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Teri Baahon Mein---KYPH FF--Part 1-39

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 9:42am | IP Logged

This fan-fic is loosely based on Dirty Dancing! EmbarrassedWink





Dilip Sharma's gated mansion in Pali Hill, Mumbai
December 15, 2003.........7 a.m.

Inside the lavish 2 storied house.....Upstairs.....a large bedroom decorated in various shades of walls, white wall-to-wall wardrobe on one side; sheer pink curtains filtering in early morning sunlight; oval-shaped dark-pink rugs on either side of the plush full-size bed, a fluffy pink comforter draping over a slender, curved frame deep in slumber.

Loud Knock at the door and a tall, attractive girl in her mid-twenties walked in energetically, calling:

"K-R-I-P-A......K-R-I-P-A, Utho na!!"

A tousled head appeared above the comforter, a muffled voice sleepily groaning:
"Ummmmm Diii Kya Hai? Kya hua?"

Mishti: "Baby, GET UP!! Get up! Dont be such a Sleepy-head, u Lazybones!!"

The girl in the bed opens one eye, stretches out her hand to the magenta alarm-clock on the white bedside table......It is 7 A.M.
She complains with irritation in her voice: Kya hai Diii, itni subah subah kyun jaga diya.... Abhi toh sirf saat bajey hain.....

Mishti: "My sweet sweet Baby, Pleeeaaase get up na...I need your help!"

Muffled sleepy voice: "Kis baat ki help?"

Mishti: "You have to help me select cocktail dresses for the Goa vacation dinners. Arey, Goa nahin jaan hai kya??" (she reminded her sister)

The mention of Goa finally made her wide awake......she threw off the covers and sat up on the bed, langorously stretching like a cat!

KRIPA SHARMA, younger daughter of Dilip and Naina Sharma is all of 20 years of age. With long straight hair flowing down to her elbows, a creamy, translucent skin and a petite yet curvy figure, shes quite a little beauty (although she herself isnt very aware of the fact)
But its her eyes that will capture anyone's attention.......beautiful chocolate-brown eyes that are velvety in their depths, holding the mystery of a Madonna and the innocence of an Angel!

Mishti, older to her by 5 years, acts more like shes 10 years older than Kripa!
She bosses over Kripa like a 2nd mom yet shes very protective and caring about her little sis whom she fondly calls "BABY"

In fact, Baby is the nickname used by her sister and her parents mostly at home, Kripa doesnt like being called Baby anymore (after all shes all of 20) but she takes it in her stride as their affection and love for her!

Kripa finally gets up and asks Mishti with surprise: " Dii, tumney abhi packing complete nahin kee?? Mainey toh kal raat hi kar lee thi......aur Goa ka flight toh 2 bajey hai toh abhi se yeh hurry kyun, ab bhi bahut waqt hai!"

Mishti (patiently): "NO Baby, Mama ne kaha hai luggage pack karkey dus bajey ke andar ready rakhna. Teddy is taking the luggage ahead of us to the airport. Hamara Chartered flight hai na, isliye Loading ka problem ho sakta hai."

Kripa: "Okay Dii, batao kya help chahiye tumhey" (raising her slim hands gracefully and tying back her long hair with a scrunchie)
As soon as Kripa got up and kneeled on the bed, she saw an array of cocktail dresses spread out near the foot of the bed.

Mishti: "Yeh dekho....inmein se mujhey sirf teen dresses leney me choose which ones look best on me.....I trust your choice."
Mishti held up each dress, posing in front of Kripa, turning this way and that way like a runway model.
She modelled a black cocktail dress, a navy-blue sequinned gown, a red satin full- length gown, a pink/lavender-shaded chiffon frock and an off-white off-the-shoulder satin gown.

