Waisey aaj wo kuchh zyada hi insist kar rahi thi…..lagta hai kal uska husband yahan aa raha hai isliye ….he sniggered mockingly.
Kripa (still fuming): Main uss aurat ko tumharey paas nahin aaney doongi!
Angad laughed: "Meri Jhansi Ki Rani, ab chalein?? "
They walked back inside where Mishti and Kartik were waiting for Kripa…..they said their goodnights and went back to the Suites.

December 24

Mishti-Kartik and Kripa went shopping in the morning for Christmas! They bought gifts for each other, for their parents…..Kripa bought a gift for Angad and got it wrapped in a heart-shaped box!
Mishti also bought a red dress for Kripa to wear to the Christmas party… was a scarlet velvet gown with shoulder straps, its square neck ruched a little in front, giving it a slightly medieval look! Kripa selected garnet jewelry to go with the full-length gown….a necklace and two dangling earrings!

That evening she dressed with special care….her first official date with Angad! She looked gorgeous in her red velvet gown with matching satin slippers! She felt like Cinderella going to her first ball with the Prince of her dreams!
Mishti also looked stunning in her red satin gown with matching jewelry and shoes! Kartik arrived, looking smart and distinguished in a dark suit and complimented both sisters as they met him at the lobby. Naina and Dilip would join them later with their friends.
Angad came for Kripa dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and red tie, his hair gelled back..…..he looked dashing and handsome….just like a Prince with a slight touch of Pirate…..Kripa thought as she looked at him lovingly!

Angad's eyes told her how beautiful she looked…..her skin glowed like porcelain against the scarlet velvet……his gaze touched the creamy shoulders bared by the scarlet straps and her graceful neck adorned by a garnet necklace! Her hair was tied back in a French chignon, making her look sophisticated and older than she was! She looked like a little Princess ready for her first ball! He had brought a red rose corset for her which he tied around her wrist!

The two gorgeous couples made their way to the Clubhouse of Fort Aguada Resort!

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Part 22

With this ring I thee wed
With my body I thee worship
And with all my worldly goods I thee endow……
(Christian wedding vows)

December 24…6 P.M.

Fort Aguada Beach Club was a large, sprawling building, 2 stories high, with a dome on top, which made it look like a planetarium! On the top floor, there were game rooms, card rooms, billiards (pool-room), a library and two meeting rooms for guests…..the ground floor consisted of two huge halls, one dining hall accomodating up to 200 guests and one HUGE ballroom with a stage at one end and chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling! It was brightly decorated with Christmas decoration this night……a Giant Christmas tree stood in one corner with colored balls, tinsel, sparkling gifts and twinkling lights!
Rows of fake mistletoe hung over doors and large windows lined on one side! There was a giant Christmas Ball in the Centre!

Kripa arrived holding Angad's arm, looking excitedly at the decorations and the crowds of well-dressed men in suits and women in saris and dresses, mostly red and maroon and green! She pressed against Angad's arm, almost jumping up and down in her excitement and happiness! Angad smiled indulgently at her infectious enthusiasm, enjoying her closeness!

There was Dinner and Dance that evening! Dilip and Naina arrived a little later with the Mehras and other golfing friends of Dilip's! He frowned to see Kripa on Angad's arm….: Yeh ladka yahan kya kar raha hai?
Mishti quickly said: Papa…Wo Kripa ka dance partner hai….ab Baby yahan akeli toh dance nahin kar sakti….
Dilip was displeased but didn't say anything more, his friends were with them…..

First, they went for dinner in the dining-room! There were Long Buffet tables on one side with a Gala Feast spread out..…..there was Roast Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Lobster, seafood of all kinds, pasta, Roast Lamb spiced Goan style, other Goan dishes, Pulao, all kinds of Bread, salads and veggies, etc etc.

Angad and Kripa sat down with Mishti and Kartik at a table, chatting with them and eating….Angad fed little morsels to Kripa from his plate from time to time! She ate from his fork as easily as if she'd done that all her life! Mishti and Kartik saw that and smiled at each other…..Kripa was so comfortable with Angad now!

After dinner, they gathered in the Grand Ballroom… 8 P.M. the lights dimmed slightly, a DJ came onstage:
" Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Fort Aguada Beach Club!! A Very Merry Christmas to all of you!
Let us all celebrate this Holy night of the Birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
Please welcome a singer with an amazing voice, Ms. Josephine Diaz! She will sing some Christmas songs and carols to grace this occasion!"

A petite girl in red dress came onstage….she started singing with a high, clear voice…she had awesome vocals….she sang "Oh Holy Night" "Silent Night" " Noel" and then " All I want for Christmas is You"
Thunderous applause followed her performance….Kripa told Angad: "Kitna achha gaati hai na? I wish I could sing like that" Angad : "Haan, phir hum duets gaa saktey the…..waisey bhi bathroom mein toh duets gaa hi saktey hain" Kripa pinched his elbow!

After Josephine, a short, squat man came onstage with a guitar and, strumming it, he sang this beautiful Christmas hymn: (Harry Belafonte) =1-3 (Mary's Boy Child)

Long time ago in Bethlehem
So the Holy Bible say
Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas day
Hark, now hear the angels sing
A new King born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas day
Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That Man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas day

While shepherds watched their flock by night
Them see a bright new shining star
Them heard a choir sing
The music seemed to come from afar

Now, Joseph and his wife, Mary
Come to Bethlehem that night
Them find no place to born she child
Not a single room was in sight

Hark, now hear the angels sing
A new King born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas day
Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That Man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas day

By and by, they find a little nook
In a stable all forlorn
And in a manger cold and dark
Mary's litlle Boy was born

Long time ago in Bethlehem
So the Holy Bible say
Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas day
Hark, now hear the angels sing
A new King born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas day

Kripa sighed emotionally and put her head on Angad's arm, awed by the beautiful lyrics and melody of the song! Angad gently kissed her forehead.
After the song was over, the DJ announced that all couples should now start dancing as it was time for some waltzes and cha-chas!

The giant red ball in the middle started spinning as it became a strobe-light…..streaking red, yellow, green lights from its different facets!

Slow waltz music started playing….Angad took her in his arms and they began to dance……. swaying gently to the music, gradually drawing closer and closer ….Kripa put her head on his chest, hearing his deep heartbeats, content to be in his arms, dancing so close to him!
He rested his chin on her hair, drawing her closer to his thudding heart! Both felt complete ….in harmony with each other, like two parts of a whole had come together!
Dilip saw them from across the room: Yeh ladka iss tarah dance kyun kar raha hai Baby ke saath? He asked Naina angrily!
Naina: Now Dilip, don't make a scene, waltz kar rahey hain dono, toh thoda kareeb to hongey hi….don't worry so much about her….she will be okay"

After waltz they had faster numbers, where Angad swung her around in circles, both laughing and enjoying, followed by cha-cha and rumba-….which Kripa didn't know but she just followed his steps and let him lead her!

Mishti and Kartik also danced nearby, both couples smiling and waving at each other from time to time.

