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Teri Baahon Mein---KYPH FF--Part 1-39 (Page 3)

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Chapter 10


Angad and Kripa came out of the hallway. Suddenly Angad spotted Mrs. Luthra again, coming towards him with a big smile on her rotund face, her plump hands waving at him eagerly! She was wearing a white sparkly sari with diamonds dripping down her neck and arms!

Angad: OH NOOO, wo aurat phir se mere peechhey pad gayi…..he panicked…..Come Kripa, lets make a run for it! " He held Kripa's hand tightly and ran out of the double doors of Morisco. Kripa giggled at his panic and ran out with him….she didn't know why he was running away from that old lady but she enjoyed running with him out into the semi-dark garden paths.

They panted,, out of breath with laughter as they stopped in a walkway lighted by rustic antique lamps…..Kripa suddenly frowned and turned to Angad and asked :
Angad, mujhey ek baat batao, tum us lady se bhaagtey kyun ho? Who tumhara peechha kyun karti hai?
He chuckled at her utterly guileless innocence….. " Who chahti hai ke main uskey saath jaaoon"
Kripa (surprised) : Kahan? Angad (mockingly): Uskey room mein"
Kripa gasped as realization sank in, she said : Ohhhhh (her face heated in embarassed anger and disgust)'
She was shocked that a middle-aged lady like Mrs. Luthra would want to, want to…..she couldn't even complete the thought in her head.

But she was still confused: Lekin wo aisa kyun kar rahi hai? Uskey pati aur bachchey nahin hain kya?
Angad: Of course hain, her husband is a hotel owner in Bangalore, uskey dono bachchey college mein padhtey hain.
Now Kripa was really shocked and disgusted: OH My God! Yeh aurat aur tumharey saath….uska dimaag kharab hai kya?
Angad: Hota hai, hota hai, these are the professional hazards in our line…..sirf main hi nahin, doosron ko bhi aisi situations face karna padta hai….the other guys in my band are also approached by these rich guys' wives……Angad said mockingly.

Kripa (still incredulous)…Per kyun? Unkey husbands hain na? (she still couldn't believe that a much-married woman would do that…..her mom had been married to her dad for almost 30 years, they seemed quite happy with each other…..she had never seen her mom run after a young guy like that!!!!)
Angad (with a serious, philosophic tone) : Yeah, they do have husbands……but problem is……inkey patidev inhey birthdays per diamond jewelry, Mercedes, BMW detey hain, per who sab kuchh nahin detey jiski inhey zaroorat hai, isliye who usey baahar dhoondtey phirtey hain"
Kripa : Ohhhh ……. she finally understood the whole situation, she marvelled at Angad's dispassionate explanation of such abnormal behavior….her respect for him doubled……she also felt sorry for Angad and the other boys! So it wasn't only girls who had to deal with dirty old men….she thought seriously, remembering some unpleasant incidents from her own childhood……a distant uncle who used to make 10- year old Kripa sit on his lap and kiss her too hard, sometimes biting her soft cheeks when nobody was looking! She felt a deep anger at those people who take advantage of younger ones!

Angad snapped out of his own philiosophical mood and became aware of the quiet moonlit night, the cool breeze and Kripa standing close to him, chewing her bottom lip, looking angry and upset!
He quickly changed the topic to lighten the mood : Khair chhodo in sab baton ko"
He touched her bare shoulder and turned her towards him: To batao, kal mere saath chal rahi ho na?
Kripa eagerly agreed: Zaroor, I am dying to see that village!
Angad : To theek hai…..kal subah 10 bajey tayyar rehna, pehley main tumhey dance studio dikha doonga, uskey baad hum Anjuna chalengey!
Kripa: Okay I will be ready at 10
Angad came close to her : Waisey Kripa, aaj raat tum bahut khubsoorat lag rahi ho, so pretty in pink…that color really suits you, mainey pehley bhi dekha…..he said huskily!
Kripa (shyly): Thanks ( she looked up into his wicked eyes, laughing naughtily at her and blushed in the dark, remembering how her wet pink top had outlined her figure in the afternoon)
Kripa: Waisey to tum bhi aaj bahut achhey lag rahey ho…..I like your jacket (running her fingers on the brown suede, caressing its texture)
Angad caught her hand and pulled her into his arms…..Kripa gasped and looked up at him, trembling!
He bent low and whispered in her ear: Jaaney se pehley goodnight kiss nahin dogi?
Kripa smiled, shook her head and pushed him away, then she looked mischievously at him, blew him a flying kiss and said : Goodnight, Angad! Then she ran laughing, back to Morisco!
Angad chased her, yelling : KRIPAAA, NOT FAIR, ,……..GIVE ME A PROPER…..he stopped short…Mishti was coming out of the doors still talking on her mobile!
Both Kripa and Angad stopped running, looking sheepishly as if caught red-handed at Mishti, who smiled humorously at the 2 of them, while saying on the mobile : Okay Mama, hum abhi aa rahey hain….Bye"
She looked suspiciously at Angad and kripa and laughed: Now what are you two up to, running around in the garden at night? "
Angad joked : We are practicing for the next Goa marathon!
Kripa just looked down and blushed guiltily!

Mishti: Chalo, Kripa, raat bahut ho gayi…..Mama worry kar rahi hai…Bye Angad!
They both bid goodnight to Angad and boarded the shuttle which had just pulled up….As the shuttle was leaving, Kripa looked at Angad standing at the doors, he caught her eye, and blew her a kiss, winking at her, Kripa smiled and waved at him!

Back at their suites later at nite, Mishti showed Kripa her purchases from their shopping trip, the antiques were with Naina, but Mishti had also bought a couple of dresses, one for herself, one for Kripa….she always bought one for her little sis whenever she shopped for herself!
Kripa loved the black lace dress that Mishti had bought for her…..with matching onyx jewelry too! She kissed her Dii in thanks!
Mishti suddenly said : Oh main tumhey ek khush-khabri dena bhool hi gayi….Kartik yahan aa raha hai , dus din ka Christmas vacation lekar!
Kripa squealed in delight: REALLYYY!! Jeeju yahan aa rahey hain?
Mishti: Abhi se jeeju kehti hai?, pehley shadi to honey de…..she said shyly laughing.
Kripa: Haan, main to unhey jeeju hi kahoongi, to kya Kartik Bhaiyya kahoon, that would sound odd….she and Mishti both laughed!
Kripa hugged Mishti : Ohhh Dii, I am sooo happy for you! So what are u two planning? A Goa wedding?
Mishti: No such luck, Baby! Next year December se pehley hum shadi hi nahin kar saktey…..Kartik jab tak Chicago mein MBA complete nahin kar leta…..shadi ke baad wo wahan, main yahan, main to aisey alag-alag nahin reh sakti!
Kripa: Oy hoy, kya baat hai(she teased)…..bahut pyar karti ho na jeeju se (she hugged her sister again affectionately)
Mishti (shyly): Haan BAHUT!
Kripa sighed, suddenly thinking about Angad!
Mishti abruptly turned to Kripa and asked: Ab tu bata, Angad ke saath tera kya chal raha hai?
Kripa was completely taken by surprise at Mishti's sudden probe about Angad!
She blushed furiously and quickly said: " Kuchh bhi to nahin……
Mishti: Babyyy, tu mujhsey chhupa rahi hai? Apney Diii se? Bataaa na (she turned Kripa's red face around)…..Sach sach bata, do u like Angad?
Kripa (shyly looking down): Haan , I like him, hes very nice!
Mishti: AHHAAA, I knew it….I am soo happy, FINALLY Ms. Kripa Sharma ko koi ladka pasand aya….Toh bataa, baat kahan tak badhi (eagerly), did he kiss you yet?
Kripa's face turned a deep red, remembering their passionate encounter of the afternoon and his hot kisses…
She said: Diiiii, tum bhi na…..
Mishti (seriously elder-sister-like now) : Dekho Baby, kissing wissing tak to theek hai, lekin zyada aagey mat badhna (she warned)….samajhdaari se kaam lena, okay?
Kripa couldn't take it anymore: Ohhh DIII, You are too much
She ran into her bedroom, Mishti laughing after her : Kripa, be careful with him"
Kripa ran in and shut the door, breathing hard, and touched her hot cheeks!
She closed her eyes and remembered his kisses that afternoon, his warm lips pressing down on her eyelids, her nose, probing her lips, teasing, tasting! She shivered violently, ran to the bed and hid her burning face in the pillow…..her hands clutched the bedcover in a passionate grip,nails digging in, trembling feverishly!
Why did she let him kiss her like that? Why does he make her feel like this? Why does her heart race whenever he was near her?



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Part 11


December 18 , 8 a.m.
Kripa woke up with a feeling of great excitement! She was going on the trip with Angad to the hilltop village!
She told Mishti about her trip to the fishing village up north; Mishti asked her to take her mobile with her so she could call and check up on her. Mishti assured her that she would tell Naina that Kripa had gone shopping with some friends of hers. She warned Kripa to return before dark. When Angad came to get her, Mishti cleared all things with him too! He promised to take care of Kripa and return her safe and sound.