Kripa watched her seriously, fingers on her cheek thoughtfully and finally gave her verdict: "Okayy Dii, take the navy blue, the red satin and the...the ....the off-white satin!"
Mishti grinned in delight and tapped Kripa's cheek affectionately: "PERFECT CHOICE!!! Mainey bhi yehi teen sochkar rakha tha, hamari choice kitni milti hai na?
Red one for Christmas party, white one for New Year's and dark blue one for any special event (Mishti talking to herself now)...aur kuchh aur formal tops and pants bhi leney hain for dinner every night, and then sun lotion, jeans, capris, T-shirts, sunglasses (counting off her packing list)

Suddenly something strikes her!
"Kripaa, tumney party dresses pack kee hain na apney liye?? she asks Kripa.

Kripa (hesitantly): Woh Dii, tumhey to pata hai na mujhey parties achhey nahin lagtey....mainey apna woh white printed chiffon frock pack kiya hai"

Mishti (shocked and exasperated): "WHATTT!! Only one dress!! Baaki parties ka kya hoga?"
Mishti rushed to the wardrobe, grumbling: "Yeh ladki bhi na!! Agar main nahin hoti toh iska kya hota!!"
She rummaged thru the clothes hanging in the wardrobe, mostly jeans, long skirts and simple tops.......Kripa obviously wasnt much into fancy dressing!

Mishti finally found 2 dresses and pulled them out......a black halter-neck knee-length cocktail dress (Mishti had bought it for Kripa for her 20th birthday) and a pink printed chiffon frock that was so typically Kripa!

Mishti: C'Mon Baby, pack up these 2 dresses in ur bags.....too bad though you dont have a red dress for the Christmas party.......Koi baat nahin, Goa mein shopping malls hain na, I will buy you one for Christmas! Ab jaldi se utho, dresses pack karo ......aur haan, matching jewelry and shoes lena mat bhoolna!

After her military-style orders, Mishti flounced out of the room holding an armful of dresses, leaving Kripa looking amusedly at her effervescent sister's departing back!
Kripa finally got up from the bed, stretching her arms again, her pink satin nightgown falling to her knees. She walked to the windows, pulled open the sheer pink curtains and felt the early morning sun on her upturned face!

AAHHH GOA!!! She thought dreamily......she was really looking forward to this trip! Last time they had gone to Goa for vacation, she had been only 11 years old! Now she was eager to see and experience the gorgeous Goa scenery with her artist's eyes! And also paint a few landscapes and seascapes whenver she could.

Kripa was an art student majoring in Art with minor in Architecture and Sculpture!
Mishti had graduated with interior design and decoration and now she was working with Naina in her thriving Interior Decoration business!

9 A.M. Sharma dining-room

Kripa comes down the stairs.
Dilip and Naina are already at the table.
Naina: Uth gayi, Baby? Aao nashta kar lo, iskey baad luggage Teddy ke saath bhejna hai!
Kripa: Good Morning Mama... Papa!

Dilip: Good Morning Beta! Tumney apni Arts ka samaan pack kar liya?

Kripa: Jee Papa, kar liya! Aur aap apna Golf ka samaan mat bhuliega.

Dilip (with great pleasure): "Haan woh to zaroor loonga....I am really looking forward to swinging a few good shots with my buddies"

Naina looked irritated: "Kya Mr. Mehra aur Mr. Oberoi bhi wahan jaa rahey hain.....Phir toh Golf kam aur Business ke baatein zyada hongey"

Dilip: Arey Naina, agar Golf ke mazey ke saath saath kuchh business ki baatein bhi ho jayen, to ismein harj hi kya hai! Mixing business with relaxation is my motto!

Dilip Sharma ran a successful import/export business which had started booming recently due to garment exports to foreign countries, especially U.S.
He was so busy all year that he rarely got time to spend with his family so he made it a point to go on a vacation for at least 20 days every year with his family, usually to some resort where there was Golf! He was an avid golfer as well as a cunning businessman!

Dilip smiled to himself swinging an imaginary golf shot with his hands at the table.