About an hour later, Angad quickly slipped out unnoticed, pulling Kripa into a small cloak-room…..he pulled a mistletoe from the door, held it above their heads and kissed Kripa hard on her lips!
She looked at the mistletoe above their heads and asked: Yeh kisliye hota hai?
Angad laughed: Yeh Kissing ke liye hota hai! It's a custom that a couple who stand under the mistletoe have to kiss!
Kripa giggled: Tumhey kiss leney ke liye Mistletoe ki zaroorat kabsey pad gayi?
Angad: Haan, wo to hai, lekin yeh toh rivaaz hai…..mauka hai aur dastoor bhi hai…..toh phir kyun na….he pulled Kripa hard against him and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue……she kissed him back, arching herself against him…..he lifted her hips upto him, caressing her back as he deepened the kiss, making her breathless!
When he let her go, she ran out, blushing…..he caught her elbow and pulled her back in his arms….he whispered in her ears: Aaj raat gyarah bajey tayyar rehna…..I will take u somewhere!
Kripa's heart pounded in excitement…..she asked: Kahan?
Angad: It will be a surprise!
Kripa kissed him on his cheek and said : I will wait for you!

The Christmas party ended at 10 P.M. Most of the resort employees and workers were Goan Catholics and they would have to attend Midnight Mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Kripa went back to the Suites with Mishti and her parents….. Before leaving, she promised to meet Angad in front of the buiding at eleven.
Mishti went to bed early, tired from the days shopping and party.
Kripa didn't change her dress….she felt like Cinderella waiting for the clock to strike eleven when her pumpkin will turn into Angad's motorbike and they could go on a midnight escapade!!

At eleven, Kripa tiptoed silently out of the Suite, locking her bedroom door and taking both room and suite keys with her! Angad was waiting for her outside the building, still in dinner clothes…..they went to the gates where Angad's bike was parked! The night air was slightly chilly and Kripa's shoulders were bare, she was shivering slightly…..Angad took out his brown suede jacket from the bike's saddle and wrapped kripa in it, zipping it up.

They roared off into the night…..going towards the town which was still awake, celebrating Christmas in full swing! There were crowds of formally dressed people on the streets, walking to churches for Midnight Mass, Christmas music was playing everywhere, Fireworks lighted up the night sky from time to time, at some places there were young people with guitars, singing and dancing on the streets! It was like a mini Carnival of sorts! Kripa looked amazed at all the midnight activity in town!

Angad stopped his bike in front of a little white Church on the outskirts of the town……he led Kripa inside by her elbow…..alongwith a group of devout people going in for the prayers!

Just as they were entering the Church, he pulled Kripa into a little ante-room in the foyer of the Church….Kripa was a little surprised!
Angad went down on one knee in front of her …..her heart started beating faster…..he took both her hands in his, looked up adoringly into her startled eyes and gently said: Ms. Kripa Sharma….will you do me the honor of being my wife? Will you marry me?
Kripa's eyes teared up with emotions…..Angad was proposing to her!! This was the happiest moment of her life……she smiled tearfully at him, squeezed his hand and said: Yes, yes, Mr. Angad Khanna, I will be honored to be your wife"
Angad kissed both her hands lovingly…… he got up, took out a little box from his pocket and opened it…..there was a beautiful ring in it…..a gold band with a tiny emerald (Kripa's birth stone) surrounded by tiny zircons! Kripa gasped to see it…..she was overwhelmed…..Angad was getting betrothed to her…..she shook with her emotions!
Angad looked into her tearful eyes and slowly slid the ring onto her left ring finger! He said huskily: "I give my heart to you, keep it safe and feel my heart in yours"
He looked down at his ring on her slender finger, brought her hand up to his warm lips and kissed it softly!
Kripa was so moved, she couldn't speak for a few moments…….she hadnt expected his surprise to be so beautiful …..she looked deeply into his eyes, feeling such love and tenderness that she was trembling!
She reached up to him and kissed him on his cheek…. "Thank You, Angad!
Angad kissed her softly on her lips, wiped her joyful tears gently and took her out to the foyer, leading to the main Chapel!

They kneeled down on the pews as the other devotees were kneeling…..Hundreds of candles were lighted in front of the statue of Mother Mary and a crucifix of Jesus……..the Priest appeared at the altar and started reading the Mass from the Bible! They folded their hands in devotion, Kripa prayed to God to keep her always with Angad! Both thanked God from their hearts for giving them the love of their lives!

Father D'Souza finished reading the Nativity from the Bible, then he called everybody to come up front and receive the blood and flesh of Christ! Kripa asked Angad what that was….he explained that the wafer offered by the Priest signified Christ's flesh and the wine signified blood that the Savior sacrificed for the good of mankind upon the Cross!

Angad and Kripa received the wafer and wine from Father D'Souza, who had known Angad from childhood. The aged Priest smiled at the good-looking duo, looked down at the ring on Kripa's finger and blessed the couple…..
" God Bless your Union, my children! In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti ( In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost" AMEN!
he made the sign of the cross on the bent heads of Angad-Kripa! Kripa felt tears come to her eyes again at the sanctification of their union!

Church bells tolled loudly and joyfully as they came out of the church, hand in hand, both lost in each other, awed and humbled by what just happened in the Church……the ring and the Priest's blessing had put a seal on their Love….a seal that nobody could break now!

Angad got up on the bike, Kripa behind him…..she didn't even ask him where he was going next…..she would go wherever he would take her….

And all my fortunes at thy foot I'll lay
And follow thee my lord throughout the world.

(Romeo and Juliet..Act 2, Scene 2)

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Part 23

Before I met you
I knew not
That I was incomplete
But now I know
You complete me!

Angad stopped his bike in front of a little white house further down the road! It was a bungalow-style house with a little garden surrounded by a wooden fence with a metal gate. He helped Kripa get down from the bike and took her inside the gate….he opened the wooden door of the house and announced : Welcome to Casa del Angad!
Kripa was delighted…..he had brought her to his house…..she had wanted to see it for a long time now.

Inside, Angad took off his suit jacket, flung it on a chair and said: "Make yourself comfortable….I will make some coffee for us" …he went to the small kitchen at the back of the house.

Kripa opened her jacket and went around, looking at the rooms……There were two bedrooms and a small living room with an attached dining area….it was neat and well-planned! There was a fireplace in the living-room with a mantelpiece….there were framed pictures all over it!

Kripa went closer to the pictures…..there were wedding pictures of a tall, handsome man in a suit and a pretty woman wearing a white wedding gown! More pictures of the couple in front of the house with a little boy, about 5 years old in the man's arms!

That is definitely Angad, she thought….he looked so cute as a kid….she would know him anywhere with that mop of thick hair, straight nose, big eyes and tough little chin. She smiled affectionately at little Angad!

Angad came out of the kitchen, handed her a cup of hot coffee…..My parents, he said quietly.
Kripa: Yes, I guessed…..she asked : Who is this? ….pointing to a picture of two older ladies with a little girl.
Angad: That's my Aunt Marie and Granny Rose with Simone……Kripa was amused to see little Simone! She has changed a lot, she thought.