Kripa was wearing a yellow salwar suit today, with her hair tied back securely and dupatta looped around her neck. Angad looked admiringly at her, this was the first time he was seeing her in Indian dress and he liked how graceful she looked.
Kripa also secretly admired Angad's dashing looks in a black sleeveless jacket and pants with sunglasses accentuating his sharp nose!
Angad took Kripa to the dance studio first… was in the gymnasium behind the Beach Club. It was a long, low building with a huge exercise room in front housing all kinds of exercise equipment and also saunas, jacuzzis and changing rooms. At the back of the building was the dance studio with its own entrance and exit. The studio was a long room, mirrored wall on one side, and non-slip floors!
Dance music was playing loudly, about 7-8 girls were practicing to the music. Simone dressed in tight black leotards, was showing them the moves!

She greeted Kripa: Welcome to the Simonettes! Since you are a novice, u will learn after the morning class gets over, so tomorrow come here at 11 a.m. ……Oh ! And wear tight-fitting clothes. Do u have leotards?
Kripa shook her head, Simone: Do u have fitting T-shirt and sweat pants? Kripa nodded.
Simome: Good, so wear them tomorrow with sneakers and tie up ur hair, Okay, see u tomorrow at 11 then…..she went back to her students. Kripa was quite excited about her dance classes now!

Angad and Kripa took the shuttle to the main gate of the resort. He asked her to wait just outside the gate.
As kripa stood there waiting, she heard a VRRROOOOMMM! It was Angad on a gleaming black Yamaha motorcycle! Kripa was thrilled and amazed……" You have a bike? She asked
Angad: Yes, Maam, at your service! Cmon lets go, peechhey baith jaao aur zara kaskey pakadna, mountain roads hain, kaafi khatarnaak hain…….. be careful, don't let go!
Kripa got up on the bike side-saddle and put her arms around his waist and held tight!

Angad's bike roared off. They left the resort and town behind and went on to curving mountain roads. There was mountains on one side and steep drop on the other down to the sea where the waves crashed against the rocks below! It was a road both gorgeous and dangerous!
Sharp wind whipped across their faces and hair; Kripa clung to Angad's back, resting her head on his broad shoulder from time to time. Angad grinned in delight, feeling her head on his shoulder and her softness pressing against his back!
After about an hour, they arrived at the village of Morjim! It was perched on the hillside with white buildings, churches, shops and bistros flanking both sides of the narrow, curving road snaking up and down! From every corner in the village, there were magnificent views of the sea from sea-cliffs and overlooks! Angad stopped his bike at all the best overlooks and Kripa got down and took pictures of the gorgeous views with her digital camera. She was very excited and thrilled with the natural beauty of the place. Angad enjoyed her appreciation of the scenery …… her enthusiasm was infectious and charming!
She snapped pictures exclaiming loudly at the beauty spread out below them, then she took pictures of Angad posing on his bike..…..he in turn took a few pictures of her against the backdrop of sea and hills!

He took her to a small white church in the village… was cool and peaceful inside! Candles flickered at the altar of Mary and Jesus, silent pews awaited devout knees, sunlight filtered in rainbow colors through stained glass windows and doors! Angad kneeled at a pew and Kripa followed suit…….she stared at him as he made the sign of the cross and prayed silently with folded hands ……she copied his action but a dozen questions raced through her mind!
As soon as they came out of the church, she said: Angad, Can I ask u something? Are you Christian?
Angad smiled down at her: My mother was a Catholic!
Kripa was surprised……if he was Christian why was his name Angad? She asked him : But your name is Angad….
He laughed and said: Yes, my name is Angad…….Angad Khanna… dad was a Hindu, my mom a Christian! Actually my full name is Angad Andrew Khanna!
Kripa looked at him, amazed at her new discovery about his identity. Angad leaned towards her and whispered dramatically: You can also call me Andy if u want to (he laughed, teasing her)
Kripa : Andy….hmmm, nice name, I think I will call u Andy from now on (she teased him back)
Angad: Chalo Kripa hum lunch per chaltey hain…..I will take u to Martha's Bistro for lunch!
Kripa : But arent we going to meet Stalin?
Angad: After Lunch……lagta hai tumhey Stalin se milney ki bahut jaldi hai? (he teased again)
Kripa : nahin wo baat nahin, I want to see his paintings……then she laughed and added : and also what he looks like, Stalin sounds like an interesting person!
Angad: Haan wo to hai, hes a complete Bohemian! Don't be shocked by anything he does or says!

Angad took her to a small bistro, a restaurant hanging near the edge of the cliff! He took window seats, overlooking the sharp drop to the sea, kripa was rather scared to look down the window.
Martha was a plump, motherly woman who was delighted to see Angad: Andy my son, you are here??!!! After such a long time, what happened? You forgot ur old Auntie Martha? And who is this pretty young lady? Your girl-friend?
Angad introduced Kripa to Martha and said : Of course I didn't forget u Auntie! How can I forget ur shrimp pancakes and lemon fish? He kissed Martha affectionately.
Angad ordered his usual favorites there….shrimp pancakes and lemon fish, Kripa ordered a sandwich!
Angad asked for two glasses of Feni! When the drink arrived, Kripa asked: Yeh Kya hai?
Angad: This is Feni…..famous drink of Goa, c'mon try it…..he coaxed her
Kripa : Noooo Angad, u know I don't drink alcohol
He laughed: Feni alcohol nahin hai…
Kripa pouted at him: Now don't lie to me, I know Feni is alcohol, main nahin peeti yeh sab!
Angad: Kripaaa, mainey kaha na sab kuchh try karna chahiye…..c'mon just taste it, if u don't like it, don't have the rest!
After a lot of coaxing, Kripa finally took a sip of Feni… was strong but didn't taste bad…..she decided to have the rest just to prove to Angad that she wasn't a wimp!
They chatted throughout the meal, Angad telling her about where he grew up and about the village and his old friends there!
Kripa unconsciously sipped the Feni till it was all gone!
Angad: So Kripa tell me about yourself now….
Kripa started telling him abt her parents, her dad's and mom's businesses and Mishti's career
Angad : Wo sab toh theek hai, lekin ab batao TUM kya karna chahti ho
Kripa told him she was a 2nd year Art student with architecture and sculpture as minors.
Angad: Aur iskey baad kya karney ka iraada hai?
She said she wanted to be an Art teacher: Mujhey bachchey bahut pasand hain isliye main teacher hi banoongi shayad!
Angad smiled wickedly and muttered to himself: Hmmm she likes kids, Good to know for future reference….
Kripa: Kuch kaha tumney?
Angad: Nahin kuchh nahin, so u like kids, do u?
Kripa looked suspiciously at him, thinking he was teasing her: Yeahh I like kids, I think I can be a good teacher!
Angad brushed her fingers with his: Will you be my teacher? He winked at her naughtily.
Kripa blushed and said: Tumhey teacher ki zaroorat kya hai? Tum to har kaam mein expert ho.
Angad's eyes gleamed devilishly at her unknowingly provocative comment; he was going to retort wickedly when Martha came and started talking to him about old days again! As Martha reminisced about his mother, Kripa noticed that Angad became emotional …..he was trying to change the subject again!

She vaguely wondered why Angad was so tight-lipped about his parents?? Then her mind started wandering!
She was feeling rather strange and sleepy, as if the voices were floating from far away!
She looked at Angad sitting in front of her, there were 2… then 3 Angads floating in front of her eyes, then the room started spinning dangerously……
She cried out: Angad, mujhey bahut chakkar aa rahey hain
Angad: OH NOOOO u finished all the Feni already? I told u to sip it slowly!
He jumped forward to hold her as she tried to stand up swaying from side to side ….she clutched his shirt tightly in her hands as the whole restaurant swam in front of her eyes!
She cried out again in fright as she felt like she was on a rollercoaster and the whole place was diving down into the sea below…..Angad held her in his arms and tried to talk to her but she fell in a dead faint in his arms!
He picked her up in his strong arms easily, he was worried and upset….he shouldn't have forced her to have the Feni…..she had never had alcohol before!
Martha and some other people came forward, concerned about Kripa! Martha said: OH Poor Girl, Feni ki aadat nahin lagta…..ab usey tum kaisey le jayega?
Angad realized he couldn't take her on his bike in that condition……he made up his mind, he said : Main usey paidal hi le jaaoonga, don't worry Martha Aunty….. Stalin ka ghar zyada door nahin yahan se"
He held her up in his arms and walked out with her into the village streets! Martha sighed and said to herself : Andy Son, u are in love with that girl, I know" … she had seen love in his eyes.

Stalin's house was about a mile from the bistro, Angad walked all the way there carrying an unconscious Kripa, glancing worriedly at her inert form frequently! She lay in his arms like a doll, eyes closed, her long lashes lying on the creamy skin of her cheeks!
Dammit,… he mentally cursed himself again…..Why did I make her drink the Feni? I hope shes alright, he thought tensely!