Naina: Bus ab yeh sab chhodiye nahin to golf ball ke badley boiled andey ko maar dengey! (gesturing at the boiled egg on his plate)

Mishti glided downstairs: Ahhh FINALLY I am DONE! Sab packing finished! (she flopped down and sighed with relief as if shed run a marathon)

Naina : Very good Mishti, ab tum dono jaldi se nashta khatam kar lo aur Teddy ko samaan de do le jaaney ke liye"

Kripa and Mishti finished their breakfast and went to collect their luggage for Teddy, the butler!
All total they had 17 pieces of luggage, including Kripa's Art satchel and Dilip's Golf-set! Mishti's dresses alone occupied 5 suitcases!!!!
No ordinary domestic carrier would allow them to carry so many pieces so its a good thing Dilip had chartered a flight from his friend Mr. Aggarwal.
They set out for the airport at 12 noon for their 2 o-clock flight.

Dec. 15.....5 P.M.

Their chartered plane landed at Panaji Airport at 5 p.m. After a half-hour drive, the Sharmas and their luggage reached the Fort Aguada Beach Resort at 5:30 and checked into their terrace suites.
Dilip had booked 2 luxury Terrace-apartment Suites at the Resort!

Built on the ramparts of a 16th century Portuguese fortress, the Fort Aguada Beach resort is part of a sprawling 88-acre complex overlooking the Arabian Sea. Situated right on the beach, the resort offers guests a unique opportunity to relax in elegantly appointed villas and cottages, while they are serenaded by the lapping of waves nearby.
There is windsurfing, sailing, speedboating, parasailing, water-skiing, jet-skis, surfing, banana-boat rides for the more adventurous types apart from a 17-hole Golf course overlooking the sea.

Hotel Taj Fort Aguada Goa is located at Sinquerim, Bardez, Goa. It is 45 kms from Air Port!

Decorated in its own distinct style, each terrace suite is designed to create a unique tapestry of gorgeous color and design, facing palm flecked lawns and a vast expanse of cerulean sea.

Dilip and Naina took the eastern suite and gave the western suite to Mishti and Kripa! Each suite had one big living room and a small kitchen and 2 bedrooms with terrace-style balconies hanging over the gardens below!
Kripa went to her room and opened the French doors leading to the terrace! She stepped out, breathing in the fresh, salty air!

Far away on the horizon, the setting sun was spreading vermillion colors on the fading sky in a brilliant display of red, orange, pink and purple!
Kripa looked transfixed at the grand amphitheater of colors spread over the sparkling sea and skies! Her atist's hands itched to take out her colors and start painting that masterpiece of nature and God........but she knew by the time she took out her stuff, the sun would set completely!
She rushed into her room, got her digital camera and started shooting pictures of that gorgeous display of sand, sea and sun!
She stood in a deep reverie outside till it was almost dark, the sun had dipped below the horizon after some brilliant showmanship and the crickets had started chirping in the tropical bushes below!

A loud knock at her bedroom door startled her out of her reverie!

Mishti was at the door: "Kripaaa, Jaldi se tayyar ho jao, Mama ne phone kiya tha, Dinner per jaana hai....we have half an hour to get ready"
Kripa shouted: Okay Dii..... and went to her attached bath to get fresh and get ready for her first dinner in Goa!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------


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Yeah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 10:08am | IP Logged

Pallavi haven't seen u for soo long...

anyways, it was beautifullllllllll... very descriptiveee and a very beautiful setting!!! loved it!!! Let's seee where it goes now!!! I'm guessing Angad ji should be entering sooon Wink Big smile

Keep it up! Can't wait to read it!!EmbarrassedBig smile

Edited by Yeah - 27 June 2007 at 10:08am
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 10:53am | IP Logged
oho ek saath do do new entry in ff section....interesting concept...cnt sooon sis...luv u
cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
r u repeating this fanfic again
i guess u already wrote this fanfic before o bewafa


.Lina. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2007 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
Wow. Nice fanfic.

Can't wait for Angad to come!

Continue soon Embarrassed
Kaj! IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2007 at 8:53am | IP Logged
haila di, just saw this fan fic. y didnt u continue this Embarrassed
rajeevskitu Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2007 at 9:43am | IP Logged
this ff was completed long back....... i'll post u the link....... it has 2 parts...... first one is "teri baahon mein"..... and second one is "o bewafaa".....
diya_snow IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2007 at 10:51am | IP Logged
nice start...

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