Kripa and Angad sat down on the big, comfortable couch in the living-room, sipping their coffee! There was a big, old album on the center table….Kripa picked it up and started looking at the pics….Angad pointed out who was who and where and when the photos were taken. Kripa looked at Angad's dad…he looked so much like Angad, she thought, same height, broad shoulders, and proud bearing! And his mom was so beautiful, tall and slim….no wonder…. Angad got his looks from his parents!

There was one picture of a 2 year old Angad in the buff….Angad tried to hide it…." Dekhna mat….u will get ideas" he said laughing.
Kripa removed his hand and started laughing at the cute kid in the buff…..
Angad: Why are u laughing? (mock angry), then whispered naughtily in her ears: I swear now I look totally different!
Kripa blushed and started punching his arm, he laughed and took her up in his lap…..they sat like that for some time looking at the album, finishing their coffee, his hands idly caressing her bare arms!

Angad told her about his parents….his Mom, Angela was a piano teacher who also sang like a lark… she met Angad's father Somesh Khanna during a Carnival….she was also a very good dancer …..Somesh saw her at the fair and fell in love with her….. they started dating! Somesh was originally from Mumbai and a Mechanical Engineer on an assignment in Goa ….his family didn't approve of the match, because Angela was a Goan Christian...….he left his family, moved to Goa and married Angela against his family's wishes,….since then he had no contact with his family…..Angad had never ever seen his paternal grandparents or his uncles or aunts. And he never wanted to see them, he told Kripa….people who had rejected his Mom were as good as dead to him!

Kripa listened with fascination to his parents' love story! It was so romantic, she thought… wonder Angad was such a romantic at heart!
She asked hesitantly: Angad….Your Dad, wo bhi kya iss duniya mein nahin…….??
Angad suddenly stiffened, his cheeks hardened, a pulse beating there, his hand stopped caressing her arms.…….
Kripa was surprised : Angad, kya hua?
Angad: My Dad left me….
Kripa (confused and shocked) : Left you??
Angad (in a tight voice) : Yes, when I was 14 years old, one day he suddenly disappeared!
Kripa looked at him in shock…..

Angad: Mom ke achanak chaley jaaney se unko bhari sadma pahuncha tha….bahut peeney lagey the….raat bhar ghar nahin laut-tey….sheher mein padey rehtey….subah ko main jaakar ghar le aata tha…
Us din bhi nahin lautey raat ko, subah har jagah mainey dhoonda, kahin per nahin miley…..sab jageh dekha, ….Father D'Souza, mere aunt-uncle, sab milkar, we looked for him in all the hospitals everywhere….we brought out newspaper ads with his photo…Police mein bhi report likhvaya….Poori Goa chhaan mara, kahin per unka koi pata nahin chala! After 6 months, we stopped looking for him!
I don't even know if hes living or dead!

Angad's voice broke in the end…..Kripa's eyes were tearfully looking at him, she didn't know what to say….it was heartbreaking to hear his helplessness ….

His eyes were red with unshed tears…he said: Meri Mom, mere Dad sab mujhey akela chhodkar chaley gaye, tabsey main iss ghar mein aisey hi rehta hoon,….hoping, one day, my dad will return…..lekin shayad mera yeh vehem hai….bekaar hai sab ummeed….

Angad finally broke down, resting his head on her shoulder as he shook with unshed tears…..Kripa's eyes were streaming too….she pulled his head to her breast, consoling him like a kid…..her heart ached terribly for the little boy orphaned by his mother's death, for the young man abandoned by his father… lonely, so lost!
She hugged his head fiercely to herself, caressing his hair, consoling him….
Angad burrowed into her softness, forgetting his past slowly and breathing in his present, his strength, his Love, Kripa!

Slowly, he became aware of her soft swell pressing against his mouth, his nose…..he inhaled her sweet perfume…..ROSE it was tonight….she smelled of roses ….an intoxicating, heady perfume that aroused his senses to a fever pitch!

Kripa became aware of the sudden change in him…..his hands which were clutching her arms in distress, were now softly brushing her arms with a feather touch that was giving her goosebumps!
His face was nuzzling into her chest…..she started trembling in response to his need!
She whispered: Angad?….

He lifted his head, looking at her with so much yearning, so much hunger in his eyes…..she felt herself melt with a similar need…a need to be closer to him, to absorb all his pain….become HIS forever!

She brushed his cheek and kissed him gently….he touched her lips with his thumb, caressing the soft petals, then he leaned forward and kissed her lips hungrily, deeply, drinking from her sweet wealth of Love!

She kissed him back, twining her arms around his neck, caressing his hair……
His hands slid the velvet straps from her shoulders, revealing her creamy skin,…he kissed her bare shoulders….. slid the straps further down, pulling down the velvet from the front…..she arched her back, offering herself to him…..he groaned at the sight of her swelling perfection and his head came down on her softness, nuzzling, inhaling, his lips brushing, tasting her soft skin! Kripa shivered violently, moaning …her breaths gasping, her fingers dug into his shoulders with a piercing pleasure that seemed to spread throughout her whole body! His hands went behind her, opening her zip all the way down her back! Her dress slid down to her waist!

Angad's hand came under her knees, lifting her up in his arms…..he stood up with her in his arms, carried her to the main bedroom….he laid her down on the four-poster bed that belonged to his parents!

She lay there with her eyes closed, waiting, anticipating, listening to the sounds of him shedding his clothes. She looked once at him, standing with his chest bare, looking at her with so much heated passion in his eyes…..when his hands went to his belt-buckle, she closed her eyes again, trembling!
Angad's hands shook with need as he shed his clothes, looking at her flawless perfection…..God has made my girl with special care, he thought heatedly, his pulse throbbing, aching!

He leaned on her in the bed, gazing at her swelling curves….he reached behind her head and opened the French bun, releasing her long,silky hair, spreading it out on the white pillow! She looked so beautiful, his breath stuck in his throat….drinking in her beauty with his eyes!

He said softly: Kripa, Look at me!
She opened her eyes, dazed with passion.He whispered: Touch me, Baby…..he took her hands and placed them on his chest…..she explored his hard, muscular chest slowly, wondering at the strength in the slabs of muscles, feeling the taut skin, warm, slightly wet..…..he groaned aloud with pleasure as her soft hands brushed his chest! He closed his eyes, shuddering as her hands explored lower, touching his taut abs and belly……he stiffened suddenly, caught her hands and kissed them!

His face came down on hers….he whispered: Kiss me, Baby! She opened her lips to take his….their tongues mated, swirled, her fingers dug in his shoulders with passion! As his hands explored her soft curves, he said huskily into her mouth: You are so soft, so beautiful" …..Kripa trembled and arched under him, moaning softly, as he brushed and rubbed her most sensitive spots! A sweet sensation flooded inside her, leaving her pulsing, throbbing!

He kissed her neck, her throat, licking the pulse at her throat, kissing his way down her shoulders, her chest, her stomach……he pulled down the rest of her dress! She shivered in anticipation as the cool, night air touched her bare skin! His hands brushed her legs, caressing her softly as his lips nuzzled her soft belly! Her toes curled with pleasure at the sweet pulsing inside her…..she moaned and tossed her head side to side.
His roving mouth returned upwards to kiss and taste her soft curves while his fingers stroked her tender softness, till she shattered into a million pieces, crying out with intense pleasure, arching, shuddering!
Then he joined himself to her, possessing her completely, making her his woman!