Stalin/Arvind lived in a 3 room flat in a little white house further inside the village. He opened the door to Angad's knocks, looking scruffy and sleepy,( he was taking a siesta)…..he was a tall, thin bearded man wearing his usual loose T-shirt and baggy trousers, both stained all over with paint (looked a lot like Kunal Kapoor)
He looked incredulously at Angad: ANGADD??!!! Tu yahan kya kar raha hai? Aur yeh ladki kaun hai?
He looked with astonishment at the unconscious girl in Angad's arms.
Angad said : Batata hoon, …he carried Kripa to Stalin's bedroom and laid her down on his untidy, unmade bed. He tenderly removed Kripa's dupatta from her neck and wiped the sweat from her brows! He took out his handkerchief and wetted it in a jug of water by the bedside and gently wiped Kripa's forehead and cheeks with the wet cloth.
Stalin watched his tender care of the girl on the bed with some interest and amusement! After a few minutes of wet compress, Kripa moaned softly and turned her head a little, her lips quivered a slightly. Angad was immensely relieved…..she was alright!! recovering her consciosness!! Kripa's eyes fluttered a little, then she fell into a deep slumber. She was alright, Angad thought happily…….now she just needed to sleep off the effects of the alcohol!
He got up from the bed and observed her ….Stalin asked him about the girl again……
Angad told him: Her name is Kripa, Resort mein rehney aayi hai, main usey village dikhaney le aaya tha, she had Feni and passed out"

Stalin looked with male appreciation at the girl's beautiful face and slender curves as she lay on his bed sleeping…she looked like a sunflower in her yellow salwar, her chest rising and falling with deep breaths.
Hmmmm, he said …."Not Bad at all…..bone structure achhi hai…(he tilted his head this way and that)…she has a nice body too….achhi model hogi" he said with artistic appreciation of her beauty!
Angad laughed without humor, then grabbed Stalin's neck in a friendly manner, and growled warningly:
Don't even think about it, Buddy! She's MINE!
Stalin looked astonished: REALLY? Hmmm interesting…..By the way tera is ladki ke saath irada kya hai? One –Day international ya Test Match ya Test Series? (meaning short-term or long-term relationship)
Angad said seriously : Till Death do us Part!
Stalin looked at Angad with shock: WOWW, I cant imagine it! Tu aur yeh Little Ms. Innocent! Yeh teri type ki toh nahin lagti"
Angad asked him mockingly: Toh mera type kya hai?
Stalin: Tera type? Wo college mein Rita thi ya Maya…..waisi koi ladki ….
Angad: Wo sab sirf girl-friends the, ships that pass in the night, college khatam aur rishta bhi khatam, lekin yeh ladki meri destiny hai…..he said with great confidence.
Yes, Angad knew it in his heart…..he couldn't deny it….he was in love with this girl….with her innocence, her simplicity, her purity, her love for nature and beauty and her tender heart! From the 1st time he laid eyes on her, he knew she was meant for him and he was hers. He had never believed in Love at First sight…..TILL IT HAPPENED TO HIM!!

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Aakey teri baahon mein
Har shaam lagey sindoori
Mere man ko mehkaaye
Tere man ki Kastoori!

Kripa woke up an hour later with a throbbing head, dry lips, a blurry vision…….she looked around the untidy little room, scattered with clothes, art supplies and empty beer cans and bottles. She tried to sit up but she was still dizzy and fell back weakly. She could hear Angad's voice in the next room talking to someone. She tried to get up, propped on her elbows and called out to Angad in a shaky voice.
Angad heard her at once, came rushing in and sat down on the bed…..he helped her sit up, propping her up against the pillows, holding her arms and shoulders.
He said: Abhi uthney ki koshish mat karna…..tum abhi tak bahut kamzor ho!
Stalin entered the room and stood there watching Angad-Kripa on his bed with an amused face, arms crossed over his chest!
Kripa asked Angad: Kya main behosh ho gayi thi? Kya yeh Stalin ka ghar hai?
Angad: Yes, Kripa, I am sorry! Meri wajah se tum behosh ho gayi…..I shouldn't have given you that Feni! He looked really crestfallen.
Kripa put her hand on his and said: Nahin Angad, ismey tumhari koi galti nahin, mainey hi jaldi se pee li thi isliye…..
Stalin interrupted them: Now if you two have finished blaming yourselves……Angad can u introduce me to this lovely lady?
Angad laughed and introduced Kripa to Stalin, who came forward and shook hands with Kripa. She smiled shyly and greeted him, looking wonderingly at his Bohemian looks and clothes! She couldn't help smiling.
But she self-consciously covered herself with her dupatta as she saw him staring at her with some fascination!

Angad: Thehro Kripa, main tumharey liye lemonade lekar aata hoon, nasha chhootney ka sabsey achhi dawa hai…
He got her a tall, chilled glass of lemonade that he had already made for her to cure the effects of her hangover.
Kripa sipped the whole glass sitting in the bed with Angad looking on like a concerned guardian!
After finishing the lemonade she said : Thanks, Angad! I feel much better now!
Angad: Good, I am glad! Tumney toh mujhey dara hi diya tha…..he patted her cheek tenderly and smiled.
Kripa finally got up and asked Stalin if she could see his paintings.
Stalin: Sure, Why Not? Angad ne mujhey bataya ke tum bhi ek artist ho…..(after hearing that his attitude towards Kripa had changed, now he wasn't just checking her out as a babe or as a model, she was a fellow-artist now)

He took Kripa to an adjoining room that was his studio…..there were a dozen paintings scattered there…..some finished, some incomplete, paint splattered on walls and furniture…..very much a Bohemian Artist's room! There were some good paintings of the sea , views of the village, regular portraits as well as nude paintings! Kripa blushed a little at the nudes but she took it in her stride as an artist herself, admiring his brush strokes, shading, depth and imagery! Stalin stood beside her, displaying his art and answering her questions as they both discussed his paintings from the P.O.V. of 2 artists!

Angad looked on with a slight irritation and twinges of jealousy at the easy familiarity with which they talked about the paintings. Finally, when Stalin went too close to Kripa while showing her something, he couldn't stand it anymore…..he cleared his throat, came forward and put a possessive arm around Kripa's shoulders and said: Mere khayal se humein abhi chalna chahiye! Shaam honey wali hai....
Kripa suddenly became aware of the time: Oh GOD! Chaar baj gaye!! Mishti mujhey maar dalegi….sunset se pehley ghar lautna hai….she panicked!
Angad: Cool down, Baby-----yeh lo tumhara mobile (he was holding it for Kripa in his pocket) ….Mishti ko phone lagao aur bol do ke hum shaam se pehley hi resort pahunch jayengey!
Kripa called Mishti and informed her, they took leave of Stalin and walked back to Martha's Bistro where Angad's bike was parked. Angad and Kripa both said goodbye to Martha who was relieved to see Kripa feeling better.

Kripa got up on the bike behind Angad, hugged his waist and rested her weary head on his broad back! They roared off into the faint colors of approaching dusk! On the way, they saw the brilliant colors of the setting sun over the Arabian Sea! Kripa made Angad stop the bike and took pictures of the spectacular sunset! Angad smiled indulgently, admiring the way the glowing colors of the setting sun colored her already flushed cheeks a deeper pink!
He suddenly leaned forward and kissed one pink cheek …..she looked at him, taken by surprise but then she smiled, reached up on her tiptoes, held his shoulders and kissed him on his cheek.
She said softly: Thank You for a Perfect Day!
Angad was delighted but being wickedly unstoppable, he said: Buss? Only one kiss?
Kripa: Aur trips per le chalogey to aur milengey (she teased him)
Angad: Phir to main har roz tumhey trips per le jaaoonga! But next time NO FENI for SURE!
Both laughed at that, then they got up on the bike again and roared back to the resort as the daylight dimmed over the darkening sea!

That night, Kripa and Mishti went to dinner with their parents at the Italian restaurant Il Camino and dined on pasta and garlic bread! Naina and Dilip wanted to dine with their daughters as both were too busy with their own friends and activities to meet the girls for dinner anyday! Dilip told them about his golf games with Mr. Mehra and others. Naina, who had spent the whole day at the Holistic Spa at the resort tried unsuccessfully to persuade the girls to join her in the spa for some beauty treatments. Both declined as Mishti was more interested in her own shopping and parasailing(which she had taken up in Kripa's absence)…… and Kripa of course just sat there miserably munching garlic bread and thinking about Angad and wondering what song he was singing at the Morisco that night!

Suddenly Kripa remembered about getting dance lesson permission from her parents! She told Naina rather hesitantly that she wanted to take dance classes from Simone at the Dance Studio there! Naina was delighted to see her shy little daughter taking an interest in dancing….she enthusiastically agreed and asked questions abt Simone and the class…..Kripa replied to all her queries, carefully keeping mention of Angad's name out of it! Mishti noticed this and smirked knowingly! Her little sister was finally learning the ropes, she thought!