In his arms that night, she found Paradise!
He gave her pleasure, he gave her Pain….until she reached the Stars again!! plz do check it out ---an incredibly sizzling vdo mix by Shelly will burn u!

Teri chaahton ke jal se -2
Bana hai, dil mein sanam
Kuwaan kuwaan pyaar ka -2
I wanna make love to you -2
Gawaara mujhko nahin
Aitraaz yaar ka -2
Rock me baby, take me baby
Kiss me baby, push me baby
Rock me baby, take me baby
Push me baby, rock me baby

Main na jaanu kaisi ye pyaas hai
Kyun chubhta har ehsaas hai
Palkon mein chaahat ka khwaab hai
Har dhadkan kyun betaab hai
Teri khwaahishon ke damse -2
Khelenge ham sanam
Juwa juwa pyaar ka -2
I wanna make love to you -2
Gawaara mujhko nahin
Aitraaz yaar ka -2
Rock me baby, take me baby
Push me baby, rock me baby

Rehena hai mushkil ab hosh mein
Aaja bhar loon tujhe aagosh mein
Tujhse ye kaisi laagi lagan
Seene mein jalti hai ik agan
Teri saason ki mahekse -2
Uthh raha hai sanam
Dhuwaan dhuwaan pyaar ka -2
I wanna make love to you -2
Gawaara mujhko nahin
Aitraaz yaar ka -2
(Rock me baby, take me baby
Push me baby, rock me baby) -2

Kuwaan kuwaan pyaar ka -4

Just a clarification: A-K arent legally married yet....he gave her his ring, means they got engaged...and the priest blessed them in church when he saw Kripa's ring! So they are half-married, u can say!    

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Part 24

The greatest Gift from God is the one you Love who also loves you back!
The Greatest Miracle is finding the one who is made for You!
And the greatest Blessing is to spend your life with the One made for you!

Angad lay in bed with Kripa in his arms…..listening to her gentle breathing, looking at her sleeping so peacefully in his arms, exhausted and replete! He caressed her soft skin and hair tenderly!
He felt awed, humbled by this gift from God, this girl who loved him with all her being, who had saved him from a life of carelessness and apathy!

He had been like a ship tossed around in the storm, aimless, lonely and reckless! She was his harbor, his haven from the storm, his anchor!
She had given him a direction, a purpose in life:
" Main jaldi hi ek naukri dhoond loonga aur Kripa ke parents se uska haath maang loonga …..main Kripa ko zindagi ki sab khushiyan dena chahta hoon, uskey kadmon mein chaand-taarey lutana chahta hoon….Kripa mere liye sab kuchh hai, mera din, meri raatein, mera har khwab ab uskey saath jud gaya hai….main poori zindagi aisey hi uski baahon mein guzarna chahta hoon!!

Angad's feelings are similar to this song from Kalyug:

tujhe dekh dekh sona - 2
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani
sang tere bitaani
tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
(jiya dhadak dhadak - 3
jaayen) - 2

kabse hai dil mein mere armaan kai ankahe - 2
inko tu sunle aaja chaahat ke rang chadha jaa - 2
kehna kabhi to mera maan haai
(jiya dhadak dhadak - 3
jaayen) - 2

lagta hain yeh kyu mujhe sadiyon se chaahu tujhe - 2
mere sapno mein aake apna mujhko banake - 2
mujhpe tu kar ehsaan haai
(jiya dhadak dhadak - 3
jaayen) - 2

tujhe dekh dekh sona
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani
sang tere hain bitani haai
(jiya dhadak dhadak - 3
jaayen) - 2

December 25….6 A.M.

Early morning rays spread orange and red colors on the face of the girl sleeping in the tousled bed, covered by a hand-made quilt! Kripa woke up, shading her eyes against the vermillion rays…..she stretched luxuriantly….she ached all over but it was a delicious ache….she felt replete, complete, happy and free!

As she remembered last night, she blushed prettily and then stretched langorously again…..ANGAD….she blushed, hid her face in the pillow, it smelled of him and her….Angad, she whispered into the pillow….she belonged to Angad completely now…..and he belonged to her …..she kissed his ring on her hand!

Song playing in beckground: Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin….. (listen to the female version of the song…Asoka)

-FEMALE-- Oh, raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin
Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin
(Tere bina bhi kabhi tujhse machal leti hoon
Karvat badalti hoon to sapna badal leti hoon) – 2
Tera khayaal aaye to balkhaake pal jaata hai
Paani ke chaadar tale tan mera jal jaata hai Haan,
vohi voh vohi Saanson pe rakha hua tere honton ka Sapna abhi hai vahin
Oh, raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin –
MALE-- Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin Tere gale milne ke mausam bade hote hain Janmon ka vaada koi yeh gham bade chhote hain Oh, tere gale milne ke mausam bade hote hain Janmon ka vaada koi yeh gham bade chhote hain Lambi si ek raat ho, lamba sa ek din mile Bas itna sa jeena ho milan ki ghadi jab mile Haan, vohi, voh vohi Saanson pe rakha hua tere honton ka Sapna abhi hai vahin Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin –
FEMALE-- Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin……

As she lay there in bed enjoying her memories, Angad suddenly came into the bedroom carrying a tray….Rise and Shine, Sweetheart!
Kripa sat up, grabbing the quilt and holding it in front of her bare body! Angad sat down on the bed, facing her and looked at her with loving amusement……she blushed, looking down, unable to meet his eyes, so full of love and desire for her! Angad picked up her chin with his forefinger…..Abhi bhi itni sharmati ho?
Kripa nodded shyly and looked at his eyes conveying her feelings to him with her own…..

Angad had showered and was bare chested, wearing a loose sweatpants…..his hair was still wet from the shower, drops of water clinging to his muscular chest……Kripa stared at his fresh-showered look, the smell of his after-shave wafting to her nostrils….she felt a familiar ache in her!
Angad leaned forward and whispered in her ears: Iss tarah mujhey mat dekho….I wont be able to control myself…..he chucked softly, when she blushed hotly, looking down!
He loved her shyness, she was like those little ferns which curled up when touched…..but she had an inner well of passion that he knew how to release…..she was a very passionate woman beneath her shy exterior and that made her even more charming!

Angad: Ab utho, nashta kar lo, resort wapas nahin jaana hai kya? Of course tum chaho toh yahin reh saktey ho….he winked!

Kripa suddenly realized her predicament…it was morning…..Mishti was up….how could she get in without being noticed!!
She panicked: Oh My God! Angad! Ab kya hoga ??…subah ho gayi…main kaisey Suite mein wapas jaaoongi? Mishti bhi shayad uth jaayegi! Sab mujhey dekh lengey….she was almost tearful!

Angad leaned over and kissed her worried cheek: Don't worry, Baby…mainey sab soch liya hai…tum bas nashta kar lo…. phir fresh ho jaao, I will tell u my plan…

Kripa trusted Angad's ingenuity so she relaxed again and looked at the tray on the bed….he had made her a cup of coffee and 4 slices of toast with butter and marmalade and there was a red rose on a white napkin ….she blushed happily and took the red rose and held it near her cheek!

Angad looked with fascination at the adorable picture she made, sitting up with her hair all tangled around her bare shoulders, the quilt covering her body, the red rose against her red cheeks!
He said: Just hold that pose for a minute, Honey…I will be back….he ran back with a digital camera and took a snap before she could say anything…..when she protested he said: Yeh mere private collection ke liye hain, shadi ke baad aur bhi loonga aisey pictures!
Kripa turned beetroot red at his husky promise….he laughed at her expression…he loved to tease her just to see her …..he said : Khana kha lo and get ready
Kripa asked him : Tum nahin khaogey?
Angad: Mainey khana kha liya…..mujhey subah subah bhookh lagti hai…..lekin tum tab so rahi thi….he said wickedly and left, leaving her wondering exactly what he meant!

Kripa had her coffee and a piece of toast sitting on the bed, smiling at Angad's thoughtfulness in making her breakfast in bed: Ohh, main toh usey Thanks kehna hi bhool gayi….baad mein bol doongi!

She went in for a shower…… as the warm water sprayed on her bare body, her skin still tingled, her pulse throbbed as she washed herself! She felt new, everything had changed, she even felt she looked different now!

She had to wear the gown from last night as there was no other dress…..if she went back in that dress, Mishti would know she had been out all nite. Angad will think of something to avoid that, she thought.

Angad was waiting for her outside…..she reached up and kissed him on his cheek and said: Thanks!
He looked quizzically at her, she said : Breakfast in bed ke liye..….
He announced : You will be one lucky woman, Kripa Sharma…..your husband will make breakfast in bed for you every morning…. bass raat ko tum meethi-meethi desert deti rehna" he kissed her soundly on her sweet lips, picked her up and took her to the bike!

It was early morning on Christmas Day! All shops were closed, streets were deserted. Angad took her to a closed shop, went behind it and rang the bell on a door in the back…..he knew the shopkeeper, an old man called Joseph….he asked Uncle Joe to open the store for Kripa.
Kripa chose a pair of jogging shoes, and a jogging suit for herself. She changed into these in the dressing room in the back and put her gown and slippers in a plastic bag and gave it to Angad! Then they went back to the resort..... Kripa got down from the bike near the main gate and jogged all the way to the Suites!

As she was entering the building, Mishti came out…..she looked surprised to see Kripa in jogging clothes….she said : Baby, tu yahan iss waqt? Mainey toh socha tu so rahi hai…..mainey disturb nahin kiya….tu kabsey jogging karney lagi? Aur yeh kapdey bhi kab khareedey?

Kripa had already rehearsed what she would say to Mishti : Dii, Simone ne kaha hai jogging karney ke liye….dance class mein fitness ki zaroorat hoti hai na…isliye ….aur yeh kapdey ….yeh toh mainey Angad ke saath shopping trip per khareeda tha us din! Tumhey dikhana bhool gayi" she smiled innocently.

Mishti, still not convinced asked her when she had gone out!
Kripa: Main toh saat bajey uthkar hi nikal gayi thi…..
Mishti looked a little confused but before she could grill Kripa anymore, Kartik called her on the mobile!

Kripa turned and giggled to herself: Maan gaye, Angad! Tumhara brain mamooli nahin, tez dhaar talwar hai…..kya idea nikala hai mere wapas aaney ka, without anybody suspecting! She felt as excited and elated as a child who had successfully bunked her first class!
She felt just a little bad about lying to Mishti but how could she tell her that she had spent the entire night with Angad? She blushed…..and what a NIGHT it was!! She could still feel him and taste him on her breath!

Kripa and Mishti joined their parents and Kartik for lunch after which they went back to their parents' Suite for Christmas Gift exchange! Mishti gave Kripa a designer handbag, Naina gave her jewelry…..the girls had bought a pair of gold cuff-links and tie-pin for Dilip and a sari for Naina…..Kartik gave Mishti a Swarovsky piece, and Kripa a book on Art. Mishti gave him a gold watch and Kripa gave him a wallet set! She gave her Dii a perfume!

Kripa missed Angad so much….she wished he was there too exchanging gifts with her family like Kartik was……but she knew it was too soon to hope for such a scenario…..she would have to tell her family abt Angad and face her parents' wrath! " Angad ka gift main aaj shaam ko hi usey de doongi" she thought.

Dilip said suddenly: Oh yes, Good news! Prithvi yahan pahunch gaya hai…..Mehra ne bataya hum sab ek saath dinner karengey!
Naina said : Kripa, aaj tum ek achhi si sari pehenna!
Kripa thought: Oh Noooo, mera darr sahi nikla…..Mama-Papa us ladkey ke saath mera rishta karney ki soch rahey hain….theek hai…..main bhi dekhti hoon wo kaisey yeh rishta kartey hain…..main toh Angad ki bann chuki hoon sada ke liye" she smiled to herself!
She said aloud: Lekin Mamaaa, mujhey sari pehenna nahin aata, aur mere paas saris hain hi nahin!
Naina: Mishti ke paas toh hain na saris……..Mishti, tum apni behen ko ready kar dena shaam ko achhi tarah, okay?
Mishti said Okay and looked at Kripa…..then she and Kartik exchanged glances….they knew very well Kripa was in love with Angad and wouldn't be interested in Prithvi or any other guy!

Kartik told Mishti later: Mujhey lagta hai Kripa or you should tell your parents about Angad…..
Mishti : Agar abhi bata diya, toh problem ho sakti hai…..main soch rahi thi Mumbai chalkar batana hi theek rahega….aur agar wo dono really serious hain to wo khud hi bataa dengey Mama Papa ko!

Mishti dressed up Kripa in a pink Zardozi sari that she had, with matching embroidered blouse with thin shoulder straps! She had to put the sari on for Kripa as she hadnt worn a sari except in school functions long ago! Mishti was taller so her blouse was a little loose on Kripa and the straps kept coming off her shoulders so she had to pin them all over with pins and also pin up the pallu which was falling off Kripa's shoulders.

Kripa made a face while dressing up….she hated this…..being dolled up to meet a guy she didn't know and didn't want to meet! It was like being put on a show…..tears came to her eyes as she thought about Angad!! .She hoped he would be there at the Clubhouse Christmas Party that night too…..that very thought brightened her up!

Mishti also dressed in a black sparkly sari to give Kripa company and the two sisters walked out looking elegant and beautiful! Mishti whispered in her ears: Don't worry Baby, I will help you deal with this Prithvi guy!
Kripa hugged her sis gratefully! Kartik accompanied them to the Clubhouse, where coincidentally it was India night! All guests were wearing Indian dresses and the buffet was all-Indian that night with dishes from the different states of India!

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(In this scene imagine A-K as they looked in Pyar kiya to nibhana concert, Kripa is pink sari, Angad in dark jacket )

Part 25

Come away with me
And we will sail the night
On Moon and Stars
Just the two of us
Will sail away to the Heavens!