Later at night when they were back in their rooms, Kripa got a call on her mobile! It was Angad! Now that Angad had her mobile number he wasn't going to let the chance of talking to her go to waste.
He said in a deep, loving tone: Heyyy Kripa, how are you feeling now?
Kripa: I am okay (she said rather sadly)
Angad: I missed you tonight at the Morisco….
Kripa: I missed you too …..what songs did u sing tonight?
Angad: Tumharey bina mera sangeet adhoora lag raha tha, isliye mainey sirf ek gaana gaya ….who bhi yeh gaana: tere bin ….bardasht nahin kar sakta aur door nahin reh sakta ek din….
Kripa laughed and said: Yeh sab chalta raha toh tumhari naukri chali jaayegi
Angad: Chali jaaye, aisi naukri kis kaam ki jo mujhey tumsey milney na de…..
Kripa : Miley to the, poora din ek saath the
Angad: Kitni bhi baar miley per aisey milan se jee nahin bharta…..zindagi bhar ke liye mil jaao tum…
Kripa: Sochna padega… (she teased back)
Angad: Soch lo, soch lo, I will wait for u……aur haan, kal theek time per dance studio pahunch jaana, mein bhi wahan aa raha hoon, Best of Luck, Baby! Good Night!
He gave a kiss into the phone, Kripa blushed at the mobile and shyly said : Good night Angad!
Angad: Aur mera Kiss?? Kripa: Khaatey mein likh dena…..she giggled and switched off the mobile!

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Shall We Dance?
Eye to eye, arm in arm
Matching step to step
And our souls shall dance in harmony!

December 19. 11 A.M.

Kripa was at the dance studio at exactly 11 after a hurried breakfast with Mishti, who accompanied her to her first class! She was dressed in a short pink T-shirt and grey sweat pants with her hair tied back, a hairband on her head and sneakers on her feet.

Simone greeted Mishti and Kripa and then she started the dance lessons! She told Kripa they were going to learn Ballroom dancing first, beginning with a waltz. She showed Kripa the basic steps of how the man leads with his left foot and the woman retreats with her right one……the Basic Box steps of the Waltz! Woman…right foot back, then left foot side and close, then left foot forward, right to the side and close! She also showed her how the woman is supposed to hold the man during this dance! Mishti watched for some time, then left after a while as she had parasailing lessons at the beach.

Kripa's eyes were searching for Angad ever since she came in…… suddenly she spotted him standing in a corner of the studio watching her seriously as she followed Simone's steps….her eyes lighted up! He was wearing a white T-shirt and grey sweat pants too! He met her eye and waved at her cheerily. Simone saw Angad and beckoned him to come near.
Hi Angad! I need someone to be Kripa's dance-partner…she told him…..she needs to dance with a guy to get her steps correct!
Angad of course was too ready to oblige! Kripa felt her heart race at the thought of dancing with HIM as her dance partner.

Simone got a phone call and she asked Angad to show Kripa the steps and practice with her! She left the room.

Angad placed his right hand under her left arm and held her back…..then he took her left hand and placed it on his shoulder, then he took her right hand in his extended left hand, enclosing it in a firm grip and held his body straight! Kripa was so petite, her face reached his chest ….she stared at his manly chest, admiring the six-packs of muscles outlined by his tautly stretched T-shirt!
Angad leaned close to her ears and whispered: Kripa.. behave yourself, don't be naughty now, you have to concentrate on the dance and not on me….
Kripa flushed angrily… he thinks I am concentrating on him? What does he think of himself? she thought with a huff and a puff! I WILL SHOW HIM!
She determinedly stepped forward……Angad gave a shout of pain, releasing her and hopped around, holding his foot in pain……Kripa had stepped on his foot with her wrong forward step!
" JESUS CHRIST" he swore " Tum itni chhoti si to ho per pairon ka wazan pata nahin kitna hai, lagta hai ek railgaadi chali gayi pair ke upar se!"
Kripa yelled angrily" Kyaaaa? Tumney mujhey MOTI kaha? Main railgaadi jaisi hoon? I wont dance with you" she pouted and turned away!
Angad pulled her around with her arms, then bent and picked her up and took her to a chair near the corner and plopped her down unceremoniously …..he ordered her : Chalo apney jootey utaro" He opened her sneakers and then opened his own too!
Then he said: Haan, ab theek hai, ab pair kuchalney ka koi khatra nahin" he laughed and carried her back to the dance floor again!

Kripa was slightly dazed at his sudden action of opening her shoes……they stood barefoot now in the same pose as before ….then Angad proceeded to show her the dance steps patiently as she constantly forgot her retreating stance and tried to take the lead everytime!

Angad leaned close to her again and said in a soft tone: Kripaaa, Iss dance mein main tumhey lead karoonga, doosrey dance mein tum lead karna, okay? " he chuckled naughtily.
Kripa didn't quite get his meaning but somehow it sounded wicked coming from his sexy lips and she blushed in her confusion again!

Simone returned and put on a softly soothing waltz number on the music system…… was an instumental version of the song " Edelweiss" made popular by the movie "Sound of Music"
The whole morning flew past with Angad showing her the steps, leading her on back, then forward , then they went around in circles and in the ending segment they were supposed to make a complete circle with Kripa moving back all the time and Angad moving forward! Simone was observing and instructing Kripa when she made mistakes (which was often) ……Kripa was holding her body very stiffly as she was not used to the graceful movements of dancing!

Angad asked her to close her eyes and imagine she was floating in water and make her body weightless! She dutifully closed her eyes and imagined herself in the sea once more…….only she also imagined Angad holding her tightly in the water with her legs around him……she opened her eyes with a jerk and said : Its not working!
Angad looked at her with a strange expression….. She turned her face away before her eyes gave away what she was thinking.

More waltz music played on the system.......Under the Bridges of Paris and Moonriver....two soft, melodious numbers from yesteryears! (thanks To bheegi/Sangeeta )

As Angad started to lead her again, she was intensely conscious of his arm touching the side of her chest as it circled her, she felt the warmth of his hand through the thin T-shirt on her back! Her heart thudded in her chest suddenly at his nearness and her face flushed!

Angad leaned down and softly said: " Relaaax, Kripa! Feel the music, go with the flow, trust in me to guide you"
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relax, letting the soft, sweet music take over her other senses….….all of a sudden, she felt like she was floating in heaven with Angad holding her safe and sound …..she could breathe his clean, male scent and feel his hand on her back, warm and comforting! She smiled sweetly in content, letting him lead her at last as she surrendered her will to his in a graceful waltz!

At the end of the dance, Simone, who was watching from a corner, clapped loudly and came forward:
Very Good, Kripa! You are a FAST learner! ….she exclaimed in surprised pleasure…..Angad was right, you have the potential to be a good dancer!
Kripa looked up in surprise at Angad and thought …So he thinks I have the potential to be a good dancer? She flushed with pleasure as a warm feeling swept through her …..and her heart flooded with that warmth too, giving her a slightly giddy feeling!

The morning's lesson ended with Simone congratulating Kripa on completing her waltz lesson, she said : Tomorrow we can start with swing dance! You are ready to move on, Kripa! Well done!
Kripa thanked her, immensely happy at her success on the very first day!
Then she turned to Angad and said: Yeh sab tumhari wajah se hua hai, Angad! Thanks! …. She smiled at him gratefully!
Angad winked at her : Baad mein sab wasool kar loonga….. he promised devilishly!
Kripa turned red and turned away to hide her from those soul-piercing eyes of his!
She was flustered and breathless again! Angad said behind her neck : Mere portrait ke baarey mein yaad hai na? Bhool to nahin gayi?
Kripa turned to him and said: Of course not! Kitney bajey jaogey bolo?
Angad: We can meet for Lunch after changing our clothes, wahin se chaley jaayengey!
Kripa agreed and they went back to their respective quarters to shower and freshen up for lunch.

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Part 14

Color me, Love
In the colors of your Love
And make me Complete!

Angad took Kripa for lunch to the Martini Bar, beside the largest pool at the resort. It was a delightful nook by the poolside overlooking the virgin sands of the Calangute. It was dimly lighted inside despite the bright winter sunlight outside, soft sounds of the piano was coming from a corner and the bartender was serving cocktails and drinks at the large Bar area where a large number of people were seated. Kripa looked around with interest as this was the 1st time she was at a Bar!

There were many small round tables scattered where mostly couples were sitting coochie-cooing as they sipped on drinks….Kripa felt a little awkwad but Angad led her to a cozy table in the corner, lighted by a candle in a rose bowl! He ordered a martini for himself and a strawberry daiquiri for Kripa, assuring her that it was non-alcoholic. The Feni fiasco was still fresh in their minds. They lunched on snacks …bite sized club sandwiches, quesadillas, and fried seafood. Angad was delighted to see that she ate the fried shrimps and clams without being urged by him.

As Angad sipped his 2nd martini, Kripa asked him: Tumhey sharab se nasha nahin hota?
Angad laughed : I grew up having Feni and beer, what do u expect from a true Goa dude?
Then he suddenly became serious, his voice deepened: " Waisey bhi mujhey sharab se nasha nahin hota", ….he added huskily, his eyes looking deeply into hers…. "Mujhey nasha hota hai toh sirf tumharey in aankhon ka, tumharey in hothon ka (his heated gaze dropped down to her strawberry-stained lips) aur tumhari meethi baaton ka"
Kripa was mesmerized by his eyes, the husky tone of his voice….. she couldn't look away from those intense eyes looking at her with so much passion, she felt weak and breathless….she was pinned by his gaze, unable to move or speak as their eyes remained locked for an eternity.
A loud sound of laughter from the bar area snapped them out of their spell……..Kripa looked down, her face flushed……Angad caught her hand that was still on the table and held it, caressing her delicate fingers!
Kripa looked around in panic, afraid somebody would see them…..she tried to remove her hand from his, but he tightened his grip. She looked up to see him still looking at her intensely………She pleaded softly:
Please, Angad, is tarah se mat dekho mujhey…
Angad: Kyun, dekhney per tax lagta hai kya?
Kripa: Haath chhodo mera….
Angad: Aur agar nahin chhoda to? He said with a glint in his eyes.
Kripa: Agar nahin chhoda toh ….toh …toh…..main tumhari tasveer nahin banaoongi!
Angad let go of her hand in mock panic and said: Phir to haath chhodna hi padega, aakhir yeh mere future ka sawaal hai…..he laughed at her attempt to lighten the situation, then finished his drink in one gulp, pulled her up and said : Come on Lets go and start our portrait session!

They brought her easel and paint supplies from her room and went to the deserted building behind the Fort walls. It was probably a guesthouse at some time but then after the expansion of the resort, it had been abandoned. Angad had obtained the key from the resort manager, they went inside and set up her art-stuff in the front room of the building. It was quite clean, obviously somebody still took care of it…..there were 2 bedrooms and one bathroom that still had running water and plumbing. The bedrooms still had beds and one old table in each with chairs. The living-room was large and well-lighted from big windows on two sides. Kripa set up her easel in a way to capture light from one set of windows, then she asked Angad to pose in front of the other window facing her! Angad stood with legs slightly apart, Kripa put a footstool in front of his leg and asked him to place his foot on it to prop it up a little bit. So Angad's final pose was a three-quarter silhouette with one leg raised to the side, turned slightly sidewise with his elbow on his raised knee! He was wearing a blue denim shirt with denim pants…..Kripa thought…. tomorrow when I add in the colors I will ask him to wear his white open-necked shirt, he looks really handsome in that one!

Kripa started sketching him with her pencil …..she looked at him seriously and looked down again as her hands flew on the canvas……..time passed, an old clock ticked in the room, as Kripa worked silently …..Angad watched her concentrate on her work with great intensity, chewing her lips or frowning sometimes. Once she stopped with the sketch pencil in her hand and said: Angad, kal tum apna guitar laa saktey ho?
Angad: Kyun? Guitar kyun? Hum yahan gaana gayengey kya?
Kripa: Dhatt! Buddhu! (she exclaimed affectionately) …Gaana kyun? I want u to pose with the guitar, aur bhi achha effect hoga….guitar ke bagair kuchh adhoora sa lag raha hai" She stepped back and surveyed her sketch of his outline. She was quite pleased.

When she looked up again, Angad had moved his face towards the window and was looking out at something….
Angaddd!!!!….she exclaimed…..pose kharab kar diya na? Kyun turn kiya? Ab phir se mooh ghumao (he turned too far right) …..nahin..itna zyada right nahin, aur thodi left (she instructed)…..he turned too much left again looking out the window.
Kripa, exasperated with his childish games went to him and took his cheeks in her hand, turning it to the exact angle she wanted it, Angad grinned happily, this is exactly what he had wanted, her hands positioning him! He quickly caught her hand in his and said : Model ko ek kiss nahin dogi?…
Kripa : Main Stalin nahin hoon, jo apni model ko kiss karoon (she giggled ) , she took away her hand and walked back to her canvas!
Angad said sadly : Kya zamana aa gaya hai, sitting bhi do aur tankhwa bhi na miley…..
Kripa laughed and said: Badey badey Raja-Maharaja jab tasveer banvaatey hain toh artist ko paisa detey hain….aur yahan tum ulta mujhsey maang rahey ho?
Angad made a regal face and asked: Toh bataao Madame, inaam kya chahiye? Hum kuchh bhi deney ko tayyar hain" He winked at her wickedly with that declaration.
Kripa: Inaam main baad mein maang loongi (she retorted cheekily)
Angad (Mughal-E-Azam style) : Us din ka hum intezaar karengey, ladki!
Kripa laughed loudly at his craziness, a warm feeling coming into her heart! He was such a joker, always teasing her and being naughty! She loved his sense of humor, although sometimes he went overboard…..she loved his charming smile, his wicked comments, she loved the look in his eyes when he looked at her…..she felt so desirable and wanted…..she loved the way he was fooling around driving her crazy…she loved the way she felt, being in his arms….she loved….……
Kripa stood still in sudden realization…..SHE LOVED HIM! YES, SHE LOVED HIM!
She was so overjoyed with the realization that she forgot to paint and stood with the brush in her hands, staring at her beloved's face! Angad saw the bemused expression on her face and asked : Hey Kripa, kya hua? Koi bijli gir padi kya?
Kripa, still dazed from her realization: Haan …..nahin….kuchh bhi toh nahin….
Angad's piercing eyes didn't miss anything, her eyes were too expressive…..he smiled to himself and thought: Lagta hai ab manzil mere bahut paas hai…

He stepped up to her after some time and said: Dekhein toh kaisi ban rahi hai hamari tasveer…
Kripa stood in front of the canvas, guarding it and shook her head violently: Nahin nahin ab mat dekhna, abhi sirf sketch hua hai….
Angad pulled her arms and said: Ohh come on, let me see how I look….
As she moved away he saw a few squiggly lines and a funny bunny face on the canvas……KYAAAA? YEH MAIN HOON? ….He exclaimed in shock!
Kripa giggled and removed the upper sheet below which was the actual sketch ……
She said cheekily : Toh tum kya sochtey ho sirf tum hi ullu bana saktey ho……she showed her thumb at him and stuck out her tongue, teasing him!
Angad : Thehro main tumhey dikhata hoon, I am going to get u for this……..he chased her as she ran around the room laughing, finally catching her near the window…..she hit him with her fists and laughed hysterically, trying to escape from him!
He suddenly caught her head in his big hand, grasping her long hair and bent her over his arm…..Kripa stopped laughing, staring at his boldly intense eyes…..her breath quickened as his face descended over hers, then his lips captured hers in a deep, passionate kiss which left her quivering and breathless! His lips duelled with hers, coaxing her, teasing her, loving her! When he finally let her go, she was red and felt her legs give away! Angad picked her up in his arms and she hid her flushed face in his chest and breathed his manly essence! Her lips throbbed from his kiss but her heart sang a joyous tune of Love! So this was Love, she thought with a strange happiness!

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Part 15


Angad lifted up a trembling Kripa in his arms and carried her to the lone, dusty old couch in the room. He sat down with her on his lap….. her face was hidden in his chest, her fingers holding on to his shirt, eyes closed, breathing deeply! They sat like that for some time, Angad's fingers gently caressing the silky hair falling over her face…. his face touched her head, he kissed her fragrant hair, breathing in her perfume……sweet-pea he thought it was! She tastes so sweet, he thought, the taste of her lips was still on his………his heart thudded with a deep feeling of love and contentment!

Song in the background: (S.P. Balasubramaniam/Lata----Vansh)-----song link is at bottom of the page!

Aake Teri Baahon Mein, Har shaam lage sindoori
Mere man ko mahakaye, tere man ki kasturi

Mehakee hawaayen udataa aanchal, lat ghoongharaale kaale baadal
prem sudhaa nainon se barase, pee lene ko jeewan tarase
baahon mein kas lene de, preet kaa chumban lene de
In adharon se chhalak naa jaaye, yauwan ras angooree
aa ke teri baahon mein, har shaam lage sindoori

sundarataa kaa bahataa saagar, tere liye hain rup ke baadal
indradhanush ke rang churaoo, teri zulmee maang sajaaoo
do foolon ke khilane kaa, waqt yahee hain milane kaa
aajaa mil ke aaj mitaa de, thodee see ye dooree
aa ke teri baahon mein, har shaam lage sindoori
Mere man ko mahakaye, tere man ki kasturi
aa ke teri baahon mein, har shaam lage sindoori

They were both content to be in each other's arms, listening to their heartbeats, learning what they said to each other……shadows darkened the room with approaching dusk….
Angad (softly) : Kripaa…
Kripa: Mmmmm? (her face still in his chest)
Angad: Aaj raat ko tum Morisco aa rahi ho na?
Kripa nodded : Mmm Hmmmm
Angad: Aaj main tumharey liye kuchh special geet gaaoonga…
Kripa: Mmmmm hmmmm?
Angad : So gayi kya?
Kripa slowly raised her head and looked at him, her eyes met his and he saw her heart reflected in those beauties of hers!
Kripa (shyly) :Angad, ek baat kahoon, tum kal apna safed shirt pehenkey aana, portrait ke liye….
Angad : Kyun? Wo safed shirt hi kyun?
Kripa: Aisey hi…..tum usmein achhey lagtey ho.... she added softly!
Angad smiled curiously at her, she avoided his eyes, she couldn't tell him that he looked like a swashbuckling, handsome pirate in that shirt with his buttons open and his gold cross hanging over his tanned chest!
Kripa slowly got up from his lap and went to her easel, silently gathering up her stuff. Angad went and helped her…..he told her they could leave the unfinished portrait in the building as he had the key and nobody else could access it! Before leaving, they watched the sunset together from the ruins of the old fort, the vermillion colors touching their faces like sindoor from the heavens!