The Clubhouse was decorated with red and gold tinsel and more Christmas decorations!
The Sharmas joined the Mehras for dinner in the big dining hall. Mr. Mehra introduced them to son, Prithvi, who was studying Engineering and Management at Stonybrook University, New York. Prithvi was in his mid-twenties, of average height, muscular build with cunning eyes and a sneering smile.

Kripa disliked him on sight! Prithvi extended his hand in greeting; she did namastey, refusing to touch his hand. The 2 families sat in such a way that Prithvi and Kripa were facing each other but Mishti and Kartik were at the other end of the table.

Prithvi was looking with some interest at the petite, pretty girl in the pink sari….".So this is the chick that my dad wants me to marry…..hmmmm not Bad"
His eyes checked out her graceful curves revealed by the semi-transparent sari….She has a nice body…he thought leering at her…..but she seems stuck-up, haughty, Ms. Touch-Me-Not type….We'll see about that, Prithvi thought with a sneer….he liked a challenge!
Kripa looked the other way, an angry flush on her cheeks….she could feel Prithvi's eyes checking her out.

Prithvi: Soo, u are studying Art? He asked her
Kripa (looking down at her plate): Haan
Prithvi: And what are you planning to do after that?
Kripa: Abhi tak decide nahin kiya.
Prithvi (persistent at making small-talk): Soo what are ur hobbies?
Kripa: Music, Art, reading, travel
Prithvi: Oh Yeah? You like Music? What kind of music do u listen to?
Kripa smiled remembering Angad's songs: Jo bhi achha lagey, wahi sunti hoon, Hindi film songs, Bhajans, keertans (last 2 she added deliberately) smiling to herself!
Prithvi: What do u think about Hard Rock? Punk Rock? Metal? How about Hip-Hop? Rap?
Kripa: Wo sab main nahin sunti….kabhi suna bhi nahin!

Prithvi thought: S**T, yeh ladki to ekdum pure desi ghee hai….(sneering)..saris pehenti hai, bhajan-keertan sunti hai, Rock/Rap kabhi suna bhi nahin, Jeez!
He already had a White-American girlfriend back in NY but he wanted the best of both worlds….a desi wife at home (chosen by his parents) and a white chick for fun times outside…..that way he would be happy and his parents would be happy!

Kripa's left hand was resting on the table as she ate….Prithvi's eyes fell on the emerald ring on her finger….he put his hand on Kripa's and said : NICE RING!
She snatched her hand away, clenching it as she held the ring close to her stomach.
Prithvi: Heeyy wots up?
Kripa (showed him her teeth) : Kuchh bhi to nahin…
She already hated this guy…he was such a FAKE…with his fake Yankee accent, his sneering smile, his leering eyes! How dare he touch her Angad's ring? She fumed inside.

How she wished Mishti could sit next to them and rescue her from this jerk! She looked down the table at Mishti and caught her eye….Mishti raised her eyebrows twice….Kripa wrinkled her nose…Mishti made a thumbs down sign near her plate, Kripa nodded….Mishti signalled her to wait!
She cleared her throat and asked loudly: Soo Prithvi…tell us about ur life in New York?
Prithvi eagerly started elaborating on his college life in the U.S…..the clubs, the parties, his friends, what a ROCKING time he was having there!
The Mehras looked indulgently and smiled at their only son, proud of his ongoing Yankee education. Of course they didn't know about the binge-drinking, the late-night parties, the girls and occasional drugs!

After dinner, Prithvi asked Kripa for a dance in the main Ballroom where soft music was playing and couples were slow-dancing. Kartik and Mishti also danced nearby, Mishti keeping a close eye on Prithvi's behavior with her sister!
Prithvi took her in his arms, she stiffened, holding herself as far away from him as possible…she danced stiffly, looking over his shoulder at some distant object.

Prithvi tried to pull her closer, she resisted….his hand resting on her back made her skin crawl! She felt like crying, wishing it was Angad's hand instead, holding her, caressing her! She shivered in revulsion to Prithvi's touch…he thought she was shivering in response…he pulled her closer, excited by her creamy shoulders and neck! Kripa felt suffocated….she wrenched out of his arms and said: " Sorry! Excuse me! I have to go to the Ladies Room" and she escaped…..she quickly picked up her purse from the dining table and ran out the back door of the Ballroom to a hallway in the back…..she was looking for something!

Ohhh there it is…the Employee Entrance…she was overjoyed to find it….its 9 o'clock…Angad had said he will be done at Morisco's by 9 tonight! She hovered anxiously near the back door. As if in answer to her prayers, Angad suddenly came in through the back door….he was still in his performing clothes….his signature Black leather jacket, a white shirt and black Jeans! She jumped towards him and hugged him tightly, hiding her face in his chest! Angad hugged her back, laughing at her joy: Kya hua Kripa? Sab theek toh hai na?
Kripa: Mujhey abhi yahan se le chalo…
Angad took her out of the back door into the garden …into the clear, starry, moonlit night outside….he picked her up in his arms and walked with her down the garden path. Kripa put her hands around his neck, resting her head against his strong, steady heartbeat, smiling in content as he carried her to some destination yet unknown to her!

Angad took her to the guesthouse near the Fort walls….it was about 10 minutes walk from the Clubhouse. He opened the door and took her in. Angad's unfinished painting was still in the living-room…he put her down and held her away from him, admiring her in her sari! His bright gaze caressed her beauty in the diaphonous sari clinging to her curves, her waist and shoulders bared in sensuous grace!
Tum aaj sari mein bahut khubsoorat lag rahi ho….Bilkul dulhan ki tarah…he said huskily! His fingers caressed her cheeks, her bare shoulders ….Kripa closed her eyes and shivered…then she came closer to him, reached up and kissed his lips! He caught her at once by her waist and holding her head, kissed her hard, his lips and tongue plunging inside hers….
I missed you, Baby…he whispered against her mouth….she breathed into his lips" Main bhi"
They kissed breathlessly for a few more minutes, then he lifted her head and asked her : Ab batao baat kya hai? Tum intni pareshaan kyun thi?

Kripa told him about Prithvi's arrival and her parents' plan to marry her off to that obnoxious guy! Teardrops fell from her eyes as she clung to Angad and sobbed : Main tumharey bina nahin jee paaoongi, Angad!
Angad comforted her: Pagli, kyun ro rahi hai? Ab iss zamaney mein koi zor zabardasti se shadi nahin karva saktey, hai na? Tum apney parents se saaf saaf keh do ke Prithvi tumhey pasand nahin….yahan tak ke Prithvi ko bhi bata do u are not interested in him.
Kripa still worried: Aur agar wo nahin maaney toh?
Angad: Toh main hoon na? Hum tumharey parents ke paas jaakar unhey sach bata dengey ke hum ek doosrey se kitna pyar kartey hain aur shadi karna chahtey hain….agar tum chaho to abhi chalkar bata detey hain…
Kripa : Nahin, nahin, abhi nahin…abhi wahan per Mehras hain….
Angad: Dekho, chhuttiyan khatam hotey hi hum unko bataa dengey…before u go back to Mumbai…aur tab tak mera bhi Resort ka contract khatam ho jayega. Mujhey Dubai mein ek achchhi naukri ke baarey mein pata chala hai….hum shadi karkey Dubai chaley jayengey.
Kripa snuggled into his warm chest, dreaming happily about their wedding and going to Dubai with him.
Kripa: Honeymoon kya hum Dubai mein karengey?
Angad: Lagta hai Madam ko honeymoon ki bahut jaldi hai…..chaho toh aaj hi honeymoon mana saktey hain!
He took her in front of the big, Bay window….the moon was shining brightly in the night sky
Angad: Wo dekho Moon hai, aur yahan (he kissed her) HONEY hai…..mere paas honey aur moon dono hain! He chuckled softly.