8 P.M. Morisco

Mishti and Kripa were again seated at their usual table, having after-dinner coffee, when the lights dimmed again and Angad came on stage:

He announced : Main yeh gaana ek special lady ke liye gaana chahta hoon, jo mere dil mein, mere khwaabon mein basi hui hai, jisey main dil-o- jaan se pyaar karta hoon!

Angad started playing his guitar and sang this lovely song to his Lady Love who sat there blushing with pleasure and happiness: (Ek Ajnabee---Kunal Ganjawala)

(tere liye meri saansen mujhe tujhse pyar hai
tujhpe hi ai zindagi jaan nisaar hai ) - 2
mere do jahaan tu hain
meri khwaahishen tu hain
meri dhadkanein tu hain
tu hain tu hain tu hain
tere liye meri saansen mujhe tujhse pyar hai
tujhpe hi ai zindagi jaan nisaar hai

tu nazar ke pass hai kya ajab ehsaas hai - 2
mere toh shaamo sehar tere liye
tere liye - 2
tere liye meri saansen mujhe tujhse pyar hain
tujhpe hi ai zindagi jaan nisaar hai

aasman ki hoor hai tu toh rab ka noor hai
tujhsa na koi yahaan jaane na tu
jaane na tu - 2
tere liye meri saansen mujhe tujhse pyar hain
tujhpe hi ai zindagi jaan nisaar hai
mere do jahaan tu hain
meri khwaahishen tu hain
meri dhadkanein tu hain
tu hain tu hain tu hain

During the song, Angad jumped down from the stage and serenaded Kripa at her table; everyone cheered and clapped to see his lady love! Mishti looked on gleefully, happy that her plan to get her sister hitched had worked so well! Kripa smiled and looked at Angad lovingly, her eyes slightly moist at his tender declaration of love!

There was loud applause after the song! Angad started on the next one:

Nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yarron maano
Nashe mein yaar doob jaao
Raho na hosh mein deewanon
Ki jabse maine tumko ye dil de diya
Meetha meetha sa dard le liye
Suno o priya
Maine tumko dil diya

Nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yarron maano
Nashe mein yaar doob jaao
Raho na hosh mein deewanon

Nazar se yoon nazar mili nazar
Deewana main ho gaya
Asar ye kya hua asar
Kahan ye mann kho gaya
Behke behke kadam behka behka hai mann
Chha gaya chha gaya mujhpe deewanapan
Sun o priya
Maine tumko dil diya

Nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yarron maano
Nashe mein yaar doob jaao
Raho na hosh mein deewanon

Jhguki jhuki nigaah mein bala ki shokhiyaan chhupi
Khuli khuli laton mein bhi haay ghata ki mastiyaan ruki
Ye haya ye ada ye haseen ye nayan
De gaya de gaya meethi meethi chubhan
Suno o priya
Maine tumko dil diya

Nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yarron maano
Nashe mein yaar doob jaao
Raho na hosh mein deewanon
Ki jabse maine tumko ye dil de diya
Meetha meetha sa dard le liye
Suno o priya
Maine tumko dil diya

Nasha ye pyaar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yarron maano
Nashe mein yaar doob jaao
Raho na hosh mein deewanon

For the next song, Angad and his band-mate Philipe teamed up to sing this song by Big Mountain/ UB 40:

Ooooh Baby I love ur way everyday
I want to be with you night and day everyday

Shadows grow so long before my eyes
And they're moving across the page
Suddenly the day turns into night
Far away from the city
Well, don't hesitate, 'cause your love won't wait...

Ooo, baby, I love your way, everyday
Gonna tell you I love your way, everyday
Wanna be with you night and day
Moon appears to shine and light the skies
With the help of some firefly
Wonder how they have the power to shine
I can see them under the pine
But don't hesitate, 'cause your love won't wait...

Ooo, baby, I love your way, everyday
Gonna tell you I love your way, everyday
Wanna be with you night and day

(solo - on verse) but don't hesitate, 'cause your love won't wait...
I can see the sunset in your eyes
Brown and grey, blue besides
Clouds are stalking islands in the sun
Wish I could buy one out of season
But don't hesitate, 'cause your love won't wait...

Ooo, baby, I love your way, everyday
Gonna tell you I love your way, everyday
Wanna be with you night and day

And to end the evening he sang a rambunctious number with Goan beats:

First time dekha tumhey hum kho gaya
Second time mein love ho gaya

Yeh akkha India jaanta hai hum tum pe marta hai
Dil kya cheez hai janam hum yeh jaan tere naam karta hai

People got up and started dancing as always to the beats of the foot-tapping song…..Angad came down and held his hand out to Kripa ….she was more confident already after one successful ballroom dancing class so she just swung along with Angad holding one hand of his! Mishti looked on with delight, clapping wildly, overjoyed to see her shy little sister dancing with Angad.

After the program, as Kripa and Mishti were leaving, Angad called Kripa's name from the back…….
She hung back while Mishti went ahead, Angad pulled her into a hallway and asked her: Wheres my Goodnight kiss?
Kripa reached up on tiptoes and kissed his lips lightly, but before he could pull her closer and kiss her harder, she giggled and ran away!

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Part 16


Next morning, Kripa had breakfast with her parents and Mishti at the Seashell Restaurant and later on Naina wanted to show them the spa at the resort……. As a result, Kripa got late for her Dance class! When she reached the Gym, it was already 11:30 A.M.

The place looked deserted as she walked down the long corridor with changing rooms on either side! As she reached the door of the Dance Studio she heard low voices inside! She stepped inside and THEN….....

Angad and Simone were standing there in each other's arms…..Simone's head was on Angad's shoulder, her arms tightly hugging him, Angad was slowly petting her head and back and talking to her in a low voice…..She couldn't see Simone's face but Angad's was full of tenderness and affection! The scene burned her heart like a thousand burning knives twisted inside her!
Kripa gasped loudly…..she felt as if she had been hit by a sledgehammer…….ANGAD AND SIMONE???!!!! NAHIIIN YEH NAHIN HO SAKTA!!!! Her breath stuck in her throat as her heart twisted with a wrenching pain……She backed out of the door and turned and ran, her eyes blinded with tears of agony!

NOOO NOOO HOW CAN THIS BE? HOW CAN ANGAD LOVE SIMONE? NOT ANGAD AND SIMONE!!! She felt as if her whole world had come crashing down in one blow as intolerable pain tore through her!
She ran blindly towards the exit door, sobbing wildly…. she faintly heard a voice behind her shout: KRIPAA RUK JAAO!
Angad had heard her gasp as he stood there with Simone…… every sense of his was so attuned to Kripa that he had heard that faint sound at the door….he had looked up and seen Kripa turn and run, he realized at once what had happened…that she had seen him with Simone! He ran after her: RUK JAAO KRIPA! WAIT, DON'T GO! He shouted as he ran after her down the hallway!
Kripa ran , sobbing and gasping, but Angad finally caught her just by the exit door and pulled her into a side hallway!
CHHOD DO MUJHEY……she struggled wildly, sobbing loudly now, hitting his chest, his arms, as tears flowed copiously down her cheeks!
Angad : Kripaaa, meri baat suno!
Angad struggled with her,, holding on to her arms but she fought him like a little wildcat! Finally he pushed her against the wall, pinning her with his body : KRIPA, PAGAL MAT BANO, MERI BAAT SUNO! LISTEN TO ME, DAMMITT!! Tumney jo dekha usey galat samjha…..SIMONE IS ENGAGED, DAMMITT, SHE IS ENGAGED!!!
Kripa stopped struggling when she heard that, she looked up at him incredulously, her face flooded with tears!
Angad : Yes, Kripa, Simone is engaged to Philipe! Tumhey Philipe to yaad hai na? Mera band-mate…..un dono ki shadi honey wali hai next year June mein!
Kripa still hiccuped with her sobs: Phir tum aur Simone…??? she asked slowly..
Angad: Simone is my cousin sister! Mere Aunt ki beti hai, She and I….we grew up together! She was very upset, uski zindagi mein ek bahut badi problem aa gayi hai…..I was just trying to comfort her!!
Kripa sobbed : Kaun si problem?
Angad: Yeh uski personal problem hai….main nahin bata sakta….haan agar wo permission de to main bataoonga zaroor!