Angad stood behind her, both looking at the moon together, his hands snaked around her bare waist, his chin on her shoulder, breathing in her perfume…..he caressed her soft belly under the sari, his fingers circling her navel, nuzzling her nape, kissing her shoulder. Kripa put her arm around his neck, leaning back against him, arching and sighing with pleasure as his hands and lips played havoc with her senses again!
Angad tried to take off her pallu (aanchal) …but it was pinned up with safety-pins…he struggled to open the pesky pins!
UFFFF…he exclaimed…..a pin had pricked his thumb deeply…..Kripa turned around….Kya Hua?
She pulled his hand in concern: a BIG drop of blood appeared!
Kripa: Ohhhhh, Tumhey Pin lag gayi, thehro…..she took up her aanchal to wipe the blood…he stopped her, shook his head at her….then he looked at his bleeding thumb, then at her! He pressed his thumb harder with his other fingers till more blood started oozing out!
Kripa grabbed his hand in alarm: Yeh kya kar rahey ho?
Angad moved her hand away,placed his left finger on her lips : Sshhhh….His eyes pierced her soul as he pressed his finger harder till his blood trickled down in a thin stream. He smiled then, lifting his hand to her head, he smeared his blood on her forehead, filling her maang!
Kripa gasped, her eyes wide with shock, then tearful as she realized what he had done! She whispered: Angadd? …
He kissed her cheek and said: Jaanti ho, puraney zamaney mein aadmi aisey hi apni mehbooba ki maang sajata tha….apney lahoo se uski maang bhar deta….Aaj se tum meri ho, sirf meri Kripa!
Kripa put her arms around him, crying and hugging him with joy! He hugged her tightly, then kissed her neck, sliding the loose blouse straps from her shoulders….the pallu (aanchal) of her diaphonous sari fell on the floor!

Kripa protested once: Angad, mujhey der ho jayegi….wo sab mujhey dhoond rahey hongey.
Angad : Sshhh yahan hamarey beech koi nahin hoga, buss tum aur main aur yeh chaand-taarey, yeh raat!
He pulled off the rest of the sari, then kneeled down at her feet, holding her waist, nuzzling her soft belly, gently biting her skin, his tongue swirled in her navel….she moaned, quivering with her eyes closed, feeling the familiar sweet pulsing inside her!
Her fingers dug in his thick hair, clasping his head to her stomach as his hands held her hips…..her fingers suddenly touched the metal chain on his nape….she remembered her Christmas Gift for Angad!
Angad…she said…main tumhey ek cheez dena bhool hi gayi
Kyaa…he asked, lifting his passion-glazed eyes from her belly!
Kripa: Main tumhara Christmas gift dena bhool gayi..
Angad got up and kissed her cheek, said : Kal raat ko toh tum Christmas gift de chukey ho…
Kripa blushed hotly : ANGADDD! Mazaak chhodo….she went to her purse, took out the heart-shaped box…she gave it to Angad, shyly: Yeh mainey tumharey liye khareeda tha…I hope u will like it"
Angad: Tum jo bhi dogi mujhey pasand hoga……he opened the box, inside nestled on blue velvet was a jewelled cross in gold set with rubies with a gold chain….he was really touched….it was so long since anybody had given him a Christmas gift, since he rarely spent Christmas with his aunt or cousins.
He gruffly said : Thanks, Kripa! I love it!

He took out the chain and gave it to Kripa: Yeh tum hi mujhey pehna do….
Kripa stood up on her tippytoes and tried to put it on him….Angad, please thoda jhuko na…I cant reach you…she pleaded with him!
NO, Angad kabhi nahin jhukta, tumhey aur upar aana padega…he teased her, standing tall and straight, high above her reach!
Kripa jumped up a few times, trying to put the chain around his neck…he laughed heartily at her futile attempts!
Then suddenly he grabbed her by her hips, hoisted her high up in the air and carried her to the nearest wall….he pinned her to the wall, pressing his body against hers, then took off his jacket slowly, unbuttoning his shirt while looking heatedly into her eyes…he finally took off his old metal chain!
Kripa flushed with heat, feeling his hard body pressing into hers…..Angad breathed : Ab pehna do….his bare chest pressing against hers! Kripa quickly slid the gold chain down his head and neck, trembling at the look in his eyes, the desire she could feel!
The gold and ruby cross gleamed brightly on his broad, tanned chest….Kripa leaned forward and kissed his bare skin….he groaned with pleasure….Give me more, Baby..he whispered. She kissed him all over his chest, brushing his sensitive spots with her lips, making him shudder with pleasure! He suddenly raised her up more, sliding his thigh between hers, feeling her desire……they twisted and moved against each other in a frenzy of passion! Finally he lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom! (Timepass---Kunal, Shreya)

Male: Koi nahin hai tere mere darmiyaan
Tum ho main hoon aur tanhaaiyaan

Female: Simat jaaoon main
Baahon mein zara aa
Jal raha hai badan aur na jalaaaaa...

Female: Aaghosh mein chand ko badal jiss tarah
Baahon mein bhar le tu mujhko us tarah

Male: Ujli si raat mein khilta hua badan
Aisey mein hosh kisey rakhna hai jaaneman

Female: Simat jaaoon main baahon mein zara aa
Jal raha hai badan aur na jalaa
Male: Koi nahin hai tere mere darmiyaan
Tum ho mani hoon aur tanhaiyaan

Male: Angrayi takrayi lehron se jab sanam
Paani mein aag lagi, dehka mera badan

Female: Chingari tann mann mein aur bhadak jaaney do
Khwahish hai aaj meri hadd se guzar jaaney do

Male: Lipat jaaoon main baahon mein zaraa aa
Jal raha hai badan aisey na jalaa

Koi nahin tere mere darmiyaan
Tum ho main hoon aur tanhaaiyan     



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[COLOR=purple]Part 26

My Biggest Fear is losing you,
If only I could make you mine
Without the world around us!

December 25, 10 P.M.

In the aftermath of their passionate interlude, Angad lay in Kripa's arms, both breathing unsteadily, listening to each other's thundering heartbeats! His face nuzzled her neck, hidden in her silky hair, his arm around her bare stomach…. Kripa's eyes were closed in replete slumber! Suddenly she opened her eyes, which fell on the old wall-clock facing the bed…..
She pushed Angad away from her neck and sprang up, clutching the bedcover to her bareness! It was 10:15 P.M.
ANGADD, She yelled…..Dus baj gaye!! Hey Bhagwaan! Wo sab mujhey dhoond rahey hongey….ANGAD, Utho jaldi se!
Angad rolled over langurously: Kripa, itna tension mat lo, sab theek ho jayega…
Kripa: Kya theek hoga?? Ab main kaisey wahan wapas jaaoongi? Kya kahoongi? She wailed.