Kripa looked down, still sobbing a little, feeling ashamed now of her fears and suspicions about Angad!
Angad put a finger under her chin and raised her tear-stained face up to his….He asked tenderly:
Ab bataao, tum mujhey Simone ke saath dekhkar itni kyun ro rahi thi?

Kripa closed her eyes and tried to turn her head….Angad held her cheeks in his cupped hand and gently turned her towards him again….
He whispered: Kya tumhey jalan ho rahi thi? Bataao Kripa, were u jealous?

Kripa sobbed softly and looked at his love-filled eyes, closed hers again!
Angad said huskily: Kripa meri taraf dekho…..sach bataao, tum Simone ke saath mujhey dekhkar kyun ro rahi thi? Were you jealous?

Finally Kripa nodded, her eyes closed….
Angad: Kyun Kripa? Tell me why were u jealous? Tell me, Kripa?

Kripa shyly turned her face away, trembling now at his nearness, his hot breath touching her face, his whispered questions probing her heart and soul!
He lowered his face, rubbing his nose on her wet cheeks, he kissed the tears tenderly,…..
He nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear: Keh do na, Kripa, please keh do,….

he said huskily: Keh do wo teen lafz jinhey sunney ke liye main kabsey taras raha hoon!

Kripa shivered with suppressed feelings, which were trying to erupt out of her heart ….erupt .into those words that he so badly wanted to hear!
Angad was also trembling now, feeling her quivering body in his arms,…he was yearning, hungry for her confession of love….. he whispered again: Keh do Kripa, mujhey aur mat tadpaao….
Kripa's lips were trembling, as she finally whispered softly: I…I…….Love….You…
Angad trembled with happiness, he turned her face to him with his fingers,…."Phir se bolo, Kripa"
Kripa looked into his loving, yearning eyes and whispered again: I …Love you…..Angad…"..her eyes shone with tears of Love!
His lips came down on hers then, kissing her deeply, tenderly, thanking her for her gift of love!
Then he embraced her in a tight grip and said : I love you Kripa, I love you!
Both were breathless, trembling, sweat beading their brows and lips, caught in the grip of a powerful passion!

After some time, Angad raised his head from her neck where it was buried…..he held her waist and lifted her up in his arms so their faces were almost level again, he kissed her cheeks, her nose, her lips, her chin….he kissed her all over…..Kripa just closed her eyes, trembling, receiving his shower of kisses on her face and lips just like the earth receives rain from the heavens!
She circled her arms around his neck, and kissed him back…..their lips met, teased, played with each other's, his tongue probed her mouth, tasting her, loving her! She trembled with an unknown pleasure, her body becoming pliant against his!

They were so lost in their own world, they didn't hear somebody approach them till the footsteps were just a few feet away! They broke apart, out of breath, flustered, embarassed!
It was Simone,,,,,,she passed by them, and commented loudly : GET A ROOM, YOU TWO!!!
Then she laughed and went out the exit door!
Angad and Kripa remained breathless in each other's arms for a few seconds, then they both started laughing!
He whispered naughtily: Kyun? Kya kehti tu? Room le lein?
Kripa hit him in mock anger: ANGAAADD!! …then hid her red face in his chest!
Angad caressed her hair and said: Lagta hai aaj ka class cancel ho gaya…..waisey bhi Simone ki tabiyat kuchh theek nahin hai….achha hi hua…ab hum poori subah pyar kar saktey hain.... without interruption!
He lifted her up and carried her out into the bright sunlight outside.

He walked with her down to the beach where they spent the rest of the morning in each other's arms, whispering sweet nothings, as all lovers do when their love is newfound! Mostly, Angad whispered naughty suggestions in her ears and she blushed or hit him when he was too-- too wicked!
Kripa asked him: Angad, ek baat poochhoon? kya tumney mujhsey pehley kisisey pyar kiya tha?
Angad: Haan, of course kiya tha!
Kripa (hurt and angry) : Kis-sey?
Angad: Thi ek, bahut khubsoorat, sexyyy, hawt...…..
Kripa (more angry now)…Kaun thi wo?
Angad : Meri 9th grade ki English teacher! Bahut short-short skirts pehenti thi…..mera to padhai mein dhyaan hi nahin rehta tha…..bus uski legs dekhta rehta…..he made a dreamy face, then started laughing!
Kripa started hitting him hard, her little hands punching his chest, arms, biceps, wherever they could reach!
Angad laughed and tried to ward off her blows!
Kripa pouted : Tum har waqt mujhey tease kyun kartey ho? Bahut shaitaan ho….
Angad: Main tumhey tease kyun karta hoon?…..he leaned very close to her and said: Mujhey tumharey in chhotey chhotey haathon se maar khana bahut achha lagta hai…..bahut meethey hain tumharey haath"….he caught her hands and kissed them one by one!
Kripa blushed, but then she said in mock anger: Achha to tumhey maar khana achha lagta hai….thehro main tumhey kuchh aur sazaa deti hoon!
She pinched his arm hard…..he said consideringly : Ummm, Nahin, kuchhh laga nahin, laga jaisey ek machhar ne kaata! He laughed at her!
Kripa was more desperate now, she had a brainwave……
She got up and started tickling his neck and arms! Now the truth is Angad WAS very ticklish! So when she started tickling him, he couldn't stand it……he rolled on the beach-sand, laughing hysterically, legs curled up!
Kripa laughed, mercilessly tickling him: Ab samjhey na bachchoo, Kripa Sharma se panga leney ka matlab!
Angad suddenly rolled over, grabbing her arms….. Dragging her under him, he pinned her with his superior strength, holding her offending arms above her head …..Angad : Ab, Ms Kripa Sharma, ab kya karogi tum? .....He asked with a dangerous glint in his eyes!
Kripa struggled to free her arms : ANGADDD!! THIS IS NOT FAIR! You cannot use your muscles!
Angad laughed devilishly : Tumney wo kahaavat nahin suni, sweetheart? Everything is Fair in Love and War! Ab war to hum karengey nahin, isiliye love mein sab jaayaz hoga…..he laughed again!
Kripa struggled again but her raised arms brought her curves closer to his face…….his breathing changed, his eyes fell on her heaving chest…..Kripa saw this and froze ….her face reddened and turning her face, she closed her eyes and stopped struggling! Her pulse quickened…..breathing faster as she felt his hot gaze on her body!
His face descended on her neck, he licked the beating pulse there, his warm tongue making her tremble and shiver helplessly! He kissed all over her neck and shoulders, pulling down her sleeves…..Kripa quivered in response….he kissed down to her neckline, where the swelling of her curves strained against him…..he kissed her soft skin…. Kripa moaned with pleasure at the touch of his lips and tongue on her skin!

She didn't know it would feel so good and sweet …..all her senses were attuned to Angad's lips now, which were moving over her exposed neckline, nuzzling, tasting! He released her arms, wanting her to surrrender and so she did….as her arms went around his neck, he kissed her lips passionately, deeply….their tongues, breaths, hearts mingling in a joyous ecstasy!
Sounds of laughter and people approaching them ….they broke apart, flushed and shaking …..Angad sat up, Kripa did too, hugging her knees to her chest! Her heart was pounding, his pulse was racing, they sat there trying to catch their breath, and slow down their heartbeats!
They silently got up and holding hands, walked back to their rooms!



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Part 17


December 20…..1 P.M.
As soon as Kripa returned to her suite, Mishti sprung out of her room, she hugged Kripa and spun her around, chattering happily : Kripaaa, Kartik pahunch gaya Mumbai! Yahan aa raha hai chaar bajey ki flight se…..hum sab ek saath raat ko dinner karengey, with Mama and Papa! She laughed in joy and excitement!
Kripa hugged her sister and said : Oh Diii, I am so happy for you, Jeeju itney dinon baad aa rahey hain!
She felt happy for her sister but slightly depressed that she wouldn't get to see Angad at Morisco that night! But she knew she must spend some time with her family as well!
Mishti: Chal , lets go have lunch at the poolside place!

Kripa showered and changed into a yellow ethnic top and red bandhni skirt, looking as pretty as a peach, she wore ethnic earrings…leaving her swan-like neck bare! Somebody had once told her she had a beautiful neck, so she didn't need accessories everytime and she followed that friend's fashion advice most of the time! Her hair was open and still slightly wet!

They went to the BBQ place and sat outside as usual under the thatched umbrellas! Mishti ordered grilled shrimp and BBQ chicken, while Kripa had her usual grilled mushrooms and cheese!
As they were eating, her eyes searched around for that beloved face…..suddenly she spotted him at the Bar area, he was sipping on a drink and looking at her with THOSE eyes! She flushed with happiness, smiling at him lovingly! He raised his glass to her, his eyes roving over her beautiful dress…..she had dressed specially for him today!