Angad crossed his hands behind his head, looking at her panic in amusement: Sweetheart, issey pehley kya tum kabhi pakdi gayi jo aaj pakdi jaaogi? Koi excuse bana dena…meri company mein rehkar kuchh toh seekha hoga tumney" he laughed!
Kripa: Haan haan, tumharey liye kehna aasan hai….Mr. Bluffmaster! Lekin meri toh jaan nikli jaa rahi hai. Kya boloongi unsey? Mishti ya Mama ko shaq hua toh?
Angad pulled her towards him: Toh bol dena ke Angad tumhey chand-taarey dikha raha tha…..he laughed wickedly

Kripa hit him hard and tried to get up from the bed…..he caught her arm and pulled her back on his chest….singing the old song: Abhi na jaao chhodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin….
Kripa giggled and pinched his cheeks: Tumhara dil kabhi bhara hai ya bharega? She asked naughtily and twisted out of his grip…..she got up gingerly, wrapping the bedcover around her….leaving Angad bare and cold!

Angad complained: Kripaaa, tum cover kyun le gayi?
Kripa looked at him and laughed: Ab toh tumhey bhi uthna padega, Mister, nahin toh kaun mujhey wapas le jaayega? Fort mein se Vasco-da-Gama ka bhoot?

Angad got up grumbling and put on his clothes. Kripa put on her blouse and petticoat….she picked up her sari from the living-room floor and started wailing again: Oh NOOO, ab main yeh sari kaisey pehnoon? Mujhey toh sari pehenna nahin aata…
Angad chuckled : Toh aaj kisney tumhey sari pehnaya?
Kripa : Mishti ne pehna dee….ab kya hoga? She desperately started wrapping the sari in the opposite direction around her waist!

Angad laughed indulgently, then came to her rescue: Thehro…. main pehna deta hoon!
Kripa looked at him with suspicion: Tumhey sari pehnana aata hai?
Angad: I am an expert in everything….yeh tumney aaj bhi nahin jaana?
Kripa: Nahin sach sach bataao, tumney sari put on karna kahan se seekha?
Angad (wickedly teasing) : Wo mere kuchh girlfriends the, unsey seekha….
Kripa's eyes got wet, she moved away from his hands and said: Rehney do, main khud manage kar loongi"

Angad laughed heartily: Pagli, main toh mazaak kar raha tha….sach boloon kisiko bataaogi toh nahin?
Kripa: God Promise!
Angad: Jab main 4th standard mein tha toh school ke play mein mujhey aurat ka role karna pada tha….tab Mom ne mujhey sikhaya tha kaisey sari pehentey hain….wo mujhey aaj tak yaad hai !

Now it was Kripa's turn to laugh….she laughed hysterically imagining Angad in a sari!
Angad looked angrily at her: Why are u laughing? I was only 9 years old….(proudly) and for your information, I looked good in that sari!
Kripa laughed even more, clutching her stomach: Oh Angad, tum mujhey maar dalogey hansa hansakey!
Angad hugged her waist, whispering into her ears: Jab Marna hi hai toh dono hanstey huey hi marengey, wot do u say?
Kripa blushed at his tone and sobered up: Chalo, late ho rahi hai, mujhey sari pehna do!

Angad wrapped the sari around her waist in the correct way, then stood behind her making the pleats with great concentration, occasionally kissing her neck and cheeks in the process.
Kripa enjoyed his nearness and the intimacy of being dressed by him! She rubbed her cheek against his affectionately as he pleated her sari….then he took her aanchal (pallu) and put it in place and pinned it with the pins as best as he could!
Kripa was thrilled….she reached up, kissed his cheek and said: Tum sachmuch genius ho….har kaam mein expert!
Angad chuckled: Sab aap ki hi kripa se!

They practically ran back to the Clubhouse ….Angad kissed her goodnight and Kripa casually sauntered in through the front door as if nothing had happened!
Mishti and Kartik were standing in the foyer, looking around worriedly, asking people if they had seen Kripa….Naina was talking to the Manager of the clubhouse in a worried tone…..Kripa's heart started beating fast in nervous tension!

As soon as she entered, all three sprang upon her….Kahan thi tum, Kripa? Hum kabsey tumhey dhoond rahey hain?
Kripa : Mama, Dii... I am sorry! Main pehley bathroom gayi thi….phir Hall ke andar ghutan si mehsoos ho rahi thi, isliye baahar thoda tehelney chali gayi.....
Naina (angrily): Itni raat ko tum baahar akeli tahal rahi thi?
Kripa: Mama, yeh resort ke andar hi toh hai, aur main wall ke paas hi thi, samundar dekh rahi thi, moonlight mein kitna achha lagta hai na…..

Naina didn't find that very odd….she knew that her baby girl was a nature-lover and would spend hours watching sunsets, sunrises and moonlight over water….she was artistic and contemplative by nature!
But Mishti wasn't convinced….she looked at Kripa suspiciously! Kripa saw that and started praying for deliverance from Mishti's future grilling-….she knew Dii wouldn't question her in front of Mama.

Back at the Suites, Mishti caught Kripa as she was trying to hurry into her bedroom: Kripa, idhar aa, sach sach bata kahan thi tu?
Kripa: Dii, mainey bataya toh main kahan thi….
Mishti: Meri taraf dekh ( she made her look up) and asked her directly: Kya tu Angad ke saath thi?
Kripa looked down….she couldn't lie to her Dii anymore: Haan (she said softly)
Mishti: Kahan they tum dono? (her tone serious)
Kripa: Wall ke paas…..baithey huey the…
Mishti's sharp eyes had noted Kripa's kiss-swollen lips, her dishevelled appearance and most suspicious of all, the way her sari was wound up, different from the way she had done it in the evening!
Mishti: Tum dono wahan kya kar rahey they? …
Kripa: Wo Dii,….she looked away, blushing…..wall ke paas hi to they…
Mishti thought what more could they do in the open air except kiss and cuddle a little….but the sari thing still bothered her….she shook her head and let Kripa go to bed : Goodnight Kripa, kal subah baat karengey.

Kripa ran into her bedroom in relief: Thank God! Mishti doesn't know about our little Love-nest….she would never suspect what she and Angad were really up to!

That night, Kripa dreamed that she was in a sailboat with Angad sailing away to the moon and stars! (Pakeezah--Muhammad Rafi, Lata)

Chalo dildaar chalo chaand ke paar chalo
Hum hain tayyar chalo
Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hain tayaar chalo
Aao kho jaaye sitaaron mein kahin - 2
Chhod de aaj yeh duniya yeh zameen
Duniya yeh zameen

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo
Hum nashe mein hai sambha lo hamein tum - 2
Neend aati hai jaga lo hamein tum
Jaga lo hamein tum

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo
Zindagi khatm bhi ho jaaye agar - 2
Na kabhi khatm ho ulfat ka safar
Ulfat ka safar

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chaand ke paar chalo

Hum hai tayaar chalo

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------


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