Mishti saw Angad and called him to their table…..Angad came and pulled up a chair right next to Kripa and sat down!
" Hi Mishti! Kaisi ho tum? " he asked.
Mishti: I am fine, more than fine, actually…..she told Angad about her fiance Kartik arriving at the resort in the evening…..that hes studying management in Chicago and is coming for a 10-11 days vacation!
Angad: That's GREAT! I will get a chance to meet this mahaan guy who will have to manage you…he winked at his honey wali saali (at least in his mind) !
Mishti: Haan haan dekhengey kaun kisko manage karta hai! ….She laughed, taking a sip of her mango drink!
Angad quickly grabbed Kripa's left hand which was resting on the table as she forked up her paneer with right hand…..he took her hand under the table and put it on his thigh, caressing her palm with his fingers!
Kripa blushed furiously, but she let her hand stay in his, biting her lips at the sensations he was creating inside her!
Angad: So aaj raat ka kya plan hai tum dono ka? He looked at both the girls…
Mishti: Oh aaj raat ko hum Morisco nahin aa payengey! We are having dinner with Kartik and our parents at the Seashell Restaurant!
Angad (disappointed) ….Ohhhhh…so I wont see you at my program tonite? His hand squeezed Kripa's soft one possessively under the table!
Mishti: Im afraid not tonite…..but never mind, kal hum dono Kartik ko saath lekar aayengey tumhara program dikhaney!
Angad: You know, aaj raat ko beach per BONFIRE hai, are you two interested in going? Kartik ko saath lekey aana…I think he will enjoy it…, gaana, masti, dancing around the fire! He grinned looking hotly at Kripa as he said that!
Mishti (enthusiastic) : Oh My God, Really? Beach Bonfire? Hum zaroor aayengey… ke din yaad aa gaye, kitna mazaa aata tha, friends ke saath guitar bajana, gaana, antakshari, dance,….we really enjoyed those nights and days! She said dreamily abt college life outings!
Kripa, who had led a sheltered, protected, quiet life so far and never been to college outings, looked a little dejected and said: Mainey kabhi Beach Bonfires nahin dekhi?

Angad leaned close to her when Mishti was picking up a shrimp and said huskily: Lagta hai tumney zindagi mein bahut kuchh nahin kiya….don't worry… I will change that" he promised devilishly!
Kripa blushed again at his wicked promise and pinched his hand hard!
Angad: UFFFFFFF!!!!
Mishti (looking up) : Kya hua?
Angad: Machchhar! Yahan beach mein chhotey chhotey machchhar hain, kabhi bhi kaat letey hain….he grabbed her hand again and squeezed it hard!
He quickly whispered in her ears: Baad mein dekh loonga!
Kripa bit her lips and looked away…..he was looking like the handsome pirate of her fantasies, in the white open-necked shirt and brown trousers, golden cross at his neck!
Her heart leaped with excitement at his husky threat!
Mishty's sharp eyes had seen the whispers and blushes, she smiled to herself, finished her lunch quickly and with drink in hand, looked around….she spotted her parasailing friend, Anitah…
Anitaah, she called out loudly and excused herself from Angad and Kripa and left the table to go talk to that girl.

Angad leaned at once and kissed Kripa's bare neck, he whispered: Tum aaj BAHUT Khubsoorat lag rahi ho…..
Kripa blushed but looked at his eyes and said: Aur tum bahut handsome lag rahey ho…
Angad: Yah I know you want to see me in this white shirt……vajeh pooochh sakta hoon? He aksed quizzically!
Kripa blushed a deep red-… could she tell him he looked like a roving sea-pirate in those clothes, with his bold eyes and wicked smile?
Angad reminded her: Aaj portrait nahin banaogi?
Kripa : Haan, lets go now….her heart suddenly leaped with the thought of being alone with Angad at the guesthouse! Pata nahin kya karega wahan ? she thought a little apprehensively!
But Angad was very well-behaved as he sat for her portrait…..he had brought his guitar to the place beforehand…..he posed for her with his hand on his guitar resting on the ground, his shirt buttons open (one for ventilation, two for style) ……Kripa couldn't help staring at his muscular chest, with the cross hanging there, her lips became dry, she licked them….Angad noticed that, he wanted to grab her and kiss those moist lips but he controlled the urge, letting her paint him in her colors!

There was something very sensuous about having Kripa paint his portrait! When an artist paints a person, he transfers the essence of him/her, body and soul, on the canvas! Angad wanted Kripa to capture him, absorb him, body and soul, and fill him in the colors of her imagination!

As Kripa became aborbed in filling in the colors into her sketch, she paused at times, looking at the portrait seriously, chewing the end of the paintbrush! Angad saw that and wished he could be the paintbrush! He started having wicked thoughts in his mind and shifted uncomfortably!
Kripa: ANGADDD, tum phir se hilney lagey?
Angad: Come on Yaar, kuchh to kripa karo…..kabsey ek position mein khada hoon, my feet are hurting...
Kripa relented: Okay, dus minute ka break!
Angad : GREATT! He leaped towards her at once, then he checked out his portrait……Hmmmmm NOT BADD, kaafi achha hai. He said, admiring how she had captured his personality on her canvas!
Kripa : Thanks! Do u want to sit down? Thoda aaram kar lo, phir shuru karengey
Angad : Haan aaram to mujhey chahiye…..he suddenly scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom!
Kripa: ANGADD, Yeh kya kar rahey ho? chhodo mujhey, mujhey kuchhh rang bharney hain....
Angad: Pehley mere dil ke rang bharo , phir tasveer ka bharna…
He placed Kripa on the bed, leaned on her and asked her: Ab batao, tum mujhey yeh shirt kyun pehnati ho?
Kripa blushed and turned her face away…..Angad: Bataao Kripa, jab tak tum nahin batati, main tumhey chhodunga nahin…
Kripa shyly admitted : Wo ...wo kya hai na….us shirt mein tum ekdum sea-pirate jaisa dikhtey ho…
Angad's eyes glittered with devilry and something else: Toh tum mujhey sea-pirate samajhti ho?
Kripa (flustered)….Haan …..nahin….I didn't mean that…..yehi ke tum waisey dikhtey ho…
Angad whispered, leaning close to her face, his eyes glittering: Aur tum? Are you the captured maiden?
She started to protest but he caught her hands suddenly, pinning them near her head, holding her wrists tightly!
Kripa shivered, looking up at him, wide-eyed, unsure and trembling!
Angad looked deep into her wide, beautiful eyes, his own gleaming with desire:
He said huskily: Batao Kripa, are you my captured maiden? Kya main tumhara pirate hoon?
Kripa closed her eyes, blushing at his suggestive words….trembling as a sweet sensation spread all over her!
His face came down on hers, his lips covered hers, as he kissed her slowly, his tongue coaxing her lips to open….he whispered…Kiss me, Kripa….
She kissed him back, her tongue shyly tasting his male breath..... as their tongues mated, swirled, tasted each other, she felt a strange sweetness inside her, her toes curled, her body unconsciously arching against him!
Angad shuddered with pleasure with the sweet taste of her mouth, the sweet arch of her soft body under him…..he groaned and his lips went down to the graceful curve of her neck, kissing her skin, tasting it! She breathed heavily, moaning softly, as sensations swept over her….as she felt his mouth go down to the swell of her curves, revealed slightly by the low neckline of her top….he nuzzled her softness, kissing her all over!

He released her wrists and his hand came down to her waist, pushing up the top and caressing her bare waist….. his hand ventured upwards, his palm capturing her softness…..she quivered violently, shivering with mindless pleasure! A piercing pleasure spread through her, as she arched again, crying out softly! Angad savored her first taste of pleasure…..his own pulse pounding, breath heaving….his hand went down to her skirt, lifting it slowly as he kissed her lips, he touched her legs, slowly moving upwards!

Kripa suddenly became aware of his touch on her thighs, she moved her lips away from his and whispered : Angadd??...….panic in her voice!
He stopped his hand movement on her legs, remaining motionless for a few moments, trying to curb his raging desire….he didn't want to frighten or force her into anything she wasn't ready for! He lifted his head, looked down at her wide eyes, full of confused panic and said softly :" I love you, Kripa, I will never hurt you!"
His eyes and voice were heavy with passion, as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips and got up from the bed, averting his eyes from her exposed skin! Kripa sat up, trembling, and adjusted her clothes!

She was silent, shaken by what had happened …..
She quietly gathered up her art stuff, Angad looked at her, a little disturbed by her silence…..
Did I frighten her? Was I too aggressive with her? Shes so innocent, I should give her time to accept me!...he thought.
Kripa was still shaking inside, her knees weak, her breath unsteady…..she thought about what almost happened, ,… about the strange pleasures she had experienced in his arms!
Angad gently touched her arm, she shivered…." Kripa….are you alright? I am sorry ….I was too rough with you…
Kripa turned and put her fingers on his lips, surprising him: Sorry mat kehna, pyar mein sorry nahin kehtey! She said softly!
Angad caught her hand and kissed her palm, smiling at her with love shining in his eyes. This was his girl!!! …he thought….she accepted him for everything he was and everything he did!
He put his arm around her as they went outside and watched the sunset, her head on his shoulder......watching the sun spread its brilliant colors over the shimmering sea!


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